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Sustainable Social Help

Sustainable Social Help

I am try to figure out the word - Sustainable - for years, reminds me of trying to figure out what my girlfriend in college kept requesting,
- Andy, be more sensitive -

I am not sure still what all this means, however I can still reach for clarity. I was on a bus with I believe two well-intended men. One older and one more the MTV younger.

Whatever the case we traveled in this little air-conditioned, too night for comfort van from the airport to Antigua for 10 Dollars U.S.A. about a one hour trip.
I was quizzing the younger one, about how he got a sailboat on the river Dulce, and he was saying or explaining how he cashed in before the Dot-Com crash, with some web site called Mongo something.

Then the older man on the bus, after I introduced myself and the younger man in the seat behind me as we was having this ongoing conversation and seem strange or bad mannered to not at least acknowledge him. So we did the introduction thingy.

They asked me what I do, I said, I have a travel web site, I gossip and make enough money to chase girls all over the planet.

The older guy was going to a 20 dollar hotel.
The older going to a 65-dollar hotel and to his 35-foot yacht on the river dulce.

The both suddenly commented,
- You speak very good Spanish -
I said,
- I am a five year old; I spent five years in South America -

The older gentleman is trying to help the Guatemala people with some project called - Central America Solar --- blah blah I am not sure. However, he was explaining about a food cooker that works with solar to cook food. I said,
- I saw a thing like that in Tibet -

He said,
- It cost 125 U.S.A. in parts, and then the people make the cooker - That is not a sustainble price to pay.

What the goal or thought here is to stop them from cooking over a wood fire and getting lung type problems, conserve the trees, wood, environment.

My guess in hard dollars this is close to two months worth of money. They have more than this in terms of food, and barter, probably closer to 300 Dollars; however, the world only cares about paper money, not what they have.

The idea is to give them a gift, help they can sustain, something that you give them and leave. This does not seem to be sustainable, maybe a great NGO keep a job for and NGO person.

I personally am wondering, can I go to Nepal, find the same thingy, send to other countries for 15 dollars?

Some Doctors have realized that in some countries they manufacture hearing aids, medical products for one hundred times cheaper than sold in the USA, they want me to stop in factories and talk with them. Maybe there is way to help get these needed products cheaply into the USA.

Disparity or differences in money or cost of labor are a windfall.

I personally believe people like Guatemala, therefore they like to come and help on many save the planet projects. I was considering how this would be good for Niger, where there are very few trees, lots of sun, the do need to conserver the trees. Here in Guatemala there are trees everywhere, and in Niger, there are very few.

People like propane.

I go to Nepal and India in the next few months, I am going to search for one of them hot water or solar cooking stoves. However, people like propane, however there are places where they do not distribute or sell propane.

I went on the locals bus in a way the next day, stayed in the cheaper hotel; try my best to learn to talk the languages. Nothing can be taught, learned, or understood until you somehow live with the people. Talk their language, try to learn.

Living in the expensive hotels keeps me father away from people, I must always remember to stay close to the people in the country I came to visit.

The world is in great shape, however there is energy of people that want to work to help with some problems on the planet. Somehow there must be a formula where the persons trying to help the people, can take a class, be told, explain to them, be very careful who you wan to help. Why do people believe everyone needs help, it is annoying that people do not see smiles. I saw miserable people in the Caribbean, go there, they need help.

There is a problem in Guatemala with Alcohol, there is a problem with theft, robbery and the rich abusing the poor. But I see some rich people with smiles on their faces, that say hello in an Indiana, down on the farm, hick, not sophisticated way.

Sustainable Social Help

Andy Stay Pure

Andy Stay Pure

I had a girl I met in Guatemala 8 years ago say to me one time to stay pure. I think about this comment, and try to understand what she means. I had another conversation last night with a person that reads my writing and said something about me not being part of a big company, therefore she trusted my opinion more.

I am musing on this, however, I think the gist of the statements is they do not want me too, or they do not think I am selling out to the big companies, whatver that means. I do not like this, as if there is only one choice to be made. To keep something pure, there has to be a constant introspection, and the daily choice.


I suppose a great day to stop and think, I am in Thailand and for sure it is not a white Christmas, there is little in this Buddhist country that makes me know today is Christmas

I get angry sometimes, last night I could have rented and watched the movie, UNITED 93
about the crash of the September 11 plane downed by the terrorist.
I said,
- No -
- I do not want to get angry. -
My friend said,
- Why would you get angry? -
I said,
- Nobody gets to F... with my country.-

I just do not know how I am relating this to Christmas, and a comment to stay pure, or how not to sell out to the big companies.

I guess, most people make too many compromiises, and Christ and all the good Gods say to be pure, be a good boy, do the right thing.

I hope or wish people could remember to do the right thing today. It is not hard to be honest, you must avoid temptations. The choice to be pure comes way before the actual chance to make some compromise.

Somewhere along the line, I have made the choice to respect myself.
- Nobody gets to F... with me being honest..-

Andy Stay Pure

Step in and Step up

Step in and Step up
Katmandu Nepal Asia
Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I was having a conversation about a man about the Malnutrition problem in the world. The comment and I now know it is the prevalent comment,
- They are doing studies on this already. -

Who? Where? This is crap, a burden shifting, and not true belief.

I am watching this Oprah Winfrey thing on CNN while typing, and Oprah has said, people need to - Step in - or - Step up -, there is a ridiculous idea that somehow there is something out there that is solving all these problems on the planet.

I believe she is right, everyone needs to step in, or stop up; I do not believe there is a money problem. The problem is everyone needs to get involved and make something real happen.

Giving money is almost an excuse to not do something. Writing a letter to your congressional representative or the leaders of Nepal, or Niger, or anywhere and saying.

Why are you not giving your people a retirement plan?
Why are you not helping your retarded and helpless?
Why do you not tell your people to eat vegetable and fruits?

What is wrong with you?

Complaining is action, but not to your group of save the world hippie dippies, dread heads all smoking joint and drinking a beer. But to the real decision makers who are doing something.

I remember my friend Jim, I saw him walking across the street in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He stopped, picked up a fast food drink cup, took it into his business and put in the proper trash bin. He did something; he stepped in and stepped up.

I on the other hand would almost encourage person in places like Thailand or Nepal where there is no way to dispose of trash to through in the face of the government. Say, provide a way to allow me to keep your city clean, help me, and I will help you. There is always a partnership between the ying and the yang.

Step in and Step up

In the quest to find the truth, I came upon this site: - Not that anyone cares...

Caste System

Caste System
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Monday January 15, 2007

A Hobo is low caste.

Why do you want to buy a First Class Plane Ticket or why do you want to live in a Five Star Hotel?

- The existence of superiority and inferiority due to skin color, religion, economic status, and social status is seen all over the world. -

This quote from this page about the Caste System of Nepal is accurate.

My recent trip to Africa taught me more than I wanted to know about my friends.

I think they like to feel sorry for Africa, they do not want to visit Africa, they wish to feel superior to Africa.

I myself am inferior to many people on the planet, and sometimes I am inferior. I do believe any person can change their stars. I personally judge many people by what they want in life, or how they treat the persons who have less. I really have a problem with a person who treats what they think poor people with no respect and spends all their time trying to help them....

Caste System

Solar Needs for Africa

Solar Needs for Africa
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Solar Panel and a Battery for 20 US dollars that will run a Freezer is needed.

Note, I really do not see these people needing much, yes, it would be nice to make them live longer, have a stereo, and TV and such, but these are not needs, they are wants. I do not see hunger, I do see malnutrition and this seems more and simpler to solve, as they need to grow and can vegetables and fruits.

Overall, they have what they need; they just need to use it. India is where poverty and too many people are a serious problem.

I am trying to mix and match needs of West Africa, what is really needed and what is just some perceived idea of a needed in West Africa. I am not sure, West Africa seems very under-populated, most of the people in the Sahara area could move south to the rain type forest areas.

Hmm, there are some long-term needs, maybe to stop cutting down all the trees to use as firewood. Gas seems cheap from Nigeria, if they had any money, they could cook with the pump gas stoves, and stop burning the wood. They do not need this, this would be nice, the still have plenty of wood it appears for another 20-30 years or more, and maybe really forever, hard to burn all of Africa.

- Wood works, solar does not cook at night, when people eat, the only way to make solar function, the need to have 2 burners run off solar panels and run for about 4 hours per day. Then the cost needs to be about 20 US Dollars for the burners, batteries and solar panels.

- Plenty around, I think the long-term storage is a problem, but the Chinese seem to have this covered and there are water towers up or going up everywhere.

- Red clay is everywhere, not even a consideration to me.

The problem child, this is needed to keep foods from perishing and to change the mix of diet from a few foods to many. There is no electricity in most villages outside the main roads.

Music, Noisemakers, and Beer
- Loud speaker system is why they want electricity, so they can run the bar, have lights and beer that is cold.

- Kerosene and Candles work great, hard to beat, the LED lights are with a battery is slowly become cheaper than the Candles, I doubt the Kerosene. Nepal has this little four bulb light that worked good on one C Battery and they said was cheaper than candle.

In the end, they have what they need; the majority of modern solutions just are not going to work, unless they have excess cash. The direct quality of life as perceived by the Western world is sort of silly in a way, as a goal The place needs mass employers, that could allow a person to make about 5-10 dollars per day, while only working about 3 hours. I do not think you can convince them to give up sitting around, to go and work 8 hours per day, they are hold out for fun and easy money jobs.

Solar Needs for Africa

West Africa Time to Think

West Africa Time to Think
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Maslow has these hierarchy of needs or motivations of people.

I am frozen on step six here in Togo.
(6) curiosity and the need to understand.

I was dwelling and thinking on a statement, or question, a person said, why am I blogging more or why am I happier.

Simple as I can make it, life is so simple here, I have steps 1-5 checked or ticked off, and am in freeze mode on 6.

(1) physiological; (2) security and safety; (3) love and feelings of belonging; (4) competence, prestige, and esteem; (5) self-fulfillment; and (6) curiosity and the need to understand.

I have very little to do, it is like being retired, with a lot of pretty girls in the neighborhood.

The time that is required to meet my daily needs is minimal, it is easy to see why everyone lies around doing nothing here.

West Africa Time to Think

Observation Makes Change Happen

Observation Makes Change Happen
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Thursday, April 26, 2007

I have a problem, when I think of Africa, I instantly think problems. I suspect I am more opens than most, as I have people say to me,
- Why would I go to Africa? -
I am here, they are not… an observation.

Like, why would I go and have problems, AIDS - SIDA - Poverty, Crime, Warlords, Desert, and Black People.

I say the Black People because in the real world people pay attention to color. I do not, but they do.

In Thailand; they put cream on their skin that makes them whiter. I like their brown color and it really annoys me. Then in reverse, I have black people here, which think because I am from the USA or White, I am smarter, nothing make sense. I really do not care what color a person skin is. Or if for some stupid reason, I wanted to be around White People, I guess I would go to some Russian Country, I was going to say Sweden, however I think it is invaded now by Palestine people.

I am slowly understanding, there are not big problems in West Africa. Thailand or the USA has more AIDS or at least a better chance of getting it, as they think they do not have it, and this is the dangerous.

However, being here, somehow, for some reason, my free time for enjoyment is optimized in West Africa, I find I think, and the problem is I think of problems to solve… aagh, I really do not care about all these people on the planet, I just want to enjoy life, yet, by nature, I am a problem solver.

I am having trouble finding any real problems to solve here in West Africa and everyone keeps tell me there are problems. I am starting to say,
- Can you be more specific, where, the exact city, the place, the persons, I want to go and see. -

The Togo people and West Africa people can go into a long story on why they are suffering, it is like a canned speech with the hope of free money. Like the lies a person tells he unemployment office to keep them checks coming.

This is why I say,
- Observation Makes Change Happen. -
The more I observer, the clearer I am on the realties, and the easier to accept, I do not want people to have unsolved problems, I know I am not responsible, but I am good problem solver.

I went and looked up the Scientific Method in the Encarta Encyclopedia, and is seems confused.

I decided to go to is anyone can grind and issue into the ground and cover every inch, they can.


Scientific method
- is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena and acquiring new knowledge, as well as for correcting and integrating previous knowledge. It is based on gathering observable, empirical, measurable evidence, subject to specific principles of reasoning.

The scientific method involves the following basic facets:
1. Observation. A constant feature of scientific inquiry.
2. Description
3. Prediction
4. Control
5. Falsifiability, or the elimination of plausible alternatives.
6. Causal explanation
7. Identification of causes
8. Covariation of events
9. Time-order relationship

Boring, yet essential for a person to work on a problem, I need a game plan.

Number 1 is observation.

I have many suggestions sent to me, posted on the comments of the blog, on pages, and drilled at me.

I started on this vein of thinking this morning, and then was refocused on it later today for a funny reason. I was walking back from the Truck Stop area, after eating a Gateau, and making sure to flirt with Bernadette in the Telephone Cabine.

A man that I just said hello to, starts to wave at me, and wants me to look back, at another man, I said hello to about 50 meters back. I looked back before I knew what to think, and then said to myself,
- They got me again. -

I ignored them both, and kept walking, I know they are way too lazy to run 50 meters for the stupid reason they want to talk. I have OBSERVED that 99 percent of conversations are of soap opera value, and from a person I do not know, then there is a 1 in 999 chance of benefit, and about 1 in 10 chance of the start of an entangling problem, the problem is to talk with people who want to talk. I find I need to talk with the people who do not want to talk with me.


On a web page we deal a lot with Permissions, how to grant permissions and edit, delete, and ban. It is annoying, and for sure, India and Nigeria are on the list of countries where just a whole country ban would be easier. They are very creative, and come up with ways of being sneaky and corrupt faster than we can change or alter the permissions and filters.

Observation Makes Change Happen

I need to change, I am from Indiana, we say hello, I say hello to everyone it is my nature. The men and sometimes the women here in West Africa can be outrageously Nigeria and India in nature… Hehehe

I need to set up rules of permission to talk with me, and this is difficult, my Yee Boh - White Man culture says, everyone when coming with respect has a right to talk or I will listen.

Nevertheless, I have OBSERVED and maybe this is why New York people can get cold as ice. When you have a never-ending queue of people trying to get your attention, the easy solution is to ignore all of them.

However, this cold as ice, is not me.

Respect and manners, this does NOT have anything to do with educations and for sure, the most well mannered people I meet in West Africa have the least amount of education. Also probably have the lowest caste of West Africa and nobody listens to them.

I have been observing how Togo people try to get my attention.

Yee Bow is the most common, which means White Man in the local language.

Yee Bow said by children, and I listen and pay attention, Yee Bow said by children above the age of 10 and above to 80 and dead, I ignore. Permissions set.

Vra or Va is come here in the local language, I have heard it so many times, and I am able to separate the Ghana from the Togo and Benin versions.

What I have observed, and I am in the Beta Testing of this, is that if I ignore them, they do not get angry, they just think, the White Man did not hear. However, even if I hear, ignoring is a macho thing, and to be more macho, I stare at them and ignore. Second phase.

What they say to get my attention:

Yeh bow
Spsssst sound
Donnez moi
Call Andre
Stare at me
Speak English
Follow you
Grab you
Holler until I turn around, then demand I come
Tell someone else to holler at me, which is closer.

This is my list of observations, or I have observed and paided attention, there is this many ways of trying to get my attention and I will continue to add to the list.

I could also list the lead-in for the people who want to ask for money.

- I am a Catholic Priest
- Fame
- Sufrir
- Hands are out to take from me.
- I work for ONG or NGO or this and that.
- Any preacher
- People that want to look at my cell phone

I want to set the enjoyment level of my day; I want to set the standards of how to have an enjoyable day. Well, to do this, I have to first ignore the list of comments, and then my day is wonderful. Funny thing about nice people, they are shy, smile a lot, and do not holler at me.

West Africa is a wonderful place, and I have observed that only about 1 in 30 people I am walking by will demand I come and talk, the normal in the world, is about 1 in 100 in other countries or 1 in 200. Demanding you come and talk is the operative word, I think this is a class system thing, and there is this domination by men, I am going to be get your attention, and you are going to listen to me, like some police in the USA, same kind of crap.

However, part of being Macho is to ignore the small pups, not my nature, but I have observed I need to change and do this, however keep the door open to enjoy the cultures I like here. Truthfully, just to never talk with the men of Africa is a reasonable set of permissions to apply.

Cities do something to the minds of people.

Fun and games in Togo, I am having a great day, because I do more things in a day that make me happy, then things that make me sad. I think the first thing in happiness is the ability to say no, what is left over is great. Note, these people are amateurs compared to India.

I sometimes call this all my,
- Lead us not into Temptation Theory. -

What is operative here in this, I can see that many judgments or thoughts can be overwhelmed to the point of veracity. I hear about the problems of Africa so long, I assume they are correct. I sometimes pay attention to the bad mannered people of West Africa until I forget to notice the majority of nice people.

I observe, then I change, however I need to apply some reasoning, and I am not sure reasoning can be taught. Can I evaluate correctly, there is always self-doubt.

When making an observation, when I finally observe and understand, there is a path to change opened. Life is very good here in West Africa for the people, how long do I have to be here, until I can forget how many people have told me it bad. Life is very good here, it is obvious.

I was thinking, when I hope, it is not important I observe my environment, I have continually adjusted it until it works. This day in day out adapting to changing environments make the powers of observation more keen and sharp.

An observations, I have many people tell me the USA world policy is causing problems. I ask,
- Tell me specifically which ones. -

Normally they have trouble with one, they are just being Parrots, if you want to know how well a person observed something, ask them to list out specifics.

Street Children Photo Request

Street Children Photo Request
Akakpame, Togo West Africa
Friday, April 27, 2007

Photo I took in Manila, Philippines near the Ermita Area.

I received today a request for a larger, better quality photo of the Street Children I took in Manila. Note, I shrink every photo to smaller size for the internet, and have done so now for about two years, but I still do not think are magazine quality in size. Sony 12 X Camera.

The request:

Name: Vincent ten Bouwhuis
Country: UK

Dear Madam / Sir,
From your website there is an image \-187-02-street-children-philipines\- that I would like to use for our charity\-s leaflet, to illustrate the desperate needs of these streetchildren, however the resolution (dpi) is not high enough for print, can you please e-mail us a High resolution image and permission to use this image for our non-profit charity leaflet?
Our registered charity number is 1118814
And we raise funds to build orphanages and house and care for orphans and street children, we currently work on projects in Bali, Indonesia and India and will expand to Philipines, Thailand, Vietnam
Thank you in advance
the image came from the following link:

Kind regards
Vincent ten Bouwhuis

Vincent ten Bouwhuis Ministries & Worldwide Missionary Foundation
2nd floor
145 - 157 St John Street
London EC1V 4PY

Website Name: VTB ministries & Worldwide Missionary Foundation
Website URL:


I found the larger photo and I am able to send. What do you think? Should I sent the bigger photo they can use for brochures.

About a month or two ago, I received another request from inside the Philippines wanting photos of Street Children.

Both are starting orphanages or something.

There is this question I ask myself, why? I do not work with street children, I am just a guy that walks around at 7:00 am and took some photos, easy to do, and children sleeping are easy photos to take. Plus children cannot get up and beat my butt, easy photos to take, if you are where there are street children.

If you are where there are street children, these photos are very easy to take…

If you are where there are street children.

Should I send the big dpi high density photos to the children?

I could take hundreds of photos of children sleeping in the street, not a difficult photo to take in the tropics. What was interesting and intriguing to me, what there was this orphanage in Manila, just 25 to 50 meter way from where I took this photo.

If this place is for street children, then they missed some, only about 25 to 50 meters from this building… hehehe

Note, I would guess 1 in 30-50 people who grab or use a photo ask permission first, normal is to just take, this is a good sign. Then again there is no high dpi photo on the site, they have to request.

If a person asked me for money for old people living in the streets, I would be much more inclined to give. The bottom line, the only organization that can truly help street children in a country, is the government of the country. Every time you give to an organization for street children, unless is a lobby to get the country with Street Children Government to do something, then we just enable by love to keep the country from doing their job.

On the other hand, I am thinking about sleeping outside, it is hot in this room, people sleep outside when it very hot, not as simple as just looking and seeing children, then making radical assumptions. I would go find a place on the sidewalk, out of the rain.

I have been thinking, I think I should go and knock on every NGO-ONG office I can find and see if there is anybody there at say, 11:00 am in the morning on a Tuesday.

Children, Street Children, Social Issues, Togo, NGO

Street Children Photo Request

Savior Syndrome of Africa

Savior Syndrome of Africa
Badou, Africa West Africa
Friday, May 4, 2007

You did not come to save me.
No, I am just a tourist, I am just a friend, and we are equals.

LONG Awaited Messiah Syndrome

Palm Sunday (2)
- On Palm Sunday, Jesus and his disciples entered the city of Jerusalem, where people were gathering for the Jewish festival of Passover. As word of Jesus’ arrival spread through the city, it aroused great excitement because many believed he might be the long-awaited messiah. People welcomed him by spreading palm branches as a carpet before him. Palm Sunday commemorates the event. -

My African epiphany is, the people of Africa think I came here to save them. The epiphany for Africans is when they realize I did not come to save them.

Epiphany Defined:
sudden realization: a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially through an ordinary but striking occurrence
It came to him in an epiphany what his life's work was to be.

2. appearance of god: the supposed manifestation of a divine being

act of saving from harm: the saving of somebody or something from harm, destruction, difficulty, or failure
The business was clearly beyond salvation.

2. means of saving somebody or something: somebody or something that protects or delivers another from harm, destruction, difficulty, or failure
Those long walks were my salvation.

3. christianity deliverance from sin through Jesus Christ: in the Christian religion, deliverance from sin or the consequences of sin through Jesus Christ's death on the cross


Rescuer Defined:
rescuer: somebody who rescues somebody or something from harm or danger
Salvation from (2) Encarta Encyclopedia
- Salvation, the idea of being saved, as described in various religions. In Christianity, individuals are thought of as being saved from eternal punishment through Christ's death on the cross. In Buddhism, especially in Chinese and Japanese Buddhism, people can be saved from the endless cycle of reincarnation through bodhisattvas or through Amida Buddha. In Hinduism, especially in the bhakti tradition, devotion to a god can bring salvation from reincarnation and is open to those who have realized their true nature as brahman (spirit). -

I do not need saved and think the idea of saving a person seems, well, I am not sure of the word, it sounds sort of racist, like I have the power or superiority they do not. I have been lucky and have a more worldly education, but brains are brains for the most part.

I sort fell though the racism is a reverse here, they do think or believe a White Man can save them, and I am sure, some White Men, mainly women, think they can be the Messiah and bring Africa out of, this is too stupid. I keep realizing.
I think Africa may be the Garden of Eden…

I do a walk like a duck reasoning a lot, you know, if it walks like a duck, quack likes a duck, talks like a duck, it is a duck.

In the Garden of Eden, God would allow me to:

Not work
Pick Fruits and eat
Free from want
Talk with the Serpent
Wonder around naked from shame
I guess he allowed the first sin, so sin is included.

So the women, she tempted me, I ate, and he through us out, I am still very close.

Togo people and Benin for sure, to use the Duck reasoning.
- Do not work very much.
- Pick Fruits and do not weed them, food is abundant.
- Free from want - I only hear they want a cell phone and free money in the form of a gift.
- Wonder around naked free from shame, clothes are a fashion here, more than a need,
- Sin, not a lot here, but coveting is a problem, or something to do with love and the S word.

This place walk like the Duck of Eden and to me is Eden.

The proof here of Eden in Togo is the number of ugly street people, there is very few ugly street people, the number of out-cast is small, and this is not a society that takes care of the weak, the opposite. If this were bad, these people would be running around like in Lima, Peru or Belize City in swarms, not so, hard to find. Every easy to find a person that will jump up and take free money given to them for no work, but do the same in the USA, offer to give free money, and the same is true.

I think the whole world is waiting for happiness to arrive, continual happy moments.
Freedom from Want, now when I hear this noise, I know there is some child talking to me about fantasy and never never land. Want is the problem, want begets wants, and give a little, the want more. Look at the USA never stops, wants to consume, never ending consuming.

Africa is free from many wants, we are teaching them though, soon they will know, and want what we have, natural.

I would love to change the world if I could, if I only knew how. I think the world is made perfect, and imperfection is part of the world. It is fun in Africa to just enjoy the free time of life, I seem to have 10 times more time to enjoy my life, as I spend 10 times less in the consuming and buying, need, wants, hopes.

I never knew I was poor until someone told me.

Someone told them they needed saved, and someone was coming, what a dysfunctional reasoning process. Talk to any 12 step program and the first thing they say, we do not save you, you save yourself.

This is what happens when you allow a committee like the United Nations design a Duck, the take Eden and try to change it to Hell. I am here, and keep looking around, maybe I am in a bad place, I keep waiting for the hammer to drop, to have it unload, for the place to hurt me. I just have to stop looking, I am in the Garden of Eden, and that girl Eve is everywhere, and she has sisters.

Savior Syndrome of Africa

Looking at African Poverty

Looking at African Poverty
Bolgatanga or Bolga, Ghana West Africa
Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I had a conversation with a consultant working here in West Africa, was talking about the poverty he saw as he drove around. I did not say much as I was in agreement, however, for two days now I have been nagged by this comment,
- As we drove around you could see poverty. -

I realized later, I do not think you can drive around in West Africa and see poverty. This whole places looks poor, because of the dusty clay soil used to build the homes is a fooler.

I have not seen man poor people; it is hard to find a barefoot person or torn clothing.

I was in agreement with him, because as my Betazoid side kicked in, I empathized with him, not with reality, I was seeing poverty as he saw poverty, in his eyes and I could empathize and agree, however later when I disconnected from empathy with him, I reverted back and empathized with in the streets reality.

Looking at African Poverty

One Jar of Love to Go Please

One Jar of Love to Go Please
Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Thursday, September 13, 2007

Take away if your British

I take photos of street children.
- I have not seen any in Africa.
I would take photos of AIDS.
- I have never seen a person in Africa with AIDS.
I take photos of crazy people.
- I see crazy people in Africa.

Skin disease or skin problems.

I took this photo in the market of Po; again, I am having Betazoid Empath problems. What does it feel like to be a baby and not have the power to fight back?

I believe this will causes scars, if and when the mother or baby solves the problem. This is maybe the first child I have seen with this problem. I see many adults, those crazy folks walking around in West Africa with this problem or laying along side the road. I do not know why, I am sure they were all babies, before they became adults.

I had a confusing conversation with Tito from the NGO or something here in Bobo last night. He has been in Africa now for 10 months; this is about 9 months longer than the average volunteer. The Peace Corps workers are interesting to talk with after they have been in-country for two years, their perspectives change.

The confusing conversation was somewhere adrift and floating around the idea of will Africa ever stop having problems. We was sitting in this open-air restaurant along side a major road, eating beef filets and admiring the local women, more or less a life of luxury. There was a group of about 20 children passing us all carrying small buckets. They children were being sent into the city to beg for 200 CFA. This is their nightly quota; it was about 9:00 PM as they walked to the central city.

I am 100 percent sure these problems are not mine, I know 100 percent sure I am not responsible for them. I have had advance anti-dysfunctional behavior training as a recovering alcoholic. People save themselves; the decision to stop having problems is a personal decision.

The conversation is about caring, who cares, I am worried, and in our confusing conversation. I am worried, I am not sure Africa cares what happens to the children of Africa. I am 100 percent sure this is an African problem, that will be solved hopefully one day by Africans. I have had the advance training; I know a person has to save himself or herself.

You could send a billion dollars here to solve this problem and I personally do not believe it would solve this problem. I am tempted, think a lot about this, I am tempted to walk up and give the women 10 dollars to buy skin medicine, I would give 50, and I would give whatever is needed. I do believe or trust that the mother cares about the baby, and I could trust here to take the money to go buy medicine. I could buy the medicine and give to the mother…. This goes on and on, the what if questions and ideas never end… Blah blah blah.

The mother allowed the baby to develop this problem and it continues because she does not care. I have no idea how to buy love and put it in a person.

One Jar of Love to Go Please

Unwinding Africa

Unwinding Africa
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, October 8, 2007

I am like a person grieving over a dead person; I can feel myself going through all the stages of the acceptance of death. I had or have great aspirations and hopes for Africa and I find myself about the same as the NGO’s and Volunteers in Africa.

- I have accomplished nothing! -

Strange, I am a person that prides myself in doing nothing well, and I continually find myself in an emotional vacuum where I need to accomplish something. There is an inherent need in man to accomplish something, some cultures, for example the Germans are obsessive in this and maybe Africa is on the bottom, lacking desire. I would say I am about 90 percent German brain, and about 10 percent African brain, therefore my mind needs to accomplish.

Accomplishing something is fools gold, what I accomplish is only important in the end to me, what I give to the world is where I will reap my real awards. I guess I know that if I give my accomplishments to the planet, the powers above me, not the weak, however the powers above me will return double.

However, even in giving, we must do it, I must accomplish, we must give to receive, and I find myself impotent in my ideas about Africa, nothing works, this is Africa, and hard to grab a string and pull on it, nothing comes of my pulling. Where is the handle, where is the grip, I just cannot seem to get my hands around Africa and say, yes, this was accomplished.

I think of the NGO’s, the only accomplishment that has obviously been accomplished in Africa is they have scared them into using Condoms. All the other nut case people, are just grabbing at straws, and telling everyone they have wagonloads of accomplishments. I feel it, they just have straws, then again when a person cannot accomplish something easily, their may not be anything to do, I mean, when something needs done, it is easy to do something. I really do not have any idea what Africa really needs, they really have what they need.

I do not think Africa needs help, I would like to do some other things in Africa, however there is a quagmire of cultural problems, that defeat independent thoughts, moreover a person has to become the king in Africa, there is no half commitments. I suppose one day Africa will decide to become parts of the outside world, and they will open the door, and that will be that, their culture will open.

Unwinding Africa

World Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims Day

World Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims Day
2007 November

Number one way for a traveler or tourist to be killed. I am fully in support World Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims Day. The cause of this is two fold on the planet, the sidewalks are full of vendors a person has to walk in the street, and the cars do not give walking people the right away. Moreover, the police drives worst than the normal person, so a very bad example.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, November 18, 2007
Andy of ---

I was laughing as there three world problems all in one place, dangerous cars, sidewalk full of vendors so I must walk in street, and last not but least noise pollution. Watch the video and you will see some example of all three problems. The Thailand Parade is a good example of inconsiderate noise pollution.


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For what it is worth, these victims are the better of the bunch; the worst are walking around on their hands or have a bike hand powered type wheelchair.

People driving cars are the problem, and the government not enforcing any laws. Every time a police officer stops you, remember someone in another country people are dying because the police do not stop anyone. Be thankful you got a ticket, traffic police save thousands and millions of lives each year.

Note Bob says,
- Never, never trust them the little green men from outer space. -

If you want to die, walk when the little green man says to walk, never obey, you must walk when there are no cars, I use the Thailand people as blockers and allow them to shield me, them first, there are also volunteer victims.

I ignore parades and walk the other way, there is always a parade. When I finally understood the them, I ran back to the front and made this video.

World Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims Day

Nigeria One Laptop per Child

Nigeria One Laptop per Child
The Minister of Education interviewed on BBC Television news, and I think to myself,
- This is Africa. -
The leadership of Africa are not leaders, they are selfish jokes, annoying to watch him on BBC news.

One Laptop per child is a project where they are giving away 100 US dollars Laptops to children, and I guess doing some test in Nigeria now.

Manila, Philippines - Malate - Ermita Southeast Asia
Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Andy of ---

He more or less said how can a laptop help when they need uniforms, facilities and schools. I would translate, send me money for this to line my pockets. A computer it tangible, hard to redirect to his home or resell.

Learning does not need all this, it can happen anywhere if there is some passion and a student, when there is a student the teacher arrives, I guarantee it.

My memory of schools in West Africa is 20-40 children using a hoe to clean the grass out of the school area, maybe the soccer field as a man watch with a stick.

This is the mindset of Africa, like a slave driver, I could feel they just did not get it, a mind is valuable, and you need to feed it ideas. I always felt they went to school to keep the grounds of the school cleaned and maybe the soccer field free of grass so the adults could play. The mindset more that children are workers than students.

Nigeria One Laptop per Child

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