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Monday May 2, 2005 3:00 PM

I went to the DHL office here in Cusco or Cuzco Peru and sent 14 Kilos of my secret pockets I sell or try to sell on my page to Indiana, USA. The weight of the box was 1.3 kilos however, they charged me 1 kilo, so I paid for 15 Kilos total.

It cost me 139 and change U.S.
Or 455 Soles for 15 kilos
One Kilo is 2.2 pounds more or less.

DHL in Cusco is located next to the Lan Peru Airline office on Avenido Del Sol, so for two Soles I took a taxi and was there. Have to be careful with the Taxis or they will take you to any agency that has LAN Peru above the signs and this is maybe 30-40. There is only one actual office for LAN Peru.

Nonetheless, get the address off the internet and do not get out of the taxi until they arrive at the office of DHL.

Avenido Del Sol 627
(084) 24-4167

This is interesting as the give only the world or USA website on the receipt I have, or received. Everything is in Spanish so who knows what it says exactly.

The woman was professionals, probably on a very high level for any Latino country, although as normal they do not like you to ask questions, although I did my best to drive her crazy asking questions. The security guard complete with bullet proof vest spoke some English and this is highly unusual, guards do not normally speak English so this was exceptional. They did not seem to appreciate me wanting to pack my own box, or to at least help and watch them pack the box. They let me do so and we stuffed all the pockets into the box, and all was good. They then set the box to the side….

Guard in the DHL office in Cuzco, Peru with a bulletproof vest; hope he does not need it.

DHL worker posing with my package as I try to induce him to put the shipping label on the box, he give me a pen and I write the address on the box. Trying to connect the box with the label, not so easy.

I proceed to push to get the address actually on the box; I finally wrote the complete address with a pen, the girl then finally gave me a shipping ticket after I paid. They I went back in the shipping area and made sure they go the correct number on the box; the bulletproof guard put the FWA on the box. He could not read my ticket and he first put TWA on the box, however since I was sitting on top, more or less it was corrected to say the airport was FWA.

I looked over the ladies shoulder checked that she typed in the computer correctly and had the telephone number correct, I suppose it will get there, I never did see the shipping labels get attached to the box, however the correct shipping number was on the box and the FWA, so hopefully it gets to the USA safely.

I had to pay like maybe 10 dollars insurance or that is what the lady said I MUST pay, I had no choice, who knows, however I she told me…
“IF there is a problem you can collect in the USA.”

I hope this is true, who in the world trust anyone on this issue; I have realized the origination of a problem is normally where they want you to collect. She was not happy, I keep trying to say my address was not the Hotel and she kept saying I had to fill out the Hotel, as if somehow they would me there if there were a problem.

The bottom line is DHL has to be the only company I would trust to ship in the world, as all other are a series of sub-contract situations. DHL is the only that I believe is everywhere in the world, I do not see FedEX or UPS everywhere in the world, only in the very largest cities.

Maybe you could say I am trying to import / and export item to the USA, and however you do this, and the cost of shipping is atrocious. I really am not happy with the cost of shipping, and then there are the customs problems. Who can tell what the rules are and really impossible to understand, as best I can tell anything under 2000 dollars USA is not really a problem, and I would never send over 2000 dollars in one package… That is a lot of stuff to purchase anyway you do it.

I signed and complete some type of Customs paper for them, it was all in Spanish so I more or less trusted them, who knows a contract that is not understood, is not a valid contract, however that is Contract Law.

Ok, I am learning that I only want to ship with DHL and forget the others methods because I do not want to worry if the package arrives. Normal governmental post is so full of problems, all I do is think about whether it will arrive and I then maybe it is hung up at some Customs port along the way and the package disappears.

I have never sent personal items home, and have no idea why I would; I normally would trash the stuff before paying 140 dollars to send home. There are very few things in my backpack worth that much money, and I am amazed that people believe their personal possessions are worth that much. I suppose some people buy 20 Kilos of gifts or such; however, it is about the same price to pay other overweight charges on the airlines, and a lot safer to carry with you as excess baggage.

I have no idea when I go home, so I must send or carry along many extra bags. I suppose this is the same as most travelers, however for sure I see people buying and buying and buying stuff to send home. The world for sure is a consumer, not me, I do not buy many trinkets and do not put much value on souvenirs, and I will only remember the photos.

Importing items to the USA is simple; however, the cost of shipping is best I can tell about the same cost as anything I could buy.

Therefore, if I pay 100 dollars for a product, I am going to pay 100 dollars for shipping, a rule of thumb.

Therefore I to price something to sell, I take the purchase price times two, and then add on profit, more or less. I hope that is confusing, because it is confusing.


DHL is the name of a worldwide shipping company.

I am sad today; I cannot find a solution to a problem.

I shipped a package from Cuzco, Peru to Indiana a few days ago; the package has now taken longer than 5 days to arrive at home. It is in Miami, Florida as best I can tell; my parents have written very confusing emails explaining the problem.

This is one of the words I love and hate, probably on the levels of the world of demagoguery and equivocation. These are some of my favorite words to understand, however in reality these words are worthless.

They are too complicated, and this is what bureaucracy means, there are rules that make the situation too complicated to understand.

I paid the big money because I know the rules of shipping home were too complicated for me to understand. I have been studying and experimenting with these rules for eight years.

I must accept that importing or exporting products home is not good business. I paid DHL in Cuzco to ship a package to my home and they failed. It cost me 140 U.S. dollars and now it is not home.

I use the most expensive and the only way I felt close to 100 percent guaranteed that the package would arrive. I even paid for insurance, and I doubt I will be able to collect.

Bottom line,
I paid lots of money for DHL to ship from Cuzco, Peru to Indiana. They did not perform this job. I did not trust Federal express or UPS at all and would never consider or even thing about using those two companies.

My deduction now is there is only one-way ship something home. I must carry it home on the plane. I have been laughing for years to myself that the only way to do business with Mexico was to go to Mexico and carry the products home, because Mexico is so corrupt you cannot ship out of the country.

Well, maybe this is a great business, when the rules become extremely complicated then one person that wished to learn can make millions. It is like an attorney, they make tons of money doing something that nobody else can do and then want paid when they fail also.

Therefore, I have paid 140 dollars U.S. for DHL to fail to ship a package to my house. This is maybe harsh or a strong opinion, however I have learned to do pay people only for completion, no excuses are acceptable.

I have no better solution, so anywhere to go; I am not going to fly between countries carrying products to guarantee they arrive. I really hoped that DHL could guarantee they ship a product to my home, they have failed.

Therefore, what is my recommendation for taking souvenirs home, carry them with you on the plane, you cannot trust shipping. Only ship home if you do not care if you lose them and the money. Now I do not care I have lost this package, it was just a box full of cotton secret pockets. I would never ship something I could stand to lose. Truthfully, I never carry anything I care about. I suppose my Rhino tooth that I got in my Nepal, is a souvenirs I am carrying that I do not want to lose, I hope I do not lose it before I return home.

For those of you that have shipped and it worked, SO have I, however it should work always, not sometime, the proof is in the percentage.

Togo Africa Wicker Chairs

Togo Africa Wicker Chairs
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wicker couch for sale in Lome, Togo, I stop daily and see what they are making on the way to buy my morning Baguette.

I started to use the word wicker and thought to myself, what is wicker?

Wicker is any sort of hard woven fiber formed into a useful object. Wicker is usually used for baskets or furniture. Traditional wicker is made of material of plant origin, but nowadays also plastic fibers are used.

Ok, I think this qualifies for the wicker definition; this is some type of stringy fiber they slice up and use. I asked how much for this couch and they say 75,000 CFA, this is about 150 US dollars and I would say,
- OUCH! -

This is asking price and with shipping this couch would be in the 400 US dollar range to buy and ship to the USA or more…

I think it takes two men about three days to make so the labor cost is about 2000 x 3 days or about 6000 CFA and maybe 12 dollars US in labor, I would say there is about 12 dollars in materials so about 24 dollars is my guesstimate of cost to make. Therefore, there is a Yebo inflated cost to consider, a White Man will have trouble getting the price down to something closer to reality. My guess and I am guessing with a some work I can buy this for about 50 US.

The best way to buy something like this is to come by everyday until you can see how long, how much, and slowly understand the whole process. It then become more fun as you will know the workers, know the owners and it become more personal, not just a purchase.

I think Africa is maybe triple the cost of Asia for this type of product or furniture.

I have yet to find any items to purchase that I would say, shipping to the USA sounds like a good idea. A few items I could purchase and carry back on a plane, the wood statues are unique and some are special. To buy a practical, I will use at home product is very difficult to find as the cost of products in West Africa are not cheap when compared to Asia or South America.

Wicker Chair Sales Lome Togo
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, June 26, 2007
06 degrees 07.280 North
001 degrees 12.488 East
9 Meters of altitude above sea level
On Duisburg Street across from Angola Embassy
Landmark to say to Taxi is: L'ambassade de l'Angola

Togo Africa Wicker Chairs

Buying is the Travel Sin

Buying is the Travel Sin
I am on this pivotal idea kick, I keep trying to find the pivotal concept that reveals all, and the one way of looking at an issue, that resolves the question. Africa taught me that jealousy is a basic evil desire of humans, as I saw at the simpler cultural levels, jealousy became a dangerous problem. In the more convoluted brains of the developed cultures, motivations are not clear, the reasons for behaviors are hidden behind many smoking guns.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Andy of --- Promote Hotel

It is painful for me in my Betazoid body to watch people buy, well, they buy everything, it is not important; they buy anything providing there is money in their pocket. I can feel their frustrations, there is never enough cycle, they must continue to buy, and they will get up tomorrow and go buy again, the whole in their chest is never closed, the wind just tickles the edges.

Jealousy is when I want what another person has, or I do not want you to have it, I do not want you to have something I do not also have.

This is the complicated way of saying it:
You shall not covet your neighbor's house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor's.

What is up with this Male Servant clause…? Hehehe
Ok, back to the issue.

I am suppose to be happy when you do well, if you go out and make lot of money, and I have none. I should be happy for you. I truly am proud that Bill Gates comes from the USA, he is rich and he deserves every penny.

I am happy that Norway is first on the HDI - Human Development Index, and want to go there to see why the USA is 10 or somewhere down the line. I would like to go and learn how I can do better.

I truly believe the problem with Israel is, well, these boys and girls are endowed with too many brains, they make everyone nervous. If I am stupid, better to keep the smart people away from me… On the other hand, if I am not jealous better to make them my friend. I personally go searching for smart people, seem like the bright thing to do, find a smart person and follow them, and then I can be lazy brained.

Well, this is what I learned, it is not the sin just to want something, and it becomes the sin when you go buy it. To want, to need, to desire, to dream, to hope, to sit around dwelling on what I can buy… To believe that something I do not have will make me happy, this does not work.

I wish I could buy something to make me happy, what a waste of money for me, I am already happy. But, I tell myself I am happy more than I tell myself I am not, there is a bigger pile of thoughts on the one side than the other side.

I do have these very small enjoyments. I go buy Iced Coffee and the trade of is this, I could go buy an Iced Coffee or a new Computer and today I think I would rather buy the Iced Coffee.

I keep learning as I have less and less, my backpack is limited, I cannot buy much, there is no place to keep it, and darned if I am going to send things home to a place I do not live. I live here, today. I will die someday and a big pile of junk will be left for a garage sale, why?

I buy something, then the something I buy, owns me.

I buy something, and then I worry about someone stealing it, borrowing it, or me losing it. Too much work I cannot be bothered.

I do want money, I want enough money that when someone steals something I need like my underwear, I just go and buy some more, I do not live in want. I want to replace everything in my backpack painlessly.

Nevertheless, to want is not the sin, to buy is the acting out of covet, the desire, the wanting.

I do very little in the day, I do not want, I do not desire, I do not need, I for sure do not go shopping. I have about 90 percent less to do than the other travelers or tourist around me. I also am not in need of some body rush; I do not need to go see something of beauty to have a good day. I am a boring person. I do not spend 90 percent of my day shopping.

I am probably addicted to ideas, I like to ponder, and I have this never-ending series of thoughts in my brain. I like to think, I love the game of problem solving. All this came to past as a friend told me I was trying to make traffic to my site to make money… I thought, no, I am trying first to have enough money, and not decreasing, that is scary when I start to slowly go lower, as there is a bottom. I love the game of thinking, of having complicated ideas.

However, I have trouble getting motivated for money, what would I do with money, buy another backpack. I have the best backpack I can play with today; it is the best I found to play with here in Bangkok. What am I going to do, buy two iced coffees?

Yes, there is always some small tweaks, and if I had unlimited money, I suppose I would not wear that t-shirt two days in a row. I think every person on the planet should move into a one-room home, it would stop them from buying….

Gong, you lose, I see people buy small backpacks, and then what do they do, the carry two big plastic bags of junk, and the small backpack. I carry a big backpack, but I accept, I need this amount of things to be happy, but then again, I do not own anything.

I have nothing to protect, everyone has more than I do, but I am fabulously wealthy, I smile, and I have time, I have time to ponder while everyone else tells me, I am too busy. I think when a person says they are too busy, they have lost the game. Somebody made them work for the man, they are in jail, totally out of control, and there lives have been purchased.

I tend to think, they bought so much, and they spend all their time maintaining or preserving their lifestyle and gave up their life. The for sure do not have time to talk….

Strange as it seems, I can call a person on, a person I have not talked to in six months and they say,
- I am too busy to talk. -

Alternatively, do they mean, Andy you mean nothing to me, so I do not want to talk to you. I see both ideas as the same, oh well; I have time to talk if they ever stop buying and sinning. They are still my friend, they are just stray sheep.

A rich person does not want, a rich person has time, however, forget to smell the roses, I go buy iced coffee and take Hollywood showers. I do what I like, you do what you like and we will meet by chance, and life is good.

Buying is the Travel Sin

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