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Room Rent On Planet

Room Rent On Planet
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I have no idea why a person wishes to rent room for months in a location in a cheap country, the big benefit of living in these cheap countries is because you can can move around cheap. To rent a room for over one-month is somewhat of a crazy contract to enter into, unless you want to live for less than 5 dollar per day, then a good idea.

However, many people are always keying in on the cost of renting a room, or buying. I really discourage this and I am was a Real Estate Broker for 14 years, a true expert, I cannot think of many reasons to buy outside the USA, it just a bad investment, but...

I think I know a formula for the people who want to find a room and live in another country.

Find a cheap hotel, then about one-half the price of the cheap room should seize a room for a month. A cheap hotels is in the or Lonely Planet and is not the expensive section.

Find out the salary per month of the cleaning lady or person in your hotel, then about one-half that should get you a good decent room in the city.

If you want to live like the USA or Europe, then stay there, I am talking to live twice as good as the locals, but twice as good for double the price.

About anywhere on 80 percent of the planet, you can get a decent room for about 30-150 US per month, AC and easy. Then you got the Expats that live in the womb of an Expat, a whole other world and complicated mess full of drunks and scammers.

Buying a home is almost always a silly decision, there are tons of webpage that prey on the naive American that believes he has to purchase, rent, or reserve a room. This is not true, and probably on average make the cost of a trip 10 times more expensive than needed.

Go and live in a place, buying is for the USA, appreciation, a family home, a homestead, not for in Costa Rica or Panama, or Thailand, Philippines. Putting down roots in a third world nation just is not so smart, note, they want to leave, and you want to buy. Get it!

Using the social values of real estate in a poor country is not smart, food, clean, electricity, water, yes, but real estate is way off.

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Room Rent On Planet

Offshore Real Estate

Offshore Real Estate
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, May 28, 2007

I was a Real Estate Broker, Investor, Property Management Company, Developer and all these words involved for 14 years of my life and really more.

I have seena consistently increasing offshore Real Estate Scam being committed by Expats, similar to the Real Estate Scams involving the sale of land in Florida in the USA.

The scam works like this, the Expat predator is normally trying to sell a home over the internet that is in an offshore country outside USA jurisdictions. Normally they purchased the scam themselves, and they now want to get rid of it, the only way they can figure out to do so, is to do the scam again to the next person. There is also the more dangerous professional types.

The person reading the advertisement on the Internet is just an average person and wants to live in Resort Home or in the American Dream home And they are reading about a home in an exotic place that is twice as big as they own, however half the price as their present home. They cannot believe how great of deal this is, and they go down for a two week vacation and buy a home impossible to sell fairly.

There are many listing for the properties, normally by Expats and all are priced about 10 times the true value, however, because there are many listing and the reader believe because of the numbers they are safe. Plus, who would think an American or European would do this.

I used to have a Mexican man in Acapulco complain,
-The American come down here and complain about corruption, then the learn how to be corrupt, and do it better than us. -

These properties are outside the laws of the USA, and location of the exotic property is in country with no real estate appraisal laws or any protections for consumers. Therefore, now with invention of the internet they can go find victims in other countries, and prey on the unsuspecting person, all expats are trustworthy… That is why they left the country…

All forms of Real Estate valuation is often ignored. For example the cost of construction wages to build the home only being 3 US dollars per day or the money they are buying is Mexican.

When you buy a home in Thailand, you are effectively investing in the Thai Baht. Panama is better because they use the Dollar, for me to buy a Home in Togo, I would be buying the CFA , which I think today is tied to the Euro, I anticipate they will one day disconnect it from the Euro and the CFA will go down just like the Argentina Peso did when it was disconnected from the dollars.

Buying Real Estate is investing in the strength or currency of the country.

Buying Real Estate is investing in the validity of the legal system of the country.

Buying Real Estate is investing in the Government of the country. When was the last military coup?

Buying Real Estate is about the price of comparable properties in the area, if there is no comparable properties, maybe the value is zero, not what you would pay in the USA.

This statement has zero value.
- This property would cost X in the USA, this is just a stupid comment and only said by a person who wishes to scam you. - The property is NOT in the USA, so why say it?

Buying Real Estate is about buying a home where people want to move, why are they moving from Panama, Thailand, Costa Rica, etc to the USA when it is paradise?

Note, I think there are more deserted islands on the planted than inhabited islands. An island is not a prime piece of land, there is no economic value. People in Togo do not try to live on the ocean, in Thailand they do not try to live on the ocean, they want to live inland and safer, they want to live near drinking water, and often the cheapest land is on the ocean, you cannot farm it, so the land has no value, if no people close, no value.

Buying Real Estate is about the cost to build the same property and the ability to sell the property. If they cannot sell the property in the normal country, why would it be a good deal over the internet…? See the point, a good deal will always sell, but to prey on a person who knows nothing about appraisal, and knowing the laws of country allows him or her to do so is what is now happening.

The solution is simple, go and live there first, rent a home for about two years, after this time, maybe you can buy. I am not sure why? I am always wondering about this of buying, is buying a need. American and Europeans will indeed buy a swindle; they believe buying is always better. This is not true.

Offshore Real Estate

Best Tourist Investment is in West Africa

Best Tourist Investment is in West Africa
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, June 1, 2007

It is not often I live in a tourist destination where Hotels and Tourist services are consistent. There are almost 99 percent consistent in management, if possible, to do wrong, they do it 99 percent wrong. They are all living in the age of Colonization and King, Queens and Fiefs, there is a delusion that the good times will return.

West Africa Tourism, lead by the French are jumping up down on it, some people just step on IT, however some jump up and down on IT…

The number one advertiser for West Africa has to be the NGO-ONG save the world group. Therefore, maybe 95 percent of advertisements show Africa as being the worst place on the planet. CNN, BBC and all the news media coverage announces doomsday daily, this good tourist destination has a bad perception and nothing looks like it will change for the next ten years, the advertising money used to promote tourism is fighting a losing battle against the big money of the Non Governmental Organizations bound and determined to tell everyone on the planet Africa is dying of something, I am not sure, I have not seen it.

Then to boot, they have this European attitude of pay 10 Euros for bad service and say thank you, and you love it.

It has to be the easiest place on the planet to start a Hotel or Hostel and thrive, there is no competition. The French who you would think would be the competition are pricing their restaurants and hotels at European Prices, however then living in the poorest countries on the planet. There is no way the cost to provide a service here is even a tenth of the cost of Europe. The food is expensive, but labor is 2 dollars per day.

I am hard pressed to think of one hotel doing anything correct, as I mean a great value for the money in international terms. I can find a great priced hotel, then everything outside the room, such as restaurant, common area and entitlement is either abuse or non-existent.

Tourist Information Brochures - I am trying to think when I saw any tourist information brochures. Sometimes in Europe, there will be a ten-meter wall of brochures. I am looking at zero, I have none in my stack of normal junk to discard, nobody has even gave me their business card to a hotel, I have asked and received, however none have forced it on me, as they should… I mean, make it easy to have, sitting on the reception desk, or offered.

What an opportunity for an Americans, Australians, English speaking Canadians or New Zealand people. I truthfully do not think the European culture understands honest service and competition yet, they are all still in favor of monopolies and see Wal-Mart as the enemy. Hmm, the Chinese, they could possibly be good, and they are committed to Africa in a way. Europeans appear want the sweetheart under the table deal, they are not willing to go head to head with the competition.

Best Tourist Investment is in West Africa

Choosing a Translator

Choosing a Translator
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, June 9, 2007

STOP, please STOP

Hey, why are you adding ten sentences to my comment, I did no say that!

I despise having someone help me to buy something, I buy a horse and it looks like a camel.

I am trying to rent a house, whereby I can re-rent single for about 3000 CFA per room or 6 dollars US per day.

I have tried to use three people and one-half to talk.

1. German man who speaks English, and French.
2. Togo man who speaks some English, French and native language of Ewe.
3. Togo man who speaks Ewe and a little French.
4. Togo woman who speaks Ewe, French and some English.

All four will nod their head when they do not understand my English.

All four nod their heads yes when they do not understand my French.

Dysfunctional was once explained to me as two people who do not speak the same language walking around in a room. The two people talk and discuss many things, and never realize they do not speak the same language.

Dysfunctional does not function.

Meeting of the Minds

- Meeting of the minds (also referred to as mutual assent or consensus ad idem) is a phrase in contract law used to describe the intentions of the parties forming the contract. In particular, it refers to the situation where there is a common understanding in the formation of the contract. This condition is often considered a necessary requirement to the formation of a contract.

It is only when all parties involved are aware of the formation of a legal obligation is there a meeting of the minds. -
Stop Quote:

The can sure explain I words better than me… hehehe

Contract Law
This is saying. A contract is no good unless both parties understand what is in the contract. One way to do this is to demand the other person has an attorney with them, then when they say they do not understand, you say,
- Why did you pay the lawyer? -

Real Estate Brokers are mediators or arbitrators; their job is to create a legally enforceable contract between to people. Their job is also to explain why the property has the value, and why it will re-sell fast, after that there is a lot of personal noise and feely touchy things.

Meeting of the minds is needed and sometimes the other Broker, or clients have no mind, so how can they meet, and I want to say,
- Oh never mind, forget it. -

I want to know often if a translator understood my English, and I say,
- Explain to me what the word MIND means? -

If they get this, you are saying I am stupid look, then I know, yes, they are stupid, I need to know, I want to be positive, do you know the word before you enter me into a contract, you are me, you are my proxy, you are talking for me, and you do not know what the word is and refuse to tell me when you are stupid.

I say stupid; to me the stupid person will not say,
- I do not understand. -

I wish I had just 100 CFA for every time I say in a day,
- Pas Comprend. -
Je parler Anglais.

I do not say perfect, I am trying to test; I want to know if they are intuitively a zero. I want a person who can feel and understand me, and make the good choices; there is no way to translate perfect.

Unless we do the Vulcan Mind Meld, and as far as I know, this does not exist yet.

All I want is a meeting of the minds; I was that nice comfortable feeling of knowing in my heart, this person understands me. Therefore, I need to feel safe and comfortable with the person who is helping me to translate.

Choosing a translator is two things.
1. I talk to the translator.
2. The translator talks to the other person.
3. The person answers and the translator listen.
4. The translator tells me.

I try to think, I said 10 words, this person can use, I give permission to use 20, after that, they are putting words into my mouth, and are trying to talk for me, not translate.

I told the German man, do not talk, do not say anything, just stand there and say hello, next think I knew, the person I was meeting with was only talking to him and ignoring me, I thought, who is talking to whom. I got up and walked home, no meeting of my mind with the other mind; the translator is trying to rent a home.

My Togo friend, a fixer, the small boy as they Togo Rich men insult him and say, try to listen, but cannot culturally bring himself to say,
- I do not understand. -

He is very good, I can say,
- Explain to me the word rent. -

I do this one-minute manager thing, the one-minute goal setting. I was wanting to have a copy of the lease to read, I assumed it is in French, this was about five days ago, I have no lease to read, strange how one small item is a dysfunctional maze of meandering madness.

To choose a translator, I know I am doing well when the person speaks about the same number or words as I said. I will laugh when the person replies and the translator answers, not to clarify, but to answer for me, amazing sometimes the lack of care people have for the right of another person to speak for themselves.

It is better to not have a translator in about 90 percent of situations, I have had translators say yes, if I hear a Qui or Yes or some affirmation, I am worried, did this person just enter me into a verbal contract?

When I understand, I understand, and not before, when I have the meeting of the minds, when I feel comfortable that all people talking are on the same channel, and then maybe the translator is a translator.

I sometime think I should find listeners, listen to the conversation in my bad French and afterwards we will discuss whether the person understood or not. I know in the renting a home, I have the trump card, I will not give money until I know I understand, there is no amount of pressure possible that can force me to say yes to letting loose of the cash until I am sure I understand.

This is the goal of the translator to help me to understand, I have paid translators money and they got angry when I continued to say, I do not understand. I continue to say this until I do, and I will not nod my head and agree, I keep saying, I do not understand.

I think a highly intelligent person says, I could be wrong, I do not understand and a highly stupid person nods their head to say yes everything.

Walk up to a your translator, say something like,
- The moon is made of cheese. -

If the translator agrees, maybe you are dysfunctional…

Now, I wait, let us see who goes off topic first? Dysfunctional life is a Hobo Soup.

Hobby of mine is to listen to husbands and wives, then decide if they had a meeting of the minds…or just noise makers.

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Choosing a Translator

Wanted Home to Rent in Lome Togo

Wanted Home to Rent in Lome Togo
Lome Togo West Africa
Sunday, June 10, 2007

I want to rent a home in Lome, Togo West Africa.

Map of Area

My experience of 14 years of being a Real Estate Broker in the state of Indiana, USA has made me afraid and cautious. I do not know the value of real estate until I know the real prices of home sold or rented in an area. The asking price is a guide only. I need to look at 3-10 homes before I can make a decision to rent or buy.

This phenomenon in the minds of expatriates induces them to agree that prices that I considered gouging are real.

I wish to rent a home, and then will offer it as boarding house or temporary home for travelers. I wish to rent the rooms for around 3000 CFA per day or about 6 US per night. This rental price number then forces me to back into the properly priced rental home and in my opinion semi-tells me the sales value of homes in the area.

A room for rent in this defined area will rent at the low of 5000 CFA per month for one room or Chambre in a Compound Home to as high as 30,000 CFA per DAY for a Hotel Room. I believe that 6-10 US is the fair asking price of any hotel room in the developing world. The prices of Hotel rooms in West Africa need a correction to be in concert with global rates and open West Africa to mass tourism.

To learn the fair price of a home to rent, one must first define the area. Homes outside this defined area are dramatically different and are not comparable homes. It is not good practice to use comparable rates of rent from an area farther than say two blocks away, it is misleading.

I first define the area, and then only look at homes in this area, all others are excluded, if I looked at only one home, then rented the home, I would not be able to understand value.

I therefore feel a need to know the asking rental price of many homes. I will not rent a home in any specified area until I have looked at and compared prices of many. I also must change agents to stop one agent from inflating the prices and keeping the inflated prices consistently high.

I speculate, I am not sure, please do not use this number, it is only a guide, however it appears presently a home in this area with three bedrooms and independent will rent around 150,000 CFA per month or about 300 US. This area is a tourist area, or expat area, I would believe in Togo the normal should be about one quarter of this price.

I have a friend in Atakpame, who rents room for 3000 CFA per month, a very nice room and the building is new.

Wanted Home to Rent in Lome Togo

Writing Two Lease Contracts in Africa

Writing Two Lease Contracts in Africa
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, July 6, 2007

I was on the Island country of the Barbados, I stopped in a small bar close to my room for a drink, many on the corner of the bar expats where there. A man asked me where I was from, I said,
“The United States of America.’

He was expecting me to say,

He started to laugh and said,
“I think you are the first American to say the correct answer to me, they also assume I know they are from America.”

Well, since I know the game, and I knew he was being a smart ass, I gave him the tit for tat, I said,
“And you do know, you should not call us Americans you will make all the South Americans and Central American and North Americans angry.”

They will correct me in these areas of the world if I say American, as they are Americans also, one of them Politically correct geography lessons where people do not listen for intentions, they are trying to find a reasons to argue.

I am here in Lome, however today I leave for Kara, Togo, and then over into Ghana or Benin, maybe both. I am trying to rent a home or two in West Africa, and am taking a long time to arrange and write a lease. I am going to lease the property for 12 years with some renewable clauses, and incremental increases in rent, and all sort of real estate legal words.

The Lease will be written in Togo French. I will read it in Togo French, and understand in the USA culture. The owner will read in Togo French, and understand in Ewe Mina Culture. The French man who has lived for 17 years in Togo will read in French, understand two thirds in French culture and one-third in Togo culture. The Togo Real Estate agent will not read it; however explain it in Ewe Mina culture.

I was a Real Estate Broker in the State of Indiana, in the country of the USA for 14 years, and purchased, sold, rented many properties. I think I was involved in as best I can guess about 1200 Real Estate contract negotiations.

1200 contracts and 2400 people.
I have seen about 25 people read the contract,
I think maybe five understood the contract.

I believe that all 2400 thought they understood the contract.

If you know a person that sit at a Real Estate closing and read all the papers they signed, the closing would take about five to ten hours. We sign the contract because we know we are all from the same culture and language and believe we have the same intentions. Moreover, the redeeming feature is we have the same legal system for about 300 Million people with some state variations.

In Togo, they have about eight major customs of understanding a contract.

1. Mina or Ewe
2. French Culture less than 1 percent
3. Kabye (sometimes spelled Kabiye)
4. Dagomba
5. Lebanese Culture less than 1 percent
6. Christian
7. Islamic
8. Tribal Religions

I need to have two groups understand and agree me and the Ewe, Mina Africa culture; however, the contract has to be written in proper Togo and France French.

I do not want to argue with someone 8 years from now, and I am 100 percent sure that 99 percent of people will try to break a contract if they think it not fair.

So, I am trying to get three major cultures, ME, the Togo Ewe Mina person and the French Translator to agree to the same un-written contract, then I hope to have a contract in writing that agree with what they will never read.

I am trying to get a Meeting of the Minds, an African and American.

A contract is not a contract until, and I agree, the owner or I should not be bound to a contract that we do not understand the intentions.

What this means is a person from France that buys a property in the USA without a lawyer and no translation into French has a good legal argument to break a contract.

I am always amazed at expats signing contracts, they just sign and hope it works and it does work about fifty percent of the time.

Fun and games in Africa

The solution is this, I look at people minds. I look at their eyes, when I feel, see and know they understand then we will sign the contract, and not before. I made, in the past, and will continue to make contracts that work, not that I hope work.


Meeting of the minds

Meeting of the minds (also referred to as mutual assent or consensus ad idem) is a phrase in contract law used to describe the intentions of the parties forming the contract. In particular, it refers to the situation where there is a common understanding in the formation of the contract. This condition or element is often considered a necessary requirement to the formation of a contract.

The reasoning is that a party should not be held to a contract that they were not even aware existed. A mutual promise between friends over simple personal matters should not be a situation where legal remedies are to be used. Equally, any such agreement where the obligation is primarily a moral one rather than a legal one should not be enforceable. It is only when all parties involved are aware of the formation of a legal obligation is there a meeting of the minds.

Under the formalist theory of contract, every contract must have six elements: offer, acceptance, consideration, meeting of the minds, capacity and legality. Many other contracts, but not all types of contracts, also must be in writing and be signed by the repsonsible party, in an element called form.
Stop Quote

I know a handshake is just about as good as a written contract.

American are anal, they will tell someone in the Caribbean they are from the Georgia and expect the person to understand. It is not their fault, the whole world has to deal with another language just 100 kilometers away, and the USA lives in a bubble. Maybe the least prepared culture to buy or rent a home outside the USA, and the most confident in their decisions. The good part, the person with the money does make the rules.

Writing Two Lease Contracts in Africa

Togo Overpaid Real Estate Agents

Togo Overpaid Real Estate Agents
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, July 21, 2007

I laugh at myself, this applies to me, and I was an overpaid Real Estate Broker or Agent in the USA. The value of the work I did was less than the amount of money I received.

This is the system of Togo Real Estate Sales and Rental of Home and Property. There are these chalkboards as best I understand all over the country of Togo and on the board is two sides, one is the homes for sale and other is the homes for rent, not that simple but you get the idea.

My friend Walt, so perfectly explained Real Estate, I can never stop laughing, he said,
- There are two things people think they are experts at, Sex and Real Estate, and there are two things they are never expert at, Sex and Real Estate. -

There are joke about the job of a Real Estate Agent, one is the comment,
- The person I pay to find the key and open the door. -

If you ask a Real Estate Agent what they do, they will probably say something close to this, I show people homes or real property. Then according to the agents understanding of Real Estate law, they will slice and dice the jargon.

Sadly this is true, 90 percent of real estate agents are in Key Management.

In Togo and as best I know, most of the planet is the same, for sure Mexico is the same, the only other place I have been involved in an Real Estate transactions, it has been ten years, I hope Mexico has change, but I highly doubt it. In Togo and Mexico agents do Key Management only.

Money, this is all about claims to money, or commissions. Agents fight over clients, who showed the property. This fighting over the showing of a property is the proof of key management, if they are fighting over who showed the property, they are fighting over key management, not over what should be their jobs, the arbitration between two groups and the creation of a valid enforceable contract.

A fight over commissions is some of the best fun I have experienced in my life, one of the most hilarious comedies of errors, when watching idiots fight it is maximum fun, like watching the Three Stooges.

PHASES of transaction in the USA.

1. Key Management or showing the property.
2. Signing an agreement or contract to rent or purchase.
3. Closing or signing the lease or contract.
4. Handing the keys to the buyer or renter.

They skip step 2, as it is verbal.

This means, the Agent is 100 percent in the Key Management business and almost worthless.

The closing is done here at the office of a Notary, this is more like a Lawyer in actual practice, and this is another comedy. You can agree to a list of conditions and the Notary will then go and change all of the conditions here in Togo. Then the negotiations start again, I get to negotiate with the Notary.

More or less this is his method of negotiations:
- Sign the lease and shut up, I do not want hear you talk, give me the money. -

Which reminds me of what Agents call a good closing Agent in the USA. I have never had a difficult closing, I have difficult offers to purchase and this is where the problems are meant to be resolved, not at closing. If there is a problem at closing 100 percent, sure the agent performed negligently. A bad agent loves a good strong closing agent to finish the job they never did, so they can make money they did not deserve.

Solution here in Togo. I have learned how to write a Lease in French, and I now have a Buyers Representation written in French. What makes this even more fun is there is no legal obligation of any type to pay the agent, other than the local custom of paying him one months rent. If I rented a property for 50 dollars per month, then I would need to pay 50 dollars.

I rent a room for one month, the agent wanted one month… hehehe.
I gave him one day.

My buyer’s representation contract pays him a fee for every home he finds that I go and see, if I do not go and see, I do not pay, and there is no commission, only the fee now.

What a mess, and what fun, however the great part, I can pay him what I believe is fair and not pay attention to what he said. The sad part is 90 percent of the white people now screw the agents out of commissions, because all things being equal both the buyers and the agents are crooks, not just the agent.

I have it easy, I am not a crook, I pay fair fees for fair services, and I do not allow words to get in the way, I will explain managing the keys is an annoying job, best done by the guard in front of the door and guit extortion does not work on me.

I personally think buying land outside my home country is rarely needed and 99 percent of the time stupid. Renting a home or land can be of value, however best done by a lawyer, not by humans, and the lawyer needed to go to Harvard, and top in his class, specializing in Real Estate, when I think there is not specialization in Real Estate law at Harvard.

What am I paying the Agent now? I am paying 20 US dollars to find the keys, name of owner and the telephone number of the owner. I must look at the property or I do not owe a fee, note I said fee, not commission.

Andy Real Estate History and Boring to Read:

I was a Real Estate Broker for 14 years, however, I became a Broker to buy, not to sell, and therefore I have not special love of Real Estate Agents. I became a Real Estate Broker because I did not like Brokers. If you buy a home, there are two Agents in involved, the Sellers Agent and the Buyers Agent.

I became a Broker to remove one of the idiots in the food chain. I became a Broker to be my own Buyers Agent. If I sold a home to myself, I saved half the commission. Therefore, if a home cost 100,000 and the commission was six percent or 6000 US dollars, I was paid 3000 and the net down payment needed was 3000 less.

I am also a Real Estate Broker or Sales instructor, which also bridges on insanity, because I did not teach people how to sell, I taught Real Estate Law or Real Estate Terminology and maybe 1 percent sales.

Togo Overpaid Real Estate Agents

Thailand Real Estate

Thailand Real Estate
Steve said,
- You have been in Thailand long enough; I thought you would try to rent an apartment. -

This is so stereotypical American…

I have been in Thailand for maybe 45 days; this is not a long time for me to be in a country. This is a long time for one hotel. It is the only hotel in the Khao San Road area with acceptable internet in the room and price.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, November 23, 2007
Andy of ---

Presently, today, November 23, 2007 I feel like a father watching my pregnant wife, and every day the baby kicks, every day we ask the doctors a new question. I am a nervous wreck, I know it, I can feel it, and we are going to give birth soon to a huge baby Internet Site. is going to scream and gasp for it first breath of air, opens its eyes, turn them to the light, and try to see.

My friend Craig from is in Peru, ready to have a real baby, and you can feel the tension.

Craig is afraid to move, and so I am I, we both want the birth to go off without problems. He is doing ultrasounds, and I am asking every web site doctor I know questions, I even purchased a PDF Book from Aaron Walls for 79 US Dollars called

This is why I am in one place, I am a Hobo, I work and Travel, I am not a bum or tramp.

I was a Real Estate Broker for 14 years, when Steve asked or alluded to the idea of renting a home or apartment in Thailand. I almost said,
- Are you nuts? -

Not a good comment to say accidentally or pre-mediated to Steve, he has to be the most Alpha Male, dominating personality I know today. There was this person by the name of Leighton that worked for Frito Lay I worked for 20 years ago, international and domestic manager of distribution centers that was more Alpha,

I could have said, are you nuts, this is American. I am a dominating personality too, I try my best to hide it and keep it down to where it is possible to have a few friends.

However, my first thought, and I am probably more the pre-mediated type than Steve, not Leighton. I stopped this idea immediately of suggesting that he was nuts, and realized this is just a normal idea for an American and European person so treat at just a normal comment, try to not think and ignore. I try to ignore Tourist; they are insanely naïve about the planet Earth. Steve is far from normal, however to rent is very Amerian normal.

Renting or buying real estate in another country is tantamount to investing in the Thai Baht. If I was buying money, Dollar or Euros are my only options, since OPEC uses Dollars; I think Dollars are the best option.

I would say the Thai Baht is not stable, this country had a Military Coup a few months ago, and I think the King will die in the next few years. Buying in this country seems close as Looney tunes as a person can get.

Ok, I do not rent apartments, homes, however, I do think about renting a home to start a Hostel every day of the week. I would rent the cash flow, and recoup my investment in less than five months or not do it, maybe one year.

However to rent an apartment in Thailand would be the same as purchasing a big lead or iron ball, about 15 inches in diameter, and chaining it to my leg. I know I would cut my leg off eventually to escape. I think of round trip plane tickets as impossible commitments to uphold, who wants to promise anyone or anything you will obey when you do not have too.

This is the bottom line, I am free, and I do not purchase commitments that do not give me more freedom. My computer give me freedom, I do not have to walk to the internet café every day.

The American goes to paradise, and then wants to build a home on it to destroy it, and make it into America.

The Brit goes to another country and what do they do, go to the closest British Bar and thinks of it as their local.

I suppose the Germans and Swedish go to Pattaya or Phuket, Thailand and….

Buying a home is like getting married.
Renting a home is like having a girlfriend that lives with you.

I can think of hundreds of good reasons to have a girlfriend or to get married. There are only two good reasons I can figure outside the USA to rent a place.

1. A business venture.
2. To have what I want under my control.

I was going to type in, to store my stuff, but this is a terrible reason, I do this already in a storage room of the Sawasdee Smile Hotel, in a place in Nepal, and a place in Cusco, Peru, I suppose my parents home.

A hotel room always has a few problems. My present room is good.

1. The staff is excellent, and extremely good in this cold fish country of Thailand, they are warm, talk English 10 time better than normal for Thailand.

2. The room has High Speed Internet in the room.

3. The room is quiet, except for the never-ending sound of an air conditioner.

4. The cost is 390 Baht or about 12 US dollars, and this is expensive, a good price for Thailand would be about 250 Baht, anything over 250 Baht and I start to complain about the Hotel.

The problems are,

1. No hot water, only my solution…

2. No TV in room or common area that is acceptable.

3. No Guest Kitchen.

I would move maybe to another hotel for a guest kitchen, other than that the internet is the reason to overlook almost any problem, and this hotel has a huge problem I am not going to discuss and I hope they solve it.

The reason to rent is to remove my three problems, kitchen, TV, and hot water. The truth is this, the TV and Hot Water are easy to find, the Sawasdee Smile has this for 220 Baht, however no AC and a shared shower. A shared shower is good, no moisture in room to give to the Ants.

The bundle of benefits is what I rent or buy, and in real estate if you buy the bundle of rights. What am I buying in Thailand, the bundle of freedoms?

The money, the money, everyone thinks about money too much, I would invest in my room.

I have thought about saying to Charlie, I will buy a TV, install hot water, and paint the room; maybe buy two new mattresses for the room. This hotel has cable TV already, and if I had the TV, Hot Water, I would be in Hotel Heaven at 390 Baht per day.

I would leave and ditch the hotel for a guest kitchen, with a common area that has a good TV that plays movies. The location is good in a strange way, I can walk both ways, and I can get a taxi or bus easy in front of the hotel.

The whole point is this, for 35 US dollars I can rent all these features for too much money in Sukumvit, Phuket, or Chang Mai. I want to live for 30 days near Khao San Road, not a bar babe area like these types of hotels, the annoying people who live in them are over the edge of my tolerance. It is the neighborhood, if I rent, I would be committed to a neighborhood.

I leave for the Philippines; I have been searching for a hotel anywhere in the Philippines with Hi-Speed Internet in the room for less than I think 800 pesos. This is a ridiculous amount of money to pay for a room in Asia!

I can rent an AC room in Thailand for about 60 US per month.
I could probably rent the same in Philippines for about 100 per month.
I can rent a room in Togo for 60 per month.

Paying 12 or 18 US dollars for a room in Thailand or the Philippines per day makes the locals say to me.
- Are you rich? -
- Are you stupid? -

No, I am American…. Hehehe

It is amazing how many people want to travel, then rent an apartment, I think, I thought you told me you wanted to travel.

Thailand Real Estate

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