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I purchased a 350 video camera yesterday. I am hoping to copy filmed situations in Iraq and send back on CD Roms. I have not checked my system yet, but I am 90 percent sure I can do this. I will film an event. Download from camera to computer, than burn a CD rom. Mail home.

Making films of places is not my idea of fun. Espcially when the whole world wants to do this. Most countries are full of people with camcorders filming the place. I do suppose that Iraq is a little special, so I am going to capture the moments. I do not think there will be many tourist. Maybe a few granola for lunch bunch types working for NGO for way more money than they are worth.

I suppose what will be different than the news. Is I will film the truth with no agenda. I own nobody, anything.


I took the 2 photos with a Creative webcame used as a normal camera. Cost me 40 dollars in the USA.


The group of American Tourist I was with had a camera stolen in Cuzco, so Peter the Brit that caught up and traveled for 20 some days together in Iraq with me could not stop himself, so he sent me a commentary.

I keep trying to get him to set up a blog, but he resist.


I was really sorry to hear about that camera getting stolen. I am getting to hear so many of those type of stories. Baggage getting stolen from buses, armed theft, countless scams etc etc. I have to admit that if it wasn't for Anne coming over in May/June, I'd be sorely tempted to skip Peru and take a bus straight through to Ecuador (where it may be just as bad!!). I also have to admit to getting a bit jerked off with those who say things like "theft happens everywhere and South America is no different than anywhere else on this planet". I believe that theft/scams etc can of course happen anywhere on this planet. The point that almost everyone seems to forget it that (for whatever reason), tourists/backpackers/westerners are seen as far more of a target than they are in almost the rest of this world. Therefore, the odds of one of us being a victim are greater in South America. I know that there are things that happen in Asia and other parts, but I have never been to any part of this planet where there is so much crime against people like us. I have never read any range of guidebooks where there are so many warnings against these type of criminal activities. I believe that we are a far greater target in South America (especially, it seems, Peru) than in most other parts of the world. This is mostly because we are seen to be "rich" and therefore, a legitimate target. Naturally, we do not have that particular situation in our own countries. Obviously, we can be victims in our own countries, but not because we have been targeted because we are "rich". It seems to be more random in our home countries.
Also, let's not forget that there are probably dozens of robberies every day against folks like us that are not being publicized.

I find myself being a lot more wary about chatting with locals. To me, an important part of traveling is to meet local people and interact with them in a positive way. I am finding myself shutting myself off from meeting people as I doubt that I'll trust any of them. This is all rather unfortunate. PETER COMMENTS STOPS

Being an easy target, this is why you get robbed.
It is obvious you have a camera, gold ring, airplane baggage tags, dressed too nice, rented a car, just lay your stuff around anywhere.

Note though, I have only been robbed in Madrid Spain of my passport and coming off the island of Koh Samui, Thailand of 50 dollars. Sophisticated robbers have got me, not the average, I am trying to figure out and working diligently to make a backpack that would protect people. Especially the older people, I am going to try again here in Peru or Bolivia to make another bag as the snap, buttons, zippers are low quality in Nepal.

Both time though I made a strategic errors in my beliefs on how a person could rob me or how I should protect my valuables. I still lose more than I am robbed, but my guess is one in five travelers is robbed of over 200 dollars of valuable or more.

Why do you not hear about tourist being robbed in Europe?
People will not admit they have been robbed, similar to the stock market, do you ever hear a person say,
"I lost 10 grand on the stock market."
The no lose face syndrome
People hide their humanity, now that is the ultimate stupidity.

Sony CyberShot DSC-U60

I have been using a Sony CyberShot DSC-U60 camera, and after using it for a couple of months, I believe it to be one of the best cameras possible to use for travel.

1. Waterproof
2. Small enough to put in your pocket.
3. Durable and hard to break.
4. Easy to download in an Internet Café.
5. The chip is the same more or less as a thumb drive.
6. I think I could buy an off the shelf cable anywhere in the world if the one I have is lost or breaks.
7. They sell Sony chips everywhere in the world.

I am thinking I need to buy another one because I afraid or have the feeling they discontinued this model.

Most people buy cameras that are ridiculously complicated and could be used professionally. I suppose I use a camera professionally because I do publish these photos on the internet and I do make money with this noise. The internet is very different from a magazine photo, it would be great to have both available to me, however the time of converting photos from large to small is great. I really need a great powerful camera that takes two size photos at the same time, on for email size and another for making into paper photos or enlargements.

Presently I am considering paying the 1500 or 2000 dollars to have the big professional camera. What I want is the huge zoom. Then I will need a bodyguard to not be robbed.

The Sony Cyber shot does not look like a camera to people and I do not put it up to my face, this keeps the people acting normal so I get the better photos. Personally, I like to take photos however, I am not obsessed. I am thinking a lot about trying to hire a photographer to travel along with me to take photos. I think I could afford 20 dollars per day. This would pay the average traveler enough to live for free.

Hard to believe, however you can live very well on 20 dollars per day in 80 percent of the world. Hard for me to want to pay more… hehehe of course I am a Hobo and do not have the money.

Most people think they are pros however I have only met a couple of pros with cameras, and for sure most of the tourist and travelers are ten time worst than me at taking photos. It is very easy to photo a mountain and for the most part, I avoid taking photos of tourist attractions. I see them as boring and everyone is taking photos, I try to take the photos nobody is filming, unfortunately these photos are difficult to take.

If I had a photographer, then I could request them to go around look at all the popular tourist attractions, so I would not have to bother myself with the tourist attractions which normally I am not to excited about and then I would have a lot of photos for everyone and not just myself. I take photos of what I am interested in and not what I think you would like.

However, I am sure I could supply what you would really like, however I am not going to do this, and I need a photographer.

About Sony Camera

Your are welcome Sony however you never reply to emails.

Disposable Sony Camera

I am starting to think that all digital cameras should be
disposable Sony Camera

I am having trouble getting a half year out of a digital camera, the new Cyber-Shot I purchased for around 200 Dollars U.S. is already having a serious problem. The lens is not opening correctly and reading a little it looks like a common problem.

I take hundreds of photos and to pay the 500-700 some people pay it to me absurb, better to have a camera that is cheap, then buy a new one, then to have an expensive one and buy a new one, it seems never cost effective to have a camera fixed. I am hoping to find a page that says how to self repair or fix myself this problem.

By the way, my camera is not a disposable camera, however it may as well be, good for three months then throw away and buy a new one. However I think they are all about the same, not made to be used, and built in obsolete.

I Buy Olympus 480 Camera

I purchased a new Olympus 480 Camera today for 200 Euros, it has a 3 optical and 4 digital zoom, I will be taking photos with this soon. The Sony I add broke, the lens just stopped going in and out, I have been using my waterproof Sony for a few weeks, the flash on it is broken. I tried to buy another of the waterproof Sonys however the camera shop says I need to go to Lot of good that will do me as a traveler.

It included a 256 Meg card for the 200 Euros, what a pain in the neck.


Says to buy Olympus, so hehehe, I can blame him if it flops... I am kidding, all these camera will break, some quicker than others. He said it in the comments on this page...

I am tough on camera, I take everywhere they say not to go, what is good though the price to play with similar quality a couple of years ago was 700 Euros, so I am way ahead of the game now at 200 Euros.

Do not order on the internet before you leave.

I ordered a camera from, I really wanted this cybershot waterproof camera from Sony, just like the one I had before.

Very durable and great to use, perfect for me as a traveler, the price was 76 dollars or something because it was discontinued... I am on back order waiting for them to figure out what day it is, I am not sure they can figure that out. I have to laugh, I chatted for one hour the other day, copy and pasted the whole chat and sent to them.

They keep re-assuring me they have my order ( MY MONEY )
I want to know do you have my CAMERA...

BOTTOM LINE I SHOULD NOT ORDER SOMETHING FROM A WEB-SITE UNLESS I HAVE FIVE WEEKS - I was going to order this from the Philippines and pro-procrastinated.

I am paid the 36 Dollars for Next day Saturday delivery.
Please show the refund as it is now SIX days.

I am not happy, I WANT THE CAMERA.

However, I am flying to Bogoto, Colombia today, I will not return to the USA for 5 months or so, I knew I should have check better. You webpage showed they are discontinued and the last in stock, however now you say they are on back order. I will just let this run as I really do like this Sony Waterproof camera.

I would buy two if I knew you could send them.

I have nobody to talk to, chatted with you boy in India, sent you the email.

These are form letter responses, I can tell and feel it.

I know you have the order, I do think you have forgotten to read the past post or emails before you sent this.

Andy xxxxx


Thank you for choosing
a Ritz Interactive website

We just wanted to let you know that we have your order and have
not forgotten you.

We will ship the order as soon as the products are received from
the manufacturer.

You can check the status of your order at any time using our online
Order Status page link below and entering your order number and last

Order # xxxxxxxxxxxx
Sold To ME

Thanks for your patience and for shopping with

Customer Service can be reached at:
mailto:[email protected]

Forgot Olympus Camera Cable

Forgot Olympus Camera Cable
Tuesday January 24, 2006, 8:25 AM

I went to King George Fort in Scarborough, it on top of one of the highest points overlooking the bay. Today I thought, I am going to start my newsletter, I have about 100 photos and I should send more often, I dig out the smaller Olympus camera I used yesterday only because it is smaller and safer, I look for cord. I do not have one or I cannot find it. I had extra cords and made a bad decision in the USA. I feel weak about this; I am constantly worried about losing a system or a way to perform. One piece of any pie I am eating missing and they take the whole pie away from, to put photos on the net, blog, and create pages is the result of confusing chain of events.

1. Take Photo
2. Download photos off camera.
3. Mass shrink the size of the photos.
4. Publish or FTP photos to folders in my web site.
5. Mass create the links or pages, captions, and then publish.
6. FTP again the finished pages to internet.
7. Link the photos.

I use three hardware devices and four software programs to do all of this, sometimes five if I wanted to fix the photos with Paint shop.

I think of almost all parts of my life as a system or chain of events, the long process from beginning to end.

However my fear when traveling is missing one part and not being able to buy one, I am not sure how easy I can buy the cord, I do believe I can buy a card reader, maybe, I know the solution and what I was thinking, I have two Sony Camera and do not need the one cord, however Wolf Cameras did not come through on there web site and my plans went astray.

Camera Problems

Camera Problems
Bandung Indonesia Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I was downloading from my Sony Camera photo, when I think the battery died in the middle of the download to the computer. I changed the batteries and it would not power up or start. I still am not able to get it to start, I am frustrated.

I am now going through the steps to discover if I have good batteries, strange as I have four sets of two AA batteries, but all seem to be dead. I have a system whereby the spent batteries go into one compartment and the good batteries go into another. The four batteries that should have been good or two set ready for my camera, did not work.

I took them out and tried them in the GPS and they did not work there either, very strange, however possible that all are dead. I have not used the camera much since I had Malaria or Food Poisoning, I really do not know what I had, but I was rather delusional for couple of weeks that is for sure, and I did not obey my own rules well.

The longer a battery sits, it can just go dead, however this is weird and unlike me to have completely dead batteries. I have to be very systematic with batteries, as having no batteries can stop me from doing what I do, but this is very unusual that I would not have no batteries charged and ready to go.

I am now charging one set of batteries and have three sets ready, my camera used two AA batteries, so I have four sets of batteries to use. The GPS uses two and this means I really have only three if I am using the GPS.

When I was in Panthip the Computer Mall in Bangkok, I priced some new rechargeable batteries; I think they were around 250 Thailand Baht for 2 or about seven US dollars. I am going to increase the level of batteries I carry, up to I think about 8 sets or 16 batteries. It become hard to keep two of them together as sets, I have taken colored electrical tape and put around the batteries, then used a permanent marker to label 1 or 2 or 3 and can keep two batteries together. I can than know which to batteries were used together.

This is nerve-wracking as I now have a camera that does not work, that does not mean it does not work for sure, it just means, it will not start. I have to wait four hours to charge my batteries, than I can test, not a fun wait.

Maybe the Sony Gods saw me looking at their new SLR or Single Lens Reflex camera; I think this is correct terms. I was looking and thinking, I would like to have that camera, the Sony Gods maybe made this one stop working to force me to buy a new one.

The bottom line is digital cameras are coming out with lens that can magnify and perform the same as the older type film cameras. They have had professional types, but now the SLR are coming to the normal person level.

I see many what I would say is up to professional grade digital cameras and I know the person is not a photographer. However, there is some mystic about being a photographer, so they hang them around their necks and I can inspect as I stand around close to them.

I personally would do anything to have a camera I could carry that was so small, nobody would know it was a camera. I hate carrying my camera; it is like a iron weight around my neck and annoying. No freedom to just walk and live, I do however keep my camera in what does not look like a camera case, except when I am using the camera. It is not shaped like a camera, and this is great. I do not wish to tell the camera thieves,
- Hey, in here is a camera, please steal it. -

The batteries failed in the middle of downloading, I am not sure how the electronic switch on my camera likes this, these electronic type switches can be mixed up, my computer switch sure does not work perfect. I do not trust electronic type switches.

The camera works, yippee.

I had 8 discharged batteries, this normally only happens when I am away from electricity for a couple of days and am taking my photos. But I am grateful, the camera works, I will however look in Panthip for a backup camera, some small cheap thing that I can carry, I really do need this.

Camera Problems

AC Causes Camera Lens Condensation

AC Causes Camera Lens Condensation
General Santos Philippines Southeast Asia
Friday, December 8, 2006

When I leave the room, my camera lens fogs over in the warm air and ruins pictures.

Air Conditioning is causing me many problems and one problem is escalating to a decision-making process level.

I think in terms of systems, my whole life is reduced to a system, some process that determines my behavior. In Philosophical terms, it would be determinism.

It was just before sunset, I decided to go to the market, then to the internet café. I went outside, caught a three-wheel trike taxi to the public market of General Santos. The traffic was a mess as we approached the market, therefore I decide to walk, I happened up on this bike taxi in the middle of the street.

I stopped, pulled my camera out of the padded or insulated bag and snapped off a couple of photos. I was the middle of a mass of flesh, people everywhere, a few Hey Joes and comments being thrown. The sun was going to set soon, not the time I like to advertise…

- I have a camera, big, if you wait for the sun to set; you can follow me, sneak up behind, and grab it in the dark. -

I have a need for speed, I am constantly aware of my surroundings, I think I can blame it on basketball, I think of who and what is happening around me at all time, I see or feel the presence of people.

So, I wanted to snap a quick photo of this man on the bike, now, I am annoyed greatly that I have missed the photo. Taking photos is like an art, you start to get too serious, I try not too, however, I am human, I strive to improve.

A photo is words, expressed in photos. I can say more; explain better, by well-taken photos. The culture can be explained in abstract terms and a person can see, hopefully feel what I feel, or get that vicarious moment up close and personal.

This photos that is blurred, as a result of a cold camera. I was in a very air-conditioned room, my insulated, or what I think or thought was a great bag, kept the camera cold. The zipper, everything worked against a great photo. The bag did not breathe; it did not become warm, when I pulled the camera out of the bag. The glass lens was cold, the air was hot, moisture or a vapor instantly formed on the lens.

I have a need for speed; I take two quick photos of something I really wanted to capture. Failure!

Not my idea of how to do something, I like a good completion high.

This is the bag that is not working with me, it is working against me, in many ways, it is my friend, last night it was a bad boy, and I am putting it on waver and now actively looking for a better solution.

Why? Ok, hard for you to see, understand, or know, but a photo does represent words.

I am in a trike taxi; the road is blocked by not one but two large trucks, trying to back into small warehouse. I am on a back street, not the main street, so not a big deal; however, a long line of traffic is forming. I can see the market in the distance, so decided to walk. As I walk along a long line of cars, trikes, taxis, and whatnot, I also see this bike taxi.

I am interested in the round steering wheel; it is like a car steering wheel and sort of out of place on a bike, unique and funky. (I will probably take more photos and put in the next newsletter on pages.)
This photo represents many things of the Philippines culture, more correctly of the men of the Philippines mostly.

1. The cigarette hanging in the mans mouth, they do this as if it is some sense of pride.

2. This man is blocking the traffic, arrogance and total lack of caring for anything or anyone.

3. Bike taxi, not the bottom of the evolutionary chain of taxis, but is on the fringes. A pull rickshaw with runners is maybe the bottom, the human powered. A bike rickshaw or this type is somewhere on the bottom of taxis.

4. Macho and no Macho photo. The Filipino men can be both macho and extremely friendly. The group around this photos is all excited, that I am taking a photo, however the many on the bike is both oblivious and at the same time macho when I start to take the photo.

5. Lazy, the women of the Philippines will talk of the nature of men in the Philippines, there is a part of this culture that revels in being lazy. The men sort of like to do nothing and have the women work. A I am too good to do anything type mentality.

Now, I had to be macho, get up in his face, I am taking your photo, maybe you like it maybe you do not, I took the photo. There is a price to pay by me, I have to also be arrogant, I have to be assertive, knowing very well, many people do not like their photos taken. I have to take a small risk, not big, but it is possible he will get angry. I do not like confrontation, I am normal; however, I am risking a confrontation. I paid the price; I risked a confrontation to get in this man face, up close enough to capture the look, the cigarette, etc.

Now, if I had a more powerful lens, higher zoom powers, I could remove myself far enough way, zoom in and he may never see me, then I could take a graphic program and cut the photo out of the photo, too much work, but possible.

I did not capture the photo, because I walked out of a very cold air-conditioned room, with a bag that held in the cold, kept the camera lens cold. I was not thinking about photos, I was going to the market. A photo entered my realm, I tried.

AC Causes Camera Lens Condensation
Kathmandu Nepal Asia
Monday January 22, 2007

I am working on my Top Travel Sites of 2006 in English, a year in Review. By do this, I learn about travel and I learn about people, a good reason to travel… hehehe and to write.

Ok, I am trying to expand my understand of why I like a Internet site, so by explaining to myself by way of writing in my journal, I learn about myself and the site, what was abstract and unclear, starts to become clear.

On CNN, there is some show about Web 2.2 or CNN trying to couple an interview with something about a photo-sharing site with the second generation of the Internet.

I do agree we have entered a second generation of the Internet; the Internet is about the age of a 3 year old. However, the reason and almost nothing to do with, and really is because of - Contextual Advertising -, which has not created a feasible way for the Internet to make money.

OK, I was thinking, the photos on the site, the photos in my newsletter are probably the biggest reason person read my newsletter. I am not going to delude myself and believe everyone love my writing, the photos help.

Show off your favorite photos to the world, securely and privately show photos

I went to and search for PHOTOS OF NEPAL.

NOTE: is not even in the list of mine for candidates for Top Travel Sites, I am just making sure I am not being unaware of something. It is a popular site, I do not see it as much value to a traveler. When they go home, maybe of value.

I searched for - Photos of Nepal in
Results 31 - 40 of about 1,780,000 for photos of nepal. (0.06 seconds)

Number 33 I found this link from
( comes up first and not a persons photos.)

Hmm, on CNN they said that purchased, maybe I should go to and search.

your favorite photos to the world, securely and privately show photos

I am not sure what is doing, however, my problem is their SEO - Search Engine Optimization. This site can easily be removed as a leader. They are either promoting themselves at the expense of their users, or just stupid.

The do not seem to be learning why is successful. The big thing is tries to first help their users first and take second, while I think take first and helps second.

TIME The Best Photos of the Year 2005

TIME The Best Photos of the Year 2005
Katmandu Nepal Asia
January 28, 2007

Time Magazine

I was looking at Time Magazine, there was a copy in a hotel in the Philippines. I noticed that the photos they deemed worthy, often had either smoke, fog, or blurred because of the direct sunlight into the lens.

My lesson learned, is when there is smoke, fog, or the sun is causing problems, maybe I should take the photo, just for the surreal feel.

The photo was taken near Thamel area in Katmandu, around seven in the morning. The question I have is, did this man sleep in the rickshaw?

TIME The Best Photos of the Year 2005

TIME The Best Photos of the Year 2006

TIME The Best Photos of the Year 2006
Katmandu Nepal Asia

Put the wrong year up.. Time 2006

I suppose I should recommend you also take many photos.

This one shows the man smoking a cigarette. Note, when a country is poorer, often the smoking disappears.

TIME The Best Photos of the Year 2006

Making Photo Exposé of Hotel

Making Photo Exposé of Hotel
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How to make for me.

I have made a list of photos to take of a hotels, it is an annoying list of photos, and quite a bit of work.

I think though, if I took all these photos, I will have collected easily all the information about a hotel that I would need to explain briefly. More than what a guidebook gives, but really probably about the same as a guidebook collects, but cannot give because the price of paper is high to print a guidebook of 10,000 pages for every country.

Collect printed advertising for Hotel
Common room with Television
Reception desk or check in counter
Television in Common area to view

Business Card Collected for Hotel
Landmark - Something large, like the bar name next door.
MAP - Travelers Nest
Map or graphics with directions to Hotel
Street Sign

Kitchen free to be used by guest
Restaurant or Bar Attached to Hotel

Laundry Service and Prices

Prices posted on wall for rooms
Receipt for payment of room for the night
Receipt for payment when they only write in the book and do not give a receipt

All Signs on Hotel
Bums or Annoying people in the area
Down the road to right that includes the Hotel
Entrance to Hotel
GPS Coordinates take a photo of the GPS
Sign of Hotel name on front of building
The back that includes the Hotel
The complete Hotel from the front
Address on front of building or the whole building in one photo
Down the road to left that includes the Hotel

Best Value for a room in the Hotel
Door Locks
Examples of all Services
Fitted sheets
Heating and Cooling
Locks on doors
Mattress without the sheet
Pillow with the cover off
Toilets and showers

Person that cleans my room

Photos Miscellaneous

I am working on the site,

I think I will have a few hotels I recommend, but keyed in on the manager and the price,, if they change, the recommendation ends.

What does expose mean?
- declaration of facts: a formal and systematic statement giving facts about something

Yes, good, I used the word correct, then wanted to check if I was sure I used it correct.

It is not easy to collect information on hotel, it take a lot of time, and invariably something is forgot, this photo list is a checklist or tick list to make sure all information is recorded, notes are fallible.

Making Photo Exposé of Hotel

Hotel Guide Photo Standards

Hotel Guide Photo Standards
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Question, what is included with the room?

What a lot of work this is to collect the information and photos needed to make a great webpage about a Hotel. In the back of my mind, I am always thinking, how can I set up the standards needed if I was paying someone to collect this information.

The impossible problem to solve is the problem with the hotels. When a person goes to a Holiday Inn or Sheraton Hotel or Hilton Hotel or a big resort, I hope for standardization, I want globalization to take over my room. I do not care if 95 percent of the toilets in India are squat, I still want my western style toilet.

I want every room to come with a towel, soap, small towel for in front of the shower, toilet brush and many other selected accessories.

When in a Mom and Pop Hotel every room is unique, it is possible on room has a big couch, while the one next door for the same price, has nothing. Then you have the cleaning person that remember to put the bar of soap, and then cleaning person that never does anything good. I truly do not see any standardization on the planet enforced in the hotels under 100 rooms.

Hangers and closets, what a waste of space, the average closet has zero hangers, and two if they are great, why give me a closet or dresser with no hangers to utilize.

However, in a hope… of collecting the basic idea, I have thought of this strategy today. While I was taking photos of another idea it popped into my mind.


This is a photos of all the miscellaneous smaller items in my room in one photos. I have added this to my master list of photos to take to show an accommodation.

Aagh, I spelled expose wrong, I really should back in a perfect world and add to this page.

Nonetheless, to make standards for little Hobo blogger is the idea, to supplement their incomes by taking photos. I need to give easy to follow standards or guides on what photos to take.

This is quite easy, take all the small stuff, put in a pile. The truth though is this, I know the next room over does not have the same list. Sadly the hotels of the planet work on this system, come and ask, and I will give it, but if you do not ask, it is not included. I gave up a long time ago asking for towels. I do ask for toilet paper sometimes, just because I am cheap. Soap, I carry my bar, I am never short on soap as there is always a couple of extras in my bag from the hotel where I did not use, and I packed it away.

I laugh in the Philippines, they always give me a an extra toothbrush and toothpaste, I think they assume some babe is always coming over and they need to brush their teeth. The system is designed in the Philippines for night visitors. He in Togo, what is it designed for, I suppose lying around and them having beer to bring to the room.

Note, here is a funny, do you really want to look under a bed anywhere in the world? I truly think, the only solution is to not have an under the bed or under the mattress. I get nervous in an hotel when I look under the mattress, or bed, I am thinking, maybe I will want to move out of the hotel if I really know.

Hotel Guide Photo Standards

Togo Africa Frogs

Togo Africa Frogs
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Monday, April 9, 2007

I was working my way through the central market, I stopped to quiz a girl, is that citron, the lemon juice I like. I get an answer of Coca Cola.

I hear this bullfrog noise, so I think why not go look at the river ditch an and see what is up. I find a mess of Frogs making Tadpole and this one bloater making noise.

This is one of them National Geographic Photo moments, therefore I am thinking. I will give my finger a lick, hold it up, and check the wind. Has nothing to do with the Photo, however, I had this fleeting moment thoughts about F-stops, and shade, and letting it develop longer. I was saying to myself, I really should learn to do all the adjustment tricks.

There was a mix of shade and sunny spots, instead of fancy camera work, I timed it when they swam to a good spot, except for the bloater, Mr. He, or Mr She did not move, kept bloating. He was acting like the bull ape of frogs.

Photos of the ditch, river, stream that runs through the market. There was a heavy rain yesterday and the water came roaring through this ditch, cleaning the ditch and was exciting, as the water was at flood stage for about 10 minutes.

These frog were making tadpoles, I would guess there was about 20-30 couples in the middle of the day, in the middle of the central market of Kpalime, doing it.

I am learning continually how to take better photos. So far, I have not learned to do adjustment to the camera end, I do the adjustment to me, choosing the angles, the light and the timing and the shot. Nothing a 2000 Dollar Pro camera could not fix, or a graphic program. Note, I do not touch photos, except sometimes to label. You are getting what I see or saw.

I think this frog is almost the same as Indiana frogs, sorry not the stereotype of Africa.

Togo Africa Frogs

Dollar my way to Cacao

Dollar my way to Cacao
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Actually, it is CFA the money of Togo that I will use, but I am going to pay my way to see Cacao, the basic seed of Chocolate.

This sound or seems like big money to people, and it is huge, it is big money and annoying. However, in the perspective of an American or European a person would see me as complaining about nothing.

This is a fact more or less, the average worker here in Togo gets about 1-2 dollars per day as wages.

I am going to pay.

10 dollars for the person who may show us the Cacao and introduce us to his father who probably does not speak French but the local dominant language of Mina.

I am going to pay 50 cents USA, for three people to go one way by Moto to the Cacao fields. However, to insure guarantee we see Cacao. I am going to pay maybe 7-10 US dollar per motorcycle taxi for Michael and me each to rent the use of the moto taxi for the day. I suspect as soon as we go faster than 15 miles per hour, they will think, I am using lots of petrol, I need money for petrol and I will end up giving 2 dollars for the gas, which was included in the price.

I will pay two dollars for the transportation of our semi-guide who is the manager of the Mandela Auberge to introduce us to his father who is the Cacao farmer. I will pay him the 10 dollars guide fee and I think the two dollars for Moto is included.

I pay this whether we see Cacao or not, because when he thinks about Cacao, whether I see Cacao is not important, the fact is he thought about it, therefore he wants the money. Normal underdeveloped country way of thinking, I intended to show you Cacao, so you owe me. I have hedge my bets on Cacao by choosing the manager of the Auberge as he need to return and tell the people around we have seen Cacao. I will tell everyone in the hotel that we are going to see Cacao and reinforce the commitment.

This is why I say dollar my way through, I can pay for this two way, if it was a normal type of tour. I could pay a guide about 100 US dollars and are totally raked over the coal and he will include everything, and I will pay about 500 percent more than needed. I cannot guarantee if I paid 100 dollars that, I see Cacao.

This is the problem about tours, no matter what you pay, you cannot get the guides to guaranteed or do back up that I will see what I want to see. I want to see Cacao today.

I rent a motorcycle today, if our guide fails. I will make Mike the guide and he will go talk to people in Mina and find a Cacao farmer. I will then pay the farmer about 2000 CFA or four dollars and he will be happy as can be because looking at Cacao is free, and he is receiving money for nothing, and so is talking, because everyone knows about Cacao, so he is telling common knowledge and of no value. Even though I do not know and is not common knowledge to me.

I would say the world is empathy impaired, and the big complaint the world has about the USA on world policy. However, our policy is correct, and the world is empathy impaired. Neither side is good at empathy of the perspective of the other.

Ok, if I go and the 5000 Guide fails.
I go to Mike and we find anther field.
I pay and extra 15 US for taxi we do not need if the first guide would work, so I am paying this insurance money, to guaranteed Mike and I can go to the next Cacao farmer when the first guide fail, it he fails.

If the world was perfect and I thought or dream for one second that this would work as told to me the cost would be.
16 U.S. Dollar for the day.

Being, I am experienced, and I am going to take photos of Cacao today.

I am paying about
35-40 U.S. Dollars to guarantee.

This number can go up to 50 U.S. after that, I start to intimidate to get my way, because they trying to bully me, and I need to return the gesture. It could be the guide, I do not think, but could be, the two taxi drivers will become the problem and gang up on us, or Mike. I do not expect Mike or the manager of the Auberge to be a problem. I always expect a Moto to think in terms of greed, they are taxis?

A White Man sits on a moto for two hours, the longer I sit, the longer they think, they start having a conversation with themselves. I did not ask enough, and start to wanting to get me and to pay more. The start to rationalize I need to pay more. I do not pay until I am home… hehehe

No pay in advance here, unless I am stupid, I pay for small cost, like petrol or food or something stupid as it is required they have full bellies and no excuses not to leave.

Therefore, I am getting a private tour for Michael, and me and we have complete control over the tour. Michael is a translator. I do not want a translator, I want a person that will clarify my wishes to the taxi drivers, and help to clarify.

Translators impede learning as they ask questions I did not ask, interpret and explain what they do now know as to sound smart. Mike does this a little, about 20 percent, while the normal translator is about 90 percent inaccurate in their interpretations of the story.

This is the cultural kicker of guides and translators that I have grown accustom to and have accepted they must feel they are smart; they will fill in the blank to appear smart. The art then become in me asking good questions, and trying to get the translator to literally ask and say words they do not understand, or cannot see the implications.

Translators do not seem to translate what they do not understand.

The best translator here would be a person who speaks English very well and is the owner of a Chocolate processing factory. It would be a dream, and I hope the methods of National Geographic or Science or the BBC.

The truth is as I feel it; I see most camera operators and researchers filling in the gaps, the same as the translator. The return home and discover, they have forgotten information. (They write me and this is good, better than forging.)

I would say, there are three ways to pay for a tour.

1. All inclusive and pay a fortune and hope you see what you wish to see. This is will work for Hippos and normal tours, about an 80 percent chance of goal accomplishment.

2. Do the self-constructed tour. Note you must really have two to three guides and control the transportation, and have the option to change transportation. I have about a 90 percent chance, assuming there is Cacao there today. I can get the last with the number 3 below.

3. Get a person who is on the daily take and pay him or her to take you to look for three days for Cacao. This will work, is annoying slow, and you learn to hate the culture and the total irresponsible nature. However, normally the person that does this is also - Ineffective - and irresponsible and really do not see or know he or she is this way, they cannot empathize of compare themselves to effective people because they actually believe they are smart and effective.

100 percent chance on three if there is Cacao and an experience for sure, are you experienced?

Fun and Games in Togo…
I stay focused, I expect to say, Cacao about 50 times per hour today and keep that ringing in the ears of the taxi, guide, and Michael. I suppose you could also say,
- I will annoy my way through -
As well as,
- Dollar my way through. -
I hope to avoid the,
- Bully my way through method. -
And for sure, I want to avoid the,
- One-day tour taking three days through method. -

Any way you do it you pay, the luck is to accidentally take a tour, and not even be on a tour. If I happened upon the Cacao, it would be nicer and easier and I would have less temptation to club people on the head.

Note when a BBC crew, or CNN crew come in for one day, I highly doubt they can get the job done. There are many questions that take days to surmise, I am here in Cacao country, it has taken three weeks to get to the day, this is the extra time and patience I am willing to pay, , I am endlessly curious and can understand farming.

I believe some very good documentaries are made. I think some prime time explanations of news stories are manufactured and staged. If is it provocative, exciting and on prime time news, a big report, then maybe manufactured. If slow, monotonous and racked full of slow moments, then probably trying to be accurate. To explain all the periphery of the Cacao and the experience is a book writing detail collecting large task.

Everything I do today is very controlling, manipulative and pre-meditated to get my way for the good of all. I PAY.

If I for one second let down my guard, they will be the ones who manipulate me. The world is take or be taken. I give fair money, I do not take and not pay, as I see most people on the planet do not see getting paid for something included, but not given as a problem. He has more money than me is the song sang by the takers, nobody has a problem with stealing from Bill Gates.

The more they profess God, the more I know I will pay, I like just plain greed, easier to avoid the juicy rationalizations and get what I pay for, or to dollar my way to Cacao.

Time with enough time all is possible, and a good God provides us with Cacao to view and it is the proper time of the year. This is included in the price, they say it is there…

A person has to be generous, fair minded, and with a big stick, and the bull ape.

- Dorothy, you are not in Kansas anymore. -
- The Wizard of Oz. -

Dollar my way to Cacao

Failed to See Cacao

Failed to See Cacao
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I believe 80 percent that Cacao is not on the trees and they are not harvesting any at this time, and 20 percent maybe they are harvesting somewhere. I still do not know, after one day of trying to know.

Quoting myself from this link:

- Any way you do it you pay, the luck is to accidentally take a tour, and not even be on a tour. If I happened upon the Cacao, it would be nicer and easier and I would have less temptation to club people on the head. -

Richard Trillo said...
Hi Andy, sounds a bit complicated. Couldn't you just rent a bicycle or moto and go a couple of miles out of town to the nearest cacao plantation?

(SEO wise, that is not good. ... hehehe)

This BLOG is the problem!

Quoting myself:
- I have about a 90 percent chance, assuming there is Cacao there today. I can get the last with the number 3 below. -

The blog is the problem, we have 20/20 hindsight, and if I go and document something and it works, and come back and report, then there is not a problem. However, if I talk about the future and it does not work, then crash and burn as they say in the movie Top Gun. I like to tell and explain how I feel think and how I make decisions, this is the Art of Travel, and not explaining what worked and shows the photos.

The luck is to accidentally take an Agro-Tourism Tour. I accidentally went on a Palm Oil tour.

Palm Oil Tour
I now have 106 photos of Palm Oil being made, from what they call a Palm Nut, and there is two type of oil and maybe three made. The 106 photos include the break to take pictures of a girl with an attitude that came into the game.

Photo taken in the Red Nut processing area of Palm Oil - One of Three Areas.

Photo of foods are a pain, this is why I am explaining in a very complicated fashion. Easier to just take a couple of photos and say, I saw some Cacao, and in if you do not make a plan then it looks like you knew what you was doing, I never know, until I am done.

I often think, walking across the world and I would see the world. When I am in one of the Peugeot Station wagons, I can or man now call a Kittle Car thanks to a Ghana pronunciation of Cattle, it become very complicated to get them to stop and see the Cacao Plantation, I need to say,
- Please crazy driver, drop me off in the middle of nowhere here, so I can go and see the Cacao Plantation. -

Richard said correctly, to rent a bike or moto and go see a Plantation outside of town. I do not know about the bike, if he meant a bicycle, which could take more work than I am willing to do, I would rather walk and take a moto back, when I do not find a plantation.

Step one of my three part self-constructed tour was aborted before it stared. I found out that we was NOT taking a 300 CFA Moto Trip, we was getting in a car and going the distance of 300 CFA. A car for 300 CFA is a good distance, on a Moto not so far.

Well, to get a car that can hold 3 people is an act of God, being that I am not God, I am not going to search for a Car and pay white man fees. Finding three Motorcycle taxis is easy. The volunteer guide for the Cacao, the manager of the Mandela came late and wanted to wait for this and wait for that, long story, but I said,
- I will give you 5000 CFA, however we are not waiting. Goodbye. -

Therefore, the first option failed.

Second choice was to go and have Michael talk a person on a Moto and take us to a Cacao Plantation, more or less the recommendation of Richard, but with a Ghana English speaking a little, and Mina translator. Michael has a friend he lives with that is working in his home on some clothes Mike makes. We go a long way to Mike house, not towards the Cacao, walk a long way, and look at the Cacao trees. I say to Mike this is not the process of Harvesting Cacao.

When we first mentioned this, he was bound and determined to take me across the Ghana border illegally and show me where they process Cacao into something. Now, I get to look at a Cacao tree, with no Fruit as they call it. This is just a tree, not the process of making Chocolate.

I have a man on the Meter walking through the brush, it cost me 1000 CFA to see a tree that does not have the Cacao fruit on it and does not show anything but a tree that looks like Frog but is a Toad to me, all the same to me in a way.

I start to get more specific with Michael, I want to see some trees with the Cacao fruit on it, and people puling the fruit off the tree, putting in a basket, and taking to some bigger container and doing what they do, being that I have never seen, I am guessing.

I had about three days of conversation with the manager, and he assured me, I could see the Cacao being harvested or in the process. I know, I can go to the market and find some Cacao fruit for sale. I am not worried about the seeing, I can see one, and I can get on my own pages and see photos of Cacao.


The process of harvesting Cacao, with Michael and the Manager of the Mandela, I was continually assure we was going to see the step-by-step process. I pantomimed, I explained, in French, Michael sat for one-half hours talking with me in English and then talking in Mina to the manager.

I get to see one tree, I did not club them, but I wanted too.

One taxi driver, about the fifth set told Michael about a Cacao Farm, we went to this farm, I see no Cacao Fruit, my camera is full now, from the Palm Oil spontaneous tour photos and I have no space to take photos of anything else. However, I do NOT see Cacao fruit, just a lot of trees that look like trees.

I went on a planned tour to learn and document the plant called Cacao, the fruit from a tree that is utilized to make Chocolate, and came home knowing every step and completely understanding the process of making Palm Oil with 106 photos that include a girl.

Photos of Black Nut processing area, 2 of 3 areas we visited to see the Palm Oil. The cook the paste and the oil rise to the top. There are two type of oil, from the husk part of the red palm nut and then the actual nut inside.

Photo in the nut cleaning area, 3 of 3 areas of visited to see them doing a process to make two or three type of palm oil. I think I should say in the separation of the nut from the shell area, as they put sand in the water, the nut comes to the top and the shells go to the bottom. Michael said washing, on hindsight this is a separation process.

This is the girl with an attitude that came to visit at the end in the washing phase of the nut process.

I went to find Chocolate and I got Palm Oil. In Thailand they would say, same same, but different. I am saying, the Africa Almost, almost what I wanted, but not really. I wanted to see a systematic process of the making of Chocolate; instead, I got the 106 photos including the girl with an attitude and a very good education about the process of making Palm Oil. I will send all those photos and you can see all the photos when I send a newsletter, not that I have been good at that lately.

This tour turned out great, and if I had not said, I am going to go and take photos of Cacao. I would be able to show you a great set of photos explaining in great detail the step-by-step process of making palm oil. I could pretend I went on a trip to discover this, I did well and I took all the photos. The truth is and I will say this again, travel is about answering questions you did not know you should ask.

I hope to put up an explanation on the making of palm oil here, but then again, who knows, this is almost Africa, and I almost want to write a book, but not really. It could take up to five hours to explain what I saw today about Palm Oil, not Cacao.

I am always glad I do not tell the whole stories of Afria, I think about this, but there are so many small soap operas in the day how could I write them as fast as they happened. I learned today, Cadeau could mean, a tip, and better thought of a Tip for some service, but really a tip for no service. I am learning about the Cadeau, I think.

I should learn to not look foolish and tell stories in real time. I am often annoyed at blogger, thinking you just have a fancy way to write, nothing to do about real life, it is not a log of your trip, just a complicated to make a webpage because the not not want to learn to make a webpage.

I have the GPS locations of the three areas of Palm oil making.

Failed to See Cacao

Photo Censorship Sexist Culturally Imperialist

Photo Censorship Sexist Culturally Imperialist



Hello, Andy --

I like your travel blog a lot. One detail leaves me a bit perturbed, though: the censorship of yourself from your photo journals.

I can understand wanting some anonymity, but to delete images of yourself while freely taking pictures of other people smacks of a double standard -- i.e., that your privacy matters more than theirs, or that other people can be asked to let their guard down in a way that you are unwilling to do. Although you make a point of trying to understand the world through direct , withdrawing yourself from the visual record of this risks making your whole effort come off as an elabourate form of voyeurism. Not good.

The omission/deletion of yourself in your photos has some sexist and culturally imperialist overtones, too: you feature a blonde woman on the beach (-quot-things that are important to Andy-quot-) and a cute girl from whom you are trying to get a kiss, etc., and expect them to be amenable to being photographed, presumably without asking their permission. If you do not reciprocate by letting your own guard down, then you are just a spectator, not a participant, which breaks the world down into -quot-me-quot- and -quot-them-quot- instead of -quot-we-quot-, which is, I think, quite counter to your intention.

So, I encourage you: reveal thyself!



Photo Censorship Sexist Culturally Imperialist

Selling Photos to NGO or News Media

Selling Photos to NGO or News Media
Lome, Togo West Africa
Thursday, July 26, 2007

My two vexations, Non Governmental Organizations and the News Media, I am slowly learning I can earn money selling them photographs.

Let me think, what a good analogy is.

This is like selling condoms to prostitutes.

No, not a good analogy, the NGO and the Media should already have the photos they would need from me; I would be selling photos to a group that should already have them.

This is like selling Snow to Eskimos.

Still not right, hmmm…. It is too easy for an Eskimo to find snow, the photos I could sell are not as easy as finding snow. Yes, photos should be easy for the NGO… however not for the Journalist.

This is like selling cow manure to a dairy farmer.

Yes, this is a good analogy, and works really well for the NGO groups, however still misses the target a little for News Media.

Selling cow manure to the Vegetarian of the Dairy Farmer is the News Media analogy I need.

I do not like to sell photos, I have never sold a photo, and I try to give them away in exchange for some free promotion of my website. I am learning, I may be very slow here, but I am learning. The problem with giving photos to people is they can say,
- Andy of took these photos, and gave us permission. -

It is a tacit recommendation of their organizations, and to give a recommendation for an NGO or News Media is difficult. I suppose I should put the United Nations on this list of not to associate with, I am not sure, they are governmental I would guess. I suppose I can also sell to the government photos, and that is for sure big money.

I use Reeboks gym shoes and do not have a problem recommending the ones made in Indonesia, the ones made in Thailand stink; the rubber has a bad smell.

I have no problem saying go watch CNN, but I would not want my sister working for CNN.

I had another request to use photos of Philippines Street Children I took in Manila. I think I will offer to sell them, and somehow say they cannot use my name. I just do not know, I feel like I am helping a prostitute to find Johns or Men, makes me feel like a Pimp.

I think I had better just say they are not for sale, and cannot be used. The reason I said in the past they are free, is I know people steal photos off the internet, how can you stop them, so my theory was just to get some free links back to the site. This is really too complicated.

An NGO working with Philippines Street Children should have photos of Street Children. The News Media interviewing a person working for with Philippines Street Children should be able to get these photos from the person they are interviewing.

Hard to believe they want or need my photos?

Selling Photos to NGO or News Media

African Paparazzi Photo Danger

African Paparazzi Photo Danger
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Sunday, August 19, 2007

I normally take photos when the socially acceptable opportunity arises. I would guess I actually ask about two percent of the time, I take direct photos of people, and that is not a question, it is more or less I show them the camera and see they wag their finger at me.

Normally there are two ways of getting permission, people like to have their pictures taken and request I take a photo, the second it to buy first and take photo after. Buy something and then take the photo, this works as long as the price of the item is not high.

A man in Lome, Togo tracked me down after I took photos of some antique furniture being refinished outside the Auberge Galion Hotel and told me he would break my camera. I had asked permission of one of the workers I saw every day.

Taking photos in West Africa is more dangerous than in the rest of the world. I was literally grabbed and pulled to the side of the road in Aneho, Togo because I took a picture of a truck that had fell over on it side.

Generally taking photos is safe in the world, the long-term story told about stealing their soul and all this is old story. The world knows what a camera is now, and they want money. I do not give money for photos, except on rare occasions.

Taking photos of people drinking alcohol or police is dangerous.

I have been trying to take photos of some food in Ghana, and was walking around in the neighborhood. I had a person request some specific photos and this seemed easy enough, so as I was walking back from the internet café I was attempting to take photos.

I never realized how often I do not take photos because of the danger of taking the photo. The professional types of people will in Ghana speak good English, the normal person in the street and I thin I have about a 1 in 10 chance of them understanding a sentence. If I say Apple or Water, they understand, however to say a complex, what if sentence would lose them.

Asking about photos leads to confusion, maybe they answered in the Mina, Tree or Fante language and I do no understand, maybe they say in the local language for all to hear,
- Take a photo white man; you need to give me money. -

I do not understand, however, in the eyes of the others they are on the moral high ground. He or she told me, so fair to demand money.

I have a lot of experience with this; however, the best solution to all these problems is to only take photos of one-person situations. If a person has the ability to talk with more than one person, say it is market and they can talk among five to ten people it is safer to not take the photo.

The safe decision is to only take photos when there is only me and the person I am taking photos of around the area. Group photos of people are dangerous and a great reason for a long zoom lens on a camera. I have a 12 X Sony and it is great, however it would be nice to have about double the range for the close up cultural photo.

Safe is one person photos in West Africa, a group of 5-10 people is semi-dangerous and when the group is about 40 or more it become safe again and the whole group will normally protect you from the one.

Anyway, you do it; taking photos in West Africa can be dangerous if you are one person. The safest way to take photos is when there the group of people taking photos is bigger than the groups of people being filmed.

I wanted to speed up a photo the other day, a foreigner girl took a photo and it took about three minutes to take the photo, this is too long. I think I can stop and take a photo in less than five seconds. The longer I take, the person who I am taking a photo of has time to think, give me money, or someone tells them to get money.

Taking photos for me is about waiting for the socially acceptable time, and I think asking permission of a person who does not understand my language is a great way to have problems. I ask by showing them the camera, then look in their eyes. Words and talking, the spoken language is a great way to be misunderstood, talking with my eyes and actions is understood quick and fast…

Taking pictures of plants and animals is safe, photos of children is generally easy, taking photos of bums and prostitutes starts to be a problem. Drunks and groups of men are highly dangerous in West Africa. Taking pictures of police, you need to be either very smart or very lucky and stupid.

African Paparazzi Photo Danger

Explain My World Videos

Explain My World Videos
Bolgatanga or Bolga, Ghana West Africa
Saturday, September 1, 2007

I have to admit, Michael Moore has accomplished something few men on the planet has every done. CNN, BBC, and other news media make feeble attempts, however somehow a High School graduate, almost no formal education, worked in a factory in Flint, Michigan.

A stereotypical fat American, the epitome of an Ugly American Stereotype. (How to use Ugly American? … )

No education
Badly dressed
Only talks about the USA
Thinks the USA is the center of the planet
Interrupts people

Now as he has become the hero and Knight of Europe, the voice from the wilderness, the spokes person of Europe and its view of the USA, he has accomplished what few men on the planet have yet to accomplish.

Michael Moore has equivocated a word and changed the natural language understanding of the word documentary.
Before Michael, I would just easily have said, I am making Mini-Documentaries of specific cultural subjects. Many would understand quickly, however, now, what can I call them?

I wish to be very truthful, not try to represent my person interpretation of something as being perfect fact.

They call me foreigner, I am trying to find a word that does not in any way or form associate me with Michael Moore, and I try to walk away from this ugly stereotype every day, and have to accept that the stereotype of the Fat American is based in truth. The list above exist, it is not an incorrect representation of a large percentage of the USA.

I am a person from the USA, they call me foreigner, and here they call me Abroni or White Man.

I need an easy to say way to explain these videos, I will eventually land on the proper for-me, acceptable by me, way of labeling these videos. I refuse to call them Mini-Documentaries as I refuse to be associated with this Ugly American Michael Moore.

I think Explain-My-World Videos is easy to say, succinct and no attempt to glamorize my work. Allow justice to prevail, a good work, is a good work, history will tell.

I look for the respect and good words of Ethnology Professors, Photographers and writers of the caliber of James Michener, or Paul Theroux.

A person explains their world, how the world explains, labels and understand afterwards is no longer in control of the person, this duty has been pass down.

I have many Explain My Word Videos at various stages of production; I have a quite extensive one on Fufu and presently lack the aspect of making the sauce for the Fufu to be eaten, and maybe some video clips of how they eat.

Making these videos requires diligence as one small missing clip and the story lines is broken. I apologize for intermixing these clips out of blog sequence; this is a quagmire of internet problems in West Africa.

Explain My World Videos

Buying a New Camera

Buying a New Camera
The screen of my 12X Sony Camera broke when the motorcycle taxi hit a pig in Togo and we crashed. The pig was ok, the camera, me, and my backpack have scars. I have been looking through the old fashion viewfinder now for months. And now, my camera has a ghost inside it, and it starts on its own. This would be not so bad, if the ghost would leave some battery power for me after it is done.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Andy of --- Free Hotel Webpages

I am clueless about the Ghost, maybe my one Thai friend turned on some automatic type mechanism in my camera when she was playing with it. Whatever, .... the camera starts on its own.

I sit my 12X Sony Camera down, it will make that small noise and power up, next time I try to use the camera the batteries are dead. The only way to use now is to remove the batteries and insert them when I want to take a photo.

How fast of draw am I?
Am I a good cowboy?
Can I draw and shoot my camera faster than you?
Who will win in a shootout at the OK Corral?

First priority in purchasing a camera is probably… how fast does it power-up or become ready to take a photo. I sat an Olympus camera down and have never touched it again, It was dead, the person I wanted to photograph was gone, and I was always holding the camera saying to myself.
- Faster, faster, faster, you stupid camera, turn on. -

I have not read and clear methods of knowing speed, the only way I know to test is to take both cameras and hold side by side and try them.

I know the Sony is relatively fast, so hard for me to want to buy a different horse.

Second consideration is the Optical, NOT Digital zoom. I have found the 10X range is great, and now they are doing the up to 18X and maybe more. I was ready, primed, I was going pro, and I wanted to buy the Sony SLR Single Lens Reflex camera, which means little to me…

18X or 15X will serve as a SLR in 98 percent of photos.

With the SLR camera, I can remove a small lens and load on a larger and larger lens until I could view ants at 100 meters away or at least a surfer. This is the big camera hanging around people neck, saying,
- Rob me, or I be Photographer. -

I was laughing yesterday on Khao San Road as I saw about 10 of these cameras in a row. There is some serious penis envy enforced in the camera shops. I truly believe about 1 in 50 people need to purchased these large lens cameras. I think it takes about 10,000 photos before a person can become a good critic of photo taking methods.

Oh well, someone has to buy to create competition so I can buy cheaper if I can ever find a good reason.

Size is the problem; a person does not take the best photos when they cannot carry the camera in their hands. I go to dodgy, well maybe dangerous places; for sure, they would steal a camera if I had it hanging around my neck. I think the only place you really need the expensive long lens camera is where they will rob you or beat you if you use the camera. My goal is to get far enough away from the people to steal a photo without them catching me.

I want small, the Sony 12X was small, the big lens ones, the pro ones require I buy a backpack before I buy the camera, there is no way to buy a camera without buying a special backpack to carry the I-wanna-be-photographer crap. I do not want to be a photographer, I just want great photos, and I do not want to know what f-stop is.

Batteries and battery management, this is the art of taking many photos. To be pro, I would need to have about 5-10 sets of battery replacements and I need to use a battery tester to make sure they are really charges. A battery charger can say the batteries are pregnant and they are not, nothing worst than putting non-charge batteries in a camera fast to capture the great photo fast and the batteries do not work.

Sony went to the AA battery system on the 12X, now they seem to have gone back to the proprietary battery model… I am annoyed; I think they should go to a four or maybe eight battery system. I want the camera to have enough power to push out a great photo. I am positive weak batteries make for bad photos. I need to remove the half-used batteries and put in new ones to be pro, who wants to be pro, I just want to snap photos quick, and pretend I am pro.

SLR or Sony 15X, or now the new contender a 18X Finepix I found for about 100-200 dollars less.

Does 3X zoom make a big difference; I suppose I should bet on a known horse and buy the Sony.

The SLR Sony is out of the running, the stupid thing, I pay 800-1000 dollars for a camera and have fewer features… It will not take a MPG movie, so what is the point. I am not going to carry three cameras. I think two is good… I want to take videos.

I am going to carry the Sony 15 X and a small cell phone with a 3 million-pixel photo capacity. I can sneak photos with the cell camera better than I can with a camera that says, look at me, I am taking your photo. There is nothing on the planet more common than a person looking at cell phone, it is the thingy that women are using to replace the thingy of men.

I have not purchased a camera yet, I am still in the make up my mind phase as my other 12X install batteries to use camera is annoying me.

This is the proven horse, I know the Sony is reliable.

15 X lens, and uses a special lithium battery, I need to buy 2-3 or 10 of them to be happy, no more AA off the shelf, can buy in an emergency, I will be nailed to the wall with the Sony Battery.

18 X lens, three more, and uses 4 AA batteries as is my understanding and cost about 4000 Baht less here in Bangkok.

Speed, I have a need for a speed, I want to be the fast draw, and I really do think that taking photos fast is required to capture the best. Note, the pros turn on this machine gun feature, with some 24 Meg picture or huge. Then take too many, and then cut the photos out of the photos with a graphic program. So much for skill, just turn on the machine gun and take tons, then cut the good photo out of the photo with a graphics program. I learned this in Israel from some starving freelance photographers. It is very easy to find someone who does not make any money but calls himself or herself a professional photographer.

Experts, a dime a dozen… I have been walking around looking at people with camera trying to find an expert, I have not seen any for a long time. There is something in their eyes, and they have a perspective when the take a photo, they also wears the required hunting vest gear. I refuse, but it does have merit

I have the Baht, I have the place, I can go to Panthip this huge Computer Mall that will sell all software for only 5 dollars, and has four floors of toys.

Finepix or Sony, or is it Fuji or Sony, I tire of trying to choose a camera. I do not really want to purchase three Sony Batteries; I really need five, and would be very happy with ten. This would cost more than the camera. I go to places with no electricity, somebody must have the same empathy as me, and I mean someone out there must feel the same pain.

Which come first, the bag for camera, battery management for camera or the camera, oops, then the computer to download. These four variable works together, the are all hooked at the hip. I do not make a decision without talking to the other group. NOTE: Do not put photos on DVD or CD Roms! Thumb Drive maybe, computer and FTP is the only safe way.

Therefore, batteries, what do you think can you stay up with this new Sony 15 X or should I buy the Finepix so I can go to the local store and buy AA batteries in an emergency.

Do I need to battery charger for the Sony Lithium Batteries?

I really need girl assistant, long legs, smart as a whip, she can carry the bag, the camera, the batteries, and she can take the photos as instructed…. I will watch her, as she take photos… must have a Western Passport and feel somehow exotic, and not be from the USA, maybe born in a poor country and immigrated. I am not sure I can handle USA girl assistants and Europeans are increasingly annoying me.

Why does everyone stop me from thinking and saying what I think, there is no freedom of thought. They want to control my thoughts, and shoot; I cannot control what I think about.

All this work because I sold some photos, and I make money from putting photos on the internet. But, I was told in Israel, but a pro, that I was not a pro. I have to believe him, he said he was pro, sleeping in his dorm bed, while I got a single room.

or maybe Contact Andy

Buying a New Camera

Purchased Fuji 18X Finepix 12,800 Baht

Purchased Fuji 18X Finepix 12,800 Baht
Jumped from the Sony to the Fuji today, nervous decision, but the four AA Battery and a very quick time to take photos demonstration make the decision.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, October 28, 2007
Andy of ---

18,500 Baht for the silver Sony 15X with 2 Batteries or 12,800 Bat for the 18X Fuji with four AA rechargeable and one gig Sandisk chip and camera bag. I really needed to pay maybe more Baht and get three batteries and another charger to feel safe with Sony that in Africa I would have what I need to be redundant backed up.

Purchased at Panthip Computer mall about 100 Baht by Taxi from Khao San Road one way, and if lucky 60.

I now have another say 6000 Baht left over to buy a second small camera to with probably a 3X optical for my pocket as an extra camera backup when the Fuji breaks. The only dependable situation is two cameras and one small; I will also have the 3 what? Cell phone to backup as the third camera, to not have a camera this year will mean, someone robbed me of everything. I have never had a camera, cell or computer robbed in 10 years of travel, only one passport and 60 US dollars in two small thefts.

I have lost many items or forgot. Breaking is a bigger worry, and I am careful, but he pigs walking in front of motorcycle just are not predictable… Taxi driver throwing bags or bus drivers are a huge danger, nobody get to every carry the camera, computer bag for any reason, I am never that tired.

I have a flexible tri-pod that will help with the 18X wiggle while I am making an 18X long distance video of a the opposite sex doing a a wiggle. More photos and videos of the natives and crazy on demand foreigners coming up, you are welcome. I love a new gadget, a new toy.

For what is it worth to know, I spend about 700 dollars per year on camera and about 1000 dollars every two years on a computer. I have never used a warranty on a camera and every time used the warranty on the computer. A person need to coordinate the camera, the computer, the batteries and chargers at the same time, throw in a about 2 one gig thumb drives for the computer and never use a CD rom to back up photos, do it to the net, or on a thumb.

or maybe Contact Andy

Purchased Fuji 18X Finepix 12,800 Baht

Photos are Gone Computer Crash

Photos are Gone Computer Crash
I have 20,000 photos on my laptop computer. (A guess)

I was asked by Hewlett Packard support here in Bangkok, Thailand,
- Is there anything of value on the hard drive? -
Ye, 80 gigs of information.
A friend of mine had his laptop stolen in Cebu, Philippines, he said,
- My world was on it. -
A man in Niger told me,
- All the data of our foundation is on this laptop. -

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, November 9, 2007
Andy of ---

I asked the manager, if you need to replace the hard drive, could you give it to me it, so we can try to recover the lost data? She said something to the extent of we need to keep it so we can show the company we replace it.

- I HAVE ALL MY PHOTOS - (Relax Mom)

My hard drive did not crash, but I had to think, I went through the emotional turmoil. My main board was bad, thank the good Gods. However, I thought,
- What is on this hard drive that is not backed up somewhere else? -

My first thought,
The movie taken of panning for Tin in Ranong, then, I thought, not all my movies are backed up, then, what about all the large one Meg photos… (I sold some photos, the photos are worth more than the computer…)

Hmm, I am in a pinch, I have no simple way to back up 10-50 one meg photos per. I need to buy a portable hard drive now because the camera demands I have two. But a band aid, not a solution. I have a hard drive in storage here in Bangkok and the USA, when I pass through Bangkok, or the USA, I back up my computer.

I saw a girl go nuts in Siem Reap, Cambodia when she learn the CD ROM with all her photos were destroyed.

Information is sometime more valuable than the computer. Information is the most valuable commodity on the planet. I have 90 percent of my information backed up, and 100 percent about every six months, but not good enough.

A person can buy an extra hard drive to carry, and then when they rob you, the thief has two.

Putting 80 gigs of information on the internet in Africa is a major nightmare scenario, possible here in Bangkok. Real time, not feasible, but there is hope, or I suspect many a person will be crying over a lost photos.

I know of no good way to backup 20 gigs of travel photos that is 100 percent safe. I know of many expensive and very time consuming methods. The best solution I have today is to leave a 80-100 gig hard drive in various locations on the planet.

Photos are Gone Computer Crash

What a Wanna Be Photographer Skills Needed

What a Wanna Be Photographer Skills Needed
I woke up, there is a large magazine in the USA that wants to use one photos of mine.

I am the photo editor for ---- magazine, a US print publicatin. We are looking for a photo of a --- …. Do you have any photos that would show this cultural phenomenon?
Alternatively, we are interested your photo of the ---- ….

Please me asap due to our magazine deadline today. etc.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, November 11, 2007
Andy of ---

If it were not for the last moment, nothing would be done.
URGENT (They wanted it today, that is 12 hours difference.)

I attached a 2 Meg photo with my Foxmail client, sent the photo to the company. I have no idea if they will pay me, what they are up to; I just know that big companies cannot steal photos. I had one TV Company, maybe better to say Movie Company want photos. I had to sign releases, etc, blah blah blah to give them a photo.

I do not even know which photo they used.
I do not think Trust is a skill, but first a person needs to trust, and to know a photo is a photo, I was just a lucky person in the right place taking photos.

SKILLS - a very short list.

Attach Photos
Checking it sent skills
Making a Webpage with photos for them to preview.
Auto Resize of photos
Thumb drive

More or less this is how it works; a person makes a webpage with photos. A person gets on a search Engine finds your photos. Maybe 80 percent are stolen and used, and then the big companies find a photo they want and write you.

You now need to sent them about 20 Megs of photos of small photos to preview, they select a few big photos, and you send.

I have to zip them up, make a link, and then they download.

This is not so simple with a GPRS connection over a cell phone that made dial up of 10 years ago seems fast.

US print publicatin

This was spelled wrong, real people make mistakes, no phone number, urgent and all that. I also have to allow them to be just average people doing their job.

The photo was the easy thing; to communicate fast, urgent, transfer, send and be organized in say West Africa is difficult.

With a big pro style camera about anyone could take the photo.

Ok, Photographer needs to have a personal relationship with the Sun Gods, and have eyes that observe other things than a cliché.

I guess if I was interviewing a photographer, I would send them some emails and request photos, see how fast they can produce, send and if they use the words. I will send soon, and how quick.

A person needs to retrieve a photos from their computer at the speed of light, have a great filing system and send the photo in less than say 30 minutes. They must check their emails from anywhere on the planet daily. Ok, then they need to take about 10,000 photos and store on a computer. I do not think a photographer could travel without a computer.

What a Wanna Be Photographer Skills Needed

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