Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution
Delhi, India Asia
Monday, February 12, 2007

Trying to escape the noise, I have put a wool blanket up over the window trying to shut out the noise. I do not know what to do, I only have to last until tomorrow night, then I can leave, oops, I need to return on the 22-3 of February, back into the fire.

I am amiss to understand how the world feels very little remorse about creating unlimited amounts of noise. Do people really not care how much they annoy people, or they just totally oblivious to the feelings or others around them.

Noise Pollution

Sound Pollution

Sound Pollution
Lome Togo West Africa
Sunday, February 25, 2007

Measuring the sound to know how much of my brain resources are being used by the background noise levels.

Lome is not a noisy place for the most part, yet I have a new Sound Meter I purchased at Radio Shack and now I am playing.

I was reading in the Encarta Encyclopedia and trying to read the instructions that came with the meter.

Sound Intensity or about Noise Pollution:
- Sound intensity is measured in units called decibels. The decibel scale is logarithmic and climbs steeply: An increase of about three decibels is a doubling of sound volume. In the wilderness, a typical sound level would be 35 decibels. Speech runs 65 to 70 decibels; heavy traffic generates 90 decibels. By 140 decibels, sound becomes painful to the human ear, but ill effects, including hearing loss, set in at much lower levels.

I am hoping to set some standards, then measure the noise level in my Hotel rooms. I was surprised or not surprised in Delhi when I measure about 80 Decibel while laying in my bed.

I will work out a common way to measuring sound, as example it could or maybe be in a few areas:

1. 12 Noon
2. Lying in my bed
1. 12 Noon
2. Entrance to my Hotel

1. 12 Noon
2. Center of Backpacker Universe for city.

I may or may not be a sensitive person, however, for sure I am curious, I am slowly understanding a type of stress that is ever present, yet I cannot just define and name.

This is background noise levels or maybe the term is Ambient.

in surrounding area: in the immediately surrounding area. (2)

Yes, but this is not so easy to define, there is some type of base level or average amount of noise in any location on the planet. I know that even though I may be able to sleep, talk, and function well, there is often enough sounds at different levels or my ability to perceive or hear the sounds.

I suppose there is something about what I am conscious of and what I am not conscious of, in Katmandu, the beeping horns of motorcycles demanded my conscious level to respond.

I think I am more worried about the sub-conscious of background noise I have in my hotels that is still very loud.

There is a cluttering of the brain, a using of resource of my brain that is annoying.

My room is presently about average 62 decibels and in Delhi it was closer to 72. Maybe, I can develop a strategy of choosing rooms that helps me to choose the optimal room for peace and quiet, or control of the noise that enters my brain.

Concrete wall echo and do not absorb well the sounds, etc.

Sound Pollution

LO to 84 Decibels

LO to 84 Decibels
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Low Voltage and High Decibels.

It is 5:52 AM in the morning, I have been playing around for the last half hour or more trying to measure the sound level in my room. I would say I am in a quiet room, then again I am not sure, maybe I am not in a quiet room.

There is a window air conditioner in ever room of this hotel where I am staying, although the price of air conditioner is not include in the base price. Every room has a meter:

The low voltage in this neighborhood of Lome, Togo or the fluctuations in volts may have caused damage to the air conditioners. Or maybe running on lower volts than required causes them to make noise. They make this constant wobble sound, like the ball bearing are bad in the compressor motor.

My room is very quiet, it registers Lo or off the meter when there is no fan or air conditioning running. Turn on the fan and the sound level measure on my Radio Shack Sound Meter can go up as high as 67 and if I put it right next to the fan the meter can read as high as 90.

The fan is a constant, or fluctuating constant sound, a background noise and is ok, it does go up and down as the voltage regulation in the room varies tremendously. It is not an annoying sound.

The person next door, I do not have my air conditioning on, turns on their air conditioners and the wobble grating noise starts.

What I have learn here is that the steady sound level can be high with the fan, yet not be as annoying as sudden noises or different types of noises. The grating of the air conditioning next door to me is very intrusive, while the fan making almost the same level of constant volume is not.

The window in my room is closed, the window in the shower is open, I measured the noise in the shower and it is lower than the room in the bedroom. The noise though is more grating and more annoying, there is nothing to stop the sharp pitches and highs and lows, nothing to slow down the grating, however it is less noisy measured in decibels because that room is farther away.

Choosing a Hotel room.

I suppose I will eventually identify what make a good room from a bad room quicker. Any bed and breakfast type, mom and pop, family run hotel or quaint back country type establishment is full of quirks. There may be a common area where the family sits around and has big discussions and screams when a goal is made in the football game on TV.

I am identifying the quirks of a room and want to know in the hotel, which room is located in the optimum location for peace and relaxation. The person next door has decided to turn off their air conditioner, the stress level of my room has decrease, the overall enjoyment in the room is great now. I woke up because of both a small increase in decibels, yet the type of noise was obnoxious. Plus, I suppose it was time to wake up for me, or close to time.

Small family run hotels, hotels with less than 30 rooms I believe are better than large hotels with more than 50 or more rooms. I do like the mom and pop around, if they are friendly and have an obvious smile on their face. However, when I am entering these small bed and breakfast size hotels, I want to know how to pick and choose the best room in the hotel.

I am afraid of reservations, a reservation says to the hotel, he is committed, we can put him in the worst room and he must accept this as his choice. When I enter a hotel, without a reservation, they know I can say no to the hotel or the room. I take a tour of all hotels, choose the room that is the best fit for me, not another person, but me, some persons could love to hear the loud music or what I think is annoying children. It may depend on the type of music.

To identify quick, make the best choice, then not need to move or leave the hotel is my goal. I have been in this Hotel for about 10 days, therefore it says something good about the room in the hotel. If I leave in one, then maybe it does say something. I do not always know why I am leaving a hotel, it just feels bad and is time to leave, there is nothing in my itinerary or time frames that is scheduled, I can leave when the life gets boring or stay.

Sometimes in a guidebook a writer will say, try to get on the backside of the hotel and avoid the street noise. Sometimes this is easy to do, however in reality, there is one or two rooms in every hotel that are the best. Strange as it may seem, this has nothing to do with price. The highest priced room has the most appliances, TV, Air, Fridge, and is large. Small, quiet, isolated, and with a good breeze can be the cheapest room in the hotel. I like the isolated rooms, however with a window facing something good, a room where what comes in the window is good whether it be noise, sunlight or a breeze. Sunlight coming in the room here in West Africa is not an advantage.

Note a horn beeping of any kind is annoying and abrupt, I cannot hear any car or motorcycle horns, a rooster has started crowing in the far distance.

LO to 84 Decibels

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Decibel Scale

Decibel Scale
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
May 1, 2007

I have a digital sound meter I am carrying for reference, I purhased at Radio Shack in the USA for about 50 U.S. dollars. The hope to measure the level of sounds around the world. I sort of think in term or No Smoking or Smoking choices. I think any guide would be helpful to explain large source of temporary or regular noise.

The decibel scale is used primarily to compare sound intensities although it can be used to compare voltages.

Decibels Typical sound
0 --- Threshold of hearing
10 --- Rustle of leaves in gentle breeze
10 --- Quiet whisper
20 --- Average whisper
20-50 --- Quiet conversation
40-45 --- Hotel; theater (between performances)
50-65 --- Loud conversation
65-70 --- Traffic on busy street
65-90 --- Train
75-80 --- Factory (light/medium work)
90 --- Heavy traffic
90-100 --- Thunder
110-140 --- Jet aircraft at takeoff
130 --- Threshold of pain
140-190 --- Space rocket at takeoff

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Decibel Scale

Auberge Atakpame Togo Hotel

Auberge Atakpame Togo Hotel
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hotel Relais Des Plateaux

I am in room 105 on the bottom, as far away from the speakers on the first floor as possible, if I went up a floor, the same room up, and then should it should be quieter, yet I think the higher priced rooms.

I maybe had set a new record for music volume on my new Radio Shack Sound Meter. I have only been using and testing for a couple of months and great fun. I have discovered sudden abrupt noises, like the beep of a horn, or this many screaming in the microphone here the problem noise, steady noise like a fan I can ignore, although noise.

78 to 92 decibels in my room.
85-97 decibels maybe 101 in the reception area.
11:12 AM
May 1, 2007

The digital reader jumps tremendously, as the man has a PA system with a Disc Jockey type microphone speaker system. Right up there with the loud speakers of the call to prayer in the Islamic Religion, I had to move last year in Natitingou, Benin because of the speakers, and maybe the loudest room I have every been in was the call to prayer room on the eighth floor in Cairo, Egypt.

It is a Holiday here in Atakpame, maybe called a Fete, I ask what and they say, May 1.

Sort of like saying September 11, without saying Terror Attack on World Trade center in New York of the USA. Anybody reading 100 years from now would be clueless as to what is September 11.

We live in a world where we assume everybody understands, I do not think the world ever had empathy, I keep wanting them to have empathy, but I do not think it every existed in the first place.

I was a little worried last night, and not sure what they were up to, there was about 10 men, or younger men, older boys in the Hotel lobby reception area. This total single men group thing is always a problem anywhere in the world and here in West Africa a bigger problem. When I rented the room, just Eliza and Paula, a girl and a man hanging around.

I was having a kick last night talking with Paula about the price of Hotel rooms, explaining how I got Douche and Toilette mixed up, the prices on the walls, not normal said room with Douche or Chambre avec Douche for 4500, this is the one I negotiated down to 3500. I was thinking a Douche is a Toillette, but one is a shower and the other a toilet, this room is with a shower.

As Paula and me are talking a telephone rings at the recepton desk, one of the short boy goes and get a girl. She answers the phone, Paula says explaining the girl,
- Waiting for a man. -

I say,
Combien pour un chambre pour Boom Boom ici.
He thinks I say,
- How much for the girl walking away. -
He then says,
- I do not know do you want a girl; I can get a nice girl tomorrow for you. -
I say
- No, no, I wanted to know how much to rent room for love. -
He says,
- 1000 CFA per hour. -

I truly think every hotel I have every stayed in in West Africa has been a Boom Boom love hotel. There is always a person or girl waiting in the reception type area or out front for the partner to come, then later they go.

This is a good hotel, Paula is very helpful, asks my opinions, am I ok, tries every few hours to sell me very expensive food. He pays attention to me; the other staffs are same as normal.

I do not know about the Music, he said there would not be music tonight, for a reason I cannot understand there is a huge area behind the hotel, they could have an open air wedding for 200 people with no problem. The hotel is about half again closer to the Atakpame Market than the l’Amities hotel and 100 Franc cheaper by taxi.

I am ready to leave Atakpame, all fun and games aside, time to get out of Dodge, I know of very few reasons to come to Atakpame, except that it on the path and in the way. The hotels are too far outside any homes and normal cultures, the Amities is better than the Plateau here for normal culture, I just do not see taking a moto from the hotel to a market as being in Africa, like living in prison and they allow me out to go walk in the courtyard for exercise. Then I take a moto back to the room and go to my jail cell. This is great room, number 105 if the paint would stop pealing, I think if I stayed a few days, I would take a broom and clean the walls of loose paint, and the ceiling is falling on my computer and me.

It is a good place to stay, and go and look at Hippos on a day trip, I think a lot better than living with Hippos, but what do I know, I have not seen a Hippo.

Paula will never be able to stop the testosterone bunch from dominating the hotel tonight.

I wish I could say this is abnormal in travel, noise is the reason I purchased the sound meter, and I wanted to really measure how noisy some places I live or leave are. The music is different from traffic noise, I know they cannot stop traffic or beeping horns, and I know the music is done or helped along by the staff acceptance. The l’Amities had a speaker on the courtyard, never too loud, but loud enough to easily be heard in my room. Michel my friend’s radio was too loud, this is where I am and the culture I am in.

The roads of Nepal, the streets of India are louder, not always but louder.

Choosing a room, I saw the bar area, I chose a room as far away as possible from the noise, reception and other factors or variables. I like this hotel, however too much testosterone is presently living here, the owner and the manager cannot stop that. The people in a hotel will change radically, one time it could be great, come back a week later and terrible. I am thinking, the hotels managed by women in West Africa are calmer. The hotel staff has all their friends come over to visit, for me, a series of off the clock rooms are rented to men that are with their Cadeau girls. There is this extra pay thing, done both by men and women manager, yet the men have more male friends they can hook onto for money.

How loud is 100 decibels, I need to find a reference, however various types of sounds are different. This is like Thunder or Heavy Traffic.

This may seem petty, like you are on vacation and people party. I am living in this hotel. I do go home to escape, my art form is to figure out how to find my place to live for me, not for you.

Note as a funny, I moved out a noisy love hotel in Arequipa, Peru because the love noises never ended. Fortunately the West Africa culture is not noise this way.

80 to 92 decibels in my room.
94-97 decibels maybe 104 in the reception area.
2:04 PM
May 1, 2007

This is interesting stuff, I can somewhat determine the effect of concrete walls and echos, and the value of a wood door, or how much a close window stops sound.

They have set up a big disco in the very large area here.

As best I understand the music is a combination of Togo, French and Africa semi-rap, more or a steady beat Africa music. Modern, yet very small USA influence. It this was in Ghana there would be heavy American USA Rap, or Gang music, and the words would be about 50 percent more violent. Then a lot of Nigerian music in English. The French Black musicians are about 70 percent less violent than the USA Black musician music in the nature of the words and actions. I am not sure if Gangster rap apply in French. This is one of the reason I am traveling in the French part and not the English part of West Africa now and skipped Ghana, just did not need the influence of the USA music and the culture with it. This does not mean they do not love me, the all want to go to the USA and more in Ghana, however the music of the world is setting the ethics and morals, it is the example the world follows.

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Auberge Atakpame Togo Hotel

Turning up the Global Volume

Turning up the Global Volume
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, October 12, 2007
By Andy of

I took this photo of no less the cleaning man, the boy who swept the floors in this large Hostel in Bamako, Mali. I stopped him, asked in French to make sure, yes, this is a cell phone in his hand.

The boy, man was sweeping the floor with this ear bug in his ear, I am thinking, that reminds me of the cell phone on the desk in the internet café in Accra, Ghana. This man in Accra took his cell phone out, put it next to the computer and started making the room, me, listen to the music.

Mali is I think number two from the bottom, the almost poorest country on the planet, the most under developed, the average pay should, or is about one dollar per day, this boy is supposed to be making one dollar per day, or is he? Smoking mirrors!

He has a cell phone, portable they in French, and he has somehow downloaded or loaded music on the phone. He can now listen to it like a radio or something; I do not want to learn. I am really just annoyed, the coupling of cell phones and music is the beginning of the end, the ambient sound around me is growing, the world continues to turn up the background noise. I will need to go to Antarctica to find some quiet.

Turn up the background noise, it is driving the world nuts, the cities hear this louder and louder noise, they ignore, or do they, I think the world slowly gets more stressed. The lowest country on the planet is turning up the volume, and they say they do not have money, they have cell phones as this is more important than screens on the window to stop malaria.

Contact Andy

Turning up the Global Volume

World Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims Day

World Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims Day
2007 November

Number one way for a traveler or tourist to be killed. I am fully in support World Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims Day. The cause of this is two fold on the planet, the sidewalks are full of vendors a person has to walk in the street, and the cars do not give walking people the right away. Moreover, the police drives worst than the normal person, so a very bad example.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, November 18, 2007
Andy of ---

I was laughing as there three world problems all in one place, dangerous cars, sidewalk full of vendors so I must walk in street, and last not but least noise pollution. Watch the video and you will see some example of all three problems. The Thailand Parade is a good example of inconsiderate noise pollution.


IF no video here, you need to go to the real blog, and not read by email or RSS feed, click here:


For what it is worth, these victims are the better of the bunch; the worst are walking around on their hands or have a bike hand powered type wheelchair.

People driving cars are the problem, and the government not enforcing any laws. Every time a police officer stops you, remember someone in another country people are dying because the police do not stop anyone. Be thankful you got a ticket, traffic police save thousands and millions of lives each year.

Note Bob says,
- Never, never trust them the little green men from outer space. -

If you want to die, walk when the little green man says to walk, never obey, you must walk when there are no cars, I use the Thailand people as blockers and allow them to shield me, them first, there are also volunteer victims.

I ignore parades and walk the other way, there is always a parade. When I finally understood the them, I ran back to the front and made this video.

World Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims Day

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