Mass Graves


I went to Babylon today. We learned of a mass murder grave 10 kilometers north of Babylon.

I suppose it is Gods will that I witnessed this, it was not mine at work.

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Cambodia Girl


Killing Fields Skull from Mass Grave of Pol Pot


I have the ability to see where visitors come from to my site.

Good or maybe bad this has become somewhat daily habit for me, I go and see how many people are visiting my site and then see where the came?

This is fun and sometimes the pages that have links to my site are fun, very strange group out there in the world of Internet Webmaster. Plus it is good fun to see how people talk about me as sometimes they make me an expert, sometime the make me a philosophers, sometimes a photographer, and on and on. Sort of a uncensored ability to see how people perceive my site.


I have found traffic coming from this site a couple of time, but before you click on it, I want to say that the guy is nuts. He wrote me and started to tell me why the mass grave I looked at and photographed in Iraq was not true. I tried in the first email to say that this was not a funny thing and that it was extremely real, then he proceeds to start on the conspiracy theory of all life. Then more or less he started to say I was a liar. So being that there are lots of crazy people out there that email me, I just stopped this stupid email correspondence.

He was already prejudice and was searching for his own answers and not the truth.


I have discovered that liar never trust people, because a liar know what they would do, they would lie. It is hard for a liar to believe that everyone is not like them.

This is a funny link that lead to my site, it is sad to me that some photos and a story that I cannot hardly think about without starting to cry could be so abused, or misconstrued in the name of some misguided need.

I have no idea why Journalist and people want to do this, and really do not care. Truth has a way of winning over lies, and eventually the truth prevail. I am unfortunately a witness to a mass grave. I cannot say for sure anything, it was obviously a place where something evil happened. Can I say that Sadaam did it, I am not sure, but it takes power to kill that many people.

Are there bodies under the clothes photos I took?

I feel 99 percent sure, why?

Because this place was only discovered by me and Peter because our Taxi driver was told by a translator the location and he talked with multiple neighbors to the location until we finally located this. It was an un-marked grave site, nobody but the diligent could find this site.

As for the people that believe this is all conspiracy.

I am 100 percent sure, not 99 percent sure that the people of Iraq hated Sadaam and we are they liberators. Do they want to control their own country? Of course, that is normal human desire, so they want us to finish our job and leave.



I personally witnessed this a year ago.

This the right war and the right time, before Sadaam could get in a Nuclear war with Israel and kill the Middle east in a day!




I have never fixed the pages because who want to think about this.

It could happen here next. A great reason to have your son or daughter sacrifice their life



Thanks Andy of

I really do not want to hear any crap about why this and why that and why this is a wrong war, I was there and it should have happened 12 years ago, when Sadaam snubbed the world.

The world needs some warriors, and real me again.


Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie

Photos of Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie Walking Tour

I went on a free tour yesterday that cost me Five Euros; it was very good because the little guy born in Winnipeg, Canada with three passports, Canadian, Ireland, and England however claiming in his use of language Germany as his country was extremely passionate.

However you do it, he told a great story of Berlin Wall, very interesting in a demagoguery sort of way. The facts were adapted as necessary in the normal touristy fashion.

The Berlin Wall though was a symbol of anger to me, your side again my side and I am very grateful it came down.

My idea of Anger, as I took this photo just across the street.

This seems angry to me, whether on to of a wall, or as a Tattoo.

Free Walking Tour Guide

I would say this guide is great at what he does, full of passion. It is great to see a person with energy. It was an experience to watch. I felt like our guide was a hung over tree hugger, injected caffeine, fuzzily dreaming the story, not sure, if he was awake from today or yesterday.

There is a passion to behold when you would tell an Irish boy he won’t be getting a pint tonight until he tell the perfect story, thus we go a great story. They work for donations so he spun the story.

Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was a real and imaginary line around the planet. One side was Russia and China, the other side was the USA, England and France. A line was drawn, the symbol was the wall, and Check Point Charlie was the door. As long as the wall and the door existed, the imaginary wall of fuzzy misguided anger could and would exist between Russia and the USA.

November 9, 1989 the Berlin Wall Falls

Checkpoint Charlie

There are three Soldiers at this spot, American, British, and French, three brothers who worked together to fight the people of Germany. They are still here waving the flags, and still form a solid wall again any future problems. Checkpoint Charlie was a checkpoint for people allowed to travel between East and West Germany, or more clearly between Russia and the USA, between what represent repression to what represents freedom. Like leaving the jail and seeing the Statue of Liberty as your first view. This was the gate.
The gate is no longer needed and Russia is allies thanks to people like Ronald Reagan and The Bushes, father and son.

To me this is clear, there are some bad guys on the planet, and a very few will stand up and say no, not on my watch.

Holocaust Memorial in Berlin Germany
The Germans People Killed 6-7 Million Jewish People.

This a memorial to that Genocide or Holocaust, the German People have constructed in the middle their city a monument with 2711 stone like caskets. Bleak, sad, and dramatic, each a different height, very organized, very cut and clear. A perfect box like representation of the death of the Jewish people in concentration camps. The shame of the German People for trying to in German like manner, organized, precise and cold, they tried to exterminate anyone different then them. This I hope serves as sufficient reminder.

Not on My Watch - About 4000 bodies buried here in Iraq.

This is my witness of Iraq as seen north of Hila or Babylon, a Mass Grave made by a man that is almost identical in behavior to Adolph Hitler; they could have been Brother, Sadaam Hussein. Extremely difficult for me to fathom that anyone would allow this monster to exist in their world.

However, a few will always say, no matter the person consequences or the cost.

Not on my Watch.

Waking Up Angry


I am frustrated with the people of the world some days, I awoke
this morning angry. My mind has worked all night obviously thinking about
the comparison between Srebrenica, the town in eastern Bosnia and
Herzegovina where they are mourning 10 years after 8000 People
Killed and put in a mass grave.

I went to Iraq 35 days to see what the USA is doing in my name.
I witnessed the genocide graves of 2500 Iraqis murdered by Saddam
Hussein. There is suppose to be over 30 of these sites in Iraq.

75,000 people, that is 75,000 people that was murdered in
Iraq by Saddam Hussein. I witness the 2500 people, I seen
what he did, I am very proud of what the USA and President
George W. Bush is doing in my name.

This is what he is stopping are people so blind they cannot
see that Srebrenica should be stopped. That is what the
USA in Iraq is doing, stopping the murders, and the loss
of USA boys is worth the cost.

Many reading this are so jaded, they believe I am making
up and creating lies to make money. This is mean spirited,
hard to imgagine, I do not need you in my world,

I do not need your friendship, I really do not care if you like me.
I do this letter and make a web site to help people travel
sometimes it makes me happy, and sometimes I am sad.
I enjoy my life as I wish and do as I wish.

The goal of these newsletters, the blog, and posting all
of these photos is to explain my little Hobo Travel World.
To make money with the website so I can continue
to travel the world and witness the good and bad in
all of us.

Life is Good

I went and labeled some more of the photos, I can tell I did not deal with this Iraqi thing the way I thought I did, the photos are sloppy, the pages are not completed, it is a mess. Sometimes when you see things like a German Concentration Camp, or Pol Pot and his Genocide in Cambodia, you really do not want to spend a lot of time.

Saddam Mass Murderer Execution

Saddam Mass Murderer Execution
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
December 30, 2006

75,000 people killed in mass graves by Saddam Hussein

I left Khon Kaen, Thailand and traveled on a night bus to Bangkok, Thailand. It is now about 7:27 in the morning, I connected up with my GPRS connection and read,

- Official: Saddam to Be Executed Tonight -

I personally witnessed a mass grave site of 2500 Iraq people, on August 3, 2003 when I visited Iraq shortly after the major fighting stopped.

I have dwelled on the issue of "how many people," for a couple of years now. At the time I was in Iraq, they said there were about 30 more of these graves found around the country.

Therefore, 30 x 2500 is 75,000

This is my personal estimate as a witness to Saddam atrocities.

History will hopefully explain this better than the present day media, yet it appears to me that lead by President Bush and the American Soldiers, with the help of the Coalition of willing to protect the world countries, we have stopped a mass murderer.

Saddam has a legacy, he will now enter the ranks of Hitler, and Pol Pot and will forever be compared to them.

Photos and some explanations.

I would like to say thank you to George Bush, whatever the case, or present problems, he had the will to stop evil. Nothing may have gone right, maybe many mistakes have been made, but the decisions made, needed to be made, and someone walk up to the plate.

Saddam Mass Murderer Execution

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