Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

West Africa Time to Think

West Africa Time to Think
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Maslow has these hierarchy of needs or motivations of people.

I am frozen on step six here in Togo.
(6) curiosity and the need to understand.

I was dwelling and thinking on a statement, or question, a person said, why am I blogging more or why am I happier.

Simple as I can make it, life is so simple here, I have steps 1-5 checked or ticked off, and am in freeze mode on 6.

(1) physiological; (2) security and safety; (3) love and feelings of belonging; (4) competence, prestige, and esteem; (5) self-fulfillment; and (6) curiosity and the need to understand.

I have very little to do, it is like being retired, with a lot of pretty girls in the neighborhood.

The time that is required to meet my daily needs is minimal, it is easy to see why everyone lies around doing nothing here.

West Africa Time to Think

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