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What We Do Not Say

What We Do Not Say
Danyi Apeyeme, Togo West Africa
Monday, April 23, 2007

What I say I will do is who we want to be.
What we do is who we are.
In a dysfunctional blur of alcoholic haze, the is light at the end of the tunnel. One day I learned, I talk, I talk and I talk,
Je parle… hehehe
(Talk in French)

Talking is not important, what I do is important. I observe the planet, I try to learn how it works, why, and it gives me something to think about, I must take care and weigh people by actual actions, not anticipated actions; I need to know who you really are…

My mother in a well-intended scream wrote with the subject line of the email reading.

Ok, Mom, why are you hollering? Capital letter is screaming, I always get a little nervous when my older parents want me for something, and are urgent or I can feel the intensity. I am hoping, I worry about urgent news.

Oh, only this.

Funny, how the newspaper can make a person with a 70-Foot Boat seem important.

I am thinking; tell me after the break the record please, not before.

I am interested in what you do, not what you say you are going to do, living in a boat is going to be difficult, and harsh, but 70 x 20, this is a 1400 Square Foot Luxury Apartment.

I cannot get any of the links to work, they seem to be the too clever type and I empathize, I spend days trying to stop this from happening, it is something technical people and the way their brains work, that clever breaks things. I tried to connect with boy genius, nothing is working, but I can blog.

Ok, I give up, too much time, trying to listen to my mothers wishes.

I want to know the rules, and I want to know how many people can come aboard. The enemy is isolation while living in their 1400 foot apartment for three years.

I am thinking, the Satellite, Boat, and big business are quick to sponsor these types of trips. I should look into going rich and not Hobo, but then again, I do not like to Kiss for a Cadeau.

If I got a Cadeau, I have to give them a Kiss back.

Hope they do well; I like the first page, except for the pat line, and very cliché comment about being eco sustainable. I just went and pissed and saw a shooting start, I can say that… it was ecologically normal, yet not sustainable.

Cliché, life is not mean to be Cliché
Whatever cliché means, I continually look up this word; it just does not fit in my brain correctly.

I do hope they do well, it would drive me nuts to have to listen to all them old sailors tell me stories for three years and have to have these rich boat owner types, tell me this and that.

There was two young black girls, ages unknown, Togolese that with the help of two very small boys, not dancing or singing well who sang about 7 songs and dances in front of my room yesterday.

The clothing was normal, the hair cut short, faces were animated, they kept bowing, stepping, singing in this sing-song way, step into it, step into it, bow you head, hang is over. I was thinking, where I the camera crew, then I thought, I am not going to try. This memory is mine.

I bet they have a satellite connection to the internet, the big one, amazing how big of things you can put on a boat.

I cannot get their page to open, someone sign me up for their blog, put my email in the sign up box, if no sign up box, then not important. I will catch them after the complete the 600 days needed for the record and my mother forgets and no longer hollers.

I am still in question, is there a crew? Isolation is the enemy.

Fame, what people do in the name of fame and a cliché?

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What We Do Not Say

Room Rent On Planet

Room Rent On Planet
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I have no idea why a person wishes to rent room for months in a location in a cheap country, the big benefit of living in these cheap countries is because you can can move around cheap. To rent a room for over one-month is somewhat of a crazy contract to enter into, unless you want to live for less than 5 dollar per day, then a good idea.

However, many people are always keying in on the cost of renting a room, or buying. I really discourage this and I am was a Real Estate Broker for 14 years, a true expert, I cannot think of many reasons to buy outside the USA, it just a bad investment, but...

I think I know a formula for the people who want to find a room and live in another country.

Find a cheap hotel, then about one-half the price of the cheap room should seize a room for a month. A cheap hotels is in the Roughguides.com or Lonely Planet and is not the expensive section.

Find out the salary per month of the cleaning lady or person in your hotel, then about one-half that should get you a good decent room in the city.

If you want to live like the USA or Europe, then stay there, I am talking to live twice as good as the locals, but twice as good for double the price.

About anywhere on 80 percent of the planet, you can get a decent room for about 30-150 US per month, AC and easy. Then you got the Expats that live in the womb of an Expat, a whole other world and complicated mess full of drunks and scammers.

Buying a home is almost always a silly decision, there are tons of webpage that prey on the naive American that believes he has to purchase, rent, or reserve a room. This is not true, and probably on average make the cost of a trip 10 times more expensive than needed.

Go and live in a place, buying is for the USA, appreciation, a family home, a homestead, not for in Costa Rica or Panama, or Thailand, Philippines. Putting down roots in a third world nation just is not so smart, note, they want to leave, and you want to buy. Get it!

Using the social values of real estate in a poor country is not smart, food, clean, electricity, water, yes, but real estate is way off.

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Room Rent On Planet

West Africa by Land Air or Sea

West Africa by Land Air or Sea
Lome Togo West Africa
Saturday, June 2, 2007

I am haunted by words told be by Mark in Bangkok, Thailand, of:

Something like,
- You take planes all the time; therefore, it must be acceptable for a traveler to fly and not do a land trip. -

I am now thinking about flying from Lome, Togo to Abidjan, Ivory Coast to avoid using my Ghana visa now, save for the future, and also to avoid a road I already know, I have this funny feeling, like I am disobeying a rule, and maybe I helped make them.

There are some weird rules in my head, I do not know how they got there, and one is,
- Never return the same way you went.

This more or less means , if I took highway 66 there, I would take highway 70 back , if for some reason I need to return to the same location. Somehow, this has involved to the traveler term,
- Loops -

What is your loop?

My brain, it is not as young as before, all the thoughts are starting to mash together, this is ok, but annoying to me.

Well, if I go directly by road from Lome to Abidjan, then I am on the same path, it is not a loop. If I fly, I can jump to a good starting point and travel from Abidjan, Ivory coast to Liberia and onward to Senegal.

Mark, I now I am thinking about violating some non-defined, non-existent groups of rules on how to travel, how to say, I am a traveler. I am avoiding the pain of the hard road, I want to jump and start the hard road on a new path, one I have not crossed.

I do believe land trips are somehow what a real traveler does, I would hate to say, I flew into Lagos, Nigeria, therefore I understand Nigeria. I guess, I would know, think, I did not get dirty, I did not touch the people, I just glared at them out the window of a taxi. It is also a dilemma with driving a car, I can look out the window from inside my aquarium and maybe I say, I know Togo or West Africa, or maybe I know what a 4-wheel drive is like.

To buy a motorcycle or drive a car, seem of very little value if you go from big city to big city, I want a car or bike to go off-road where the public transportation slows from three hours for 100 kilometers to 10 hours for 100 kilometers, and again, I guess to save the pain.

Does a traveler need to feel pain to say he did it?

Somebody moved into my brain, set up housekeeping, and now they are playing Ping Pong.

West Africa by Land Air or Sea

Lucky Travelers

Lucky Travelers
Locus of Control Theory
Traveler Who Need to Stay Home
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Do you believe in luck.

I think a people who play the lottery may not make a good long-term traveler.

Locus of control theory is a concept that extends between psychology and sociology, which distinguishes between two types of people - internals, who attribute events to their own control, and externals, who attribute events in their life to external circumstances. For example, college students with a strong internal locus of control may believe that their grades were achieved through their own abilities and efforts, whereas those with a strong external locus of control may believe that their grades are the result of good or bad luck, and are hence less likely to work hard for high grades. (It should not be thought however, that internality is linked exclusively with attribution to effort and externality with attribution to luck, as Weiner's work (see below) makes clear). This has obvious implications for differences between internals and externals in terms of their achievement motivation, suggesting that internal locus is linked with higher levels of N-ach. Due to their locating control outside themselves, externals tend to feel they have less control over their fate. People with an external locus of control tend to be more stressed and prone to clinical depression(Benassi, Sweeney & Dafour, 1988; cited in Maltby, Day & Macaskill, 2007).

Although popularly associated with Julian Rotter after his publication in Psychological Monographs where he outlined his now classic "locus of control" scale (1966), work on locus of control actually predates Rotter's paper, as Lefcourt's (1966) review of the same year clarifies. Its roots can be found in the work on typical and atypical expectancy shifts carried out by psychologists in the 1950s.
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Lucky Travelers
Locus of Control Theory
Traveler Who Need to Stay Home

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