I have taken a turn from liking this place to wanting to leave. I am not sure why and that is what is strange. I met a very interesting and intelligent guy that studies engineering here in Sawegram. He spoke excellent English and was able to clarify or explain about the Ashram.

He was saying that an Ashram is not just a Hindu religious retreat but also a place where people go as more of a retreat. It is a place that is not for study, but a place to think, a place more to experience, and less of a place of research. It is a place where you are separated from real life so you can understand real life, or at least have time to think about real life without the constant noise and clutter of real life.

I made that a little longer than the actual explanation of the boy, but you get the idea it is not just for religious reason, but also for a refuge from the world.

I walked around the Ashram this morning and read all the information signboard and try to understand them. This whole place is like a big private joke and I am not included in the joke. Everyone is under some great conceptual idea that they know what they are doing, and no one seems to want to say that the King has no clothes.

Malta the girl was outright rude today and would not even say Hello. I am not sure of the reason, and I suppose I do not care. I do not take much stock or value in people that change emotional status by the moment. I like the true and steady.

So today is good because I am starting to put together who or what Gandhi the man was up to, but the Ashram is more of a shrine to him, and not really anything in the end. I thought there would be lots of people inside doing things, but so far it is more or less a very nice museum of how Mahatma Gandhi lived in the last years of his life. I looked at his home and office, and where he planned or helped to separate India from England.

I do like the place, but it is very quiet and very boring in the end, because of the lack of people and of any real natural beauty. It is maybe what Gandhi wanted, or desired a lack of temptations of beauty. I am just guessing and do not assume to understand how or why this place is here. I think he needed a home and he made this place his home, and since he wanted a lot of people to be accepted he called it an Ashram. But this is all just opinions of mine, and I am still lost to understand. Weird or strange how difficult it can be to learn about a place even thought I am right at the place. I could go to the library in the USA and in 3 hours have this all figure out. I will probably leave this place not really understanding the whole picture.

Enough of the minor issues of life like Gandhi and Thoreau and such, I am off to find some Puri and Chetnee Coconut. I am farther north and they may have aborted the Coconut idea. (Note, I did not find Puri)


I WOKE UP THINKING - Tuesday Morning
I woke up this morning full of thoughts in my head and mulling, musing and just downright drudging around with thoughts. It would be harder to debate if I were thinking about the Gandhi Ashram or about the fact that I am cold. I now have put 3 blankets on me to try to get warm, and really miss a good gas forced air furnace, that I can crank up and make the air warm.

So am I thinking about the similarity of this wanna-be self-sufficient project of Gandhi and of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond Experiment? Blah blah blah is my head. Trying to group, regroup, and find the consistencies, congruencies, and inconsistencies and rid my mind of the confusion.

Maybe this is what the mediation is about. To stop thinking. But a good drug addict knows how to do that very well also, but let me not be sarcastic.

I will say if I was going to write the prelude or that is not the right word. I cannot think of the right word. I am sure it is not Quaalude, but what I am looking for is the word that would say the conclusion maybe to the story of Gandhi and Thoreau it would be the story of my experiment of curiosity, and how to be curious without going crazy.

In the end, I am not sure, but I think a good cup of coffee in the morning is ok for me. There is some friendship involved in just waking and drinking a cup of coffee, and not worrying about the mess.

I suppose all my thoughts are too much sometimes for me, but I have learned to not care about my thoughts. They are just a lot of noise and give me a way to spend the day, and in the end all I really want is enough money to be curious and / or probably look for girls. I suppose I am looking for a wife like any other man, but the search is long and tedious, but the world is big.

It is nice to be high minded when you have money, but a little more difficult when you are poor. I relax when I am more self-sufficient. But not needing people is to me is silly. Better to be needed.

I am going to go read in my Encyclopedia about Thoreau. In the introduction to my Autobiography it mentions that Gandhi learned from Henry David Thoreau and the Christian bible, and a few other source, and for sure Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and H D Thoreau were in the same play together. But who was the first? That is my curious question. Who had the original ability to combine the thoughts together and come up with civil disobedience?

I went to read about Gandhi and what I learned is that I was spelling his name wrong. So now the way I was spelling it Ghandi is replaced thanks to Bill Gates and CTRL H with the correct spelling of Gandhi. I really like CTRL H.

I am enjoying my stay here very much so far. I do not think the people have a clue on how to deal with an Indiana boy in the middle of a bunch of people searching for God.

I say,
“Hello, how are you?”
And strangely a lot of people just look at me and stare. I know the greeting is something like amistat or something like that, or marajaba sometime they say to me, but when they say this to me, I give them a nod of the head, and a look in the eye and sometime wave according to the situation. So they got to understand the same idea. When people talk to you… Acknowledge their presence… hehehe…

What good fun.

But Malta has got my number. She is a girl that is somehow connected to the Ashram and was giving me orders. So I called her the boss. I am in a sexist culture and that sort of brought the eyebrows at me, so I said,
“Pretty obvious she is the big boss!”

Men are jerks in the whole world, and this place has more than its share of male jerks, but so be it.

Malta says to me,
“When you was you, I think you be naughty boy.”
I replied,
“I still be naughty boy.”

She has my number, but she is working on instinct and not on some drummed up, I want to analyze and make sure who and what your are, and they I make a judgment sort of thing.

I find the more intellectual a person tries to be the more stupid they become. What is so good about trying to be intellectual? It seems pretty intelligent and high mind, and you may say intellectually astute to me that I must try to enjoy the day. Trying is not part of living or enjoying. I try to find something, but I do not try to be someone. I am me… I think, at least last time I checked.

There is little song and dance here going on, as people are visiting the Ashram. It is a sort of perma-culture environment or you may say it is self-sufficient with the help probably a lot of tourist. I am not sure thought they did not want money for the dinner, but they said something about working tomorrow morning after breakfast. I really would like to go chat with Malta, but I find the idea of working in an Ashram anti cathartic, but I am positive the 3 girls across the way need to have some guidance, and I will encourage them. Maybe?

I do not like to compete with he local workers for jobs, and made up my mind to not do any menial task that could employ locals in poor countries. So.. I will give them some fair money for the food. I already was told I needed to pay 80 Rupees for the room, and the room is great. Has a western style toilet, and it has a pull flush. I am not sure, it maybe the first full on Western toilet I have encountered. I have seen a few flush squat toilets.

The room has a desk, some shelves, and everything but a closet. They included a mosquito net, but I am packing my own newly modified one, which is ready to hang up. I really needed it tonight and have set it up in my room.

I am always wondering about the word empathy. I wish they would empathize with the people that live in hotel rooms. The did give me a mosquito net, but the room is not set up for a mosquito net. It has a lot of plastic conduit on the wall, but the room is a trapezoid or something like that and has to many angles, and 2 single beds. Only one mosquito net. I better check that tomorrow. But you get the point the functionality is missing. (Note - I found 2 mosquito nets in the room, so there is the proper amount of nets, but for sure the proper type of hooks on he walls are missing, or for sure not obvious.)

I will chat up Malta tomorrow and get some of the details. I can say that I do think the drinking, drugs, and noise is down to a minimum here.

I took a sign today of a “No Horn” sign. It was a trumpet with a back slash through it. I had to take a photo of this. The culture of India says that if you have a horn, you must use it at least every 100 meter, or less, and this no horn sign is great. All these signs, and concepts, but I just like I was thinking at dinner tonight.
I said to myself,
“Self, there are a lot of people here searching for God.”
I then though about the people that complain about the people that sin all the time, then go to Church on Sunday.
“At least they are going to the a repair shop, and the ones that do not go are broken also.”

But this is a place for people to search for God and there are people here searching for God. Duh?

I got a kick out of the Ireland girl telling 2 Korean girls tonight about her former French roommate.

The French girl married a Sadhu from Nepal or the Himalayas.

Now the Ireland girl was sort of inferring that this was a holy thing to do, but I was laughing. A Sadhu has or is suppose to have a vow of no women or living a life without possessions. I personally think they make up the rules as they go, but I must be careful with my opinions. But I do know a very drunk one that lives and works the streets begging in Hampi!

But none the less people speak of Sadhu with reverence, but I look at them like they should get a job and stop asking me for money. I do not get any holy feeling from them, but I do get a distinct,
“I be a beggar, and you should feel guilty and give me money feeling.” So like the naughty boy I be. I don’t give them money.

God has a lot of work to do here in India and there is a lot of people walking around with no arms, legs, old, and other very ugly problems, and I am going to help God by giving to the ones with serious problems before the Sadhus that do not wish to work. Plus I am not Hindu. Although I do support all the good Gods of the world.

I was laughing at the 3 girls today.
They were talking about there being a prayer in the morning and a prayer in the evening. Now this is an Ashram and I would hope they would do something like that, but I am not going to believe that it is “non-denominational”

Tonight at the 5:00 dinner we had to sit on the floor, cross-legged and eat, and the man said some chant. He said something,
“Hari Krishna.”

I am pretty sure that Krishna is, no I am positive…

1 Sanskrit Krishna one of the most widely revered and most popular of all Indian divinities, worshipped as the eighth incarnation

Yep he was making a not so non-denominational prayer to Krishna in a Hindu retreat. Now that would make sense, and I would hope in a Hindu retreat they would make this type of prayer. This is good and I respect that, but this malarkey about it being non-denominational is just some not too clear on why they are chanting, but like the feeling so they do chant malarkey.

The Ashram has represented itself correctly, but the other travelers are filling in their misunderstanding gaps as they go. This is very common and if a traveler or anyone does not understand something they make it up as they go. I on the hand drive myself crazy with an overabundance of questions all the time I am researching. I doubt that I can find any clear answers, but I am sure that chatting up Malta can give me some help, and also she has no toe ring. I hope that means she is not married. But if she is living in an Ashram she may be similar to a Monk.

There are some really good “Souls” over there, and they are nice, and the other I will take under advisement. The 3 girls on the other side need to be here, and me. I must need to be here, because I am here, so that would make sense. But I am pretty sure; no I am positive that God is not lost.

I am sure this drives my mother crazy all this talk about Hindus and such, but relax mom. I am pretty sure it all the same God with a different twist to keep think up for guessing. They always said something about faith. I do not think Faith and Logic fit together.

Note that I told Malta I was naughty in a good boy sort of ways, and a not a bad boy. I often think what they mean to say is,
“Andy, you are uncontrollable.”

I know that also.

I was hoping for some Yoga stretching classes.
I will ask Malta. They need to hire a couple more girls over there to answer my questions.

Location: Sevagram or maybe Sewagram, India
Home of an Ashram founded by Mahatma Gandhi.

I think I am living in rooms owned, or maybe managed by the Ashram.

1 : a secluded dwelling of a Hindu sage; also : the group of disciples instructed there
2: a religious retreat

The name of the city is Sevagram. Encyclopedia Britannica says:

town, eastern Maharashtra state, western India. Originally called Segaon, the village was given its present name a HindY: Village of Service) by Mohandas Gandhi, the Indian nationalist leader. In 1936 he left his ashram (a hermitage) on the Sabarmati River, near Ahmadabad, and settled at Sevagram. There he founded another ashram and directed the independence movement. Within this he created a model community that still flourishes, in which the inhabitants live a simple existence.

The town is also the site of the Nai Talimi Sangh, the educational centre established by Gandhi. He gave it the tasks of building a self-sufficient community by providing its own food, clothing, shelter, and tools and of establishing a society able to fulfill its aesthetic, spiritual, and intellectual needs by creating its own art, music, literature, and drama.

Sunday Afternoon
I am jumping a train tomorrow morning at 4:30 AM to Sevagram, India. I asked a few people when the train left for Nagpur and one said at 10:30 and another at 11:30. The both seem extremely reputable and truthful, but the station was only a 10 Rupee Rickshaw away. The man in the station said, something different, but this is the game of travel. I never would trust anyone but the horse’s mouth when traveling, most people do not travel outside there city or village and they are unreliable.

I am looking to stay 3 nights in Sevagram and clean up a little. There are these Mahatma Gandhi signs around saying something to the extent of “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Being that there is a Mahatma Gandhi founded Ashram or Hindu Religious Retreat in Sevagram it will be interesting to see if it is cleaner.

I am learning a lot by necessity on how to clean up while traveling, how to find a clean restaurant, what are the signs of a clean place, and how to look or inspect people for good hygiene. India training ground for people that would want to learn about how to view or inspect for good healthy cleaning habits. The country of India is both one of the cleanest countries and dirtiest in one place. The water is controlled more than most, but the smells, dust, and waste management is disastrous.

I am really expanding my Tips area of my page. I write, add, enlarge, and create tons of small tips daily, then add to the index of tips. I am really happy to be able to capture so many concepts daily.
I was just thinking,
“What I need is a beach full of women, and not so much learning.”

The Internet Café here in Sitpur is or will not open. He said he would open at 2:00 and then I took a Taxi to the place and he would not open. Do not for a minute think that the people of India are hungry for money; in most ways they are exactly the same as the rest of the world. If the money is easy they are ready, but if they have to work no.

But I do not understand this “Holiday.”
Friday is Muslim day, and I am not sure what is Hindu day, and then there are bunches of Tribal people that are having a big market day. Sunday is a Christian day and I have found nothing in this city that resembles or smells of Christians. There are pigs everywhere and that is because of the Tribal people. Some Muslim guy said if the pig touched them they would go shower. I am in favor that everyone in India taking a shower, but that is a whole other issue.

The level of dirt is getting to me, and I thought I could live with anything. The only clean place is in my room, and I would not say that I am in a clean room.

India Music Videos

India Music Videos
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
January 31, 2007

India has some of the most beautiful girls on the planet. I can sit here in my room and watch music videos and dream of a world of beautiful Indian women.

I spent four months in India and never saw anything close to the video culture, and have come to believe it is dangerous for Indian women to even talk with a foreigner.

Therefore, I am always in amazement of the movies and music videos, as it portrays some form of modern and open culture that to me does not exist. I see and felt a very closed culture.

India Music Videos

2007 February 11 Enter India

2007 February 11 Enter India
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
February 11, 2007

I will leave Nepal today and enter Delhi, India. I will fly with Royal Nepal Airlines. I would give you a link, but better to buy from a Travel Agent, as not the best organized Airlines.

This is NOT the cheapest way to fly to Delhi, I purchased a package ticket in Thailand, or two destination ticket. Nepali is similar to India for buying tickets, they just try to be too clever, too many attempts to cheat. Therefore, I normally try to bypass buying any plane tickets in India or Nepal.

I do buy online airplane tickets inside of Nepal, however most Travel Agents in India need taken out back and flogged, and worst if someone else does it beside me.

I am going to apply for a Ghana Visa in Delhi, I am hoping, hoping, hoping that the Embassy is full of Ghana native workers.

2007 February 11 Enter India

Getting a Ghana Visa in Delhi

Getting a Ghana Visa in Delhi
Delhi, India Asia
February 12, 2007

I am in Delhi, and ready go leave... soon.

I went to the Ghana Embassy to try to get a Visa in the two days I am in India. As it stands now I am not going to apply for a Ghana Visa in India for a few reasons. The requirements here in India are more complicated than the ones in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and I do not want to comply.

1. I must book a hotel in Ghana, or get an invitation. The invitation is more or lees crap and I am not going to get a reservation in Ghana or use my credit card online to book rooms in Africa.

2. I need to present a ticket and an onward ticket.

3. Letter of why I am going to Ghana.

4. As normal for India, they will not be on time or say how long the visa will take, maybe they will give me the Visa... ? (I cannot risk giving my passport I need to fly with tomorrow night to the India culture, or the Ghana culture managed by the India culture.)

I do not wish to fake documents or lie, it is annoying as Embassies do not create realistic requirements that make common sense. I do understand if they are making exceptionally strong requirements for India people, but I am American, not Indian.

I do not understand why countries do not copy the successful countries for tourism like Thailand and make life easy.

I believe all these requirement say to me, either fly into Abidjan or Togo and forget Ghana. I will probably fly to Togo.

I am supposed to be able to get a 7 day on landing visa in Togo, then get a longer Visa inside the country. I need to double check.

When applying for a Visa, a person deals first with the culture of the country, then with the culture of the Embassy of the culture.

Getting a Ghana Visa in Delhi

Why to Get Ghana Visa in Delhi

Why to Get Ghana Visa in Delhi

I received an email from somebody in Ghana, it was interesting and as normal when they are being angry, anonymous... hehehe

Good morning,
I'm quite amazed at your response! what nationality are you?
And aside from your nationality, what would be your purpose of
visiting Ghana?
With your attitude, you need to stay in your own country, definitely
if you cannot follow or adhere to our backward and thieving offices,
laws etc......
Do you know the requirements Ghanaians need to leave this country and
go abroad, i mean the flipping British high commission wants us to
apply for visa's six months in advance, Americans allow people to cue
for hours like slaves, and in one or two instances people have
actually died in that line, waiting to go in for a visa and go to
useless foreign lands! And you want a visa in two days! Pratt's the
most appropriate word i can come up with, like wise are the Ghanaians
who give stupid foreign embassies and high commissions the right to
treat them like cattle! And your entire attitude about the way we are,
not everyone's a thief you know? And quite frankly if that's the way
you feel, i suggest you stay away!
Realistic requirements, come checkout what your flipping country
requires of Ghanaians before you sit and judge!
Why shouldn't you state your reason for visiting, or why do you think
you should be exempt from these requirements! These are worldwide
immigration requirements, who are you to say otherwise! Don't judge
someone else's till you know what yours is up to! and what are you in
such a hurry to come and do here anyway. . . this is how we usually
end up with drug dealers, pedophiles, etc because no one actually
checked they had the right ties here or documentation! Please do not
even head to Togo, all their head offices are in Ghana. . . . go home
you flipping HOBO!

The bloody cheek of it. . . . . laws and rules apply world wide, abide
or keep striding to your own dXXX land!
Thank you!
An angry Ghanaian national!


To quote myself:
When applying for a Visa, a person deals first with the culture of the country, then with the culture of the Embassy of the culture.

I never got near a Ghana person, and it is really annoying to go to a USA Embassy and never find an American.

India culture is a pain in the butt and full of mazes or problem. I applied for a Ghana Visa with Ghana people while in Abidjan and it was easy, fast and wonderful. However, the one in India was too much.

This is the issue.
If they had the Visa on arrival like Thailand, then more money would come into Ghana, and the world would not think so primitive. I have been there, it is nice.

The corruption in Africa is the problem and the reason for the long lines to go to the USA, UK and Australia.

I was frustrated, I wanted a path between Bangkok to Mumbai to Ghana to exist, and India is stopping this path for BACKPACKERS. Now, I will need to go Bangkok, Dubai, Ghana, IF there is a Ghana Embassy in Dubai.

Ivory Coast is easy for the USA, but for all others a pain, but the Visa Entente is sort of ok. I will FLY INTO TOGO and skip Ghana. Ghana is nice compared to Nigeria... hehehe

You as a GHANA person should be angry with your government, it is the reason nobody can get a Visa to the USA or UK, or anywhere, then the people are also corrupt to boot.

I am trying to find an easy path to enter Africa. The Africans have made entry into Africa so difficult, every traveler goes either to Asia or South America, Central American anywhere but Africa. I do not blame them, Africa makes life difficult, the cost of Airlines is crazy, the Visa Applications are difficult

Tell me the truth, is there a big danger from modern countries...NO.. this is ridiculous, there is a problem with Ghana people being let out of the country. They never go home. However, Americans, UK, etc, do not go to Ghana and live illegally, they want to leave.

So, learn, if you want the money to come in, you have to make it easy for the money to come in...

Whether I go to a country or do not go to a country is not a big deal, I go to countries that makes life easy. I travel for fun, you are angry because you want to escape, this is not the same.

Funny angry because we loaded them up to go the USA as slave, now they are angry because we will not load them up and take them again.

Why do I want a visa in Delhi, so people can enter Africa easily, this door is too tough and closed. I am not looking at Togo and Ivory Coast as better entries to Africa.

Why to Get Ghana Visa in Delhi

India It Is Here

India It Is Here
Delhi, India Asia
February 12, 2007

I have realized, anything I want, anything I need is here, there or anywhere. What I need or anyone needs is always within our grasp, it is always close.

If a person needs a God, if a person needs crazy, if a person needs a wife, if a person needs to be free from some imagined slavery, what they or I need is in our grasp. There is a wonder of travel, there is a time I believe when a person realizes he or she if free. I make the choices, the choices are not made for me, and what is expected of me is my own mind working to make happen.

I am approaching home, the place in the world where everything is ok, where everything is normal of me, the world where I was raised and defined me in the culmination of my sum of all experiences.

Therefore, because I can imagine, I think of a warm bed, no holes in the sheets, a land where things are quiet. The maddening quiet of the USA.

I am responsible for being here in India for the next two days, it was my choice, it is my responsibility. It is also my choice to enjoy or be annoyed by Delhi, India. Every place has a label, some label this place as wonderful, I would label it as a disaster zone. That doe not mean the other person is not correct, it is wonderful to many people. However, if I want wonderful it is here, I am sure if I want it.

I laugh sometimes at my first thoughts, in Nepal or in India people often put a - Tika - or something on their forehead, between their eyes. Often on a pretty girls it is an alluring, intoxicating attraction, then other times there is this big blob of red on their foreheads, and I think in an uncensored mind.
- What is that S .. t on your head? -

I do not know, I heard a comment yesterday that was as brutal and blunt as and uncensored mind could be commenting to m about the culture of Nepal, or maybe India.

The man from the Netherlands was an outstandingly happy man, the smiles radiated from him in every step, yet he was also able to say and admit what he thinks. He was a free person, nothing told him what to think or say, I admired his brutal comment.

If a person says what they think about a country, another person will inevitable say they have no right to say that. I vacillate wildly about the rights to free speech. I do not like to hear the Islamic crazies say things, and I am sure they do not like me to say the - Islamic Crazies. -

Who is right, who is wrong, neither is right or wrong, however, what is horribly wrong is when one of them feels guilty when having a thought.

I have a prevalent thought when in India.
- Wow, what a crappy place. -

This thought is too powerful for me, and I must and need to accept that my self-talk about India drowns my ability to enjoy the place, I am just not able to make the best of it. I also here people talk about India like they just met God and shook his hand, said hello, then won the lottery the same day. It is annoying to me, however, I am sure they feel wonderful.

I had a person ask me if I would return to Nepal, and I said,
- Sure, it is in the way. -

Nepal is in between Europe and Southeast Asia, it is in the middle and to me hard to avoid. The person wanted me to say I would just fly over it and avoid it, I did not see this or understand why a person would avoid what I consider constantly,
- Wow, what a crappy place. -

I told this quiet miserable lady, that was volunteering with orphans in Kahtmandu these comments, then I said, I will be in the USA in three days and all is good.

She says,
- You lucky man. -

I am thinking to myself, you constantly are trying to induce me to somehow way Nepal is great, yet you think of me as lucky to go to the USA. I do not think I am lucky, I think it will be different, she was obviously torturing herself and constantly trying to convince herself she was in some wonderland. I on the other hand just called it the way I saw it, said what I think, she censored her own feelings and thoughts. She was a very annoying person to me, the Dutch man with his happiness and uncensored thoughts was great.

I have this collection of identifiers of what is a develop or undeveloped nation or culture. It is all on a continuum, from developed to undeveloped. I am trying to add an identifier, or label it, I must make it a label of define it, however, I listed to many person in Nepal saying or hoping.

- I want to go there. -
- I do not want to be here. -

It could be the USA, it could be Europe, there was just many persons in Nepal that did not want to be there. I do not want to be in India, I want to be in the USA, I want to skip this thought.

In primitive cultures they dream of paradise. In the rich countries or highly developed countries they dream of paradise. The dream is different, I know my friends dream of winning the lottery.

Many travelers dream of going somewhere, this is like wanting to buy things, it never ends, a person cannot buy enough to ever be happy. I cannot go enough places to be happy. I satisfy an endless curiosity, I change the channel today on my life, or I change it tomorrow. I know I can always change the channel. When I am living in one location I keep trying to change the channel. I purchased a ticket to the USA about two months in advance. This was a terrible idea, I hope I avoid this action in the future, I hope I do not forget. I was on the channel of Nepal too long, I had to watch the station too long, I was bored with the place, another 30 days and I would have learned to despise the place.

The plane ticket defined how long I would watch the channel called Nepal. I need or should buy one-way tickets, there is also the problem when I am on good station and should not or do not want to change the station and the ticket has defined the time when I change the channel.

Somehow it is here, somehow it there, somehow it is anywhere, there is always a way to change the stars.

I listed to many Nepali people,
- Ttalk and dream of leaving the country. -

The opposite is also true, people pay large to go and see Nepal. Then dream of returning when they leave.

I think it is envy, to crave or wish for what another person has, to covet the other persons life or possessions.

Covet: to have a strong desire to possess something that belongs to somebody else (2)

I guess that is my point, I should never want something that belongs to someone else, because it world require this person to give it to me. I need to dream and want only things I can give to myself. When a girl in Nepal wants me to marry her, I know she wants me to give her the happiness of living in the USA, it just seems like such a silly dream, as I know or feel she will not be happy. I keep thinking, you need to find a place in Nepal where you find it easier to be happy. However, she is dreaming and hard to stop dreams.

I hear a man spitting outside my window here in Delhi, and I dream of leaving.

India It Is Here

Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution
Delhi, India Asia
Monday, February 12, 2007

Trying to escape the noise, I have put a wool blanket up over the window trying to shut out the noise. I do not know what to do, I only have to last until tomorrow night, then I can leave, oops, I need to return on the 22-3 of February, back into the fire.

I am amiss to understand how the world feels very little remorse about creating unlimited amounts of noise. Do people really not care how much they annoy people, or they just totally oblivious to the feelings or others around them.

Noise Pollution

Worst - Best

Worst - Best
Delhi, India Asia
Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What the Worst or Best of Travel?

I would say that the Paha Gang area of Delhi is the second most, or second dirtiest area of tourism on the planet so far in my opinion. While Varanasi, India is the dirtiest on the planet so far in my places I have visited.

The site is a collection of approximately 150 of the top topics or subjects that apply to a traveler, and in this situation tourist.

How this site evolved is I wanted to make navigation for a site. A person does not know the navigation for huge sites when they start, they must evolve, change and adapt. I think they call this site architecture, however in reality the terms or jargon are not important unless I want to study.

I started making a list of subject of importance to travelers, in a way I am trying to reverse list topics for my Top Traveler Sites of 2006 or Top Travel Sites in general.

Generally the Top Travel Sites in a way should be in my opinion the Top 10 needed subjects. Top ten to me first is about needs and safety, however as I read or study this topic or search for idea, I find that most travel writers want to make the Ten Most Popular, this is to me a huge difference.

Worst - Best
In my list of 150 most needed subject or in the index page of is one of those topic I added later, yet has gone nowhere. This topic is the Worst - Best.


I have done little work on this subject, I do think about it, however a very difficult subject, however, probably the most desired topic of Tourist. A person will sit in their home or office and dream of places to go, of the best beach, the biggest party, the most hedonistic place on the planet. The most interesting architecture or the most or best spiritual places on the planet.

Many would say that India is the best spiritual place on the planet, this then starts the problem. It is an opinion, then an opinion is a comparison. How can on person decide which country is most spiritual? How do they go to 252-309 countries on the planet, then make the decision.

There was a sign in Pokjara referencing the New York Times 1000 places to visit before you die, and they seem to be saying something about a Fish Tail Lodge. I keep looking towards the place, and thinking about walking to the Hotel, however it seem like one of the worst locations and designs for a hotel on the lake. While the View Point Lodge, a sort of grubby looking place on the other end seem to have a great location. These are all opinions and truthfully the Fish Tail or whatever the name is could be the best Hotel in Pokjara for you, while at the same time it can be the worst for me.

I am thinking of descriptors or adjectives or hmm, are these adverbs. The definitions below. (2) I find or think I am of adjectives when I say the Worst or most, however maybe descriptors or identifiers when I am talking about navigation of a website.

modifier of verb or adjective: a word that modifies a verb, an adjective, another adverb, or a sentence, for example, “happily,” “very,” or “frankly”

word qualifying noun: a word that qualifies or describes a noun or pronoun

computing describing thing: something, for example, a word or phrase, used as a key to categorize records in a database so that all records containing the key can be retrieved together

something that identifies data: a symbol that identifies, indicates, or names a body of data

When people complain about the navigation of my website they are expressing a belief about how I have designed the architecture or chosen descriptors and identifiers. I know I have fortunately chosen the best, because I am capable of adapting, evolving and modifying the site into a larger site. It think the term is scalability.

2. variable: used to describe computer graphics fonts generated by an algorithm that permits the size to vary proportionately over a wide range
3. expandable: used to describe a computer, component, or network that can be expanded to meet future needs.

The Scalability of was designed perfect, what is horrible is the lack of alternative methods of navigation. Nope, I am wrong, the problem is clarity within the bounds of size. The size of the site and the multiple sections of interest, causes a convolution of mindsets.
We are making a site of all the Hotels and Accommodations on the planted called

There is about 8 Million cities in a very approximate way, and I am wildly guessing however about 20-70 Million Hotels, Guesthouse or types of lodging on the planet.

The navigation for this site is easier to decide on than because generally people think of in the same terms or ideas.

Funding and ideas is the problem, there is needed enough money to pay for the collecting and categorizing of ideas to make a good site. However, there also somehow needs to be some insight or empathy into what the visitors are looking for in a site. It would be hoped, and desired that I can empathize with other travelers to make travel sites. I often am fully aware of what people want to hear or think about in a travel site and ignore them as boorish people, readers or visitors hoping they will go away.

I am fully aware that a soap opera can make a lot of money, yet I am not going to produce a soap opera in this life. There are subjects I am interested in and others I am not passionate about.

Talking about how dirty the Paha Ganj area of Delhi is good fun, to live here is not. I truly believe people that love India are somehow getting in touch with their misbehaving child. They are getting to break all the rules of civilized people in one country, they can deny their religion, they can urinate or defecate in the streets, they can go for weeks without showering and they would be normal. They can talk religion in the most confused and in my view stupid manners and call it a spiritual awaking and probably is they just is anger.

Worst - Best

Too Much Where I do Not Want to Be

Too Much Where I do Not Want to Be
Delhi, India Asia
Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A man must know his limitations, as my friend Jeff says and probably Clint Eastwood.

Travel is not the problem for me, the problem is not that I need to go home, the problem is I have spent too much time in places where I do not want to be. I need to go to a place that is good for me.

I think maybe a person becomes surrounded by either things or ideas, or worst yet they allow themselves to become surrounded in a cocoon. I suppose the womb of a mother is holding a baby in a perfect world, then the baby leaves and slowly the world either creates a cocoon, maybe a womb is correct, however, there is a world that is either good feeling or a slow insidious bad feeling.

I like the ideas of continuums where, hmm, the adjectives go from a negative to a positive, there is a line of sight. The line of sight out of a negative feeling is not easy, however I have learned the hard way a person needs to find their happy spot. Who was it, Wendy in the Movie Peter Pan who was telling Peter played by Robin Williams to find his - Happy Thought - and then he could return to Never Never land… I guess it was Tinkerbell.

PETER PAN - From my Encarta Encyclopedia:

- Peter Pan (motion picture) … tells the story of Peter Pan, an otherworldly boy who befriends Wendy Darling and her younger brothers John and Michael after Wendy helps him retain control of his rogue shadow. Pan uses fairy dust from Tinkerbell, his tiny companion and romantic hopeful, to enable the Darling children to fly with him far away to Never-Never Land. There they meet and do battle with exciting villains, such as a group of pirates led by Captain Hook … -

My guess is what a traveler travels until they know why they travel, or we are searching for - Never Never Land - or - Oz.

I suppose - Otherwordly Boy. -

Too Much Where I do Not Want to Be


Delhi, India Asia
Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I found this quote by accident searching for Never Never land.


If I were an American, as I am an Englishman, while a foreign troop was landed in my country, I never would lay down my arms,—never—never—never!

William Pitt the Elder (1708 - 1778)
British prime minister.


The Value of a Blog

The Value of a Blog
Delhi, India Asia

I hear people who say to me, I do not have time to blog. Let us be real, a blog is either an attempt to me ourselves famous or it is semi-personal an private diary. Then again some people had better not ever say or write what they think or they will throw them in jail.

I try to post daily for business reason, however, the real value for me to blog is I get to daily write in my Journal, a.k.a diary and talk to myself and reveal what was known, but not understood. Then even when I cannot publish for days or weeks, I still had the value, and who really cares about business, it is just something we do that gets in the way of what we really want to do.

The Value of a Blog

Delhi to Chicago Flight

Delhi to Chicago Flight
American Airlines Airplane
Above Russia or North Pole
Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I am on about hour eight of a sixteen hour flight from Delhi to Chicago, airplanes are often more uncomfortable than the buses. The airplane has private Television Screens so I can choose from about 8-12 movies or shows to watch.

There is some info-commercials on about travel, and I am musing and wondering where I fit into this commercial. There is a long presentation of a resorts or the inside of Hotels, showing the swimming pools, the beach, the rooms, the bar everything inside a normal resort. At the end or near the end is says something about choosing the travel destination.

I am mixed up, it was the name of resort or the Villas or something.

I am becoming increasing concerned with the general public. I am not sure, I guess the world wants to be entertained, and they want to dream, and then they figure out if they can afford to pay for it.

The salespeople of the world sit around thinking, hmmm, what can we sell that will be the new hot and trendy product that everyone will buy and we can make lots of money.

A Vacation Package, a Resort, or a Tour Packages is a product, something sold to entertain people. I think the idea of a resort is great, I remember working 12 hour days, busy, too much of everything and I need a separation from work so I could recharge my batteries. I do not want to call a resort though a destination, more that I checked myself into a resort like a fat farm to help me feel better.

The product of selling tours, the product of selling ideas.
The product of selling vacations packages, the product of selling ideas.

I am trying to think, what am I selling? I hope I am selling a truthful look of the world and my honest interpretations. I do not get paid for this, rather I make money now by the creation of a page that can index, categorize and people finds. If a person does not read, just gets annoyed and clicks on an advertisement and leaves, I make more money. Keeping readers on pages does not make more money, not in the short run, however, the long term readers yes, because they have multiple chances to click.

I am trying to understand in my mind, what is the travel industry selling. I think the product is a wonderful idea, then some way of making a location free of reality. It would be very hard to take persons on a tour of India and somehow stop them from seeing men urinating in the streets or more.

I told a friend Lynn in a push of idea, that people travel to be voyeurs. They want to look at people that are different and India is a great place for this, a billion people radically different than the rest of the planet, they do not know that, however I do.

She was apologizing for complaining about some issues of India, and I said, please you are not complaining, you are just not totally happy. Everyone should search for happiness and if you are not happy, then search. However, if you are in the dump, and you cannot find happiness, change dumps.

I have people want to know my favorite places, in some abstract way my favorite place is in a room reading a book or watching a movie. I like to be entertained. The second favorite it walking around in machinery type areas or industrial sales type areas of funky under-developed countries. I love to look, play, try to understand all the weird gadgets the world uses to work and make things.

I do not like loud noise, and I do not like bad mannered people.

I suppose I should ask myself, where are the most gadgets and at the same time the best mannered people, need to throw in a beach with girls in bikinis?

This is my perfect place, while many want to listen to some poor person in India tell their sad story. Neither is better, just different and if you like to listen to sad stories, then listen to sad stories.

I have made my own sad stories, drunken stupid stories full of punishment and anger, and people frustrated and hateful. I have lived that soap opera. I found it was easier to find people who want to live in a soap opera and say how miserable they are than the ones who want to say,
- I am a winner, I succeed and prosper and thrive at life, therefore life is good. -

This is an endless endorphin rush, and addiction to misery, I wish they would go jump out of planes with a parachute, it would be the same rush.

So, I am watching on Television, it is not over, but I was watching the sales of a rush of ideas, the idea of a paradise inside a building, the creation of a paradise you can buy. Not a bad idea, I wish it would never end.

16 hours on a plane, this is a record I think for me, we are flying over the north pole I think because it is a shorter distance than flying over Northern Africa or Europe to fly to Chicago.

I am very excited to buy the product of Africa, they do a horrible job of selling this product, they sell AIDS, Poverty, drudgery and people with nothing. This is great, I am so happy I went there and it is not what I see on the News and Television. It has almost zero tourist, and I am developing some revulsion to tourist. I am a tourist, I like to go look at things, however I am in a real problem area, I do not want to suffer to listen to their stories of what they watch on TV or read in a Travel Magazine. The ideas they have purchased to me seem more illusion and dysfunctional, a never ending soap opera.

I like to read the encyclopedia to journey to discover the world, then I like to go find on the earth what I read about. I do see the ideas inside of the Encyclopedia as something of value, a good value for my money. However, there is little to sell to people, most things in the Encyclopedia are free to go see.

Hmm.. I am going to read about the Congo to make the time pass faster.

Delhi to Chicago Flight

2007 February 14 Enter USA

2007 February 14 Enter USA
Born in the USA

I left India on the 14th of February, and entered the USA on February 14, 2007

This is a memory marker, a way to remember....

Entered a snowstorm in the Chicago, Airport and quickly remember the Tropical worlds.

2007 February 14 Enter USA

2007 Feb 22 Leave USA Enter Togo

2007 Feb 22 Leave USA Enter Togo

I will leave the USA today February 22, 2007 and fly with American Airlines to Delhi, India and enter on the 23rd of February. I will switch to the low cost carrier Spice Jet and fly to Mumbai, India. Then later in the night on the 24th, I will fly from Mumbai to Togo, Africa.

It is not that simple, yet more or less that, I am guessing I will fly around 13,000 miles and in and out of airplanes and airports for 48 hours.

This is the longest groups of flights I think I have ever done in one stint.

Fort Wayne to Chicago to Delhi, Delhi to Mumbai, Mumbai to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, then to Lome, Togo.

I will fall asleep at the wrong time, at every airport I will have my foot through the straps of my backpack or chain it to my body.

2007 Feb 22 Leave USA Enter Togo

Escape From India

Escape From India
Mumbai - Bombay, India
Saturday, February 24, 2007

I met with my techie or coder from India, and now I escape to Africa. I do not wish to return, I have had enough of India. On the way through security of Delhi Airport they took 10 rechargeable batteries, however to me to do the impossible and go back to check in and check the batteries. I screamed at the security check person.
- Why do you tell me something that is impossible. -

The lines, the queue, the procedure to board was impossible, then they had already shipped my bag down the line towards the plane.

However, telling me advice that is a dead end sums up India.

I am not sure how they do it, but the India culture is constantly annoying on all levels to me, I have no part of it I enjoy and dream of return for, just think avoidance.

Escape From India

Togo India Air Courier Needed

Togo India Air Courier Needed
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Sunday, April 29, 2007

I am up to my ears in shipping cost, amazing how much it cost to ship something to Togo or India or anywhere outside the USA.

I worked a long time on an Air Couriers Site and did way too much research on the issue before I finally realized, this is NOT for the average person, they just do not get it, and I am not going to sit around trying to explain.

However, I do understand why or feel I understand why a person is needed to be a courier. Because, I now need two maybe, and NOW or within the next two or three weeks.

I think I need an Air Courier that can leave from say:

MAY 10 to MAY 20 - 2007
Leave from USA and go to:
Lome, Togo and Goa, India

Carry a 20 Kilo - or about 40 Pounds bag full of electronic gadgets. We can meet the person at the Airport and make life easier.

Chris is helping me to put together a big care package, full of all sorts of toys that would allow me to live in the jungle with no electricity and use my computer from Solar, Batteries, 12 Volt this and that.

Now, Boy Genius of India has burned up what he calls a brick in his HP laptop because of a power surge in India.

I think India is way beyond my level of tolerance level of electricity problems. I would go solar and say good-bye to the India electric companies. I think the only way for him to run his computers is to have a big bank of car batteries and a solar power source.

I sort of want a 12 Volt Hydroelectric supply also… hehehe

To send a package to either Goa, India or Lome, Togo I think I can give a person 250 USA Dollars to apply towards a plane ticket, if the person is already on the way, then they would save 250 US Dollars.

I am not joking, the cost to send a package to Togo or India fast is expensive, and then the more important problem is to get it INTO the country. This is the function of a courier, to get the package into the country as personal baggage.

There is a secondary goal here, I want to learn, can I pay 300 US Dollars and buy the equipment to be self sustainable with electricity, and have a fan and lights, and power my computer. Plus be travel light enough to carry in my backpack, some big goals. A Hobo goal, live cheap, and reasonable.

Air Courier, Togo, India, Customs, Shipping, United Parcel Service, FedEx, DHL Shipping

Togo India Air Courier Needed

India Says Get Visa in Home Country

India Says Get Visa in Home Country
There is a path between Asia and Europe and the USA for foreigners, India is on this path. It appears that India is removing their country from this Tourist or Travelers path. Travelers Visas for India has changed their Visa rules in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia already have, and Thailand may be soon follow. Soon maybe only a Thailand citizen will be able to get a Visa to India in Thailand. This is either brilliance or extreme stupidity, I know for this Hobo I will no longer travel to India because I will not be able to get a Visa easily.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Sunday, October 21, 2007
Andy of --- Promote Hotel

I have applied and received Visas to India in England, Egypt and Thailand, never in the USA. If this new rule becomes worldwide, I would have to fly home to the USA for the Visa to India. India is already on my I-do-not-love-country list, however, there are many reasons to go to India, and one is business…

The pros of this policy is they may slow the Rasta, Tattoo, non-employable Foreigners from flying from Southeast Asia and living in India on one dollar per day, taking cheap drugs India is knowm for and their inane search for Gods.

The Cons is the only Foreigners in Southeast Asia who will find a way around the rule will be these un-employable, the net result is these people will still go to Asia and the good normal travelers will not.

The huge Negative point is India business, in my theory of global business most global type entrepreneurial businesses are started by tourist. Yes, Microsoft and the big boys will go anyway. However, the startup businesses established from people hanging around in India will be slowed. Tourist and travelers carry new ideas, and India desperately needs some new ideas, they do NOT need the Rasta, Tattoo bunch going there and doing drugs, but they do need the people, who say while on a tourist trip.
-- This is good idea, I will import - export this to India. -

Indian people are know it alls, they are in this hangover from the English Noble class concepts, and their class system just enforces it. They truly believe in their in inherent culture some people are smarter than some classes of people. This is just another example of India proving they are not just and equal, and they for sure are not smarter. The essential problem with class systems are they do not listen to people below them in status, the close the door to learning from the whole world.

When a country makes a rule to exclude, they exclude the good and the bad still comes. Look at the USA; we have for years required Foreigners to return to their home country to apply for a Visa. The illegal aliens in the USA may outnumber the legal tourist. Right now the policy is to allow the trash of Mexico to come live in the USA and eventually give them citizenship, while the law abiding great Mexican has no chance to immigrate to the USA. Rather reverse Darwin in steroids. I think the USA should open the border to Mexico and allow the trash to escape easy, they want to go home, they just came to earn money, but now they are in a cage. I do want reciprocity, I want Mexico to allow the USA to also move to Mexico.

India needs to explain, what their secret, never thought out agenda here is. I do not like India, and now I like less. One more reason to not go to India, I do not need more reasons, I am overwhelmed with reasons already and I want to go to India, it has many stories to tell in a covered by cow manure way.

I wonder, do they want to be like Nigeria?

or maybe Contact Andy

India Says Get Visa in Home Country

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