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The Value of a Blog

The Value of a Blog
Delhi, India Asia

I hear people who say to me, I do not have time to blog. Let us be real, a blog is either an attempt to me ourselves famous or it is semi-personal an private diary. Then again some people had better not ever say or write what they think or they will throw them in jail.

I try to post daily for business reason, however, the real value for me to blog is I get to daily write in my Journal, a.k.a diary and talk to myself and reveal what was known, but not understood. Then even when I cannot publish for days or weeks, I still had the value, and who really cares about business, it is just something we do that gets in the way of what we really want to do.

The Value of a Blog

Blogging About Home

Blogging About Home
February 21, 2007

I was asked today,
- If the Hobo is home, then who is blogging? -

I was evasive and said,
- I have decided to lighten up on blogging while in the USA, as not so good to have the whole world know my home town. -

I live in somewhere, somehow, small town USA, a great place to live and everyone knows my name. I am a legacy, I have the inherent right to membership to this ethnic group, I am part of the tribe. I will never lose my colors or rights to membership.

I however, what is information of the tribe, should in a way stay with the tribe.

There is a responsibility to the human race, I naturally deny it, nonetheless, I continually need to accept, a person does not just have the right to say anything for anybody to read.

Blogging About Home

Blog by SMS or Cell Text Message

Blog by SMS or Cell Text Message
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I purchased a SIM card with Togocel here in Lome, Togo, the card cost 2500 CFA or about 5 US dollars, and I guess I have a credit of 2500 CFA to make calls, so a very good deal.

Last night I tried about 5 combinations of numbers to text a message to the United Kingdome or England, whereby some telephone number is suppose to convert a text message to an email.

I am sort of excited, Andrew Boy Genius of India has made it work, therefore there is hope for me. I text messaged a Togo girl and she text me back. It works inside the country of Togo.

NOW!!! The annoying part, I need to discover the correct combination of numbers to get out of Togo. If I find a Peace Corps Volunteer, I am sure they will know how to call, I am not sure they would use the cheap text message because this is not the fashion in the USA.

I have not seen many Brits in Togo, they all go to Ghana where they can speak English. French go to French places, and English go to English places, and Spanish go to Spanish places.

More about not leaving your country, then about going to another country. People do not go where life is difficult or they may learn something. Togo is easier than Ghana though, Ghana copies the violent black gang music of the USA, and Togo copies the less violent music of France.

I am going to the countryside, up country, where they do not copy the MTV music world. I need to blog, so the world does not get worried. I seem to have two options. GPRS with Togocel or Text Message or SMS with Togocel.

I hope to get both working today, there is hope. GPRS is better, however as of now, I sat and asked the price per kilobyte for transfer in the Togocel office. Nobody knows, it is either 5 Francs, or .05 Francs or .005 Francs, and I can only WISH or dream of .0005 Francs.

I asked, do you have a page or sheet of prices?
- Non -

Buying a pig in a poke, they will sell it, but they could not tell me how much it cost. I think I will soon learn and can tell someone, if this exist and the NGO’s are still using Satellites in Togo, they are throwing money up in the air, unless the cost is very high.

I had made a decision, I think the GPRS is better than Satellite on the planet for many reasons, unless on a boat.

HOPE, I hope a text message blog post will arrive on this blog soon, what a headache. Frustrations and pushing to make life happen, forcing the play, making it happen. A person can not be beaten that never quits.

None of the test worked, I think I need some special numbers to exit the country, the + sign does not work.

Blogging, Togo, Text Message, SMS, Internet, Satellite,

Blog by SMS or Cell Text Message

Beta Blog Forwards to Newsletters and Teasing Techie

Beta Blog Forwards to Newsletters
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, March 16, 2007

I am teasing with my techie from India, I am telling him,

- Forwards goes BETA. -

I am not sure what Beta means in technical terms, I do know how they mean or use it, I suppose it has something more than Greek Alphabet for reasoning behind it.

What is mean to me is this, we have something that works, we think is functioning, but we are going to start using it and testing it, it is in the Beta phase, need to test and watch, not perfect.

What is happening is this, I like to receive newsletters by emails, I really think more people read the blog by email than this new RSS or ATOM reader system, I think they just add and disregard, adding hundreds of reads into these systems and forget. It is very hard to forget an email, I must delete a newsletter that comes by emails, so there is a reaction. This must be some type of Marketing 101 class, passive versus active participation.

I cannot use RSS Feeds or Atom and find them extremely difficult to use from internet cafes and others ways, requiring way too much effort and time. I can download emails and take home, read in my room.

We have made a forwards system, I send ONE email and it goes now to three separate newsletters serving system, it will start to activate tomorrow.

This means or the bottom line is a person can choose a few more ways to read the blog. A long time ago we added the feature, about a year ago, I started sending also to A few days ago, I signed up with a long-term helper to and an original sender of newsletters

A reader can choose as they wish:

Now, I guess I can sign up for the MSN newsletters sending version and any others I can figure out that allows me to post by sending with an email.

Beta Blog Forwards to Newsletters a Need For Speed a Need For Speed
Kpalime, Togo West Africa

I have a need for speed!. Something from the movie - Top Gun -

I want to log into and post my blog fast, it takes me about 5 minutes now to log in because the Togocel GPRS connection is slow, but great.

- No I-frame, no foreplay, no zippers.

Medium - The little square box breaks or does not load, need to break the zipper.

Slow - But, I want to READ English - Wearing a girdle.

Normal blogger is easy, just type in and easy to remember, and takes time to change language, change worlds, change, etc.

I have a need for speed!

Note, reads you IP, or knows where you are at, and then tells the control panel, now called dashboad what language they you may be reading. This means, I am supposed to read French here in West Africa. I am using a control panel in French, not English, new words, and new ways.

Click here to stay in English and not have to play, you also can find the link to your language, as most of the world does not speak English as first language.

Note, I am learning how to do the least amount of bandwidth use blogging, so if and when I buy a satellite internet connection, or I have to pay 10 dollars per meg for GPRS cell phone connection to the internet, etc, I can have a need for cheap. a Need For Speed

Blogging is My Business

Blogging is My Business
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Monday, April 2, 2007

I really do not care much about what I blog, I write about what I am thinking at the moment. To read my blog for relevancy and usability seem silly at best.

IF you are going to go travel for over two years.
Extremely Valuable and applies to maybe 1 in 500,000 people.

If you are in the office, and planning a trip to Togo right now, then very good.

If you are curious…

If you are planning a trip to South America, then go read my blog post or newsletters about that time period and forget reading the daily blogs about Togo.

This is a business, always has been, always will be, I make web pages, I blog to make money. I had one goal with I started to make web pages.

I wanted to earn enough money to travel and work anywhere on the planet, to be a Hobo that goes from place to place and find small jobs.

Extremely few readers, reads the whole newspaper. They read the sections they like and ignore the others. This is how to read a blog, it the topics and the reader wants, continue, if not interesting, click away and be done.

I want to receive blogs my email box, if I am going to read, I want to read, I am not interested in RSS, as I have a hard time using it, and it does not force me to read. I read by temptation. I have and will continue to put manuals and difficult journals, and boring, but I need to read information in the rest room. I read a little of what I do not really want to read.

RSS to me is this, I am saying I am interested in everything, but focus on nothing.

If I want to read something, I make myself react to it, I force it to cross my path daily, then I learn.

But making one post for me, is about business. I make each post to have it show up in a search engine, the person finds, a reader interested in blogging will find this one. I then hope so they do not get annoyed, they click on the NEW feature now offers.

Thank you - Labels - they at the bottom of all post online, not offline, and a reader can stay on topic better by reading the labels and get their I need information fix, MTV, too fast for life people, not my friends, just came to read and take and leave.

My best friends have insatiable curiosity about anything, talk about trees, they talk, talk about solar, they talk, talk about politics they talk, the subject is not as important as curiosity. They are probably still reading to this point… Hehehe

The bottom line is this, the more pages a person makes on different topics, the more money they can make on the internet with the new contextual ads. The more unique, obsolete, and unknown the topic, the more money they can make. To talk about Shakira will not make you money as everyone is talking about Shakira, to talk about Togo will make me money, I will be continually in the to 10 searches for Togo because the planet does not know Togo exist, and is not a prime time subject.

I recommend blogging as a source to fund a person who wishes to travel forever. However, they need to make about five posts per day minimum for about 2 years to make any money. Every post is one subject and one them, they need to follow very strict SEO rules and pretty much ignore the other webmasters, if a person say Flash, this mean the do not know.

I like to blog, fun, easy, and my online diary, talk about what I want, the readers help me, they give me ideas and recommendations, I make some friends, I make enemies.

The way to know how popular a blog is, count the number of hate mails, if you do not get hate mail, not many people are reading and probably you spend your whole time sucking up to people, being a person who says what you think they want to hear, and not your log of you life.

Blogging is My Business

Popular Blogs

Popular Blogs
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My blog is not popular, it may be well know and recommended, that is not the same as popular.

As some of my friend get serious about blogging, and try to make a living blogging, I tend to think more about if this is possible for the average person.

I do not make diddle from my blog, I make the bulk from the main site, maybe 5-20 dollars per day from the blog part, however, I am guessing, I do not know, there are too many pages on my site, and the income is distributed, not isolated, as I would wish or possible.

I think though if a person wants to be famous, and a popular blog, they need to post blogs that are easy, simple and a person can agree or disagree easy. Do not sit around and contemplate your navel as I do and totally confuse the readers.

The popular blogs seem to written more to the third grade reading level, seem to cater to a simpler mentality that like sports, soap operas, and read the horoscope daily in the newspaper, does not have a clue what is on the business section.

The is prime time TV.

To be popular, you have to cater to prime time TV. I would say most travel magazines write for prime time TV. They are never offensive, and help to support silly idea like poor people are nice people and going to a resort is seeing a country.

A popular blog would reinforce beliefs or preconceive perceptions, and not try to refute or destroy popular stereotypes. They would attack popular common figures, like President Bush and support Popular dizzy people like.. Darn, cannot remember the name, Brad Pitts wife. Joli or something, a good looking girl.

This type of blog is easy for most persons to perform, because they are prime time, they are the majority.

Popular Blogs

Blogging at Warp Speed

Blogging at Warp Speed
Kpalime, Togo West Africa

I was chatting with my Boy Genious Techie from India on Yahoo Messenger.

I said,
- Take us to Warp Speed Scotty. -
A person from India does not truly understand.

A whole generation of Star Trek fans and I continually think this way....

Star Trek The Next Generation

We are having great fun, as the Brit say, we are designing and having fun making Blogging and intenet website toys.

I wish I could travel to the stars.

Take us to Warp Speed
(I think he speed of light as used in Star Trek.)

Blogging at Warp Speed

Failed to See Cacao

Failed to See Cacao
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I believe 80 percent that Cacao is not on the trees and they are not harvesting any at this time, and 20 percent maybe they are harvesting somewhere. I still do not know, after one day of trying to know.

Quoting myself from this link:

- Any way you do it you pay, the luck is to accidentally take a tour, and not even be on a tour. If I happened upon the Cacao, it would be nicer and easier and I would have less temptation to club people on the head. -

Richard Trillo said...
Hi Andy, sounds a bit complicated. Couldn't you just rent a bicycle or moto and go a couple of miles out of town to the nearest cacao plantation?

(SEO wise, that is not good. ... hehehe)

This BLOG is the problem!

Quoting myself:
- I have about a 90 percent chance, assuming there is Cacao there today. I can get the last with the number 3 below. -

The blog is the problem, we have 20/20 hindsight, and if I go and document something and it works, and come back and report, then there is not a problem. However, if I talk about the future and it does not work, then crash and burn as they say in the movie Top Gun. I like to tell and explain how I feel think and how I make decisions, this is the Art of Travel, and not explaining what worked and shows the photos.

The luck is to accidentally take an Agro-Tourism Tour. I accidentally went on a Palm Oil tour.

Palm Oil Tour
I now have 106 photos of Palm Oil being made, from what they call a Palm Nut, and there is two type of oil and maybe three made. The 106 photos include the break to take pictures of a girl with an attitude that came into the game.

Photo taken in the Red Nut processing area of Palm Oil - One of Three Areas.

Photo of foods are a pain, this is why I am explaining in a very complicated fashion. Easier to just take a couple of photos and say, I saw some Cacao, and in if you do not make a plan then it looks like you knew what you was doing, I never know, until I am done.

I often think, walking across the world and I would see the world. When I am in one of the Peugeot Station wagons, I can or man now call a Kittle Car thanks to a Ghana pronunciation of Cattle, it become very complicated to get them to stop and see the Cacao Plantation, I need to say,
- Please crazy driver, drop me off in the middle of nowhere here, so I can go and see the Cacao Plantation. -

Richard said correctly, to rent a bike or moto and go see a Plantation outside of town. I do not know about the bike, if he meant a bicycle, which could take more work than I am willing to do, I would rather walk and take a moto back, when I do not find a plantation.

Step one of my three part self-constructed tour was aborted before it stared. I found out that we was NOT taking a 300 CFA Moto Trip, we was getting in a car and going the distance of 300 CFA. A car for 300 CFA is a good distance, on a Moto not so far.

Well, to get a car that can hold 3 people is an act of God, being that I am not God, I am not going to search for a Car and pay white man fees. Finding three Motorcycle taxis is easy. The volunteer guide for the Cacao, the manager of the Mandela came late and wanted to wait for this and wait for that, long story, but I said,
- I will give you 5000 CFA, however we are not waiting. Goodbye. -

Therefore, the first option failed.

Second choice was to go and have Michael talk a person on a Moto and take us to a Cacao Plantation, more or less the recommendation of Richard, but with a Ghana English speaking a little, and Mina translator. Michael has a friend he lives with that is working in his home on some clothes Mike makes. We go a long way to Mike house, not towards the Cacao, walk a long way, and look at the Cacao trees. I say to Mike this is not the process of Harvesting Cacao.

When we first mentioned this, he was bound and determined to take me across the Ghana border illegally and show me where they process Cacao into something. Now, I get to look at a Cacao tree, with no Fruit as they call it. This is just a tree, not the process of making Chocolate.

I have a man on the Meter walking through the brush, it cost me 1000 CFA to see a tree that does not have the Cacao fruit on it and does not show anything but a tree that looks like Frog but is a Toad to me, all the same to me in a way.

I start to get more specific with Michael, I want to see some trees with the Cacao fruit on it, and people puling the fruit off the tree, putting in a basket, and taking to some bigger container and doing what they do, being that I have never seen, I am guessing.

I had about three days of conversation with the manager, and he assured me, I could see the Cacao being harvested or in the process. I know, I can go to the market and find some Cacao fruit for sale. I am not worried about the seeing, I can see one, and I can get on my own pages and see photos of Cacao.


The process of harvesting Cacao, with Michael and the Manager of the Mandela, I was continually assure we was going to see the step-by-step process. I pantomimed, I explained, in French, Michael sat for one-half hours talking with me in English and then talking in Mina to the manager.

I get to see one tree, I did not club them, but I wanted too.

One taxi driver, about the fifth set told Michael about a Cacao Farm, we went to this farm, I see no Cacao Fruit, my camera is full now, from the Palm Oil spontaneous tour photos and I have no space to take photos of anything else. However, I do NOT see Cacao fruit, just a lot of trees that look like trees.

I went on a planned tour to learn and document the plant called Cacao, the fruit from a tree that is utilized to make Chocolate, and came home knowing every step and completely understanding the process of making Palm Oil with 106 photos that include a girl.

Photos of Black Nut processing area, 2 of 3 areas we visited to see the Palm Oil. The cook the paste and the oil rise to the top. There are two type of oil, from the husk part of the red palm nut and then the actual nut inside.

Photo in the nut cleaning area, 3 of 3 areas of visited to see them doing a process to make two or three type of palm oil. I think I should say in the separation of the nut from the shell area, as they put sand in the water, the nut comes to the top and the shells go to the bottom. Michael said washing, on hindsight this is a separation process.

This is the girl with an attitude that came to visit at the end in the washing phase of the nut process.

I went to find Chocolate and I got Palm Oil. In Thailand they would say, same same, but different. I am saying, the Africa Almost, almost what I wanted, but not really. I wanted to see a systematic process of the making of Chocolate; instead, I got the 106 photos including the girl with an attitude and a very good education about the process of making Palm Oil. I will send all those photos and you can see all the photos when I send a newsletter, not that I have been good at that lately.

This tour turned out great, and if I had not said, I am going to go and take photos of Cacao. I would be able to show you a great set of photos explaining in great detail the step-by-step process of making palm oil. I could pretend I went on a trip to discover this, I did well and I took all the photos. The truth is and I will say this again, travel is about answering questions you did not know you should ask.

I hope to put up an explanation on the making of palm oil here, but then again, who knows, this is almost Africa, and I almost want to write a book, but not really. It could take up to five hours to explain what I saw today about Palm Oil, not Cacao.

I am always glad I do not tell the whole stories of Afria, I think about this, but there are so many small soap operas in the day how could I write them as fast as they happened. I learned today, Cadeau could mean, a tip, and better thought of a Tip for some service, but really a tip for no service. I am learning about the Cadeau, I think.

I should learn to not look foolish and tell stories in real time. I am often annoyed at blogger, thinking you just have a fancy way to write, nothing to do about real life, it is not a log of your trip, just a complicated to make a webpage because the not not want to learn to make a webpage.

I have the GPS locations of the three areas of Palm oil making.

Failed to See Cacao

What Age am I In

What Age am I In
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The attempt I made yesterday to document the step-by-step process whereby a Cacao Fruit or Seed is transformed from into Chocolate made me afraid.

I am afraid I will never know, never have all my questions answered.

No, my fear is that I will forget, I will not be able to remember the Cacao, I will forget where I am, because I cannot see the woods for all the trees.

I wrote Eric about an idea, and he wrote back saying,
- Now, let me see if I can get my mind around this? -

No, his exact word and quote from the email was,
- Trying to wrap my head around this one... -

I did a ctrl F or a Control Find, or continue to simplify, I did a search in my emails for the set of words - around this - and found the correct quote by Eric whereby, I can be accurate.

I use the - or Minus Mark because the quotation marks create a conflict in the computer language that make internet web pages, and the internet has not resolved the problem globally.

Because of Quotation Marks, and Language differences, this is what I saw when I received this post to moderate in my email box.

This is just the STUB, this is just a too short explanation, I cannot even start to explain myself, it is too confusing.

I am afraid I will forget what I have learned.
I am afraid I not be able to find again the data, photo, information or the writings I have collected or created.

Science is organized knowledge.
- Herbert Spencer (1820 - 1903)
British philosopher.

When dealing with an assortment of facts or observations, the natural tendency of the human mind is to dichotomise.
- Anthony Stevens (1933 - ) British psychiatrist.
Evolutionary Psychiatry


History says or explains life in terms of dynasties, epic, age of period. There is probably a name for this, a science that explains the classification of history.

1. Age of Exploration
2. Dark Ages
3. Renaissance
4. 1650 - 1800 The Enlightenment
5. Industrial Revolution

These are example of word that were used or coined to explain a period of history.

Where am I now? What time am I in, do I need to travel to the future, to look back to know how historians will learn to define the age I am in, or will they have so many labels it will not matter.

I need to get my head around this.

The Age of the Stub
a short article in need of expansion.
A short idea, in need of explanation.

In a way, we are in the age of the stub, this is defined and used by the internet public made, made by the readers of the Encyclopedia called, Wiki meaning quick in Hawaii terms. (A stub)

A Wikipedia stub is a short article in need of expansion.

STUB: A short article in need of explanation.

We are in an age where we have started a stub, we have maybe 1 percent, less than one percent created some small methods to explain the knowledge of the universe.

Einstein and other scientist try to explain how atoms relate, associate and are not relate, how they attract, react or are repelled from each other.

The globalization of knowledge.

- Trying to wrap my head around this one... -

This is an age where people are trying to wrap there heads around this one, and most have left the battle, they have accepted and said, I just do not care, there is too much, everything is overwhelming. I give up.

I sense and hear a drift of the curious, there is this idea, yes Andy, I wish to also travel nomadically to see the planet, to find what treasure are offered to my desire for knowledge. Then I feel, I know, they are saying to me,
- I am addicted to the information I can learn on the internet. -
- I cannot leave my computer that long. -

They are addicted to the satisfaction of finding answers to their questions. In the end, they cannot travel nomadically, they must travel in areas that offer them high-speed internet connections.

It is sad to say, but this is like a razors edge path, this high-speed connection is truly only available when you stop traveling and find a home, purchase the connection and create the connection you want.

The connection exist, it is Satellite, and would cost me 50,400 U.S. Dollars per month to have unlimited internet connection anywhere and maybe anywhere on the planet.

The Age of Addiction to the search for answers, to small questions, to knowledge.

Stepping out of the box, then how can I find a way to communicate with the box?

We or I or me, I want to step out of the box, yet have all the toys in the box to play with.

I am afraid I will forget, I will not be able to retrieve the small information I collect, I will not be able to explain myself.

My life is a stub.

I gave the graphic example of what happens when I use the quotation marks; I could go and write a book about what happens and why I continually use this method of quoting something.
- The internet has not YET adapted to my travels -
Unless I devote myself to the solution to one silly small problem.

This is a stub on the explanation of quotes on my blog, where do I start, where do I end in my explanations. Do I start this as a stub, and then hope the pubic will continue to explain in a wiki world, and opens source planet. Wiki people or in the land of the stub they agree to agree. In the land of Cancer study, in the world of science, they are afraid to share; they all are fighting to be the first to publish, to be the first to know and explain, somewhere science will become wiki.

Less than 1 percent is explained, all life is a stub.

What did I forget, while I was typing this, what did I miss, when I was dong this, maybe it is the age of acceptance, I will not get my head around the world of knowledge, and one day I will die, I continual to be grateful and confirm to myself,
- Life is Good -
Moreover, in the world of stubs.
- La Vie est Belle -

The world is a good place, do not believe what they say, I have seen a very small portion of the planet, I have seen the stub, and the life is good.

I am on a GPRS internet connection with my cell phone. It is a person who is addicted to the internet worst nightmare, the world’s slowest connection. I am having trouble publishing the photo to the funky letter examples, I will have to remember and continue this post later, there is no instant gratification the world is a life of sublimation. I am afraid I will forget what I am doing, and unlimited amount of stubs started and none will be finished, you will really know me for who I am, I never finish what I start. My mother is still waiting for me to stop, she knows me, I start many things and never finish them, to me life is a stub, to her she knows, finish what you start. I just want to have enough money to be endlessly curious, and work on my stubs.

My world needs an editor, that does not edit, that know before I do, what I really mean, and does not change the tone… dreams. How can a person edit, what I am not even sure I mean, because it is a stub.

Life is like that graphic above, it is not clear, upon accepting this and maybe then I can see the big picture, or the woods that is hidden because of all the trees.

People have trouble writing one blog post, I have trouble knowing when to start and when to stop. I normally stop when I get hungry.

What Age am I In

Reader Comments on Blog

Reader Comments on Blog
Amlame, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A person posted a comment on my blog.
This is on the bottom, I finally discovered the link, I think blogger orphaned it.

I would say is about 100 percent correct.

He or she wrote, never trust a person that post, they lie..

You travel around the world, yet all you write is ... You travel around the world, yet all you write is ungrammatical drivel about how much money the bus cost or the precise details of how you negotiated the price of a hotel room in Treedanta, Anystan.

You're clearly lonely and quite a depressing person to be around. You're a typical blogger - a boring, narcissistic attention-seeker.

Will you post this comment? No.
(William Reynolds) 23:21


Why is he about 100 percent correct?

Chunked out ideas in his post:

Comment 1:
You travel around the world, yet all you write is ... You travel around the world.

Answer: Yes, I write, I travel around the world, a very general description of what I do, when I am writing in my web log.

Comment 2
yet all you write is ungrammatical drivel about how much money the bus cost or the precise details of how you negotiated the price of a hotel room in Treedanta, Anystan.

Answer: I did not say, I am a professional writer, as in an editor type, I do write, but to be a professional writer, mean more than just typing in an online journal, a web log, or a personal diary. It requires editing, proofing and other type of work. I do not work, I just type my diary.

Negotiating the price is a daily ever encompassing duty, I would be amiss if I left one of the main situations of my day out of my diary. I do think the resolution of why, what, how and to think, introspect is a good use for a journal. By typing, I learn to negotiate better as I take abstract idea and translate into what you would hope is consistent and congruent words.

Comment 3
You're clearly lonely

I think any diary would have comments or the desire for intimate conversations. I do think one of the greatest problems of travel is loneliness, it is horrible the amount of solitude I have. I try to avoid countries whereby, I am exceeding lonely or in need of human conversation. I just left a beautiful mountain place, in the end, I have a few children, one 18 year old man, I think most of the 18-30 have left to work in the cities. I do like to have conversations.

Comment 4
and quite a depressing person to be around.

I do not think I am depressing to be around, I do think I am very trying, difficult and try to minimize my human . I tend to ask a 1000 questions per minute, inquire about too much, and try the patience of everyone around me. Am I depressing, I do not think I make people around me happy.

This is interesting, I do not know this William Reynolds man, and if I do, I must have made him remember me, as I do not remember him. To be around, this is the problem here, he takes no responsibility for the fact he is reading my dribble. I truly believe a person that cannot use the mouse and click is a little on the insane side, why would a person continue to read, when they can stop. This is not a class, this is not a subject you need to read, this is pure luxury reading, unless maybe you want to know about long-term travel.

Comment 5
You're a typical blogger - a boring

I consider the reading of my own blog boring. I hate to proof or edit, it really is boring to me.

Comment 6

Narcissism - DEFINED
1. self-admiration: excessive self-admiration and self-centeredness
2. personality disorder: in psychiatry, a personality disorder characterized by the patient's overestimation of his or her own appearance and abilities and an excessive need for admiration.

Yes, I am in love with myself, I like me very much. Excessive need for admiration, hmm you get some of these hate mails and you would be tempted to take the comments option off the blog. I do call this hate mail or to incite or provoke terror… oops, misused word.

I am a recovering alcoholic, the state of Indiana put me on house arrest for one year to punish me for my bad behavior, or drinking and driving. I would say yes, I have a lot of mental problems, but I know this and hope I keep them in remission. My drinking of alcohol was a system of my thinking problem. Note, I own the domain, and .com

Comment 7


I 100 percent am this, I work day and night on this web page to have traffic, I try, I learn, I study how to get the attention of every person on the planet. I want millions or readers, I want everyone to read, listen and comment on my blog. I am a business, the business of the web pages is to get viewers and readers. I started the whole site to make money, so I could continue to travel, enjoy life, and really do nothing the best I can. I try to avoid miserable work, I am doing what I like to do.


I clicked on publish, mainly because I was curious, it appears to be an orphan comment, I have yet to find the page it is associated with, and I like to solve questions to problems.

I find this type of reader, this type or person, who comment on my blog intriguing. What goes on the mind of this person? Sort of make me think of the Korean guy who killed all the people in Virginia.

Rage is my term for this, I know I have rage, I have this under-current of angers and frustrations, that I must try continually resolve. They are a mix of resentments, past pain, and normal run of the day life problems. I would say, I am about normal.

Ok, but there is pro-active rage and re-active rage. The reader that commented here was using pro-active rage. Then again, I may have commented on his hotel or offended him, who is William Reynolds?

I do not know, and really cannot be bothered to know, he is nothing.

Ok, but I am curious, what compels a person to try to provoke, to try to hurt me. When, I was a smaller blogger, I found many people try to help the small Hobo, and I thank them. However, when I started to do well, actually made enough money to stop living on 5 dollars per day, I lost the help-the-poor-hobo people or readers. Like the was helping a Victim. I chose this life, I am 100 percent responsible.

But, this William Reynolds guy is about 100 percent correct on his rendition of my blog, ok maybe 95, I exaggerate.

I think the problem for him is he wants to read entertainment, I am trying to remember my words.

Blog defined on
A blog (short for web log) is a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order.

Blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject, such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of most early blogs. Most blogs are primarily textual although some focus on photographs (photoblog), sketchblog, videos (vlog), or audio (podcasting), and are part of a wider network of social media.
The term "blog" is a portmanteau, or, in other words, a blend of the words web and log (Web log). "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

Online Diary defined:
An online diary is a personal diary or journal that is published on the world wide web on a personal website or a diary hosting website. Online diaries began in 1995. As a community formed, these publications came to be almost exclusively known as online journals. Today they are almost exclusively called blogs, though some differentiate by calling them personal blogs. The running updates of online diarists combined with links inspired the term 'web log' which was eventually contracted to form the word blog.
In online diaries, people write their day-to-day experiences, social commentary, complaints, poems, prose, illicit thoughts and any content that might be found in a traditional paper diary or journal. They often allow readers to contribute through comments or community posting.

One of my biggest goals of blogging is to find clarity and as a result of clarity, I find serenity. I tend to think this Willam Reynold man is a sick individual, but who cares, let A..holes be A..holes to quote advice I have received, do not get involved in their desire to be A..holes.

I think he believe he could get his day of fame, by getting a comment posted on my blog. It is like killing yourself to get back at your wife. It is like being bomber to fight injustice. It is the same as blaming the whole group or campus of people of that Virginia campus for his problems. I remember a saying, and I do try to remember, remember, when you point your finger at someone, you have 3 fingers pointing back.

Hmmm, solutions, maybe I should call this my personal blog, or my personal diary. I changed the words on the index to say diary, maybe I will insert the words personal in front of all this crap.

I do this for fun and money, now I go to Atakpame to look at girls, enjoy life and to buy motorcycle batteries. Traveling can be amazingly boring, and I need man projects to be happy.

Shall, I edit or proof, no let this William guy read, maybe I can annoy him some more.

The bottom line is this, a person picks up another persons diary and does not like what they read. People have been mislead a little by blogger that make web pages, and call them blog, I really do just post my thoughts, random in a way, project in a way, and annoyingly confusing. I would like to pay an editor, for fun, but I do not make enough money, and I am afraid of editors, they seem to want to change me. I am pro I make money by typing information in the computer. I will try to note, and I have said many times, there is nothing more selfish than travel.

Blogging for Money, Bloggers,, How to Blog, Togo, Traveler Culture,

Reader Comments on Blog

3000 Blog Post Made by Andy

3000 Blog Post Made by Andy
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
May 12, 2007 Saturday

Today, I posted my number 3000 Blog post on the Andy Travel Journal.

49 per cent of my the daily visitors to the site come from the USA. To me this is nice, it somewhat says, I may really be a citizen of the world, a Hobo without Borders.

Or homeless...

Andy in Togo Africa

Carpet Baggers and Scalawags of Africa

Carpet Baggers and Scalawags of Africa
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hobo is an American word, the English, Aussie and most of the European world just cannot come to grips with the word, they feel obliged to say bum and not Hobo.

A Hobo is not a bum.

Therefore, the word Hobo is best understood by an American, then are more capable of understanding the underlying culture, myths, misuses and limits to the word, however a German just has a full stop in their head and cannot normally open their brain far enough to understand the USA culture, therefore the world Hobo is always translated by them as a Bum. However, they are not correct.

Carpet Bagger is most likely understood best by an American, and unfair to expect another culture such as Europe to understand the far-reaching implications of a being a Carpet Bagger.

Words are great, I am learning the French Culture, as expressed badly in the French of Africa, but there is the French Culture here, a channel of the culture. I learn French; I start to learn the Culture of France. I 100 percent accept I will never know the French Culture; I will just be peeking in the window.

The word or phrase Carpet Bagger is a term used by an American to explain an American historical time in the USA after the Civil War.

What a great word, I have am finding the clarity I need to not be angry at the NGO-ONG world of Africa. I have a frustration-based anger.

The NGO Non-Governmental Organizations and the ONG in French. Then the related Volunteer Organizations that make people thousands of dollars to Volunteer in Africa, a person can pay up to 5000 to 10,000 US dollars to volunteer in Ghana to get it…

NGO in English

ONG in French - Same Same

The Carpet Baggers are here in Africa, they have invaded, I hope this dark time in history passes quickly, I hope the world can slow the progress of these Carpet Baggers and Scalawags as the move around the planet creating social havoc with the world.

The News reports a problem.
The NGO advertise to collect the money.
They are in collusion; the Carpet Baggers are traveling the planet.

They are the NGO of the planet.

Here is a cutting edge example of a fight again the NGO. The are trying to make the second Holocoust in Israel.

Interesting thing about a Journal or Diary, when a person types in a diary or journal, there is a desire to explain some confusing or abstract thoughts in my head. Therefore as I type, I explain to myself something I do not understand, it is introspection and very good for the soul.

I start to explain and write, and then I realized, this typing is not needed, as I am already clear, the NGO are Carpet Baggers and Scalawags. I am finished…

I need to say thank you to and the new world of GPRS Internet Access for opening a new window to the knowledge of the planet. I do not need to sit around typing what is already known.

Thank You, Togo, How to Blog, NGO, Types-Of-Travel

Carpet Baggers and Scalawags of Africa

How Boring is Andy of

How Boring is Andy of
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, June 18, 2007

How boring is my blog?

I have posted maybe 325 times comments in the Help Center or Letters to Editors section of

While in the same time, I probably posted about 50-100 time on my normal blog.

Therefore, Andy, a.k.a. Me, considers the blog so boring, that three quarters of the time now he-me steers his post to the help center because he, me, considers himself too boring to read.

What a great receptacle for idle thoughts and maybe some are of value to someone, I am a collector, I collect ideas, and I need a place that is safer than my computer, which is always under attack by rain, water, ants and taxi drivers, an occasional cup of coffee.

I just posted two Book Review, now only on a too much playing social network would someone want to read my book reviews. However I have a second goal, I want to remember which books I have read, and this will work, and maybe I can remember or forget the book.

I am trying to hand off the torch, allow some more Hobo to help to be pure, to be a Traveler, to share, to mark the path. There are people who will not or cannot remember to go home, or maybe those who dream of escaping the 9-5, there is a way, the world is ours for the taking, but we need to stick together, and remember, are dreams are not for sale.

Help Center, Writing, How to Blog, Togo, About Andy,

How Boring is Andy of

Selfish on Saturday

Selfish on Saturday
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, June 23, 2007

Comments on my blog are an incredible phenomenon to study, I really enjoy people watching, and blog post are good fun.

There are comment off-topic, yet interesting.

There are many advertisements disguised as post, which normally the readers never see as I refuse to publish.

Then there is the time or day of the week phenomenon, which day of the week I blog will influence how many comments. I do not try to elicit comments, I try to give a beginning, middle and end. Then hope maybe a comment is on-topic an adds to what I know, so I can learn.

Selfish on Saturday is my awareness, that if I post today, Saturday in Togo there will be less comments and I will not get feedback. I sometimes feel like an editor, thinking to myself,
- Hmm, that was pretty good, maybe I should wait until Wednesday to publish so the readership is better and I can get more feedback. -

I say selfish, because I am not doing this for the readers, there are times when I want comments on subject more than others.

Selfish on Saturday

Sexist and Culturally Imperialist

Sexist and Culturally Imperialist
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, June 29, 2007

I read two emails this morning from people with intriguing combinations of interesting and intriguing combinations of words before I started to type,

First Email:
Template Format
Message Format

Second Email:
Photo Censorship
Sexist Culturally Imperialist

I can see I think and focus on the more recent thoughts, therefore I will then go write in my journal about them. I suppose if I get angry or frustrated I will over emphasis the importance of something to me.

The First Email about Template Format and Message Format is more about business and website design; therefore, I will post away in the help center on this subject. The Second Email is about policy adopted in Venezuela about the January 2000 or maybe seven years ago and really a re-hash of an extremely old topic.

I think there is a need for try to remember the difference between a Journal and a Blog post. A personal journal or diary is normally assumed private, while a blog post is public.

I do not edit or think much when I type, I somewhat free flow typing into the computer and I am tying to help myself, and sometimes a desire to help others along the path. Often a photo here and there to make my Mother and Father happy and to make readers happy so I make more money. I will also choose better SEO titles that will also make me more money.

To be happy is my goal, to earn enough money to travel is a goal and to write in my journal, whereby I can clarify my thoughts as I take abstract ideas and transform them into words that semi-demands consistency and clarity.

I enjoy the game of life, and laugh at myself more than I take myself serious. I was thinking and laughing to myself.

This title:

Photo Censorship Sexist Culturally Imperialist

The title
- Photo Censorship Sexist Culturally Imperialist -
Is a maybe 100 times more interesting than a title that would say,
- Template Format vs. Message Format -

Controversy, anger and lies makes more money than the boring, truthful and real words of daily life. I on the other hand try to squash, censor and stop arguments on the site, however try to provoke thought.

I admit to myself, I play too much, I am not serious and many readers are too serious, therefore they want me to have an agenda. I am supposed to be talking at something and wear a hat.

Today I am Traveler Expert, or Canadian Traveller Expert.
(Sorry, I am from the USA and was playing.)
Today I am anti-USA.
Tomorrow I am pro-USA.
I am 100 percent in Favor of the Peace Corps, therefore, I am not suppose to complain…

Ok, there is a problem, which is starting to beg a solution. I have a few consideration or aspects of me typing in my diary.

1. Typing something so boring my mother writes me frustrated emails.
- This now goes in the Help Center.

2. Tips that I think are important, however only to a very small group of people. Example of a post yesterday about WIFI in the Bellview Hotel here in Lome.

3. Post to get opinions, as this example;

4. Photos and Tips for fun and to help people travel.
Normal blog

5. Posting in the blog to make it famous, whereby I have unlimited money to travel, the running of a business to make money.

Introspection is a form of self-Editing.
I introspect
I introspect about my blog.
Therefore, I edit my blog

I try to fix some grammar, spelling, and lack of clarity problems, and I learn how to write so I could write a book.

I collect a lot of information, I must this is what a website does, it take information and tries to process, package, and present to readers in a format they enjoy.

I do a lot of what if thinking or speculation on subject and this type of thinking annoys the mass of casual readers.

Ok, I will try to formulate a plan for my website, I will try to figure out where and how to blog for the maximum enjoyment of readers and myself. I will give myself a pep talk here, I will try to steer my random typing towards areas that are more specialized.

I am thinking, I post about a 7-1 ratio of comments or blog-like post in the Help Center and one to the blog. We just implemented a way for a reader to make a comment in the Help Center, so that area has interactive blog features now.

I love to make the world complicated for myself; it keeps my over-active brain from getting bored.

Note, I will remind myself not to behave and be predictable.

Sexist and Culturally Imperialist

A Record of my Opinions as I Look and I Feel My World

A Record of my Opinions as I Look and I Feel My World
Lome, Togo West Africa
Sunday, July 1, 2007

This is the description of my Blog at the top of this page; I realized yesterday that I confuse readers, when I post a Blog. I say look as in the present tense to say, this is what I am looking at today. I say feel because I am trying to explain how I feel about something I look. I cannot say looked, or do not wish to say look because it is always in process, my life is not and was not an event that passed, it is in the present, it today, real and authentic.

I am not a journalist, I am not reporting events, or new things, and I am not trying to report the new. I am saying what I feel, this is opinions of my feeling, this is a report of my feelings, not a report of facts. I do not feel obliged to tell a history of my life, this to me is arrogant to believe what I did is important; I strive to propose ideas in the hope of opening doors.

Life to me is mostly explanation of dreams; the facts of life are mundane and boring.

However, whenever, whatever…whyever, whoever…

90 percent is conjecture and 10 percent is a report.

I make propositions as a record of my opinions as I look and I feel my world.

A Record of my Opinions as I Look and I Feel My World

Making Films in Togo Africa

Making Films in Togo Africa
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Friday, July 13, 2007

I like to create, I like art, I like the idea of inventing or creation of good work. I feel good when I bring forth good work.

For the last few days, I have been working on a small film clip of the Ceremony of Evala that is happening this week in Togo, West Africa. I took about 8-10 small MPG video clips, and now I am in working to put them together that will explain and document what I saw last Sunday and the explanations of the event by a Kabye person.

There are two factors I am trying to work out in my mind, there is the aspect of me, Andy experiencing and studying this cultural event called Evala here in Togo this week. And then there are some hard lines for me to draw in my head, I am trying to set boundaries of what is respectful and proper, I want to have my own personal standards that I can use to guide my public explanations and publication of what I caught on camera.

I cannot just say, I am not a Journalist, I am not a Scientist, I am not a Writer, I am not studying Culture this would be a mis-representation of truths. I think I have hit a big pothole in the road to what is right and what is wrong.

This may be analogous to the ever so stupid criticisms about George W. Bush and the Iraq Police Action. I often listen to a person go into great depth as to why this or that is wrong and how George W. Bush has no right to do this, or he is doing that wrong and so on and so forth. I try often to bring these discussions into more solution orientated conversations and not just complaintS.

I will say,
- If you were George Bush, what would you do? -

The person about 98 percent of the time says,
- I am not George Bush, so I do no have to make the decision. -

I say,
- He is George Bush and he has no choice, he must make a decision. I it easy to complain, but if you wish to complain please explain how to do better or you are just a person that likes to complain. -

I will often demand,
- You have no choice, you are George Bush, what will you do? -

Ok, it is not right to say,
- I am not a Journalist, I am not a Scientist, I am not a Writer, I am not studying Culture. -

It is not right, I am making a representation of real events, and I cannot hide behind some plaque of words put up to disclaim the truth.

I have been working on categories for what I write, for example, I could say,

Blogger - Which means about nothing.
Travel Journalger - Which again means nothing
Journalist - This still is to me meaning nothing.
Writer - Well, I do write or type, so maybe technically true.
Photographer - Technically, I think true.
Web Designer - Technically true.
Hobo.. Hehehe not technically correct

These are labels, tags, or other identifiers of some stereotypes we have in our heads that helps confusion.

I am thinking more about terms like,

Opinions or Hearsay
Propositions and Theories
Observations with references by TRUE experts.
Self-evident facts
Documentary Films

I will continue to think about this subject and try to clarify and hopefully evolve my own set of standards on how to Blog, and decide as to what I think is acceptable and not acceptable for me, not you.

I write opinions, propositions and ideas

There is a lot of work involved to separate and opinions from what could be verified, repeated or collaborated repeatedly or what can be falsified somewhere along the lines of scientific study.

I have compiled a five-minute video of the Ceremony of Evala and will try to publish the video with explanations Monday or Tuesday of next week. I was thinking I would say, I made a small documentary about the event, however… I think not.

Definition of Documentary from Dictionary:

Factual movie or TV program: a movie or TV program presenting facts and information, especially about a political, historical, or social issue.

Then I went on to read about what is a Documentary Film in and somehow this word lost the plot.

It is sad when a word is so mis-used that you can no longer trust what you read, see or hear. Somehow, the Wiki has included and allowed filmmakers such as Michael Moore movies to be called documentaries. The word is lost in translation.

It is as if a person needs to create a new combination of words for every event, whereby he or she can limit how another person can try to abuse. I will need to coin this with the identifier that nobody else can use, except for me… hehehe

Evala as interpreted by Andy of on Video

I am hoping to make many small videos of showing my interpretations of the world as I see it.

Making Films in Togo Africa

Geography and Potted History

Geography and Potted History
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, July 20, 2007

- I did not particularly like travel books - the form has fatal insufficiencies. It usually was Geography, and potted History, and a kind of lifeless boasting how far the writer had gone and what he ate. -
--- Page 420 My Secret History by Paul Theroux

A Zinger, I call that a Zinger, Paul Theroux has the way, he has the map, and he shares the map, he knows, as opposed to some of us who do not know. Some people in life know others are clueless, and the majority of people just go about their day, trying to stay out of the way, and staying out of trouble.

I have fun, life is easy, nothing to do, but sit around contemplating my next nothing to do, and then I move, not knowing where I am going or why, however positive it is a good idea to move.

I have been playing around, again I am trying to explain to myself how to Blog. Marc one of the Americans who came here to Volunteer and became a tourist said to me,
- Your idea of a Hostel can be your legacy. -

I think this is ok, but I am looking the word in the dictionary, just to reassure myself it was not an insult… hehehe

- When a man is in doubt about this or that in his writing, it will often guide him if he asks himself how it will tell a hundred years hence.-
--- Samuel Butler (1835 - 1902)
British writer, painter, and musician.

Marc was not insulting me by saying a Hostel could be legacy; however, there is no benefit to getting older. People start to talk about legacies as a way of saying you are old, and I am not 20, I feel old when my name is associate with the word legacy.

Paul Theroux explained with his zinger how to Blog, how to be a Famous and Popular Travel Writer. A travel writer needs to do what he says has fatal insufficiencies, you need potted history, and 100 percent sure, you need to tell what you ate to have a successful Travel Journal.

How to Blog? Alternatively, how to TRAVEL Blog? I am filing opinions that mirrors Theroux and more or less tells a person how to be a Travel Writer, hoping as I do so, that I am a horrible Travel Writer.

I said I was going north, and I went south.

Geography and Potted History

AIDS is Cliche in Asia and Africa

AIDS is Cliché in Asia and Africa
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, July 24, 2007

- A cliché … is a phrase, expression, or idea that has been overused to the point of losing its intended force or novelty, especially when at some time it was considered distinctively forceful or novel. The term is generally used in a negative context. -é

UNaids. all figures estimates.

I was looking to see if the words hokey and corny are words, they appear to be words and acceptable to use, and more accurate and of more value than words like,

AIDS or SIDA in French and Spanish


I have decided to have fun with these words; I am making a collection of words that I am calling Worthless Words. These are words that have no meaning; however, there is now value in the words. If I read or hear the word,
- Crisis -

I know the Article I am reading is attempting to become worthless, the writer or organization start get my little ticks next to their names. The use of worthless words slowly evolves until the person or organizations using the words are also worthless.

There are writers who are credible, however they are ignored because of they refuse to use these words. I also realize, I have used these words in the past and this is a learning experience. I can start to apply some critical reasoning to my own selection of words.

Writing, Cliches, How to Blog, How-to-be-a-Travel-Writer, Togo, AIDS,

AIDS is Cliché in Asia and Africa

How to Blog Video

How to Blog Video
Here is a video made by Cory and someone, very clearly explaining how to blog. It is an honest video, and one of many reasons I am exploring how to make videos more, honesty can be heard in the voices. (How do I interview me, and not be in the video?)

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, November 12, 2007
Andy of ---

I am not able to send videos through the pipe; they seem to get lost in the email, so again, if you cannot see this video, click here



No video, welcome to the not so perfect world of the internet, click here.

This video if I get the facts right, and I am not good yet at walking through the maze called

An interview by Thomas Crampton of Cory Doctorow
Who is Thomas Crampton Good question, I do not know…

Cory Doctorow explains how to blog.
Good question, I do not know…

Note, I believe you give first, receive second, and what you give, then is given back double in return… sounds pretty good from a Jaded Traveler like me, however do the right thing and good karma will happen, just be a good person…ok?

Therefore, why do I put all these links about Cory and Thomas, I want to give credit where credit is due, many blogs try to steal the ideas, this is also sleazy to copy a word used by Cory in the Video… hehehe

In addition, if you are really techie, want to make friends, think... (Place a time to think pause here) Cory or Thomas could get curious, why am I getting traffic from this Hobo?

How to Blog Video

Deactivating my NoFollow Links

Deactivating my NoFollow Links
I was horrified, amazed, and angry to discover automatically makes all links in the comments of this blog, my blog, NoFollow links.

ALL comments…
I hope all links put in comment are follow links now in this blog

Yep, let us..
Throw the baby out in the bath water.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, November 12, 2007
Andy of ---

I was asked by this guy Igor to post a Follow Link, or not make a NoFollow link and give a site he seems to work for juice.

My first thought, when I learned what this was,
- Why in the world would I put a link on my site if I did not give it juice? - What an extremely selfish and controlling thing to do! This is the secret to the internet, make the small guy succeed and you succeed. (Google allows all, Yahoo made too many rules, they lose.)

Then in their efforts to stop the spammer, they also stop the good people from getting juice in my comments. Ok, I will learn how to stop the spammers, and allow the Mom and Pop sites of the world to post without having to be high powered techies.

If I make it easy for everyone, I can learn how to stop the crazy spammers. What happens in the world is this, the best site are often thrown out of the game for a technical problem, they do not know much about the internet, therefore they are penalized. One huge and overwhelming reason I am making is because of this… the best hotels are not on Hotel sites. I want to include all, and give them a good SEO made page, even when they do not understand what I am doing.

I want a GREAT Hotel, I do not find them on the Internet.
This sucks. Sometimes I find them on Mom and Pop sites, just nice made by nice people pages.

Ok, so you want to be higher ranked, make good content… oops, as of NOW, I hope all future and past links have juice… IF not, I will go back to Boy Genius from India and get him to do this again, fix, change the code, do what we need to allow people who do not understand this post to get traffic, and rank.

I spend a lot of time trying to help my friends, then learn it does not work? The internet should not require a rocket scientist to use.

Deactivating my NoFollow Links

You Are and Idiot Blog Comments

You Are and Idiot Blog Comments

I can't wait until I start getting comments like this.
The sign of success!
Just digging into some of your old stuff as I calm myself from a day of screwing up my webpages haha.

Wade from

Comment from Wade after he read the comments from this post. KFC Cairo Egypt

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Andy of ---
Today, I received two mean mails in one day, sort of interesting and sad at the same time. It intrigues me that people can hype themselves up so much about some small blogger, on the other hand it sad they do this, they have the Whopper Size fast food order of rage.

Normally these posts are when I write about something, a big or small insult, and they love the country, hotel, whatever, but they love it too much… Therefore, nobody should ever speak badly, of even think bad. I actually sometimes test the waters to see who is out there and angry reading my blog, do a little provoking, hopefully to open minds.

Funny part, I really liked the KFC in Cairo, so I do not think it was the comments about the KFC. I think maybe I said, they do not speak English and do not know anything about a queue. Which I stand behind, the English was bad, and well, most of the world does not stand in line, so get in line. Egypt and the Egyptian Pyramids is a nasty place full of excellent jerks.

However, about the comments, .... see I provoked a little, but telling the 100 percent truth as I see it today.

I suppose I could talk about Freedom of speech, but that it cliché, I think I will explain my how to treat people equal theory.

If my friend Mike, an American, one of my best friends in the USA, and sometimes slow. If Mike did not think and cut line in front of me, I would say,
- Mike, you are not polite, go to the back of the line and wait your turn. -

So, if Egyptian people are my equal and I 100 percent believe they are, I need to treat them like my best friend.
- Egyptian, you are not polite, go to the back of the line and wait your turn. -

Patronizing and not belittling is to me is too close to real racism, if I believe a culture or group of people should not hear my opinions, then I am sort of saying, I am superior and you cannot learn. Primitive cultures can be dressed in suits and the only way you know they are primitive is their manners. (I hope we agree that a queue is a good thing, fair, and just.)

I was on the plane flying from Bamako, Mali to Kenya, where I would transit to Bangkok. A Mali man put his head over the center of the jet airplane aisle and spit. I could not believe it, then he does it again, I looked at him and said,
- Hey! -

The held up my two hands in African style saying with hand language,
- Are you stupid? -
(I hope we agree that spitting in planes should not be allowed.)

On the other hand, I could say, he is dumb, stupid, comes from here, and I would translate that crap to saying, you cannot learn, I believe he is not different from me, brain same way, or functions more or less the same.

Comments, I highly recommend you moderate all comments on blogs, and reject comments that use any curse words. (Search engines do not like, or this is your theme.) I look at this way, a person who starts out with calling me names, could not possibly give me any good advice, they are too dumb to realize, if they waited to the end, I would have read the whole post and then they could call me an idiot or whatever cliché type ways of saying this.

I do laugh, I read a lot, so I recognize styles of writing, if you are going to post anonymous, and not show your name, make sure and think about how you write and your style, otherwise I may know who it is.

I would love to restrict this to just people who are members of Hobo comments, however there is a ton of people on the planet who are extremely smart who just do not want to, and may not understand how comment work. I want to hear that needle in a haystack comment from someone who knows wisdom, however does not know the internet.

I got two in one day Wade, should I go celebrate.

I do hope people disagree with me, I go back and read old post, then want to comment, saying, Andy, I disagree… The world does change, and so do I, yesterday is not today, it is new Andy today, I do not have to adhere to something I said two years ago or yesterday, I have the right to adapt and change.

Note, I do not read extremely negative comments about myself, because it is negative, what I allow in my brain is what I become. However the study of anger and rage I do hope can help us to not have rage, I call these types of comments a burning rage.

It is interesting to see how the types of comments change from continent to continent. The people that post comments or more correct, get comments rejected when I am in Thailand are maybe worst people than the group hanging around the Egyptian Pyramids.

NOTE: If you go to the Pyramids, go on a tour, do not do as I did, and just go there, it not a good memory to collect about a great travel destination.

NOTE: Wade I think your new site is going well, I will only think you screwed up when you quit, I do not see any signs of quitting, only of expansive growth in your writing skills.

You Are and Idiot Blog Comments

Photo and Blogs of my Friends

Photo and Blogs of my Friends
The blog is a permanent record of events; it could be there for a lifetime of annoyances to your friends and family. When you no longer friends, the blog post will still be there. I would rather have my photo in the newspaper being a jerk, then on a blog.

Manila, Philippines - Quezon City Southeast Asia

Andy of ---

10 years of travel, maybe 12 years, I have continually published photos of people, places and things.

I have some regrets, many, and this is starting to accumulate in the back of my mind like a Monkey on my back. I will ask a personal friend if they want there picture taken, if not a good friend or acquaintance that I just do not worry. Everyone on the planet could be on front page of the paper tomorrow, so I figure we had better always take care what we do, or who we are.

A photo of a person being a jerk slows down people being a jerk. Therefore, I try to take photos of jerks. Photos of corruption, stops corruption.

I refuse to make a good person into a jerk; I do not take photos that can easily be misrepresented or portrayed as different from the real event.

I have had the experiences, I have people write me later and are angry, however I do not remove, if they do not like their reality, then change it. If I was taking a picture of a jerk, it was a jerk.

I for sure do not want to use Journalist as examples to follow; they would do anything and hurt anyone to make money. I have been musing as my friends talk about their girl friends on their blogs. It will be interesting in the future to hear how this plays out; there is a lot of very personal information going up, names, and places, on all these blogs.

Invasion or privacy is not the issue, I am trying to be a good man, I like to be polite, have good manners, be a person my friends and family say is a good guy. More than anything the man in the mirror has to have a good day and think well of him, however, I do not know blog manners, and this is still a nebulous subject.

What are good manners?

Photo and Blogs of my Friends

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