A Web Site Dream or Nightmare Aaagh

A Web Site Dream or Nightmare
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My site went down two times yesterday! Aaagh… I do my job, I want the world to handle it when a person does beyond what they anticipated. I am in between two worlds; I sat in back of the class and played chess with the nerds, then went to American Football practice and was a middle linebacker.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007
Andy of --- Free Hotel Webpages
---------------------------------- is now on a designate server, and it went down two times yesterday. Something about a limit on Apache of a number, the Hosting tech wanted to raise it to 150; I said max it at 255. I want no human limits put on me, not by made by one human as to what I am capable of.....

The nightmare of a big site, lots of traffic, hosting companies do not host big sites, they plan on failure of sites, not on what they sell, unlimited traffic, unlimited this, unlimited that, blah blah blah… Please I read the ad and said, ok I pay.

I am in great fear of having explosive traffic, and my site will crash. The hosting techs just are not trained to deal with huge traffic.

I have the best problem in the world, like having the IRS knocking on my door and wanting more money because I make too much money. Too much traffic is not a problem it is an obstacle, and a great way to have a Hosting Tech hear a Big Ape Roar.

Nevertheless, in the end, I do not like the embarrassment of trying to explain all the reasons when the site is down. The explanations do not suffice, when some old guy in Florida wants to get his daily dose of world travel, I want to say, read on.

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A Web Site Dream or Nightmare Aaagh

Dedicated Hosting Upgrade

Dedicated Hosting Upgrade
We are upgrading our dedicated hosting package today, amazing, we now have a 80 GIG hard-drives and the company uses 40, we have what they call 37 soft to use. We will go to 250 Gig and a lot of other jargon.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007
Andy of ---

Our Hosting Company is for the last few months. I am NOT recommending this company, I am just telling you. Pleass, do not go buy, just because we are using this company.

Our former company was with Carlos of, then he sold to something called.

This company is:

The put the blog out of service and we had to make huge changes to do a work around, using other hosting companies. Therefore, we left fast as possible with the big sites. We are not fully saying goodbye and good riddance to the company Carlos sold to.

Carlos said he would never sell, and sold.

Now we are with, the numbers are bigger, and some reason we have to again upgrade from level one to level two. Now it will be 219 U.S. per month. I only purchase monthly service from a hosting company and could not ever imagine more time periods. They sell, or otherwise change, and suddenly, what was reasonable, can become unreasonable.

Hosting companies are funny; they make money off the web sites that do not need what they buy. When you actual need everything to work, support, etc, to expand and do web stuff, they somewhat become disgruntled and say, we never had anyone do this before.

Dedicated servers are large headache, about 1 in 10,000 sites need them and the others are being told crazy stories by their techie staff. I am not sure we need it, but we have it, more or less makes everyone happy to not have large sites on sharing the server.

As of today, as best I can surmise, HoboTravaveler is 4.1 Gigs of root and 1.6 Gigs of Sql Database stuff. is about 14 Gigs of Root and about 4.8 Gigs of Sql.

There is a lot of decisions made for the future, the last think we want to do is be learning about the idiosyncrasies of dedicated servers and load balancing when we are up to our ears in submission to hobo

Dedicated Hosting Upgrade

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