Hobo Cluster of Travel Needs

Hobo Cluster of Travel Needs
Lome Togo West Africa
Friday, May 18, 2007

This is a comment I feel is referencing what I call the Traveler Nest or maybe now the Hobo Cluster. There is a bundle of needs I have as a person that continually travels. The pivotal or essential grasp a person needs to get their head around to understand me is,



Just came across this while looking at LCC's and had to pass it along. You may already be aware, but Low Cost Carrier Air Asia's Chief Executive Tony Fernandez has recently started the Tune Hotel chain in Kuala Lumpur. More locations are in the works, but prices start at 9.99 Malaysian RM or 3 USD.

It's a no frills deal like the airline, but on the property it has a 24hr food store, a cafe, an ATM, 24hr free internet, and public transport at the curb. The flagship is in a KL central location to boot. Kind of like a ready made Hobo cluster.

(Edited the link, maybe bad. This one is good.)


Hobo Cluster of Travel Needs

The needs in my Hobe home are:

MY Kitchen to cook a Pizza or Cheese Omelet
A private room to shag my girl.
Internet Access 24 hours
Books, Movies
I can wash and dry my clothes.
Nobody tells me what I have to pay for!
I want a living room, a common area, a place that is NOT a bar, not a restaurant; I want a TV room with a clicker.
NO Reservation needed, I just go home.

What I do not want in my home is.

- A bar that dominates the place
- A restaurant that dominates the place
- Tour Packages being sold in the Hotel are almost a NO NO, I just have never seen the management respect or help me.
- Reservations needed.
- I do not want to give my credit card to ASIA.
- NOT a dorm bed.

ATM is an interesting idea, I am so so on the need in the hotel, but would be nice.

IF this is 3 US, and feels like my home, then great.
Airasia.com is one of the tricky LCC, so I am cautious, they are not just shooting straight arrows.

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Hobo Cluster of Travel Needs

How to Castrate a Hotel

How to Castrate a Hotel
Lome Togo West Africa
Friday, May 25, 2007

1. remove testicles from: to remove the testicles of a man or male animal, making reproduction impossible.
Animals are sometimes castrated to make them more docile and to prevent disease.
2. weaken somebody or something: to take away the strength, power, force, or vigor of somebody or something
The department was castrated through heavy budget cuts.

I think a reoccurring idea among long-term travelers is the desire to destroy the business of a Hotel, Website, Tour Company, Taxi Driver, Volunteer Agencies, Airlines, NGO-ONG, and many other companies that have abused us or made us a victim. Maybe I feel vulnerable because I am alone, but I do know, being a victim is not me.

Togo - or West Africa

This is my third trip to West Africa, I have a continual temptation to try to castrate a few real people, and I am 100 percent positive I want to do this to the NGO ONG organizations in West Africa.

There are a few Frenchies and a then of course a few Hotels.

Now, I do not think I can do a complete castration of a Hotel, I cannot destroy their business, and truthfully, this is mean spirited.

I remember the first time of trying this; I was trying to photograph a Swiss person that was running around in San Jose, Costa Rica and swindling the tourist. I wanted to take his photo and post it on the site; this was in my more delusional days of the power of the internet.
I have tried to harm the business of a few companies; however, my knife is not sharp enough to do a good cut, somewhat still just a rip and shred cut. Nothing surgical, no missile lock, you are dead cuts.

Well, the bottom line is I have this daily, continual temptation in Lome to try to castrate a Hotel. I like the Hotel, I just want to remove one of the testicles and help other travelers. Maybe this is also a desire; I do like to help the other travelers. I think I am some Hobo who thinks, I need to warn the other Hobos of the good path, the good Hobo Camp, how to go or where not to go.

Craig from Travelvice.com said to me about Hotels or Hostels
“A constant expectation of disappointment”
Dec 30, 2007

There are these small pricks, the small cuts, there are small cuts continuously made on my back. I can feel them, they slowly build up and I want to fight back.

I do not think being mean spirited is good, and I for sure think Michael Moore who makes all his money from trying to destroy people is evil.

However, there needs should be a rating system that allows how to castrate.

- 2 Complete Castration, they are now impotent
- 1 Remove only one, maybe it works.
0 Neutral - Do not touch, keep in a separate field.
1 Let the bull lose to graze with the Heifers
2 Put the Heifer in with the Bull

Michael Moore needs Castrated

This is the point, when I say this, everyone who loves Michael Moore thinks, no, you cannot do that. Then you get a few, that say, let me help, then a few who want to help, if you do not say their names, then a few granola for lunch, NGO types who cannot make a decision, but will say I am bad.

The way a government raises taxes, is they put in committee.

I am trying to figure out how to castrate a few hotels, and do properly, fairly, and without many problems. I know about 98 percent of travel web sites do not care, they just wish to make money. This is an interesting problem and on my site, Hobohideout.com we will find a way for readers to either put the heifer in with the bull or help to castrate the bull.

The readers will perform the castration.

I am Pro, I am a professional traveler, I can tell, advices on Five Star hotels is close to worthless to me, I assume they are good. However, when a Five Star Hotel is robbing its clients, maybe it does need castrated.

Everyone wants to tell me what is good. I need to know what to avoid first, then after that, how to enjoy my travels is easy.

I tell you I am tempted, I am only one person, I could be wrong, it is not as easy as just assuming your are right. A guidebook almost never tells me what to avoid, they tip toe around the issues and talk in code, and when I am finally ready to leave the country. I realize, this is what the meant, they did not just tell me, nothing clean, simple and understandable.

What we will do with HoboHideOut.com is giving a preponderance of evidence method of assessing Hotels, and then gives some clean and simple objective measurements. I have been dwelling on this for about 10 years now, so I hope I the heifer is put in with me, so I can make them calves.

How to Castrate a Hotel

Which Comes First Hotel or Destination

Which Comes First Hotel or Destination
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, July 7, 2007

Which is more important, the hotel or the neighborhood where the hotel is located? I think a resort means, you do not leave could be on Mars.

We are making this horribly large website called

A staggering amount of numbers of pages, links, and combinations. 8,000,000 cities times 3 hotels per cities times 18 links per hotel time about 20 cells is 8,640,000,000. Eight Billion some things to deal with, and really about 10 time that.

One small mistake and it will spin off into never never land. As I make the site, I think about what to focus on sometime more clearly.

Ok, let us pretend or make the proposition that the words Travel Destination were replaced by the word
- Neighborhood -

Which comes first, do you choose a hotel or a neighborhood? I think when you choose a home, you choose the neighborhood first. When we travel, we hope we choose the destination first, however if you think of the destination as the same as neighborhood you may say to yourself,
- I do not want to live in this neighborhood. -
- I do not want to live in this hotel because it is in a bad neighborhood. -

I choose the Travel Destination and I do not care about a Hotel there.
After I choose a Destination, then I choose a neighborhood.
I then choose a Hotel.

I was walking around with the two American wanna volunteer from the USA and I was explaining my neighborhood. I almost never will move out of a good neighborhood. And I am 100 positive rotten hotels are sometime great because I had fun in the hotel.

It is easy to describe a hotel, how do we describe the neighborhood of the hotel, which to me is more important than the hotel. I am defining the mission which will probably never be explained in the site.

The guidebooks of West Africa have this annoying habit of point at hotel that require a car and makes me feel like I am living in a resort. Too far from Africa to want to leave and go visit the travel destination. The truth is they are not recommending hotels they are recommending parking lots and restaurants that has very little to do with Africa, but has a lot about being at home.

Which Comes First Hotel or Destination

The Hotel Site I Want

The Hotel Site I Want
Bolgatanga or Bolga, Ghana West Africa
Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I have been making a page for the Auberge Mandele in Kpalime, Togo.
HoboHideOut.com is open for submissions. A Hotel owner can submit for free their Hotel and also place up to 57 photos and captions for free explaining the Hotel, Guesthouse or any type of place to sleep for travelers.

This is the site I would want if I owned a Hotel, nothing is hidden, a person will be able to publish their telephone number, internet page, any information to help a person to find the rooms. They will even be able to send the person to a Hotel booking site. The has the control over the information and can easily add, change.

The Hotel Site I Want

Having Fun Making HoboHideOut.com

Having Fun Making HoboHideOut.com
Bolgatanga, Ghana West Africa
Tuesday, September 4, 2007

One wrong move here and I have a problem that affects presently 3.5 million pages, and soon up to 24 Million.

I am enjoying myself, making a webpage can be so boring, I think this is why many internet people learn Flash, so they can have a challenge. Even though it probably hurts more internet pages than it helps, they still want to use it because they have a challenge to use the code, not to help their client.

There is about 8 million cities that make a list in the world, probably another 3 million that do not make the list and I estimate about 24 Million Hotels on the planet.

What a challenge, how to collect, allow and make a site for 24 Million places to sleep?

How to find them, how to find great hotels that do nothing to help visitors to find them.

I like a challenge, something to think about in these concrete room when I am not reading a book.

Having Fun Making HoboHideOut.com

Starting the Snowball

Starting the Snowball
Tuesday, October 2, 2007
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia

Pack together some wet snow, pack here, pack there, dream of something, resume packing, lie the snowball on the grown, semi-push down and start to roll. Slowly it starts to pick up the conquered snow under its path and grows, a snowball too big to push alone has started. Stop, look around, pat you mitten together, hug yourself, take a bite of snow and scream for your best friends,
- Come help me push this snowball down the hill!-

Nothing compares to having the dead end gang working to roll up American dreams, life in rural Indiana, and they call me a Hoosier.

Today, Andy, a.k.a. Me and Andrew boy Genius from India had a mutual moment, I am here in Bangkok, he is Goa, India, we are chatting away on our project, and I say,
- We got the small snowball moving! -
He pauses on chat, the chats,
- I can feel it! -

Worlds apart, connected by Yahoo Messenger, from this way, and that way on the planet, we have been trying to start a snowball moving down the hill, and what a big snowball.

I have many lives, Andy off to Africa, Andy lying on the beach, Andy bailing Hay in Indiana, Andy going to Iraq to see what my country is doing. I am not just Andy Travel Journalger, I am what I want to be, not what anybody else wants to be. I am the little boy pushing the snowball as a child, stopping to dream, something my parents put in my eye makes me see big, to
- Live a life less normal ! -

Today October 2, 2007 I can feel me and Boy Genius from India’s efforts feeling some pride in our work. We bang away, plug, push, kick, think, make all the wrong moves, he says left, I say right, we are on the same page, but all are scribbles.

We have been working on HoboHideOut.com together for about 2 years. I have been contemplating my navel for about 5 years, trying to put an idea into action. There is no amount of money a person could pay me to work on this project, I do it on faith, I think I can make a big snowball on the internet.

china-marbles.info is a site a person dream about owning, a home on the internet, a place for a Hobo brain, a young man that made snowmen in rural Indiana and hoped they would never melt.

Now, I can feel it, we are going to warp speed, beam me up Scotty, and engage.
I am excited, life is good, and my battery is recharging, all the emotional vampire activity of traveling in Africa is left in Africa, I am now in Dreamland.

Dreams are real, they are the kinder used, to take boys and make into men, then allow the man to become a boy again. I never wanted to grow up, just cannot find how to hedge my bets by growing up, like asking to be boring.

I have work on HoboHideOut.com in my dreams, making lines on a page, clicking a mouse in my hand, clicking on this benefit, these options and trying to give the world a great way to travel the planet. It feels great to make my ideal dream of a hotel site, maybe I can stop the ludicrous wave of money hungry pages that just inflate the cost of travel, travel is cheap, it is not expensive, the shell game on the internet is like a leper, it feels like the internet some days is being lost to the boys in suits, those soulless sorts who cannot wonder or wander planet, taking all the dreams out of travel, and handing you an itinerary when you kept telling me you wanted to be free, they you pay for a boss.

Starting the Snowball

HoboHideOut.com Over 100 Unique

HoboHideOut.com Over 100 Unique
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Saturday, October 6, 2007

On October 4, 2007

Passed over the 100 mark of unique visitors per day, and is increasing the average by about 5-10 per day, a very rapid growth pattern. This is unique persons and not HITS, hits mean nothing, or can mean How Idiots Test Success, I want to know how many unique people were on the page daily.

This is a graph as created by sitemeter.com, a small graphic that is on every page of HoboHideOut.com and creates an easy way to know the power of the page, the link is located on the bottom of all pages.

Sitemeter.com sends me a daily report, this report is my constant reminder of failure or success, giving a feel and the tempo of the sites. A person need to know history to plan the future, there is a song in the world that can be heard.

HoboHideOut.com Over 100 Unique

A Web Site Dream or Nightmare Aaagh

A Web Site Dream or Nightmare
Moxxxx Faaaa
Axxxxx hole
Expletive Deletives,

My site went down two times yesterday! Aaagh… I do my job, I want the world to handle it when a person does beyond what they anticipated. I am in between two worlds; I sat in back of the class and played chess with the nerds, then went to American Football practice and was a middle linebacker.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Thursday, October 25, 2007
Andy of china-marbles.info --- Free Hotel Webpages

china-marbles.info is now on a designate server, and it went down two times yesterday. Something about a limit on Apache of a number, the Hosting tech wanted to raise it to 150; I said max it at 255. I want no human limits put on me, not by made by one human as to what I am capable of.....

The nightmare of a big site, lots of traffic, hosting companies do not host big sites, they plan on failure of sites, not on what they sell, unlimited traffic, unlimited this, unlimited that, blah blah blah… Please I read the ad and said, ok I pay.

I am in great fear of having explosive traffic, and my site will crash. The hosting techs just are not trained to deal with huge traffic.

I have the best problem in the world, like having the IRS knocking on my door and wanting more money because I make too much money. Too much traffic is not a problem it is an obstacle, and a great way to have a Hosting Tech hear a Big Ape Roar.

Nevertheless, in the end, I do not like the embarrassment of trying to explain all the reasons when the site is down. The explanations do not suffice, when some old guy in Florida wants to get his daily dose of world travel, I want to say, read on.

or maybe Contact Andy

A Web Site Dream or Nightmare Aaagh

Sitemap Submitted for HoboHideOut.com

Sitemap Submitted for HoboHideOut.com
Pure techie post…
We finally made a sitemap or xml file that adheres to this and that and other techie things of this site.

Submitted today November 7, 2007 for the USA
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Wednesday, November 7, 2007
Andy of china-marbles.info ---

I am amused by organization or structure, I found it intriguing to think about how to make these sitemaps, and the process is forcing us to understand our own navigation.

Sitemap Submitted for HoboHideOut.com

HoboHideOut.com Over 200 Unique

HoboHideOut.com Over 200 Unique
On December 10, 2007

Busted over the 200 threshold mark for unique visitors in one day.

I am in Quezon City, Philippines Southeast Asia
Monday, December 10, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com

Quezon City, Philippines - Southeast Asia
Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

We passed the 100 mark on October 3, 2007
HoboHideOut.com 100 Unique Visitors

I am very excited about this as 200 to me indicates enough daily traffic to jump categories in Google.com and other search engines. It is my opinion they more or less do not start to truly classify your theme, site, or topic until you are over 200. Then they match your site better to others and more or less enter the game.

Sitemeter.com sends me a daily report, this report is my constant reminder of failure or success, giving a feel and the tempo of the sites. A person need to know history to plan the future, there is a song in the world that can be heard. At the bottom of all Hobo related site there is a small box, click on that to see the statistics.

HoboHideOut.com Over 200 Unique

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