Why Am I Happy

Why Am I Happy
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Thursday, April 5, 2007

West Africa is quiet, few people, easier, cleaner, safer and more fun than most places I have traveled.

I am in an introspective focused mood. I am trying to remember the my history of happiness. When, and where I was happy, and maybe a little of the why, however hard to pinpoint this.

I like the Philippines.
I like Thailand
I like Ecuador and Peru.

I do not like India or the more I think, Nepal.

Guatemala brings me fond memories.

I could avoid the Caribbean for the rest of my life and not have a problem and so goes if for Venezuela.

I have good memories of Belize, none of Vietnam and few of Cambodia, Laos was ok.

Niger is a pain in the butt country and a couple of good memories, but more or less too hot.

Egypt, nothing to think and I like Iraq, some good memories and had some fun times.

The USA is easy, and I can achieve what I want. I like Germany a lot, have little use for France, and think of Spain with ok memories.

Mongolia has a lot of good conversations.

Anywhere, I tried to do some type of small business, it became a headache. I think being let down or

Craig from Travelvice.com was commenting about Hostels to me on a Skype.com telephone call, he said about Hostels,

“A constant expectation of disappointment”
I do not like going into hostels and not know what to expect
Dec 30, 2007

I think why I am happy now is because I am focusing on travel and enjoying life, and have no tiresome projects lined up where I will need to talk with any of the people in a country I am visiting to do business.

West Africa is a quiet version of South America, and the way I would imagine South America was 20 years ago. The surprising part, is I do consider South America as having a worst problem with poverty or problems.

I do not have to fight the land here as much, it is flat, the mountains do not hurt me, the rivers are here, the land is simpler. The bullies of Africa I am learning slowly how to avoid or deal with, they are annoying me less, and I am annoying them more, it’s a macho thing.

The Cadeau, as long as I just pretend I did not hear something about a gift, or free, or take me to America, than I do not get started on having to listen to selfish stuff.

In a way, I would say I am more in control of the day here, more free time, I am reading more, studying more, and looking and enjoying the day. I do as Craig says,
“A constant expectation of disappointment”

I have a constant expectation of disappointment when in someway I work together will the underdeveloped countries.

Nobody spits here, this is nice, and them slimy little guys from Asia, that looks like the pot grower from the Movie the beach is not here.

Simple is here, slimy is different, macho is the problem, but slimy is a different form of Macho. I do not have to see tourist for about a year or less.

I am introspecting by design, the only way to repeat history is to remember history, or the converse. I do less in a day here that is negative than in some other places, and I am going slower.

When I think Europe, I think spending big money, except for Eastern Europe in parts.

Riga, Latvia is full of babes.

Why Am I Happy

Togo Mood Swing

Togo Mood Swing
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I can feel I am in a bad mood, I feel a little frustrated, I have nothing to do but sit in the room, or walk down the four-lane highway, and what I am now going to call the truck stop. Many large semi-trucks are on the main highway parked all the time, getting repairs and makes it feel like a big dirty truck stop, it is the truck stop.

The central village is about 20 minutes away on Taxi, and I have to walk about three blocks in the heat to get the taxi. This whole city demands a car, however generally the people are nice.

There are older sections of a city, and newer, the newer are less personal and probably the way people like them best. If a person lived their whole life in a place where their neighbor never said hello, and the truth be, they did not know the name of the neighbor, then this would be perfect. I find central cities or small village better for me, as the people live in an interactive environment. I feel home when people are in smaller family neighborhoods, not the big highway truck stop.

My day or mood is very dependent on the choices I make.

A good part, by living in the l’Amities Auberge or whatnot, I have found a person that can make a 12-volt battery charger. I cannot buy one, but he says he can make one. They was charging some very large semi truck batteries, and I guess they cannot just push start them, they need to charge the batteries.

My choice of homes increased 10 fold if I can live enjoyably under power or 12 volts in a place with no electricity. I think it is time to make that 12-volt river generator I think is possible to make for less than 10 US Dollars, a great project for my overactive mind.

I wonder what the people do, who do not have projects, they must drink a lot.

I will try to focus on something fun, I am letting the scrapes on my body to stop seeping, and scab over, I am afraid to wear a shirt much, it will start to stick. Now I am feeling more bruises and pain.

I need some books in English to read, the books on the internet tend to be boring in writing styles. I have not seen any Peace Corps people, sort of strange.

The heat does something to a mood, I think of the mean people in the Village of Koti, they lived in a dry hot place, and nasty place. However, up on the mountain of Danyi Plateau they was happy. I could rent a room with AC, but then it is worst if the electricity goes off. I am going to look for hotels with big trees over the top of them. I feel better knowing I am getting a good value for my buck.

Togo Mood Swing

Life in Africa is Good

Life in Africa is Good
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
May 12, 2007

I have this self policy of trying to avoid people I do not respect, it is better for them and better for me, I have found my life amusing lately in Africa, as I do respect the women of Togo.

Life in Africa is Good

Depression Caused by Vitamins

Depression Caused by Vitamins
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I remember to take my Vitamins about 50 percent of the time; it is confusing when I travel from city to city. However, when I am stationary, I put them on a table and try to eat some in the morning, if I take later, they keep me awake.

I suppose I should obey the instruction if there are any; however, I normally take two multi-vitamins and two of some B complex Vitamins.

I took two of these Vitamins and two of the B-Complex. I then walked somewhere, upon returning to the room I fell asleep. The whole day was miserable; I slept and continued to fall asleep. I did the same thing in Lome, Togo and in was worried. There was some bad things happening in the day, and I know that depressed people sleep as one way to hide from reality. However, this is not my way of hiding, so to me was worrisome.

I am very happy to isolate this problem as feeling sleepy and depressed make travel difficult. On the day, I came from Lome, Togo to Accra, Ghana by 15 passenger van, or Tro Tro I slept in the Van. I had a truly miserable day and was very angry with the Tro Tro people; it was not a good day. On hindsight, I can see I was under the influence of these Vitamins and not alert and happy.

I have stopped taking them and will obey the instructions on any multi-vitamins purchase. The truth is, there are not any instructions, I will take just one per day, and I purchased these in the street from a girl who carries medicine on top of her head.

There are always rumors of fake medicines being sold, if I was to purchase antibiotics I would go to the pharmacy and hope.

It is possible the combination of the B-Complex and this Vitamin caused a problem for me personally. I was somewhat thinking this was just a monthly low or a periodic form of depressed state people have, however I now have it isolated to the pills.

The solution is to buy a big 200-500 bottle of Vitamins at Walmart and carry; this does however take up a lot of room.

For those off-topic people, I am only in the USA about 20 days per year, and it is not possible for me to prepare the same as 99 percent of you that are on Volunteer Vacations. I must buy provisions as I go, and in the countries available, I am not on vacation, I am a traveler.

Depression Caused by Vitamins

Buying is the Travel Sin

Buying is the Travel Sin
I am on this pivotal idea kick, I keep trying to find the pivotal concept that reveals all, and the one way of looking at an issue, that resolves the question. Africa taught me that jealousy is a basic evil desire of humans, as I saw at the simpler cultural levels, jealousy became a dangerous problem. In the more convoluted brains of the developed cultures, motivations are not clear, the reasons for behaviors are hidden behind many smoking guns.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Andy of china-marbles.info --- Promote Hotel

It is painful for me in my Betazoid body to watch people buy, well, they buy everything, it is not important; they buy anything providing there is money in their pocket. I can feel their frustrations, there is never enough cycle, they must continue to buy, and they will get up tomorrow and go buy again, the whole in their chest is never closed, the wind just tickles the edges.

Jealousy is when I want what another person has, or I do not want you to have it, I do not want you to have something I do not also have.

This is the complicated way of saying it:
You shall not covet your neighbor's house; you shall not covet your neighbor's wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor's.

What is up with this Male Servant clause…? Hehehe
Ok, back to the issue.

I am suppose to be happy when you do well, if you go out and make lot of money, and I have none. I should be happy for you. I truly am proud that Bill Gates comes from the USA, he is rich and he deserves every penny.

I am happy that Norway is first on the HDI - Human Development Index, and want to go there to see why the USA is 10 or somewhere down the line. I would like to go and learn how I can do better.

I truly believe the problem with Israel is, well, these boys and girls are endowed with too many brains, they make everyone nervous. If I am stupid, better to keep the smart people away from me… On the other hand, if I am not jealous better to make them my friend. I personally go searching for smart people, seem like the bright thing to do, find a smart person and follow them, and then I can be lazy brained.

Well, this is what I learned, it is not the sin just to want something, and it becomes the sin when you go buy it. To want, to need, to desire, to dream, to hope, to sit around dwelling on what I can buy… To believe that something I do not have will make me happy, this does not work.

I wish I could buy something to make me happy, what a waste of money for me, I am already happy. But, I tell myself I am happy more than I tell myself I am not, there is a bigger pile of thoughts on the one side than the other side.

I do have these very small enjoyments. I go buy Iced Coffee and the trade of is this, I could go buy an Iced Coffee or a new Computer and today I think I would rather buy the Iced Coffee.

I keep learning as I have less and less, my backpack is limited, I cannot buy much, there is no place to keep it, and darned if I am going to send things home to a place I do not live. I live here, today. I will die someday and a big pile of junk will be left for a garage sale, why?

I buy something, then the something I buy, owns me.

I buy something, and then I worry about someone stealing it, borrowing it, or me losing it. Too much work I cannot be bothered.

I do want money, I want enough money that when someone steals something I need like my underwear, I just go and buy some more, I do not live in want. I want to replace everything in my backpack painlessly.

Nevertheless, to want is not the sin, to buy is the acting out of covet, the desire, the wanting.

I do very little in the day, I do not want, I do not desire, I do not need, I for sure do not go shopping. I have about 90 percent less to do than the other travelers or tourist around me. I also am not in need of some body rush; I do not need to go see something of beauty to have a good day. I am a boring person. I do not spend 90 percent of my day shopping.

I am probably addicted to ideas, I like to ponder, and I have this never-ending series of thoughts in my brain. I like to think, I love the game of problem solving. All this came to past as a friend told me I was trying to make traffic to my site to make money… I thought, no, I am trying first to have enough money, and not decreasing, that is scary when I start to slowly go lower, as there is a bottom. I love the game of thinking, of having complicated ideas.

However, I have trouble getting motivated for money, what would I do with money, buy another backpack. I have the best backpack I can play with today; it is the best I found to play with here in Bangkok. What am I going to do, buy two iced coffees?

Yes, there is always some small tweaks, and if I had unlimited money, I suppose I would not wear that t-shirt two days in a row. I think every person on the planet should move into a one-room home, it would stop them from buying….

Gong, you lose, I see people buy small backpacks, and then what do they do, the carry two big plastic bags of junk, and the small backpack. I carry a big backpack, but I accept, I need this amount of things to be happy, but then again, I do not own anything.

I have nothing to protect, everyone has more than I do, but I am fabulously wealthy, I smile, and I have time, I have time to ponder while everyone else tells me, I am too busy. I think when a person says they are too busy, they have lost the game. Somebody made them work for the man, they are in jail, totally out of control, and there lives have been purchased.

I tend to think, they bought so much, and they spend all their time maintaining or preserving their lifestyle and gave up their life. The for sure do not have time to talk….

Strange as it seems, I can call a person on Skype.com, a person I have not talked to in six months and they say,
- I am too busy to talk. -

Alternatively, do they mean, Andy you mean nothing to me, so I do not want to talk to you. I see both ideas as the same, oh well; I have time to talk if they ever stop buying and sinning. They are still my friend, they are just stray sheep.

A rich person does not want, a rich person has time, however, forget to smell the roses, I go buy iced coffee and take Hollywood showers. I do what I like, you do what you like and we will meet by chance, and life is good.

Buying is the Travel Sin

Am I Grateful

Am I Grateful
The world is a great place, life is good. Word are like paint, you can paint your life will cheap paint, or you can use high quality paint that last forever. When I am grateful, I use the best paint on the shelves.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, October 26, 2007
Andy of china-marbles.info --- Free Hotel Webpages

I use words to paint the history, today and the future of my life. What I say today about the future of the world, my country, my friends, and the big me will be the future.

I am positive words can hurt people, and if they can hurt people, good word can save people.

I am a very lucky man. When I think about the good words that saved my life as made me very angry, some people reach in my soul and rearange the shelves with words, making me a better person. I am grateful to the people in my life who use words to make me one person, not a confused mess of many, today I am just me.

or maybe Contact Andy

Am I Grateful

Number of Persons Ignored Per City Block

Number of Persons Ignored Per City Block
I sometime think of what I call the,
- Jerk Quotient. -
Normally I use a word that starts with A and ends with Hole. This is the percentage of people in a culture that are jerks. Contrary to any politically correct beliefs of justice, fairness and we need to treat all people equally,-------- I say equal, I do think it, and I do try, however less tell the truth, let us be honest… Ok, I know that is not natural anymore for many people.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Wednesday, November 7, 2007
Andy of china-marbles.info ---

Do not stereotype
Judging people
All men are created equal
Give them the benefit of the doubt

I was walking around with Robert, a man I met in Spain on Khao San Road, he is now is a Buddhist and Vegetarian.

Robert kept talking to the Taxi Drivers at the entrance to Khao San Road.

I said,
- Robert you know better than to start conversations with Taxi Drivers, you have been traveling too long to do that.-

A good traveler knows how to stop people, stop a beggar, stop a tout, stop any annoying person dead in their tracks. It is amazing ability, and a good book to read that explains about the Traveler phenomenon is a book:
Are you Experienced ? - by William Sutcliffe

A person that believes all people deserve to be listened too, are probably people I do not listen too, as I cannot be bothered.

I have people apologize, Andy, I did not read your post, or I do not read all your post, and I say,
- I put titles on them to help you, come on, I know you do not, please pick and choose, this is like a newspaper, read what you like and disregard the rest. -

To disregard people, ignore people, and walk on the other side of the street.

I have decided, the A - Hole Quotient is difficult, too subjective, it would be better to count the number of people I ignore per city block or 100 meters. As I was walking down Khao San Road yesterday, I think I ignored comments from about 1 person per 10 meters. I thought to myself, I know why I seldom walk down Khao San Road, it is not that I do not like Khao San Road, it is I do not enjoy ignoring people, it is not natural for me. I did not grow in in London, New York or Los Angeles, or Bangkok where people have upper levels advanced training in this, and it becomes their nature.

I can experiment for fun; I will count the actual number of people I ignored on specific tourist blocks of the planet.

The reason I walk down Khao San Road here in Bangkok, Thailand is because I want to see just how crazy people can be, it is good voyeuristic pleasure. There are people who look, and those who volunteer to become the entertainment. NOTE: Engage brain, in Africa, I was the entertainment for the locals.

I remember a women in Las bringing her children to view me, they walked around and pointed at me as if I was a cow.

Hmmm… I wonder, does this qualify as being a cheeky comment as defined by them British Lawyer girls in Tamale, Ghana?

Cheeky ---- trying to get away with saying something, hmmm or maybe it is the truth, is the truth cheeky?

Number of Persons Ignored Per City Block

6 Positive to 1 Negatives

6 Positive to 1 Negatives
Divorce is when a person says six negative to one positive. It is easy to say be positive, however to give specific numbers is great. I am a very slow learner on this, however I now know that about 90 percent of negative comments do not change anything.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Friday, November 30, 2007
Andy of china-marbles.info ---

A couple of things I learned on the way.

A smile will break a person in two pieces, the good and the bad, I then try to pick up the good piece.

The plastic bag the store give me is polluting the planet, I can just say no about 9 in 10 times if not more.

When I open my mouth to refute or disagree, 90 percent of the time it is not helpful or constructive.

People do not know how to click off something they are not interest in, then continue to read until angry.

Philippine people like to Sing Christmas Carol in the Robinson Mall Super Market in Manila, Philippines.

People can marry for a lifetime, my parents are proof, they make me proud.

6 Positive to 1 Negatives

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