When is the Sunset or Sunrise

When is the Sunset or Sunrise

I posted a question on a good questions page.

I received some really good answers and now have paid 5 dollars, a reader also posted a very good answer, this worked pretty good, I think I can do some real research, just a little slow.

I posted this on a Geography Page on


Sunset - Click on Almanac and it will tell you when the sun is going to set for your present location.
Time and Dates around the World

"Sunrise/Sunset Calculator"
NOAA Surface Radiation Research Branch

"Compute Sunrise/sunset by latitude, longitude"
Live Weather Images

"Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table for One Year"
Astronomical Applications Department of the U.S. Naval Observatory

"Online-Photoperiod Calculator V 1.94," by J. Lammi (last modified on
November 22, 2001)
Jarmo Lammi

You can also use these resources to see a view of the Earth and what
parts or in day or night:

I am going to try to post Nutrition questions about Niger.

When is the Sunset or Sunrise

In the quest to find the truth, I came upon this site: - Not that anyone cares...

Annapurna Nepal

Annapurna Nepal
Pokhara, Nepal Asia
February 9, 2007

There is something called a - Massif of Annapūrna.

Quote from Encyclopedia Encarta:

“Annapūrna, massif of the Himalayan mountain system, north central Nepal, one of the highest massifs in the world. The massif is 56 km (35 mi) long, culminating in two peaks, Annapūrna 1 (8,091 m/26,545 ft above sea level) and Annapūrna 2 (7937 m/26,041 ft). The summit of Annapūrna 1 was reached for the first time on June 3, 1950, by an expedition under the leadership of the French mountaineer Maurice Herzog.”

This set of mountain as is starts about 20 miles away from Pokhara, as a line of site, however probably much longer by bus or taxi.

I have lived in Pokjara for six days, and finally as a good bye gesture the mountains revealed themselves last night. For the first time I understood clearly, why people come to this too-much-tourist city of Pokhara, Nepal, it is the mountains.

I think on a clear day the feeling of being on top of the world would be a clear thought in my mind. I do get a feeling when in Nepal, that I am on top of the world.

A big cloud has sit on the city for the last week and made it quiet, the weather has made all the travelers and tourist feel as if they wasted their money. I really do not care, I was living in Pokhara for a week, and next week I will live somewhere else. However, to the once in a lifetime dream trip people, this is it, they need good weather, or they think they do.

I guess I live the dream, and they want to purchase the dream.

This is good idea of how far away or the general set up of the mountains.

I need to hurry as standard situation or normalcy in February of 2007, there is no electrify, I will run out of battery soon on my computer.

There is this idea that what you see in life is obvious, and when you travel the wonder of what you will see is obvious. Everyone sits around assuming that everyone understands this set of mountains. I personally despise reading guidebooks, so I do not read them. I do read the encyclopedia daily, however only after I become curious.

Finally, I was curious, there is never an obvious moment of clarity in India or Nepal, the whole culture is a big question mark. It is not important to learn about all these ideas or facts, or why I am here, it is important I enjoy the day. I know there is not going to be a test, and I am forever aware nobody cares if I can name the mountains. However, if they decide to tell me all the names, I do need to listen attentively. I suppose the idea is to listen to the world and to its people. It is not important I understand, I will not live long enough to understand the world.

My battery will run out on the computer one day, and it will be the end. I think curiosity for all things is needed, I am not sure it is important, I learn or remember though.

Annapurna Nepal

Travel to Mont Agou Togo

Travel to Mont Agou Togo
Kpalime, Togo
Monday, April 16, 2007

I am hoping to leave around 9:00 am today for Mont Ago uor Mountain Agou, or maybe Mount Ago.

Mount Agou (Pic Baumann)
986 meters of 3,235 feet high, this is claimed to be the highest point in Togo.

This is a short mountain in the world of mountains, more of a foothill, yet appears very high in comparison to the rest of Togo and even West Africa that is main a flat lands.

I was hoping the altitude of the Kpalime area would dramatically cool this area of Togo, while cooler than Lome at the sea level, not dramatically cooler. The Togo border town of Kametonou, was dramatically cooler at night, and was some of the best sleeping so far in Togo, and the room had no fan.

The hope is to take the road to the top of this small Mount Agou and find a Chambre de Passage at the top, get a roof top view of Togo, while living cheap. I semi-doubt this, as normally people do not go live at the top of mountains as the farm land is bad.

Travel to Mont Agou Togo

Mont Agou Pic dAgou

Mont Agou Pic dAgou
Mountain Agou or the Agou Peak

Mountain Agou Highest Peak in Togo
06 52.370 North
000 44.930 East
1004 Meters above sea level, maybe 986 is correct?

Note, they say the mountain is 986 Meters high in the Encarta Encyclopedia and the Guidebook I think agrees. I took a reading of 1004 meters, I am not sure how to say or know, what is correct? I have a Magellan Explorist 100 GPS device. Information is interesting and who knows, the information collected years before is often the information a person is reading about 50 years later. The renditions of Africa are often viewpoints of 100 years ago.

This is the kilometer makers or the end of road marker at the top of Mont Agou, the top of the mountain as best I can figure is about 10 kilometers off the main highway. It cost us 1500 CFA to go by Moto to the top of Mountain one way, then another 300 to go to Koti one way.

Ooops, it may not be the end of the road, I was trying to capture the correct Togo Spelling. I think you have better luck getting the mountain if you say Pic d'Agou and not Mont Agou to the motos.

This is the view from Top of Mont Agou or Pic d’Agou, they was telling me I can see Ghana. I could not see anything but haze, but I am sure on super clear day you may. I think the name of the city below is Agou, not Kpalime.

At the top of the hill is a wire across the road, the taxi moto and Michael talked for about 10 minutes before the man gave us a small tour. There is one location that is nice, the others parts is like being in an industrial park with a cell phone tower. There is a cell signal here and they say it is Togocel and Moov on the tower.

What is strange, as a line of site, I could see this mountain from the Village of Koti, however I had not cell phone connection, I think it is about 10-20 kilometer from the mountain.

Mountains, Geography, West Africa Geography, Togo GPS, West Africa GPS, Togo GPS, Togo,

Mont Agou Pic dAgou

Togo Mountain View

Togo Mountain View
Danyi Apeyeme, Togo West Africa
Saturday, April 21, 2007

Immediately upon leaving Adeta by moto, we proceed to climb the side of a small mountain range here in Togo. This may be called the Danyi Plateau; I am not sure, I could check on the maps, however there are no lights presently in my room as they went off now at 6:30 pm, I expect them off until morning, however hard to say.

Nonetheless, we climbed this mountain range, and then proceed to travel around sort of on top of the mountain range. I feel a little silly calling this a mountain range as the altitude is only about 750 Meters above sea level, and the highest in Togo is only about 1000 meters.

There is maybe a small airport below with a dirt runway, the boy told me something about a helicopter at the hospital, however seems like an overkill for the number of people and the amount of money here.

iew as we left the village of Adeta and climbed the side of the mountain range.

Mountains, Geography, West Africa Geography, Togo,

Togo Mountain View

Orodara a Populated Place

Orodara a Populated Place
Orodara, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I am in Orodara, Burkina Faso; for some reason this Geography Term, a populated place has entered my world two times today. Working on and the cities of the USA there is an identifier use called Populated Place, both times this phrase has almost negligible value to me.

I did not take the direct but to Bamako, Mali.

The direct bus from Bobo, Burkina Faso to Bamako, Mali if I took it would arrive at 21:30 and if all went as normal African time, I would think closer to 23:30 of almost midnight. I asked,
- Climatise? -
The ticket woman frowns, and shakes here head. This does not mean it is not Air Conditioned, it means one person answered no, however I felt she had a better than fair chance of being spot on, therefore negatives chance outweighs the benefits.

Most West African take showers at night, the bus for Bamako leaves at 8:30 in the morning, they are wearing winter coats, the temperature is close to 90 degrees. Everyone wants the windows closed, 12-16 hours of this and my olfactory nerves will take weeks to recover, the ride back from Banfora has already overworked them. African people are clean people, however, nobody is so clean you can just sit and sweat with the windows closed. It has come to my attention, they somehow ignore smells and loud noise, the TV is consistently louder than anywhere I have traveled.

Therefore, my best option is to do a populated place to populated place, skip and hop travel trip from Bobo to Bamako, Mali. I have landed at a populated place called Orodara, I think here is the capital of cheap cashews, and they are sold like peanuts here.

70 kilometers the small concrete road marker said as we cleared the populated place or areas of Bobo and 70 kilometers, this is not very far to travel, however, I have Thank-Any-God out ran the cling-ons of Bobo, Ouaga, and Banfora, I have left the Barbaric behavior of Bobo and enter the civilized city of Orodora, a populated place. I wonder why cities are the uncivilized parts of the planet, and the almost non-populated places are civilized, whatever the case, the people of Orodara are a pleasure to meet as they suffer through Coreme or Ramadan, just saying no to Cashews. My French to English translation on my computer calls it lent, maybe they are related, nevertheless the Islamic people are hungry and need a drink of water today, until about 6:00 PM and they will all run to eat and drink, I wonder if all the bars are busier after this time?

My room is 2500 CFA or 5 Dollars US here in Orodara, the Karma is back in alignment, and I left a room in the Cocotier Hotel in Bobo, very good, but for 7000 CFA and negligibly better. I think I will grow a beard, there is never a sink and mirror in my Hotels, they do not need to shave, and I guess I do not either, I guess I can give it up for Ramadan, shaving that is. I need to find a country where the black people have Paul Bunyan type beard, not goatees.

Orodara a Populated Place

Geography R Us

Geography R Us
The verdict is in, Americans do not know Geography, and by the way, either does any of the people from other countries. We are all about the same, we all use some form of tunnel vision that sees only what interest us, and we ignore the rest of the world Geography.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, October 19, 2007
Andy of --- Promote Hotel

Our life experiences is what teaches geography, yes some countries study geography of the planet more than others, and a person that reads National Geographic Magazine has education that is better.

Geography curiosity, or curiosity of Geography. Hmmm, that is about worthless, the pivotal things is to have a curiosity about people, then you are curious about Geography. I guess a people watcher, a person that can go to a big mall; sit on the bench, just muse about people endlessly would be a good candidate to be good at Geography. Why spend days studying maps unless you want to know about the people.

I am in a constant state of amusement as I coordinate with my techie the Boy Genius Techie in India to put code on our Hotel site. Here is person that somewhat dwells on the USA culture, however somehow just does put much value in a State of the USA.

If you click on this link.

Ooops where is Indiana, I mean, how can I go look at a map of Indiana or just a blank page waiting for Indiana Maps to appear, or some automated Google Earth Maps. Somehow the state of Indiana is not there, but we have put most of the smallest villages possible, but no Indiana.

The tunnel was made, the dictate passed down be the big ME.
- WE are making a Hotel site of… every CITY in the World.! -

I did, I made the tunnel, I put my 10 dollars on the table and said, this site will have every Hotel in the planet, and every city in the planet, and I demanded that we create a way to collect a hotel in the smallest place imaginable. And not only this, I am demanding a way to say, if a person in a house wants to rent a room to Swedish Girls, they should be able to place this on the site, and compete neck and neck with the Five Star Resort.

I have made the tunnel, Boy Genius is looking through the tunnel, and his vision is Tunnel, it is Tunnel Vision as they say. He is thinking CITY, this is the Tunnel I made.

I suppose we had to do it, we had to go to the smallest before we could back up and say, lets look out the window at the State of Indiana as we pass onto the smallest little city of Superboy, the Smallville USA, the Village in Laos, up in the mountains, nobody stops but some old Military Truck full of Rice Farmers.

Every city deserves favor… I truly believe the small cities of a county are the lifeblood of a country. The are the identifiers of people. I do not believe if I go to Germany and stay in Frankfurt, I am seeing German culture, yes a form. If I want to find out who Germany is, I must go down to the smallest of Gods people and say,
- Hello, I am Andy, what is your name? -

Where is the smallest of Gods people, in Smallville USA, they are in Germany in the village of… DARN, I cannot remember how to spell the village in Germany I visited. That place where the Grocery Store closes at 6:00 pm and all is quiet, just a few corner bars. This is the problem with, today, not tomorrow, or the future, but today we are in a tunnel of design, If I know the exact name, the state, the county a person can find their city, this is not how a person travels though and not the only path, but a good path if you know 100 percent where you are going, not likely…

I found it, the village of Seitingen a place where I found Germany, it is on the site of… hehehe, but for sure, only the makers of the site know how to travel the tunnels and paths to this village. If you go to this German Village, I hope to help you find a room, and say Hello to Sabine, my German friend I met in Ecuador, in a nowhere place, on a beach, Smallville, USA, nobody cares, but yes, someone cares, I do.

My Germany, the German people I want to know, the people I know live here.
Seitingen Germany

A blog post from Seitingen, Germany. In another time, I remember.
Other Life’s of Andy

I am having fun, making my dream of finding a room in a small village in Germany Hotel site. Because I want to go to the small places, and say,
- Hello, I am Andy, what is your name? -

I need a way to find a room to sleep.

Ok, the bottom line though Geography is the core or, we must show easy paths to find the smallest of the smallest and allow a person who knows nothing about Geography and could care less, how to find the great Uncle living in Ireland, and find a room… EASY, if it was easy, everyone would make these Mega sites, instead they just give me the Five Stars off the top, and forge the cream, the small cities where a boy like me was born. is winning because everyone is allowed to play, and is losing because the said, no, only if you pay, only if you give us money, only if this, too many rules, the basic fundamental profit model that works on the internet is…
- A site that helps all helps the site to thrive. -
This has been problem, the reason why gets about 80 percent of search traffic, allows all to enter, and does not just say no, started to want 300 dollars more or less per entry, and they wrote their doom check.

I suppose you get the minds of the smallest, the rest must follow.

or maybe Contact Andy

Geography R Us

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