Still walking around and observing the French. They are very nice to me, and I have yet to discover

the source of all the bad opinions expressed that they French are snobs. They so far are quite

friendly. Paris is a big city and of course this is an influence on the general friendliness of people.

But so far very good.

Walk down to the cemetery where they buried Jim Morrison of the Doors today. This place is a park

with dead people. The park is very beautiful and the trees in France remind me of Indiana. There

was a map of sorts of all the dead people at the entrance. I found Jim at number 30 and tried to go

look for him. Proceeded to take a walking tour of the cemetery. I gave up on the quest very easily

and decided I really did not care to see the grave of a rock singer. The group “The Doors” is one of

my favorites, but in reality he is just another singer that died young and got the assistance of

sympathy to help his dead career. He was an icon of rebellion in my opinion.

What is more curious then his grave is the “WHY?”

Why would an American rock singer come to France to live. I think he overdosed on drugs, and

died of heart failure. Buried in France and made a tourist attraction. There seems to be a bohemia,

lets get drunk and congregate in places around the world attitude for culture. I will say that the food

culture of France is extraordinary so far. Every corner has some form or variant on food or drink.

The architecture is great, and I think when I get to the older parts of the city it will only become

better. But the bookstores are in short supply. I will say though the advertisements they put up for

the plays, concerts have a Money, Pastel, and let draw with crayon wonder about them and are very


I found one special building. Made of limestone or coral type stratified rocks and the windows are

boarded shut. I will keep exploring it to see if I can crack the history around this building. This is

just a vacant building I notices. Most of the building are 6-7 stories and this one is 2 stories in a

world of tall buildings. Out of place and out of time.

Television would make an French person annoyed at the USA. If they spoke in English I would

think is was from the USA. Many shows or sitcoms from the USA. Raymond one of my parents

favorites. Music videos, game shows and soap opera.

I will try to learn the attractions for Jim Morrison to live in France. At first it could be intellectual,

but I am going to blame it on women.

Oh yea. I can drink the water from the tap. That is always a good sign.


Went to grocery store to buy some groceries for dinner. I agreed to cook dinner tonight. I am going to cook chicken. I will put it in lemon juice, olive oil, oregano, pepper, and salt. Let it sit around and think for a couple of hours. The put them on skewers. Try to cook them in the broiler. But there is no microwave or grill so have to make do. Bought some fancy type pasta. There are tons and tons of prepacaged or hehehe... processed types food. Ready to eat with all the spices included for sale in the grocery. I went to a store called the Monte Prix. I am not sure what that means. But another grocery store uses the word Prix. So there is something in common. Great way to learn a language. Read all the signs and put together the common ideas.

The prices were the same. Except the chicken was more expensive. Not much.


There is a few coffee clubs around Palolem beach. I try to stop outside my room to have a cup of coffee with Gabe about 7:30 in the morning. He give me a perspective on a history of the world from a English and Goa view from WW II until the present. What a free education for the price of a cup of coffee.

There are various coffee clubs here in Palolem mostly catering to two groups. One is the colony of British Expatriates of long-term standing here, and the other is for the Tourist that carry backpacks that need some Muesli and do not feel comfortable unless they get some western style service, talk and food. There is a German place that sells bread. So it is popular. Just like Al Pizza. Very popular with the colony. He is a Swiss guy with Dredds that make a pizza that looks more like quiche. Nothing new in this. Most pizza in other countries has too much pineapple and tuna and short on pepperoni and cheese.

I had some of my secret pockets made here so I can install in some of the new clothes I have purchase. They cost me about 50 cent USA here to have made and a lot of patience. I had 20 made and will walk over to the same place and take about 6 pairs of pant and shorts to have my clothes brought up to my level of proper travel condition. I am fully prepared to conquer a small planet, or will be soon. I am almost fully restocked of all the missing pieces in my backpack.

The only thing I can never get right for my backpack is a mirror. I have a very small mirror, but I am lucky to see my nose with it. Just too small for me to be vain. I have purchase larger mirrors but always end up breaking them.

I have been in a lot of expensive countries in the last 4 months and all my staple supplies of widgets and what-cha-ma-call-its are gone or need replaced. So India has been so far a good place to restock and fix, mend, and replace all the missing parts of my home. I live in a backpack. I think in a computer. When I go out my room I am in the world. Life is just too good. Thank you to all the good Gods of the world.

I was having a discussion this morning about the Islamic religion. It seems to be very close to a cult. I could talk about the similarities. I wonder if the world is brave enough to discuss whether a cult can really be a religion and whether a religion can really be a cult?


I left the flat a.k.a apartment yesterday to walk to the market to by these soft pretzel like breads that I ate before in Sabines flat. But as I started to walk I realized the whole city was like a new addition in the USA where there is nothing square or straight and all the street would curve with the lay of the land, I suspect this has been this way since the beginning of time and as people just plopped homes down the road evolved where there was a natural path. So on the first attempt I walked straight as possible and walked back straight as possible so I would not get lost, this is a normal technique and especially important because I forgot to put her home address in my pocket.


Made it to the grocery but forgot my umbrella and there is looming rain this whole day and dreary, but nonetheless I made it to the store and purchased some eggs and mueslix. The both seem pretty cheap, especially the mueslis, but the eggs cost 2 Euros for 10 Eggs. I think this is comparable to the USA, but I am not sure as I have not lived in the USA for seven years, and things are hazy.


I suppose that people think they are good purchasers and get good deals, but I would disagree and say that people buy what they want or have temptation and what is convenient.

By the way I did not buy the little pretzel breads as they cost about 60 cents US per Pretzel and that is not a good value, but opted for the good value foods. Most every country has foods that are downright cheap or at least you get a lot for your money, and if you can forego the temptations and eat the foods that are good value you will fare better. But travelers tell me they travel to eat, and this is probably true. I personally travel to look at people and wander why, but do test the local foods when possible without being forced to eat the food and maybe they can tell me what I am eating, to say the least I am not the normal garbage disposal eating traveler.

Life is good here in Germany and this area probably lives better than the normal American, but there are some living quirks, like they only have these super small garages, and the number of room in a house I less, but most home have very solid clay brick with covering of cement or some plaster like material and all the windows are double insulated vacuum window, with another metal like rolled up covering that will come down to make it into a fortress safe from everything. The homes here are beautiful, this flat has 3 apartments inside the building so there is a tri-plex in the midst of a normal neighborhood, and she had to buy the kitchen cabinets, that would make person stay longer.


I am bouncing off of Europe and cannot afford to continue to make these huge financial mistakes, and it is just too stressful. It would not be stressful if I paid 70 U.S. per day, but on my 25 dollar budget it just does not work. I will go to Thailand and continue on my journey toward Cambodia and Vietnam, etc. I leave now on the seventh of June for Bangkok.

I sometime think everyone wants me to see things at all cost, and that includes my sanity, in truth I could almost care less about looking at countries unless it is slow and easy, if I have to get a reservation every stop I will not do the trip, and that appear to be the case. I am going to keep up my push to buy cars in Europe and stay for one month in each country.


He wants to be the next Sadaam. I feel that the Clerics are evil people. Germany has CNN international and CNBC in English.


Saturday January 29, 2005 6:00 AM

What can you say; foods are needed, but when you travel all the time restaurants start to become annoying. However, what is even more annoying is that the more or pay the worst the quality.

I have entered kitchens where the meals cost 100 dollars a plate and I as normal sit at roadside or homegrown restaurants. I have not discovered a great difference between cleanliness, so I like the roadside one because the kitchen is open for me to inspect. I like to watch the cook.

Nevertheless, food, why, why, why do I have to pay a lot of money for tasteless and bad food?

Thailand doe one thing very good, they copy anything, very little real creative juices flying around, but they are very good at copying. I was in Krabi with Andrew, a man from India, in the Rapala they had an Indian Menu along with their other foods. This menu was a book, and there were seven people in the restaurant. This worries me, there is no way to prepare and have all the food on the menu fresh and ready to serve when there are only seven clients. A roadside food stall has maybe 5-10 things on the menu and they do 5-10 foods very good. However, the large tourist Hotels in Bangkok or mostly on Khao San Road have a menu that is a book and nothing is high quality. Cheaper is better.

Here are two photos of chicken fried rice to show the difference. The food at the cheap place is extremely better in taste, quality; spice, flavor, and the cheap one even give you chopstick if you wish. The vegetable are abundant or peppers and such.



A lot of white rice...

Agro-Tourism could Save Eco-Tourism

6:58 am Saturday May 14, 2005

Agro-Tourism could save the environment and Eco-Tourism is destroying the ecological systems of the world. A good Eco-Tourist stays at home; otherwise, they build a Hotel on top of the Eco-Systems they think they are saving.

I really am confused, probably angry, about how my fellow tourist can be, addle brained or lacking in curiosity about food. The will spend an unbelievable amount of money searching for a restaurant. However, there seems to be ZERO interest in the growing of food or where the food in the restaurant came from.

North of Machala and around Guayaquil in the plains of valley below the Andes in Ecuador is in my opinion one of the most fertile and interesting crop areas on the planet. Tropical weather creates for the mass growing of Cocoa, Bananas, and Sugar cane, I am told coffee, however I did not see any coffee. The land is flat, plenty of water and it looks like crops grow in abundance.

I am angry think about this because there is no tourism force that helps people to visit these plantations. In Costa Rica, volunteers go and work in Coffee Fincas and free labor competes with the locals. Silly behavior is everywhere, tourist mean well, however will do or purchase anything put in front of them.

I would love to figure out an easy way to go visit these plantations. I pass them in buses and look out the window, trying to figure out a way to respectfully enter a plantation and look around. The only solution I can figure out is to go to small village, stay, hire a taxi to go and visit a plantation. I almost need a truck or car to do this correctly.

Taxi drivers are not so honest on the planet and can cause many problems. They constantly try to maneuver either me or the maybe the owner, I will think about this.

I am considering leaving this morning for a city outside of Machala, my thought was that Machala was a small city and there would be a meeting of the plantations with the ocean. Machala is a very large city, they say around 200,000 people, and however my guess is more around 500,000 and too big to get close to anything but the city.

Machala is an excellent cultural city, full of diverse combinations of groups, or types of cultures. The markets are an interesting dirty mess full of many types of vegetables and crops of the area. Many lemons, and then there is the shrimps, it appears that on the way to Jamila or the area of Jamila is really more of a Shrimp farm area, then a resort area, the whole area smells of fish and my stomach is not good with the fish smells.

I will need to sort this out, I have been through this area before and feel remorse I have never seen a Banana Plantation up close, I am tired of looking at bananas from the bus window.

These are Platanos and not really Bananas, a Banana is smaller, the Platanos is more or less the staple type Banana that is used for cooking and such. A banana here is normally smaller and many varieties.

Bananas field at taken from the window of my bus.

Coco or Cacao the bean for Chocolate.

Sugarcane or Cano de Azucar.
The process of processing sugar or panela is interesting.

Photos of Niger Typical Foods

Photos of Niger Typical Foods
11:06 Monday September 26, 2005

I am very proud of this collection of photos of Niger food, it maybe the first time I have every collected a very comprehensive photo collection of foods for a country. Normally I take photos of anything and everything, however I have no way to know what I should have focused on until after I left or am leaving the country. After I have left, read more, thought more then I can see the common elements of think of the common elements. Since early in the travels I was told about the Food Crisis or more accurately by Doctor Ahmed of the Doctors without Borders defined the Niger problem as an - Epidemic of Mal-Nutrition -.

This is the basic foods eaten in Niger, please look at any vegetable or fruits and view it as a possible food for them and not a food that is eaten in abundance, the Cow, Goat and Millet, Peanuts and maybe Beans are eaten in Abundance. I cannot remember if this includes cow, however there are cows everywhere in Niger.

If a person analyzed the foods here for nutritional values, they could then deduce the nutrients they are eating, and therefore come up with a list of foods needed to be grown to help solve this Mal-Nutrition problem in Niger.

My feeling is these are the foods they could grow more of that are not grown in abundance, however would grow in Niger easily.

These are not in these photos, however should be more of even if I have shown a couple of time:


1. Lemons
2. Tomatoes
3. Peppers
4. Pomegranates
5. Mangos - Very needed.
6. Bananas - This should be number one on the list.
7. Cucumbers - This is a very easy and NEEDED.
8. Okra
9. Oranges
10. Potatoes - More of them.
11. Rice - I saw none being grown.
12. Corn - The grow, however it should be half of the Millet.
13. Wheat should also be involved more and less Millet.
14. Yams, they have however too few.
15. Olives - Easy
16. Dates
17. Watermelons
18. Melons, Squash, Muskmelons.
19. Grapes
20. Grapes made in Sultanas or Raisins

This list above is normal foods I see in dry or arid places on the planet and are very scarce in Niger. I would put the apple on the list, I however am not sure if it will grow in these areas. However if it will, then add the apple.

Niger Food Beef Brochettes Locust Grasshopper or Crickets Millet

Niger Food Beans Okra Pomegranates Yogurt Chicken Potatoes

Niger Food Special Juice Drink Fromage Dried Cheese

Niger Food Dates Tobacco Cucumber

Niger Food Tomatoes Grains Peppers Beignets Water Yogurt Goat

Niger Food Peanuts Onions Beef Jerky or Goat Jerky Salt Rice Millet Sorghum

Niger Food Tea Sesame Baguette Chi

I want to put this up and complete this before I am too far away from Niger and my focus changes, it is very hard to remember and prioritize when you are out of the mainstream problem areas.

However to me these photos above need analyzed by a professional nutrition scientist, then taken to an Agriculture department and create a list of foods that can be grown in Niger, then signs need made in there language, French, Hausa, Arabic of the names of these foods. Told in clear language, these foods need to be grown or your children will die. Put on signs and on the radio in Niger.

On the funny side, to get me to eat most of these would be like pulling teeth, I do not eat properly, however after Niger, I am doing 50 percent better. Surprising how a person can be scared into eating his vegetables and fruits. In Indian terms I am meat and potatoes man.

Bread and Jam

Bread and Jam

I am in what I feel to be an over-priced Budget Hotel here in Mumbai, I cannot say the name until I leave.

I look for value, and was hoping to have a good breakfast, instead I am getting the world-wide normal breakfast. I will admit though there is an elegance to having it sent to my room on this platter and if I just did not care or thought I was feeling special then I would be impressed. Instead I am feeling cheated.

White Toast and Strawberry Jam, instant Coffee, and a patty of Butter.

This is the typical breakfast included with a Hotel room for most of the planet, I almost never care if they include breakfast. 90 percent of the time it means toast and jam, and coffee or tea, instant coffee. Extremely cheap and easy to put on the list of benefits, lacking in any real meaning or service, however when you are in a country that is annoying to move or walk you can hide and have a little food, the only way to have a normal breakfast is to go pay three times what I would pay in the USA to hide in a Four or Five Star Hotel Restaurant.

As best I can tell the pay in India is about 200 to 300 Dollars USA per month, this mean room service is cheap.

Ok, I am going to go look for a room today, the reason is this, the Hotel room is very nice, no air, however for 20 dollars it is 10 dollars more than I wish to pay, I cannot or have not discovered a common area. I am going to have a meeting with my techie Andrew and a SEO - Search Engine Optimization expert by the name of Stephen. We need to sit around and talk, as best I can discover there is no place in this hotel to talk together, however the rooms are excellent for hiding from India. CNN, TV and HBO so I can sit, and not think about India, it is on a quiet street. That is the true benefit of this Hotel. I will go for a high floor and in a more busy place and a common area for me, Stephen and Andrew to sit and talk. I sure do not want two nerdy techs in my room all the time… hehehe

What this breakfast is missing is protein, and Strawberry Jam is a sugar rush and only makes me addicted to sugar. Instant coffee I have already made in my room, I am proficient at coffee, I hope to be able to cook toast soon also on my dual cooking, heating invention.

Aagh! I walked around today, this is a good value, the others are terrible.

Spatula Need for Hotels Guesthouses

Spatula Need for Hotels Guesthouses

I want to buy a spatula, I want to give or send them to Hostels, Hotels, or Guesthouses that have a kitchen inside the accommodations for the guest like me to use. Strangely they often to not provide or have a spatula, maybe they call them food flipper, egg turner, I am not sure, however there is a need.

As a gesture of good will, as a way to promote the best way to travel, the hope for hotels, hostels, guesthouses, I could send a plastic spatula like this to hotels, or just leave them in the kitchen. I want to have the world printed in hopefully very durable colors on the handle. I want a white one; this is in marketing terms called a promotional item or something. I would call it cooperative advertising, a way of becoming hooked at the hip, meshed into the fabric of the business, like providing a calendar to the hotel, however this would be a more active inclusion. I hope promote the idea that a kitchen for guest does create a Hobo Home away from your home, I do think person want to feel at home, when they are traveling on the other side of the planet, very far from home.

Caribbean Food

Caribbean Food

This is a photo of the Peanut Butter on the shelf in the Super Market down the street from me in Anguilla. Peanut butter is one of them foods that annoy Europeans; they will say comments about Peanut butter, however then eat the Chocolate Nutella a shelf above. I found some Combos Cracker and Cheese, the big bag the other day here in Anguilla. This is a food I cannot buy around the world, and if for some reason possible, the prices is crazy. I saw a Totinos Pizza also; the foods being sold here in the Caribbean are almost the same in nature to the USA. The market is so much larger in Central and South America, I think the executives of the USA companies maybe come down here, see the shelves, then push to be allowed to come and sell American products. I think people like to do business where they like to be.

Busta Banana Soda, I was asking for the Orange, then realized it was Banana, so this girl says to try. It is good, made in Trinidad. A person from Trinidad described Trinidad as the New York City of the Caribbean.

Sustainable Social Help

Sustainable Social Help

I am try to figure out the word - Sustainable - for years, reminds me of trying to figure out what my girlfriend in college kept requesting,
- Andy, be more sensitive -

I am not sure still what all this means, however I can still reach for clarity. I was on a bus with I believe two well-intended men. One older and one more the MTV younger.

Whatever the case we traveled in this little air-conditioned, too night for comfort van from the airport to Antigua for 10 Dollars U.S.A. about a one hour trip.
I was quizzing the younger one, about how he got a sailboat on the river Dulce, and he was saying or explaining how he cashed in before the Dot-Com crash, with some web site called Mongo something.

Then the older man on the bus, after I introduced myself and the younger man in the seat behind me as we was having this ongoing conversation and seem strange or bad mannered to not at least acknowledge him. So we did the introduction thingy.

They asked me what I do, I said, I have a travel web site, I gossip and make enough money to chase girls all over the planet.

The older guy was going to a 20 dollar hotel.
The older going to a 65-dollar hotel and to his 35-foot yacht on the river dulce.

The both suddenly commented,
- You speak very good Spanish -
I said,
- I am a five year old; I spent five years in South America -

The older gentleman is trying to help the Guatemala people with some project called - Central America Solar --- blah blah I am not sure. However, he was explaining about a food cooker that works with solar to cook food. I said,
- I saw a thing like that in Tibet -

He said,
- It cost 125 U.S.A. in parts, and then the people make the cooker - That is not a sustainble price to pay.

What the goal or thought here is to stop them from cooking over a wood fire and getting lung type problems, conserve the trees, wood, environment.

My guess in hard dollars this is close to two months worth of money. They have more than this in terms of food, and barter, probably closer to 300 Dollars; however, the world only cares about paper money, not what they have.

The idea is to give them a gift, help they can sustain, something that you give them and leave. This does not seem to be sustainable, maybe a great NGO keep a job for and NGO person.

I personally am wondering, can I go to Nepal, find the same thingy, send to other countries for 15 dollars?

Some Doctors have realized that in some countries they manufacture hearing aids, medical products for one hundred times cheaper than sold in the USA, they want me to stop in factories and talk with them. Maybe there is way to help get these needed products cheaply into the USA.

Disparity or differences in money or cost of labor are a windfall.

I personally believe people like Guatemala, therefore they like to come and help on many save the planet projects. I was considering how this would be good for Niger, where there are very few trees, lots of sun, the do need to conserver the trees. Here in Guatemala there are trees everywhere, and in Niger, there are very few.

People like propane.

I go to Nepal and India in the next few months, I am going to search for one of them hot water or solar cooking stoves. However, people like propane, however there are places where they do not distribute or sell propane.

I went on the locals bus in a way the next day, stayed in the cheaper hotel; try my best to learn to talk the languages. Nothing can be taught, learned, or understood until you somehow live with the people. Talk their language, try to learn.

Living in the expensive hotels keeps me father away from people, I must always remember to stay close to the people in the country I came to visit.

The world is in great shape, however there is energy of people that want to work to help with some problems on the planet. Somehow there must be a formula where the persons trying to help the people, can take a class, be told, explain to them, be very careful who you wan to help. Why do people believe everyone needs help, it is annoying that people do not see smiles. I saw miserable people in the Caribbean, go there, they need help.

There is a problem in Guatemala with Alcohol, there is a problem with theft, robbery and the rich abusing the poor. But I see some rich people with smiles on their faces, that say hello in an Indiana, down on the farm, hick, not sophisticated way.

Sustainable Social Help

People Rich in Guatemala Vegetables

Guatemala Vegetables

There are some inaccuracies of anticipations in life, there is a belief that poor people are poor, however often they are rich. Sometime we are jealous of rich people and they are poor. I may have stopped looking at the home, the car, the possessions and now I feel I am looking at the food the can eat.

Seven years ago, approximately I was in Guatemala, I travel up through Xela to Chiapas, Mexico to San Cristobal Las Casas. I was told of hardship, difficulties, and life of never ending problems. However, I found food, bananas, fruits, vegetables in the market.

I am in a poor country rich in vegetables, I can see the growing from the window of the bus. Sadly, I now see a Taco Bell mentality that was not in Pana a few years ago. They did not have Tacos, it is more or a Taco Bell invention than a reality. This is close to the Tacos Al Pastor of Mexico.

However, people stop eating their vegetables some times and start eating the packaged products. Not a good move, however the food is available here, that is what made me happy. Shiny hair, fat little women, I am not worried much about these people.

Traveling by bus, taking photos through the pane of glass, there is a vegetable and food diversity that is wonderful. Maybe it is subsistence farming; however, they can and do grow the foods that are needed.

Changes in fields, changes in colors, changes in health.

This is the garden environment of my hotel, complete with a fun housekeeper that joke and laughs with me.

I for years have been alluding to a place to retire, talking about a place to retire, recommending a place to retire. I timed it; this place is 3 hours from Guatemala City, however best to stop in Antigua for a day.

This house rents for 213 Dollars U.S. per month, I think it says it has a sauna. Do you have a sauna?

Eating Healthy When Traveling

Eating Healthy When Traveling

I can drink fresh squeezed orange juice in most countries, after learning about malnutrition I was under the belief; I had malnutrition in Tibet after traveling in India and Nepal eating very bad. I developed a boil on my leg and this is a sign of weak immune system, a sort of secondary problem to Malnutrition.

I am slowly developing steadfast rules on foods. It I am trying to buy what I consider healthy foods, like vegetable, tuna, fruits I will not try to be price conscious, I now purchase and try not to learn the prices too closely. The problem is the price of food is very expensive in some countries and the healthier it is the more expensive. In the Caribbean, I almost had to cringe to buy the healthy foods. Here in Guatemala it is easy and cheap to consume the proper balances of foods.

Buying fresh squeezed orange juice.

Orange Juice from Guatemala on the streets of Panajachel.

Eating Healthy When Traveling

Fava or Haba Bean

Fava or Haba Bean - Antigua Guatemala

There is this bean, I have seen many times around the world. I am not sure where it originates however, it is normal in some countries. I for sure have eaten them in Thailand.

Food in my opinion or crops grown dramatically change over time. The world passes around crops and now I would never assume any food grown are native to the country.

This is a close-up of the Fava or Haba bean in Span terms, I do not know the name in English terms. I like these things, I thing they deep-fry them, however I am often debating whether to eat or not eat the little thin husk. I do both.

I purchased a small bag in the store for roughly one USA dollar, they removed the husk. I purchased in the market about 4 time the amount with the husk or cascas for 50 cents U.S. or 3 Quetzals here in Antigua Guatemala.

That is my new plate, I purchased two because normally it is nice to be prepared for friends. One place cost me about 25 cents U.S. I have been looking for the type of plastic that does not break for awhile. Since I am worried about my health, I cook more in my room as it is the only positive way to eat correctly.

Fava or Haba Bean

Thailand Sticky Rice

Thailand Sticky Rice
I do not think of Sticky Rice when I think of Thailand; however, I found some in the early hours walking around in Bangkok. I do think Sticky Rice when I think of Laos.
There was this man, whacking these bamboo sticks against a rock he held in his hand. They would crack, and then he would hand to the buyers of his sticky rice. He was making a racket, hard to not notice.
The joint in the bamboo is the stopper for one side, there is a banana leave rolled up to hold the rice down into the bamboo tube. I believe there is some coconut mixed with the rice. Some type of seed, but I cannot remember is inside the rice.
The person cooked this inside the bamboo tube as it is burned on the outside, I do not know if the rice was boiled or not boiled prior to pushing into the tube of bamboo.
Thailand Sticky Rice

Hobo Malnutrition

Hobo Malnutrition
I am Andy, I worry about Andy. I may get malnutrition. When my system is run down or weak, I develop boils. These are very ugly, obnoxious and they leave scars. It is a king lizard size pimple.
I have had these all my life, however only in times of great body stress. The first time was in the two a day regiment of American Football. I was a linebacker and the had a morning practice and then an afternoon practice. The fuel needed to run my body was extreme. However, the vitamins and nutrients I now believe was also a problem.
The bottom line is I am a problem child, I do not like to Vegetables or Fruits, I have to make a special effort or I will just eat bread and cereals.
I could eat a boil of Wheaties five times a day and be happy.
Now I know, I need vitamins and nutrients. I am trying very hard to eat properly. In Nepal and I am positive in India, then next stop Africa, I see no end in sight I have problems.
The food looks dirty; the hands of people can be dirty. I lose my appetite for an orange or fresh food when it is sitting there hot, ugly and in the mud. I am a snob; I like them big fresh food departments of Kroger’s, or Wal-Mart, or even in the Philippines. This may be a sublime reason why I like the Philippines so much, for the Americanized food.
I take three multivitamins per day; however, I am just not sure, does this supplement suffice to keep me healthy?
I am working on this Malnutrition project, it is going to be a wonderful help to myself. Every problem the people have with malnutrition, I also have except for maybe the poverty caused malnutrition.
Malnutrition is maybe about mostly about not having foods available, then second person eating the wrong foods. I have both of these problems. For the second or latter, I am a snob, the food is available, and I just will not eat a banana that looks black and not yellow.
Food preparation is also a problem; I do not have a kitchen. I want Hotels with Kitchens, this may not be a want, and maybe it is a need.
I was looking at my Chicken Fried Rice in Thailand thinking, is there enough vegetable in this to keep me healthy?
Hobo Stew was probably very healthy.

Hobo Malnutrition

Sharpening Travel Knife

Sharpening Travel Knife
Elubo Ghana
Thursday, August 10, 2006

The man on the right took over from the man on the left to sharpen by big travel knife, it is needed to be long for Pineapples and I do not recommend a Swiss Knife.

He did not know how to sharpen either, but it is much better than before, had many problems with cutting a lemon. I removed the cloth handle, because the last I want is some sticky juice in my knife, a great thing for Swiss Knives to do. A knife needs to be easily cleaned, and with out a brush, who has a brush. The food particles attract my hated ants.

Sharpening Travel Knife

Perception of Clean

Perception of Clean
Lome Togo
Monday, August 28, 2006

My room in Aflao at the Pameke Hotel was obviously not so clean, but the price was fair for 45,000 Cedi or 4.50 U.S. Dollars.

I am in this French place, the manager appears to be White, French or something and his pants need pulled up.

I am sitting at the bar, trying to day,
Omelets avec Fromage.
Egg with Cheese
They gave me soft bread, no toast.

Ok, the man is cleaning the beer tap, I am watching, he is a good guy and speaks more English than most, and more than the French boy will…

The place is clean, it is nice, it is bright, it is what all the white men want here, a clean place…. Hehehe

The man is trying to clear the hoses of beer.
He puts his mouth on the hose and blows it out, I say,
- That was hygienic -
He looks, and then looks away… I caught you… Hehehe

This is the point, clean to me, clean to a German; clean to maybe, a French person is different. I do not see the French as clean, the Germans more, and the English about the same as the USA. And the Australians are first world.

However, we go into a hotel on the other side of the planet. IF this hotel had all the cleaning persons, staff from some middle class, upper clean level of the USA, maybe I would say, yep, it is sterile clean.

But no hot water, no good soap, and they clean, just like they do at home in the country. Just because they are working in a French Hotel, does not mean they clean up to French standards; however, this probably was up to French standards… Hehehe

He put his mouth on it and blew on the beer hose… hehehe

What you get for more money is an appearance of clean, not clean. I am dwelling lately on why I do not get sick. This Dutch girl Loes is in Ghana for six weeks and gets Typhoid. I am travel for 9-10 years and do not get sick from one of these water or food borne problems. I get diarrhea for sure, but do not lie around in hospitals.

I think it is this, I look beyond the appearance of clean, I do not trust anyone, I watch, I inspect, I expect to eat fresh food, I eat fresh food, and for sure, think garbage disposal try everything eating is a perfect way to get many diseases or microbes, bacteria, virus or whatever you call the problem things we cannot see.
This is the point, we cannot see, and looking clean, does not mean clean. The price for more is normally just to look clean, and I still have a hole in my bed sheet.

Nothing is perfect, and that is normal, I would faint, and then go home to the USA if the place was perfect, because I would be closer to home, might as well go home. I travel to see less than perfect, or as far away as possible normally.

Hmm, I better try to add the not-a-word Frenchie to my computer spell checker…

Perception of Clean

Cooking Food for Travel Health

Cooking Food for Travel Health
Lome Togo

I screwed up, I thought I could use my alcohol cooker in Africa, but normal rubbing alcohol is almost impossible to buy, and about 10 times the cost of the normal planet.

I therefore did not bring my electric cooker. I have not been able to find one to buy; it is annoying, they use charcoal here or wood, maybe propane for the real rich.

I need, not want to cook food in my room. There is not a variety of foods to eat that is healthy sold in the restaurants, unless I would be willing to pay 20 U.S. dollars per meal.

The five serving meal I think has disappeared, only meat and a desert, or just some rice and chicken.

I can buy vegetables with a lot of work, but the only way to have a variety of foods is to buy canned foods, I am in need of fruits and vegetables. I can do the fruit so far pretty good by buying in the streets.

However, the vegetables are difficult, I need to eat already cooked in a can vegetable, and the price is a minimum of 1 dollar per can. I am trying to find a variety, only found at most three to five vegetables sold in cans here. In the streets, I can buy raw, in the village, only tomatoes and peppers, no variety, hard to feel safe.

I am searching constantly for a large store; a large store has two lanes of foods, not even close to large. 50 percent are desert foods.

I can now cook food by putting my cooking pot on top of water I cook with my one-cup water cooker. It takes about 20 minutes to warm the can of vegetables.

I buy about one orange per day in the street and cannot find anything but orange drink; orange drink is not orange juice. The cost of food here in the stores is about 5 times the planet normal, but about the same as France.

I can afford to eat; I know most locals cannot, when the easy food is deserts, why would a person eat the good foods.

Food preparation in my room is moving from a want to a need status. I go severe health problems after four months in India one time, I refuse to eat what these dirty people prepare, they are very dirty people, there fingernails are dirty. Here in Africa the people are cleaner, but not as easy to see… hehehe

Cooking Food for Travel Health

Togo Cooking in Hotel Room

Togo Cooking in Hotel Room
Aneho Togo
Saturday, September 9, 2006

I am here on the east border of Togo, on the city of Aneho, Togo side, and I assume, however, not sure that a city by the name of Hilla Conji Benin is on the other side close.

An obnoxious extremely smart American girl walked into my room in India and said,
- You are a backpacker, a backpacker has everything needed to live anywhere, cook, sleep, eat, and survive anywhere. -

I admire this observation, and often wish to make levels of qualifications of what is needed to travel in some countries or areas of the planet.

I finally, I am so happy, purchased an electric hot plate here in Aneho, Togo; it has taken a month to find one by accident. I do not speak French well enough to really do well, so hard to explain, and electricity cooking is almost a two on the want list here. Charcoal is the fuel used, then propane, but number one is Charcoal in Cote d-Ivoire, Ghana and Togo, and I believe for sure in Benin.

Therefore, electric hot plate are hard to find, being Frenchie expensive here, they it cost 4000 CFA or about 8-9 dollars, I usually pay around 3-4 dollars, or maybe up to 5, and for sure in a cold country have one for heat.

The hotel is advertising the special it is Double anything on the menu, however West Africa is expensive for food, cheap in comparison to France, and just about the same price as England for a restaurant.

The guidebook is a mystery to me, it points out where you can get a tourist meal, like Steak TarTar, or Grilled this, or some French named thing, it does not tell me how to travel on a budget, or backpacker budget.

I saw a restaurant that looked nice, clean and a good situation for a backpacker who is weak and cannot eat street foods, not that any are very good here, but. I almost went to inspect the menu to see if the prices were even close to reasonable, but in the end, I do not care, I do not eat in restaurants normally, at least the sit down type. Street type, on the corner type, temporary type, all the time, however to sit down with a tourist menu would kill me, and does when I do.
Africa is a mine field on the tourist restaurant, it is like the only people that eat in restaurants is 5 star hotel tourists, of course NGOs go rich or they do not go, and so do volunteers. I have only seen now three other tourist on this journey in Africa.

I am now stocking up on canned vegetables, rice, chicken bullion for the rice, and hope to find some soy sauce. I bought some popcorn, and should buy some corn flour, I think I can make the Arepa thingy from Venezuela here; the flours maybe is the right texture, worth a try for a late snack.

I now need to find a way to carry oil, I have lost my oil bottle or left it far behind in the easy and cheap to eat Asia. I realize, it is easy and cheaper to eat in Europe, I can always find a grocery to snack in or scavenger inside of, here this is the problem, hard to find a Super Marche.

I am getting better; I will learn how to say, canned vegetable to the Moto Taxi and enlist them in the search. The big cities do though have big super markets, and now I know, I should be going to them and buying 10-20 pound of food rocks to carry before I leave the big one-city capitals.

Eating in normal tourist restaurants would make any true backpacker traveler want to shoot the cook. I could here Francis, or Oren, or Pascal going crazy, looking frustrated, saying very little, but leaving the restaurant.

A great way to be cheap, is to walk into a restaurant like a snob, ask,
- Can I inspect the menu? -

Pretend to be interested in the Cuisine, the quality, the ambience, and get to the point quick is this gouge tourist menu or reasonable tourist menu, I cannot say I have seen, maybe in the German places in Tokoradi, Ghana a reasonable tourist menu, yes it was.

I should discuss why not take an African girl to a restaurant, however later in the day…
I will put together, the spice, oils, staples like rice, and will focus heavy on canned vegetables as they are close to impossible to buy here in Africa unless you want tomatoes, peppers as the staple vegetables. Fruit is easier, the cucumber and tomato seems to be the staple vegetables on the planet.

Togo Cooking in Hotel Room

Benin Food Wars

Benin Food Wars
Ouidah Benin
Sunday, September 10, 2006

I have been busted; the Hotel has discovered I am buying food that can be prepared to eat. The Hotels in West Africa so far have almost exclusively been extreme tourist fare Hotels. Backpackers, on a budget are off the list, I suppose the Socorro in Cape Verde was closer to a Backpacker Hotel, the only one with any prices close to fair. In an extreme tourist fare hotel the expect you to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, for sure dinner at the minimum in the Hotel Restaurant. I may eat in a Restaurant of a Hotel one in 50 times, mainly zero, this is like an extra fee to live in the Hotel to me, and I did not come to Africa to Eat Fried Fish with French Fries, the menu is like some French Restaurant where they do not stock any of the food.

Yesterday, trying to be nice in the Panff Hotel here in Ouidah, I tried to by a Fromage Sandwich for 3 Dollars, more than I pay in the Bangkok Airport. No Cheese, then I try for the Chicken, no Chicken, they want to push the Fish, Fish is everywhere here, we are on the ocean, I do not want fish, I do not like fish, and for sure, I am not paying for Fish. No Chicken, so again tonight, they nail me, what do you want to eat, I say Poulet, and however they are debating too much, if they have Chicken…

I do not get sick often, I for sure do not get sick often from eating the food or drinking the water. However, I do like to see the Chicken being cooked, then I order the Chicken, I like to see the food being prepared because they expect a crowd. I remember in Mexico on Pie de La Cuesta beach the food sitting around for longer than I care to think about, I know food is not kept safe, sanitary and fresh. Cook it and sell it, nothing goes to waste.

Africa is a push, I do not know what is up with food here, normally there is a few food stands selling something like chicken, or food on a stick, things I probably will not eat. However, there is shortage of food stands, in Aflao, Ghana was the last place I saw some reasonable food stands, I guess all of Ghana was cheaper overall than the Francophone Ivory Coast, Togo, or Benin.

NOTE: Added later.
(I took a walk in the dark, not safe idea, however made it to the junction, I FOUND Chicken being cooked. Not many, but there was two street food stands. It was after dark, I took a Moto taxi back to the Panff Hotel, which is safe. I consider this food ten times safer to eat, I can see it being cooked, and the person is selling many pieces. I can eat in the restaurant; however, the person does not have Chickens, does not sell enough Chicken to stock it?)

Chicken with French Fries here, no drink is Five U.S. dollars, which is probably five times the normal day pay for the average person in Benin. I will not give to beggars, I will not make a beggar, and for sure, I want to spend my money helping the one dollars per day people, not the rich get richer people.

I have learned my lesson; I will use my backpack and stocks the foods away, not buy close to home. I think what is difficult here, is they truly believe all White People are movie star rich, money is no object. Spending money is how a person says here or seems to say, I am upper class, I can pay the fare to show I am rich…

NGO, Volunteers, United Nations, French Soldiers, are super inflating the tourist fare, as they are on some expense budget. I remember Paul Theroux, in the book Dark Star Safari saying this, it ring very true. I order an order of French Fries, no pepper, hard to talk them out of salt… Aagh, for one dollar.

This is from the Dark Star Safari book by Paul Theroux, explaining how the prices are inflated.

Benin Food Wars

Benin Breakfast Food

Benin Food
Bassila Benin West Africa
Saturday, September 23, 2006

I took this photo in Bassila Benin, I am not sure if it will continue to be served or not. This is some kind of breakfast type food, I believe, however I am still checking it out.

She put some white stuff on the top, mixed it in to the pink mix.

The unknown food, but it is repeating in normal circumstances, no tourist in these areas to change or adapt to, so this is a present day normal food for Benin.

Photo of inside the big container.

This is a street side food stand in Benin.

Benin Food

Drinking Water Africa

Drinking Water Africa
Djougou Benin West Africa
Sunday, September 24, 2006

I sometime finally understand the story behind the story as CNN likes to say. Water, there is no choice, I need to drink water, I on the other hand will drink about any water, I do not see water as extremely dangerous, walking on the street yes, being hit by car, drinking water no.

Fear is an interesting and pushy salesperson. It creates the fear, paranoia and obsession, fear, or maybe lack of faith. I have faith I am ok, I know I am ok, life is good, and if I die, then I die. I am not obsessed with living; I am obsessed with living my life as I want, where I want and in the world, not away from the world.

Water, AIDS, Black People, Toilets, Military Leaders, Corruption, No Roads, these are some fears of Africa, I know of, I am sure there is many more. I would be most worried about the cost, however anyone that can afford to go to Europe, can for one-half the price go to Africa it seems. Backpacking Europe is expensive and then the drinking, the amount of money spent on drinking and a person can live here.

Fear or water, I keep remembering this Dutch Girl in Apam, Ghana, we went to dinner, she asked,
- Do you want to clean you hand? -

She had or was carrying a small bottle of some handy dandy clean your hands anywhere stuff. I said,
- No. -

Later, my fear was, she thinks of me as a dirty person, I eat and do not clean my hands. I did not stutter on the question, I just considered it a little over the edge to clean my hands with some liquid from a bottle.

These small bottles, small references, small specific clues are the story behind the story often, how another person lives is the mystery, and to discover the fears a person I hiding is difficult. She was enchanted with the idea of living primitive, however obsessed with clean. That is like trying to kiss a girl that hates you, primitive become increasing difficult to be clean.

I was observing in Bassila the other day, the local people were sweeping the dirty while it was raining. They was cleaning a very moist, wet part of dirty of debris. I rather thought it hopeless; however, they were plowing away, pushing the world to cleaner.

The time required waking, preparing some water, finding the wood, light the fire, cook the morning meal, to prepare to live in primitive cultures could take until noon. Then here it is siesta time, there is no time to work. The time that is not used in the preparation of daily life is spent in the sales of products. The actual production of products seems to be about 10-20 percent of the time spent trying to live. Under production of moneymaking. The story though more correctly would be they are all selling the same thing and it has no value in the first place. Pimas or Peppers are sold everywhere, anybody has them, everybody has them, yet they are selling them, it like an Eskimo selling the proverbial snow, why would a person sell Pimas when everyone sells Pima. It is because that is all they have to sell, that is all the produce extra of; they produce very small amounts of anything of value. The time spent collecting firewood is amazing, all the time to cook food, yet the amount of food created is minimal.

Photographs, it is easy to take a photograph of someone carrying wood, to seem them working in the fields is difficult. Sitting around is the easiest of all things to photograph. I find people sitting in cluster anywhere, however working in clusters is not common. Working inside a gossip market, full of other people to talk is common, but the lone ranger out plowing away in the field is somewhat rare.

Henny Penny was a story about growing, working, doing everything so in the end a person could eat. There is short amount of time needed to plant the crops, it cannot take forever, and there are windows. The planting season, then the harvest season, in this period maybe everyone is carrying the products, and working.

Note: The Islamic morning prayers have been wailing away for about an hour, it is like a competition between young children for their mother’s attention. I loved to listen to the morning prayers in Pak Bara, Thailand was a wonderful music. Here it is a completion, not a fun noise, I have not see persons rushing in mass to prayer, they may be working overtime to keep them coming to church, mosque, or whatnot, they may just continue to sleep.

I had a business; it is very easy to think you are working all morning and to discover you spent four hours doing some spin dance, a whirling dervish of sorts, a spinning away, however nothing done. If feels like you worked, and I did work, but I did not make money.

I make money with a WebPages by making titles to the WebPages; therefore, I made the money by the title,
- Drinking Water Africa - After this, I must mention it a few times, and then talk about related subjects to drinking water. I am on many subject here, it is not good. However, I should be typing about drinking water, I suppose I am preoccupied with the time spent by people in non-income producing work; they spend less than 10 percent of their time making the money.

Every new title, makes a term, a search is created, I enter the competition to be a page someone reads, if the read my page, I have a change of them clicking on something and I earn money. The money is made in starting, when I make a title, the work is done. I will complete the paragraph. Short paragraphs or short blogs make more money because it takes less time.

I am sure the story behind the story is many people are afraid of Africa, they are afraid of dying, of catching some water related, food related, something and dying, nobody loving them, they die. The solution then it to somehow teach a person how to feel safe, it water is their fear. They must be convinced they can always drink safe water in Africa. I think it is totally possible to drink safe water in West Africa, in fact I would say a person has a 100 percent possibility of doing so, however, it is not as simple as just buying bottled water.

Weight, water weighs more than anyone is strong enough to carry; I do not see many backpackers wanting to carry around five liter bottles of water. I can easily carry five bottles of water, I would not walk, I would always have a taxi or motorbike, and I would hand the super heavy bag to the boy, hope he did not fall over and proceed. I do not walk with my backpack, I do many things to avoid walking with 40 kilos or about 85 pound of weight, and I think I am getting close to 100 pounds, and then cans of peas and corn, spaghetti, rice, tomato sauce are heavy. Food is heavy, water is even heavier.

I guess a person could travel with about three to five liter bottles of water, the person would have enough until the re-stocked. If they only traveled in the mornings, found a hotel by noon, they would be back to sources of water and could if needed purify water for them to drink. It is the travel jump that is the problem, moving causes a person to not have good water, I can always have good water in a motel in the city, I go buy, I take to my room, it sits. If I walk, I could carry two liters of water and be prepared. That is a lot of weight, I do not carry two liters of water, and however I could. I would like to say that one of them camel back water bags would be a good solution, however I think a person could never clean the thing. Clean is the solution, not refilling a bladder with water, how to clean the containers, this is the million dollars problem. I also do not know what would make a person feel safe. I do not feel safe buying water in bottles; I have drunk too many bottle of water that tasted like the toilet. I do not trust the factories that bottle water. I trust them to bring it up to half the distance, good enough to make me ready to make best if I wanted. I would only trust water I have boiled, or close to boiling. But then I need to put into a bottle that has been immersed in boiling water, this is the problem, I do not think people will work that hard to have clean water.

I just went and read the encyclopedia Encarta, not much information; however, I remembered I had downloaded a few military survival type manuals. I found one on water, extremely over the top for most person, however a wealth of information. I also had another from person who collected a lot of information. There are three parts to cleaning water, first is filtering out particles, then in making safe, then storage. Storage is the problem for me; I do not see a problem with getting water up to about 98 percent safe. I actually think straining water though a couple of socks, then bringing to a rolling boil will make it safe enough. The problem is the containers; pots of food, cooking, and foods are hotbeds of problems. How to sterilize the water containers and store the one-gallon or more drinking water needed per day, this is the problem. I think I know a drudgery working way; however, it would be time consuming.

I think it better to allow the imagined safety of buying bottled water to persist… Hehehe, there is many illusions that allow people to travel; one is that bottled water is safe.

I will obsess on something about water, I know the problem is not cleaning, the problem is weight, how to make small and portable and something a person will carry.

Drinking Water Africa

Benin Clean Water

Benin Clean Water
Boukombe Benin West Africa
Sunday, October 1, 2006

It is strange to suddenly become such a student of travel, I was getting lackadaisical in my travel, and I can see it now. Interestingly enough, I would say that Africa is easy to travel, I am thinking, then why am I learning so much. I suppose the daily French Lesson give me an ever-acute sense of learning. Then I am in nature or closer to nature in my travels, I am not in the sterile, cities of Asia, I am not walking on asphalt, tiles, or bricks, I am walking on gravel and clay.

Today, I am learning again about water, I am very comfortable with drinking the water here, it appears and feels excellent. I guess the thoughts come down to how to carry water to my room, or why, or when, or where to collect water. There are three big blue maybe 55-gallon plastic drums that hold water in the main area and monitored by the many women of this hotel. I think the place is called the Chez Yatsin or something; it cost 2000 CFA and is the cheapest hotel I have used.

The girl Eloise gave me this exceptionally clean bucket, a small plastic dip bowl, and we filled my bucket. They use this half of a very large gourd to dip the water and I am walking back to my room with a heavy bucket of water.

Ok, I take dip showers many places on the planet, this is normal, what is different is there is not an unlimited supply of water in my room. I have a bucket full of water, and do not want to go retrieve another bucket, so I try to conserve water.

The bucket contains my.
1. Coffee water
2. Water to cook Rice.
3. Dip shower water.
4. Brush my teeth water.
5. Drinking water.
6. Wash my hands after eating mango water.
7. Wash my hands water.
8. After toilet water.

Ok, for instance, to brush my teeth, I want to rinse my toothbrush, and clean a little before I brush. I must take the small bowl that is my dipper already in the water, and pour water over my toothbrush. I then brush my teeth, I then spit the toothpaste where… normally I use the toilet, however the toilet is another story. I have a stall area that drains outside, to the outside, I spit is next to the drain hole. I want to swish some water around my mouth. Wait a minute, if I drink from the dipper, there will be toothpaste on the dipper. I therefore pour water from the dipper into one of my two glasses. I needed to rinse the coffee out of the glass before I did this. Ok, used a dipper, rinse the coffee, put the dirty coffee water in the same location as the toothpaste. Now I have a clean cup, I use the dipper to pour water into the clean up. I take some water and proceed to swish the toothpaste and do some type of not normal tooth brushing.

I now have a cup that needs cleaned of any possibility of toothpaste, so I need to pour water over the cup. I only have 2.5 gallons, I need to last all night, or somehow run around in the middle of the night, in the dark looking for water. The only need is a drink; I cannot use my last glass of drinking water.

Taking a dip shower will one day graduate to a full-blown tip, I am become the expert at dip showers. I have even learned how to use less water in Africa, maybe one gallon. It is about efficiency of rinsing, the problem is rinsing, not cleaning. I will save this for tip.

Ok, so conservation of water is my goal, and prioritizing how to use it, then the impossible task of keeping the water free of debris, contaminates, of particles.

Around I go and where I go I do not know. Ok, back to the beginning, if you are on the Amazon, I have been on the Amazon, and they will take a canoe out to the center and fill up jugs. This water has the least amount of turbidity in it.

Turbidity is the fancy word meaning the water looks muddy or full of particles. Ok this is fortunately not the big problem in West Africa, I have many sources of water and it is clear looking, that does not mean it is not full of something that will give me dysentery.

I am drinking about 90 percent public water sources, or paid to use the water sources. Today, I am drinking in Boukoumbe Benin water collected from probably a round deep well that goes down to the water table, I know of two, one is about 30 meters and the other is 40 meters, a long distance to pull up a bucket.

Then it goes in the big plastic 55-gallon blue barrel, sits, settles and hopefully remains clean. I am not paranoid, I will drink after about anyone, but I still like the perception of clean.

Ok, you fill it with water; some loose junk settles to bottom, the top is cleaner; however, surface water is not as clean as under the surface. I sort of skim the top, dump it, and then go for the deeper pull of water. I fill up my own 4-gallon tub and there is sits. I know the tub is clean, because it is my tub; however, I am thinking, do I need to cover it to keep the water pure? I do not want lint particle, there is not many things in a backpack that is super clean, I guess some t-shirt would be best, but I only have five, not wanting to sacrifice. I leave it uncovered, then realize later, many thing fall from the sky, or from the ceiling, the fan is blowing, the air is moving, I need to stop this, I also cannot walk over or near, and what about the dippers, do I leave it in the water, the only clean place in the room is the water. I cannot sit the dipper down; it must be in the water. I have two cups, one is the dipper, the other is the drinking cup, I am going to go to three soon, they take up a lot of space if not stackable. The handle stop them from stacking, I will have to cut off a handle to go to three.

The bottom line of all this is you need one large container, then three cups, and a smaller but big container, that holds 2 gallons, then you can talk all the small things, and put in the big 4 gallon and boil it until all is sterilized enough for any normal camper. The 2 gallon container than is the super clean water reservoir, the big one it the cooker, and the water carrying system. The three cups are managed with care, and how do I clean a pot? I have a Dutch oven type cookers, cleaning is not simple.

I can say this with complete honesty, everyone drinks the water, it is not possible avoid drinking the water when you travel. All you can do is minimize the chances of somebody doing an outrageously dirty operation; to avoid normal water from the tap is about impossible.

The problem is cleaning the cups, the cooking utensils and keeping them clean before you eat or use.

I will dwell on this, I do not know if anyone can be clean enough in a camping condition to stay clean. I could by not moving, keep clean and unlimited amounts of tap water keep very clean.

I watched Sara the Peace Corps girl turn greenish and make a run for the toilet in here home. I wonder if she was packing, I am always, always packing toilet paper in my pocket. Only place I stop, is in the USA, I do not trust Europe, Asia and South America is a disaster, actually Africa is good inside the hotels, outside, same as anywhere, you need to be packing.

Sara and me ate some egg omelets, nothing in the eggs for me, I think there were tomatoes in hers.

I know my eggs were cooked hard and done, I am not sure the tomato in here was cooked. How long the tomato was sitting before being used is the question.

I really believe the bigger danger for travelers is the food, not the water; the water is minimally a problem. Food preparation is an incredibly dirty operation. I more or less eat packaged or one piece of food cooked well and never in any mixture, and nothing they would dip out of a container and pour on my rice of spaghetti.

If not hot, then it gets a pass, I must feel the cooked process, I do not buy cooked food waiting to be eaten, and the shelf life makes me weak. I know they keep them chickens until the next day; they do not throw them away…

I could dwell, talk, write about how to eat and stay healthy traveling, people love to eat, and I do not believe they can stop eating these goulashes, salad, conglomerations of foods. They also will have a delusory idea their good friend; the owner of the restaurant is clean.

Note the handle to the dipper is a problem, to share it; you need a handle that hangs out of the water. To shower, I need to be able to have soap on my hand, however not get soap into the water. There are dipper problems.

Benin Clean Water

Niger Peanut Butter

Niger Peanut Butter
Dosso Niger West Africa
Friday, October 6, 2006

I went to one of the most unique markets in my travels of the planet. It was by accident, I walked out of the Au Zenith Hostel, turned right on the street, walked across and towards a neighborhood where I could see some interesting architecture. I think it was a Mosque; I do not like to try to photograph or go near Mosque as they do not have a gentle nature about them and can be problems.

However, as I was walking, I seen this convoluted, woven, intertwined mess of people, tree limbs, pot, pans, and who knows what. I started to walk through and saw leave, packed round balls of this, and that, and I thought I was in some herb shop in San Francisco, where they would sell hippies placebo cure-all for all ailments, and tea on the side. I do not know what I was looking at, and that is what made market unusual and unique. In West Africa, if you have seen fish and pimas (Peppers) you have seen a market, of course a few women with their tops down, and flopping. It is never the young gorgeous ones.

I see brown, maybe like cow crap, mixing up, a light brown paste, what is this, I am always nervous in markets. Especially after you see rats for sale like in Laos or funky this and that, never know, if they get poor enough they may sell you a sparrow. Niger is supposed to be maybe on the bottom of the ladder, last in line, poorest of the poor. However, this market had some pineapples. I am not sure, poor does not mean they do not have food; they may not have money, a huge difference.

Homemade or Natural Peanut Butter made in Dosso, Niger.

This should make the au natural eat something with no preservatives, and all the veggie, vegan wanna be healthy people happy.

Small plastic bag with peanut butter inside, it cost 25 France or less than about 10 cents US, or less.

The Marche or Market of Dosso, Niger was a highlight of my trip, around 5:00 in the afternoon, I got to stroll around, laugh, joke with the locals and see what they are up to. There French is weak, their smiles were big, they environment seem ready for a movie to be made.

I went in search of a water bottle; I have started noticing some of the men carrying this bottle on a string, like a traveler’s bottle, made to carry. I have been musing and dwelling again, I am thinking, these Turag and desert dwellers need to carry water. They would not spill or allow the water to spill under any condition. They must protect it at all cost, how do they do this. In an old world, they had these goatskin bags, and I could by them I believe in Agadez. I am not going to drink from goatskin, so what is their modern adaptation and how does it work. I want a bottle that does not leak, light, lots of water, and I need to carry 1-2 gallons, that is a lot.

Oh well, I will dwell, roam around and see what I can find, this market in Dosso is unique, I could walk around, poke around, and ask many questions. Until I discovered, it that tobacco, what is that, why, explain, what language to do you speak. Can I take photos, will you call the anti-photo police, be obnoxious or will you have fun with me.

They all seem interested because I was interested.
I met two Peace Corps people in the Marche or Market, they was buying something and looking dazed or hot. It got up to 40 Centigrade yesterday according to my made in China not to be trusted temperature gauge, but it was hot, who knows. The Niger Peace Corps I believe speaks Hausa, I am not sure if they speak French, the girl I met also in the bus station said she spoke Hausa, the language you really need to talk to Niger people, not French.

I have about a 90 percent guess chance if I say Peace Corps is they are younger, around 20 and white, they are probably Peace Corps, if they are smoking a cigarette it is some nebulous who knows what NGO-ONG up to questionable activities person.

Nigeria is close, less than 100 miles or kilometers, there is a rood going directly over to Nigeria, however there are many, I do not know if it is an open border crossing or not.

Niger has a problem with Vegetable, Nigeria has many people, and Benin has some good veggies, both would probably ship up vegetable if the Niger people had some money. In the end, all is possible on the planet if you have money, if there is money, a person that wants, they will ship it to you eventually.

Niger so far reminds me of some old west hot and dusty cowboy town, where there are some lazy, hot men with their legs up in the air waiting. Waiting and waiting, not as if anyone looks motivated.

The one girls from Peace Corps, Sheena is here name was a black girl, I went into this Alex Haley, Roots, get back family, who am I, I am black, I was pulled out Africa, how to I know my family roots.

I do not know, they were hot, I was excited and happy, and I would love to be a black person in Africa. It would be like tracking down my mother after being and orphaned in some Charles Dickens, David Copperfield book, made into a movie plot.

I wonder if the Peace Corps people just want to put in their time, and get the resume stamp, or they are actually curious. They are young, I am amiss to see how they can give much, they have little to give, they have about a 20-year-old person life experience, not a person I go to immediately to ask advice, unless I want to know fashion or the latest music.

S.C.O.R.E. Senior Core of Retired Executives, this would be the people to send over to Niger and these poor countries, some very old hooter, who has too many life experiences.

SCORE is some small business administrative beg for money help to apply for small business loans SBA, advisors. It may be Senior Corps, I cannot find in encyclopedia, who knows if it still exists.

Niger is a very safe country, maybe on the annoying side, many people lying around doing nothing, however still a nice and safe place in a who would come here world. I would think the best person to want to come here is someone fascinated with the Indians of Arizona, and then they would be right at home. Hot, culturally extravagant, full of strange desert items, and people who just do not know much about anything. The literacy rate is below the meter reading, and in the total guess range in my opinion, it is a fact, that most facts are not facts when you start to learn country facts, they are guesses. Or a plea to give me money, look at the fact, we are the poorest.

I am glad about Niger, if this is as bad as it gets, then the world is actually in very good shape.

Niger Peanut Butter

Ginger Gingembre

Ginger Gingembre
Natitingou Benin West Africa
Monday, October 2, 2006
I am back in Natitingou, therefore I decided to stop to see the Ginger girls and buy some Ginger drink. I nice place to stop and listen or try to converse in French.

The say Gingembre, not Ginger, because that it the French word for is, however to me it sounds like Ging Gem and I can say, and they can understand.

This drink is strong, maybe bitter; I think the quantity of water needs to be diluted to sometime be better. I am yet to find some sugar to try to lighten it up.

This is the ground, yet raw ginger waiting to be mixed.

The take the ginger and put in the round sifting device to the left, I suppose they shake it and powered ginger drops. I have not seen this process so not clear on the hows and whys.

The process of making this ginger drink is.

1. Grind up the ginger, maybe let it dry, I am not sure.
2. Sift it through the very fine mesh into a certain amount of water, I can almost promise you they were not careful with this.
3. They retrieve coke, Fanta, and kind of drink bottle they can find and clean them with soapy water, shaking and then rinsing.
4. The put the bottles in the ginger water, fill them up.
5. A person cleans the ginger off the outside or rinses.
6. They may distribute, I do not know, there are two sizes.

The small one cost 175 Franc, but if I give her 200, she likes me so she keeps my change.

So the small bottle cost about 40 cent US, this is not a bargain drink, but unique and special, and authentic.

How to find in Natitingou, the million-dollar question. Find a statue of the man using a stone to grind pima or peppers, it is a statue. The good Super Marche is next to this, if you cross the street from the march on the corner of the street, they seem to be doing this process of making ginger daily.

Say Hi from Andre.

This to me is one of the essential reasons to travel, does not make it in the guidebook, only if it is alcoholic, but does make it on my list. Gingersnap, Ginger in the Caribbean to stop seasickness, and memories of my grandmother giving me Gingersnap cookies, this is a grand memory.

There is something you like, some food, some product, something that is part of your day. Somewhere on the planet is the origin of what is part of you, a memory you have, a sense of what you like.

Ginger Gingembre

Malaria or Food Poisoning

Malaria or Food Poisoning
Khon Kaen Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, November 6, 2006

I am going through a mental process, trying to discover what was drastically wrong with me in Niger. I was extremely sick and am not sure what was wrong.


It is French or Hausa speaking, the strange part in life, is you walk into a doctor or pharmacy in a poorer country and they ask,
- What is wrong with you? -

How do I know, I am sick, these are my symptoms….

Now, how does a person who does not understand English and I cannot say in French, understand or intuitively care about my symptoms. I know, and for sure, 100 feel that what is under-developed in countries is care. To be in the worst developed country on the planet, NIGER, and expect a doctor to care, really care is ludicrous. They only care about how much money they can get from a white man.

The solutions though are often easier than the diagnose and I believe a person should concentrate on what will fix them, and not on what is wrong.
90 percent of problems can be serviced with some type of anti-biotic, and if I walk into a pharmacy, describe my symptoms, I have about a 90 percent chance the pharmacist will give me something that works.

This is fuzzy logic, and the need to know is the problem, a person needs to know, I am not sure why, but life demands of them, to know why…

90 percent will not stop the 10 percent.

Life threatening diseases, what are they, hard to find a good one that will take down a healthy person. However, for the paranoid, a private pay through the nose doctor in another country is your best choice, and with an introduction from someone.

The go to a second doctor, just to be sure.

Calling your doctor at home would be wonderful, if you can muster a doctor that will take you calls. Nobody wants to be responsible, so the put-you-off words can be annoying.

Solutions medicine is more important than to know why, better to make a mistake and take the wrong set of medicines, which probably will not hurt you, than to wait, and wait, until you are really sick.

If it does not work, well, so what.

I am ok, did I have malaria or food poisoning or something else, the regiment of how I dealt with it worked, I am fixed. Nevertheless, egg in my face, humility, introspection, what was wrong with me, I need to be careful; I need to have solutions in my brain, anticipate how to deal with problems, before I am in a problem. Anticipation and a game plan on managing problems is good explorer type need. To be able to see into the future and anticipate what problem could possibly arise, then think through the problem, and know a path to a solution.

Not the way a normal person thinks, so stay home.

Malaria or Food Poisoning

Rice Lakes

Rice Lakes
Bandung Indonesia Southeast Asia

- Rice is the primary food for half the people in the world. -

The amount of land that is used to grow rice in unnatural man-made lakes is to me staggering.

Rice Lake or endless rice paddies saw on the train ride between Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia. I have seen the same in India, Thailand, and Philippines.


If you dig down below your feet, there is a depth where you will hit water. It is called the water table. The ground under your feet is saturated with water. It is a big sponge holding the earth’s water. Rocks and mountains, impermeable clays and such are natural barriers between this sponge or saturated ground.


This is the underground lake.

When a person pumps water out of the underground lake it needs to return to this lake.

It is logical and understandable that the water that is used to create a rice lake does not 100 percent sure return to the Aquifer or underground lake.

This disruption of water could or it is possible to disrupt the balance of nature. The cutting of trees does almost the same thing, and changes the percentage of surface areas.


Changing how the surface of the planet is used is about balance, too much concrete; too much land used for rice lakes, too many trees cut is changing the balance of nature. It may eventually force mass groups of people to immigrate to areas where there is more water, or where the rice lake has somehow displaced the water.

The water is not disappearing it is moving or being relocated on the planet. Hydrogen fueled cars, if they use water, could in a way do the same thing, the percentage of water on the earth is a number, and this number maybe should not change dramatically.

Rice Lakes

Diarrhea and a Phillips Screwdriver

Diarrhea and a Phillips Screwdriver
Jakarta Indonesia Southeast Asia
Saturday, November 25, 2006

I started having Diarrhea in Bandung, thought it was some odd combination of foods. However, after about five days, I think it is type one and not type two Diarrheas.
Type II Diarrhea

I decide, time for some medicine, not sure if it kills as much as it stops, I am getting on a plane tomorrow, I need full stop.

So here I am trying to alter my food intake, find some cheese, it is supposed to constipate you, however I cannot find any. Thinking to myself, does eating ice cream help, it is a milk product.

I finally think, bread, however, I am a protein starve meat eater, and needed something, so opted for the peanut butter to make the bread taste better.

I return to my room, thinking I will get into my mess kit, get a knife, and make me a big peanut butter sandwich, complete with whole wheat bread. However, I forgot, I am on the lean, mean packing system, nothing but what is absolutely needed. So, I find a Phillips Screwdriver I use it to fix my computer, however now I use it as a knife, I hope this helps relieve my diarrhea, and who can tell what bacteria lurks on a screwdriver.

I had trouble with the world Phillips, spelled it first Philip and I think it is the name Philip, this is Jaksa street in Jakarta, Indonesia, I bet there is a Philip Screwdriver.

There is this I wish I could photograph them groups of lady boys down the way at night. They stand and act as if they are going to grab you and pull you into this building. Very humorous to watch, like girls with big thighs, wide heads and ready to rope someone. Jaksa Street I am very surprised is mostly men tourist, maybe I am not on the backpacker street, I do not have a guidebook. However, this is more or less a red light district at night.

It is all part of the game, life goes on, however running the airplane toilet every 15 minutes sounds like a plane crash to me. I fly from Jakarta to Singapore tomorrow with Adam Air, for about 68 US Dollars.

Diarrhea and a Phillips Screwdriver

Lechon Pig Roast

Lechon Pig Roast
Tupi Philippines Southeast Asia
Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tupi is becoming the place to have a pig roast or hog roast, I was at a birthday party for Jo Jo and they had a pig, complete with head. Then the next day, here in the same hotel, or guesthouse there was a wedding with another pig. I took this photo at the wedding.

A man was quizzing me about, what is the difference between wedding reception in the Philippines and in the USA. The only clear difference was the pig, I never remember going to a wedding where there was a pig roasted or hog roast. The clothes, the table, the dollar dance, all were more or less the same, yet the serving of a pig was different. The culture or Christian culture here is very similar to the USA.

Lechon is the Tagalog name of pig.

Lechon Pig Roast

No Convenience Stores

No Convenience Stores
I am thinking of giving up convenience stores as a New Years Resolution.
I am trying to give up processed food, and it simpler to think this way. The next problem, places like Thailand thrive on the 7/11 and it is very difficult to find a regular grocery store.
I will be able to go to restaurants and street food, the extremely healthy open markets in most countries on the planet, at least 80 percent, the cheaper, called poorer, but sometimes much better.
I think the defacto result is I will lose weight. One by having less salt, and second because I eat less conveniently...
No Convenience Stores


Andy of
Daily Diary or Travel Journal

New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
January 1, 2006

No Convenience Stores
0r Snack Stands.

I am making a new years resolution, I have been testing the idea for a few days. In the endless goal of trying to control my weight, I wish to give up snack food, chips, peanuts, cookies or other processed type food.

It is good idea, simple, however I will need to carry water as this is my big temptation, to walk into a local small store and buy water.

The amount of salt intake has dropped dramatically.

New Years Resolution

Solar Cooker Kathmandu Katmandu

Solar Cooker Kathmandu Katmandu
Kathmandu Nepal Asia
Sunday January 28, 2007

Things happen for a reason, I am not sure why I believe this, yet I do.

I tried to book a flight from Kathmandu, Nepal to Delhi, India, for some reason there was no flights on Saturday, and I was on a waiting list for Sunday. I have an open ticket with Royal Air Nepal, I purchased in Bangkok, Thailand, therefore, I just need to find a seat, and reserve it.

Hard to understand all the problems here, in the end, I think the culture has trouble embracing the idea that you can be honest, make a good product, and it can sell. They believe making dishonest copies of North Face, Lowe Alpine, Mamut or any brand that trips the trigger of the backpackers is a better way of making a living. I believe 99 percent of the products sold in Katmandu are copies.

While my frustration levels was peaking on many levels, my friend Chris back in Idaho, USA was staying the course. He sent me a couple of emails about Solar Cookers, and reminded me of my own photos.

He found a place to buy a solar cooker online. I was delayed enough by my flights, that I reconsidered and am staying long enough to find the solar cooker, if possible.

This photo was taken in the city of Gyantse in Tibet China, behind the Friendship Hotel as best I can tell from my own web site. Jeff and me stayed in the Cheap Rooms, while the five Star folks got abused living in the closed Friendship Hotel. We had plenty of blankets and they did not.

My personal belief about solar energy is most people promoting it are fools. For the world to utilize solar energy first of all it has to work or function, then it has to be affordable by the masses, not just the enthusiast, who love gadgets like me.

Many Hotels in Katmandu have solar heated water systems and on about a 100 percent kill rate, they do not work adequate. The fail to be adequate 100 percent of the time.

I was listening to a good understanding of one Hotel about a person taking a shower in the afternoon to utilize the Solar Heated Water. I said, that Hotel has a large Electric water heater also, you can take a shower about anytime, and your problem is you need to wait for 15 gallons of water to be pumped from the first floor to the fifth floor before it will become hot. Therefore, more or less you need to let the water run for about 5 to 10 minutes to get a shower.

Therefore you have hot water, however, then cause another problem by wasting water.

I have now changed hotels three times; the one he was in has the best system to get a hot shower, and all three of them you need to wait 10 minutes and waste 15 gallons of water to get a shower. Katmandu has a shortage of water in addition to a shortage of electricity; they have few things up to adequate.

There are very few things done correctly here, however this is normal in 80 percent of the planet and in my opinion why they do not have any money. Hard to make money selling junk products and junk services, the buyers beat them to death to get a cheap price, because in the end they buy price, not quality.

I believe the real truth about Solar Hot Water in Katmandu, is not about giving us Hot Water, it is marketing. They want to say, yes, we have Hot Water; they do not want to give us Hot Water.

This is an on demand type of Hot Water Heater; they are available in most countries of South and Central America. If you took and combined the Solar Heated water of Nepal and this on demand Electric Hot Water heater of South America, you would have a system that would work closer to adequate.

This is an on demand gas water heater in Bogotá, Colombia, works very good in a way, if you have a common shower and not a private shower. I suppose true energy conservation is by having one common shower in the hotel and not having private showers. Then have only dip showers as they utilize about half the water. There is also a model like this, yet is electric and very common in Southeast Asia.

This is my filling up my 4-gallon bucket I carry in my bag with hot water to take a dip shower. If the Hotel has hot water, I put about one gallon of water in the bucket, then take a shower. If for normal, reasons and they do often, run out of water while I am lathered up, I finish my shower with the water in the bucket or finish by dip. I also can take sub-adequate solar heated water and finish heating with a one-cup coffee cooker purchased in Bolivia.

The art of travel is not just toughing it, the art of travel it to use the God given brain you have to adapt.

If the NGO of the planet, would combine all these in one location, and had a clue, they could triple the number of tourist in Nepal, and adaptthese sub-adequate services into adequate services.

While being very frustrated with Nepal, Chris has reminded me to track down cheap hot water cookers in Katmandu, I am on the trail, and maybe they have a less than 20 dollars cooker, which I could sell at cost and ship to the rest of the planet.

This is not rocket science, it is common sense. In truth, everyone is always reinventing the wheel, the technologies exist to live great, people just do not know about these things and utilize in one place. All the answers are scattered all over the planet.

Solar Cooker Kathmandu Katmandu

Cooking with One Cup Cooker

Cooking with One Cup Cooker
Katmandu Nepal Asia
Monday, January 29, 2007

I have discovered an extremely easy way to cook many canned foods.

I have tried canned corn, normal not the cream style. I have done peas, however I have not been brave enough to do the Boston Baked Beans or Kidney Beans.

I will try rice.

I am afraid it will burn the cream onto the cooker and I will never get it clean again. These babies cost one dollar in most of the world, not a big price to play.

The cup I purchased, I think in Thailand, however normal type stock in the cheaper countries. Do not do this with any type of metals unless you want fireworks.

Cooking with One Cup Cooker

12 Volt Travel Cooking

12 Volt Travel Cooking
Pokjara, Nepal Asia
February 6, 2007

I am going to try to augment my list of ways to cook.

1. Alcohol
2. Candles
3. Normal 220 or 110

Now, I am going to add 12 Volt, I HOPE.

I have purchased a 10 pack for AA Batteries, or more correctly three of them. I only need one, but I may like them, so need more. I am hoping, with my calculations and understanding this will generate between 14 and 10 volts according to the charge level.

A person can buy anything from a small forced air heater, to a microwave. The reason is because of the RV or Recreational Vehicle market and the Marine or Boat industry.

I have to carry about 14 AA Batteries to run my cameras, GPS and other toys, I will only buy an electronic toy if it uses the AA Batteries. I have charger and you can buy all these batteries and apparatuses in most tourist zones.

The 12 Volt Appliances can be purchased at any truck stop, however if you search for 12 Volt Appliances in, there is an amazing amounts of pages of them.

12 Volt Fry Pan

Nonetheless, I can use a little spoon type cooker to heat bean, hot water for instant coffee, corn, or many other appliances. They also sell the room heater, for the cabs of Semi-Trucks, that could heat my room.

I figure, I can buy a 220 to 12 Volt Transformer and somehow rig it up to work.

Another idea is for me to hook up a bicycle to a car generator, and pedal my way to electricity.

12 Volt Travel Cooking

Water Pasteurization

Water Pasteurization
Pokjara, Nepal Asia
February 6, 2007

I learned a term form the FOST Solar guy in Kathmandu, Nepa, the term is Water Pasteurization, and the idea is to boil water until it safe.

I knew this, just did not know the term of the day, however with this device and my 12 Volt cooky thingy, I could also so this, in addition to cooking peas, corn, or hot water for coffee and tea.

12-Volt Beverage Heater Immersible

I am very excited, I am stopping at home to visit, I can buy many toys! The USA is just a convenient place.

Water Pasteurization

Vitamin Loading

Vitamin Loading
Lome, Togo West Africa
March 4, 2007, 5:29 AM


I have went to Niger two times, I have went to Penn State to talk a professor about Malnutrition. I have a web site now:

We are generating large amounts of data, ideas, movement, and effectively I have done nothing, a big zero to change or solve the problems of Malnutrition. However, I suspect I am right in line with all the other organizations and have a better than normal chance of doing something.

What has been changed, is I am now eating healthier and taking my vitamins as I see a direct correlation between good health, happiness and brain alertness and the vitamins and food that enter my body.

If I eat well, and take vitamins, I am healthier and have more energy, I am the overactive brain Andy as normal of the past. My brain was slowing down, it was starting to be obvious to me, I was lethargic and did not wish to do anything.

I have went from cooking in my room about once every 20 days to cooking in my room once every two days. I am sure in Southeast Asia, I will always cook less because it is cheap to eat in places like Thailand. Here in Africa, I may be cooking daily soon, as I become more organized and prepared.

Sadly, I think I ate and prepared an egg sandwich in Niger and got food poisoning by doing what I am recommending. Eating in restaurants is not safe, however it is also complex and confusing to buy fresh foods. Just the other day, I realized the difference between and old carrot and a fresher carrot, the one is harder or almost brittle.

There are many trade offs in life, I now spend more times searching for food, but I have stopped eating all the processed package goods daily. I have never ate in restaurants regularly, I instead walk around and buy crackers, breads, and carbohydrates. Not the way to eat, but healthy and easy, or safe to eat this way, just not the full supply of nutrients and vitamins. If I eat packaged crackers, I will not get sick normally. If I eat in a restaurant, I will get sick.

Somehow, somewhere, there is an idea, a - presse - that will guide me to knowing if the food is fresh. I am thinking, I must only eat street food where I see them prepare it in front of me, or in highly active restaurants and only the plate that everyone is eating. The more exotic the order, the more likely the food has been sitting in the back for weeks waiting for some nut to buy.

I drank a whole container of apple juice, it must have been a liter. It took me days to find a place that sold juice that has the 100 Percent on the box. It is all French, and there is such and allusive use of words, I think they are selling sugar water, convincing the public it is healthy, and putting juice flavoring in the sugar water, this is portrayed as juice. I now only purchase juice looking drinks that has the 100 percent on the box. When looking at what is represented as juices, I see that about one in 10 boxes is really juice, the rest are just sugar drinks with flavoring.

Hmm, what great fun, I can watch the veggies and see if they pick up on this, I seem that as 90 percent easily manipulated by illusions of healthy foods. I will see if they buy the 100 percent or the normal, I think they normally just eat an orange because they have no money and a box is anti-organic in their mind.

Vitamin Loading

Kpalime Fromage

Kpalime Fromage
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Monday, March 19, 2007

I am weak, my legs feel like there are spiders in them, and only because I saw some bad cheese. Kpalime is new to me, there are tons of stores, and so far, I have seen no stores owned by Lebanese people. The stores are locals, and there are too many to buy from, hard to choose, none appear to do good business.

I want a small grocery that does a lota of business, where there is evidently a lot of turnover of the food on the shelves.

I purchased some COPY of the Vache qui Rit, Fromage, something Bridell, I think, and then I proceeded to make a cheese sandwich. The cheese seem a little harder, and it was about 7:00 PM and it was already dark. I kept opening the little packages, and putting into a roll or T-bread, and about the fifth one, it looked like there was ants or black crap in the pack.

I looked closer and it seemed like there was mold on the cheese.

This cheese is sold, and left on the shelves, not in the cooler, if there is a cooler, it is normally sold this way. I worry all the time about it, and now I am weak feeling. I know myself, I will have trouble eating for the next few days, until I find a proper feeling store. There are too many places, and none so far feel safe, the products on the shelves could have been there for way too long.

I thought I had Malaria last time in Africa, however, the more I think, study and dwell on it, I think I had food poisoning. I am looking at the cans of food, checking the expiration dates, and trying to choose a grocery or store that has a lot of business. It is still complicated as they every store has something they somewhat specialize in, and I have never seen any specializing in this cheese I like.

I will need to buy food and look at it in the daylight, or in the room under good lights. I need to inspect, I did not want to bring the cheese into the room for he exact reason, I trashed the cheese. I did not want ants, or rotten cheese in my room. I tend to not eat in my room very much anymore, I do cook may cans of Vegetable, but anything sweet, or sticky, or with lots of crumbs like bread, I eat outside. I am hungry, and do not know where to go an eat. I guess I eat tomorrow.

Now a big moth flew into the room, now I have to set up the mosquito net, this hotel does not have screens, unusual for West Africa, normal for most of the world. Getting weaker, not stronger with the bad cheese on my mind.

Mosquito nets are hot.

Kpalime Fromage

Organically Grown Palm Oil

Organically Grown Palm Oil
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am being sarcastic, and a smart A…

The Palm Oil is not pure and clean looking it is real, real life, real oil and made in a natural and organic way.

This is a photo I took in the market of Kpalime; the woman is selling palm tree oil, squeezed from this small little nut like thing. It is not the coconut, it is something that hangs down, not clear myself and there is nobody here in the organic natural and authentic world that cares to explain in English. I think I could get a very good Mina language explanation.

They do need and want to use the oil though, they are practical and use what they need, not making all the political correct decisions.

I see yams or cassava mostly being cooked in oil, there is also the Gateau I eat in the morning. They deep-fry them over a wood flame while I wait.

I like the Gateau or the round, what I think is corn, with some sugar inside dough thing, deep fried, and sold like a round donut hole, but is not a donut hole. Hmmm.. I have a photo.

Yes, the cheap food, I eat in the morning, one of these costs 25 Franc and one dollar is 500 Francs. I like them, and I have a small chat Chantelle, not Chantilly Lace, but Chantelle is my new friend, I think her mother makes them. Chantelle is married, has a baby by the name of Rose, and is nice, speak no English, small French, however we do communicate.

I am doing this mostly to EAT in the world now, IF I can see them cooking it, I will eat it, if they are not cooking it in front of me, I do not eat it, my solution to eating healthy.

I see many a chicken here looking like it is being cooked, and I want to see how long it has been on the burner, or is it from yesterday. I truly believe restaurants of the planet, take foods that did not sell yesterday, or the day before and just keep putting them out to sell. Not so bad when you know they have a fridge, sense of what is safe, and has the basic idea understood. NOT!

I trust my mom for this, and after that, I do not trust anyone, the world is about making a buck and the world will sell me anything they can get away from and I do not care if a 5 star hotel or the street vender. I am getting vigilant, cook it in front of me, and I will eat it.

Organically grown, a great marketing plan, a semi-good idea that goes astray, turns into a way to sell food at very high prices and who can say, was it really organically grown. The foods I see grown naturally grown are very ugly, I eat them daily, and the bananas are difficult to buy.

Is the world really ready for the ugly truth, would they eat meat, if they had to kill the chicken. The normal world will kill the chicken, we are sanitized and three levels away from life, the real world is a little too real for most people anymore to understand and appreciate.

I would wretch the necks a couple of chickens, if I thought they had some meat on them bones. They got some of the skinniest chickens and range fed chickens, marathon-running chickens on the planet here. The meat is like eating leather, a great place to make a large chicken farm.

Organically Grown Palm Oil

Togo Banana Scavenger

Togo Banana Scavenger
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I buy a good looking banana, when I see a good looking banana, I am not talking about the girl.

I do not like just any food, in my town, they call me Snoopy eater, this word is used only in the Northeast corner of Indiana as best I can tell and is a cultural variance of words of this area. I learned in University I needed to say, I am a picky or a choosy eater.

I say, I am not a Garbage Disposal Eater also, referring to travelers that just put anything in their mouths.

I am a scavenger eater, trying to always find the one day collection of foods I scavenger for, as a balanced day of small meals. My friend - A Man - with the name Michel in French, or Michael in English thinks I do not eat.

I explained my diet, a Gateau or Bread in the morning, a few peanuts here and there, a couple of eggs or can of tuna, when I can find chicken, I eat chicken and a lot of the Vache Qui Rit Cheese or the Laughing Cow cheese.

I walk by the market, I buy Carrots. I eat a can of Peas, in Lome, I ate more vegetable as they had more variety. I eat an apple here, and apple there, other fruits and vegetable when I can.

I do not see rice with spaghetti on top, and a chicken drumstick as being a great meal. This type of dish is an illusion of food to me, and common for the Togo people.

Michael has been laughing, IF I see a banana lady, with a what looks like good bananas. I stop her, buy 100 CFA or about 20 cents US of bananas. This is about 4-5 smaller type bananas. I am always on the lookout for the more yellow bananas because I will not eat a banana with black or brown spots. I am a snoopy, maybe a snob about the food I eat.

European food.. What is that? Here in Africa, it is good excuse for a person to pay 5 times the going rate for food, it is amazing and I just do not understand how the poorest of countries can have some the most expensive restaurants on the planet. For the most part, locals do not go to restaurants in the fashion of the pay-to-much and think they need this white folk.

I am an independent person, I cannot buy big quantities of food, therefore I eat larger than normal helpings of one food, then scavenger all day long for various types. After the day is done, I more or less have all the correct foods, then supplement with Vitamins.

I eat about 1000 CFA per day, or 2 U.S. Dollars, including the lemon juices and slice of oranges.

Togo Banana Scavenger


Kpalime, Togo West Africa

Hello Dan


Name: Dan (Edited)
Country: USA

Hi Andy, thanks for the great website.

Can I ask you to NOT list WalMart on your website? It is a wretched, evil company that destroys communities, towns, small businesses, the environment, people and their families. I wish more people were aware of exactly how terrible the situation is with them. It sickens me.



I think, I am not sure, you are referring to my gear page here:
(Site has from 25,000 to 50,000 pages according to your perspective.)

Yes, Dan you can ask me to not list Walmart on the website. I try to understand people and to listen, I try to take into consideration all points of view and I think when a person disagrees with me, I try to listen harder. I suppose by me saying, yes you can disagree with me, I am saying I disagree with you.

It is possible you know many facts, data, reports, explanations and in your excitement just forgot to send, if so please send at least as much information as statements of opinions, I do not know you, I have no reason to feel impelled to trust you. Thanks for reading my site, and liking, however not a reason to believe you.

I would recommend a person read my blog for a couple of months, then decide, do you not like me, and disagree or do you think I tell lies.

Walmat is a company I recommend to people in other countries to go and visit when they visit the USA as a tourist.

Ok to the start, you made a statement, you told me an opinion about Walmart, and gave no specific reasons, validations, explanations or better yet a scientific study about this, and I am almost positive you could find one. Instead, as in a way normal in out new world there is this idea of opinions are of value without some explanation.
(The evil part was over the edge.)

I personally have adopted a new term, or set of words to explain this that somehow I came upon, it may have be from Michael Crichton as he explains a lot about the lack of good study and scientific methods in his book - State of Fear - An excellent book and many footnotes, reference and whatnots at the end of the book, and he is substantiating fiction, not a requirement for fiction.

Junk Science -

Junk science?
"Junk science" is faulty scientific data and analysis used to advance special and, often, hidden agendas. The junk science "mob" includes:


Why do I recommend Walmart on my site, because this is where I a traveler, and it is my opinion recommend and buy a lot of gear for me to use and carry in my backpack? I do not think most people would call it gear, but 99 percent of the stuff in my backpack is not sold in Travel Gear shops, so I would call gear the 99 percent and not the 1 percent.

I see gear shops as needing to sell specialty gear, like the ropes to climb mountain, but this is not for travel, it is more or less sports gear.

I will try to give one very good reason I recommend Walmart, and it is right here in Kpalime, Togo.

Wal-Mart sells very cheap products and drives the small retailer out of business because they sell so cheap. This is free enterprise, competition to sell the cheapest to the public, and a very good system that has proven to be a success.

Now, who wants to be driven out of business, not me? However, it is a fact, I compete for search engine traffic, and this is my competition, other people using the same search words. Stop picking on a hobo…. Duh, that is pretty stupid.

I am in Kpalime, Togo; there are about 20 small food stores from the corner of my street to the Texaco station. I have been in every one of them trying to search for canned vegetables to buy and eat. I actually have gone in maybe 50-70 small mom and pop stores here in Kpalime, they rein as king here.

I have found 1 in about 50 stores that carry corn; I have found about 1 in 70 that has a can of string beans. About 45 out of 50 have Petit Pois or canned peas, and none has the Haricot Rough or Kidney beans I like and can buy easily in Lome.

West Africa and all of Africa may have a problem with Malnutrition, I am not positive, but sure in Niger they do, I suspect the do in Togo, but then again AIDS is the issue-per-jour here, not the true problems.

I am not worried about West Africa first, I am first worried about me, Andy, I think I got very badly malnutrition in India and it became worst in Tibet, took me years to bring my system back up to happy.

I am going to eat my vegetable and fruits, take my vitamins and stop eating so much bread and peanuts. (That translates to peanut butter sandwiches.)

Where is Walmat, I want selection, I want the big super Marche to come here and sell a variety of foods and drive them little business to the moon. All it would take in this city is one larger store with a selection to drive stop many of the smaller stores.

Strangely, the Africa people do not do this, the Lebanon people come from Lebanon, start grocery stores and start to feed West Africa. There is no Lebanese people or few here in Kpalime, therefore we have this 50 small and no variety, all selling the same products, NOBODY, making any real money and thriving.

Thriving, I want people to thrive, Wal-Mart thrives.

Walmart good, bad, or who cares does what a good business does; they sell a product cheap for a good value. Therefore, I go there, and they have this quirk of the world, they refund you money if you are not happy.

I tell the world this, learn the word REFUND, in the USA, you can get a refund. If I buy bad cheese here as I did, from one of these Mom and Pop stores, they will not give me back my money; they do not make enough money to even stand by their products. IF I opened the cheese in the store and checked, they would give me new cheese, or something, but to leave the store and come back, they would say, you bought that somewhere else and lie.

Mom and Pops stores, small shops, small hotels lie, big stores have trouble, they can be sued and the person can get rich, not here in Togo.

Ok, Junk Science, there is not proof to your allegations, but then again it is your opinion, and yes you can say your opinion. I am sure someone can send links, and explain how the big Wal-Mart is bad.

I will continue to buy in Walmart providing the give me a great price, and a good product for my money. That is the deal I make with Walmart, they lose me the instant I can buy anywhere better, and I do not buy all things from Walmart. I go to Walgreen’s and Target and shop around.

Mom and Pop stores here in Kpalime, sell Peas for about 1.50 US dollars in one of the poorest countries on the planet.

How much does a can of Peas cost in Walmart in one of the richest countries on the planet?

Something is wrong here, and there is a reason why people want to go to the USA, and it has nothing do with freedom, and liberty all that crap, they just want to have a good life, thanks to companies like Walmart that sell cheap and drive these high priced small stores out of business. There is a shortage of jobs here in Togo, and the USA has many, there is a different in how the economics works.

ALL that I have said above is opinion; I have only done the 50 to 70--store search for vegetables here in Kpalime, Togo. To do proper research, I would need to list, document and explain, then go back to the USA and find the prices of Peas, Carrots, and all the other foods sold in Walmart.

This is sort of anti-junk Science opinions nothing to do with collaborated evidence. I could be 100 percent wrong, I think I am 99 percent correct, but that is my opinion.

Walmart is one of the eighth wonders of the world, or you can come here and eat the food, buy the clothes, and hurt. I purchased a shirt in the market yesterday, I wore it without washing, my neck broke out in a rash, I had to take a taxi home, and take a shower, and I was very worried. They had ironed or pressed the shirt with some unknown starch or liquid, I could have ended up in the doctor trying to clean my body of some rash because there is no Wal-Mart here.

Cheap and easy to purchase foods would help to solve the malnutrition problems in West Africa, but nope, that is not what the NGO push or shove or promote. The say, lets give them money, food, and make them beggars, the World Bank does more in seconds and much better than any misguided save the world ONG-NGO.

Someone told you about Walmart, and you are gossiping and telling others. Do not trust BBC and CNN, or the big news companies, they have an agenda.

Going to McDonalds overseas is humorous sometimes, why am two dollars for a Hamburger in Thailand when I can buy Chicken Fried Rice for 50 cents, then in France, I went to McDonalds every day.

Please some one come and sell the Haricot Rouge or the Kidney Beans here in Kpalime, Togo, I could care less how, I want to buy, market of one person exist.


300 AD Bananas in Africa

300 AD Bananas in Africa
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Monday, April 9, 2007

Nothing more interesting than to take a stereotype and discover it is couched in time, Bananas do not orinally come from Africa.

I was reading in my Encyclopedia and I discovered about the introduction of Bananas to Africa in about 300 AD.

Austronesian mariners introduce bananas to Madagascar and sub-Saharan Africa, thus making additional food supplies available and setting the stage for population growth. (2)

Austronesian I guess means the area of Malaysia, Southeast Asia, and mariners means sailors. They are trying to say that people on boats came from the Southeast Asia area of the world and showed a part of Africa how to grow bananas. Which is now one of the cheap, common staple foods of Africa.

300 AD Bananas in Africa

Incredibly Rich West Africa

Incredibly Rich West Africa
Amlame, Togo West Africa
Monday, April 23, 2007

I have traveled too much, I have seen to many versions of poor. I ain’t buying it, West Africa is rich.

West Africa
The subsistence farming here in West Africa has an over-abundance of flat land and water and sparsely populated. It seems to me, to be the perma-culture, self staining, and no need for the outside world, insulated, separated like the USA. The land gives what the people needs and more.

If this area the planet could find a way to have solar electricity for less than 20 U.S. dollars per family, they would almost not need anyone. Sadly, the more they strive for cell phones, cars, televisons and fashion, I suspect the more problems they will have, not less. The danger lies in want of luxury jobs, that provide non-essential trades ike the tissage or tress, and even the moto taxi.

The cost of living here is nothing and life is easy.

However, what is killing me is how they grow food in West Africa; I would guess they farm less than 15-20 percent of the land. Then after they plant something, they just hope it grows.

This means in a way, they have the worlds easiest farming to do, they can just plant something and hope, they do not even need to weed, and they have enough food to get fat. I was thinking, I do not see tractors, or oxen pulling plows, I seen one in Kpalime, however for the part, they just walk out and hack up the ground, make into these special anti-rain mounds, plant and hope it grows, no special work, easy, anyone can do it, and most do in a way, but not much.

I was thinking, the beef here is somewhat difficult, I do not see many cows, or cattle, however there are groups they call the cattle people. They grow goats here, and goats take very small amounts of care, then there are few chickens.

There is nothing grown in sur except these stupid little peppers called Pims and they are everywhere, I think they grow in sur because they cannot stop them from growing.

There is no BACKUP.

If they had a water problem in the middle of this rainy area, it is not a rainforest, as best I can tell, and for sure not a cloud forest, but it is very wet, I believe. How can they have a water problem?

There is no extra food, the risk here is a bad crop, if they have a crop problem, then no food, they need to learn how to can foods.

There are no cash crops grown that makes any sense, no mass-produced cash crops or animal husbandry. The only raise what they need.

They have no money. They make the homes out of clay, wood, and materials close to their home. The water cost, but they have the money to buy it, and it is clean, I drink it every day.

What happens of my feeling is this, I think when a person needs money, they become somewhat ridiculously easy to negotiate with, and they will not lose the deal under any condition.

I think money is just an extra, good if they have it, but then who cares really. The life is easy, too easy, they can grow food too easy, there is no striving or working for the food. There is no motivation to strive to better yourself. There seems not desire to fight for a job.

There are some indicators of need.

1. Number of beggars.
2. The amount of theft.
3. How much land is farmed.
4. How dirty are people clothes.
5. How much they will negotiate and still sell you an item or services.
6. How hard is it to steal available food that is growing.

I had a friend try to tell me the price of a Bungalow in Indonesia, I thought he was going to say 300 US or something. I can rent good room in Bangkok for 40 US per month, with AC. I rent a room here in Lome, Togo for 20 US per month, no AC.

The cost of renting a room on the planet starts about always at one-fourth the monthly wages or less. The people of Togo earn abut 30 as base pay and this would mean a room should start at 10 or something like that, and I believe I can rent a room for that.

All six of these items above are at an incredible low.

I sort of feel like I am in the lower part of Brazil, or the upper part of Argentina and there is no cattle, and no farming.

This could be the next Brazil farming boom, and the trees are already cut down. Note, I think one of the number one businesses in Togo or West Africa is the making of Charcoal. Charcoal is a luxury, as best I can determine, not a need.

Malnutrition, and badly balanced diets, overweight, etc is probably everywhere, I do believe the introduction of large amounts of vegetable seeds would alter their diets. They do not have the grub-stake to just start luxury crops, and do not see the need, they are farming thes same they have since the days of colonization, the eat Baguettes.

Togo Food, Food, West Africa Food, Africa Burning, Togo Economics, West Africa Economic, Farming, Animals Domestic, Perma-Culture

Incredibly Rich West Africa

Togo Playing in Rain

Togo Playing in Rain
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Friday, April 27, 2007

For three day straight days, at about 2-3 in the afternoon, we have received a country cooling rain here in Togo. Contrary to any mythical movie type thoughts, it normally rains only about one hour in the afternoon, then it will start about 8-9 at night and rain all night in the so-called Monsoon areas. If you are in a real Rain Forest, like in Coca Ecuador, up on the mountain there, it will almost always be raining, or you are living inside a cloud.

These children from down below the hotel immediately came up after the storm stopped and played under the spouts coming from the roof of my Hotel.

This boy decided to wash his shirt, I am not sure why, I think he want an excess amount of water to rinse his clothes. I am positive he access to water, he is alive.

This is a photo from a big storm in the Danyi Apeyeme village on the Danyi Plateau.

I finally realized, fresh drinking water is always available any place on the planet it rains. The problem is to collect and store the water.

This is rain drained off a rusty roof into a large 55-Gallon Barrel. I thought maybe it was bad to drink yet this website sort of says, no problem.

I am in a Rain area of West Africa, there is more rain in this belt than most parts of the planet.

Water, Food, Togo,

Togo Playing in Rain

Goodbye to Electric Hotplate

Goodbye to Electric Hotplate
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Saturday, April 28, 2007

I am saying goodbye to my save money product, I am saying goodbye to my electric hotplate and going to use the alcohol cooker.

I am using just the base that holds the alcohol of the Alcohol Cooker. Yikes, I just learned this gift I received cost about 15 to 40 times more than my can of Tuna cooker.

I guess they call this the Trangia Burner.

I think it cost 15.95 for just the base, I do not think the average person need the rest unless they go jungle for months, and I stay in rooms. A windscreen can be made out of trees. A nice gadget, however I think I would use the tuna can, my friend Chris sent it to me.

Alcohol is very heavy!

I have been using an electric hotplate for years, and it is cheaper to use than the alcohol cooker. The problem is I cannot use 100 percent of the time, however when have no alcohol, I cannot use that cooker…
Note: Arabic countries make alcohol almost impossible to buy, because people would drink it and they are Islamic.

I think I need to try gas, normal gas, I can always buy it. I am not going to carry gas in my bag. But I could buy quick and easy.

There are many problems with a hot plate.

- It will burn up the wires in your room, and you will have no electricity in a badly wired room.
- Blows a fuse about 10 percent of time
- Blogs a breaker about 10 percent of time
- Burns up wires about 1 percent of time.
- Breaks about 1 in 50 uses, so I have to rewire it.

Cheap to buy, an electric hot plate in the world is normally under 5 US dollars, and you can buy them most places. Africa is difficult, because they use wood about 99 percent for cooking fuel, and electricity is considered very expensive. I do not know, about 100 Fran per kilowatt.

I have tried to make a few of these; I just cannot find the asbestos material to make a small 220 electric cooker that works also in 110 but cooler. This one I purchase in India broke about 20 uses, it is too big and has many sharp edges, and the sharp edges it not normal. I can fix this, but I do not have the will.

I like the alcohol cooker, not because it works better.

Because I do not have to hide it, owners of hotels get Hotel Hostile when the see an electric cooker. About 60 percent do not care because they steal the electricity and do not pay. However, I do not show them my electric hot plate.

Africa has a problem with electricity here and I am opting for the alcohol stove. It is smaller and easier to carry, maybe this is not true, and the carrying of alcohol is a serious problem. I have found a special bottle.

I would not be changing, if I had not found that Togo sells this special bottle, and I think I can continue to buy it, so if I lose the bottle, I can buy or replace. Replacing the container is more difficult than the stove; a can of tuna will replace the stove.

Alcohol here cost about 4 US dollars per liter, this is not cheap, but it says, 95 percent alcohol.

My alcohol cooker unit is on the left, I have the other half of what I think they call a Dutch Oven or something, you can buy on

I cannot find it, but I purchased three there, maybe discontinued, there is a top and a bottom, the pair together and make the safest place in my pack for delicate items to be stored. To kill the alcohol, I sit the pan of vegetable on top and kill the oxygen.

They have a funky; I would never buy Hobo Knife and Fork.

Oh, rectangular items are easier to pack than round or oval, and a ball is ridiculous. I like this cooker because it optimized the space in bag.

One of the worlds most difficult to buy bottles. I have two shampoo bottles I have been protecting with my life for years. This could work for shampoo but is one liter in size, very big, but it rectangular and not round.

I found this in the market, here in Atakpame, they sell used bottle of all type in West Africa, and this one is special.

That little insert in the top, has a hole, it meets the inside of the lid, what happens this extra stopper helps to minimize leaks. This type of bottle takes a lot more beating than you water bottle ever imagined. This is why a Coca Cola bottle is so good. The world abuses the soap, coke, and other drinks. This extra stopper almost guarantees the bottle will not leak. Then if there is enough length of threads, I am good to go. I will trust this bottle farther, the problem, any bottle in a motorcycle accident can take a good squeeze, but this bottle. I should be able to fill it with alcohol and throw it from the top of the door height and not break, I will test later for fun.

This would make a great drinking bottle if I could wash the soap taste away, a liter in size, and would not leak. Hard to fill because you have to pry the top out. Water is an item you refill a lot.

I may need to buy a Hotplate again for a room heater.

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Goodbye to Electric Hotplate

Wagassi Togo Street Food

Wagassi Togo Street Food
Wagassi Wagashe Wagasee
Badou Togo West Africa
Thursday, May 3, 2007

One man wrote it down as Wagassi from the Kotokoli language, but what does he know, he only speaks the language.

Street Food of Badou, Togo West Africa

I have considered trying to think of guidelines and a tip on how to eat safely anywhere on the planet. I believe the safest way to eat food is packaged or processed foods, like crackers in a package and any food on a shelf in a container of some type, I now check the expiration dates, and I go in stores that are selling a lot of food, eggs make me nervous.

Then second is to cook the food yourself.
Third is Street Food
Fourth is a busy food stand.

I think the more expensive the restaurant maybe the more dangerous the food. Numbers, what I feel I need, I need numbers, I count the people, how many people are eating the food. Here in Togo if I go into an expensive Tourist fare restaurant, I am probably the only person in the restaurant. This make me extremely nervous, unless a busy Tourist Fare restaurant with lots of tourist.

Busy is good, slow is bad. More food tester, maybe we all die.

Now, when the food comes out from a Tourist Fare Restaurant, it looks good, and it may be good, but how do I know how long that chicken was there in the kitchen, and when they cooked it. They may have cooked the chicken five days ago, it could have been sitting in a basket, on a shelf, and now they think, we will sell it or we lose money, so let us heat it up and sell it. They are happy to sell the left-over food, because why would they lose money to be safe.

I have traveled for 10 years, I see this all the time, every day of the week, the food that was not sold yesterday, is served the next day. I took a photo of cooked chicken in Thailand at 7:00 in the morning, this is normal, not abnormal, and do would you trust a leader in Africa, and you trust the cook.

Street food, I like street food, I can see them make it, I cannot see goulash, or sauces, or complicated foods being made, but if I can see many people eating it, if the place is busy, I know, there is a good chance this food is fresh, because it will soon be gone.

This is a very happy and fun lady just as I clear the parking lot of the Cascades Plus Hotel here in Badou, Togo. She is selling as best I learn and surmise, cooked cheese.

One piece is 25 Franks and 10 would be 250 Francs or
50 Cents US. How much does cooked cheese cost in a restaurant in the USA?

I had an opportunity to eat this at a stop along the road when coming from Atakpame to Badou, however, I could not see them cooking it. Plus not much fun to watch all the locals squeezing the cheese as the reached from inside the van, then grabbing many pieces, squeeze food and put back on the plate, normal for them, touch the food, not normal of me. Why are you touching the food, have you no manners, oops, I am in Africa, this is about what maybe 147 down on the Human Development scale, they did not get that far down the list by being developed, they are under developed.

This is Wagassi, I would say there is maybe no correct way to spell and if there is, then so what. I trust the man today who offered to write the name down for me, then demanded a Cadeau for the service, I ended up giving him my pen, what a pain sometimes to talk with people, everything has a price on it.

I like this food, great to eat, the fat lady was fun, and the man who wrote the word down was ok, in a twisted, you have to love them sort of way.

He says the language is,

Never heard of this, and not sure where it came from, not sure I care, it I cared about what I seen everyday, I would need to go home and relax after one day of travel. The world is endless, there is more than I can every learn, but great for a curious sort like me, and I do get hungry.

Food, Togo Food, Street Food, Togo,

Wagassi Wagashe Wagasee
Wagassi Togo Street Food

Togo Beignet

Togo Beignet
Badou Togo West Africa

This is Togo Street food, found in Badou, Togo and other places I forget already.

Beignet d Haricot Piment Sel

One man says, or wrote this, it is a bread type of food, deep fried, and with an African type of pepper inside and salt. The pepper really is a good extra kick, I learned to like them before I knew they were made with Beans, Haricot in French is beans. If you would have said beans, I would have refused.

Literally this is

Fried Bread of Bean Pepper Salt

It is a little frustrating and sensitive to me, the Togo or West Africa diet has so many calories packed into every food. Pate, Fufu, Yams, Cassava, etc, then they put oil on the top of many things. This is an over packed country, the people are fat, there is no easy way to say if nourishment is correct, however if there is fruits around they eat better.

This is a lady in Badou, Togo, does not seem to understand French, is grumpy, and I am a regular customer. The way to buy food in Togo is often to just to give them money. Give here say 100 CFA or Franc and she gives you a bag with some amount you will learn the price after the fact.

My most cultural experiences and the best, I am have about a 1 in 50 chance of understanding what happened. I am slowly, it has taken 10 year of practice, but slowly I have learned how to understand a culture fast. This food as explained by one man, maybe the information is correct, maybe it is not, learning about food and culture is a process, not an event. I like the pepper taste of this bread like food.

I eat what is tempting to me, not what someone tell me is good. I do not like the Pate or the Fufu, therefore, I do not want to learn about it. I want to learn about what I enjoy.

The food of Togo is difficult, either I am in restaurant that is twice as expensive as the USA, and the same as France and the food is terrible or I am in the streets. There is very little middle ground, I like the street food 100 times more than feeling like a victim to an overpriced Tourist menu with bad food.

This lady prepared these perfect, strangely I had one on a moto trip to the Ghana border, and had to throw them away.

I have discovered by in Atakpame, it is rare and difficult to find the cooked cheese called Wagassi, I am sad or hungry or both.

Food, Togo Food, Street Food, West Africa Food, Togo, Togo Budget,

Togo Beignet

Mesonges du Tchoukoutou

Mesonges du Tchoukoutou
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sunday it the day for Tchoukoutou in Atakpame, Togo

Tchoukoutou is some type of corn mash beer, and Sunday is the day to partake.

This girl went to visit her parents and drank some Tchoukoutou, then proceeds to tell me she only drain half a bowl. I said, Tchoukoutou Mesonges, however she corrected my French and said, Mesonges du Tchoukoutou

More or less the lies of the home brew. She says she speaks Kabiye.

Sobabi is the high powered brew or distilled drink they make, I have started noticing signs on building saying Sobabi. More or less come buy moonshine here.

Beer, Drinks, Food, Street Food, Togo Food, Togo

Mesonges du Tchoukoutou

Inca Kola or Irn-Bru or Cocktail de Fruits

Inca Kola or Irn-Bru or Cocktail de Fruits
Lome Togo West Africa

I would like to bring this soft-drink Cocktail de Fruits into the ring, I have seen this drink daily in Togo for two months, I feel and suspect it sells better than Coca Cola in the country of Togo, West Africa.

I think a new contender has entered the ring, Coca Cola has another challenger for who sells the most for another country.

There is always a tourist and traveler glee in saying,
- Inca Kola is the only soft drink in the world to sell more than Coca Cola in a country. -

This is gossip, now I am reading and it appears so does Irn Bru, in Scotland or somewhere.

The world of Coca Cola, these are the little mouses that roar, these are the little Trains that go,
- I think I can. -
- I think I can. -
- I think I can. -
- I think I can. -

Inca Kola or Irn-Bru or Cocktail de Fruits

Togo Food Biscuit Kolonto

Togo Food Biscuit Kolonto
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, June 11, 2007

25 CFA or about 5 Cents US per biscuit

The name for this food in the local language Ewe language of Lome, Togo is Kolonto, pronounced as you would pronounced French. Koh Lone Toh.

Interestingly the persons selling this corrected me when I said Ewe and they said Eva language.

This food is maybe made from wheat flour, however I have never seen wheat in Togo, maybe of corn or millet, hard to know. This food is more or less flours with water made into patties and baked, I think they add some licorice flavor or something, just a tinge. This is hard and stays fresh or ok to eat for days in these containers.

Lots of calories for a few cents.

Collecting information on language, culture, foods is like chasing rainbows, just when you think you are close it is further away. I read information written with too much force or authority, I do not want to portray confidence in this information. I am often very confused and it can take years to unravel the truth.

Who to trust, the educated people try to hide information and the one with no education cannot read or write. These simple street foods are often ignored as low class foods and not worthy to mention. This is a common food, easy to buy in Lome, Togo as you would walk around in neighborhoods, however, I do not see many Yebo walking around in neighborhoods.

In the USA or Indiana we say supper, this is a word in Indiana, a person teaching English should not avoid the real word, or the person traveling to Indiana will be surprised.

This is a normal food of Togo, normal is normal and special is special, culture is all things of a culture, not just special.

I read often about special foods of a country, I go to the country and never even see the food, I semi-believe what is obvious is the culture, and what is not obvious is history.

Togo Food, Food, Togo, Street Food,

Togo Food Biscuit Kolonto

Photos of African Food

Photos of African Food
Lome, Togo West Africa
Sunday, June 17, 2007

Please send us some pictures of the grocery store. I love looking at
all the different stuff they sell. Snap the meat market area, vegetables and the check out counter. It will show what differences the culture is from here.

Interesting proposal or request, and not easy to do, because

1. 10 percent of food is sold about the same as the USA, the check out counter, the meat section is almost the same.

2. Then there is the 20 percent combinations of modern and traditional types.

3. Then there is the 70 percent normal world open markets, supplemented with small corner stores to distribute the imported foods.

The normal country of Togo is self-sufficient in they grow about everything they want or need, I think maybe a problem with Vegetable Oil and Rice, however everything else is here.

If I want to make the country look rich, I take photos of 1, if I want to make it look poorer, I can take pictures of number 3, and if I want be fair, I need to take many photos of all levels, and put on the same page. This is why I am often very annoyed with Journalist, I know they just took an isolated incidence and portrayed it a the normal situation.

To be fair is difficult, hard to make a very clean meat counter in a fancy Supermarket seem special, I will try to be creative and take more Togo and West Africa food photos.

Photos of African Food

Agpe Popcorn Learning Togo Ewe Language

Agpe Popcorn Learning Togo Ewe Language
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I am becoming Togolese.

That is a scary thought, I hope to take the good and leave the bad, I am sadly aware I will take a little of both.

However, the good!
Agpe Popcorn.

I do a daily stroll through the neighborhood; it is how I become Togolese. I like the popcorn they sell, I have my own personal popcorn woman, she is nice, and I claim her as my popcorn person. The other day, I almost cried, hard to believe I can say that, half way do it, nonetheless, the truth is I was so touched by this women I almost started to cry.

I thought later, I am going go take her photo and try to say those words, some dream of writing touching words that explained what I felt. I started to, and I could not, she is not for sale, she is mine, and yours.

What happened?
I purchase two 25-CFA bags of popcorn daily, this is about 10 cents US, I try to give the lady correct change because I like her, I reserve the big money for the stores I do not like.

She knows me, I know her, no words are needed, she sees me, she knows I will grab two of the clear plastic bags of popcorn and give her either 50 CFA or drop it down into the plastic tub as is the custom here. They store the coins in the tub, or under the small towels that serve as table clothes. If I cannot find the vender, then it is self-serve, I just place the coin down, and I make my change and continue on the path.

The level of honesty at this level is amazing in Togo Africa, they leave money just sitting around in the open, one days pay here, can you imagine putting 100 dollars in the coffee area at work, and this is what they do.

I do the transaction, I say,
- Merci, -

This is French, I now she speaks the local Ewe Language 99 percent of her daily life, however I do not speak Ewe so, I say in the business language French,
- Merci -
Alternatively, thank you in French.

I look at people, I do not ignore people, as I give her the money, I grab my wrist as is the custom with offering of money, semi-do a small bow, she is woman of respect, older, I must be, I just must be… I am becoming Togolese.

Then it happened!
She looks back at me, nods her head, and says,
- Agbpe -

I look around, I can feel the piercing of my soul, this women just reached inside me, I can feel her touching me.

She is saying, I am you, you are I, we are together, however now as you are my son, you should say,
- Agbpe. -

I repeat,
- AackPay -
- AaghBay -

She repeats, I try to repeat, I do not have an ear for languages, this is tonal language, and I know I need to hear it many times to say correctly, I have to stop thinking, I am to repeat the word.

She has now adopted me, she is my teacher, and I am her student, as I become Togolese. I think, and I hope she said Thank You in the Ewe Language.

There is an art to learning about people, it may be you need to be touched, and allow them to touch you.

I was touched, and life is indeed good.

Agpe Popcorn
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, June 19, 2007
06 degrees 07.155 North
001 degrees 12.598 East
10 Meters of altitude above sea level

Three-quarters of a block North of Galion Hotel, Lome Togo
Please say,
- Agpay -

Do not worry about the spelling, I hope she will correct you…

For a real treat, watch her pop the popcorn, she will very so lightly add some salt, test the popcorn, shake it, add, adjust, then test again, she makes sure the popcorn has just the right amount of care.

Agpe Popcorn Learning Togo Ewe Language


Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, June 30, 2007

I ate Tapioca here in Togo today.

It started yesterday, as the polite cleaning girl here in my quasi home stay rental room in Lome, Togo asked me,
- Do you want to eat La Bouillie de Tapioca? -

This is a photo of the tray brought to my room around 7:30 am, after I opened the door to a very quite tapping on the door. I was told the day before, however I thought she said, rice, I now realize she said both rice and La Bouillie de Tapioca. I am debating, maybe this means baby food or maybe it means boiled, my French dictionary and Systran Translators is not helping clarify.

My literal from French to English is
- The Baby food of Tapioca.-

This is a photo of the Cassava or Manioc Tapioca served to me, then I poured into a cup, they kept asking is it hot. I poured some onto the plate, so I could take a better photo. They say the word cassava, and then add the word manioc to me; I then try to learn the word in the Ewe Language.

This is a photo of words the cleaning girl or servant girl Adjo politely wrote down for me.

French Language: La Bouillie de Tapioca
Ewe Language or the Local Mina Language: Tapioca Zogbe
English: The Baby food of Tapioca

If I desire to eat the same food repeatedly, it is best to learn the local word for the food, then I am able to purchase or have made faster. They call this food in Ewe, Zogbe, although the e is not an e, if you look close, it is written different.


Tapioca is an essentially flavourless starchy ingredient, or fecula, produced from treated and dried cassava (manioc) root. [1]and used in cooking. It is similar to sago and is commonly used to make a milky pudding similar to rice pudding. Purchased tapioca comprises many small white spheres each about 2 mm in diameter (althugh larger grain sizes are available). These are not seeds, but rather reconstituted processed root. The processing concept is akin to the way that wheat is turned into pasta. These tapioca pearls are made mostly of tapioca starch, which comes from the tapioca, or bitter-cassava plant. In other parts of the world, the bitter-cassava plant may be called "manioca" or "yucca".

Cassava is native to South America. The balls are prepared by boiling for 25 minutes, until they are cooked thoroughly but have not lost pliancy, then cooled for 25 minutes. The pearls have little taste, and are usually combined with other ingredients, savory or sweet.

Tapioca is a word derived from the Tupi language of Brazil (from tipi'óka). [2] This refers to the process through which cassava (Manihot esculenta) is made edible. We should note, however, that as the word moved out of South America it came to refer to similar preparations made with other esculents: 'Tapioca' in Britain often refers to a rice pudding thickened with arrowroot, while in Asia the sap of the Sago palm is often part of its preparation.
Stop Quote

Note: For you SEO junkies, I went for the one word title of Tapioca, this means I hope to get in the top 10 search resuts, I normally target farther down.


Gateau Batoken and Achtomon

Gateau Batoken and Achtomon
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, August 1, 2007

These wheat cakes are called Gateaux for many and Gateau as one. There is a little mark above the A, but I am going to ignore it and hope it goes away.

Next comes the Mina Language, I can ask for a Gateau, and the locals will try to give me what they have close to them, the word Gateau is a general word for cake, however normally here in Togo means these round things.

On the left is the type called Batoken and is smooth, and on the rough one on the right is an Achtomon in the Mina language, maybe I say Gateau Batoken if I want the left type and maybe I say Gateau Achtomon if I want the right. The truth is, I do not say either one if I can see them, I just point at the one I want, and saves many silly communication headaches. My goal is to communicate first, and learn the language second, better to be a good communicator than good in languages.

However, the problem is this, I like the Achtomon, the flavor is sweeter, and takes less like oil, more or a cake and less of a fried taste, it is my favorite Gateau here in Togo. Now, when I have a fancy for a Achtomon Gateau, I need to inquire around, because I have now learn the specific words, I can not request,


I suppose I could say,
- Je veux le gâteau achtomon -
Or maybe,
- Je veux le achtomon gâteau -

Complete with the little pyramid on top of the A, however I will probably just say,
- Achtomon -

Then point, or hold my palms up, and in universal language of hand talk, I will say where is Achtomon?

I like to communicate first and learn a language second.

I guess soon I will climb the French ladder and figure out what is the difference between a Gateau and a Beignet. As I see it, they both are deep-fried in oil, so I cannot say the Gateau Achtomon was bake and a cake. I saw is my favorite Gateau deep fried in the street in front of my eyes, and I like to see my cook, it makes me feel safer to eat.

I forgot, there is probably a word for Gateau in the Mina Language, I could learn that and forget my French. Would I be learning to communicate, or would I be learning a language?

Gateau Batoken and Achtomon

Chlorine Used to Wash Dishes

Chlorine Used to Wash Dishes
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, August 6, 2007

I went to the Hand of God Cafeteria here in Lome, and found I was given a new lesson in how to choose a Restaurant. I have went around and around in my head, trying to choose a Restaurant, and in the end, I am happy I do not enter the kitchens.

I have found a very good place to two egg sandwiches in the morning. I order a two egg omelet, which technically by definition is a couple of eggs mixed up then fried to completely cooked. Extra ingredients are more or less a luxury, I get mine with Peppers inside.

I have always like to watch my food being cooked, it makes me feel safer to see the cook.

My new lesson was, watch the people who clean the dishes. I am not going to try to inspect where they clean the dishes first, then once I see how they clean the dishes, I then will choose the person to be my cook, and watch the cook. I would almost say in West Africa, the men are pigs, need to find a female cook.

This is Rochele the cook, if she does not cook, I do not eat.

The menu, although I think more for looks, what you can eat and what is on the menu are always different.

Soap Suds, with some Javel added to the water, a chlorine product and used to purify water.

I was recently in Atakpame, the man at the cafeteria dumped the water from a can of peas into the dish soap as I was watching. I lost my appetite. I then proceeded to watch them do this water wash down of the pans with no soap.

People are delusional that they do not drink the water, I have never seen dishes cleaned in purified water. A great restaurant in the world has hot water to clean. I dream of hot water being used in Kitchens, and think all the talk about purified water is childish rubbish, and lacks any critical reasoning. Everyone drinks the water, it is not possible to avoid it when traveling.

My new lesson in Restaurants, I need to first inspect the dish washer or dish washing, then watch the cook. It is possible to avoid a bad dish washer, but not possible to avoid drinking the water.

Chlorine Used to Wash Dishes

Barfroat Ashanti Ghana Food

Barfroat Ashanti Ghana Food
Mampong, Ghana West Africa
Monday, August 27, 2007

Deep Fried Food

I took a walk in search of a food called Achoma, and found the sister food called Barfroat. Yesterday, Sunday, there was a line of people waiting for Dora the woman to finish cooking the first batch. I decided to sit down and wait in the shade while they finished the cooking. I like them well done, so wanted to be last in line.

I decided, this looks like a good video, so I started a small clip, it was funny, I did not notice until I was filming, however there are a couple of girls that were fully aware as I was photographing their dip shower area. The camera was not able to catch them, however as I was filming the would occasionally pop their heads above the side and see what I was up too.

Notice at the end of the Video, a girl in a black dress, who has now on two days tried to repeatedly to teach me Ashanti words. Her name is Dorcas and the sister of the women cooking the Barfroat.

Barfroat is more or less an extra large Donut Hole, without them making the donut. I do not know presently the type of flour used.

If you received this in your email box, you probably need to click on this link to go and see the video.

After this part of various videos was done, I proceeded to eat one of the Barfroat; a man came up and spoke some English. He invited me into the home where I met his wife, and realized that Dorcas and Dora were his daughters. His name was Joseph; I took a video of the inside of the compound area, and the family welcoming to their house.

It was great day, then after that Joseph, took me across the road and I made a video of them making Fufu. To explain each of these situations I need to collect some words and a couple of extra videos so the stories are complete. I guess there is a need to return to see the future stories or videos.

One video would be of the inside of a compound home and the other explaining how they make Fufu, in Ghana.

Barfroat Ashanti Ghana Food

Ghana Food Fufu Video

Ghana Food Fufu Video
Mampong, Ghana West Africa
Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This is a photo of Naomi in the Video City Hotel in Mampong, Ghana making Fufu.

Fufu is made from Cassava and Plantains, or with Yams. It is an exciting food because they use this large straight wooden mallet to mash the Cassava and Plantains into food to eat.

They will eat the mashed Cassava and Plantains called Fufu with a ground sauce made of Tomatoes and Peppers.

The process of making Fufu by my interpretation and the understanding as of today is listed, however, this may change as the Fufu culture unfolds.

1. Growing of Plantains and Cassava together in the field plot.

2. Boiling of the Cassava or Yams

3. Mashing of the Cassava and Plantains, the exciting part, or sometimes Yams.

4. Grinding of Tomatoes, Pepper and making the sauces.

5. Eating the Fufu by plucking with fingers and dipping into the sauce.

Fufu One Video

I am in Bolgatanga, Ghana presently and have now traveled too far north for the proper growing of Plantains. The locals have almost stopped eating Fufu, therefore I have decided to publish this video with very good clips of the exciting part. I hope to add later a more completed story, but for now, a very exciting Fufu video if you want to call Fufu exciting.

If you received this in your email box, you probably need to click on this link to go and see the video.

Ghana Food Fufu Video

Burkina Faso Date

Burkina Faso Date
Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Tuesday, September 17, 2007

I believe these are Dates, a sweet type of dried Fruit sold in Bobo-Dioulasso and other cities here in Burkina Faso. I finally had a young boy offer me less than a kilo so I purchased a few.

A girls in Bobo is arranging the Dates, Cashew, and bags of coffee that are shipped by train from Cote d’Ivoire.

A picture of 100 CFA worth of Dates, this is about 20 cents USA and I suspect this is way over priced.

A nice change of snacks, there is this seed in the middle, healthy and I probably could carry in my backpack a few without worry of spoiling or starting to grow. Once had some Garlic that sprouted.

Burkina Faso Date

Preparing Pineapple to Sell in Thailand

Preparing Pineapple to Sell in Thailand
Learn how Thailand prepares a Pineapple to be sold by street vendors. This video was made in the hope that people in West Africa can earn more money selling Pineapples using this method of preparation. It is a good idea that needs pass along.

This is a gift to West Africa, a good idea… from Thailand.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Andy of ---

This is what happens when a Thailand girl or person puts there hands on a Pineapple, what comes after they finished is great to eat.

I travel round and round the planet earth, I see a good idea in one country and wonder why they do not use it in another. It is hard to come up with an original idea and sometimes I think,
- All the good ideas… have already been taken. -
Note… is now taken…

However, you make the stew, the problem to me is this, we need to share recipes, we need to share ideas, and good ideas could make a better life for a family. I think we need to pass them around, easy to do now with a video we put on the internet for all to see.

There are many Pineapples for sale in West Africa, and it appears to me, if the vendors of West Africa, Ghana, Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast etc. would cut up a Pineapple and sells this way, a family could have more money, and this very healthy food would be eaten more.

I suppose when I was there, I should have videoed the way West Africa cut the peeling off an Orange and sold it.


IF no video here, you need to read on the blog, and not by email or RSS feed, click here:

Take care, a Thailand girl with a knife.

The start of the process of preparing a Thailand Pineapple to be eaten or sold by the public.

I never purchase a Pineapple in Thailand, it cost 24 Baht in the store, I can purchase a whole Pineapple prepared and iced down for 20 Baht, however normally I purchase half for 10.

After they are finished, these Thailand girls with Black Hair and Brown Eyes push this cart around selling Pineapple,

Please Send to Africa, Thanks

Preparing Pineapple to Sell in Thailand

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