Africa Developing Too Fast

Africa Developing Too Fast
Lome, Togo West Africa
Thursday, July 19, 2007

Why is there a big problem with Electricity here in Togo?
- Electrical lines are installed slow. -

Why am I angry with many Non Governmental Organizations working on problems?
- Information on the problem of AIDS travels fast. -

The development of West Africa is happening so fast, I am almost certain the governments cannot add electric power plants as fast as the people go and buy refrigerators, televisions and portable phones.

I see Hotel and Homes designed for Air Conditioning and all the modern conveniences, and they need to buy a huge Generator because the city cannot supply enough electricity to keep the house supplied with Electricity.

NGO problems? Condoms, AIDS.

Some problems are information problems, how many years does it take to scare the crap out of a person and use a Condom. This can happen in one day. However, to get them to stop talking and collecting donations can take a lifetime; the money comes in, and why tell people the problem is solved?

Refugees, can you really say in Palestine or Tibet where the problem happened 50 years ago that they are still refugees or occupied. The people who were occupied are dead.

The spread of cell phone towers is 20 times faster than landlines; the world is not installing landlines for phones. What this will soon mean is high-speed internet and dish TV will be everywhere soon, however the electricity will not be there. A good time to sell generators in Africa, and a booming business. When I was in Iraq, everyone was selling Satellite dishes because after Sadaam was out of power, everyone could go buy a TV, I am worried about being killed and they are buying a TV.

The French are angry with English, English is growing faster and surrounding and extinguishing the French language.

I was telling my Kabye friend, you better go and watch the Animist Festival of Evala before it ends in the next 10 years. Animist is a religion considered primitive, out of fashion, I expect it to end.

I think the Islamic Religion is primitive, out of fashion, not changing with the modern world. A television and wrapping women in sheets does not work, this to me it the anger, they do not want their children and women to enter the modern world, the men lose control. Send them televisions, the weapon of mass destruction of cultures hehehe.

Information is growing at hyper speed; the ability to travel to check on the reporters lies is growing about 10 times slower. The reporter and NGO’s can tell lie and the consensus will not know for 10 years this was crap. I can find many desperate situations, however Africa is in very good shape in general, but I can find one poster child and make is look horrible.

The lag between reality and legends is amazingly stupid and as long as the reporters and save the world idiots make money and there is no oversight, the world will continue to hear crap. The only hope of an honest planet now is the internet. However, a wild story is always more fun to tell than to say, I have AC and it works great, we ate Pizza.

I ate a very good Pizza the other night at restaurant and went to have Chinese food a few times now; I tend to forget the good.

I can say it safe, and people are too afraid to leave the house to see the rain has stopped. This is the generation of TV fear, the world is afraid because they watch too much TV, and I have to call the Iraq War a police action, how can it be a war when three soldiers are killed. I would guess about the same number of police are killed in the USA in one day.

I keep saying peace is breaking out all over the planet, it is hard to find a good danger rush, I have to really work. Time to come to Africa before all the Topless women disappear, if you want to Africa of Tarzan, you have to come now, very soon it will be gone. The country has dish TV. I think the water is safe to drink, but do not tell the NGO people, let the Togo people make money selling to them. The con men do not tell their volunteers below it was a shell game and the hand is quicker than the eye.

Africa Developing Too Fast

Is Talking Loud Primitive Behavior

Is Talking Loud Primitive Behavior
Lome, Togo West Africa
Monday, August 6, 2007

I would propose that talking loud, screaming the words is Primitive Behavior. I have observed people for many years in many countries. The majority of the time I do not understand the words, I can just observe their body language and the volume of their speech.

When adults are talking to children, they talk louder and move aggressively towards them.

If you observe adults, they too will talk loud. There does seem to be times when a very civilized person in the group feels compelled to holler at the uncivilized members of a group to silence them. There does appear to be a need for civilized people to act primitive.

I cannot see value in analyzing all the complex conversations of groups as I cannot predict what they will do it too random, however I can say that when the volume of speech increases there is a need to see if danger exist.

Secondly the wise member of groups seem to walk away from loud words, thereby having less problems. The more decibels of noise the more dangerous the situation, as random behavior increases.

The louder the sounds the more dangerous the situation.

Is Talking Loud Primitive Behavior

World Development Timeline

World Development Timeline
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Monday, August 20, 2007

It would be easier to understand cultures if there were colored identifiers on a continuum of different issues of a culture, because various aspects of a culture develop at different speeds.
Example: Telephone, Roads, Water,

I think Accra has some water and sewer problems, I was told about two months ago by people coming from Ghana to Togo that there were water shortages. I was reading in my Encyclopedia Encarta about water and it said about the USA.

- Rapid growth of industry, increased population, and rising per-capita demand created a national water shortage in the U.S. in the 1950s. -

There are timelines of development of cultures. I many what we think as underdeveloped countries the cell phone business is more developed than in the USA.

Accra, Ghana is a big two million people and Lome, Togo is about 750,000, therefore Accra is close to two or three times larger than Lome, Togo.

I would say Accra is experiencing many of the growing pains of the Water supply the USA experienced in the 50s, a more or less snapshot of problems of the 50s in the USA. I am not sure how the sewer systems compares, the storm sewers are being used as waste disposal, however the construction seems good or better than most countries.

The USA solved most of their water problems and I am sure Accra and the world will solve them also, I am not worried about whether they can solve water problems. It is he saying there is no problem, when there is a problem that is a problem, or when there is, constant harping of there is a problem, when there is not problem. Normally the water in West Africa seems safer to me than most of the world because there are few people. Accra does make me nervous, a big city in Africa and I start drinking the bag water.

There is probably this somewhere, they are just hiding it...

World Development Timeline

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