Debit Credit ATM Card Protection

Debit Credit ATM Card Protection

I used the red one now for about a year, it does not protect the face and really is only good for one card. I found this silver steel box holder here in Bangkok, Thailand. I now feel safe, if the magnetic strip, the numbers, the signature, or the card breaks, I have no money. I do not use traveler’s checks, I carry about 200-300 US dollars cash, but I exclusively take money only from ATM machines now for 10 years. Sometimes I purchase online airline tickets with the card, I use for nothing else.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Andy of ---

Breaking a card, losing a card, travel is rough on debit cards, I do not use credit cards. Not the same as when you can just go to the bank and are issued a new one. DHL can you believe it charges more for a Card…

The bottom line, you must protect your money first, money solves all travel problems. Traveler’s checks do not work; cash always works and ATM about 99 percent of the time… I presently know of only one country where I could not use and ATM, that was Iraq, and I suspect you can now.

Buy one these debit card boxes, take this photo to an office supply place, not a traveler supply, they do not give you want you need, they give you what you want, you need this. Took me forever to purchase one in the outside world.

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Debit Credit ATM Card Protection

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