Internet Access, WIFI, Hotspot, Smartphone WIFI

Types of Internet Access for Travelers: Easy to find, to difficult to arrange.

Note, I highly recommend you never accept a pay by the hour WIFI plan in a Hotel.

  1. Internet Café or Cyber Café
  2. WIFI in a restaurant or coffee shop. - WIFI and Ethernet wire are equal.
  3. WIFI as a person.
  4. WIFI in a common area of Hotel
  5. WIFI that can be used in the Hotel Room.
  6. connection with BlackBerry or Android on a Global Data Plan
  7. USB Wireless Modem Internet Access
  8. WIMAX - Only seen in Ivory Coast with MN
We can make a WIFI Hotspot!
1. Use Smarphone, both Android and Apple will allow this to happen.
2. Use computer laptop that has Internet, and WIFI, I have used this for one year now. 

Internet Access, WIFI, Hotspot, Smartphone WIFI

Internet Access Blog for Travelers - How to find Internet access as tourist or traveler of the world.

WIFI Internet Access by Hopping from Signal to Signal in Panajchel Guatemala

I woke up this morning, my Hotel El Amigo WIFI router was not working, there is no way to reset it because the management of the Hotel is sleeping.

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