Saying Hello is Extremely Important

There is a temptation for tourist and travelers to believe they understand this skill. However, few people give proper value and importance to being able to turn on the charm and be personable when needed. On the contrary, there is the skill needed to say greetings in a commanding way that does not give people permission to follow along or annoy.



Greetings Blog - A skill needed by world travelers, proper greetings makes friends, open doors, and bad manner is dangerous by a foreigners abroad.

Universal Greeting for Any Country on Planet

Here is a video explaining how to say hello to any culture on the planet in way that is not offensive.

Guidelines for saying hello, and proper greetings: 

  1. Make eye , unless government officials, police or military.
  2. Do not look away just before making eye .
  3. Try to give the feeling of relaxation and confidence.
  4. When in doubt, either do the universal greeting or the proper one for your home culture.
  5. A smile deserves a smile, a nod deserves a nod, reciprocity is proper.

Types of people in greeting situations?

  1. People who look dazed and stupid, if you talk to them, they do not want to reply, she has this look on her face as if she did not hear you. Half is real, and half is not real.
  2. People who only say hello to people they know.
  3. People who only reply after spoken too directly.
  4. People who are willing to ignore good people and bad people.
  5. People who cannot ignore bad people or good people, this is truly a problem.
  6. People who do not ignore greetings from locals, but ignore greetings from other foreigners.

 When people holler these words, do not reply with words:

  1. Hey man
  2. Dude
  3. Hey you
  4. White Man
  5. Foreigner

Why people do not say hello?

  1. A response will open the door for a sale pitch or vendor to talk.
  2. A response will tell a man that the woman is interested and he will pursue.

How to have a macho greetings between two men?

  1. Stand toe to toe, do not look away
  2. When a person walks right at you, do not give ground.
  3. W

Universal Greeting

This man is giving me what is probably the most non-offensive and neutral greeting possible. If you are not sure how to greet a person hold up both hands, as if to say, I applaud you, I believe it is understood and works in all cultures.

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