Ecotourism or Eco Tourism

"The rhetoric of a noble cause, used for commercial ends."
- Arthur Frommer

My name is Andy Graham, I have visited more countries, and lived as a perpetual traveler longer then about anyone on the planet, the CEO of this site. If you desire to be an Eco-tourists, then try to consider this, maybe it is best to stay home, so there is not another eco-lodge built for you, thereby destroying the environment.

"You have a 1 in 500 chance of finding a true eco-tourism tour company."
- Andy Graham - World Traveler

What truly defines an eco-tourism company?

What are the identifiers of an eco-tourism tour company?

1. There is an eco-tourism problem at the area.
Example: The local are killing Hippos to eat, there is an organization formed that employs these hunters, they guide people to the Hippos for photographs.

2. The eco-tourist are taken from a populated area where they live in Hotel into the eco-tourist area, they do not destroy the local habit by building.

3. The tourists are given sets of rules they must obey, the tour must be focused on explaining how they are stopping eco-damage.

Be an Eco-Tourist Refuse a Plastic Bag - Eco Tourism

You must first be an eco-human, before you can be an eco-tourist, stop using so many plastic bags, you are killing turtles.

Belgium Student wants to Find Bad Ecotourism Practices in Kenya or South Africa

This is my answer to a Belgium student who wrote me Andy Graham a question wanting to learn about bad ecotourism practice in Kenya or South Africa.

Ecotourism or Eco Tourism

Ecotourism or Eco-Tourism is when a company employs locals from the area, as an alternative them earning money harming the environment.


Leave nothing but your footprints.

Do not destroy what you came to enjoy.

Pack out what you pack in.

Take home memories, photographs when appropriate, and leave only good will.

I am an "ambassador for the environment."

You cannot enter a culture without changing it.

Thank You,
Andy Graham a.k.a. Gadget

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