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How what does it mean, distance from here to there? My name is Andy Graham, I am a perpetual traveler of the world for over 13 years. What do we really want, we want to know the best strategy for travel the distance from here to there.

Distance From

Distance from Blog - Learning the distance from one location to another as determined by miles, kilometers, time, boredom and travel dollars.

DistanceFromTo.net - Distance Between Cities Places on Map

Distancefromto.net a great way to know the distance in miles or kilometers between two location. Calculate your travel time.

How travelers measure distance from?

Most important to least important:

  1. Distance from here to there in time. (Most important)
  2. Distance from here to there in Kilometers. (Kilometers or Click's is the primary measurement of distance from here to there on the planet.)
  3. Distance from by miles
  4. Distance from one destination to the next as calculated by Kilometers per hour.
  5. Distance from this location to another location as calculated as Miles per Hour.

Site to Measure Distance: Note, you can plan on going 400 miles per hour in a plane and about 50 miles in bus or car.

What professional travelers want to know is this, how much time is it going to take to travel 100 kilometers in any given country. If you are have trouble with your bladder and need a restroom often, the distance from one location can be an essential problem, and help you to know how to choose your transportation.

Example: In Ghana West Africa, a person traveling in public transport (Tro Tro a small van.) will average about 40 kilometers per hour. However, if you look at map, it is easy to calculate using the legend the distance as the crow flies, however a road going through mountains would wind around and cause the actual distance from one location to another to be much greater.

Distance from Defined: 

Distance is a numerical description of how far apart objects are. In physics or everyday discussion, distance may refer to a physical length, or an estimation based on other criteria (e.g. "two counties over"). In mathematics, a distance function or metric is a generalization of the concept of physical distance. A metric is a function that behaves according to a specific set of rules, and provides a concrete way of describing what it means for elements of some space to be "close to" or "far away from" each other.

    In most cases, "distance from A to B" is interchangeable with "distance between B and A".


Concepts to assimilate... and explain:

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