11 Paradise Climates for Travelers who Want to Live Abroad

"Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get."

List of Cities with as Close to Perfect Climates on Planet: - When there is no need for Air Conditioning, or Furnaces, when the temperature is around 70 degree all year long.

1. Boquete, Panama 1132 meters (3714 feet)
2. Medellin, Colombia 1,495 m (4,905 feet)
3. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala 1,562 m (5,125 feet)
4. Baguio, Philippines 1,500 m (4,921 feet)
5. Awasa, Ethiopia 1,708 m (5,604 feet)
6. Lake Chapala, Mexico 1549 Meters and (Ajijic 5082 Feet)
7. Oaxaca, Mexico 1,555 m (5,102 ft)
8. Antigua, Guatemala (1,533 Meters) 5,029 feet.
9. Vilcabamba, Ecuador 1550 Meters Elevation (5086 feet.)
10. Da Lat, Vietnam 1,500 m (4,900 ft)
- Discovered by Stephen B. August 30, 2014
11. Cafayate, Argentina


Lesotho, Maseru Africa S29.2976 E27.4854 227,880 1673
Rwanda, Kigali     Africa     S1.9441     E30.0619         1567
Zimbabwe, Harare     Africa     S17.8227     E31.0496         1480
Nepal     Kathmandu     Asia     N27.7058     E85.3157         1298
Madagascar     Antananarivo     Africa     S18.9201     E47.5237         1288
Mongolia     Ulan Bator     Asia     N47.9138     E106.9220         1284
South Africa     Pretoria     Africa     S25.7463     E28.1876         1271
Zambia     Lusaka     Africa     S15.4145     E28.2809         1270
Iran     Tehran     Asia     N35.7117     E51.4070         1235
Uganda     Kampala     Africa     N0.3133     E32.5714         1202
Tanzania     Dodoma     Africa     S6.1670     E35.7497         1148
Costa Rica     San Jose     Americas     N9.9402     W84.1002         1146
Jordan     Amman     Asia     N34.11     E21.41         1094
Brazil     Brasília     Americas     S15.7801     W47.9292         1079
Canada     Calgary     Americas     N51.05     E114.05         1046
Armenia     Yerevan     Asia     N40.1596     E44.5090         1032
Malawi     Lilongwe     Africa     S13.9899     E33.7703         1024

Warmer, however a rather good climate.

Alajela, Costa Rica 952 m (3,123 ft)

Pleiku, Vietnam 738 m (2,420 ft) 




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Climate Map

Climate: Climate encompasses temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, rainfall, and atmospheric particle count. There are a number of nearly constant variables that determine climate, including latitude, altitude, proportion of land to water, and proximity to oceans and mountains.

Weather: Weather is a short term, a localized situation that last less than two weeks.

11 Paradise Climates for Travelers who Want to Live Abroad

List of Cities with as Close to Perfect Climates on Planet, No AC, No Furnaces -- Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get.


Catherine Todd

Thank you for this excellent list! I am pleased to see two places in Guatemala listed: my beloved Lake Atitlan and La Antigua Guatemala. I hope that the country's problems can be fixed by some miracle, as I and many others have great feelings for the people, the natural wonders and the culture of this special place.

Now to look up Lake Chapala, Mexico, and some of the others. Thanks, Andy, for creating this website with so much real honest experience from your own travels. Much appreciated.


Andy, first of all Thank you for all your help. Lost my wife to suicide, after that was forced to rent a one room in short order. Sold two cars almost everything in a 3 bedroom home. One of the hardest was giving up her two dogs and three cats. I was lucky and kept them together as a family unit.
Now, I am retired and would like to find a less humid, cooler area perhaps S. America. I have learned so much from your videos. Just a few more weeks here in Atlanta, Ga area. Just a little apprehensive about moving alone on such a tight budget. I would hate ever being a burden on anyone.
Again..Thank you so much Andy and Happy Trails. .
See you soon, I hope !
Chuck aka The Grill King ..gonna miss my Big Green Egg. Oh well..

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