Seek Easy to Afford Budget Locations

It is human nature to dream about being the rich and famous, often tourists will splurge and live for 7-10 days at travel destinations they can only afford for 7-10 days. However, the person will return from vacation can dream of living a life they cannot afford.



After years of world travel

Living within means is certainly a must.

1. Only uses about 20 percent of the money they earn.
Would like to, but don't/didn't.

2. Is not addicted to buying.
I can live with almost nothing easily & never tempted to buy.

3. Is not in a competition with other people to show what the have or bought.
I feel zero pressure to compete on status or possessions.

4. Do not buy cars, or houses.
I sold both don't plan on any replacements.

Contrbutor Eric Clearwater.