Border Crossings

2013 December 6 Leave Ghana And Enter Togo West Africa - Border Crossings

2013 December 6 Leave Ghana And Enter Togo West Africa - Border Crossings

A Reality Check About Border Crossings the USA is Clueless to Understand the Real World

The USA needs to get the will to grow up and understand this is not a game.

Border Crossings

Border Crossings can be simple if you follow some simple guidelines.

Lome Togo To Aflao Ghana Border Crossing

How to cross the border from Lome, Togo to Aflao, Ghana by land?

Trip to Ranong Burma Border from Koh Phagnan Myanmar

Visa Run -- Border Crossings -- I am at Ranong, Thailand getting ready on the 21st to cross into Burma to get another 15 days in Thailand- November 2012


  1. Smile
  2. Say yes sir and no sir.
  3. Always be polite
  4. Always have a the correct docs
  5. Take plenty of US dollars
  6. Visa offices usually only open in mornings
  7. Avoid a visa application towards a weekend.
  8. Never pay bribes if you can help but sometimes it is unavoidable.
  9. You must get a stamp to leave a country, and you need one to enter, do not listen to locals, they are not foreigners, the rules are different.
  10. Wear long pants if you are a man, helps the guards respect you.
  11. Waiting can solve many problems, if you are having problems, just stand there and wait, do not argue. Wait, eventually they want you to leave, the guards will find a solution.

Who will maybe pay a bribe?

     Cynthia a Cote d'Ivoire girl traveling on just her identification card, left me in Lome, Togo in January of 2011, and traveled across Ghana. The Ghana police made her pay a 6000 CFA bribe at the first stop, and 4000 CFA at the second. She was on a direct "Ford" from Aflao to Elubo.

rambling robert said;

     When I arrived Venezuela from Colombia, Travelled overland in Shared Taxi (huge oldsmobile sedan 1960s vintage) to Maracaibo and all the people who had cedula cards (ie those foreigners who were not required to have a passport) had to pay bribes to the army and police. about 4 or 5 stops and pays as I recall. I was the only one with a passport that was aboard and they ignored me each time.

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