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Sent this newsletter out today.


Some of you are worried about museums and palaces, I have a bigger concern, I want to know where the pajama culture started.

A person ask me if I noticed the pajamas like clothes the girls wear the other day?

I said,

"Yes, I encourage it."

I first noticed a few in Thailand and those I think are really pajamas.

I then saw an increase in Cambodia and the picture below is from Phnom Penh.

NOW... I think I have hit the motherload, Vietnam is full of girls walking around in their pajamas, so I am at the source.

Culture 101

An elective course. 



7:07 Monday July 26, 2004

What I have observed so far about Vietnam?

1. The words on in the same letter characters as English so I can read the Vietnam words on signs, and should be able to say things or repeat or look for places a lot easier.

2. Girls seem to wear clothes more like Thailand or are more liberated than Cambodia.

3. The building are built on a about a 20 foot or maybe 10 meter separation mode, everything is packed into the place and all building seem to be about 3-4 stories, just about like Phnom Penh, Cambodia but even more busy, but a little cleaner.

4. The colors and painting of building is good.

5. I saw a lot of parks.

6. All the Bars and Restaurants have chairs that look the very noisy and busy street, sort of like Paris, and too busy also for me.

7. The television is dubbed, but the dubbing is extremely weird, like one person saying or telling the listeners what is happening, they will have English shows and I can hear the words, but I have to try to not listen to the narrator in the Vietnamese language.

8. This is not a communist country where they share the wealth, this is an extreme version of free enterprise.

9. On the way into the city a English boy behind me said,

“Look a CD Shop.” I am almost positive that people put this on the list of countries to enter because of all the knockoff or copies of Music CD, and I have already seen 3 or 4 shops full of travelers.

10. Phnom Penh was a lot more friendly in a way, the Lakeside area always was slower and had places for people to sit around and talk here it so far only a bar type scene.

Prediction: This is a two day and out city, nobody will stay more than two day unless they just drink and like to sit on a bar stool, I have notice a lot of bar stools with older people sitting.

11. I have notice a lot of older somethings here, they seem to be looking around lost like and not sure what they are looking at, I have a feeling there are lots of people searching for something here.


Sunday 6:45 pm. July 25, 2004

I guess it is night, but like any good X Generation person I am thinking in terms of TV, Movies, and MTV, so like Robin William said,

“Good Morning Vietnam.”

82 Million People more or less, that makes it more populated than Thailand and Laos and Cambodia are just babies. I can tell you that for sure the number of motorcycles in Vietnam has set a record for traffic for me, I have never seen so much confusion on a highway, although in a clean sort of way, the city is extremely full, but the places still has a semblance of organization.

Map of Vietnam

Cambodia girl washing clothes in lake at Sen Monorom, Cambodia

Boy in market in Sen Monorom, Cambodia

Young Buddhist monks in Snoul, Cambodia. We stopped to pick up and old man and monk on the way to Sen Monorom



I am here in Saigon and the number of motorcycles here is unbelievable, sort of like Bangkok with double the traffic.

Just arrived and snagged a room, so wil update later.



5:23 am Sunday July 25, 2004

I am ready to go, not much to say.

The fun sometime in travel is to connect all the dots. The Ho Chi Minh trail is starting to make

sense to me, and it is also easy to see how Cambodia and Vietnam are related.

King Sihanouk

Pol Pot

They studied in Paris and were part of the Communist Party.

Ho Chi Minh was one of the leading founders of this party in Paris, all one big family.

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