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USA Road Trip Fort Wayne Indiana City 1 Andy Lee Graham

My present location is Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the USA. I took a carro publico from Montellano, Dominican Republic to Sosua for 30 Pesos. Sat around and talked with Johnny for awhile, then caught the Caribe Tour bus for 170 Pesos to Santiago. I then paid 400 Pesos for a private taxi to the Santiago Airport.

At 2:00 am on March 28, 2012, Wednesday we flew with Delta to New York City, then I transited and flew with Delta to Detroit, Michigan. I then flew to Fort Wayne, Indiana with Delta landing on 2:00 PM. My friend Mike picked me up at the Airport.

I called my parents the next day and surprised them by telling the I was in Fort Wayne. They live in Orland, Indiana about 50 miles North of Fort Wayne.

There is no public transportation to Orland, the last 50 miles to my home town is the most difficult to arrange travel I make on the planet. This 50 miles is a constant headache for me, it is in some ways incredible.

I am in Fort Wayne, Indiana living in the LaSalle Bed and Breakfast in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Today is April 3, 2012, Tuesday.

Andy Lee Graham of china-marbles.info

2011 Entered October 12 USA and Left Guatemala

I flew in on four hour flight from Guatemala City to Chicago, Illinois arriving at around 2:00 am, then waited until 4:50 for a Coach USA bus to the South Bend, Airport. My parents picked me up at 9:00 am, and took me home to Orland.

Quiet, clean, no dust, tons of food and again it is very quiet, the USA is a comfortable place with a lot of temptation to buy unneeded food.

I will fly from Chicago with Southwest to Las Vegas on the 26, the flight cost 139 USD and allow bags for free, what a windfall. I can stay in a room in Vegas for three days for 81 USD.

I am trying to buy a cheap ticket to BKK, Bangkok on the 29th of October, 2011. When in BKK, I will get a Visa to India, and head over to Goa for a couple of month.

china-marbles.info Goes to West Africa 2010

china-marbles.info Goes to West Africa 2010
I said to a friend,
"I need to go to Africa…"
"I need something to look forward too."

My Visa came from Washington, D.C. by FedEx yesterday --- with a sigh of relief, I knew my bags were packed, I would be ready. I will go to Ivory Coast on Sunday, September 5, 2010 the deal is closed, signed, there is a meeting of the minds, you cannot stop me, I am escaping.

This plane trip to West Africa is roughly 30 hours of "Seat Time," I will be sitting around waiting to arrive, a Travelers needs to be patient.

Orland, Indiana USA --- Friday, September 3, 2010


Hurry boy, she's waiting there for you
- Toto

I am planning this trip, to fly to Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire September 5, 2010 - Then by land to Liberia -- Sierra Leone -- Guinea -- Guinea Bissau -- Cape Verde - The Gambia -- Senegal -- Mauritania --- Morocco Adventure

I am not sure, maybe going across the DRC Congo would be more exciting, but this trip is unfolding well, I feel confident and exited for a change. There is a saying,
"No Risk, No Rush."

What is Adventure?

Hmm, it feels to be something that makes people angry, it is troubling to understand, however when I say, "I am going to Africa," the replies I receive annoy me.
"Why would you go to Africa?"

What I have to say is,
"Hurry boy, she's waiting there for you"

When I am in Africa, I want to leave, a month after I leave Africa, I start to obsess and dream about returning, there is no clear path, only when I leave the path am I at home and comfortable in my skin.

Thanks for following along, we are going to Africa, and always remember, when you reach the edge of the planet, "There be Dragons."

Andy Graham

Lyrics by Toto - Africa

I hear the drums echoing tonight
But she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation
She's coming in 12:30 flight
The moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide me towards salvation
I stopped an old man along the way,
Hoping to find some long forgotten words or ancinet melodies
He turned to me as if to say, Hurry boy, it's waiting there for you

It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
I bless the rains down in Africa
Gonna take some time to do the things we never had

The wild dogs cry out in the night
As they grow restless longing for some solitary company
I know that I must do what's right
As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serangetti
I seek to cure what's deep inside, frightened of this thing that I've become

(Instrumental break)

Hurry boy, she's waiting there for you

It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
I bless the rains down in Africa, I passed some rains down in Africa
I bless the rains down in Africa, I passed some rains down in Africa
I bless the rains down in Africa

Toto Africa, maybe not blocked

china-marbles.info Goes to West Africa 2010

Top 10 Travel Songs by Andy Graham 2010

Top 10 Travel Songs by Andy Graham 2010

Here is my collection of best all time Songs of Travel, listen, sing along, try to remember, and plan you escape. I will try to update this list, as my world changes, thanks for listening.
Andy Graham the china-marbles.info

Number 1
Head Carolina, Tails California - Jo Dee Messina

Orland, Indiana USA --- Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Number 2
Back in the USSR The Beatles

Number 3
Bob Segar - Traveling Man

Number 4
Alabama - I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why)

Number 5
Allman Brothers - Ramblin Man

Number 6
Jackson Browne & David Lindley - Take It Easy Live 2006

Number 7
500 Miles by Peter Paul and Mary

Number 8
Close your Eyes - The Beatles

Number 9
Christopher Cross - Ride like the Wind

Number 10
Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes Jimmy Buffett

Number 11
Standing Outside the Fire Garth Brooks

Number 12
California Dreaming - Mamas and Papas

Someday, I will give you best 20 Travel Songs, they find me, I do not find them, I do hope you romanticize your life and follow your dreams.

The 20 People I Met Flying to the USA

The 20 People I Met Flying to the USA
I took a Spiritair.com Flight from San Pedro Sula, Honduras to Fort Lauderdale, USA, and missed my onward flight because of USA immigration; then proceeded to sit in the Airport for 12 hours before boarding the next plane to Detroit, Michigan. Here is an interesting menagerie of personalities I met along the long path. I do hope you understand I have no use for politically correctness. I live in a world of travel whereby I need to deal with reality, not wanna be worlds, I must define culture as I interpret them. I do not have the luxury of using crazy methods that will make everyone happy, I define the world so I stay alive and safe. The world is not perfect, I love it, but I also accept is on real terms, not some dysfunctional defined method.
--- a.k.a. (Liberal Politically Correct Lie)

This Girl was part of my Snickers Experiment

The trip started with an anonymous telephone call from a Honduran girl who wanted to know when I returned to Tela, I said never, or "Nunca."

Bus from Tela, Honduras to San Pedro Sula Airport
- Girl who just snubbed me, I think Honduras people are rude. I am fluent in Spanish, and say hello to everyone, what is up with some cultures, Honduras reminds me of Venezuela.

San Pedro Sula Airport
A Black girl from Belize and a white girl from Cancun, Mexico asked me,
"Are you Ken?" The both spoke English in an obvious, "We are the rich ruling class."

San Pedro Sula Airport "No Mans Land."

1. I talked with a Lesbian girl who proceeded to tell me in detail why she enjoy sex with women, I think it was one of them control things USA women do.

2. The lesbian was with two boys, one from New Zealand who only played games on an electronic device, and the other one from Minnesota that estranged himself by reading his book all the time, all three White People seemed to have trouble with real people.

3. "Snickers Experiment," I have this theory, I believe by giving a Snicker Chocolate Bar to girls you can purchase their affections.

4. Two Honduras Boy who were very polite traveling with their grandfather. The two boys were American Citizens, however this is negotiable in a true sense, and they were Honduran. The one was very polite, and at about age 15 I was able to have a more intelligent conversation than the 20-25 Lesbian and two boys / men who were too smart and clever to talk. We discussed the pros and cons of the Canon Cameras.

Orland, Indiana USA --- Monday, August 30, 2010


USA Girl who traveled in Honduras, notice the square glasses, I told her she had on the "Israeli Glasses," that comment was lost in space.

Fort Lauderdale, USA Airport standing in the two hour line at immigration

I missed my flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Detroit, Michigan because the immigration and customs took two hours. It as an amazing experience to learn my own country could be so ridiculously stupid, the plane was not late.

1. Young Girl who wants to be Police officer in the future, she was obviously trying to be 25 looking but was only 15, I had fun asking her about her ever too stupid playing with her Smartphone. She spoke Spanish, and was from Honduras, this is "Miami, Florida" to me, the smart ones have moved to another state to allow the Latinos to own the new culture, to purchase the State.

2. There was a truly horrible soul woman, who obviously was a full-blooded American white woman in the customs line. She was evil, when said I was going to miss my flight, she pointed me at line B whereby they searched my whole bag. She as a white women with grey hair, truly an evil person and makes me ashamed of the born in America people.

3 - I was pointed to a TSA officer in line B, he asked me what I did, tried to lesson the time by saying, "I am a Travel Writer." he then went to a computer and surfed around on china-marbles.info and HoboHideOut.com while I missed my flight.

Sitting in Fort Lauderdale Airport from 8 am to 5:30 pm

1. I went to the Spiritair.com counter, a "Puerto Rican: girl was nice, I berated her, and this Airport is Latina and does not understand "American Culture." This got me exceptional service as she understood what I meant and took me down to the bag room to search for my bag, which made the flight while my body did not.

2. There was a Trinidad and Tobago woman by the name of Tony, another American, who was born in another country. She was an exceptional person, and truly went above and beyond the call of duty, and truly had a "German" level of efficiency, which was quite amazing for a person from Trinidad who looked German, and acted German.

3. I talked with a Haitian man sitting next to me talking on Skype to someone; he kept telling in his conversation that Spiritair.com is not how the big dogs fly. I think we both know, we purchased price, and we will fly again, saving 200 Dollars is saving 200 Dollars. I needed something translated into French for my Visa Application, he had a French accent. He said he spoke French, I realized he spoke Creole and I was on the wrong path. It is amazing how people from other countries suddenly want to be special when there are in the USA, this is an epidemic, a cultural malady of the USA, and everyone thinks they are special.

4. I met a man sitting on the floor in front of the boarding area for Spirit Air, he was born in Dominican Republic and was a Soldier, Special Forces Ranger for the USA, and he had been in Iraq and Afghanistan. I told him thank you and I appreciated him fighting to protect people like me. He was an exceptional person, we spoke a little in Spanish a little in English and had a big conversation about "Situational Awareness" and he added the need to pay attention to "Details."

5. I met a Puerto Rican Girl who lied to me and told me she was going to Las Vegas. She says she works as a Babysitter in Vegas, maybe she does, and maybe she does not. She kept here headset on listening to music for 12 hours, she said it was Reggae.

6. I met a woman who was a Real Estate Agent Jamaica; this is not the type of person I want to be in the USA under any condition. As far as I see it, the Jamaica culture is not wanted by me, anywhere, anyplace.

7. Black Girl from Detroit who had her head in a Smartphone, she had steel Studs on her dress, and I asked here how she got through security with studs on here dress. She said they did not even put the wand on her. I think they was afraid a black girl would scream holy hell and profiled that is was better to let her walk. She was gang banger style to the max, trying to be upper class, but could not erase her past; she had it stamped on her forehead.

SpiritAir.com lack of Security - I will use the Airline again, the price is half the cost.

Detroit Airport
My bag made the flight to Detroit, my body did not, therefore when I arrived in Detroit my bag was already there.

1. There was this Black Guy working for Spiritair.com, my bag was sitting there in the open, I decided to knock on the door and let him know I was taking it. He waved, and looked down at his phone again. Obviously there was no security to protect my bag, I could have grabbed it and walked to the door with no problem. Therefore, I stopped, took a photo, and then walked for the bus.

Jasmine the Girl on the 125 Smart Bus looked like this girl, but better…

Bus 125 - Smart Bus for 2 Dollars from Airport to the Corktown Hotel

Jasmine, a big busted, truly Guapa Chica from the USA, born in the USA, truly a fine specimen. She told me about the Smartphone she had, and what she was doing, she worked in Footlocker and had on this striped shirt that made here look exotic.

Dillon a nice young man, fully American how had a bicycle flat and helped me find the Corktown Inn. He seen my request on Detroit CouchSurfing.com group for a room, I told him, and that CouchSurfing.com needs to focus on transportation.

I checked into a truly wonderful Hotel called the Corktown Inn in Detroit, it cost 60 Dollars and was walking distance from the Greyhound bus station. WIFI, AC, TV, and Hormels Chile, now this may seem strange, but after you live outside the USA for nine months, a bowl of Hormels Chile was great.
Corktown Inn in Detroit

I woke up at 4:00 am, worked for two hours on a Visa Package for Ivory Coast. Upon completion, I snagged a Taxi in front of the Hotel and was at the Kinkos / FedEx office at 7:30 am to send my passport to a Washington DC Visa expediting service.

The taxi driver from Cameroon, Africa told me they spoke English in Cameroon, and I thought to myself, --- sure.

Chet the owner of the Corktown was a true Gentleman; I had a meeting with Public Relations person for Verizon in the morning at the Hotel. She gave me a new BlackBerry Bold to review and we had a good conversation.

Greyhound from Detroit to Fort Wayne

I had an incredible sense of being invisible on the bus, even though it was full of born in the USA Americans; again, their brains were inserted into their cell phones.

I love the USA, it is my Father and Mother, and it is my family. I have been home for a few days now, and nobody cares where I have been, they keep telling me what they purchased. I know the USA deserves to have economic problems; they do not live within their means.

I have told a few people, I will fly to Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa on September 5, 2010. They say, what is that? I say, "Ivory Coast." They say where is that? I must accept, the only person who cares is me.

"We call them fools
Who have to dance within the flame
Who chance the sorrow and the shame
That always come with getting burned"

Garth Brooks - Standing Outside The Fire lyrics

"Life is not tried it is merely survived, If you're standing outside the fire"

September 5, 2010, I go to Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa.

"la vie c'est belle"

"Je m'appelle André, je Voyage à l'Afrique bientôt

The 20 People I Met Flying to the USA

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