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He has almost completed an around the world bike trip.

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HI Andy,

I think you have made your decision already. WHat happened to that book

you are writing?

I am in AUstralia. Wow. Imagine bicycling 100 kilometers and not seeing

anyone (if you don't count the shadows in a couple of passing trucks.

The news here makes it look like every Iraqi hates Americans.

good luck,



Money, Books, and Travel.

Which comes first? I am alwasy just wanting to travel.

If I have enough money. I travel.

I am working am working on a book and will slow down my travels

in India to try to kick out the book. Better to write in cheap place then in the expensive countries.

I have to travel 5 time faster in Iraq and Turkey then is normal for me.

But I will be very gratefull to slow back down to my Latino time.

I am 100 percent sure the Iraqi people are glad Saddam is gone.

They all want to go to America.

But the proof was in their smiles.

But maybe the proof the world can understand is that I traveled freely without a gun

or bodyguard from top to bottom. Baghdad to Basra for 34 days. I am alive and happy.

Cannot really complain about Iraq people. They are great. They like America better then Turkey

people and all of Europe. Here is the map of all the locations I visited.

Map of Andys china-marbles.info Iraq Trip

LETTER FROM READER So... have fun, be careful

Hello there!

Well...I must take a moment to thank you for doing your tour of duty and putting your self out there on the front lines for all of us. I wish I could join you; however, I am doing my tour of duty here.

From your letters: it sounds like you are finding it very interesting--a little dangerous maybe--but interesting.

Amigo ... The first rule of war is: keep your enemy close.

So... have fun, be careful, and prayerful!

Hugs, Linda


Please do not tell anyone this secret. If the whole world thinks the USA is stupid we are safer. The aldready believe this so it is easy to perpetuate this belief. I have no idea how they can think the USA became that rich by being stupid, but that is what they believe. So GREAT. Life is even better. Stupid people often get discount.


I talked with my friend and I am going to Paris.

I will go and find all the reason I love France.

This makes me very happy. Life is Good.


I find that I am thinking too much. I spend too much time

worrying or wondering if I am making good decision. I am not sure

if I want to go to India. I want to go to France. I want to travel

the world, but I do not enjoy angry people. I do believe that it

is my resposibility to try to listen and learn why they are angry.

I know now. I am different and they do not like anyone different.

I think a lot about Guatemaula.


I woke up this morning to the sound of the Islamic prayer.

The first time I heard this was in the early hours of Tropical

southern Thailand. It was a peaceful and wonderful sound.

I am afraid when I hear this sound.

There are loud speaker systems everywhere in Turkey that makes

this sound heard and cannot be avoided. I hear it 3-6 times daily.

It is a call to prayer.

It tells the locals to what group they belong and

is a reminder to remember the warning.

"You belong to this group and do not forget."

I have learned to fear this sound.

I was a typical USA person not even knowing anything

about the Islamic people.

Now I am different. I am afraid.

Why did I learn to be afraid of this sound?

I have learned that I should not spend more then 2-3 months

in any culture. The longer I am there the more I will be told

that I am different and should leave.

I wanted to go to Israel on this trip. I like the Israel girls

I meet when I travel and consider them strong and powerful. Full

of pride and a wonderful confidence. Independent and open, not

afraid of the world.

I like people that are brave. I think I am brave. I am not always

sure, and some days worry about places I go and people I meet.

I like the chidren and the old people of the world. They do not want

a fight and live in peace. Sadly it always appears that the people of

the world between 20 and 50 years old are looking for a fight.

I do not want to go to Israel right now. Mainly because to go there

would be so expensive and I do not have the money. I can best travel in

countries like India where it is extremely cheap. Plus I am tired of thinking

about their problems. I am tired of hearing about the poor Arabic people

that are rich with oil and how they have such a bad life. I just do not

care to listen now. I will come back again and listen. I am afraid also

of a belief I have and feel. I think or suicide bombers or the people that

did the September 11th. I want to hunt them down and kill them.


I am having trouble emailing and ing my friend.

Very difficult and stressful when you cannot someone.

I need to buy a plane ticket.

More about more


I suppose to form an opinion correctly I must find some common

occurrences of things. I know that taxi drivers in Iraq holler and

somewhat threatens each other’s. That they do not appear to be afraid

to tell the other to move or push the other. My one taxi driver although

this was not common was a person that would honk his horn when it was

impossible for the person in front to move. This is very annoying to

me as you must accept situations that are impossible to change.

But I collect common feature while traveling. Or maybe best to say

I collect specific characteristics of a culture. For example in Iraq

there were these commonalities.

I saw about 30-40 very large 10-20 grain silos.

The type that holds or deposits the grain for a whole state or province.

I would have to say that an enormous amount of wheat is grown in Iraq.

I heard lots of people complain about the electricity.

I am positive they do not like the condition of the electricity.

I saw so much old wiring and antiquated systems that I am also positive

the electricity was in bad shape before the war and not a cause of the war.

I saw so many Toyota Land Cruiser being driven by the UN people that I would

believe that them had to have won a huge contract with United Nations.

But also made it easy for them to be a target of murderers.

I heard of so many Caravans getting attacked that I induced that this

form of travel was dangerous.

I had so many people that smiled when I said,

"I am from Ameriqui" that I know they think good of America.

I know that I visit slept in 7 cities in Iraq.

Did not get killed while walking down the street with the normal person.

So I would say that Iraq is lot more safe then it is dangerous for

Westerners. I know that when I walk down the street they do not know

from what country I am origin.


I had dinner with 2 people from Canada last night. The girl was a

young French speaking Doctor from Quebec, and the man was a writer

of born in Pakistan, formerly a Muslim whatever that means, and actually

was also in Iraq. He is dark skinned and works for I think McClanes Magazine.

I am not really familiar with this magazine. At least that is what he said.

I do not pry into travelers lives that much, they get defensive.

They both were a stereotype of sorts.

The Doctor listened and diagnosed the situation. Try to weed out

the conversations and make a good opinion.

The reporter had preset opinions and spent time justifying them.

What is bad is that my vacation from Anti-American Rhetoric is over.

I am back in the western world. They love Americans in Iraq, and the

modern world hates the USA. Or more likely they spend all their time

defining themselves by comparison to the USA. This is always a little on

the ridiculous side. Why does a country compare itself to another country?

and say what is bad about that country and how it suppresses the other.

In the end this man from Canada put forth the idea that the USA suppress

other cultures with the USA culture.

We agreed on the fact that the other cultures copy the USA culture.

The music, the clothes, they television way of the world.

But even though we agreed on the word copy. This still was considered

by him to be a somewhat premeditated effort to control the other country

by Coca Cola and McDonalds. Like they are forcing other countries to buy

these products and cultural icons.

He lost the doctor a the end when through a series of deductive arguments

I lead him to the his conclusion that the "Canadian" culture is superior

to the USA culture. She instantly had the light bulb above her head and I believe

it hit her the ingrained prejudices that I was dealing with toward the USA.

I think he feels because he is from Pakistan and a former Muslim that he

is defined or thought of as second class. He was very intelligent and brave

to go to Iraq and only by him telling me that he was superior did I ever feel

him to think inferior. He could not appear to hold the steady course with another

culture. Always having to place himself above or below.

A person that will not negotiate the price of an item, or a person that

negotiate too much for a purchase is often a signal to me of their personal

belief. People that think they are rich pay too much. People that feel

more powerful will often try to abuse the situation and negotiate too hard.

Like they can force the person to sell too cheap. I like to look for a fair

deal and treat the person with respect. Like an equal.

Cultural and customs can hold back a culture from economic advancement.

This is not a problem if they accept this and do not try to get the money

for nothing. The Amish in the USA are a good example of a culture that holds

a back its economic development because of their culture. Hard to make the

big dollars when you do not drive or use certain types of tools.

I suppose the world economic development is not correct. Maybe it should be

quality of life or maybe standard of living. All the words cause problems

because in the end the only thing that is important is that a person is happy

with their station in life and accepting and tolerant of others stations.

I believe a tolerant traveler has learned acceptance, and does not try to

change or alter the culture it enters. Like the Prime Directive of Star Trek.

To hold the steady course is my travelers dream.

To remain my own person when the world changes daily.

To not lose myself when at the same time finding myself.

Like Star Trek to

“seek out new life and new civilizations”

I believe the old man in the back of the taxi on the way to Mosul.

Saddam stole their life, and he said today is day one.

This to him was the start of a life with a future for Iraq.

A people actually suppressed by one man desire, and not their

unrepressed desires.

Note that the Man represented to me a stereotype of talk and actions

in life. Very predictable and easy to anticipate. Not trying to think

freely, but repeating other persons interpretations of the world

and not forming his own.


I have traveler north about 12 hours by bus to Istanbul. I do not

think in Kilometers or Miles. I think in travel time. The distance

is not important. It is the time involved to travel to my destination.

But of course to calculate the time, it does help to know the distance.

I would guess I can average about 60 Kilometers or 50 miles travel per hour.

So if I travel north from Baghdad to Istanbul it would in my mind maybe

be 600 mile or 729 kilometers. I may be close to the distance. I am not

sure and really do not car. What effects my travels now is the temperature.

I need a jacket, sweatshirt, and long pants. I lost a bag with the Norwest and

KLM flight to Istanbul. They did not pay me, and I learned after leaving that

they would not pay me by mail. I must somehow collect the money for the lost

baggage in the city reported the bag lost. This is really a hassle. So now I

am very cold and had to borrow a jacket from a girl last night to go to dinner.

It was so hot in Iraq that I forgot about the month or worries about clothes.

I view Turkey as a hot country, but in reality it is not that hot. So I am

spending my day looking for clothes in a tourist trap. Not a cheap way or easy

way to find clothes.

I also think in the cost of travel. Baghdad to the Turkey border was about

10 dollars. From the Turkey border to Istanbul was about 42 dollars.

So the cost of travel in Turkey is four times more expensive and a lot slower.

I took a collective taxi that went 140 kilometers per hour in Iraq. The

bus only goes around 80.


I am in Istanbul, Turkey. I have had a couple of discussions about Iraq. There

was a couple of people that I had met prior to the Iraq trip and knew I was going.

But it is very interesting to discuss or not discuss Iraq with people here.

I find that even though I have spent 1 month and 3 days in Iraq. They do not believe

a word I say. They have pre-conceived ideas and opinions that do not change.

I like to look up words. I will try to paraphrase how I a long long time ago tried to understand

the word "Bigot"

I got it from the dictionary:

Main Entry: big·ot

Pronunciation: 'bi-g&t

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle French, hypocrite, bigot

Date: 1661

: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices

- big·ot·ed /-g&-t&d/ adjective

- big·ot·ed·ly adverb

That says it pretty well I think.


I took a collective taxi from Baghdad to Mosul.

Took a private taxi to the Border.

That all cost 16 dollars.

Took a bus to Ankara Turkey.

Took a bus to Istanbul.

That cost about 60,000,000 Lira.

or about 42 Dollars USA.

Took about 1 1/2 days non stop travel.

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