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How to Meet the 1 in 50 Person in Africa with a Good Heart

This travel tips applies to all continents, I am thinking and focusing on Africa, today I am presently in Lome, Togo, in three days I expect to again be in Takoradi, Ghana or Elubo.

How will, how do I meet the 1 in 50 person who has a good heart? (Is that a colloquial phrase, to --- have a good heart.)

The title could have said:
How to Meet the 1 in 50 Person in South America with a Good Heart
How to Meet the 1 in 50 Person in Central America with a Good Heart
How to Meet the 1 in 50 Person in North America with a Good Heart
How to Meet the 1 in 50 Person in Europe with a Good Heart
How to Meet the 1 in 50 Person in Asia with a Good Heart
How to Meet the 1 in 50 Person in Oceania with a Good Heart

Walk by and say Hello to 50 people, if you are a good person you will notice when you meet the 1 in 50. If you are bad person, you may understand this story, but would refuse to say Hello to 50 people, you will ask the question.

This is Eva, she has a husband by the name of Coco, and they run a small food stand down behind the Atlantique Bank, near Togocel in the Centreville of Lome, Togo.

Lome, Togo West Africa --- Monday, January 24, 2011


If you have read along for years, you will notice I am not fond of recommending Hotels or Restaurants, and almost never a tour company. The truth is, I only want to recommend a person with a good heart, and it is difficult to say,
"All the people in a tour company have good heart."

I know Eva and Coco, and I would say, Eva is kind hearted and I am not sure about Coco, I am to must put them together. I feel she is the 1 in 50 and he is part of the 49, this is not important. I am only looking to find the 1 in 50; I assume the majority are one of the 49.

If a person shows a good heart, I can see, feel and experience the goodness, I move them from the 49 over to the 1 in 50.

Why is Eva the 1 in 50?

Now, please be aware, the majority of the 50 believe they are good hearted, and if encouraged some of them can move over to the 1 in 50, but generally they keep taking it back and being miserly with their kindness.

Money is seldom kindness, it is being kind, not giving, money is a weird thing, people think by giving money they have proven they are kind, no it proves they have money.

The Story of an Exception in Togo
If you have traveled in under-developed countries…
If you have been the rich foreigner…
If you have been the White Man in Africa…

Then you are aware, money only goes one direction, there is a willingness on the part of Togo culture to take, they are more than happy to say,
"Give me a Cadeau."
"Give me a Gift."

I often say,
"Give me a Gift?"
They say
"Why? You have the money."

The reality is, good can go both ways, but let us not get confused, giving gifts is more about being selfish. People who give gifts want something… maybe, yes, maybe no. you truly need to watch people who give gifts.

Obama Plate, a good way to make me laugh, I like the idea that a food is sitting on top of his face. He should be over here in Africa more, making a change, where real progress could happen.

Day One
I wake too early, I have nothing to do, I write, and then I want to eat. I took a Moto to the Centreville and started walking down through the workers area, where the people play and sometimes work. It is an industrial sales area behind the Atlantique Bank close to Togocel main office. Well, I happened to walk up to the pretty and beautiful Eva, she smiled, and I inspected her cooking area. I asked about the price of an egg sandwich, it was 400 CFA for two eggs.

She made this exceptional sandwich, I stopped her from putting in the onion and tomato as is the custom here, and requested she put in Pima, a small hot pepper.

Day Two
I come back, but this day, Coco is going to cook my sandwich, not my idea of cook, I like the young, beautiful and sexy cooks, and men in Africa seem dirtier. Nonetheless, he starts to cook my two-egg sandwich. I must again stand up, tell him,
"I do not want tomato or onion.’
"I want Pima."

Eva was standing over the left, she had come back.

I look over to the skillet, I can see Tomatoes and Onions, it is not cooked, and I tell him to take them out. He takes one out, and proceeds to cook. I am thinking,
"Fricken Under Developed Cultures!!!!"
"Always less than the minimum, never just the way I want it."

The problem with underdeveloped cultures is underdeveloped manners, and underdeveloped sense of pride in their work.

I grabbed the pan, started to throw the egg out, I said, I want another two eggs. He took the pan from my hand, put it in the bread for a sandwich and put it below the counter… (oooh, who is going to eat that later?)

Ok, Eva enters the show, she tells him, Pima, only Pima, and looks at him. Well, he made the sandwich correct the second time. She is buttering me up; ask me if I wanted some get-me-fat-coffee. I it is instant coffee with a lot of evaporated milk, it is a standard type of coffee in about 50 percent of the planet and I accepted. She serves me this extra large coffee; I suspect it has 200-300 calories per cup.

I want to pay, and I want them to make me a good sandwich every day, therefore I cannot allow them to lose money today. I am going to pay for his screw-up.

400 screwed up sandwich.
400 for good sandwich.
250 for coffee

1050 total

I hand her 1000, then hold another 1000 up, I then give it to her 1000 like a gift, she is happy.

I gave a Gift because I wanted something
I want the exact same sandwich again and again, the same as the one I got the first day. And as is the brains in Africa, they seldom remember anything, I want her attention, and maybe money will work. It is not that they cannot remember, the culture is sloppy, same as India or most under-developed cultures, sloppy thinking, but I am too strict, too much German culture in me.

Day Three
I order a sandwich, Coco cooks it correctly while I am on standing over him, making sure, watching every move he makes. If he does it bad today, I will stand up and walk away, no money, no mercy; he will get his just reward for having a no-care, no-heart business.

He does it right, but not because he cares.

I drink a coffee, Eva gave it to me, I did not really want it, but she was "Caring" and just repeated exactly what I had the day before.

400 for egg sandwich
250 for coffee

650 total, I give her a 1000 CFA note.

She give me a 500 CFA back, and waved me away, I look at her and say,
"I owe you 150."
--- Math is not good in Africa, I have to double help them here.
She waves me away, like get out of here, lets not be petty.

I can count on one hand the number of times I have received a discount without asking here in the last 4-5 months in West Africa. I have never got a discount without demanding it; I have never got money back, because money goes only one way. There was a nice woman in Grand Bassam, Cote d’Ivoire that gave me two free Gateau’s, she had a good heart, and she was the 1 in 50. Sometimes Girls will add an extra Beignet to my sack, this is not being nice, and they are stealing from their boss, so not nice. This is about the same as a barmaid giving you an extra strong drink, she wants a big tip, and another person pays for the cost.
(Me the boss, I have been the boss all my life, I know employees.)

Good people are generous for zero reason, nothing to gain, they are willing to lose, good people will look bad to allow another person to look good.

I watched James Sueltzer in the USA walk across the street in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was about 50 yards away. He stopped as he was walking down the street and picked up a plastic cup lying in the street that was trash, he carried for about 25 yards and put in a trash bin. Nobody was watching, except for me, he was nice, and nobody was watching.

If somebody is watching, you should not be nice, try to not be watched, you do nice things, and the left hand should not see the right hand do a good deed.

The 49 see the 1 and say,
"We have a sucker."

Many a website will report, we give 10 percent to a charity, this is not being nice, it is marketing, it is reported first and foremost, a sucker is born every day approach. People who try to be clever truly annoy me, they are obviously being bad, I allow them to do it me, I want to inspect their spirit, and I allow this one time to check. I enjoy this sort of story, a great way to piss people off for fun and pleasure.

I have never been able to pre-qualify a nice person; I have to say the same Hello to all people. Some of the most obnoxious people at first, are extremely nice as they stop being afraid, my advice it to always say hello to all people when possible. I somewhat think of a Hello as a fishing rod, I load up with bait, I put on a smile, and I fish by saying Hello.

It is great fun to catch a happy person in my little game of life.

Business Trip to Ghana
I need high-speed Internet this week to attend a conference call on Thursday, and to call a bunch of India people to see if they speak truly speak English as they say on their application. I want to hire some data entry people, therefore I am going to apply for a visa to Ghana today, Monday and try to leave again for Ghana on Wednesday.

I will use an MTN USB Wireless Modem in Ghana to make the Skype calls.

Cynthia Again Enters the Door
For some reason, the good Gods have put Cynthia back into my world. She for some reason does not have University until the end of February; I called her and ask her if she wanted to meet me again. She is going to come to Elubo, Ghana on Friday.

I wired her 100 dollars with Western Union online, worked like a charm, did this right from my room with the connection to the Verizon Global Email BlackBerry.

Swimmers Chlorine Body
I have stopped taking cold showers with normal water from the Hotel. Because of a 12 years history of skin problems, rashes, etc, I have decided cold water is too big of problem for me a traveler. I am only taking dip showers with hot water, or I am putting Chlorine in the water and taking a dip shower. I am not using water straight from the tap to clean my body; I do use the water in the sink.

Hotel Water from the tap has too many bacteria, I have the travel skills to stop them, therefore I will.

Stopping all Disliked Comments
I stop all comments on, because of the horrible comments that are made. There is no enjoyment in reading them. There is no enjoyment in reading disliked comments on this Blog, I want to enjoy life, and I do not make a penny more or less, if you comment. I enjoy a good comment the same as you. I have had two things happen in the last four month.

I do not people to accidentally read bad comments, they can do so for strange reasons.

Jeroen my Travel agent wrote and said,
"Why don’t you stop Xxxxx person from commenting. I will never comment as long as I have to read his along with mine."

I thought to myself, hmm, I would not comment if there were bad comments. We have put them into the disliked group very strictly now, too much fun. I do not care if someone talks bad about me, I just do not care, but if Jeroen a friend does not like, then that is different.

SOON, the only people who can comment are people with username and passwords, we will then have the ability to ban an e-mail or user, and this will greatly slow down the problem children of the planet. May as well go and sign up, we presently have over 2500 people, it is amazing, there is 5 people per day that sign up and this is an under-developed area of the site.

I do not evaluate my Blog by the number of comments or likes, I evaluate by my own inner scorecard. If you are making a comment, do it to help other readers, do it to clarify, not to be prove you are clever.

Being clever is a good way to be exclude from my day, to find yourself having the door hit you as you leave. I am clever, I want you to be clever with the team, not against the team.

How to Meet the 1 in 50 Person in Africa with a Good Heart

2011 a Great Year for Mobile Office or to be Location Independent

2011 a Great Year for Mobile Office or to be Location Independent

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, life is good, but not only good this year, it is going to be my year. I have lived for 12 years and 10 months with one question continuously creeping around in my brain.
"Where is the Internet connection?"

Did you know there is a new wave, a new trend; there is a new "buzzword" you can drop at cocktail parties and with groups of yuppies. The phrase is called "location independent" it is lifestyle, it is gear, and way of working. It is having a mobile office that is independent of one location. It is living like Andy Graham of has been doing for almost 13 years of his life.

I think we can and should credit the promoter at the expense of the truth writer Timothy Ferris for this new "buzzword."

Location Independent

California, the Buzzword Capital of the World

I scream "California" when somebody uses a buzzword that has not yet reached general knowledge I believe it is still possible to walk into an "Indiana Bar," crowd up to the bar with a bunch of suits and says,
"I am working location independent."

Some timid or unsophisticated person at the fringe of the group will say,
"What is that?"

I do not know New York, or Las Angeles, I believe this phrase is already out of vogue there, however in my home state, I am sure, I would be cutting edge "California Cool," if I said the inner circle of wanna be worldly group.
"I am working location independent."

Oops, I am truly Location Independent in Togo, West Africa, this is not going to work.

Lome, Togo West Africa --- Sunday, January 23, 2011


Words are Fun
I love a new word, I love when people use buzzwords, if immediately after using they use the word; they educate me to the meanings and implications. I do not want to make fun of them by screaming,

I feel people in California live, thrive and drive their lives by buzzwords; it is a place where misuse of buzzwords is the way of communicating. Here is the problem, I am 55, I am too old and set in my ways to listen and study every new trend in words. I am not part going to read "Tweets" on "" with the intention of finding new "buzzwords." Defines Buzzwords and Explains Misuse

How are Buzzwords misused?

Thought-control via intentional vagueness. In management, by stating organization goals with opaque words of unclear meaning, their positive connotations prevent questioning of intent, especially when many buzzwords are used.

To inflate the trivial to importance and stature.

Hmm, I think the goal of people who use Buzzwords is to increase their personal importance and stature at the expense of truly understanding and education.

Location Independence Defined:
As with all Buzzwords, this phrase is meant to be vague, it is almost slang if not for the fact the two words have literal meanings. These two words together are buzzwords, but we can separate and understand their true meaning.

Location Independent is when a person lives and works independent of a specific location. My rendition of the history of this word is this, Timothy Ferriss wrote the book, "The 4-Hour Work Week."

He says:
"The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich"
Wikipedia Link

This title than spins out into the words "Location Independent." and a few smart Internet Entrepreneurs pounce on the buzzwords "Location Independent," to make their 4-Hour Fortune by pounding these phrases from dreams into money on the Internet.

The Internet is a place where people romanticize a subject into a fortune. Often the goal of an Internet Entrepreneur is to take a real dream, pound it with word, bend, trend, and defend the words on Internet pages until they have a social following. When they have a social following by promoting and selling dreams, they can live anywhere, they are location independent. The may have money, the rest are still chasing dreams. The first promoter wins, and you get a credit card bill in the mail to pay for the promoters sweet words you purchased.

The bottom line, owning an Internet Business is the best way to live location independent that has ever been found. Moreover, Timothy Ferriss is truly selling and telling people the same old story, the same old dream. I first heard this dream and sang along with Johnny Paycheck while drunk in bars in 1977.
(O'Sullivan's Italian Pub in Fort Wayne, home of the Best Pizza on the Planet.)

I sang the dream being sold by the 4-Hour Workweek and the Location Independent

"You can take this job and shove it "

This song is best sung while very drunk, with a group of people who like to drink more than work.

This is the dream, we all want to take this job and shove it, however, there is no way to eat if we do not have money, and even though it is a nice dream, selling this dream can be irresponsible when believed by naïve people. Well, I have been living location independent for 12 years and 10 months now, and I am celebrating the year 2011. This will be the first year in my life, where I may never need to step into an Internet Café, it is the year where I declare myself Independent from the world of Internet Cafes, I am free to truly be a nomad.

I have been working an a specific page for maybe eight years, it is called, Mobile Office

On this page, I explain how I work and live Location Independent, this is not some fantasy to sell a dream page, it is where I collect my hard-learned experience. However, I am happy to say, I need to re-write the whole page, I can almost throw away the map. I can now work location independent on 90 percent of the planets surface. The Prepaid USB Wireless Internet Modem is giving me freedom, in 2011; I can live anywhere and manage my internet business. I do not need Internet Cafes, and I am extremely happy to not live in "WIFI" Hotels.

In the last year, I paid on average of 30 percent more to have WIFI in my Hotel rooms, my room budget was often 15 dollars per night because I had WIFI in the room. With the use of the USB Wireless Internet Modem, I can live in a great room, which is cost 5-10 dollars. I can rent a great apartment for 150 dollars per month, with no worries about Internet.

I travel to Ghana to make Business Calls
Why am I so grateful? Boy Genius, my coder who is a partner and friend in India was talking; we decided it is time to hire Data Entry people. We are staging an Internet Business coup; we want to combine the best of Wiki with the best of travel writers to make into a source of Travel Knowledge.

We want to make the travel reference, the site:
", where Tourist become Travelers."

This task requires the cooperation of Travelers, Readers, Tourist, Travel Writer, Coder, and paid researchers. We are going to pay the data entry to do specific research that will augment and fill the gaps, writing about essential terms that need to be learned before we have truly knowledge.

Location Independent Problems
My whole site, my whole world for the last 12 years and 10 months has revolved around finding solutions to live location independent. Well, there is problem in Togo, they have a 2G network, this is really too slow for a conversation.

Tim Ferriss wants people to hire "Personal Assistants" to outsource task to people in countries like India or the Philippines.

Hmm, this is what we have been doing for years.

Problem, we need people who can understand English; they need to intuitively understand my English spoke to them over or Yahoo Messenger.

I will interview these personal assistants over to see if they can speak English.

Location Independence has a lot of problem, but by the end of 2011, I think the world wil have upgrade from 2G to 3G to 4G and hopefully Andy of will not need to travel to find an Internet Connection fast enough to make business calls.

Making Money on Internet
Making money on the Internet is possible, while a normal brick and mortar business is risky; you still have about a one in three success rate. With Internet Business ventures, I would estimate you have a 1 in 5000 success rate.

5000 people start Internet Sites and only 1 in 5000 makes enough money to live anywhere. I expect this to drop to 1 in 2000 soon because of the USB Wireless Modem will allow the world to become a workaholic anywhere until they achieve the dream.

How to succeed as a location independent internet entrepreneur? First, you need to find people who truly are earning a living on the Internet, and not selling book on how to make a living on the Internet.

Maybe live in a country so cheap you can work for five years until you succeed…

Five Blogs to Learn to be Location Independent

I am in Lome, Togo West Africa, I hope this proves to you, I can live anywhere. is now 11 years old, I have traveled for almost 13 years perpetually, I truly hope you understand, a planet ticket to Africa cost big money, and I do not live in Hotels for free. I earn enough money to live anywhere.

If this is your dream, then I advise you to subscribe to Five Essential topic pages on my site by RSS feed.

The secret to business success is to find people who truly are succeeding and copy until you can go out on your own. Steal my ideas, steal my thoughts, please copy and make better, I am always giving them away for free because the ideas are surrounded by advertisement thanks to Google Adsense.

RSS Feed Links: So you can clickly subscribe to one topic Blogs by Andy and other writers:

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2011 a Great Year for Mobile Office or to be Location Independent

Does Travel in Africa give me a Spiritual Understanding of the Life


More accurate would be to say, Africa travel gives me a quicker and deeper spiritual understanding of life than say driving down Route 66 in the USA.

I had a reader ask me if read "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho:
"The Alchemist details the journey of a young Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago."

The desire to find a higher spiritual understanding is the number one goal of humans on planet earth. Each country I enter is permeated and populated with groups of people trying to find the path to righteousness.

There are always two paths, can you choose the best path that gives you pride?

Here in Africa, the average person sits around singing religions songs if they are Christian or praying in public if they are Islamic. The first things travelers to Togo do is go try to discover Voodoo, searching for something magical.

I call this "the search for God," it is also the search for the meaning of life, when I use the words, "The Search for God," instantly 50 percent of readers become angry, because as a child, their family often forced them, and tortured them, imbued a sense of guilt so deep, that today they hold a resentment that is almost dangerous.

It is tempting to avoid their anger at God, which is displaced anger at their parents, then pointed at God. Often people are angry at all the people in the Church they was forced to attend, saying things like,
"They are all a bunch of hypocrites."

Lome, Togo West Africa --- Saturday, January 22, 2011


We are tested in life
Married for 50 years?
Boot Camp in the Military
Fraternity Hazing
Two a Day American Football Practice
Working a 90 Hour Work Week

What is West Africa to me; it is a personal and profound spiritual test. However, for my Mother and Father to go to work everyday in a Factory they may have hated, can be a more severe test of spiritual fitness. Please do not glamorize or romanticize travel, this is not a spiritual test as great as some of you have experienced.

I recovered or put alcoholism in remission, this was my ultimate spiritual test, and when I die sober, I will know I passed. Each day, one day at a time I prove I can stay on good spiritual grounds. I do not have the luxury of petty lies.

What is a spiritual test?
It is a challenge to our soul, it is when we come to fork in the road, one way is easy, and the other path is difficult. Everyday there is a choice, do I take the path that is easy, or do I take the path that will make me a better person?

I recently became very angry with the Cote d’Ivoire women in my life, this was a spiritual test. Whey was I angry, that is simple, I am scare to death I might get hurt, that she could make me feel enough and break my heart.

My Mother in her great wisdom wrote an e-mail saying something like try to leave good terms, and she did leave. On the other hand, did I push her away because I was too afraid? The spiritual test comes when I am tempted to take the easy way to avoid pain.
(I may travel to see her again this coming week, there is always a test, Oops…)

I am sad when people lie, just a small simple little spiritual test. I know many travel writers and Blogger who 24 / 7 fail the spiritual test and misrepresent travel, they romanticize and glamorize travel to make themselves seem like great people. This is to failure of the spiritual test.

I could tell you that all Africans are wonderful people and paint a picture of how they have this simple and profound acceptance of life. This is a lie, Africa is primitive, it is too bull apes fighting for territory, I am daily involved in a macho challenge where I can have a choice, I can go hide within the cocoon with the other white people, drive a car to avoid jerks in public transport, eat in only nice restaurants, because there is always away to avoid temptations.

I choose to travel in Africa, where there is way of avoiding reality.

Traveling at street level is where travel is a spiritual experience, to wallow in the mud with the locals, to understand their daily toils. To feel what is like to have some big African person push you aside in line, to feel weak, to feel vulnerable, and not become the same. I see many whites here in Africa who will ignore me; they have horrible manners, worst than any African I have ever met in my life. The failed, they did not become more loveable, they took and evil path, they are so afraid of people, they ignore me and run.

It would be so much easier if I stopped saying hello to people, however, I will persist in saying hello. I am always happy, African people usually say hello back, I can feel it, they are excited to say hello back, as suddenly then think.
"Hello White Man., thanks for saying Hello."

When a person gives me love back, I know I am carrying around with me good spiritual juice. When I write something that is raw and honest, and a person becomes radically angry, I have also spread some good spiritual juice, it just helping them to understand from a different side of the same coin.

We each need a people who are capable of entering our brain, touch our souls and try to hurt us, not with malice, but a person challenge is needed daily. Moreover, if every day we meet these challenges and we do not become bad people we are doing well. Yes, we fall, but we get back up, and we get right back on the good path.

When I become angry, I am afraid; I must sit down and talk to myself. I am extremely strict here; if I lose my personal battle for spiritual progress it deadly dangerous for me. If I lose too often, I will eventually become so resentful and angry I could take the easy solution to pain.
"Drink a Beer."

I am one beer away from suicide.

Nobody has every made me angry, I was angry and they said something that opened the wound. If I react badly, with bad form, then I am walking on the wrong path.

Africa or India gives a person many challenges; there is a constant frustration when dealing with people who never stop. India is worst than Africa, but Africans are stronger and will push a man to his limits. I have many men here try to dominate me, women have it easier, and Africa is much simpler place for women than men.

However, when another man comes toe to toe with you, tells you to give him money. This separates the men from the boys, the easy path is to just give him some money and walk away with your tail between your legs. The other good spiritual path is to stay calm, smile, and deal with the situation head on, no walking away or avoiding their glare. Look the man in the eyes and say,

But let your 'Yes' be 'Yes' and your 'No' be 'No.' Whatever is more (is leading you away from the correct spiritual path.)

Living on top of a mountain in with monks is not being a good person, living in complete chaos, surrounded by evil people and remaining a good person is proof of spiritual fitness.

I can travel in Africa or India with ease, yes, I become frustrated, and often write about how angry and frustrated I was or am. However, 95 percent of the time, I handled the situation correctly, I seldom write about my victories, which is normal. There is nothing for me to learn from, I did the right thing, and there is no reward for being a good person.

When I explain a challenging situation, when I write in this online diary, I am trying to find the path, each day I must try again to stay on the path. Can you go one day without a lie, can you state the truth simply, without misrepresenting something?

Alternatively, when the boss asks you a question, do you tell him or her what they want to hear? This robs you of your personal pride, you are less afterwards, not more powerful.

I invite men to come to Africa, there is macho challenge that can make you weak, or make you into a man.

Can you make up your mind, that is the question, can your yes be yes, and can your no be no, or are you going to always be a maybe?

Does Travel in Africa give me a Spiritual Understanding of the Life

I Liked the Pizza at Expatriates Dinner in Lome Togo

I had an enjoyable trip from Kpalime to Lome yesterday, it probably took one hour longer than normal but it was fun.

This is two men loading two Teak logs into the back of the group taxi traveling from Kpalime to Lome, Togo.

Am I making fun of the Togo people?
I am having a little tinge of guilt making these types of videos, I keep thinking about what one of the Ghana jerks said, (The Jerk Ratio is Higher in Ghana than Togo.)
"You are taking photos so you can return to your country to laugh at us."
"Hmm, no, I am laughing here and I am putting them on the internet to share, I do not need to go home to do this."

I am a moral man, what this means to me is "Ahimsa." a Sanskrit that means,
"First do no harm."
Ahimsa Defined on Wiki

First, I weigh myself first by my intentions, and I weigh you second, and then try to take one good step after another, and ask for forgiveness when I am wrong.

Now, Togo is one of my favorite countries on the planet, and do I want to make fun that would cause harm, and this is the question I pose to myself. Laughter and jokes all revolve around laughing at ourselves, pointing out real life situations and explaining the quirky Humor. I think of Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Jay Leno, and Jerry Seinfeld, they all start their comedy skits with stories of real life, then twist reality to make it clear to that real life is funny.
The Tonight Show on Wiki
Seinfeld on Wiki

This is real life in Togo, there is a need to get a log from point A to point B, people are going to use any method that works, and the taxi worked, very pragmatic, and I respect a get it done attitude. African people get the job done in some of the worst possible working conditions, the construction workers have everything and everybody working against them.

Lome, Togo West Africa --- Friday, January 21, 2011

Who did I respect Yesterday in Togo?
I am an equal opportunity respect person, what this means is you can be a bum or a diplomat I and feel compelled to shake your hand, introduce myself by my full name and ask your name. In reality, the more respected a person is, probably the more wary I am of them, simple and normal people are lot safer to be around than rich people are.

Last night I attended the Expatriates group dinner at the restaurant called,
"Les Nuits des Orient."
This place had a great Pizza that cost two times the cost of my cheap room in Lome. It was Salami, I never found any Salami or Pepperoni, but the thing tasted good and the place was Air Conditioned, and it worked. There was about 15-20 people at the dinner, it was fun, enjoyable and I was able to speak my normal Indiana English and be reasonably understood without a need to edit or squash down vocabulary or words, this is truly relaxing.

Yesterday, I took a "Group Taxi" from Kpalime, to Lome; I had a conversation with a four people in the taxi, and two motorcycle drivers.

What do I search for in a day?
I am getting to the point; I just need to think this out. What do I want from life, what is my daily mission, I believe in a nutshell, my goal is to find one person who talks with me directly, honestly, transparent and without an agenda. Often this one person is a Togolese person who truly attempts to help me, and not just give me lip service, trying to get me to leave.

Of the people I talk to in one day, only about 1 in 50 talks to me, there is a meeting of the minds, I feel a sense of caring, they want to help me, and I want to help them, we are all in this life together. The other 49 are just bystanders in my life, most are neutral, and they just wanted to sell me something. There are a few that ask questions, this means they are trying to be intimate; it does not mean they are capable of having real friends.

I must say, about 90 percent of people are scared, timid and vulnerable they are just reacting to everyone around them. There replies or comments are meant to protect them from me or anyone that could enter their world.
"Ego defense Mechanisms."

"In Freudian psychoanalytic theory, defense mechanisms are unconscious psychological strategies brought into play by various entities to cope with reality and to maintain self-image. Healthy persons normally use different defences throughout life. An ego defence mechanism becomes pathological only when its persistent use leads to maladaptive behavior such that the physical and/or mental health of the individual is adversely affected. The purpose of ego defence mechanisms is to protect the mind/self/ego from anxiety, social sanctions or to provide a refuge from a situation with which one cannot currently cope.

They are more accurately referred to as ego defence mechanisms, and can thus be categorized as occurring when the id impulses are in conflict with each other, when the id impulses conflict with super-ego values and beliefs, and when an external threat is posed to the ego.

Ego Defense Mechanism on Wiki

What does this mean to mean, it translates that 49 out of 50 people I meet daily are trying to protect their own self-image. They will consistently misrepresent themselves to me to protect their own image of themselves. This has nothing really to do with me, there is a wall around 49 people I meet, they refuse to let it down, because the are afraid they will make a fool of themselves. They keep it up so they can respect themselves; it has little to do with me.

Two people talked directly with me yesterday, no layer of bullshit between them and me.

1. The man who was transporting the log. I asked him how much the logs cost, he said 2500 CFA, about 10 dollars USD. I asked him how much the Taxi driver was making him pay to transport them, he said 600 CFA. He did not flinch, look around, or try to evade, he just answered the questions, he was not ashamed in any way of his actions, and he was a good man doing his job.

2. An old man from Australia last night wanted the skinny on the city layout of Lome, Togo, I drew in on a napkin, the city is incredibly simple, a great larger city to hang out in because there is no way to get truly lost.

I gave him some bottom line prices to remember on Taxis in Lome:

200 CFA for a Motorcycle Taxi about anywhere.
2000 CFA for any Car Taxi about anywhere.
5000 CFA for one hour of taxi time in Lome, Togo

These were the two people I met yesterday, that passed my first level of respect test, and I believe I could become friends with the old guy. There is too big of gap culturally and language wise between the Teak log guy, and me we would always wave at each other, nod, say hello but having long conversations means I would need to learn Ewe.

Who are Safe People for me is not Safe for You
I had a good question posed by a Polish woman last night at dinner,
"How do you meet people?"
I said,
"I go to the same restaurant daily."

Then I added that I talk to anyone and everyone around me, I truly am a gregarious person who is not capable of keeping his mouth shut. I have constant conversations with people near me; I say many crazy things to people looking for a meeting of the minds. No, this is not true, all people can have a meeting of the minds with me, and I am looking for the one that is willing at that specific moment.

Note: When a person says I am too busy, this is my cue, there will be no meeting of the minds, get out and leave me alone, the quicker I obey, the happier I am.

I think the Polish woman was expecting some complicated explanation on how I found groups of people at clubs, bars, or social functions. Friendships can only start with repeat performances; I must see the same person more than one time. This means I walk into the Galion Hotel many times here in Lome, seeing if there is one person that is a regular.

I found a great egg sandwich place in the industrial sales area of the central market, they have a bench where I can sit and listen and understand. I will go there everyday from now on, I also walk into the small convenience store in the Kodjoviakope neighborhood across from the Pharmacie a few times per day to say hello. I am just like my father who goes to the restaurant daily to check what is happening with the people drinking coffee.

I probably should go and find the old Australian man at the American School where his wife is going to teach.

My friend Mark wants to meet girls, I asked him,
"Do you know a place where many women frequent?"
He said,
"Yes, there are lots that go to a coffee shop I know."
I then said,
"Go there and drink coffee daily."
He said,
"But the coffee is no good."

Am I making fun of Togo with the Video?
This is real life folks, no more, no less, if we cannot observe real life, and then I am not sure why I take photos or record videos.

Are people ashamed of videos and photos?
Yes, 49 out of 50 are…

When I make a particularly acute observation that cuts to the quick and nails a group or person to the wall by being honest, people will advise me to,
"Live and let live."
I often want to reply,
"What about me, will you allow me to live, and will you allow me to think?"
On the other hand, is the truth,
"People want me to stop living and thinking, so they can be allowed to live and let live, at my expense."

I had an interesting day yesterday; there are always a few soap operas, a few personality clashes and few personality meshes. Yes, I tend to write about the clashes, they are more intriguing, confusing and require me to think, while when I have a complete meeting of the minds there is little cause to think and write.

Bottom line, do not go to a restaurant to eat the food, go because you enjoy the people, life is about people, some of you just do not get it.

What is sad to me, I know I can talk with about 50 people and find one friend. I know many people need to talk to 500 to find one, some people never find one person that wants to listen to them.

I Liked the Pizza at Expatriates Dinner in Lome Togo

Travel to Lome to Attend Expatriates Dinner at Les Nuits des Orients

I am in Kpalime, it is about two hours North of Lome, Togo and I will take a collective taxi called a "Cinq Place" which really carries six people to Lome today.

I plan to attend an expatriates dinner at seven pm tonight at the Les Nuits des Orients Restaurant. I truly enjoy meeting groups of Internationals living overseas for dinner, this type of meeting or dinner is difficult to find while traveling. There are few too commercial web sites that advertise meetings; however, in my experience it is best to beware of Expatriate sites, they are 95 percent only interested in selling people real estate to naïve retirees. There is an overabundance of people living overseas trying to sell their bad investment to the next person coming to retire.

This Girls Father has five wives here in Togo

I sometimes think about working this Expat Dinner angle hard on my website, the problem is I am working too many angles and never seem to work one correctly. However, with out new content management system, we now can allow people to write articles easy enough and hope to have writers help.

List of Expatriate Dinner Overseas

This link has a list of the Expatriate Dinners known by me, I am sure there are more, but Expats are a secretive bunch, most want to be anonymous, maybe they did something in their home country, I call them the "Wanted." There is also the group who are too obnoxious for prime time, truly do not fit in anywhere, they are rather nuts, I call them the "Unwanted." they came overseas to be a big fish in a small pond, where people do not realize they are unwanted at home. The last group is the hermits, they truly left home to isolate themselves by language, and they may speak English, but live in Thailand, a great way to hide. No Expats or person can fit into any stereotype well, these are mine to help me remember to beware of Expatriates, many are up to no good, and these stereotypes can help me observe, then I allow the person to evolve into a unique person, always trying to find the honest person hidden below their layer of noise.

Kpalime, Togo West Africa --- Thursday, January 20, 2011


The Lome group is special, it is connected closely with at least three major sane groups, the US Embassy, the German Embassy and the Peace Corps, the people working for these organizations are in Togo for business reasons, and are sort of normal, just displaced overseas.

I am always amused at the US Government Embassy site, they act as if a person can just come overseas, walk into an embassy and introduce themselves, and they request I register. There are few embassies where this is possible, the normal USA embassy overseas does not have any American in it, or one or two tokens. I remember going into the Madrid, Spain embassy to get a passport when mine was stolen. I met many American citizens, and they did not speak English, they were Spanish people who immigrated to the USA and were now working in the American Embassy. To find a person native born in an American Embassy is not easy.

Video of Auberge Mandela a good Chambre du Passage for Eight Dollars per night, it shows the front porch where I talked with a boy last night referred to in the next paragraph..

How to get an American Visa?
Just last night here in Kpalime, I was sitting in front of the Auberge Mandela watching people, when a young man walked up and wanted to be my friend. His French sucked, which is normal in Kpalime, and after I finally figured out what he wanted, I stood up, shook his hand and said,
"My name is Andy, I am from America."
More or less,
"Je suis Andre, je suis American."
My French is also bad, but my vocabulary can be larger, even though I cannot pronounce words correctly.
I said something like,
"So you want to be my friend?"
I was thinking, manners would help you, if you walked up, introduced yourself, and had a clue in life; you could maybe be my friend. I tried to give him a lame excuse about seeing a girl, and this did not work, I finally stood up to leave, and he held out his hand as if writing, and said,
"Give me your address?"
Normally, I just give it, I have only had one person write or call me in 12 years, it is easier to give the address and shut them up, but this guy was just annoying so I walked away, with a pat on his shoulder, I said,
"I do not know you."

Green Card
I have a new strategy or explanation to the people want a Green Card to the USA. I tell them, what you need to do it find a person who working in the USA Embassy, then pay them a bribe under the table. I also tell them, if you know someone that has immigrated to the USA, talk with this person, they already know all the crooked ways to immigrate to the USA illegally.

I do not believe there are many that immigrate to the USA on an above board level; I think there is usually a lie behind the majority. The whole immigration system of the USA is corrupt because the people working at Embassies are not native-born Americans; they are just people who speak the language. The whole civil rights thing works against the goal of screening employees, nobody cares. It would be more efficient to just stop immigration and grant citizen ship to the illegal aliens after 11 years of living illegally.

I tell them that also, just enter the USA illegally, after about 8-11 years; they will give you citizenship, why go through all this stupid hassle, just fly to Mexico and walk across.

The problem for me is this, the nice people who talk to me, think they can just apply, be good, and all will work. I would like them to come to the USA, they are honest and would be good citizens. Presently, the corrupt ones know corrupt people and are entering, this means that by default the corrupt get in, and the nice ones just keep being turned down, not the way it should be.

I tell the boys, go find a fat American girl in Peace Corps, and marry her, this is the easiest method.

I am Making Many Videos
I have been making one to three videos per day and uploading them, I think can easily average about one per day, which will be my goal as a minimum. I have yet to devise a simple system of notifying people of the subjects of the videos. I have started including this link:
Travel Videos

There are readers who want to read, there are readers who really just want to look at photos, and there are readers who want to watch videos

1. Read
2. Photos
3. Videos

I do not get traffic from, I am getting a little traffic from the "Like" button for Facebook.

Traffic does not come from joining sites that promise to send you traffic.
- does not give me traffic.
- Google Groups does not give me traffic.
- Yahoo Groups does not give me traffic.
- Facebook gives me a little
- could, but I am going to be secret on how.

The way to get traffic to your site is by making pages that are "Evergreen."
"Internet Wealth comes from pages that are Evergreen. They have a shelf life, the information will always be of value, and it is not short term.

This article explains best why I make money on the internet:

To create residual of passive income by having a website, a page should always have value, it cannot be about the most recent "IPO" release. That is news; this type of page Google wants down quickly, Google wants any news pages out of the index so it does not annoy readers.

Generally, I believe Google wants all Wordpress Blogs, and all Blogs to have a lower than average SERPS, Blog Pages are seldom Evergreen.

My videos are Evergreen in a way, but does not send me traffic, therefore I must display the videos on pages to make traffic. Well, I only have so much time in a day, and making pages for videos is work.

We want to Hire Data Entry People and Make into Writers
We are going to hire data entry people, and then try to train them to write. If we give them the title of writers, they all think they are worth a million dollars. A writer on the Internet sadly is only worth about 15 dollars per article. There are not many people who are willing to write for 15 dollars per article. Although they can live on 15 dollars per day overseas, they are not diligent to see that earning 15 dollars in Togo is like earning 100 dollars in the USA.

The failing of Wiki and most Travel sites is they do not assign writers to write about specific issues. I truly do not want to highlight an article written about Nepal Mountains, with many nice photos.

However, it would be fun to pay someone to write about Immigration Corruption, or how to find and Expatriate Dinner. This is good information, and to do this correctly, takes time. A person needs to follow the clues until they collect all the information needed. The person needs to be working on 50 articles and continually have some come to fruition.

Example of Good Article:
- This is a time sensitive article, drives traffic, and uses the power of TV to push

CNN wrote an article, my friend Gregory Hubbs from was interviewed:

The CNN writer collected information over time, and then constructed a well-written "Short-Term" article that was current and news.

I would not assign short term articles, this is what CNN does, but I would assign to real issues, not sell tour issues, but real questions. For example, write about the ATM situation in West Africa, or how to get your pension check sent overseas, I could assign 1000’s. We need a systems to manage, that can get rid of the 19 out of 20 writers who are not serious fast.

This is the article where Gregory Hubbs was interviewed:

Time for Morning Call with Boy Genius in India
Monday thru Friday, I have a 15-minute call with Boy Genius, to discuss how to work on the web site. I used to only chat with him, site progress was slow, now with the connection to the Verizon Global Email connection, the USB Wireless Internet Modems I can talk anywhere on the planet with him daily.

Chat does not work good, real conversations are great, many a person wants to hire a person assistant from India because of the book the 4 Hour Work Week. I truly recommend you call the person and make sure they can talk English. This is the number one need of any outsourced worker, the ability to intuitively and in English understand my request or jobs.

Travel to Lome to Attend Expatriates Dinner at Les Nuits des Orients Tells me What Time it is in Lome Togo

If you have ever wanted to make a phone call from overseas, then you may know there is confusion with time. People need to double and trip check the time, this is truly necessary when living anywhere and everywhere.

If you are using a Cell Phone or a Smart Phone, you may want to set the time correctly.

Can you believe it, the web site "" does not have Accra, Lome, Abidjan, Cotonou, Ouagadougou or Niamey in its "" page. It give me Lago, Nigeria, and I suppose it is needed by their Spoof Scammers.

I had to learn more about their site, because they do not have West Africa covered on the World Clock page. If you know where this link is, and how to access rapidly, then you are on the way to global organizational skills stardom.

However, I learned, I can just type into Google: Time (then City Name, Country, State etc.) and it will tell the local time, a rather cool Google feature.

Kpalime, Togo West Africa --- Wednesday, January 19, 2011


If you search on you will get a lot of good organizational skills information.

Please do not over-simplify your understanding of me, and this organizational thing, in reality, I am a master when it comes to appointment management; do not allow the word "Hobo" to interfere with your brains ability for critical reasoning. I was a Real Estate Broker for 14 years, I am good at arranging appointments, I know both how to have an appointment and the reasons they do not happen. I have a world class web site because I am super organized, I spend more time worrying about arranging women than business, but go figure, it is how I arranged my life, in a proactive business lifestyle.

People think I like to write about "Travel," because I travel, and I have a travel Blog, truthfully travel can be a rather mundane writing subject, and if I had my druthers, I am not a very good Hobo or Bum, I do travel to work, but that is not the simplified view of a Hobo, a Bum is the simplified view, but a Hobo defined correctly is a a person that traveled to work, and that is what I do, I am not a Bum. I travel to find work, or other things.

Ok, if you travel to work, then you know that time is an issue, missing appointments or meetings is a guaranteed way for me to fire you, coming late to work is even more guaranteed. I had only one rule as the owner of a business, people needed to show up to work on time, if they did not, I fired them, no questions, no excuses, the first 30 days were critical, after that, well, once every 2-3 months was going to pass grade.

Note, the best way to always be on time with appointment or meeting is simple. Refuse to have meeting or appointments, and for sure refuse to have meetings and appointments with disrespectful people. I used to have six appointments on average per day, I now have less than two per month, and life is good.

In reality, business simplified, is learning to work an address book with your appointment book, people who can telephone people, and then show up for the meetings are worth their weight in gold. Most people have the brains; few are capable of capturing all the phone numbers, e-mails address’s and regurgitating them in less than 20 seconds, then if the person shows up for all meeting on time, well this is a "Master."
Organizational Skills Blog
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The problem with people who use BlackBerry?

First, the BlackBerry is a horrible way to manage 50-100 incoming calls per day; it is a great way to manage 100-300 incoming e-mails per day.

With a BlackBerry ---
I can answer a telephone call.
I can make a quick reply to an e-mail.

However, this is not a management system; it is a reactive system, not a proactive system.

I searched for "BlackBerry Contact Management" on, what I come up is the BlackBerry Forum. I was hoping to find a list of 20 applications, and it appears there are people searching. I am sure there is something out there, but what is the name of the application?

I have an internet business, because I do not want to answer phone calls, I do not want to answer emails, I want to play all day, and receive passive income, I like this residual payment by Google Adsense every month that is wired to my bank account, then accessed by ATM, what a way to live, life is good.

I do not need a management system on BlackBerry, but somebody does. I custom designed a business model that allow me 100 percent freedom to make noise and enjoy life.

The Road Ahead
Hmm, I do not think I have this for reference on PDF or in E-book, this is not good.

What is the problem with BlackBerry users?
I have to make them react; they are not asynchronous as Bill Gates in the book "The Road Ahead" talked about.

I am asynchronous, this means you can send me an e-mail anytime in 24 hours, and I will reply when as it enters the queue. I have a queue; there is a system to manage emails in sequence. What a BlackBerry is good for is the people who have no system and are always disorganized. If I write an e-mail to a BlackBerry user, I know it had better be at a time when they are working and replying to e-mails, or I cannot expect a reply. If my email is sent at the close of business, it will be so far down their list, I will never get reply.

I must write many USA people at about 10 AM New York City Time, I must know the exact time zone of their existence, and them when I know they are not "Out to Lunch." This is truly annoying; I am about five hour’s difference in time zones, I want the world to be asynchronous, but will never be, this is a dream of Bill Gates, not the road ahead.

Gaming Twitter
I have been gaming Twitter, it is a reactive system and I need to game it at 10-11 am in the morning USA, when the Twitter crowd is doing their tweets. I have a program that sends Tweets at about 5-6 PM, this allow for the four hour spread of the USA time zones, and make my tweets find their target, the reactive bunch of Twitter people I think Twitter is the worlds biggest spam mechanism, truly a way to idly thousands of people and earn money.

Ok, I need to send E-mails to BlackBerry users at 5-6 PM Togo time.
Ok, I also need to call people in the USA at 5-6 PM Togo time.

It is easy to react to life; it is difficult to lead your life in a proactive way. It is not the business clients I already have that will create wealth, it is the future business, and I must work on new business to not be in a recession. I did not suffer a recession on, we are always expanding, not receding.

Yes, has slapped my business model a few nasty swipes, but my Internet business has not been down due to a recession in the USA or world.

What is needed to get new business?
I want new traffic, but generally, people want a bigger, wider base of clients, how does a business approach new clients, when all they are doing is reacting.

"Contact Management"

This concept is difficult, first you have to manage all your reactions to life, before you can have the spare time to be proactive and expand. When a person says to me,
"I am too busy."
I think, you are reacting to life, not living a proactive life, you are a slave to whomever, whatever calls or emails you, not an enjoyable place to exist or live.

Ok, I can click on "Time City" in and find the time where I am located.

Ok, I can click on this official US Government Time link to know what time it is in New York, because the burden to know the time is on the person who is proactive, the reactive ones will be forced to show up.

I guess some people are meant to just show up to life, and some are the heroes of their own life.

I love the world access that Verizon Global E-mail gives me, the BlackBerry proxy email servers works the best for reactive e-mail management. However, I use to make and receive phone calls as they are routed to my local SIM or Cell Phone here in Togo.

The good part, I seldom receive phone calls from the USA, but I do make a lot of proactive calls, I am thinking of going back to Ghana, because I need to use my MTN USB wireless modem to make some 3G calls.

Sorry, this is another of them Journal Rant days, what I am thinking about now. A life of reacting is simpler and more enjoyable. Today, I live a life of reacting to life, and spend about 5-10 hours proactively enjoying what I want, because of the "Internet Business System," designed to optimize my enjoyment of life and the world.

I am never busy, this is my life, I do not control my life, there is a series of interrelated systems that allows for management of uncontrollable variables.

I found what is maybe a BlackBerry Contact Management system:
- I do not need, but maybe you do… Note, I paid 1300 Dollars for a Newton, wow!

I am trying to communicate to readers: If you want to read only about a specific type of comment from me, then click on Home and choose the topic or topics you want, and stop listening to me generally rant, and read specific rants.
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Teak Plantation Marked with Verizon Global Email, BlackBerry and ZonaSnap

Traveling along in a collective taxi ride for four dollars from Lome to Kpalime I looked out the window and saw what I thought was peanuts. I said to the driver,
"Pas, Teck"

No that is Teak, and more correctly, I was looking at Teak Tree Seedlings, from the front seat of a Taxi point of view, it looks as if they are growing Teak trees commercially, my first thought was,’
"Good for them, I am proud of Togo."

This is the location where I spied the Teak Seedlings, and maybe if the good Gods put all the ducks in a row, I could maybe visit this farm, maybe called a Teak Plantation. I suppose it would be best to translate that to French, but not truly necessary, I know the word "Teck."

What was unimaginable 10 years ago when I first started traveling is now almost simple. I wish I could say it was a no brainer, however, it does require some understanding of computers stuff.


1. Verizon Global E-mail Option, add 70 USD to your monthly cost to use the internet on a Global Smartphone by Verizon.

- This will allow you to use the Internet on your BlackBerry or other Global Smartphone in about 200 countries, and you can play with the Google Maps.

2. Google Maps Application for Smartphone Downloaded:

3. ZonaSnap Screenshot Capture Program for BlackBerry.
This program or application as they call programs on Smart Phone allows me to copy the screen I am looking at, it is incredibly simple. When I click on the BlackBerry button, the one with all the small berry dots, at the top of the pulldown is ZonaSnap. I select ZonaSnap, it captures the screen, and I can than save to photos on the BlackBerry.

This program is available; you are going to need to search on the BlackBerry phone for something like "ZonaSnap Download." I am sure it is on, so please search.

(Togocel Data is down, there is no Internet Access, and it is 5:00 AM. Often between the hours of 5:00 am and 7:00 am, the cell phone companies stop Internet Access. I believe they are booting the computers, playing, and generally conspiring to stop me working in the early hours of morning.)

I zoomed in on Google Maps, and then took this ZonaSnap screenshot capture. The BlackBerry screen is too small, I need reading glasses to see, and ZonaSnap equalizes the game. I do not need to see the screen well while I moving at 120 Kilometers per hour in a crazy Togo group taxi, I can just capture the screen and look at it later on my computer.

Kpalime, Togo West Africa --- Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Why Teak Wood is good for Togo
Teak is very expensive wood in the USA, and this wood is one of best woods for furniture I know, it has some remarkable benefits. First, it is water resistant and people often make outdoors furniture, in the tropics, it is resistant to ants and termites. If I had a home in the Tropics, I would make my bedroom furniture out of Teak to annoy the ants and keep them from sleeping with me, this is huge benefit.

Teak appears to be a great type of wood to use on Boats; however, this is probably not going to help Togo much, as I believe there are Teak Plantations in Central America, maybe Cost Rica. The cost of shipping Teak to the USA is expensive, however if I had a sailboat, I suppose I could sail to Costa Rica and have it fitted with Teak.

I want Togo to make small furniture, and ship and sell in the USA.

Togo West Africa in my opinion and most of West Africa is in an economic depression, maybe a recession. This area of the planet has been lost ever since the colonization ended in the 60’s. They have been waiting for the Whites to return to run the business ventures, to invest, to manage things and to make West Africa profitable. All that happens is he Non Governmental Organizations have used the place for a poster child, the business of West Africa is poverty and getting donations, the more they stay poor, the better the business of donations thrives, there is no reason to teach this place to fish.

There is little or zero new business investment by Western Countries in West Africa, and this is not going to happen until the NGO stop creating a bad image. However, in the next 10 years all the old French expats will die and there will be a huge void created. Twisting and pulling West Africa away from the French, control is not easy, but it will happen as all the old French that used to run the place die.

I believe the French Banks control the money of Francophone Africa, truly this is not nice.

West Africans have a Chief mentality, they wait for the Chief to tell them what to do, because it is rather dangerous to do something without the Dictators permission. Since the Chief would sabotage his life and money by creating Entrepreneurs, the economics of West Africa is always sabotaged culturally from within. A Chief can put any one person out of business, and small plantations run by White people are not an easy venture. Yes, you can go in partners with a Chief, the Prefecture or the country, but maybe it is going into partnership with the devil posed as a Chief.

West Africans like to make furniture, or this is my belief, there is something about this culture that enjoys working with their hands. I believe that if there was a way to ship furniture to either the USA or Europe cheaply, there is a good profit to be made.

It is feasible; they make custom designed furniture here in Togo, Ghana, Benin or Cote d’Ivoire, then ship it to the USA and cut out the middlemen. It is now possible to have an Internet Business that can be based in West Africa and sell directly to the Western Markets. This business could be ran under the radar of the Chief or Togo government, it could be extreme mobile and hard to trace, track or stop.

The big problem is, there is many Ghana or Nigeria business ventures already running, and selling anything they can sell on the Internet, the number one product is love. There is no delivery and all is a fraud, why have real products when some idiot in the USA will send money? And there is no way to sue or demand they send the product or give the girl with love. Many men pretend to be women, the communicate to sell some horny lonely man down the path to Western Union.

Teak Furniture is a way for Africa to make money, this area of the planet is an Entrepreneurs dreamscape. The problem is understanding three things, Africa, the USA and how to sell using the power of the Internet.

The even bigger problem is how to keep Chief and West African people honest, but maybe someday West Africans living in Europe or America will return to start businesses, if they can stop being scammers long enough to do proper business ventures.

I tried to rent a building in Togo for a Hotel / Hostel, the crazy owner wanted two years rent paid in advance. This is extreme fear of not being able to collect rent, ergo my word "Depression."

What Happens at 3:47 AM in the Morning in Kpalime Togo
Typically, I wake seven hours after I fall asleep, this morning I awoke at 3:47 to the normal sound of sweeping outside my Hotel window.

There is nothing to do except drink alcohol after 9:00 at night, which is what all the NGO’s and Peace Corps people are doing. I do not drink, so I go to sleep and wake early.

What happens in the Morning
Sweeping the sand starts early, I would blame it on boredom; the people do not have much to do, working means sitting for 12-16 hours per day in front of a store. Waking early when it is cool and sweeping the sand is enjoyable to a person who is bored.

Morning Islamic Prayer, another way of occupying the mind, although my guess is only about 1 in 50 goes to Morning Prayer at the Mosque. You can ask the others, and they will lie and tell you they pray in their homes. Generally, from my observation, the men will pray well around 4:00 in the afternoon. Sort of a happy hour prayer time, and you can see them with their prayer rugs in many locations, some organized, and some truly reverent.

Religions function best when other people are watching, there is a need to communicate that one is being holy, there is a need to tell the world, look at me, this is marketing.

Girls coming Home on Motorcycle taxis, the women deliver, and need delivered home before their family can say,
"You did not sleep at home."

Generally, humans have the ability to ignore reality, providing reality is not bluntly put in their faces.

My Teaching Failure
When I first started writing, I believed all readers wanted to learn, and yes, about 1 in 100 truly has a curious mind. As the years past, I have accepted I am 90 percent just an entertainer. This is why I have returned to this diary or journal style of writing. It is more enjoyable for me to entertain myself, and I can also teach myself as I write. I am good at teaching myself about life; and it is not rewarding to teach others. Many a writer is in some delusional fuzz that swizzles around in their brain, the have no feedback and they believe mass numbers of readers love and respect them, this delusion keeps them writing.

Now with the "Like" function of Facebook, anybody can be liked, and respected and delusional and fantastically loved by others, if they are clever. Of all this can be some fantastic delusion that prevails and thrives in a minds of men.

I am clever enough to make tons of money on the Internet, but have zero desire to be clever enough to manipulate the general public into reading. The general public must be manipulated to make large wealth by writing one article.

Explaining the interplay between Verizon Global Internet Access, a BlackBerry and this simple program called ZonaSnap is fun. I know that one of you is going to enjoy playing with ZonaSnap and realize it has business value.

The BlackBerry is a horrible management tool, it neither captures telephone nor e-mails at even a beginners level for the master professional. BlackBerry is generally a great way to manage e-mail, and a play toy; however, tethered internet access globally is great. I can move from country to country and never use an internet café or arrange a purchase of a USB Modem connection. I am happy, in about 2-3 years, the cell phone and Smartphone will merge, and all cell phones will do the same as a BlackBerry.

I have problems relating to other people, it is best if I do not work or live too closely with other humans. This is because I am aware of who I am, and how I live my life, I live an introspective lifestyle that allows me to understand myself. When I used to drink, my life was 100 percent random, which allowed me to attend Indiana University or be a student well, school is a no brainer, does not require much work, unless you go to Harvard.

One day I needed to grow up, and I did, and I have continued to change for the last 22 years of being sober. What I never realized, is evolving, changing and learning is not a way to make friends; it is a way to alienate people. Nobody wants to listen to a know it all, or a person who is working, they want company to play, to share in playing.

For many reasons, I do not enjoy watching to talking about Sports, I wish I did, there is nothing wrong with Sports, it is just me, and I do not enjoy the Sport situation. This is a vast gulf between me and the other men sitting on the stool in the bar.

I enjoy the absolute simplicity of life, I cannot control anything, and this is great, I am grateful I accept that control is an illusion. However, when I discover truly business applications like ZonaSnap that can record, capture and allow me to retrieve information, I am happy. However, I am not delusional, this is not a subject for the general public, its is for the one person who is ready.

Generally, business is simple, capture the name, telephone number, and e-mail of a person, then stay in until the person randomly does business with you. This is why ZonaSnap is cool, I can capture what happened, and I could be recording the telephone number of you, I never lose a name.

"Passive Income," is the secret to an introspective lifestyle.

My Pinkeye improved yesterday, I radically decrease the amount of dust and air blowing into my eyes, and purchased some sunglasses. When anything becomes overwhelmed or stressed it reacts in a negative way, my eye was overwhelmed, I needed to give is break.

Teak Plantation Marked with Verizon Global Email, BlackBerry and ZonaSnap

My Eyes Hurt from Baby Powder, Dirty Water, Dust, Sun and Fan

I believe I have some form of Pinkeye, that will sure get my Mothers attention, she reads this thing everyday. I try to not accidentally tap into her Motherly awareness, by writing about my maladies and dangerous situations after the fact, not while they are occurring. Well, this Pinkeye problem is going on and on, there is no relief, maybe it is getting worst.

Pinkeye is technically defined as Conjunctivitis, there appears to a few causes or types:
Allergic, Bacterial, Viral, and Chemical.

I am going to add "Fans"

The Weather in Kpalime, Togo West Africa is cooler; I was able to turn my floor fan off last night. This is truly a relief, the weather in the tropics demands either a fan or air conditioning, and if you read along for years, you know I search for tropical location at 1500 meters above sea level, where I can still enjoy the tropics, but with no fan or AC.

I have a fan pointed at clothes to dry, and can also turn the fan and blow the stuffy air out of the room, this is the best setup for a fan, a ceiling fan sucks, dries the eyes, and cannot be pointed.

I think it is possible for me to write a book on how to stay cool in the tropics. Heat and sweat is one of the major reasons people of European descent should not live in the Tropical areas of the planet. My friend Mike went with me one time to Acapulco, he got a heat rash, and was miserable for a week or two, he now refuses to leave Indiana, one week of misery has convinced him the heat of the tropics is not for him. Moreover, I agree, the heat of the tropics is not for him, you, the locals, or me we must acclimate.

Kpalime, Togo West Africa --- Monday, January 17, 2011


Yikes, Maybe I have all Five Causes of Pinkeye
This all started in the Sammo Hotel in Cape Coast, because I have menthol baby powder, which is used for too many reasons.

They sell many varieties of powder in Africa, it is common, this photo is not what I purchased. I purchased the Menthol type, hoping to annoy the ants more.

Alternative to Deodorant
Keeps Ants Away
Dries Sweat or Perspiration
Stops Shirts from Smelling, allows another two hours of "Wearing Time."
Feels Good on Skin
I put on floor in room, the sweep the room, ants, and smells.

The main reason is for Ants, I think the fine powder enters their little ant noses, and blocks them from breathing. This annoys them; therefore, they leave the room or at least stay out of my bed, and stop trying to sleep with me.

Women in Bed
Well, a women sleeping with me found my Baby Powder, she rather enjoyed rubbing it all over her body, an enthusiastic moment for me, as she rubbed it all over her chest. Now, I was ok with her chest, a powdered black chest with white powder is sexy, but she would then work her powder over to me. She would take the powder; rub it all over my chest, then work up to my face. I think this is one them terms of endearment things, and for sure one of the most enjoyable aspects of African women is their desire for "preening."

Preening Defined:
"Personal grooming (also called titivating and preening) is the art of cleaning, grooming, and maintaining parts of the body. It is a species-typical behavior that is controlled by neural circuits in the brain."
--- Direct quote from Wikipedia

Joke: Yes, watching her put the white powder on her body was enjoyable form of "titivating," for me in the room.

Species Typical Behavior
Wow, this is interesting, when reading about preening, it says it is
"It is a species-typical behavior that is controlled by neural circuits in the brain."

I have for years been trying to avoid hate mail --- by avoiding writing what I think or suspect, knowing the general public is not capable of viewing humans as an animal or species, but here goes. Just call me ‘Racist" now, you can stop reading please, but I am not racist, there is just some great or wonderful difference between the races. For example, I am truly in love with the "Bubble Butt’ of Africa.

However, preening or "Social Grooming" is what Cynthia was doing in the hotel room. She was both playing and having fun; she was trying to arrange her man into proper shape.

What is interesting to me is that Wiki says it is behavior controlled by neural circuits in the brain, and I would say it is true; there is a propensity of some girls of some cultures to preen more than other cultures. On the other hand, maybe the nurture has taken the preen out of women in the USA and Europe and made them all insensitive and not endearing.

However, maybe to me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of women from underdeveloped countries (Africa) is their desire to preen, mess with, play with my hair, clean my face, rub little imperfection and generally look closely at me. Moreover, I believe they do this more in Africa than any other continent. It is a form of intimacy that is discouraged by Americans and a sure sign a relationship is not very intimate.

Is preening it genetically wired?

Americans culture has taken a great word and wrapped it in sex, intimacy is not just sex, it is caring for your man or women, it is the touching of minds, and it is the reaching into the brain of another person and touching the soft and vulnerable parts. It is why I both was angry and felt love with Cynthia; she did all of the above. I was told by my mother, if I am not willing to fight with a women, then maybe I am not willing to love.

Wiki Social Grooming

Social Grooming is the best reason to come to West Africa, there is not much here to see, but there is a lot of intimacy. The American man is one of the poorest, if you want to count our moments of endearment or intimacy as currency.

Ok, in her zest to spread baby powder on my face, and body, I believe this fine powder went into my eyes, or my right eye more than the other. Maybe I am having the "Chemical" or maybe the "Allergic" pinkeye. Then to make problems worst, Cynthia would sniffle and say, the fan is causing her problems, I needed to have the fan blow up my body and avoid her, this meant the fan blew at my eyes, captured some dust of the powder, and in REM - Rapid Eye Movement time, I am sure my eyes were taking another beating.

Motorcycles, windows open on the vans, fans, and street dust, my eyes are full of crap, there is a never-ending problem with dust or powder in my world.

Biggest Problem Reason People Avoid Africa
I have thought for years, the biggest problem with Africa is the Red Dirt that makes for a fine red dust, which then begets a feeling of dirty for tourist. This gives people a never-ending feeling, they are in a dirty place, but truly they are not, it is just has too much red dust.

I am wondering, I think many people want to live in cities, to avoid the feeling of dirty. I am a farm boy; I feel plowed fields as clean, especially when just plowed, and moist. However, walking around in a plowed dry field in Indiana could be a dust bowl.

This is Africa, a Red Dust Bowl, and gives city kids a feeling of dirty, which it is not, it is natural this real folks, this is how you life if you do not need to recycle.

Add this up with the feelings you may have, if you drove into a 100 percent black neighborhood in the USA, and you have the sum total of feelings in the back of your mind, not truly at the conscious level, but there in the subconscious.

There was dirty water in the Sammo Hotel in Cape Coast, when I put the water in my bucket; it was hard to see the bottom. (I have 20,000 photos; this one was taking in Kenya, what a windfall for a Travel Writer, to have all of Wiki and Hobo Photos to suck from, or stock photos.)

Ok, the water in Sammo maybe has "Bacteria."

Africa sells Chlorine by giant economy sizes, it is used in many obvious and some mysterious ways, Cynthia said,
"I want Javel."
She wanted to use Javel to clean clothes, this is the same as saying,
"I want some Clorox."
Javel is the French African brand, and Clorox is the Anglophone American Brand.

I know more intimate than any man should, but women in Africa will often put Chlorine of Bleach in the bucket water they are going to use to take a dip shower. I have taken to doing the same, but I did not in the Sammo Hotel for a few reasons. Buying Bleach in Ghana was more difficult, than the Frenchie countries, and then what does bleach do? It bleaches, and for girls with Black Hair, they need to make that decision on their own, do they want to turn their hair white?

Please realize though, Black Girls here in Africa seldom wash their hair, they have on wigs or hair extensions for weeks on end, but their hair does bleach.

It is also a knowledge thing, when you share a shower with someone; they need to know there is bleach in the water. We never worked out a system, while in Cinkasse; we had a system of bleach or Javel management.

I have a shower presently in the Auberge Mandela in Kpalime, however, I am going towards super clean, so this pink eye stops hurting. This is the benefit of being super clean, I need to decrease the amount of crap entering my eye, and somehow make sure the water is free of bacteria.

I Recommend Dip Showers with Bleach
I have been thinking about making a video explaining how to take a dip shower, and when an Ebony Black Body was in the room, I had this thought many times. I had a perfect model, it would have been at the top of, a dip shower in Africa.

However, I have now started taking dip showers, even when I have a normal shower. The shower water in Hotels on planet earth is polluted; I am tired of "Milaria." Not Malaria, Milaria this is situation that happens when people sweat too much.
Sweat Rash

This powder writing thing never ends, but when a person sweats, the water does not all make it way out of the skin. I believe if I am drinking polluted water, these pollutants end up in the skin. I need to open up the skin pores, allow the "Black Head" type stuff to come out. I use both a Bacterial Soap and now am taking Chlorine Dip showers.

Cold Water showers are not as healthy as hot shower, after putting the Chlorine in the water; I then heat the water with a one-cup electric coffee cooker. I have purified water in a way, both heated and clean of bacteria Now, I then take very hot water and clean my body, hopefully killing small things in the skin or making it breath, to come alive.

Hot Water and Chlorinated water is the eight wonder of the developed world, truly, what the NGO’s are too stupid to understand, they have big hearts and no brains.

Now, I have brown hair, that is constantly turning blond or blonder, this Chlorine is not a problem for me, I am just have swimmer hair, a benefit in Black Africa. (Hint)

I want to stop the dust in the road, by walking less.
I want to stop the bacteria by putting chlorine in the water.
I stopped the baby powder; maybe I had an allergic reaction.
I have no idea how to stop the viral part of Pinkeye

I am up about 250 meters above sea level which is cooler, I am using a floor fan, and it cools my lower body and does not blow at my eyes, this stop the fan blowing fan caused "Pinkeye."

I have purchased the liquid tears stuff, and maybe I go to the Pharmacy today and find some anti-viral stuff if it exist. Note, I am having some form of body-wide staff infection and this may be coming out the blood, and making ugly body stuff.

I truly wish I was 23 all my life, there is zero benefit to being older.

The solution is always to not move, by not moving or traveling, you can control all the variables of your life and live in misery, by no risk, the no rush life. Do you have something to talk about at cocktail parties? I have currency, I have talk currency, I can annoy anyone on the planet for hours on end.

By writing this all out, by journalizing, by taking abstract and unclear thoughts, by writing them, I am able to make congruent and clear solutions. A good solution is a well-defined problem.

My Eyes Hurt from Baby Powder, Dirty Water, Dust, Sun and Fan

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