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6:27 AM December 9, 20004

I am in the Picasso’s Corner Backpacker Hostel in Malaga Spain, I just woke up or maybe you would say the world’s noisiest snoring man woke me up. It is a great place, and has a kitchen, common area, NO bar below and is a properly done Hostel. I am not sure, but I believe it has free Internet and breakfast, I am 90 percent, sure, both of these exist, although it is too early for breakfast yet to know and the internet had some problem yesterday.

I booked the room on the internet with because I am in constant fear or Europe that I will have to walk around forever to find a room. The Hostel has NO sign presently on the front, so a person has to be very careful when trying to locate this place, but if you ever wanted to enjoy the proper way of having a Hostel and you will not leave Europe. I now know two.

The Barmy Badger at the Earls Court Tube stop or metro in London and the Picasso’s Corner Backpacker Hostel in Malaga Spain.

The address of the Picasso’s Hostel is:

Plaza de la Aduana 2

2nd Floor.

29015 Malaga, Spain

+ which I think is 00 or 00-34 952 21 22 87

or +34 952 21 22 87

Never have been clear on this + mark in front of telephone number and is very Europe central to do it in this way, like an acronym.

The second number is

+34 638730184

picassoscorner At

This is a great place and I have met more people in one night of sleeping here and enjoyed the conversation more than three weeks in Morocco. However, the price European Fare of 17 Euros per night, with is the price I would pay for somewhere between 2-4 nights in Morocco, and I could live in Thailand for a WEEK in a better private room for the same price. Nevertheless, I have never had the Kitchen or camaraderie like this place in Thailand. Therefore, there is an expensive trade off to travel visit. Dorms suck in so many ways, that is the absolute worst part of a Hostel, but a great way to meet people or here bodily functions like the very loud person snoring inside the room.

But the room is a six-bed room and in Amsterdam they had from 18 to 26 people in the dorm room and it was a flophouse hostel for about the same price with no kitchen. I think Amsterdam is very bad for Hostel, but I was told the Flying pig has a kitchen, but as best, I can tell always full. But there is no comparison between Malaga and Amsterdam; Malaga is 10 times more interesting, except the canal and the whore. But that can be seen in less that three hours and get back on the train.

The big sign of a great Hostel is when there are people that stay a long time because they feel they are in their home away from home. The Cat Hostel in Madrid although was organized and somewhat good sucks in comparison to this place and is just a place to party in the end.

Europe is best to come party in and not to me a great place for travelers. A great place to purchase a package tour and avoid at all cost, just not a fun place to be, but better than Morocco. I want to go explore Frankfurt and stay a month there as I am hoping it is the center of Europe and is my last hope to find a cheap city to live in and fly out cheaply. If not I will probably just avoid Europe. I have been here now about 5 times and always want to get back to the good backpacker life in South America or Southeast Asia and leave the stress.

But for sure, I could hang around this Picasso’s Hostel for a few weeks, and the Barmy Badger.

A very excellent proper English girl is managing the place with her boyfriend. She walked me around the place and showed me the kitchen, the showers and explained the setup and made me welcome. This has happened now maybe 3 times in Eight years of travel.

She is what is good about England, and definitely not the slapper version of British girls I normally meet.

Therefore, you have a proper Hostel, managed by a proper British girl complete with kitchen, conversation, color TV and one snoring man in the room, what more could want…. I suppose a single room so I could discuss some other subject would be nice.

Tarifa is Empty presently but the Facundo Hotel in Tarifa could be good fun during a busier time of year and has single room with a kitchen for less money. So better quality of living, but so far not the camaraderie because less people.


Picasso was born in Malaga, but then many places claim things about Picasso, but this place is unique. I am told or found on the internet that Malaga is one of the best places to study Spanish in Spain and this may be true, I would say that Barcelona Spain is the worst place to learn Spanish on the planet because they do not speak Spanish, the speak Catalan.

So Malaga, Picasso, Spanish girls with their pants falling off, a lot of beaches are close I am told and good place.

The Flying Pig in Amsterdam has a age restrictions. If you are over 24 or 28 start to be extremely careful in Europe as they discriminate against age in Hostels of Europe.


8:23 AM Thursday December 9, 2004

Just returned from walking around a large area of the local area looking for a breakfast snack.

The panaderia is closed. (Bread Store)

The local bar is open.

I am in Spain.

Picasso’s Corner Backpacker Hostel is still up for grabs on free Breakfast, maybe they do and maybe they don’t. I do understand that 8:30 in the morning is the time they return from the Bar not the time they eat breakfast. The guy in the Cats Hostel had early breakfast, but he never left the bar and the breakfast was in the bar.

I leave by Taxi at 9:30 if the Aussie gets out of bed that is sharing the taxi. No problem for me as my plane is at 12:55 but he is suppose to catch a place around 10:30.



I was not trying to change the style or template of this page, I made a new link, click on save it deleted the old format. Sorry for the confusion...

But I am not in Kansas anymore!

From the Wizard of Oz for my non English speaking friends, a movie.


I just took a 1 hour walk around Tarifa, Spain and like most Latino countries on a bright and sunny Sunday morning they are all either sleeping,

Or going home from the Bar.

Or going to Church.

A few of the bars are still open and I walked by the Grifo, with means in English¨


Like a beer tap, and the place if full of men looking like it is 6 in the evening and they just got off work, but what this did is give me hope. There was a bar I spotted the other day with the internet inside, so I went searching for it, hoping it would be open. Because for sure the rotten internet cafe will not open till 10 o r 12 or never, because I think the girl inside if for sure a party girl.


Go into the arch.

Turn right, then an immediate left.

Go about 20 meters, then turn right.

The rotten place in the left.

Keyboards are messed up, I have been on three of them and three for three the keys do not type when you type. I am somewhere outside the arch and turn left as you leave. There is this food store that must open early and in the back room are computers. Everything is closed, it is Sunday.

I say sinners and saints like a John Steinbeck book.

Cannery Row...

Tarifa has a lot of fish processing places and if the wind is right. It smell of fish, like that fish place in Vietnam I visited.

There are great people like the man at the Desk of the Hostal Facundo that will not stop being very helpful an then his brother that will not do anything, then the lady that cleans my room when I do not want it, but then takes my towel.

In each of us is a sinner and a saint, and everyone complains about the hypocrite that sin and go to church on Sunday, but that is why the go to church, because the sinned.

I saw a very nicely dressed lady walking down the cobblestone inside the walled part of Tarifa... (Through the arch) as I looked at her, I thought, nice of her to go to church on this bright and sunny morning, and they she glassy eyed stared at me and I knew she was going home.

There is one or two great churches down towards the water. I stopped to look and admire, thinking or wondering how old this place was, and a man or maybe a saint stops and tells me about it being some Islamic church before the Romans made it a Catholic Church and then pointed to what I think is another smaller church even closer to the water. He saw I was interested and offered to help, I wish my Spanish worked better in Spain as I speak some form of Mexico - Peruvian strain, and the locals have trouble with my accent.

Life is Good.


READER COMMENTS sent to me - Number one, she live in Morocco.

you don't say what you wrote to Steve... And the link does most say it


Am I cold heart ? his story does not make me cry. I am surprised to read

all the mails he received saying thank you and so on... are people blind

or what ?

READER COMMENTS sent to me - Number one, she live in Morocco.

ok, sorry ! now, I understood what you mean...

First, you tell your answer, and second, you show the link. You have to

be a superior intelligence to get it, Andy. I am not.

Morocco is not what he said. I mean not ONLY. Of course, you can see

horrible things everywhere. Marocco is not a country you try to leave

because it's DANGEROUS to live here. You know why people want to leave

the country ?

Because they only have one thing at home : TV. And what do they see on

TV ? Egyptian Soap Opera which show them stories in beautiful houses,

whith beautiful furniture they can never get. They look at european

model, and say "I want this !" (DVD, Phone, Car etc...) ; let's try to

cross over and life will be better !

Marocco is not India. People are not starving. Some are REAL poor, but

the ones who are trying to escape are running after a commercial,

mercantile (?), dream. It is even not a spirit issue.

That's why I am angry when you see ON TV (how bizarre) these stories

about boat people trying to cross over from Marocco to Spain. Tell me

about Africa, tell me about Cambodge, but not about marocco.


I agree and understand, but people are not starving on the planet as best

I can tell, or at least I have never seen starving people. Cambodge or Cambodia is nice and I do not think there are starving people there. But of course there are poor people in our minds, but then again I do not like to work so I think of them as rich.

Travel and compare yourself to others, you will soon see that money means very little, time, friends, and not working so you have time is important. My friend Joe had 12 children (Catholic)

I said to Joe,

¨How do you afford 12 children¨

He said,

¨Children don´t take money, they take time.¨

I am grateful I had the time to see the morning sun, beach, and Tarifa Spain on my walk this morning, and I am still betting five dollars I get no reply from that Steve Harrigan because.... he is too busy.

So I enjoy my life, and he makes up his life as he goes.

I am doubting that what he says is the truth, but it is controversial and this sells.

I show the link after the answer, so they know what I am talking about it, if I show the link and then the answer they will click and not read. But maybe I will show before and after... hehehe

Keep them confused, they will keep coming back for me.

It would help if I would proof read, but who want to proof read a diary.

Life is Good!


I am here in Tarifa, Spain in a rotten internet cafe in the center of the fortress part of Tarifa. Today is Saturday and my normal cafe is closed.

I am told Sunday Ramadan is done, does that include Sunday or are they fasting on Sunday?

I read this story and it is missing a big detail. Where is this city?

The distance across is about 8 miles I have calculated from Tanger to Tarifa by water.

I do not like read articles that are suppose to tug on my heart strings, and I am here wondering where, when, what etc. I would like some good journalism!

I wrote Steve and 5 dollars says he does not respond.

[email protected]

Oops, I need to say more or at least a friend says so... French

The implied stuff gets lost in Translation.

I wrote Steve to ask hime,

¨Where is this city?¨

Nothing big, because if he is busy, then better to give him a quick question and hope for answer. I know what happens to me when people ask 20 questions, I procrastinate.

Note the computer keyboard yesterday would not work, so impossible write in detail.

That is my excuse, and I sticking to it. (A song)

He wrote this... ARTICLE on the Internet

Desperation in Morocco

Friday, November 12, 2004

Commentary by Steve Harrigan


Some other travelers entered the Hostal, we all seem to be waiting for Ramadan to end. I think the USA should learn from the French and German about colonization and how to be imperialistic. The USA just does not know how to convince a country to like what they get.

I want to ask the Philippine girl if her passport will allow her to travel easily? Hard to imagine a Philippine girl being able to go anywhere without visa upon visa as she moves.


Kerouac, Jack (1922-1969), American writer, who was the first to use the term Beat Generation. Writer of book “On the Road.”

The other day a person told me on the phone that my writing style reminded him of Jack Kerouac. I have read the book “On the Road,” and thought it not so good, but he is considered an important writer, although I think he was sort of Lenny Bruce of writing, breaking normal conventions and making you like it.

I do write a bad as Jack Kerouac, I would agree, but I am just writing and talking to myself, and some people just are listening over my shoulder.


I am in one of my normal concrete rooms on the planet. I am leaving all three lights on so that the light bulbs can heat the room a little. Time to go south for the winter.


I am having a small problem with the management of the Hostal or Hotel here, and the first in 8 years of travel. I normally can convince the management and cleaning people to NOT clean my room. This makes me feel safe from the little fingers of cleaning ladies and their thieving ways. But here in the Hostal Facundo the girl is persistent, sometime Hotels are persistent because they want to check or manage the residents. Maybe they want to know if I am violating the rule about not cleaning my clothes in the lavatory or bath…

Busted. I am washing my clothes in the lavatory in my room.

But they also are want to change my sheets and make my bed. I am negotiating poorly on this issue and they have successfully change my sheets and made my bed twice. I tell the girl not to do this, and she does it anyway… But here the kicker.

She took MY towel yesterday, not the Hotels towel, but my towel and in typical Latino manner, no importante, I keep telling them that

Tu Tienes mi Toalla!

No esta tuyo, esta mio.

Now I remember. The word to have does not translate the same. I am going to have to say I am the owner of a Towel.

I cannot say,

“I own a towel.”

Because the world to own is not a verb as best I can explain or understand Spanish.

Dueño is OWNER

Propietario is maybe in some ways to own, but more like Proprietor of the Towel.

I have not told three separate people and I think my towel is taking a tour of the bodies of other residents of the Hotel. I am going to have to be sneaky or steal two of their towels, as they have taken a very good towel of mine and all I have is minus one star towels. I do have two towels, but the cleaning lady did not see this, or did not care. Caring about these type of issue is sort of German type attitude, but I do like Sericio y I am wanting my towel.

Issues issues issues Life if full of small wars.

Maybe it is time to go to step two towel strategy. I have been speculating about starting to use a 2 meter long and 1 meter wide piece of cotton cloth for a towel. I figure it would be very think material and would dry faster because of more surface area exposed to the air and less interior thickness. I also could use better as a sheet or light blanket. Towels do not make good blankets unless you do not shower!

This would be like a sarong or a longy, but of thicker material.

So the great American / Spanish Towel wars started in Tarifa, Spain.

Yo quiero mi toalla!


The Road To Morocco

The Road To Morocco

On this date (10/11/04) in 1942, Bob Hope and Bing

Crosby released their picture "The Road To Morocco".

Thanks to - Chris

I leave Sunday, Monday, or soon for Morocco or as soon as I am sure how to spell the name of the country.

Maybe Morroco or Morocco or Morrocco or any wish.

I was thinking about Tanger or TANGIER in English.

I just sent off a newsletter saying I would go to Tanger... I bet that put a crook in their spelling necks and hopefully drives everyone crazy.

As my friend Gary says,

¨That is a put, not a drive.¨

(Golf Lingo)

But I am reading the signs here, I am trying to buy a rapid boat trip to Tanger here, I am seeing the word daily on every type of advertisement, signs and etc. What am I to do, think of Tangier every time I read Tanger?Communication is about the intent and getting the idea, and making sure I use enough colloquial phrases that it confuses everyone, (Especially French girls by the name of Isabelle.) but also it is fun and teaches my European, Asian, Africa, Austrailia, Antartica, South American, Central American, North American and sub continent or any other place I forgot readers about English.

I am not sure Mexico cares.

Language is about intention and communication, I also use it to flirt, but for sure

Rod Stewart was right about a nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.


Henry David Thoreau one of my adopted mentors was incredibily correct.


Sometimes we are inclined to class those who are once-and-a-half-witted with the half-witted, because we appreciate only a third part of their wit.

-End Quote-


I got that correct from this page...

RSS readers, please tell me, or answer a question.

How do you see the pictures I post?

Do they show up in your RSS reader?

I suppose I could include the links to the photo, but confusing for people.

Click here to write, or I suppose you can click on the comments and help the world, or you can do both as the Scarecrow said in the Wizard of Oz.

Note the stupid blogger site or the Spanish computer said... Borrar when I tried to click on the spell checker today. Borrar in Spanish mean to erase. I have no idea what the computer wants to do, but the only conservative thing is to publish and not worry about spelling.

Un Grande Beso y Abrazos de Tarifa Espana

Su Amigo en el Calle, Andre un Vagabundo y posible Vagamundo!

La Vida es Buena

NEWSLETTER SENT ' About Rhinos in Nepal

Today is my relax after sending a newsletter day.

I finally go some of the photos up. Bangladesh, Nepal, a few of Philippines.

Amsterdam is next with maybe Madrid.


This is probably out of order, but would you tear out pages in your diary to correct it, just the way things are…? Imperfect world and imperfect people that creates a perfect place.

Wednesday November 10, 2004 8:31 am

I am in Tarifa, Spain the southernmost point of Europe, as normal for me when I arrive, and very seldom, but sometime before I go to a destination I look up the name in my Encarta Computer Encyclopedia. There is probably nothing more useful and valuable than this Encyclopedia. In a world full of disinformation and liars, this is an oasis of knowledge and truth for me.

I include guidebooks in the liar pages and would include my own site and newsletters in the not so good categories. Let me think on how I would classify information I receive?

( I am realizing that the blog interferes with the newsletters, I need to go finish my newsletter, and I will come back to this later, there is only so many hours I will type in a day, and then I stop.)

I am back

Thursday November 11, 2004 4:20 PM


- Lies - Pre-mediated

- Person lying but does not know they are lying.

- Naïve and read the guidebook and did not check.

Thus they repeat the same gossip over and over.

- Save the world - Full of prejudices and rage over

somehow or where they was not loved as a child.

- Opinions collaborated with shady or crap,

VERY common in Guidebooks and web pages.

- Facts that are really opinions and should keep


- Opinions take it or leave it… BEST

I hope this is me! But maybe I am delusional.

- Facts collaborated with good research but failed to find the real picture because they lived inside the resort and were surrounded by experts.

- Facts through painstaking research. This is NOT common, and only done for an encyclopedia or dictionary.

But what would life be without a great big daily rationalization for why we did or not do something?

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