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I am finally in Bangkok and planning my next jump.

Maybe Taiwan or maybe Indonesia, it is possible I go to Taiwan to purchase a web cam to put here on Khao San Road as that is where they make them... Probably easier to buy in the USA.

Indonesia is looking good.

Jet lag and tired.

I am buying things and packing, repacking and making sure I have all my necessities purchase in a cheap place.



I will go hunt now for an electrical plug before my computer is completely dead, there is the possibility I could work for the next four hours on my web site if I can find a plug, I feel a little productive and my page is ramping up, so I have some needs, not wants to perform on my site.


Thursday November 9, 2004 10:07 PM

I just went through the passport control and they checked by boarding pass here in Frankfurt, this is the area I call the no mans land, when you have 90 percent left the country, but are still in the country. The passport says you have left, but you are still waiting for the plane.


This morning I flew from Malaga to Mallorca changed planes then came to Frankfurt, this went off great and easy to say that was easy and good services. No hassle from them on weight of bags or problems.

I am flying out from Frankfurt to Bangkok for 242 Euros with:

I had weight problems and I have no solution. The small carry on bag weighed more than my big bag, and I need to take a lot of weight out of my small bag and move in to the big bag to balance the weight properly. I would need good scales outside of the airport or in the airport to weigh my bags properly. I was very luck I had my hunting vest though as I put that on and it had at least 3-4 kilos in the jacket, but did not count because it was clothes and the woman really did not want to charge me.

I was laughing later; I suspected she was from somewhere in Asia so I as here if she was German and she said, but then politely said,

“But my mother and father came from Indonesia.’

I said,

“Great I hope to go there in the next month or so.”

So we chatted and discussed this as she proceed to say my bags were overweight, but then she said,

“It very cheap, only 8 Euros per kilo, so you are only 6 kilos overweight, only 48 Euros.”

Now, a German saying this is maybe understandable, but a half-life away from Indonesia where maybe 25 percent of the population may make less than that per month is ironic. In the end, the hunting jacket saved me 75 U.S. Dollars or about 48 Euros.


Hippie is usually angry, although the ideal is more like peace child this girl on the plane with eight piercing and seven small tattoos and every part looking happy and wonderful talked with me on the leg between Mallorca and Frankfurt. She is in the process of driving with her boyfriend from Germany to Morocco when she needs to fly home for a funeral. So she did the cheapy flight to Frankfurt, while I paid 107 she only paid 29 Euros so she did better.

But she was 22 years old, curious and very happy, but full on happy and she said she her heart was in India. I enjoyed this girl immensely and is what the concept of hippies and counter culture should represent. For instance, she did not eat meat, but did not just heave the meat on her plate but offered it to me, no judgment no lecture just you do what you do and I do what I do. Live and let live. Great energy.


I am in Algeciras waiting for bus, it is an amazing level of difficulty the place is a jingle as the French girl said, or Jungle as said correctly

No way to do things simple

Hard to think when I know Thailand is so easy.


There is sometime a compulsion, as if I have an obligation to tell someone how stupid a place or situation can be. I am on the boat of ferry finally going from Tangiers to Algeciras. I am amazed that they would allow any of these people to leave the country. It is like I am with a group of bomb victims and they all decided to flee to another country. We are leaving Morocco and entering Spain, in a normal world, on a normal planet there would be large numbers of Spanish speaking people returning to Spain, or they would be venders, smugglers, or buyers of products from a cheap country going to an expensive country.

It appears that somehow, everyone on the boat got a passport to go to France, my guess is none of these people are going actually to Spain, but on their way to France, whether by marriage, or finagling they are going to France to live, I do not blame them.

What I feel when I leave, a country is a signal of my true feelings about a country, while in a country you try to tell yourself… This place is good, I like this place, and you try to accept where you are and why you are there. What I am feeling now is sadly. Wow, thank God I am out of there. Morocco has to be high on my list of countries that I have no reason to return. I suppose Venezuela and Morocco are now tied. I really have no reason to go back to either accept with a date, I will have to have built in company and friendship that I carry along to go back. There is not even pretty French girls in Morocco and for sure this is a French colony similar to South America or Central America is Spanish, Morocco is French, but this is a one way street, nobody from France is going to Morocco on the cheap. I think they know something I do not know.

I was waiting in line for about one hour while I waited to get my passport stamped to leave the country. There was a constant inquiry by police of government officials wanting to know if I would pay to go faster or give them a bribe. Their English is non-existent so I followed the line.
While in the line there was a very nice French girl, but really she was a Moroccan girl that now had a passport to France, and thinks of herself as European, but she is three-quarters Moroccan and a little French, although she says she is not Islamic or Christian I would bet 100 dollars her parents are presently on the floor praying.

She is trying her best to speak English and I do appreciate this tremendously as I try to assure myself I am actually getting on the right boat, as everyone is more intent on getting a bribe from me, then trying to help. This has got to the worlds most F(*ked up border crossing, up there with Vietnam as competition. Ooops, the French have their nose in both of them countries.
Well the girl is trying to be helpful and she is great, I am laughing as she keeps saying everyone in Morocco speaks English and she does not speak English, but she thinks the world Speaks English and she is bad. Her English is very good for Morocco and this country is on the absolute bottom of the totem pole of English skills. But why would they learn English? Thank God, they learn French and they all want to go to France, they do not even learn Spanish they learn French. Good job France, I appreciate this, as this country needs to go to France.

In Iraq when I was there they spoke about eight time better English than here and the were 20 time more honest and polite.

The French girl said,
“Lots of Europe goes to Cuba.”

I started laughing,
“Yes, Cuba is a sex tourism place.”

She was trying to explain the exotic places maybe French people go, and Cuba is exotic but not a good reputation. It is like a German saying they are going to Thailand, you always have to wonder what they are up too.

Thailand and Cuba are huge Sex tourism places, but I think Thailand is simple and cheap to enter and travel around, while I do not know Cuba, I heard many bad things about the corruption and double system in Cuba.

Therefore, I am still missing something about Morocco. I think in the end none of Europe will go to Morocco. They would say,
“Why would I go to Morocco?”
Not that they are going to explain, like a gentlemen agreement to not say what they think

So Bon Voyage, the boat is only one one-half hours leaving later than I expected and I am only hoping we start to move. This is a total stupid situation. I am so happy to be out of Morocco and soon out of Europe. I could guarantee if I have to travel or live in Europe I would go home and never leave the country.

Then you have South America and Thailand, where life is easy and cheap.

OH yes, if you wished to smuggle a backpack size bomb into Spain or Europe you can pay a bribe or just walk in, nobody is watching.



Pretty accurate of my way here in Tangier Morocco, just another stop on the road...

Song about Hobo life

Trailer for sale or rent

Rooms to let...fifty cents.

No phone, no pool, no pets

I ain't got no cigarettes

Ah, but..two hours of pushin' broom

Buys an eight by twelve four-bit room

I'm a man of means by no means

King of the road.

Third boxcar, midnight train

Destination...Bangor, Maine.

Old worn out clothes and shoes,

I don't pay no union dues,

I smoke old stogies I have found

Short, but not too big around

I'm a man of means by no means

King of the road.

I know every engineer on every train

All of their children, and all of their names

And every handout in every town

And every lock that ain't locked

When no one's around.

I sing,

Trailers for sale or rent

Rooms to let, fifty cents

No phone, no pool, no pets

I ain't got no cigarettes

Ah, but, two hours of pushin' broom

Buys an eight by twelve four-bit room

I'm a man of means by no means

King of the road.

Roger Miller Song


Song title, referring to a hobo

King of the Road - A Song by Roger Miller

My parents used to play this song on the new stereo in the house when I was young.


Monday December 6, 2004 11:40 AM

I arrived in Tangiers on the train that left from Marrakech at 9:00 pm. I was lucky that I did not trust the ticket agent in Marrakech as he said the train would leave at 10:00. The numbers in English of everyone in Morocco are always not to be trusted, I must have them write the numbers down constantly and never trust what they tell me.

Will I am back in the Muniria Hotel in Tangiers and it is by far one of emptiest Hotels I have ever stayed in, there are people that sneak in here at night and leave again very quickly without ever seeing them, and I only can hear them. But this is winter and the world is empty in Morocco and for reason I am not sure of the Guidebooks tell everyone to skip Tangiers, I believe it to be a city worth stopping to see.


1. Better and safer to enter a culture slowly, it is dangerous to go headfirst into a culture up to your neck and travel all the way to Marrakech or Fes the first day. If you learn about the culture slowly then there are no new surprise and if for some reason you really are in the wrong place you can leave quickly and not be so far in the country that you cannot leave easily.

2. Tangiers is a PORT and point.

This is the north of Africa and the South of Europe. This location is one of the strategic military locations on the planet. It is for thousands of years been the crossing point for great armies. It is the making of history location and should not be taken lightly in the history of the planet.

3. Tangiers had a good Medina, and is small enough to see the whole things easily. The Marrakech ones is huge and almost impossible to understand how the Fort worked for Marrakech and why. Essaouira is special and great.

4. People get off the ferry jump on a train and end up entering a city at night. This is absolutely the stupidest thing you can do in travel, to enter a city, a culture, the first day at night has got to be like feeding raw meat to lions. You are vulnerable, confused, afraid, unfamiliar and just an easy target. Better to warm up slow in a country and stay in Tangiers for two days, the make a move. Nevertheless, land in the early part of day before 2-3 pm so you can see.

5. If you are in that big of hurry, stay home, your are crazy.


I am going to work on my computer and use the speed and cheapness of the internet here to do some research and publish large numbers or pages. Marrakech was very slow and I can blast out some pages quickly that need published, a lot more peaceful here than Marrakech. Easier to walk around and look at culture of Morocco.

Save money and not go to Europe until I have to leave.

Be conservative and make sure I can get to Malaga in one day, stay one night in Malaga and fly to Frankfurt, leave the next morning for Bangkok.


Sunday December 5, 2004 6:24 AM

I am finished with my Newsletter on Morocco and I am finished with all of my photo pages, I have put them all on the internet and I am forgiven for all of my sins of non-completion. Everything is up and at them.

I have even been playing with my translation program on my computer to see how it works. I have translated the newsletter into French, German and Spanish. I can do about six others fast, but let us see how this goes. I know I have people in these languages that read my letter.

Talk about grammar error and problems; whoopee, I can have the whole world angry. Most people that are reading my English but are native German, French, and Spanish etc. are not brave enough to criticize my English although all of them countries have corrected me. Embarrassing when a Thai person corrects my English.

My English though is getting better and my computer is teaching me grammar. I find my computer though does not like me to talk in passive voice as its current pain in the neck, tell me, or try to correct me when I do a grammar and spell check process. It also does not like the words…



It wants therefore, however, or nonetheless and sure does not like lady or guy and wants me to make it homogenous as person.

I would put all them QUOTE MARKS around them words to make it correct, or I think it would be correct, but the Bloc du notes or whatever you call the text notepad on the French computes do not like quotation marks and really is annoying.



Traduction en Français par traduction du programme machine

Traducción en Alemán por programa de computadora.

Traducción en Español por programa de computadora.


Very happy to get out of Marrakech and is on the bottom of the list of places I want to return to see again although Essaouira would be fun when the beach is full of French Bikinis during the summer… I hope.

The train leaves at around nine tonight I am told by the desk reception person and I will go around noon to buy a ticket. I have to pay 15-20 Dirhams there and back for about 40 Dirhams to buy the ticket. I have been spoiled by Thailand where everywhere and anywhere you can buy a ticket for one-tenth the price quicker, smarter, and easier. I really despise paying through the nose for Train tickets like here in Morocco or Europe and then have to work my tail off just to perform the task. South America and Asia and where life is easy.

There is such a misunderstanding about continents.

EASY continents or areas are

Southeast Asia

South America

Central America



USA and Canada


I never walk around with my backpack on in the cheaper countries because I have a taxi; Morocco is half-and-half, cheap on taxis, but expensive on the train. Sort of like Argentina and probably headed down the same path of destruction. Trying to be European, but is Africa while Argentina is one of the least developed countries in South America but want to be the most, and took a big spanking with their economy. Argentina no esta Europa. Nevertheless, for sure Europe is looking for a depression if they keep up the outrageous inflation or money grabbing with the Euro. They have or I feel they have increase the overall expense of living in Europe by 20 percent, while the USA is getting cheaper.

Germany is the only country that seems to be reasonable and is very competitive and doing well, well France and England will not get the help from the USA with this war. (I know England does not use Euros.)






In Morocco ADSL should stand forA Darn Slow Line as I am sitting here in the internet cafe for hours on what is described as ADSL. It is 7:55 am only me a lone cockroach that likes the heat of the computer is inside the internet cafe. Normally I would blame this on 20 computers on one line, but this is more like a normal dial up line and not high speed.

Different computer every day.

Computer keyboard in French or non querty or whatever.

Sticking keys

Islamic girls arguing with some man. Morocco people are always arguing.

Computer chess played by traveling the planet.

Oh, yea some Japanese person got onto and changed the language to Japanese, and I cannot find where to change it back to English. It works ok though with Japanese navigation.

Copy and paste adds funny characters in Bloc Notes, and I can not find the dash.

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