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I am Asking a Favor of News Media

I am Asking a Favor of News Media
I would like to ask a favor of the News Media of the World, whether it is Television, Newspapers, Radio, Bloggers, or any other of mass information broadcasting system. We must as a world and nation stop using words that scare the public; this is causing a panic and making this financial situation worst.

I could have used the word “Crisis,” however, it is not a crisis, it is a difficult situation, however if the New Media continues to use these types of words it will become a crisis.

The whole world is ok, the world is good, all is great, however restraint is needed.

We shall reap what we sow, please do not encourage confusion or search for blame, please do not cause people to argue. Now is the time for sound minds to raise their voice and help, it is the time when the leaders should lead by example.

Fukuoka, Japan
Tuesday, October 8, 2008
Blog of Andy china-marbles.info --- --- Travel Bag Design Survey --- Professional Traveler Bag

The use of sensationalistic and doomsday words need to be avoided for the good of the world. To use these words is a form of greed, think about it, becuase it is greedy to feel you need to be the first to tell information. This lack of responsibility for our actions is what has caused this situation, always the words,
“It is someone else’s responsibility, not mine.”

What did John F. Kennedy say,
“And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.“

Andy Graham or china-marbles.info
Fukuoka, Japan October 8, 2008

I would appreciate if you would emails this, or tell this to anyone you know in the News Media and try to convince them to lower the level of their reports to a moderate level for the good of the world.

I am Asking a Favor of News Media

The Toilet How Developed is Japan

The Toilet How Developed is Japan
Human development is demonstrated in how the culture of a country manages lives necessities, not the luxuries. I truly believe one of the best identifiers of the development of a culture can be found when I enter the toilet.

Note: The Europeans get angry when I call it the restroom, so I have modified my English for clarity and to keep them from whingeing.

Here is a video of a truly different toilet in Japan.

Fukuoka, Japan
Tuesday, October 7, 2008
Blog of Andy china-marbles.info --- --- Travel Bag Design Survey --- Professional Traveler Bag


IF no video here, you need to read on the blog, and not by email or RSS feed, click here: Travel Journal

I have pushed most of the buttons, I have no idea what this jobby does, when you flush the toilet the water comes out of the fountain until the tank if full.


Squat toilet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Squat Toilets
Thailand Squat Toilet How to use a Squat Toilet by Andy of china-marbles.info
Toilet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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The Toilet How Developed is Japan

Hobo Predicts Monday Stock Market Drop

Hobo Predicts Monday Stock Market Drop

“I now suspect on Monday stocks will go down as the institutional investors try to dump their losers to the small investors.”

- Andy of china-marbles.info on post. Saturday October 4, 20008
Turning Fortunes into Shoestrings

Do not ignore this drop yesterday, the Dow Jones was the lucky one, some other world markets dropped as high as 9 percent, trillions of dollars of savings was devalued.

Fukuoka, Japan
Tuesday, October 7, 2008
Blog of Andy china-marbles.info --- --- Travel Bag Design Survey --- Professional Traveler Bag

I highly doubt many of you read this post because the word “Hobo” leads the majority to not take me serious. However, I believe the major institutional owners of equities are going to slowly drive the market down and will continue to dump stock anytime there is good news hoping the small investors buy while they sell.

North/Latin America

DOW JONES -3.58%
S&P 500 -3.85%
NASDAQ -4.34%
MEXICO -5.40%

Europe/Africa/Middle East

DJ EURO -7.86%
FTSE 100 -7.85%
CAC 40 -9.04%
DAX INDEX -7.07%
IBEX 35 -6.06%
S&P/MIB -8.24%
AEX -9.14%

This data is time sensitive, however as of 7:41 Japan time it was on this link:

What shall we do, there is no good solution, all the solutions are bad, if you hold onto our stocks, then you will probably ride it down. If you do sell, it will just increase the drop. If I had stocks, I would sell them before the market drops further to protect my principal.

The decisive factor is both the value of real estate and the equities market in the USA and most of the world is 15-30 percent priced too high for their true inherent values. There will be a correction in the market.

I am not so concerned about the stock market, however this drop in the value of real estate will be devastating to the average American who in a moment of greed purchase a bigger house than they could afford, sold to them by a greedy real estate broker, built by a greedy home builder who was helped to get this financed by a greedy mortgage finance company funded by greedy stock investors, who were not stopped by greedy politicians who did not want to stop these big companies that fund their election campaigns.

I have had many bad things in my life, and I thank the good Gods I have learned from my mistakes and I am not involved enough in this situation to cause me problems.

Hobo Predicts Monday Stock Market Drop

Map a Budget Around the World

Map a Budget Around the World
Some countries are expensive, other countries are cheap, and here is a map to help you choose your path.

You want to know how I afford to travel the planet.

“A U.S. dollar exchanged and spent in India will buy more haircuts than a dollar spent in the United States.”

Fukuoka, Japan
Monday, October 6, 2008
Blog of Andy china-marbles.info --- --- Travel Bag Design Survey --- Professional Traveler Bag

I am in Japan, I am a poor person here, when I return to Thailand I will be rich. I challenge you to study this map below, this map in my opinion explains how I afford to travel the planet, and all the secrets are on this map. There is no point in me trying to explain this map; I truly believe you need to extract the secrets told in this map yourself.

For a little assistance, please ready this page on Wikipedia.org.

Click on the map to make large.

When you understand this map, you have started on the path of least resistance. A smart traveler does not swim upstream; they know which way the current flows before they jump.

Then again, the majority never jumps; they stand still looking at the river pass them by.

For more great Maps to uncover the secrets of travel, go to this link on china-marbles.info. WayFinding Maps

500 US Dollar Travel Budget Countries
Africa Travel Budget
Keep the Fraction Constant Budget
Travel Budget and Expensive Rooms
Travel Budget

Map a Budget Around the World

I Live a Natural Lifestyle

I Live a Natural Lifestyle
I gave up processed food a few months ago; my physical and mental health has greatly improved. I am not living from one sugar buzz to the next; my body and feelings are more stable.

It has made me more in tune with nature, and it has also given me a great answer to an annoying question.

Fukuoka, Japan
Monday, October 6, 2008
Blog of Andy china-marbles.info --- --- Travel Bag Design Survey --- Professional Traveler Bag

“Why would you wake up so early?”
"Are you Nuts?"

I wake up naturally somewhere between 4:00 am and 7:00 am normally seven hours after I fall asleep. This tends to annoy everyone around me, although I try to be a solo act, keep away from other people at this time in the morning. However, they tend to think of me as crazy,
“Why would you wake up so early?”
"Are you Nuts?"

What is funny, the majority of the travelers wish to consider themselves in tune with nature. They are often vegetarians, they can sit around telling me how globalization is destroying the planet. They tend to want to hug trees, and for sure would criticize me when I do not see the big deal about recycling.

(I believe recycling is a just a great way for governments avoid their responsibility, to save on the cash needed to make trash separator machines.)

However, now I have a comeback when they ask,
“Why do you wake so early, this is crazy?”

I just say,
“It is natural, I am in tune with nature, and I wake up when the sun shines and sleep when the sun sets. I am helping to stop global warming by using less carbon based fuels.”

“What you do not believe in helping stop global warming?”

(Oops, I do not believe global warming is a crisis.)


I Live a Natural Lifestyle

Are Air Consolidators Dead

Are Air Consolidators Dead
I research air consolidators for days about five years ago and wrote a newsletter tip explaining "What is an Air Consolidator?"

I now am starting to believe Air Consolidators are almost dead; however, I am not sure.

Fukuoka, Japan
Sunday, October 5, 2008
Blog of Andy china-marbles.info --- --- Travel Bag Design Survey --- Professional Traveler Bag

When an airline wishes to fill up a plane quick they call upon air consolidators to sell the ticket below publish fares. They do not allow the normal travel agent to do this; it is a special type of agent with special deals with the airline and is allowed to sell below published rates.

However, I think this has changed; I tend to believe they now have special deal with the airfare scraping sites, which digest together many airlines and spit out fares.



Cheap Travel, Flights, Hotels, Vacations, Car Rentals, Cruise, Activities on Orbitz

What I believe the airlines are doing now, they have these cheap fare and they just unload on one of the site, therefore for a brief time a few people get great fares.

The only way to get them is to lottery surf these pages and hope you are ready to purchase when the ticket is offered.

Airplane, Transportation
Around The World Airfare

Open Directory - Recreation Travel Transportation Air Consolidators
Travel Agents Versus Purchase Online

What is an air consolidator

Are Air Consolidators Dead

PHP Developers from India

PHP Developers from India
I have many lives, and one of them has become a sociology study of the country of India and how they search for IT Jobs.
IT - Information Technology.

We are in the process of hiring 4-10 workers from India.

Fukuoka, Japan
Saturday, October 4, 2008
Blog of Andy china-marbles.info --- --- Travel Bag Design Survey --- Professional Traveler Bag

How do workers in India search for IT jobs?
I experience this in two ways daily on my sites.

1. India workers apply for jobs daily with china-marbles.info.
PHP Developer Jobs

2. India workers write the Embassy Forum page on china-marbles.info wanting to know if jobs are real.
India Embassy Questions and Answers

The India Embassy page is sad; workers from India are being scammed by fraudulent employers who make them pay fees to apply for jobs that do not exist.

china-marbles.info and is a business, I have never hidden this fact, I have for 10-12 years stated,
“I make webpage to earn money for travel.”

I blog to make money, I write newsletters to make money, the primary motivation of doing anything on the internet is money. Over time I have developed a secondary motivation to Blog, I like to Journalize, I find it relaxing and develops my ability for introspection and empathy.

Because china-marbles.info and HoboHideOut.com are business ventures, we search for employees, the same as other company, just the other day I start to say to a company,
“We outsource Coder Jobs to India.”
I then realized, I live outside the USA, I am not outsourcing jobs, I am hiring from the country where I get the most value for the money invested.

I said India IT worker are my small sociology study. I also need to study myself, I read and study other groups, I try to understand why Microsoft, Apple, Dell and other computer associated businesses use India for IT Jobs. I attempt to understand why they outsource to India jobs and why they have problems with India and what are the benefits.

A gentlemen from England I met in South Korea was in charge of 12 Indian workers while employed at Cisco Systems. He was not impressed, and seems to be saying that India workers were a headache. He said in a few breaths of conversation a list of clear and concise problems with India workers.

There is a problem here with this list; it is natural to focus on problems with workers, because we also search for solutions. However, I did forgot to ask him what the benefits were.

I think the term for the benefits of India workers needed here may be
“Wage Rate Arbitrage.” or
“Labor Arbitrage.”
- Special Thanks to Gary G. for telling me what I was thinking about and giving me a term or label.


1. Steal copyrighted code from other sites and pretend it is their own.

2. Are not innovative

3. Poor Communication skills or bad English

4. Quality of work was poor

5. Time Difference.

6. Clients try to sabotage because they do not want Indian workers

7. Could not get to know them, was difficult to develop personal relationship whereby he could understand their motivations.

8. When working as a company, a small group would quit and try to go and undercut their former boss.

9. Could not adhere to deadlines

10. Openly try to use morally incorrect procedures, not even hiding the fact that these methods could be considered unethical.


1. Cheap salary, about 5-15 times cheaper than the cost of a USA worker. Starting from 400-800 per month as a salary.

2. Employee loyalty, if an India worker earns 1200 US per month while living inside India, they would have trouble finding a better job and leaving your employ.

3. Good manners, and try to please.

4. They try to do the job without complaints on why or endless questions.

5. They will work 24 hours on a project if there is a need.

6. Criticism of their work tends to make them try harder.

7. The job you give them is their dream job, so you truly do help a worker to achieve one of their dreams and they are appreciative.

Generally, in my opinion, it is very difficult to work with an India person unless you have lived and traveled in India for a few months and understand their culture. The essential jobs of a business organization should not be sent to India or offshore until you have worked with a person for at least one year.

A few things I have learned.

1. Do not hire a company, hire one person and make this person completely responsible for a task, no sharing of responsibility with a team.

2. Require them to give daily reports of what they finished, in long sentences.

3. Do not try to discuss problems on the telephone, if you need to talk, go to India and talk.

4. When hiring, call them up with Skype.com to see if they can speak adequate English before hiring them

5. Compliment them often, and keep telling them to do whatever they think is best, tell them to be creative. India work culture does not encourage this, so you must give them permission.

6. Do not give them deadlines, this is rather hopeless.

7. Realize the job is not going to be done good the first time, you are going to need to tell them to go back and do better three to four times.

8. Be their friend, not their boss, the boss / employee relationship in India is true problem; do not make this only business or you will fail for sure.

9. Make them be on chat, whether Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk during the hours they are to be working.

10. Remember, you do not need to rush them, you are not paying you are not paying 30 dollar per hour, you can afford to allow them to goof off, allow them freedom to think, they must feel you are encouraging them to a person, not a worker.

11. Teach them about USA working standards, they want to be the best.

Is India an advanced IT country, my answer would be no, but they have close to a billion people, and they want to study engineering and computers. The USA citizens consider these jobs unfashionable, while the country of India sees this as their ticket to the good life.

I enjoy this intriguing sociology and I enjoy the experience greatly, I find the mind of techies from the USA and the world to be a strange beast. There is nothing normal about a mind that wishes to deal with computer code all day; this is a completely new type of worker for the world. The traditional work models of brick and mortar companies may fail.

The Dot.com failure was in my opinion was not about a failure to make internet pages; it was a failure to see that the internet is not a brick and mortar business. They spent all their money on brick and motor when there was no need.

The internet is about a brain typing into a computer, creating information that is incredibly valuable, however incredibly cheap to distribute.

china-marbles.info and HoboHideOut.com are truly a business model of a “Business without Borders.”


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Information technology in India - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Michael Dell Sees India Playing a Key Role in the Online World


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PHP Developers from India

Travel Budget and Expensive Rooms

Travel Budget and Expensive Rooms
I do not use a credit card or debit card to pay for travel expenses, I go the Bank Machines or ATM and withdraw money to pay cash for expenses.

It is normal for me to live in rooms that cost approximately 10 dollars per day. I have had the unfortunate experience of paying 25 dollar per night for rooms in the last couple of months.

My ATM system would not work very well if I stayed in room over 50 dollars per day, I would not be able to extract money fast enough from the Machines.

I always stayed in the cheap rooms to save money, now I know I need to stay in the cheap rooms for security reasons.

Fukuoka, Japan
Saturday, October 4, 2008
Blog of Andy china-marbles.info --- --- Travel Bag Design Survey --- Professional Traveler Bag

I consider using credit cards or debit cards to pay for restaurants, shopping, or the hotel room as lunacy. I only will trust an ATM machine, and I am not sure I trust them.

If I had one problem on my debit card and needed to clear it up with the company, I would be S--hit out of luck. Coordinating any type of bank transactions while overseas is such a burden that the only easy solution is to cancel the card. Then what do I do for money, I cannot afford even the smallest of transaction problems, it is a calamity.

My friend just asks me if I knew how many times he had a problem with payments on the card because of travel.
He said,
“One time.”

What can I say,
“I have zero.”
And I have traveler continuously for over 10 years.

I have lost cards, ATM machines have eaten cards, and I have had problem with my Hosting Company over billings. However, I never use the card in a restaurant, therefore I never have problems. I know one thing, credit cards cause problems, cash is good, cash always works.

I am never sure of what type of logic or reasoning to call this, however I know if I use a system that excludes restaurants, hotels, and shopping I go down to zero level of fraudulent transactions on my cards.

I do enjoy listening to people who have problems; they walk around in a semi-panic for days, trying to call their bank, trying to find a telephone, trying to find money. I have met many people with this problem on my journey. I enjoy listening to a person tell me they has problems, I know my system works, and I have the pride of knowing it works.

I on the other hand believe if I wanted to stay 100 dollar per night Hotels, my system would not work. I have zero desire to stay in 100 per night hotels so I am safe.

This post is trying to explain to the people who want to travel the planet a concept about budgets, it is not for a two-week vacation person, we know you are going to use your card and solve the problems when you go home. Although I still see using a card in a restaurant on the other side of the planet as lunacy.

Travel Budget and Expensive Rooms

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