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Entered Indonesia Earthquake Area

Entered Indonesia Earthquake Area

I flew into Solo, Indonesia, took a taxi from the airport to Jogja, Indonesia, where I found a room for the night in the Backpacker Ghetto of Jogja. The room cost 6 dollars U.S. per night.

This I believe is two volcanoes. The one on the left appears to be active or smoking. From my window on Singapore Airlines, I could view about six separate mountain peaks. They rise up above the clouds.

If you imagine looking at this from the ground, you would see only a mountain climbing through the clouds. I kept hoping the captain of the plane would say,
- If you look over to your right you will see Mount Merapi. -
He never explained. The majority of the plane was full of Indonesia people; nobody seemed interested in the Volcanoes.

I made two new samples or prototypes of backpacks in Nepal. I knew I wanted to use my camera; therefore, I stuffed the bag under the seat in front of me. It is 9 X 14 X 22 inches in size. The size that is most commonly allowed on a plane. The top has a zipper open; this makes it so I can do just what I am doing. I can get in the bag and retrieve my camera. It also has a side flap that allows me to lay on the bed and open.

A hard case bag although nice with wheels, however, are not as convenient.

There were many Indonesia girls on the plane from Singapore to Indonesia. I asked the three behind me what they were doing in Singapore and they did not answer.

The short of nickname of Yogyakarta is Jogja. This is a former Dutch Protectorate or Colony. There are a few combinations of cultures. The Dutch, Portuguese, English would sail from the tip of Africa to these Islands.

There were many building in rubble. My guess in Jogja city is maybe 5 percent of the building had small or major damage. A crack in the front walk, or like this, the edge of the roof fell off.

There are some building that completely fell down. I think they did not have the re-rod steel in the walls.

I am surprised, very few girls with the Islamic covered scarves over their heads. This more modern or secularized one has a motorcycle Helmut. There are many stamps on the Helmut saying many funny things.

The full on, covered bodies I have not seen yet. Mostly the scarves over the head and tied under the chin, however they are in a minority, very few to be seen.

Entered Indonesia Earthquake Area

Jogja Indonesia

Jogja Indonesia
I am in Jogja, Indonesia, it is the short name for Yogyakarta. I believe I am approximately 10 miles or 15 Kilometers north of the Epicenter of the Earthquake.
Coming from Solo Airport to Jogja I could see buildings along the road that had damage or collapsed. It is sort of random looking, however I believe the building that suffered were older construction with no steal in them. The ones with steel were cracked, however the ones that fell looked more to be red clay brick with a concrete cover and small or no re-rod in them.
Some new construction was damage, you could have a new building next to a new building and one would have lots of damage and the other none.
There is plenty of Hotel space and anyone that wanted to volunteer could easily find a room. The hotel I am in, was full, then after the earthquake it emptied.
The 5 Star Hotels are having the biggest influx as most of the NGOs stay in them. I have not felt or seen any misplaced persons living in Jogja in the Hotels. I am in some Backpacker Ghetto and it is deserted.
The Hotel is the Setia Kawan Losman on Gang II, it is from the Lonely Planet.
I will rent a motorbike and ride to Bantul tomorrow morning.
Global Positioning Satellite
7.955°S, 110.430°E

Distances 15 km (10 miles) S of Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia
110 km (70 miles) S of Semarang, Java, Indonesia
145 km (90 miles) SE of Pekalongan, Java, Indonesia
455 km (280 miles) ESE of JAKARTA, Java, Indonesia
Jogja Indonesia


Andy of
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Sleeping in Singapore Airport

Sleeping in Singapore Airport
I am in Singapore, I change plane here to go to Solo, Indonesia. My plane just arrived 10:51 pm, my next flight leaves at 8:50 or something and there is not point in leaving the airport.
The floors are carpeted, so great to sleep on...
There is free Internet on very good computers.
Life is good, however the 7-11 does not have ice coffee.
Sleeping in Singapore Airport


Andy of
Daily Diary or Travel Journal

EARTHQUAKE 2004 in Indonesia

Chris sent me a great link on the earthquake in Indonesia.

I am thinking about going to Koh Mak near Koh Chang and Cambodia, I need a vacation from the vacation...


I need a BEACH!

I was born for the Beach.

Koh Mak is suppose to be one of the new undiscovered places to go, I probably should not tell anyone... The BEACH - No Maps

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