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2006 November 19 Enter Indonesia

2006 November 19 Enter Indonesia
Bandung Indonesia Southeast Asia
Monday, November 19, 2006

I left Bangkok, Thailand on the 18 of November and entered at Jakarta, Indonesia the country of Indonesia.

2006 November 19 Enter Indonesia

June 9 Indonesia to East Timor Flight

 June 9 Indonesia to East Timor Flight
I will leave the Island of Bali, Indonesia and fly to Dili, in the country of East Timor. It is also called Timor-Leste.

I will return to Bali in a few days, stay a couple of days, then fly to Singapore change planes and fly to Clark Airport in Philippines.
I am going to check the Subic Bay area of the Philippines to see if possible to manufacture backpacks there. It is a great location, ocean shipping, cheap labor, good relations with USA, great English skills. However, there may be many problems parts, zippers, sliders and materials. It is maybe one last attempt to see if this is possible in the Philippines before continue.
I will probably make a run of 50 in Nepal, to start, continue, and as the numbers grow, find a more suitable place for ocean shipping.
June 9 Indonesia to East Timor Flight

Pictures of Bali

Pictures of Bali

I have no pictures of Bali, I woke up early thinking about Bali, and it was as if I feel guilty. I am not a big fan of guilt; it is an ugly feeling, as a recovering alcoholic a very dangerous and deadly feeling.

Why do I feel guilty?
This is the wonder of writing a diary, you can clean the brain.

I feel guilty I have not taken photos of Bali.

- I want to make my Mother and Father happy.
- I like want to share some photos with my best friends.
- I think it is not fair to talk only about a place, I think I should also show photos to support my words. A photo really does say a million words.

I have not wanted to take photos of Bali…

Why do I not want to take photos, the normal reason is I do not want to carry my camera. I have this bigger Sony Camera and it is work to carry the stupid thing. I really also need a small one to carry, however having a problem finding the right one.
I carried the camera for 7 hours yesterday, on a motorcycle, going to the Airport. I stopped only for about 2 pictures. That is not good.

Bali so far is not noteworthy, nothing to try to remember for the future, no memory I want to keep in a photo.

When I take many photos, that means I really like the place or the culture is noteworthy. I also can take many photos when I do not like a place.

I am trying to make amends.
- I really want to stop focusing on anything bad in a country, travel, situation or place.

I keep thinking about the phrase, if you do not have something good to say, then say nothing.

A little anal that comment, however there is a lot of merit also, however it is about balance, having the proper balance in life.
Good and bad is in all things, there is always a ying and a yang.

Bali is a very popular place on the planet, just because so far it is not popular with me, does not mean it is not extremely popular with most people.

Cancun is very popular, however you are not going to find me going to Cancun, unless I have a beautiful babe, an air-conditioned room and plenty of desire.

Motorcycle Rental
For 2.50 Cents U.S. I rented a motorcycle yesterday, I needed to go to a few places and the taxis here are insanely stupid.
For 2.50 Dollars U.S. I will be able to explore the beach of Bali today.

I think it is 92 percent necessary you rent a motorcycle in Bali; it is mess, one very huge city that never ends. You need a motorcycle to find something interesting quickly. It is the world’s largest open-air shopping mall on the planet. You can buy more things here that you do not need than anywhere I have ever been.

I will try to find some good photos. Not my style, I do not go looking for photos, I take photos when I see a photo. I do not go trying to take photos. If I wanted to take the photo that made you cry, made you angry or made you feel. I would have gone into a tent in Jogja or Bentul with the earthquake, found some extremely old person, and capture the one very difficult to find photo. I saw them in the newspaper…. Aaagh. A total misrepresentation of the truth.

Photography to me should represent the normal and the unique, never trying to make the unique seem normal. What is normal to see is the culture, what is unique is the wonderful quirks of culture, or the throwbacks to former days and former ways.

MTV Rules and all old cultures are being replaced by Soap Operas, Dancing, Bars, Movies, however some old ways still survive.

I can empathize with why the Islamic crazies blew up a bar in Bali, Indonesia so far has strayed away from the teaching of Mohammed their prophet. I have never been in an Islamic type country that practices the rituals of Islam less.

MTV, fashion, Television and movies is changing the Islamic Religion, I am not sure if it will survive. The crazies are not the norm, they are the exception.
Pictures of Bali

Frustrated in Bali

Frustrated in Bali

I typed a lot, then deleted it all, I am so tempted to complain, it is something I do not want the pubic to read. I will find a way to leave Bali, probably go to East Timor. The book the beach, by Alex Garland was written trying to explain a place like Bali, they searched, found a secret beach, told nobody, the exact opposite of Bali.

I can buy a cheap copy of any movie on the planet here, there are stores everywhere.

I give up, every time I start to type, I complain.

Frustrated in Bali

State of Fear Michel Crichton Book

State of Fear

The name of a book.
I just finished this book by Michel Crichton.

He is Creator of the Television Series ER or Emergency Room; he has written many books including Jurassic Park. I am guessing but it appears they have made at least eight movies about his books.

675 pages, a good book for travelers, big enough to occupy the quiet.

I just arrived at the beaches of Bali; I truly hope this is a world class, book reading, and girl-watching beach as hinted. I finished this book last night, it took me two days, I am going to read it again. I am not sure I have ever read a book twice in a row. Yes, I know I have read books twice and three times, maybe four, however never again after just finishing.

29 pages of Bibliography.
Sign up for Author Tracker for updates.

I am excited, it is a book about what I dwell on, it explains why I came to see the Earthquake in Indonesia, the Volcano of Merapi, why I went to Iraq to see the war, and why I went to Niger to view the malnutrition problem.

Most people do not trust the government; I do not trust Television and Newspaper Journalist.

I do not trust the government either; however, I trust them more than I would a Journalist. I am not sure, I may trust a Journalist more than a travel writer.

Aaagh, I feel like a writer…

I wanted to comment or to journalize or write in my diary about the book, however I am too aware that others people are reading my diary. Therefore, I know I must create a frame of reference, I must show who, when, where, why, what, and how of a comments before I can start to explain or every comment is babble, like starting a sentence and not having a subject. One of the world largest sentence fragment thoughts.

State of Fear

A sense of Holiness sometimes surrounds me, I want to go to East Timor and a person asked,
- Don’t you feel afraid? -

I thought, tried to survey my feelings, fear was not one of the feelings, concern, worry, a sincere desire to plan, a need to be careful.

State of Fear

The book by Michael explains how the PML, the Politico-Legal-Media complex functions.

- The PML. And it is dedicated to promoting fear in the population---under the guise of promoting safety. -

Page 542, from the book - State of Fear - by Michael Crichton paperback edition 2005.

State of Fear

The Television has created a - State of Fear -; the newspapers help to create a - State of Fear -.

I am sitting in Bali, a place full of tourist drones, this is a place someone recommended they come, and then are told…
- You will enjoy Bali. -

I see in Bali
- State of shopping -
- State of Party -
Strange as it may seem, I am here primarily because my Logic professor at Indiana University used Bali daily as an example of the - World most perfect Island. -

That was 30 Years ago, the world changes, or does it…


I was strolling near Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand; I looked over to a table selling books. This big white book stared back at me; I went over picked up the book and purchased it. It was the book, - State of Fear - by Michael Crichton. I was not actively searching for the book, the book found me.

I put it on hold while I finished a Robert Ludlum book, I decided to go light and ditched my five other books in the queue, traveled to Indonesia with only one book. - State of Fear - and of course the Robert Ludlum book in process. I went to go look at the Earthquake, the media, the NGO’s and all the other PML at work. Went home, finished my Robert Ludlum book, picked up the Michael Crichton book.

Ironic Coincidence

The book describes what I observed at the Indonesia Earthquake, or what I DID NOT SEE. I did not see a - State of Fear -; I did not see a - State of Fear - at the Merapi, Volcano.

When I watch the television or I read the newspaper, I was told about a - State of Fear -. But on the land, on the ground, at the Earthquake site, I did not see this, maybe I could search and find it, however I did not see it.

I met one white NGO, WASP, White Anglo Saxon Protestant from France, who worked for

I use the Non-Politically correct way of explaining, I define him as a White Man for a reason, it is not to be politically incorrect, I do not wish to hide behind dribble. There is this sold to the public idea that somehow the Western World or the White world is out traveling the planet being represented by White people who are somehow giving away their riches to the poor people. I do believe many person hope, many rich people hope, I have made a lot of money, I want to give or help the people in need on the planet.

They met this clear, concise, eloquent, and Politically correct person at a fund-raiser for the impoverished lands of the planet. Somehow, they were convinced, this person represents my beliefs. They gave a wad of money, and then this person pockets the majority, hires some peons to go do the work, knowing if they really fixed the problem, they would have no job.

I expect, think, hope to find some high-powered, result orientated, do or die, types running the show at these so-called disaster zones. The person from was closer, however in realty, he was only in Jogja to check out the situation, he was not there to work.

What I find is the weak, power hungry, I need a place to be in command persons. Not the people who do not want the job, but can get the job done people.

Michael Crichton

I am impressed with Michael Crichton, I will put him along side James Michener, hard to weigh them, Michael has computers, James wrote before the days of computers, not the same playing field.

90 percent, of what you see on News related Television is crap, it is meant to create a crisis, a disaster, an immediate sense, in many ways a - State of Fear -.

It is not true; it is fantasy, a misrepresentation of a situation to make money.

The Earthquake is real.
The explanations are not real.

Note: If you watch CNN or BBC it will say the Mount Merapi Volcano is closed, blocked off, nobody allowed, evacuated etc.

Then HOW did I take a photo?

Thanks Michael, I appreciate when a person does his best.
…think, 29 pages of sources or references.
Smells like a research project to me.

State of Fear

Yogyakarta Airport

Yogyakarta Airport

I am in the Yogyakarta Airport, a direct and good challenge to having the least amount of seats for waiting passengers on the planet. I finally decided to enter the one larger restaurant to have a seat; however, the smoking is everywhere… hmmm

I will be happy to leave Jogja, it is nice place, the people are nice, and however I am lost to figure out what to do for fun. The travelers seem to hang in thee made-for-tourist restaurants.

I am happy to say the people of Indonesia are quick to say hello, this is nice.
It cost 50,000 Rupia or whatnot to come by taxi from the Backpacker Ghetto to the airport. I met another exporter from the Netherlands. They make a lot of furniture in this area.

Yogyakarta Airport

Hash House Harriers

Hash House Harriers

This is a sign on a water tank; this is at the viewing point of Mount Merapi Volcano. I think they may have installed toilets.

The Hash House Harriers is a British group I believe, that run, or jog. I am not sure, however you can find them normally in Expats areas.

Malioboro is I believe the area where I am living, hard to say, the guidebook is written in a manner that assumes you understand already. There are no tourist to ask, only the shagger girls with their Indonesia boyfriends, not your most intelligent sorts.
What happens normally with a traveler or tourist is this, they sit around reading the guidebook until the put together all the pieces. You can figure out a lot if you spend hours reading the guidebook. I personally have better things go do with my life. If I really become interested, I read my Encarta Encyclopedia, if I get to a point where I am super curious, I will go to the site and find out good information. The guidebooks renditions annoy me. The maps and the Hotels are about all I need from a guidebook or want. The hotel information is better than the Internet by a long ways.

Hash House Harriers


Andy of
Daily Diary or Travel Journal

Indonesia Construction

Indonesia Construction

I was thinking about the Earthquake; the big reason for problems is construction techniques. I could easily write two books on construction methods around the world, however here is some photos.

There are building a building on Gang II of the area I am located in Yogyakarta.

They use a large amount of steel re-rod, tie it together. The major problem with the process is they pour the concrete or make the concrete, start, stop, and begin repeatedly, this creates weak joints or cold joints. One continuous pour is needed for strength. The slump, the mix, etc.

Bamboo Scaffolds in Indonesia is common.

They are mixing concrete here, the mixer is a luxury, not a normal, and most countries would be doing this by shovel.

This is normal, hard to find workers actually working on a construction site, however easy to find them sleeping.

Indonesia Construction


Andy of
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