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Mahatma Gandhi who proclaimed that 'cleanliness is next only to godliness'.

I have had enough of India, if Godliness is close to Cleanliness, then I am in Hell on earth. I have stay away from the cities and I still believe this.


I have taken a turn from liking this place to wanting to leave. I am not sure why and that is what is strange. I met a very interesting and intelligent guy that studies engineering here in Sawegram. He spoke excellent English and was able to clarify or explain about the Ashram.

He was saying that an Ashram is not just a Hindu religious retreat but also a place where people go as more of a retreat. It is a place that is not for study, but a place to think, a place more to experience, and less of a place of research. It is a place where you are separated from real life so you can understand real life, or at least have time to think about real life without the constant noise and clutter of real life.

I made that a little longer than the actual explanation of the boy, but you get the idea it is not just for religious reason, but also for a refuge from the world.

I walked around the Ashram this morning and read all the information signboard and try to understand them. This whole place is like a big private joke and I am not included in the joke. Everyone is under some great conceptual idea that they know what they are doing, and no one seems to want to say that the King has no clothes.

Malta the girl was outright rude today and would not even say Hello. I am not sure of the reason, and I suppose I do not care. I do not take much stock or value in people that change emotional status by the moment. I like the true and steady.

So today is good because I am starting to put together who or what Gandhi the man was up to, but the Ashram is more of a shrine to him, and not really anything in the end. I thought there would be lots of people inside doing things, but so far it is more or less a very nice museum of how Mahatma Gandhi lived in the last years of his life. I looked at his home and office, and where he planned or helped to separate India from England.

I do like the place, but it is very quiet and very boring in the end, because of the lack of people and of any real natural beauty. It is maybe what Gandhi wanted, or desired a lack of temptations of beauty. I am just guessing and do not assume to understand how or why this place is here. I think he needed a home and he made this place his home, and since he wanted a lot of people to be accepted he called it an Ashram. But this is all just opinions of mine, and I am still lost to understand. Weird or strange how difficult it can be to learn about a place even thought I am right at the place. I could go to the library in the USA and in 3 hours have this all figure out. I will probably leave this place not really understanding the whole picture.

Enough of the minor issues of life like Gandhi and Thoreau and such, I am off to find some Puri and Chetnee Coconut. I am farther north and they may have aborted the Coconut idea. (Note, I did not find Puri)


I WOKE UP THINKING - Tuesday Morning
I woke up this morning full of thoughts in my head and mulling, musing and just downright drudging around with thoughts. It would be harder to debate if I were thinking about the Gandhi Ashram or about the fact that I am cold. I now have put 3 blankets on me to try to get warm, and really miss a good gas forced air furnace, that I can crank up and make the air warm.

So am I thinking about the similarity of this wanna-be self-sufficient project of Gandhi and of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond Experiment? Blah blah blah is my head. Trying to group, regroup, and find the consistencies, congruencies, and inconsistencies and rid my mind of the confusion.

Maybe this is what the mediation is about. To stop thinking. But a good drug addict knows how to do that very well also, but let me not be sarcastic.

I will say if I was going to write the prelude or that is not the right word. I cannot think of the right word. I am sure it is not Quaalude, but what I am looking for is the word that would say the conclusion maybe to the story of Gandhi and Thoreau it would be the story of my experiment of curiosity, and how to be curious without going crazy.

In the end, I am not sure, but I think a good cup of coffee in the morning is ok for me. There is some friendship involved in just waking and drinking a cup of coffee, and not worrying about the mess.

I suppose all my thoughts are too much sometimes for me, but I have learned to not care about my thoughts. They are just a lot of noise and give me a way to spend the day, and in the end all I really want is enough money to be curious and / or probably look for girls. I suppose I am looking for a wife like any other man, but the search is long and tedious, but the world is big.

It is nice to be high minded when you have money, but a little more difficult when you are poor. I relax when I am more self-sufficient. But not needing people is to me is silly. Better to be needed.

I am going to go read in my Encyclopedia about Thoreau. In the introduction to my Autobiography it mentions that Gandhi learned from Henry David Thoreau and the Christian bible, and a few other source, and for sure Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and H D Thoreau were in the same play together. But who was the first? That is my curious question. Who had the original ability to combine the thoughts together and come up with civil disobedience?

I went to read about Gandhi and what I learned is that I was spelling his name wrong. So now the way I was spelling it Ghandi is replaced thanks to Bill Gates and CTRL H with the correct spelling of Gandhi. I really like CTRL H.

I am enjoying my stay here very much so far. I do not think the people have a clue on how to deal with an Indiana boy in the middle of a bunch of people searching for God.

I say,
“Hello, how are you?”
And strangely a lot of people just look at me and stare. I know the greeting is something like amistat or something like that, or marajaba sometime they say to me, but when they say this to me, I give them a nod of the head, and a look in the eye and sometime wave according to the situation. So they got to understand the same idea. When people talk to you… Acknowledge their presence… hehehe…

What good fun.

But Malta has got my number. She is a girl that is somehow connected to the Ashram and was giving me orders. So I called her the boss. I am in a sexist culture and that sort of brought the eyebrows at me, so I said,
“Pretty obvious she is the big boss!”

Men are jerks in the whole world, and this place has more than its share of male jerks, but so be it.

Malta says to me,
“When you was you, I think you be naughty boy.”
I replied,
“I still be naughty boy.”

She has my number, but she is working on instinct and not on some drummed up, I want to analyze and make sure who and what your are, and they I make a judgment sort of thing.

I find the more intellectual a person tries to be the more stupid they become. What is so good about trying to be intellectual? It seems pretty intelligent and high mind, and you may say intellectually astute to me that I must try to enjoy the day. Trying is not part of living or enjoying. I try to find something, but I do not try to be someone. I am me… I think, at least last time I checked.

There is little song and dance here going on, as people are visiting the Ashram. It is a sort of perma-culture environment or you may say it is self-sufficient with the help probably a lot of tourist. I am not sure thought they did not want money for the dinner, but they said something about working tomorrow morning after breakfast. I really would like to go chat with Malta, but I find the idea of working in an Ashram anti cathartic, but I am positive the 3 girls across the way need to have some guidance, and I will encourage them. Maybe?

I do not like to compete with he local workers for jobs, and made up my mind to not do any menial task that could employ locals in poor countries. So.. I will give them some fair money for the food. I already was told I needed to pay 80 Rupees for the room, and the room is great. Has a western style toilet, and it has a pull flush. I am not sure, it maybe the first full on Western toilet I have encountered. I have seen a few flush squat toilets.

The room has a desk, some shelves, and everything but a closet. They included a mosquito net, but I am packing my own newly modified one, which is ready to hang up. I really needed it tonight and have set it up in my room.

I am always wondering about the word empathy. I wish they would empathize with the people that live in hotel rooms. The did give me a mosquito net, but the room is not set up for a mosquito net. It has a lot of plastic conduit on the wall, but the room is a trapezoid or something like that and has to many angles, and 2 single beds. Only one mosquito net. I better check that tomorrow. But you get the point the functionality is missing. (Note - I found 2 mosquito nets in the room, so there is the proper amount of nets, but for sure the proper type of hooks on he walls are missing, or for sure not obvious.)

I will chat up Malta tomorrow and get some of the details. I can say that I do think the drinking, drugs, and noise is down to a minimum here.

I took a sign today of a “No Horn” sign. It was a trumpet with a back slash through it. I had to take a photo of this. The culture of India says that if you have a horn, you must use it at least every 100 meter, or less, and this no horn sign is great. All these signs, and concepts, but I just like I was thinking at dinner tonight.
I said to myself,
“Self, there are a lot of people here searching for God.”
I then though about the people that complain about the people that sin all the time, then go to Church on Sunday.
“At least they are going to the a repair shop, and the ones that do not go are broken also.”

But this is a place for people to search for God and there are people here searching for God. Duh?

I got a kick out of the Ireland girl telling 2 Korean girls tonight about her former French roommate.

The French girl married a Sadhu from Nepal or the Himalayas.

Now the Ireland girl was sort of inferring that this was a holy thing to do, but I was laughing. A Sadhu has or is suppose to have a vow of no women or living a life without possessions. I personally think they make up the rules as they go, but I must be careful with my opinions. But I do know a very drunk one that lives and works the streets begging in Hampi!

But none the less people speak of Sadhu with reverence, but I look at them like they should get a job and stop asking me for money. I do not get any holy feeling from them, but I do get a distinct,
“I be a beggar, and you should feel guilty and give me money feeling.” So like the naughty boy I be. I don’t give them money.

God has a lot of work to do here in India and there is a lot of people walking around with no arms, legs, old, and other very ugly problems, and I am going to help God by giving to the ones with serious problems before the Sadhus that do not wish to work. Plus I am not Hindu. Although I do support all the good Gods of the world.

I was laughing at the 3 girls today.
They were talking about there being a prayer in the morning and a prayer in the evening. Now this is an Ashram and I would hope they would do something like that, but I am not going to believe that it is “non-denominational”

Tonight at the 5:00 dinner we had to sit on the floor, cross-legged and eat, and the man said some chant. He said something,
“Hari Krishna.”

I am pretty sure that Krishna is, no I am positive…

1 Sanskrit Krishna one of the most widely revered and most popular of all Indian divinities, worshipped as the eighth incarnation

Yep he was making a not so non-denominational prayer to Krishna in a Hindu retreat. Now that would make sense, and I would hope in a Hindu retreat they would make this type of prayer. This is good and I respect that, but this malarkey about it being non-denominational is just some not too clear on why they are chanting, but like the feeling so they do chant malarkey.

The Ashram has represented itself correctly, but the other travelers are filling in their misunderstanding gaps as they go. This is very common and if a traveler or anyone does not understand something they make it up as they go. I on the hand drive myself crazy with an overabundance of questions all the time I am researching. I doubt that I can find any clear answers, but I am sure that chatting up Malta can give me some help, and also she has no toe ring. I hope that means she is not married. But if she is living in an Ashram she may be similar to a Monk.

There are some really good “Souls” over there, and they are nice, and the other I will take under advisement. The 3 girls on the other side need to be here, and me. I must need to be here, because I am here, so that would make sense. But I am pretty sure; no I am positive that God is not lost.

I am sure this drives my mother crazy all this talk about Hindus and such, but relax mom. I am pretty sure it all the same God with a different twist to keep think up for guessing. They always said something about faith. I do not think Faith and Logic fit together.

Note that I told Malta I was naughty in a good boy sort of ways, and a not a bad boy. I often think what they mean to say is,
“Andy, you are uncontrollable.”

I know that also.

I was hoping for some Yoga stretching classes.
I will ask Malta. They need to hire a couple more girls over there to answer my questions.

Location: Sevagram or maybe Sewagram, India
Home of an Ashram founded by Mahatma Gandhi.

I think I am living in rooms owned, or maybe managed by the Ashram.

1 : a secluded dwelling of a Hindu sage; also : the group of disciples instructed there
2: a religious retreat

The name of the city is Sevagram. Encyclopedia Britannica says:

town, eastern Maharashtra state, western India. Originally called Segaon, the village was given its present name a HindY: Village of Service) by Mohandas Gandhi, the Indian nationalist leader. In 1936 he left his ashram (a hermitage) on the Sabarmati River, near Ahmadabad, and settled at Sevagram. There he founded another ashram and directed the independence movement. Within this he created a model community that still flourishes, in which the inhabitants live a simple existence.

The town is also the site of the Nai Talimi Sangh, the educational centre established by Gandhi. He gave it the tasks of building a self-sufficient community by providing its own food, clothing, shelter, and tools and of establishing a society able to fulfill its aesthetic, spiritual, and intellectual needs by creating its own art, music, literature, and drama.

Sunday Afternoon
I am jumping a train tomorrow morning at 4:30 AM to Sevagram, India. I asked a few people when the train left for Nagpur and one said at 10:30 and another at 11:30. The both seem extremely reputable and truthful, but the station was only a 10 Rupee Rickshaw away. The man in the station said, something different, but this is the game of travel. I never would trust anyone but the horse’s mouth when traveling, most people do not travel outside there city or village and they are unreliable.

I am looking to stay 3 nights in Sevagram and clean up a little. There are these Mahatma Gandhi signs around saying something to the extent of “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Being that there is a Mahatma Gandhi founded Ashram or Hindu Religious Retreat in Sevagram it will be interesting to see if it is cleaner.

I am learning a lot by necessity on how to clean up while traveling, how to find a clean restaurant, what are the signs of a clean place, and how to look or inspect people for good hygiene. India training ground for people that would want to learn about how to view or inspect for good healthy cleaning habits. The country of India is both one of the cleanest countries and dirtiest in one place. The water is controlled more than most, but the smells, dust, and waste management is disastrous.

I am really expanding my Tips area of my page. I write, add, enlarge, and create tons of small tips daily, then add to the index of tips. I am really happy to be able to capture so many concepts daily.
I was just thinking,
“What I need is a beach full of women, and not so much learning.”

The Internet Café here in Sitpur is or will not open. He said he would open at 2:00 and then I took a Taxi to the place and he would not open. Do not for a minute think that the people of India are hungry for money; in most ways they are exactly the same as the rest of the world. If the money is easy they are ready, but if they have to work no.

But I do not understand this “Holiday.”
Friday is Muslim day, and I am not sure what is Hindu day, and then there are bunches of Tribal people that are having a big market day. Sunday is a Christian day and I have found nothing in this city that resembles or smells of Christians. There are pigs everywhere and that is because of the Tribal people. Some Muslim guy said if the pig touched them they would go shower. I am in favor that everyone in India taking a shower, but that is a whole other issue.

The level of dirt is getting to me, and I thought I could live with anything. The only clean place is in my room, and I would not say that I am in a clean room.


I am in Sewagram home of the Asharm founded by Mahatma Ghandi


I am sitting here in my room typing. The guy next door is walking outside the door and clearing his throat and spitting. This seems to part of the culture and a daily ritual for people. The bad part about this is not so much the noise, and the idea I am going to be walking around later on the ground. Makes a guy wish he could fly. The India people are the worst I have encountered so far for this obnoxious behavior of spitting, but I hear the Chinese will give them a run for the money on this. I have slowly came to believe that this is due to the very spice food, and if their bodies did not have to make so much mucous to protect itself, this would not be a problem. I was eating a chicken curry dish last night and my nose started to run. I like spicy foods, but have begun to realize this is part of my sinus problems. I have started to slow down on the pepper. A curry though is impossible and the India food is extremely hot and spicy. In the ancient days before refrigerators the only way to preserve foods was often with spices.

This guy has been doing this obnoxious noise for 30 minutes. I am still looking for the perfect earplugs. This would really be helpful, if I had a pair of super super earplugs. Not just some garden variety, but something that would stop the noise. I am thinking about hanging a blanket across the window.

I was reading about noise pollution yesterday in the English Newspaper. It was saying how much higher than normal the city of Bangalore was than was considered acceptable. The numbers are hard to remember, but they obviously did not like the amount of noise in Bangalore. The article blamed it on the increasing number of cars, and motorcycles. I would say that Iquitos Peru was the noisiest city I have ever visited.

But noise pollution is a problem and for the life of me I cannot understand why no one talks about this stress! I think the noise is the biggest problem of travel, and blocking it out with a CD Rom is only a mask and a good calm is better than a good masking or cover-up, but I guess a lot of people need to the confusion to keep from being alone with themselves.


There was in Manchirial or maybe spelled Manchirayal in the State of Andhra Pradesh bags of water for sale at the bus stand for drinking. There is about the same amount of water as a soda or Coke in the bag. This is normally a sign of bad water, or possible bad water, because the bags of water are cheap enough for normal people to drink while the bottled water is too expensive. I suppose a 5 Gallon or 5 Gallon liter dispensers is also a sign of bad water. There was lots of bottled water in Goa and Karnataka State, but I never saw a dispenser or any type of way to load the bottle and make easy to pour yourself a drink. This is like the water coolers they are trying to push on the USA public, with both a Hot and Cold water dispenser. The water in the USA is excellent, and there is no reason for bottled water, but for some sort of exclusivity reason, but sometimes through marketing you can convince people they have a need, when there is none.



I am just arrived an hour ago into Sirpur or a part of Sirpur that is before Sirpur. I really do not know the exact name yet, because it has always been written in a local language on paper for me and I cannot read or type these characters.

But the Hotel is wonderful for 70 Rupees a night. I also do not know the name of it yet, but I will look around on the building when I leave to walk. This small city has a wonderful looking market area just below my hotel, and I am going to stay at least 2 nights here, because I am moving to fast.

I have a roommate in the room by the name of “Gecko,” he or she like to crawl on the wall during the day. This is a little strange for geckos that normally stay inside until night. Geckos are not a problem and usually stay high or out of the room by a crack in one second of movement. Hard to even photograph them, they are always in the dark areas.

The bus trip was great, and the people at the bus stop in Marichuri or the big town before Sirpur about 150 kilometers back was a hoot. I counted one time after the crowd left and I had about 40 people standing trying to talk with me, really made me wish I would have taken a shower this morning. I even wasted the hot water that was bought and brought to the room.

I think I set a record for people around me talking. I am sure in Mosul I could have beat this, but I was not willing to stand around in Mosul, Iraq long enough for a group this big. But it was funny, and I hope some of the photos came out good. The area was shady and who know if the digital camera worked good or bad. I will check them later to see.

The center of the country seems to be a large rice-growing region. I saw lots and lots of rice paddies, but sort of dry in between the paddies.

There is statue of some man now that I have seen about 10 times in each of the small cities. I will try to find another one and take a photo. I think it is the same guys as was in Dharwad, but the words are all in Hindi or something, and I cannot read. But I would think this is some current leader with a propaganda campaign, normally dead leaders do not get that much statue space.

There are AID’S signs every 20 Kilometers in Yellow and big that tell them to beware of AIDS and to be careful. I am impressed with the organizational network of the Indian government. The social programs are very good, but the level or how they deal with cleanliness is still on the crazy side. I do not know why they do not have a keep India clean program. With lots of trash bins and such around for people to throw their trash. The street is the receptacle and this is crazy. They do clean up the streets, but so much of the trash makes it to the water that the pollution of the water is terrible.


Hot water was brought to my room at 7:00 AM in Karimnagar, India for 3 Rupees for a dip style bath.


I went into the post office yesterday here in Karimnagar, India and the person that was working in the post office really spoke bad English and could or would not help me to mail a package of my backpack organizers to the USA.

But there were various Hindu and Muslims in the post office and as normal they stare, shake hands, and want to know my “Good Name” or where I am from, so as I was standing in line I had to perform as normal. Hello, Andy, America, or USA etc.

A few Muslims were shaking my hand and being helpful. There is a belief that Muslims hate Christians and I could make a good argument for that, but what is funny is that people want to be friends. I was leaving the place and the two Muslims came out and were doing their best to try to explain that if I took a bus to one city, and train to Nagpur I could mail my package very easily. I was impressed shook their hands, and was really appreciative. I really could not understand the name of the city they wanted me to take a bus to, but I did understand their intentions. They wanted to be good people.

I have found that the big problem with all religions is the religious leaders that demand of their followers that they behave like idiots. The Muslim Clerics are to me the ringleaders of this Hate or Jihad idea and this is not the normal person Idea of love. But the follower being a good worshipper almost has no choice, because the leader has told them this is correct, and they are just a normal person, and why should they fight against the idea of their leader.

I believe that Nation States have a obligation to make it illegal for any individual create hate, including the religious leaders.


I am in Karmimnagar, India.

State of (Who knows? I am too lazy to look in Guidebook.)

I got to use the ATM in Hyderbad and have money now. Yea!

It is about 200 Kilometers Northeast of Hyderbad.

Hotel Parshanth Lodge

100 Rupee a night with a toilet inside the room.

Excellent room and the staff are nice.

Walk outside the bus stop and turn left. Walk about 200 meters and it is on your left-hand side as you cross a street. Look for name on top.

Since this city was not in my Footprints guidebook, I thought I would help a little.

I left Hampi / Hospet by train at 4 and arrived the next morning. Very nice trip except for my bunk was maybe a little short. I slept on the top bunk in sleeping class.

TRAINS - What I think you want to ask for when buy a train ticket is:

Sleeping Class - UB Upper Bunk or Top Tier. You want to be on the top so that they do not make your bunk into a seat during the day. Note that the window side is longer and can hold your backpack better. I sleep with my backpack and all my belonging on the inside part of my bed.

It was a little crowded on my bunk because I have this stupid box of backpack organizers to mail to the USA still with me. I am very glad I put a cord around the box or it would be impossible to carry. But there is I, the big backpack, the little backpack and this box about 14 inches by 14 inches in the top bunk. The bunk is short so there is very little room. The window bunks are bigger. I took the clips form my new water bottle holder and clipped the backpack to the steel mesh at the top of the wall to hold both my small backpack and the box off of me and give me more room. I am going to install a lot more of these clips on the backpacks so I can hook them to the trains better.

I left Hampi and went to Hyderbad. The place smells like a sewer at the bus stop. I wanted to go the Techie part of the city. I guess or am told is it is called. “High Tech City.” I was on my way, but the Auto Rickshaw guy was too complicated and I decided to just leave the city. It was 5:30 in the morning and still dark, and I have not idea where I was. I supposedly arrived in a city called Racheguide or something like that. I was told it was between Hyderbad and Sucunderbad. But I could not find this place on the map. So I was in place I do not know, and trying to go to another place I do not know. I talked to really nice man at the station that spoke decent English. I said I want to go north toward Nagpur. He said I need to go to Katzpitt. I then went to the bus stop he called. “Jubilee.” I am positive this is crazy, but I am pretty sure I am heading toward Nagpur by bus. I get on the bus and finally pass a few small cities. One is finally on the map in the guidebook. I am heading Northeast out of the city and not directly north. So much for going straight north.

Well. I made it about 200 kilometers Northeast of Hyderbad. The bus stop at Jubilee in Hyderbad smelled like a rotten bunch of hay in a cow tramp shed. The smell of India is atrocious.

Catching buses is pretty easy. But I am now in Karmimnagar and I am going to search for an Atlas I discovered the other day. It cost 70 Rupees and has both the Trains and the Roads on it and all the states. I really need a good map, and the one the guidebook it bad.

I hope it has both the Hindi and the name in English on one map. I do not know why they give maps with only one language. The do not understand the word in English and it would be better to point at the spelling in Hindi then to try to say the word. Maps in English are for English people, but I need a map the local language… ALWAYS. Maps should always be in dual language if possible. My guidebook has the name in Hindi or some language. “Sometimes” next to the name of the city. This is helpful also

I tried to mail the package to the USA, and the guy said 4000 Rupees. This is nuts and I finally learned the computer was broken, and they did not know how to calculate the cost. They did not offer me a choice on Sea or Air, and I asked for the price, and they just told me to go to Hyderbad. That is 200 Kilometer in the back, and the city of Hyderbad is big and crazy. I will go the next city and try again. I found the Post Office easily. I paid a taxi driver 10 Rupees… hehehe. I am asking a lot of disinterested parties the price of taxis, and this is saving me money on taxis. The owner said the taxi was 10 Rupees.

I will leave tomorrow morning for or toward Nagpur. I am in a round about way going toward Varanasi to see them burn dead bodies and see if it really as dirty as they say. Everyone loves the place, but the descriptions are gruesome.

Nagpur is close to Savernain or something like that where there is a Holy Retreat called an Ashram that was made by Ghandi.

The bus trip was interesting. North of Hyderbad is very flat and tons of rice paddies. There is a lot of food being grown. There are few dams in the area collecting and controlling water. I saw a lot of large warehouse along the way, and I am starting to think that India is very industrialized in a hard to see sort of way. The factories and the warehouse are out in the country for the most part with fence and off the road. You can only see them from a distance, and there is a gate to enter. If I am lucky I can read the sign in English to discover what is inside. There was a “Leather” place along the way, and lot of Rice warehouse. I saw a city of smokestack, but have no idea why. But industry is a lot better than the subsistence farming of South America.

I will go look for an Internet café. I am sure the city has one. Oops, I need to take a shower first. Overnight train and 4 hours on a bus, and I am too grungy. I am hoping for warmer water than Hampi.


Today in the 15th of January 2004 and the locals are cleaning, and swarming around. They are clean the ground or wiping the ground down here in Hampi, Karnataka, India with a mix of water and cow manure or shit. It is quite fun to watch as what we would consider a disgusting procedure they consider something different. They are drawing the rangolis on the ground then taking flowers and rolled up cow turds and making little monuments in the center. I notice yesterday that all the cow manure was being plucked up around the area.

Also the people are taking baths in the river, and I saw a boy getting a hot sponge bath. The cook water in large vats and then take sponge baths over the top of the concrete drainage canals. Note that I have learned that the human waste goes into a small holding tank or septic systems below the toilets.


Just like clockwork the lights in Hampi go out in the morning around 7 and come on a few minutes later. They do this at night also around 7. Like a change of shift, and this is what Shackle tells me that happens. What is really stupid is the restaurants come around at night and melt candle wax on the ashtray or some hard surface on your table for a light. Then about 5 minutes later they take the candle off the table when the lights come back on, so what happens is every day they drip hot wax on something. The solution would be to make some type of candleholder as for the last 25 days here this happens daily. But this is long-term thinking and not really part of the mentality or culture of the underdeveloped countries. Sublimation or doing things for the long-term is one of the biggest problems for poorer countries and almost guarantees they will remain poor.

With the cost of labor the managers and bosses think the same way.


Thursday morning.

I leave by train today for Hyderbad, India. The train leaves around 4 in the afternoon and will arrive there the next day. It is necessary I go to a place where I am 100 percent sure there will be an ATM machine.

I am not looking forward to staying in Hyderbad for a night, because it has over 5 million people, and I am not sure how to find my way around. The larger the city, the more difficult it is to learn the transportation. It would be extremely beneficial if the guidebooks would say things like…


The buses run from here to here in a straight line.

The buses run a circular route.

The buses start and end at the same bus stop.

The same is for trolleys, subways, trains, etc.

For instance in Quito Ecuador the trolley goes through the city. You pay a fare and you can go to the other end of the city. You pay another fare and you return back to the same location.

In Acapulco the buses go around in circles. If you stay on the bus long enough you will arrive back to the same location.


Thursday Morning

I have been reading in my encyclopedia for the last hour this morning trying to learn how to clean the toilets in India or maybe how to clean my kitchen equipment.

In the end as best I can figure out it would be best to use boiled water with Ammonia or maybe Chlorine. I would suppose common laundry bleach with be the source of Chlorine. I suppose if I carried powdered laundry bleach I could clean the toilets the most sanitary.

Although I would consider Thailand as looking cleaner, in the end I feel the water supply from the Tap to be of poorer quality than of India. The people of India are naturally as a culture having more body dirt, but the water is cleaner. I think the Thai people use soap and water, while the India people just more or less hope things are clean.

For cleaning there is nothing like very hot water and some Clorox or ammonia.

In the poor countries hot water is a never used, it is therefore my belief that very few things are truly sanitized, and especially in the kitchen. Iodine is used in Mexico to clean the water for salads, although I would not eat a salad in Mexico or almost any country.

I have not eaten the Tally here in India, and do not plan on starting. I did eat part of Tally one day with a friend when I did not know what it was, but still did not eat the lettuce or maybe cabbage part.

I served French Fries or Finger Chips as they call them here in Hampi the other day with shredded cabbage and carrots on top. French Fries are probably very sanitary because of the boiled oil, but the cabbage did not help.

Fresh vegetables and or raw foods are suspect for me. I eat a lot of packaged food or cooked breads and such, and do not try to eat all the fruits or vegetables. I will buy orange and limes to peel and eat, but would not and really have never eaten these types of foods while traveling as served in Restaurants. I have had very few problems with diarrhea and would consider my bigger problem as being foods that go through the body fast or have lots of cellulose and do not digest. For instance if I eat peanuts, coconuts, or other similar foods in EXCESS I will have a problem in the toilet for ONE day upon cessation.

I had a problem two days ago, and I finally learned that the Chetnee I like so well is made with peppers and COCONUT. I ate about 10 of the Puri with Coconut Chetnee and the next day I had a problem. I ate Chapathi a form of flat pancake like dough, similar to a tortilla for a day and was fine. I almost always blame toilet problems on the type of foods and not the bacteria’s for me.

EXPORTING HEADACHES - January 14 Sent First

I went to the post office today in Hampi and all the rules are different than Margoa. Really I cannot figure out the rules, and I had the same problem in Margoa, Goa when I tried to learn they just have no time to help, teach, show, and treat me as if I was dumb for asking the questions.

I am slowly evolving an idea that it is better to go to country and buy stuff and carry it home in the backpack. Sending packages home cost more than a place ticket.

The man in Hampi said that it would take 3 - 4 months to send a package home by Sea. The girl in Hospet said it would take 30-40 days to send a package home by Sea. Who is correct I will only learn either a good way or a bad way. I sent one package home by Sea to see how long it will take.


I am getting ready to leave Hampi, India and I realize if I had a choice I would go to South America before I would go to the next place in India. India is very easy to travel in; except for in my opinion the train, and that is more like Europe where you have to get a reservation all the time. I think the religions are starting to wear on my brain. There is no way to become part of Asia for the most part, I would always be a foreigner, and never accepted. I think it is very convenient here, and in some ways the India people are like servants to the Foreigners but I always feel like they do not respect the Foreigners and only want the money.

In one of the English newspapers yesterday it describe how some India people hacked the arms and legs off an Indian boy for marrying an Indian girl that was above his caste or class level. The great part is that the newspapers report all this type of barbarians and try to portray it as just that barbaric, but it will take a long time to change India and bring it into the modern world.

So I guess I miss South America where I was more or less equal with all the locals. Oh yea, I had more money, but that was only a big deal if I allow it, and not a problem


I will leave on the 4:00 PM train to Hyderbad. It is scheduled to arrive the next morning at 5:30 or close to that time. I will probably stay the night in Hyderbad to smell the city. It has over 5 million people. I got to believe it is ripe, or hopefully they make the bigger cities more modern than the smaller cities.


I am having some headaches in India finding ATM machines. Normally a country bank will all have the ATM, for instance if a Bank of India has an ATM, then they will have one for all the cities banks in the country. This is NOT true of India.

I need to carry extra or more cash than normal in India.

I think I will try to get on one of them ATM locators on the Internet. Hopefully that will work. Normally only in the places where you do not need an ATM and they are everywhere, but I will check, because this would save me days of travel.

The ATM locator did not work, or tell me anything. It had a few of the cities I would like to stop and visit, but as always. “No information available.” I did find a India Corporation Bank that said it had an ATM in Bijapur, but it did not say if it took outside the country, or only the inside the country cards, so that was inconclusive.

I give up, I will go to Hyderbad and get money and skip some of the cities in between. I purchased a sleeper 2nd class sleeper train with an upper bunk for 269 Rupees to somewhere that is suppose to be there, but has a different name of “Kachegoda.”

I will stay a night in Hyderbad and go north by small bus along the same route as the train tracks. If I want I can jump on a train and move faster or at least with less pain. The guy I purchased a train ticket from said I needed to buy tickets 10 days ahead to go directly to Hyderbad, this is nuts and not my idea of travel. I do no have itineraries.


Hard to keep a straight face when walking down the dirt alley toward my friends Shackles house and I encounter a lady playing or putting her hand on the rectum of a cow. I thought I better take a photo just in case… Never know when a photo is needed.

I will try to be respectful, but what I finally learned she was doing is trying to get the cow to pee so that she could collect in a pot. She is going to use the urine to clean something, and I am not sure I really want to know.



I am off to Hyderbad in 4 hours by train. I came to Hospet to use the internet for 4 hours and my regular place is closed for the Hindu New Years, so all my great plans are set aside because the is other internet cafe is not good for my computer.

It is adventure finding a computer sometimes in India. Too much small problem, and the connections are broken or eaten by boys surfing the S ex sites.

All is good though, and I am heading north.



Hobo TRAVEL TIPS - Hampi Karnataka India - Top 10 Travel Internet Sites


I was talking to a fat American girl yesterday and wanted to find a book to trade in English. She asks me, or I said to her that I carry around 7 books all the time to be ready to trade when possible. I also do not like to trade 2 for 1 because that depletes the trade supply, so better to trade with other travelers and not in the over stupid bookstores.

But she said,

“Isn’t it very heavy?”

I said,

“Yes, but who walks with the backpack?”

“Yes, I walk, but only to Rickshaw.”

But I am really not lazy, and normally even make my life more difficult by walking to meet the Rickshaws. I am amused at the number of people here in the Shanthi that book, or arrange a Rickshaw to be at the door to leave for Hospet.

But being that I am not lazy, but cheap I normally walk to the place where there is a gang of Rickshaws to get the competition going, and get a good price.

I was going to say that I could go one month without picking up my backpack, but this is stupid. It would cost me an extra 8 dollars and that is 4 nights in a Hotel here in India. I am 100 percent positive I could travel in India and never pick up my back for an extra 8 dollars.

Now note that I save the 8 dollars and 90 percent of the travelers pay so much more than me it is ridiculous. They are terrible negotiators or mean ones, and I am good at getting a great price on rooms, taxis, and such in a nice way. Being mean, is being mean, and a good way to have someone decide to rob you and not drive a taxi for a living.

But for the entire world that wants to travel in the poor countries. It should not be about walking, or carrying your bags. The poor countries are the easy ones, and the rich ones of Europe are the pain in the butt ones.

I am realizing everyday that I like the underdeveloped countries because I can live and travel like a King on Paupers wages.

It is hard to understand why a person likes to stay in places like India, but it probably is about the quality of life being so great. It is nice to lounge around all day, read books, talk, and look at tourist attractions for 5 dollars U.S.

I keep thinking it would be nice for my parents to travel in India for a month with me. India is safer than South America in terms of Robbery, so an older person can get on easier without being robbed.


I just went out to take some photos of the inconsiderate jerks making a chant outside the hotel. Don’t ever think that ANY religion of the world is considerate. I have never understood why religions think they are special and can go annoy people without remorse.

It is about 7:00 am in the morning here in Hampi and these jerks dress in orange dresses is singing just outside the hotel. I do not mind them walking by and moving down the road to do this, but they have set up station outside the hotel. So I went and took a photo. I work on the photo reciprocity theme. If they are rude enough to annoy me, I am rude enough to take their photos. Although there is really only about 2 percent of the people that do not want their photos taken, and this idea of stealing the soul, and all the other crap is long since been lost. They are now just as vain in the world as the rest of the world. The world is up to speed on photographs, and most cultures have cameras.

Just yesterday Shackle my seamstress was making me look at her family pictures. I suppose this is a form of endearment and I did somewhat enjoy them, but for me not the best with no choice. Shackle is not a stranger and I enjoyed the photos, but I am amazed that I can meet a person for one minute and they want to show me their wedding photos. Remember on my web site you have a choice….! You can click off.

But most religions of the world do not know the golden rule or even a slight understanding of the golden rule. This includes all the Christian religions also. NONE are considerate. The all like to accost people and they allow people in their religions to accost, provoke, and try to annoy people. Saying hello and giving a pamphlet is not annoying. It is when they refuse to let me walk away, or especially this making me… I rephrase that, when they TRY to make me feel guilty to give them money. I am way beyond the guilt stage of giving money. I am at the self-defense stage of giving. I will tell them to go take a hike. Leave me alone and learn some manners. A guilt-trip given to a person with no choice is abusive. A guilt-trip given to a willing audience may be penance or needed…. !

But walking down the street as a tourist a person does not ask to be accosted or made to feel guilty. But then again it is hard to make an innocent person feel guilty!


There is a little kid that works in the Shanthi Guesthouse. He is real disgusting sounding and acting individual. Every morning I get to hear him clear his throat. But he appears to be a normal person from the Indian culture. Shanthi means peace or quiet in the Hindi or whatever language it is, and this is not peace or quiet. Disgusting yes. I think I listen. I think I read and try to understand the goal. What are the rest of the people doing? I am not perfect, and the only perfection is in trying to be better.


I just used the word “Futile” and then I decide I should go make sure I know the meaning, so I will go check in dictionary.

1 : serving no useful purpose : completely ineffective - efforts to convince him were futile.

Yep, that is how I wanted to use the word. I am amazed at all the word I know from a contextual basis, and am not absolutely positive I would want to use in writing. I suppose that is why writer use a journal to learn to write, because it helps to take a thought and translate it from an abstract concept into a concrete statement, and it is work to use the correct words. I could have use the word diction instead of “correct words,” but why use a bigger word?

Back to the subject of the futility of taking photos. I have taken I think around 7-10,000 photos. I am not sure, and this is still just a guess, but I have taken a lot. I have lost a few thousand of them and this is annoying, but goes to express the futility of photos. People take tons and tons of photos like they are going to publish them in a book or something and this is sometime ludicrous and sometimes annoying when they make us look at them. I can honestly say that maybe 5 times more or less in the last 7 years have I shown photos to my friends on the computer. I hate to show people photos on my computer and do not see that this is good to offer to show them photos. The people I showed were bugging me to death to show them their photos, it is almost never photos of something special, but more likely I took a photo of them, and they ask if they could see the photo. This is the nature of vanity.

But, people do like to see photos and off course I am showing all my readers lots of photos, but all of you have a choice, and can click away quickly. I think a lot about photos and how to take photos, but in the end the problem is the futility of taking photos.

My goal is to show or represent what it feels like to be here in India, or sometimes I will pound a subject, for instance toilets to show you what they are like, and the thoughts that go through my head.

So this is I think a form of Photo Journalism, or a way of telling a story with photos. The world is big, and often a photographer is in my mind a Photo Hack, or a person that takes photos to mis-represent something and not to represent something. I try to represent is close to how it feels as possible, and this requires good and bad photos to be shown. Of course a person that pays a lot of money should not and I hope would not take a lot of bad photos to show how the situation was, but most people only glamorize a situation and do not do justice or truth to a subject.

But back to the FUTILE word. It is a monstrous world we live in, and is huge, and to even have inkling as to what the word is about means a person has to have God view of themselves, as to think that they can understand “Poverty.” This is everywhere in the world, or in many ways is not everywhere in the world. There are ugly pictures of how people live, and I cannot always call it poverty. It is how they live and is normal often. I would hate or despise a person that calls India poor. I would call them “Poorer” than the USA, but I would not call them poor. I would call them a bunch of dirty living people, but that is just their culture, and until people die from dirt, there is not normally a reason to clean. Most of the world is probably a level of not needed clean to be healthy. I like to be clean not so much for health reasons, and for respect for others so the rest of the world does not have to smell or look at me, and be annoyed.

But taking photos is futile proposition. I have taken so many photos now though that I am repeating some certain types of photos over and over, like for example photos of toilets, showers, sewers, backpacks, hippies, and lots of subjects. I think a lot about making groups of photos of for example toilets, and try to think of a way to collect all my toilet photos on a page. I even have thought about making funny Web Page domains like.

…. Onthejohn .com or downthedrain .com and I could make better ones also, and have all sorts of fun, but in the end I still am just trying to collect in one place.


I have finally come up with a method to collect in one place. That is not correct, the problem is not to collect in one place, but the problem is to have a directory that I can use, and refer to that makes sense to me, and is easy for me.

I have lots of systems or methods or remembering where things are on my page. For instance on the photos I am talking about I will put them in order like this in the directory.







So they are photo and the second part of the file name is the subject, and because page like this get too big, I have 01, 02, 03, and so forth. You put a in front of these ending and hopefully you go to a page of photos on the subject. I say hopefully because there is lot of work to check to make sure everything functions.

But I make them like this so I can go check all my photo subjects. I group the files in a pre-sorted by name fashion in my directory.

But what I have finally done, and relives me in some ways of the FUTILE feeling is learned a way to make a TABLE OF CONTENTS.

A Table of contents for me is a problem, because sometimes there are no contents to put in the table of contents, so that is futile also, but with time and making a lot of messes I am slowly having enough information to have in a table of contents. Mostly I make a big mess of things, and then I go back and organize. This seems to be the normal procedure.

But what is nice is that I have finally started to group these photos type journalist photos in one place together. I am placing them on the end of my tips by subjects page until they get big enough or they are numerous enough to place on one page.



I like to go to web sites and especially big sites and look at their “Site Maps,” I am often amazed at what they call a site map. To me is a very short and extremely brief table of contents. But I can empathize with the problem of navigation and moving around inside a Website. People complain always about not being able to understand how to move around. Sometime the do not have enough understanding on the internet, sometimes their mental memory is insufficient to remember what they are doing, and lots of times the webpage is just made bad. OR maybe the person making it is not clear on how to organize that would make sense, or does not have enough content to make sense on how to organize, and for me I collect a lot of information and I do not know what or why I am collecting for, but eventually the reason appears, or does not appear. It just sits there collecting space.

But my sitemap and my navigation of my site is making progress after working for years, and it is coming closer to making sense for me. It is very ugly still and that is OK, but at least I can move around myself on my site and find things quicker. The search thingy on my page is for the most part junk, but it does work a little. But only to search for titles of pages. There is a reason that exist. Their system of indexing is better than my own… hehehe

They can actually index my pages better then me. I am thinking and trying to put Google on my site as a search of my site. I think it would be better than my searchy thingy.

Well… All this noise is because I have learned how to be more organized and that make me happy. I guess when I learn to understand myself and the word life is in order. A little clarity is a good source of serenity.


I got a feeling of guilt killing an ant. What is wrong with India….aagh!


DUH ! Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus

I just realized that Mars is the Roman God of War and Venus is the God of Love. This book “Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus” was or must have been written by a man committed to the fighting with women. Because to say that says that we will always choose war, while women will choose love. Nothing conciliatory or helpful about adopting that proposition. I laugh a lot about this book, as all it really does for me is give me a lot of excuse on why I should not agree with women. This is not a great strategy. I think or try to figure out how we are the same; instead of telling them we are different. But I had an epiphany.

My favorite word to play with of current days.


"Nothing appeals to intellectuals more than the feeling that they represent 'the people.' Nothing, as a rule, is further from the truth." --Paul Johnson


I am about to abort the trip up to see Jeff. It is about the distance from Indiana to California by a slow train. I am thinking it would be better to stop in California and see him on the way home, and take Greyhound to India. Pressing on fast, or pushing to fly across a country is sort of anti-travel to me. This is tourism, to see as much or say you saw something. I do not really care if I see the tourist attractions. I do try to see what appeals to me. This is hard for people. I was nagging this Israel girl yesterday,

“What do you want to see in India?”

She was completely clueless and was just following the path, but then again she had never ask herself the question, so she was looking for a place to go, and did ask the question,

“What would I like to see?”

She would go to a place because people say she should go to a place and after there discover what she thought she should want to see. She did admit that she would like to learn to cook India dishes. I sort of would like to do this, but not a real lot. Maybe I would like to learn to make this GREEN Chetnee. I would like to be able first to request the type of Chetnee I like. They are always serving me this crappy stuff, and I cannot say in their language what I want.

I would say learning how to cook the food is fun in most countries and is cheap and you can take home with you.


I was trying to empathize with the other students in the Yoga class yesterday. It is interesting how many of them really like the feeling of the stretching of the body. I Pole Vaulted and High Jumped for a few years in High School. This is track sport and involves a sudden exertion of high energy, and you must wiggle or conform your body around the crossbar. Both of these activities require a person to be very much in control of their flexibility, you can only muster enough concentration every 5 minutes to perform practice, so what happens is we would sit in the cushions or drop pad of the high jump pit and talk, laugh, tell jokes and stretch the whole time. It was very relaxing and fun. I remember being to able to bend my legs over the top of my body and touch the ground. We did all sorts of extreme stretches although nothing like the level of a gymnast that does Chinese splits or the splits. I suppose I was close to being able to do the normal splits like my sisters the cheerleader, but I never pushed it far enough. I wish the coach would have done anything to teach us how to pole vault or high jump. It was definitely a self-taught activity, but the coach was short and fat, and look like a shot-putter. I doubt he had any idea on how to do this. So hard to instruct in something you have no clue.

I still sit around and stretch in bed on occasion while reading my book. I can say though that Yoga was about 5 times more stretching than I have ever performed in one session, but was never even close to the extreme pushing of the stretch we performed. I did realize though how badly my body was, or how tight my bones, and such were.

We were talking to some India people and learned that they can bend their fingers all the way back and touch their wrist. It is enough to make you sick. It is very unnatural to watch. I am going to check a few of my India friends and see if this just normal genetics of this breed of human. If so… so much for me letting him glorify his natural ability to stretch. Hehehe

I am making an inside my head mental joke I do. I am excellent at understanding computer. It is not an act of discipline to learn the computer. Sometimes it is, and to daily type in the computer is maybe an act of discipline, but for me to learn the computer is too easy, and I would never represent this as something that anyone should look at me and say,

“Aw Andy, you work so hard to learn the computer.”


I do work hard to make all the page and put all the time into the computer. I also work very hard on where to learn the information. But the actual learning is a breeze. I am a natural. There is little discipline needed.

On the other hand, for me to learn a language is a discipline. I am quite proud of myself for learning Spanish. I had to sit around writing words over and over on a piece of paper for hours to learn and remember the Spanish words by rote memory. This was discipline.


I am being to realize more each day that it would be better to travel with a girl and not alone, especially in India. It would be nice to have a steady friend and companion. I probably have more friends while traveling because the people have the time to talk, while my friends at home for the most part are too busy. Time is what is needed for friends, family, children or any time type of acquaintance. You need time to talk with people to develop friendship. I always have an overabundance of time. This is maybe not true of most travelers, or at least they think they do not have time, but most travelers sit around shooting the bull most of the day, and some are too exited about seeing every tourist attraction. The balance is probably in between. I am fortunately to work on my webpage mission and this give me an extra distraction.


I did the YOGA class yesterday. I was thinking above about distractions and realized this was a distraction or an amusement of my time.

Yoga… The man that taught the class here in Hampi was interesting and good. I think he is a good guy, but sort has a perma-small on his face that makes me question his sincerity. If he would break the smile I would know he was really listening and not being so delighted to listen or understand. His English is good, but he ask if I we had any doubts, which I was soon to realize he meant,

“Do you have an questions?”

I sort of thought doubts was what I was having and this seem very appropriate use of words, and too good for his English, too sincere. Because I would say I am dealing with the doubts about what I am doing, and do not have my questions.

Is it good for me? I must say yes. Why? Because it is a stretching class of my body, and it also forces me to obey for 2 hours. I would rather obey for 1 hour, and got a little punchy and started to laugh in the session. I was so bored I thought I was going to drop. This is not what they want you to feel or think, and I broke down laughing on the concrete at my attempts to make my formerly broken leg perform or fold and bend.

I broke my femur, and was in a cast for one year. Now the ankle does not bend good, and he nerves play games, and do not want to respond quickly. The flexibility sucks, but for my age it is extremely great. I am age 49. I suppose Gandhi with his experiment in truth and autobiography is making me feel guilty that I leave that out all the time. I am sure most people think I am 35 and this is what the teacher was forcing or wanting me to behave.

I am not sure about the laughing things. Everyone was too in love with stretching and I was not getting a spiritual awakening. I was getting a lot of good energy though. It was so funny.

He kept saying,

“Breath in the good energy, breath out the bad energy.”

“Breath in the good energy, breath out the bad energy.”

I just about said,

“I am all out of bad energy.”

I was digging deep to feel some bad thoughts to push out of my body. It was a pain, and felt like the gas tank was on empty and I was shaking my body to drain the bad energy. I ask a girl after the class if this was easy for her to do and she said sure.

I asked,

“Do you have a bad energy?”

“Do you think or do bad things?”

She is a saint, and a new friend and she said,

“Yes, I have a lot of bad thoughts.”

The girl I asked is Aila from Israel and she is a candidate in some ways for sainthood, but not really. But she is a really sweet girl and this seems difficult to believe that she could have any guilt.

I suppose that is my idea of bad energy. That fight in my mind between doing the right thing, and the bad thing, and the coming to grips with this to me is Hell. I guess if God stuck me in the chair and said,

“Andy you must come to grips with all your past!”

I am going to make you think of every time you was a bad boy, and now you are going to have to admit, think, feel, and come to grips with who you really are then this would be Hell.”

Sort of what confession is for the Catholic religion if done correctly, but I have doubts that many do a real confession. I think 95 percent of Catholics have pat or standard sins to confess.

I think the confession part was a silly thing to drop in the Protestant religion, but most people would not want to admit they are jerks or sin. I suppose to me, I am absolutely there are times when I am total jerk, and enough people tell me and remind me now and especially in the past, that I take it for granted. I am not a jerk or either do I sin much, but enough for about 5 of them questions daily on,

“Let the bad energy out.”

I am sure he did is properly for the majority.

I suppose I am being a little arrogant which makes people in my world angry, but I really do not have the luxury to build up a good reservoir of guilt. I am an alcoholic and guilt would just be too much encouragement to drink. So I just keep my nose clean, and be a good boy, and I do not feel guilty. Plus I am too old for that crap. Doing a bunch of naughty deed is too difficult. I have learned by experience to keep myself out of trouble. I suppose it is why I am good traveler because I can recognize trouble before it happens.


I am in the Shanthi Hotel here in Hampi. They have a very good mirror situation and there is a mirror in my room. Next to the bathroom, up and down and everywhere a mirror should be in an organized world. Now the problem is that I got the world’s worst or maybe shortest haircut a week ago, so at every moment I am notified…

“Your hair is sticking straight up!”

I can go weeks on end normally without looking at myself because the world just does not see a need to put mirrors in Hotels so suddenly it would make my ego better to not have a mirror, I am in a situation where there are too many mirrors.

I suppose in 4 weeks the hair lengths will be long enough to lay down and not stand straight up. But the great part is I can probably go 6 months without a haircut and still look conservative.


I am going to a Yoga class today and am hoping this does not cross over into some religious meeting. I want to go to a stretching class and do not want to sit around some pseudo-intellectual, lets be mystical for the sake of getting laid situation. Play the bongos and call us special situation. This type of situation is boorish and to me being a brute. Yoga has its roots in what I would consider really noble and grand concepts, and it is hard for me to watch any noble situation be kidnapped and trampled or be used for inane cause. Nothing like a noble cause being used for petty desires.

But if this is a complex way of saying I am going to a stretching class I will be happy. I have studied the word enough to know that it means both. There is Yoga done for normal stretching and there is YOGA done for more or a Religious or Hindu reason.

I think the Yoga in little caps is supposed to be stretching, and the YOGA in big letters is the Hindu version. I am in a Hindu country so I am expecting we are doing Hindu version, but for the sake of the teacher making money we will be doing the not Hindu version in reality. I actually would rather learn the Hindu version in reality, but that would confuse people. The Hindu religion is hard to call a religion because they have an idea that to act with discipline is good, so anything that is acting with restraint and discipline is good. It is a sort of a fried potato version of religion, with a very passive form of zealots.

Here is the Encyclopedia Britannica definition of Yoga. Does that word “1 capitalized” mean what I think or am I misunderstanding?

Main Entry: yo£ga

Pronunciation: ‚y‹-g„

Function: noun

Etymology: Sanskrit, literally, yoking, from yunakti he yokes; akin to Latin jungere to join- more at yoke

Date: 1820

1 capitalized : a Hindu theistic philosophy teaching the suppression of all activity of body, mind, and will in order that the self may realize its distinction from them and attain liberation

2 : a system of exercises for attaining bodily or mental control and well-being

-yo£gic -gik adjective, often capitalized


I was frustrated with myself yesterday and keep rehashing in my mind the pros and cons of an ugly part of humans. It is nice and easy to sit around at home and say we love people, races, or countries, and our homes separated from all the problems of the world this is easy to do, but when you are traveling the world you encounter really difficult people. There is an English couple that I have encountered twice now that seems to feel absolutely no remorse in saying bad comments in a very public fashion about the Israel people. The first time I was at the Mango restaurant with my new friend Aila from Israel and we were leaving when she left to go the toilet. The girl was asking where a restaurant that was the same, and separated from the Israelis was, or that was similar to the Mango restaurant was, and if the manager could recommend a place so they could get away from the Israel people. Now the girl that just left was from Israel, and this blond and I have to admit she is just a plain stupid naïve girl from England on vacation to drink so I should not be so sensitive about her. But I was leaving the Internet café yesterday and the same stupid girl was again making comments about Israel people very loudly and in an obnoxious manner that was totally without sensitivity to the fact that Israel people always surround us. I do not think she can tell them apart so she is really stupid. She is complaining about a people that she cannot tell from Europeans.

This is the second time in India though that I have been in the presence of an England person that has outrageously made comments about Israel people and there are lots and lots more of these examples, but not of the outrageous style.

The reason she did not like Israel people is because they are loud. Now to say I do not like people because they are loud to me is strange. I am annoyed with people that have no respect and are loud, but the Israel people naturally speak loud like the Brazilians, or Italians, or the Americans do sometimes. These are loud speaking cultures. I have been laughing also because the India people are a culture that argues in public, I have been around now numerous arguments and it is obvious they will argue and fight vigorously.


I can here myself thinking. I can here myself talking. Now the whole world cannot here me thinking, but I can! I say to myself daily.

“I want to avoid the English people.”

And I am presently leaving Hampi for this reason. The percentage of English people as increase to a majority here, and there is no balance of cultures anymore. All the party is over in Goa for the holidays and they have come to Hampi.


I am frustrated with myself for in reverse being or doing the same as the English girl. I spend time thinking and avoiding the English for what I consider extremely bad manners. So I am the same as the English girl in many ways, and do the exact same behavior. The main difference is I do it inside my head, or inside this blog, and not in the presence of a person in a violent and manipulative way.

I cannot change the world, and I can only change myself. Often when I get angry I find there is a reason for me to change myself, and not the other people.

People will say now that are reading this or would say to me when I comment on this,

“Andy you are intolerant.”

In British slang I should comment back,


Intolerant people go home and hide in the safety of their easy lives so they do not even have to handle the situation. They go to 5 star hotels to avoid the hassles of normal people. I am so tolerant of people it is ridiculous. But I am still human and sitting around a bunch of obnoxious noisy drunks or around a bunch of people pissing in the street is not my idea of fun.

I am trying to reconcile this frustration because it keeps growing in me that I am angry at some culture to no end. Normally the Brits and I am feeling like an abused child that wants to get some revenge. This is the crux of the matter, and there is no ways to get revenge, stop, or change or mutate this situation. It exists and I have to accept that it will happen again in my presence. I am sort of making up all the time my internal mental and moral policy on how I will deal with these types of situations. I can tell you that the Israel girl I am friend with is probably one of the most saintly girls I have met in 7 years of travel and if the fat England girl would have said that comment in front of her I would have tore in her with a storm. Now when you are complaining about a noisy Israel person, and the Israel person is really noisy. This is just a complaint. But to complain and make nasty comment to just be making nasty comments is mean.

This is the heart. There are some real mean people in the world. They want to be mean and hurt people. I on the other hand would like to slap them silly. I am get physically in the desire to remove these people from the earth that want to hurt innocent or abuse a defenseless person. Some people get really cruel with the beggars here and this is just not called for. I also get very annoyed with them, and their brutish and obnoxious behavior, but I do not try to abuse or hurt them. Sometime I do fight back in self-defense to the beggars. If you allowed them they would never stop. You must be willing to be firm. There is a huge difference between being firm and being mean. I see parents spank their children to be firm, and I have seen parents hit their children to be mean.

Trust me when it comes to the Israel people making noise, there is nobody firmer than me, I can tell them to go shut up faster than anyone. But what I like about them is they listen, but you do the same with Germans or English and they do not listen. They feel they have a right to be as they wish. There is a difference from talking loud normally and a person that talk loud because they believe they are superior.

All this stuff always comes down to the idea that one person thinks they are superior to the other. When one culture thinks their culture is superior to the other they express it or say it often.

Now I am no better than anyone else, and I can and do make comments that I know bridge on being racist. I suppose like in the book Gandhi he was talking about intentions, and weighing a person by their intentions, or more he weighed himself by his intentions. He broke a few vows in a round about way, and he realized though technically he did not break the vow, he did break the intention of the vow, so he really did break the vow.

He gave up milk, and then decides that goat milk was acceptable when he was really sick and needed nourishment. Because his mother made him vow to not drink cow milk.

Politically correctness is scourge and a weapon of the weak to hurt the powerful out of meanness. Words are weapons and can hurt people.

I am trying to work out a policy in my head on how to deal with the obnoxious people of the world and their idiosyncrasies.

I am not worried about this problem in the world because I am positive that anti-racism has won the battle and the world is moving slowly toward law such as the USA has to protect and stop this problem. Plus the Press of the world has taken up the banner and is persecuting and stopping guilty racist people. They will soon I hope go after the Muslim religion with a zest, because right not this religion is so violently opposed to the existence of anyone that is not a Muslim that they are out of control. To call a Jihad against non-believers is the ultimate act of outrageous racism. They people that support or tolerate a Jihad in any way are racist, and as best I can tell the whole Muslim religion is looking the other way and acting like they are not part of it. When I look the other way, I am saying to the person like the fat Brit girl that it is OK to make comments.

On the other hand I just told you and admitted that she is fat. I do not like fatness. I do not avoid saying that fatness or loudness or being a jerk is bad, and will label it that and say that. In the end I suppose I will just keep talking to myself until I reconcile a way to understand. But I try to do the right thing. That was one thing that to me seem dominant about Gandhi is not that he was in anyway perfect, but that he was constantly striving to find out how to do the right thing.

He was not just simply non-violent. He helped many a violent cause by being an ambulance driver in a couple of wars. He may not have shot them, but he helped the side he wanted to help to survive above the side of the other. So he was a conspirator to help them survive or win the war. Plus he was extremely mentally manipulative that is form of violence in so many ways. I think he was looking for a way to safely change the world with no one getting killed. I think he realized this was the ideal to strive for but the world is still in need of violence to protect the world, but he was trying to demonstrate the possible worlds of the future by his civil disobedience campaign.


The manager of my Hotel wanted to inform me that the price of Hotel as of January 1st went from 80 to 120 Rupees for the room. I told him it is not honest to tell me on the 9th of January that the price changed on the 1st. He got very nervous and is wiggling. I am saying he understands, and he is changing the rules in mid-stream. He knows I am right, and is really jumpy. I am pushing and having fun, and really do not care, but this is extremely common in poor countries. They do not think of problems until it is a big problem He says to me,

“You good man.”

I say,

“I know.”

I think proceed to say because I good man I do not allow him to cheat me. I split the difference in the end and will pay from the 5th of January on, and they are being normal underdeveloped mentality business world. Note that when anyone tells me that I am good man it is just before they try to cheat me, in this situation he is just a kid and is also a good man, but flaky and nervous type.

I told him I was staying a long time when I entered. I did not get a discount, and am paying the going rate. He just had a hard time believing that anyone would stay in Hampi more than 5 days. But then again the do nothing to make us pay the big money, and stay here as is normal in 95 percent of hotels. Seems the height of idiocy that hotels do not think about retaining people and not just how to get us in the hotel. Note a TV in a free common area will keep people in a Hotel.


I received some type of invitation to visit a tourist office of place in Vietnam yesterday in my email box. I would like to visit these types of offices, and it would be fun to hear their perspective on the world and how they read or view my newsletters and noise.

An Asian letter can be very confusing, as the language is very difficult for them, and often appears like spam. They do a lot of the same or use the same words as the spammers. I try to sort them out quickly and wish they would reference something specific, and not be so formal. I like when they say to Andy and, or something like,

“I can see that you are enjoying Hampi.”

That lets me know they are aware of who I am and not doing the blank form letter.

I usually will write in the subject line for clarity.

Subject: From Andy Hobo to Joe Blow


I am trying to leave, and am caught up in this maze of loose strings to pull in and tie up. Lots of little missions and deeds I wish to finish to leave. They hopefully will come together in the next few days. Unfortunately this makes is very difficult to go north in a leisurely manner and meet my friend Jeff near Nepal.


I was listening to a person in Palolem tell me that there was cow manure disinfector soap in the Ciarans camp for the travelers.

Yesterday Mono tells me that them mix up cow manure and spread on the ground to disinfect, and clean.


Or maybe better to say my stomach is not feeling good. I guess it feels ok; as long as I have the security of knowing the restroom is close. I learned very early in my travels that I should never walk too far from a good toilet, and that I should always be somewhat aware of where and how to use the facilities, and if I was not I could be in some really stupid situations. I was in Mexico to start, and the toilets of Mexico make the toilets of India look clean. There are so many similarities between Mexico and India that it is amazing. I wonder if it because of the size?

Not looking good for class of Yoga.


I met this girl from Israel yesterday and we sat and talked for a long time. She wanted to know where the Yoga classes were held in Hampi so I helped or showed her. She wants that I attend the class session today with her. I am not sure yet, maybe I will go and maybe I will not. My stomach or bowels is rumbling and I need to go to the toilet a little too often, so I am worried about a lot of movement. I think I just ate some food that travels too fast through the body and this will be over quickly, but as for now my stomach is rumbling.

The food in India is so spicy, and full of funky type mixtures of pieces to potatoes, onions, carrots, green things, and such. It is hard to say what is in come of the spice sauces, and this to me is confusing. I can pretty much predict how my body will react to most food, but some of the dishes here a full of every combination of vegetable and spices I am bewildered to say what I even ate, so predicting my body is very difficult.

I also have a mental problem with the word Yoga. If I think of this as a stretching class, and I can forget this wide eyed, I am holy and spiritual look in the eyes of the teacher I may do betters. The teacher does seem like an Ok person, but I cannot really say. I had a confused reading of him on my mental bullshit meter. A could of student walking out of the class I read clearly as the totally dink and clueless types, but he was shaking their hands as we entered and give a starry eyed, I love you, and feel you look.

There is nothing wrong with this in theory, but I am wary of any place where the naïve meet the master. This is an ingredient for abuse. Not of meet, but in most of these situations the teachers, masters, or whatever you call these types, of people, and they exist in the whole world it is 90 percent of the time a complex method of the guy getting the ability to get shagged.

It is like a male aerobic teacher, or being the boss in an office of women, or any situation of authority and listeners. In Churches, Temples, and all forms of religious this exist also. The authority is somehow given guru status, that enables and inordinate amount of earned or unearned respect, and enables the authority to have undue power if the authority wishes.

I am laughing as I write this, because a common statement for me to say when explaining how to make a webpage famous is,

“You need to become the Guru of the page subject.”

I went and looked up this word in the Encyclopedia and I ran into a maze of complexities about the Hindi religion and how a Guru is a form of spiritual leader. Without explaining too much, but I will paraphrase that these leaders appear to be self-appointed here. To me a Guru status is an earned status, and who really wants the Guru label. It smells to me of insincerity, and of honesty.

A bunch of travelers just entered the gate of the Hotel. It is about 6:50 in the morning here and that is early for travelers to enter. I am pretty sure that swarms of travelers are migrating here from Goa.

The Hampi people have been waiting for this, and I am sure they are very happy, as they will enter their peak earning time of the year and are able to double their prices. The hotel I live in has raises the prices 50 percent already.

I am not too fond of this, but Hampi is a place where people live on hope of getting rich off of tourist, and this is fools gold for most of them. They make a lot of money in the next two-week and then they will try to repeat those earning for the next 50 weeks, always under the delusion that they can do this again in each week, and they were or are only in the right place and the right time. The would to better to come here for 2 weeks and sell things in the street, then to pay for rent a whole year.

I am pretty sure that the Monsoon season here is traumatic to income.


I am laughing myself silly here in India. There are so many people trying find themselves and the Yoga teachers are getting the women that you have to laugh. Normally the level of stupidity is at a level where I am not sure if it is they, or I but India has taken on clarity that is easy.

I will say that Serenity they are seeking is not about being on top of a mountain with no stress, serenity is being calm in the middle of chaos. Also known as India…


I do not like to listen to people talk about the latest fad or fashion; it wears on my mind to listen and frustrates me to no end. Yoga is the fad of flavor here in India for the tourist.

I was about to say it is a normal activity in India, but I have yet to see any Indians other than the teachers doing Yoga, so maybe it is the same fashion here as in the USA.

A Canadian guy made a good point last night that as an exercise it a good way to stretch the body and retract the aging process. I have realized that my body has become less limber with age, so this is appealing, he said he met a couple of Israel girls while in class, so that is a bonus.

Gandhi in his autobiography does not talk about Yoga; he is a push the veggie strain or vegetarian type faddist. But as I push around and looking my Encyclopedia Yoga shows up with the Hindi religion.

I have to admit that the Hindu and the Buddhist Religious are bafflingly difficult to understand, and I do not believe the people that worship these religions understand, but I believe that most people have a desire to believe in a God that does not require reason. They desire creates a devotional attitude.

I may have discovered the word that irritates me about religious of the world. I am totally in favor or all the religions of the world existing, but I am not in favor of them wearing or representing themselves in any way shape or form as religious.

For example you can recognize a Catholic Priest by his robe or collars. You can recognize the Muslims by their hats and long white shirts. You can recognize the Hindus by the red dot in the middle of their eyes. A lot of Protestants you can recognize by them walking around carrying a bible.

I think this is the word “Orthopraxy,” but unfortunately my dictionary in the computer does not have the word, although the Encyclopedia uses the word in comparison.

- basis of practice (orthopraxy)

rather than doctrine (orthodoxy)

When I was describing the various religions above I was describing how they practice or do their religions. This is the act of worship or one act of devotion or worship.

I really could care less in about going into detail on this in the blog because it normally just irritates people when I slice and dice a subject, so I will try to stop myself now.

I believe that the use of any force to push a religion whether by shame, guilt, coercion, law, or the most normal of people comparing how they dress to the way another person dresses is a sin. In the Christian Bible it pushes the idea that the act of Satan is to cause 2 people to argue. I think this difference in dress causes to people to argue. It the same as 2 separate gang members having on their colors and they see each other, and because they are supposed to not like each other, they do not.

I believe you can be a perfect person without telling anyone. In fact I think the only perfect people could never be found, because they would not be seen or felt in any normal way.

I am going to stop, but here are 3 ways the Hindu religion has a path to salvation. Yoga is number 2 here, but this is what interest me is that the travelers always separate the exercise of Yoga from the religion of Hinduism and this to me is like eating a piece of pizza with no cheese or tomato sauce. Something is missing.


The way (marga)

The final emancipation (moksha).

These three ways to salvation are

(1) the karma-marga (“the path of duties”), the disinterested discharge of ritual and social obligations;

(2) the jnana-marga (“the path of knowledge”), the use of meditative concentration preceded by a long and systematic ethical and contemplative training, yoga, to gain a supra-intellectual insight into one's identity with brahman; and

(3) the bhakti-marga (“the path of devotion”), the devotion to a personal God. These ways are regarded assuited to various types of people.

NOTE: Asking for forgiveness of the Christian Religions is lot easier…. Hehehe Plus the Christian religion says all of the 3 will not work and all that is needed is to ask for forgiveness of sin. A hell of a lot easier, with the world full of guilty people…

The Muslims have a few thousand rules to follow.

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