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2006 July 17 Fly Kathmandu Nepal to Delhi India

2006 July 17 Fly Kathmandu Nepal to Delhi India
I fly today with Royal Air Nepal from Kathmandu Nepal to Delhi India.
2006 July 17 Fly Kathmandu Nepal to Delhi India


Andy of
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Andy of
Daily Diary or Travel Journal

1000 Photos of Niger Newsletter number 184-186

I have published newsletter on Niger, with the number 184 adn 185 I have well over 1000 photos of Niger.

Here is a blog I am making on Malnutrition:

I am Amazed at High Price of Hotels in Mumbai

I wonder, does the India government drive all the cheap housing underground and all the tax rolls?

It is hard to believe the cost of rooms in Mumbai, I can get a better room in the USA for the same price. The values are upside down here in Mumbai, probably nobody stays for longer

Jobs and Values

Jobs and Values

I watched a show yesterday on TV as I hide here in Mumbai and wait for Andrew and Stephen to show up.

Jack Welch the ex-CEO Chief Executive Officer for General Electric, it was on BBC Hardtalk. He spoke about winning and how to be successful; he had a great set of four types of people.

Values and Effective
Values and not Effective

(DANGER) No Values and Effective

No Values and Not Effective

Too Much Respect

Too Much Respect

My friend Gary posed a question by email to me that could change my life, it not the question, it is my answer to the question. Sometimes a person can know and believe something however never apply it… hehehe

This is funny; I am receiving many emails recently from people who think I am stupid, harsh, making very bad judgments, opinions that are terrible off track. Often I would say they are hate mail, they bridge on having a person who now hates me and would like to remove me from the planet.

This is however, the brilliance or genius of Gary; he is able to write clear with the proper words.


- I have found your recent articles/blogs to be thought provoking. Why haven't these organizations focused on the root causes of malnutrition? I like your focus on diet diversity.

I also found your comments that "the Holy Lands" are among the most unholy places on Earth, to be perfect.-

End Comment

I am laughing because what I am writing or thinking is about all the mean or harsh emails I am receiving from people who say I am writing or blogging mean and cruel. They then proceed to write me mean and cruel emails trying to get me to stop thinking what I am thinking. Now if you have a brain and try to get it to stop thinking you can see that it is uncontrollable, it thinks what it thinks, it feels what is feels. I believe what they want is me to edit my thoughts, to keep them to myself, they do not know what they want, then want me to not - PROVOKE - them.

Gary said it, he finds my blogs provoking, now this can make a person angry or it can provoke to think, however when a say something that is totally correct for a person, then they get very angry. If I really wanted hurt a persons feeling then I am going to say something that truthful or I am going to say something that makes them afraid.

I get very angry when people tell me to stop thinking; this is because of the consistency in my life of people wanting me to stop talking and thinking. I make people around me extremely angry at my never-ending thinking. It is 100 percent common to hear,
- Stop thinking so much.-

I now laugh; however, as a youngster it was maybe traumatic. I now know this means, I do not want to listen, I cannot concentrate, please stop trying to provoke me to think.

It is very easy for a person to tell the other to stop, it is very difficult for them to stop thinking, so what they are saying is stop making me think, and they want me to stop also, I cannot and they cannot, it is equal.

A journal and I think a blog is people just thinking. I am realizing that a blog is normally not just random thoughts. I have started to read a couple and these are not their logs of thoughts, these normally are extremely edited, chosen words, chosen attempts to write like a journalist or writer, it is amateur attempts to be a writer to try to influence however not be held to any high degree of skills or truthfulness. I am laughing, like a professional writer tells the truth, they are just better at lying and not being discovered.

I write and try to not think or erase what I type, I almost never erase a sentence, I would consider this to be a lie, to erase what I thought is to say, I am not going to be honest with myself and say what I think.

What is changing my life is that I am learning that I give people to much respect, I often believe that professionals in a field are extremely intelligent and are more able than me to analyze the subject that they are studying than me, a person that is not studying a subject.

Example is Gary’s question:

Hello Gary,

Why no focus on the root causes?

I am of course not sure, I think though it has to do with the human brain, an inability, or no aptitude for some types of reasoning’s.

This is almost the same as making investments. We only have normally about 2 percent of the information collect and we have to then go bet the whole farm on our decisions.

A good investor can see or predict how the ball of twine will unroll and see the where it is determined to lead.

A B equal C D equals E F equals G and so forth and so on to Z

We only know A.

To suddenly say we know what to make Z is very arrogant and hard for a person to do, therefore they work on A or B, or C avoiding the Z because that is a God like decision and hard to look someone in the eye and say,

I am going to solve the problem.

Sadly the only logic that will permanently solve the problems, this is to make the decision on Z, try the solution and if it does not work, try some other Z that a person could try, or try many Z's at many time.

To care about A, B. and to only solve is easy.

To try to implement Z consistently is difficult and acting in a sense like a God that would know all.

Takes sort of an Egomaniacal self-centered person to decide he or she knows the solution, a person willing to bet the farm and his or her reputation.

For sure, this is NOT the types of individuals that work in NGO's; it is more the victims, not the victors.

Andy in India

Nonetheless I am believing now that Gary’s question is my revelation about myself, I know on some subjects I can more effective suss out the correct answers to problems than many. If I am with a professional this can create a situation where they get very angry.

I think of the moving - Good Will Hunting - one of my favorites, I hope I typed that correct, it is about a Math Genius who is a trouble person and Robin Williams is the Psychologist that helps him learn about himself so he can cope with the world.

The computer just crashed, it erased a paragraph.
The bottom line is I feel like Will, I identify with Will in the movie.

The solutions to Niger will not be found by the people that have been in the country for 10 or 15 years. They have proved they do not know the answers to the problems. I personally think they are the problem, it is a difficult logic to understand, however the longer you work on a project often you only prove you are incapable, not that you are capable.

To a person that is capable to suss out the answers it will seem simple, the person that works for years is challenged. It is the natural aptitude person that can solve it quickly, like Will in the Movie - Good Will Hunting -

Hunting for good will or the good Will.

The bottom line is a quote:

- If the Majority were correct, the Majority would be rich. -

Bread and Jam

Bread and Jam

I am in what I feel to be an over-priced Budget Hotel here in Mumbai, I cannot say the name until I leave.

I look for value, and was hoping to have a good breakfast, instead I am getting the world-wide normal breakfast. I will admit though there is an elegance to having it sent to my room on this platter and if I just did not care or thought I was feeling special then I would be impressed. Instead I am feeling cheated.

White Toast and Strawberry Jam, instant Coffee, and a patty of Butter.

This is the typical breakfast included with a Hotel room for most of the planet, I almost never care if they include breakfast. 90 percent of the time it means toast and jam, and coffee or tea, instant coffee. Extremely cheap and easy to put on the list of benefits, lacking in any real meaning or service, however when you are in a country that is annoying to move or walk you can hide and have a little food, the only way to have a normal breakfast is to go pay three times what I would pay in the USA to hide in a Four or Five Star Hotel Restaurant.

As best I can tell the pay in India is about 200 to 300 Dollars USA per month, this mean room service is cheap.

Ok, I am going to go look for a room today, the reason is this, the Hotel room is very nice, no air, however for 20 dollars it is 10 dollars more than I wish to pay, I cannot or have not discovered a common area. I am going to have a meeting with my techie Andrew and a SEO - Search Engine Optimization expert by the name of Stephen. We need to sit around and talk, as best I can discover there is no place in this hotel to talk together, however the rooms are excellent for hiding from India. CNN, TV and HBO so I can sit, and not think about India, it is on a quiet street. That is the true benefit of this Hotel. I will go for a high floor and in a more busy place and a common area for me, Stephen and Andrew to sit and talk. I sure do not want two nerdy techs in my room all the time… hehehe

What this breakfast is missing is protein, and Strawberry Jam is a sugar rush and only makes me addicted to sugar. Instant coffee I have already made in my room, I am proficient at coffee, I hope to be able to cook toast soon also on my dual cooking, heating invention.

Aagh! I walked around today, this is a good value, the others are terrible.

Richard Quest

Richard Quest

Richard Quest is on CNN, I like Richard although I am cautious, I think the majority of news commentator on CNN should be taken out back and shot for trying to lie to the public or be controversial to make CNN richer at the expense of the public’s naïve nature.

I want CNN and BBC, I have no choice, it the only companies that make enough money to create a world newscast, and I guess EuralNews is growing.

However, I just watch Richard, his words are controversial however chosen better chosen, not trying so hard to hurt.

He has this fluff subject or show about business travellers and he just mentioned a - Juice Bag - a solar powered bag to power up a laptop.

The cut it off and did not finish the sentence, however I have been thinking about a solar powered system so I can travel to the jungle. I need the BGAN email access and electricity to travel away from the path. I probably can get the electricity from the truck I would use, however maybe I need to walk, and then what, I need the Juice Bag that he alluded to, I am now trying to figure out how I can keep the solar panel on the outside of my bag so I can absorb electricity. If I am walking I am not collecting, it has to be on the top of the bag.

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