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Same Same But Different

Same Same But Different
I have a shirt from Thailand that says,
- Same Same -
On the front of the shirt.
- But Different -
On the back of the shirt.
They speak and read English well in India, thus in the normal ploy of India vendors, they will try to enter into a conversation by saying a comment. They read the shirt, and try to ask.
- Same Same, But Different. -
On one pass, my immediate thought was,
- Yes, I took a shower. -
The India people are real, good or bad this is real life. There is an extreme immediacy of the people. I travel, I meet people, then I blog about them or me.
The people of India are real, the blog is not. I am real, I have met a few people who read my blog and they are real. However, there is a surreal nature to writing in the blog. If it were only a diary, that only I read, then I would be talking to myself. I am not sure; I think there is a conflict in my mind. I am having problem with who I am blog too or what I am doing.
I used to say, I blog and you read over my shoulder. I know this authentic gut level typing is best. However, I am having every increasing problem forgetting the audience. They invade my world by writing, commenting, and in some way tempting me to interact.
I am dysfunctional, I know this, and I have paid dearly for this, with an alcoholic haze of problems. The one factor that is prevalent in addictions is a person becomes delusional in the belief that their made up view of themselves is important, they then are not responsible for their real selves.
I think it is the collaborative writing of Paul Theroux, it has influence me to know clarify in my mind why a person becomes a
- Mythomaniacs -

I think they believe the dysfunctional crap they create. I am aware, I know, it is possible for anyone to start to believe the myth. In the end, a person believes the dream world of their fantasy. The staged creation of a life, not the real news, not the real experience become real. I went to the Taj Majal, I suppose I could create any level of wonder I wished. It rained the whole day; it was a very miserable day. That is not what the world wants to know.
An actors is an invention, writing is an explanation of reality. How to I keep a functional interpretation of the world correlated to be close to what I experienced.
Same Same But Different

India Feelings

India Feelings
I feel like I have been sleeping in rice paddies. I think of soldiers out in the jungle for weeks. My room has air conditioning, color TV and Cable, HBO and all that, however, it does not have hot water. The room air conditioner is great, what the problem is I am too cold to take a cold shower. Outside the room it is wet, then rain, then slop, then rain, then back into the room. The monsoons are hitting hard outside. Yesterday, visiting the Taj Majal it was rain with a broken umbrella, and sleeping under the stoops of the Taj Majal waiting for the rain to stop.
Andrew and I had to stay in Agra for 8 hours walking around in the rain, no way to feel clean and dry. Our only solace was to visit a Pizza Hut, where there was Pizza and music too loud.
Andrew ask me what I would do after he left, I said,
- Hide in my room, until I fly to Mumbai and leave for Africa. -
There is an overwhelming of the spirit that sometimes happens to me. Some countries are over the edge, they feel too much. The only solution is to enter my controlled situation, my Hotel room where there is a limited amount of stimulation.
Question Mark, I was explaining how the man from India, the owner of a Hotel in Varanasi, India said,
- I can never leave India, it is a question mark. -
Feeling are difficult when the only feeling is a question, too many questions and frustration settles in, then a person must accept there is no answers to the questions. Probably many of the glassy eyed travelers, searching for God in India, see the questions or unanswered questions as spiritual. The place is full of strange situation.
I have been trying to ask Andrew to explain the purchase of the train ticket to Agra to see the Taj Majal. It was an ironic strange, never-ending chain of events.
Too many feeling, too much of this, I think of Paul Simon, singing in a song,
- I have my poetry and my books to protect me. -
I would go crazy reading poetry; however, I do have my HBO and Books to protect me. Drifting off into the fantasy of a movie, or reading a Wilbur Smith Adventure book I see the dreams of places I visit.
It is better I live in a dream and fantasy, then to stop and see, however, then I open my eyes and I see what is in front of my face. I need a good ego defense mechanism to protect me, wish they still existed for me. I think my drinking removed all of them, nothing less to protect but acceptance.
(Paul Simon in the song of protection was referring to New York City and the overwhelming of the streets.)
India Feelings

GREAT My First Ignorant American Email

GREAT My First Ignorant American Email

I am very happy, I receive my first ignorant American email. The anti-American email is so predictable you know to expect it.
I wrote a newsletter, trying to explain there is a limit to how long I am going to carry trash in a country that does not supply trash.... it was a fun tip.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  i have lost much respect for the hobo from your
last letter on littering.  a 'professional traveler' encouraging
littering and disrespecting the places you visit.  for your convenience.   
this shows how little understaning you have for the world you walk on. 
ugly ignorant american.
Yes, however I also gave many rules... hehehe.. What a bunch of crap. Of course in the end anyone is going to eventual drop their trash somewhere.
I would be embarrassed for being from the country, not for me telling the truth.
I do not expect any TRUE traveler to complain about this, in fact they should get a good laugh.

GREAT My First Ignorant American Email

India Monsoons

India Monsoons

It is rainy season here in India or Asia and if it is not, then it should be called that, I do not pay attention to this type of thing. However, if this is not rainy season, then it should be called that. I am not able to walk anywhere without carrying an umbrella.

My thoughts exactly, what is that?

OK, I walked by this foreigner girl dressed up in typical, I copy the Hindu garb, and I said,
- They sell umbrellas -

What is up, come in out of the rain foreigners, you are embarrassing me with your stupidity. It is raining, it is raining a lot, The India, Nepal people sell umbrellas. For about 2-3 Dollars U.S. you can purchase an umbrella.

I know what they will say,
- I have a rain jacket - or
- I have a poncho -
Both of these type of clothing are way to hot, thus they do not wear them.

Pahar Ganj
This is the name of the Backpacker Ghetto in Delhi; it is maybe a Khao San Road Thailand with a dirty twist.

Rain, but pretty Rain.

These boys walk down the road; I am amazed the oranges do not roll off the side. Delhi, amazingly I took a taxi through many very clean places and ended up here with the backpackers. I am not sure I took the right taxi.

India Monsoons

Hobo Malnutrition

Hobo Malnutrition
I am Andy, I worry about Andy. I may get malnutrition. When my system is run down or weak, I develop boils. These are very ugly, obnoxious and they leave scars. It is a king lizard size pimple.
I have had these all my life, however only in times of great body stress. The first time was in the two a day regiment of American Football. I was a linebacker and the had a morning practice and then an afternoon practice. The fuel needed to run my body was extreme. However, the vitamins and nutrients I now believe was also a problem.
The bottom line is I am a problem child, I do not like to Vegetables or Fruits, I have to make a special effort or I will just eat bread and cereals.
I could eat a boil of Wheaties five times a day and be happy.
Now I know, I need vitamins and nutrients. I am trying very hard to eat properly. In Nepal and I am positive in India, then next stop Africa, I see no end in sight I have problems.
The food looks dirty; the hands of people can be dirty. I lose my appetite for an orange or fresh food when it is sitting there hot, ugly and in the mud. I am a snob; I like them big fresh food departments of Kroger’s, or Wal-Mart, or even in the Philippines. This may be a sublime reason why I like the Philippines so much, for the Americanized food.
I take three multivitamins per day; however, I am just not sure, does this supplement suffice to keep me healthy?
I am working on this Malnutrition project, it is going to be a wonderful help to myself. Every problem the people have with malnutrition, I also have except for maybe the poverty caused malnutrition.
Malnutrition is maybe about mostly about not having foods available, then second person eating the wrong foods. I have both of these problems. For the second or latter, I am a snob, the food is available, and I just will not eat a banana that looks black and not yellow.
Food preparation is also a problem; I do not have a kitchen. I want Hotels with Kitchens, this may not be a want, and maybe it is a need.
I was looking at my Chicken Fried Rice in Thailand thinking, is there enough vegetable in this to keep me healthy?
Hobo Stew was probably very healthy.

Hobo Malnutrition

Prepaid Cell Phone Worries

Prepaid Cell Phone Worries
I have this AIS or One Two Talk SIM Card from Thailand. I left the card in my phone and when I arrived in both Kathmandu, Nepal, and Delhi, India the cell phone has a signal. I use the cell phone as both a watch and an alarm clock, therefore I like to keep is on.
Nevertheless, here in Delhi I received a text message from the AIRTEL Company.
I do not trust Cell Phone Companies.
How much did that cost?
The cost of roaming is extreme; one call would cost the same as new SIM card? There is an annoying shell game performed by cell companies, hidden and perpetuated because of the McDonalds need for convenience brain society and prone to any temptations.
I want convenience, but transparency of cost is first.
I ask many people the cost. If they do not just reply, I leave.

Prepaid Cell Phone Worries

How clean is Delhi

How clean is Delhi
Monday July 18, 2006

I looked up from my bed and thought,
- Wow, the ceiling is bright shiny clean. -

My room is bright pink; the ceiling is high gloss off white. They totally forget about the bathroom, I know, it is hard to find people to clean toilets.
Delhi is a surprise, the taxi was a fare price from the airport, and it seems 5 times, no 10 times cleaner than Mumbai. I am not sure; this may not be the India I know. Very clean, however this Backpacker Ghettos is not clean, but it is India, or the India I know.
Varanasi India is the dirtiest city I know on the planet.
I was going to brag, and say,
- I made it all the way to the Delhi India Hotel without seeing anyone urinate or defecate. However, on the final stretch, going down the all, three boys were urinating at what is an open toilet, no wall, but something.


Am I tempted? To Drink?
I had a regular reader and friend ask,
- Do the drink in Nepal, and are you tempted?-
On the Royal Nepal Airlines plane from Kathmandu there was a man to my right, a friendly guy, liked to look over my shoulder to read my newspaper, no manners, but what do you expect. He was a friendly guy.
I am not sure, or understand why, but the Airlines feel obliged to give them all the beer he wanted to drink. This is not a good idea in the, hmmm, less than developed countries.
The guy to the right drank 3 very fast; the fat fat man to the left drank one.
At the last moment the guy with three beers in him puts some tobacco stuff they rub in their hands in his mouth. The plane land, however the food trays were just barely removed.
Tempted, looking at this sort, how would I be tempted?
He talks to me while we are waiting for the bags to come down the carousel, he says,
- Tomorrow, I go to Afghanistan, I will work security.-
I say,
- That’s is scary -
He is not sure, maybe he works for a company by the name of Global or maybe a British company called Blackwater.
That is scary.
Delhi is good; I am bigger than the people are so I am always first in line. I am not in Mumbai and that make me happy. In addition, I did not see anyone defecate.
How clean is Delhi

Arrived in Delhi

Arrived in Delhi
Blah blah blah
I am in Delhi India
Life is Different
Arrived in Delhi


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