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India It Is Here

India It Is Here
Delhi, India Asia
February 12, 2007

I have realized, anything I want, anything I need is here, there or anywhere. What I need or anyone needs is always within our grasp, it is always close.

If a person needs a God, if a person needs crazy, if a person needs a wife, if a person needs to be free from some imagined slavery, what they or I need is in our grasp. There is a wonder of travel, there is a time I believe when a person realizes he or she if free. I make the choices, the choices are not made for me, and what is expected of me is my own mind working to make happen.

I am approaching home, the place in the world where everything is ok, where everything is normal of me, the world where I was raised and defined me in the culmination of my sum of all experiences.

Therefore, because I can imagine, I think of a warm bed, no holes in the sheets, a land where things are quiet. The maddening quiet of the USA.

I am responsible for being here in India for the next two days, it was my choice, it is my responsibility. It is also my choice to enjoy or be annoyed by Delhi, India. Every place has a label, some label this place as wonderful, I would label it as a disaster zone. That doe not mean the other person is not correct, it is wonderful to many people. However, if I want wonderful it is here, I am sure if I want it.

I laugh sometimes at my first thoughts, in Nepal or in India people often put a - Tika - or something on their forehead, between their eyes. Often on a pretty girls it is an alluring, intoxicating attraction, then other times there is this big blob of red on their foreheads, and I think in an uncensored mind.
- What is that S .. t on your head? -

I do not know, I heard a comment yesterday that was as brutal and blunt as and uncensored mind could be commenting to m about the culture of Nepal, or maybe India.

The man from the Netherlands was an outstandingly happy man, the smiles radiated from him in every step, yet he was also able to say and admit what he thinks. He was a free person, nothing told him what to think or say, I admired his brutal comment.

If a person says what they think about a country, another person will inevitable say they have no right to say that. I vacillate wildly about the rights to free speech. I do not like to hear the Islamic crazies say things, and I am sure they do not like me to say the - Islamic Crazies. -

Who is right, who is wrong, neither is right or wrong, however, what is horribly wrong is when one of them feels guilty when having a thought.

I have a prevalent thought when in India.
- Wow, what a crappy place. -

This thought is too powerful for me, and I must and need to accept that my self-talk about India drowns my ability to enjoy the place, I am just not able to make the best of it. I also here people talk about India like they just met God and shook his hand, said hello, then won the lottery the same day. It is annoying to me, however, I am sure they feel wonderful.

I had a person ask me if I would return to Nepal, and I said,
- Sure, it is in the way. -

Nepal is in between Europe and Southeast Asia, it is in the middle and to me hard to avoid. The person wanted me to say I would just fly over it and avoid it, I did not see this or understand why a person would avoid what I consider constantly,
- Wow, what a crappy place. -

I told this quiet miserable lady, that was volunteering with orphans in Kahtmandu these comments, then I said, I will be in the USA in three days and all is good.

She says,
- You lucky man. -

I am thinking to myself, you constantly are trying to induce me to somehow way Nepal is great, yet you think of me as lucky to go to the USA. I do not think I am lucky, I think it will be different, she was obviously torturing herself and constantly trying to convince herself she was in some wonderland. I on the other hand just called it the way I saw it, said what I think, she censored her own feelings and thoughts. She was a very annoying person to me, the Dutch man with his happiness and uncensored thoughts was great.

I have this collection of identifiers of what is a develop or undeveloped nation or culture. It is all on a continuum, from developed to undeveloped. I am trying to add an identifier, or label it, I must make it a label of define it, however, I listed to many person in Nepal saying or hoping.

- I want to go there. -
- I do not want to be here. -

It could be the USA, it could be Europe, there was just many persons in Nepal that did not want to be there. I do not want to be in India, I want to be in the USA, I want to skip this thought.

In primitive cultures they dream of paradise. In the rich countries or highly developed countries they dream of paradise. The dream is different, I know my friends dream of winning the lottery.

Many travelers dream of going somewhere, this is like wanting to buy things, it never ends, a person cannot buy enough to ever be happy. I cannot go enough places to be happy. I satisfy an endless curiosity, I change the channel today on my life, or I change it tomorrow. I know I can always change the channel. When I am living in one location I keep trying to change the channel. I purchased a ticket to the USA about two months in advance. This was a terrible idea, I hope I avoid this action in the future, I hope I do not forget. I was on the channel of Nepal too long, I had to watch the station too long, I was bored with the place, another 30 days and I would have learned to despise the place.

The plane ticket defined how long I would watch the channel called Nepal. I need or should buy one-way tickets, there is also the problem when I am on good station and should not or do not want to change the station and the ticket has defined the time when I change the channel.

Somehow it is here, somehow it there, somehow it is anywhere, there is always a way to change the stars.

I listed to many Nepali people,
- Ttalk and dream of leaving the country. -

The opposite is also true, people pay large to go and see Nepal. Then dream of returning when they leave.

I think it is envy, to crave or wish for what another person has, to covet the other persons life or possessions.

Covet: to have a strong desire to possess something that belongs to somebody else (2)

I guess that is my point, I should never want something that belongs to someone else, because it world require this person to give it to me. I need to dream and want only things I can give to myself. When a girl in Nepal wants me to marry her, I know she wants me to give her the happiness of living in the USA, it just seems like such a silly dream, as I know or feel she will not be happy. I keep thinking, you need to find a place in Nepal where you find it easier to be happy. However, she is dreaming and hard to stop dreams.

I hear a man spitting outside my window here in Delhi, and I dream of leaving.

India It Is Here

Why to Get Ghana Visa in Delhi

Why to Get Ghana Visa in Delhi

I received an email from somebody in Ghana, it was interesting and as normal when they are being angry, anonymous... hehehe

Good morning,
I'm quite amazed at your response! what nationality are you?
And aside from your nationality, what would be your purpose of
visiting Ghana?
With your attitude, you need to stay in your own country, definitely
if you cannot follow or adhere to our backward and thieving offices,
laws etc......
Do you know the requirements Ghanaians need to leave this country and
go abroad, i mean the flipping British high commission wants us to
apply for visa's six months in advance, Americans allow people to cue
for hours like slaves, and in one or two instances people have
actually died in that line, waiting to go in for a visa and go to
useless foreign lands! And you want a visa in two days! Pratt's the
most appropriate word i can come up with, like wise are the Ghanaians
who give stupid foreign embassies and high commissions the right to
treat them like cattle! And your entire attitude about the way we are,
not everyone's a thief you know? And quite frankly if that's the way
you feel, i suggest you stay away!
Realistic requirements, come checkout what your flipping country
requires of Ghanaians before you sit and judge!
Why shouldn't you state your reason for visiting, or why do you think
you should be exempt from these requirements! These are worldwide
immigration requirements, who are you to say otherwise! Don't judge
someone else's till you know what yours is up to! and what are you in
such a hurry to come and do here anyway. . . this is how we usually
end up with drug dealers, pedophiles, etc because no one actually
checked they had the right ties here or documentation! Please do not
even head to Togo, all their head offices are in Ghana. . . . go home
you flipping HOBO!

The bloody cheek of it. . . . . laws and rules apply world wide, abide
or keep striding to your own dXXX land!
Thank you!
An angry Ghanaian national!


To quote myself:
When applying for a Visa, a person deals first with the culture of the country, then with the culture of the Embassy of the culture.

I never got near a Ghana person, and it is really annoying to go to a USA Embassy and never find an American.

India culture is a pain in the butt and full of mazes or problem. I applied for a Ghana Visa with Ghana people while in Abidjan and it was easy, fast and wonderful. However, the one in India was too much.

This is the issue.
If they had the Visa on arrival like Thailand, then more money would come into Ghana, and the world would not think so primitive. I have been there, it is nice.

The corruption in Africa is the problem and the reason for the long lines to go to the USA, UK and Australia.

I was frustrated, I wanted a path between Bangkok to Mumbai to Ghana to exist, and India is stopping this path for BACKPACKERS. Now, I will need to go Bangkok, Dubai, Ghana, IF there is a Ghana Embassy in Dubai.

Ivory Coast is easy for the USA, but for all others a pain, but the Visa Entente is sort of ok. I will FLY INTO TOGO and skip Ghana. Ghana is nice compared to Nigeria... hehehe

You as a GHANA person should be angry with your government, it is the reason nobody can get a Visa to the USA or UK, or anywhere, then the people are also corrupt to boot.

I am trying to find an easy path to enter Africa. The Africans have made entry into Africa so difficult, every traveler goes either to Asia or South America, Central American anywhere but Africa. I do not blame them, Africa makes life difficult, the cost of Airlines is crazy, the Visa Applications are difficult

Tell me the truth, is there a big danger from modern countries...NO.. this is ridiculous, there is a problem with Ghana people being let out of the country. They never go home. However, Americans, UK, etc, do not go to Ghana and live illegally, they want to leave.

So, learn, if you want the money to come in, you have to make it easy for the money to come in...

Whether I go to a country or do not go to a country is not a big deal, I go to countries that makes life easy. I travel for fun, you are angry because you want to escape, this is not the same.

Funny angry because we loaded them up to go the USA as slave, now they are angry because we will not load them up and take them again.

Why do I want a visa in Delhi, so people can enter Africa easily, this door is too tough and closed. I am not looking at Togo and Ivory Coast as better entries to Africa.

Why to Get Ghana Visa in Delhi

Getting a Ghana Visa in Delhi

Getting a Ghana Visa in Delhi
Delhi, India Asia
February 12, 2007

I am in Delhi, and ready go leave... soon.

I went to the Ghana Embassy to try to get a Visa in the two days I am in India. As it stands now I am not going to apply for a Ghana Visa in India for a few reasons. The requirements here in India are more complicated than the ones in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and I do not want to comply.

1. I must book a hotel in Ghana, or get an invitation. The invitation is more or lees crap and I am not going to get a reservation in Ghana or use my credit card online to book rooms in Africa.

2. I need to present a ticket and an onward ticket.

3. Letter of why I am going to Ghana.

4. As normal for India, they will not be on time or say how long the visa will take, maybe they will give me the Visa... ? (I cannot risk giving my passport I need to fly with tomorrow night to the India culture, or the Ghana culture managed by the India culture.)

I do not wish to fake documents or lie, it is annoying as Embassies do not create realistic requirements that make common sense. I do understand if they are making exceptionally strong requirements for India people, but I am American, not Indian.

I do not understand why countries do not copy the successful countries for tourism like Thailand and make life easy.

I believe all these requirement say to me, either fly into Abidjan or Togo and forget Ghana. I will probably fly to Togo.

I am supposed to be able to get a 7 day on landing visa in Togo, then get a longer Visa inside the country. I need to double check.

When applying for a Visa, a person deals first with the culture of the country, then with the culture of the Embassy of the culture.

Getting a Ghana Visa in Delhi
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
February 11, 2007

The Lonely Planet Guidebook, one I use regularly, however I am going to use Roughguide for Africa this time in an attempt to find cheaper rooms has a Forum.
Lonely Planet Thorntree Forum

This is one of my choices, the FORUM, not the Lonely Planet general site, for Top Travel Sites of 2006 in the English Language, a year in review, for travelers, not tourist.

A Forum is an Internet toy, where by a person can post a question, and get an answer. The Lonely Planet forum takes some work, you need to sign up, get a password, learn how it works, etc.

Something best done at home with a free connection…

The keep bumping me out of this, as I do not get online, I do not know why I have to keep registering.

Oh, well, the bottom line for a TRAVELER, and I would almost say a tourist should not use this Forum. The problem is there are many Hotels, Travel Agents, and people hanging around in this site trying indirectly soliciting clients. They pretend they are a person posting and recommend themselves.

However, IF you wished to go to the Congo, or Iraq, or some place where the Lonely Planet paper version of the guidebook is not much value. With a lot of time, with a lot of patience and planning way ahead, you can get some answers. Not normally good answers, but a GUIDE, not an answer. Some ideas that can steer you towards the correct answers, it is your choice; I do not recommend you just trust people on this Forum, it is just help.

I have many bad answers, they told me the border or Silopi, Turkey was absolutely closed when I entered Iraq, it was not, and I did not believe and found the correct answer.

I posted here on December 26, of 2006 and it is now February 11 of 2007. I think these posts disappear over time, I am not positive.

Congo River Post

Nonetheless, this is a great way to find some ideas.

Unless, like some people, and they get addicted, and they sit around monitoring and posting you need to subscribe to the post you wish to monitor. Then in a very good way, Lonely Planet sends you the new ideas by email, this works great.

Therefore, this is how I use this Forum, I will post and idea or find the same question.

Subscribe to the post, and then wait and hope.

Sometimes I go and clarify, or ask again in different ways, I am extremely careful, this is just somebody on the Internet that thinks they know the answer, which does not even mean they have been to the place. It is similar to the Wiki people; they go out collect answers, and then go post from other websites. Look and read, are they extremely specific, a good person will say they did this on this date, at this city, went to this hotel. The person that is honest will say both good and bad, if the whole answer is good, beware.

I want to say - Caveat Emptor, but this is NOT a purchase thing, however, if you are on the main Lonely Planet part, then this applies.

Caveat Emptor

I want to say,
- Reader Beware -
Post a comment.. please?

The Internet is full of person without a life, who spends too much time floating around trying to appear as experts. I write ideas, I post them, and I make tons of errors. I would love to know a way to tell a person and they believe me, this is just my opinions, take it or leave it.

I am writing in my online, I am not trying to be an answer to all questions; I am just giving some ideas and guides. I am sure there are better answers.

However, there is something about the written word, people believe Newspapers, and the TV, they are in my opinion becoming on par with Car Salesmen, Taxi Drivers etc.

The internet is not to be trusted, it is to be used as a guide, the world if full of unscrupulous people who will tell you anything for a buck or in a ridiculous vain to appear intelligent.

Nevertheless, if you are going to Iraq, going to the Congo, or way off the beaten path, then I recommend you get on the Lonely Planet Thorntree and post some questions. Then make your own choices, engage brain. has my version of a lopsided Forum, it is a way for me to keep ideas organized. We are now calling it the Help Center. The idea is you ask me a question and someday, not today, maybe tomorrow, maybe never I will answer or say, I do not know, or give you a link.

What I want is a place where very specific questions a Q and A exist on many subject, then I can go and see if my answers are there. This is Hobo attempt to stay better organized, therefore, a real traveler can find the information quicker without having to hang around and check the site. I do not want a traveler to have to get on my site daily to find answers. We have a three click policy, we want you to get to your idea in three clicks and leave. This is our hope, not what is reality now, but we hope.

2007 February 11 Enter India

2007 February 11 Enter India
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
February 11, 2007

I will leave Nepal today and enter Delhi, India. I will fly with Royal Nepal Airlines. I would give you a link, but better to buy from a Travel Agent, as not the best organized Airlines.

This is NOT the cheapest way to fly to Delhi, I purchased a package ticket in Thailand, or two destination ticket. Nepali is similar to India for buying tickets, they just try to be too clever, too many attempts to cheat. Therefore, I normally try to bypass buying any plane tickets in India or Nepal.

I do buy online airplane tickets inside of Nepal, however most Travel Agents in India need taken out back and flogged, and worst if someone else does it beside me.

I am going to apply for a Ghana Visa in Delhi, I am hoping, hoping, hoping that the Embassy is full of Ghana native workers.

2007 February 11 Enter India

6 Days in India

6 Days in India

I have 6 more days left in India, I came to visit Andrew one of my computer techies that works on my site. I thought it would be fun to go see the Taj Majal, enjoy some time together.

I am starving, I just went on a 20-minute walk searching for anything but cookies to eat that looks clean. I found one bakery and just before the man put his dirty hands in to grab and weigh these crust type foods, he put his hands through his greasy hair. I paid, tried to ignore, ate one and threw them on the ground.

Found this German Bakery in the Ajay Guesthouse or Hotel and went to purchase a Baguette. Looked at the dirt under the boy’s fingernails and got weak, I went home.
I walked last night, now to day searching for a grocery store that has more foods than something I do not know or want and cookies. I may take a taxi today to anywhere but here, there has to be clean somewhere.

I do not know, outside this hold called Pahar Ganj, the streets look nice. I am not sure; I think maybe I should try harder to help Andrew leave the country.

A small rat or mouse just ran inside the internet cafe.

6 Days in India

Book Loading

Book Loading

I am in the process of book loading.

This is a spin on carbo loading, however my way of thinking. I am loading up on books so I can travel into the FRENCH dominated part of North Africa where no normal person wants to go. Hard to purchase English books in many parts of Africa, thus I am in need of English books to read.

Book Loading



I think of Henry David Thoreau one of my self-elected mentors. Does this boy step to the sounds of a different drummer.

Henry said,
- If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. -

Nothing noble about this little street urchin, he learn daily how to pull at my or your heart string, extracting money from our inner guilt, and emotional vampire of sorts. If that does not get you, then he works in the drum idea of any country of the world, like there is tribal nobility to hitting a drum.

Drums, the universal music instrument, not really unique, most countries have some type of drum being sold. Yes, cultural, interesting and very noisy type of instrument. I do like when I see a violin being made, this is a little higher on the musical evolution chain. A traveler can purchase a drum and make noise, then call it music.

For Mom, she took the other school bus up to Chubbies restaurant and showed to the coffee club. People naturally care or go for what they can relate to, in Indiana, small town USA, smallville with a twist, a bus is real, it take our children, our family to school.

Two thumbs up for India and the newspapers. The average India person seems to read daily the newspaper. It is highly abnormal for the planet, however, a great thing. Now, I wish they would read about how to be clean, so them big warts, fungus, leprosy and other uglies would disappear.

Beggar on wheels, he nailed me, cut off my path, fits into my rules of giving to beggars, missing a body part.

Scaffolds inside India, they are low on the development chain.


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