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I have been reading a book called “On The Road” by Jack Kerouac; it is about a guy around the year 1947 to early 1950s traveling across the United States. Gabe was recommended it very highly, and he actually found a copy and read it again, and then loaned it to me. It is some girl’s copy and she is carrying it with her. I do not like to borrow books, I try to trade or buy a book so I do not have to worry about giving it back. I travel and could leave quickly and not have the book finished and then I would think about the book.

Gabe is 65 years old and this book influenced him to go travel and roam around. The book seems to be or have some type of cult like following; you know the type where it is trendy to read.

The book refers to different types of Hoboes and what they look like and how they travel a lot, so in many ways a reference for travelers. I am going to finish this book today. I want to go to Agonda, so this is delaying me a little. One day, not so much, but I still do not like to sit around reading fast just to say I read a book.

I like the book but am more in the history of travel book type world then a really interesting book to me. It has made me aware of where the word “beatniks” came from, and about the beat generation.

Oops, I title this “So Its Colder” and then did not explain. It is getting colder in Goa and I need to leave the fan off at night, and in the morning put on a sweatshirt. It must be a little chilly around here in February when it gets really cold.


I was reading this book “Without Remorse,” by Tom Clancy the other day and got real motivated to lose weight. It is funny how things can just hit you and I can go from a trying sort of type of way to a really get down to business determination. I think it was because this guy was a fighter in the book and got in shape after getting show by a shotgun that made me realize I should be serious about this weight thing.

So for the last 3 days I am down to just a small breakfast and a couple cups of Milk-Coffee with sugar as they call them on the beach here during the day. I am cutting weight very good now, and not just in some stall pattern. I hate getting older. When I was younger I could eat all I wanted and it did not phase me, but with each year it gets harder and harder to stay at a good weight.

Not sure why this is exactly, I am sure that I am less vain and do not look at myself so much in the mirror. They say it is what I eat, but I eat a lot better and healthier then when I was young. I actually avoid certain foods, and try to limit my intake. But I think in the end genetics and the exact inherited characteristic of the metabolism rate is what determines our weight. I think it has almost zero to do with what we eat and our basic will power.

I just do not see anyone that is really skinny or thin that seems to control it with any willpower. In fact they sometimes seem like the most undisciplined individuals I know. On this beach right now there are a few older people that are in some ways very good looking shape. I will not say in good shape, because they all drink about 10 beers a day and smoke one cigarette after another and I know they do not get any exercise, but they do look in good shape for their age. The ones that moderate are in worst shape looking physically. It just does not make sense.

Gabe has amused me. He is trying to give up smoking and daily talks about the need for him to quit. He had tuberculosis and has damaged lungs. He has to use one of them breathers to help him reestablish his breathing once in awhile. He has these nicotine patches that he uses, but they do not seem to do any good. He will put them on, and then just start to smoke later in the day. It is funny to me and interesting because he is just a normal person and really has no clue on how to give up an addiction. He has been addicted to everything and is in a safe mode right now, more or less regulated by money and the desire to live.

Goa is a safe zone for addicts. You could get drunk, stoned, hooked, or whatever you wish and have trouble getting in much trouble. There is very little legal influence and the car situation is bleak.

In the end a place where there is no law and no cars is a safe place for addicts or alcoholics to live. Then they all come here searching for God, but really learn a great place to stay safe.

Gabe was saying to me that he feels bad when he tells people he is giving up smoking and then starts later in the day. I said,

“Then you should tell everyone.”

He shook his head, and sort of said that that was not a good idea, but he knows and I know he does not want to quit. He is just playing games with his head. Age and maturity has little to do with this game in the head, in fact I think as people get older they have often more childlike behavior then when they are really young. When a kid says no, it can mean no. Some really hard individuals say no when they are older and mean no. Tolerance is not a benefit. That is the minds game playing sometime and the excuse or rationalization to except crap in your life.

I can be really judgmental and intolerant, but that make me like myself better and keep the crazies out of my life. But it also limit’s the number of people around me, because I will not tolerate their crazy behavior. This is OK with me. But like the book I am reading “On The Road” there is camaraderie of being nutty together. The book glamorizes people getting drunk, having sex, and doing stupid things. I think for me this is the idea that the only way to have fun or to be really stimulated it to do harmful things. I went to Iraq and that could be considered dangerous, but I would consider it a socially acceptable way to have fun, and enjoy life. Plus very stimulating and I learned a lot about myself and am a better person for the adventure. I suppose the litmus test of behavior is if you are a better person in the short and long run.

I say the “Short and Long Run.” Because I used to drink a lot and I am a better person in the long run for this, but the time that was lost was not worth the bother. I would not recommend that anyone go out and drink, get addicted, and give it up. I would not want my children if I had some to behave or go through that, I would want them to skip that epic.


Agonda for a few days is looking good. What is tempting is not the beach, but the balance of people I met over there. I met people from every culture and country when over there. He is almost only British and they are all acting like a clic.


I have spent the last 10 minutes trying to learn how to spell click or clic or cliché or clich.

I think what I am trying to spell is click. Something that works well together succeeds or functions. There is a common ability to work.

But I was talking about the “British Clicks” or groups of Brits that run in groups. This is annoying and is the opposite of why I travel. I travel for diversity, learning, and variance in my day-to-day activity. There was social and are social click in the entire world. This is just normal, but there are also social clicks that penalize or treat anyone that is not part of the click as an outcast. Most clicks exist in many ways by the enforcement of the norms. So a religion in many ways is a click and enforces the norms or the idea that you must behave in a certain way. I do this also, but am more desirous of finding people that are unique and free thinkers. A free thinker will make a decision free of what the norm or click has to say. The merit of the argument or the assumptions inside the discussion or argument is the reason for their decision and not what the group does.

Gabe is a free thinker, but can be a chameleon to fit in under certain circumstances. I fit in often by just keeping my mouth shut and not adding or lending to the conversation. For instance I do not say to Gabe whether it is good or bad if he quits smoking. I tried to offer him some toothpicks to keep his had busy, but he did not see that as help. There are lots of lines to draw.

I will get down slowly to a clear reason why the British Expatriate Colonies irritate me. I think this British girl said it the other day,

She called some,

“Lager lots.”

I guess and I am not clear, but it is the “I drink a lot of Lagers” mentality. It is I am a in my “Local” mentality.

Politically correct people can be an even worse click. The clicks here can be so racist against any other country. Especially they target the Israel people or the Jews. This makes me very angry. I have decided to not talk to LB. She said comments the other day about Israel people to them and in front of them, and then again to some German girl. Both had not even talked. So I know they did not provoke. But his is just racism at its worst. I have opinions and some of the behaviors of countries that I do not like are based on actual and real behaviors but I try to not bring that up.

You could say than why am I typing this? That is because this is my thoughts and share between you, and me and not targeted at a person to hurt them. Maybe to make you think if you are a Brit? Or part of any click, but not meant in a mean way to hurt anyone. Clarify and express myself. This is my log only and not yours. The value of the log is I being honest.

Travel is about meeting new cultures and interacting in a sharing and fun manner. A click is about excluding other cultures. Sort of like going to a resort so you do not have to deal with the rabble of society. I can see doing this sometimes, but in moderation.


I am thinking that I may move to a beach 8 kilometers away until next tuesday. I do not think there is internet there, so I may not write much.



I went out this morning to talk with Gabe. There is a small shaded area with 4 tables in my Huts or Hotel for breakfast. We are sitting there discussing this and that and how the newspapers of the world are nothing but tabloids.

I look over to the owner of the complex. He comes out the back of his house that is in the center of everything. He has a screwdriver and a few light tools. He looks around down the road and about. He continues to do this all through his operation on the box. The electrical meter is under his back porch area and had a glass box covering the meter. It is locked, but obviously because I watched him open it, he has key to the lock. He opens the box. Looks around a lot and then proceeds to use a long screwdriver to loosen something. He then pulls out a piece of wire maybe 6 inches long. It is a heavy gauge wire and is rigid. Probably 10 or 12 gauge solid copper wire and in the shape of a U. He places this in the box and proceeds to tighten some screws on the inside. After he is completed he closes the box. Locks the box securely and stand back a foot. He stands there and studies the meter.

The piece of wire and the studying the meter almost guarantees to me that he is adding a bypass wire that will allow the un-metered electricity to enter the line with him paying. Then he had to look at the meter to see that it indeed was moving slower.

This is the type of situation that exists in maybe 80 percent of the world. The world steals electricity at a tremendous rate. There are constant blackouts in this area of Goa, but stands to reason when there is no way to know or anticipate the exact usage needed.

I also ask a guy the other day on whether or not they stole electricity? He started to laugh and said,

“Of course.”

He then told me how they bypass, or hook up direct, or put some type of magnet on the meter that is suppose to slow down the meter.

I have seen some really creative ways of stealing electricity around the world. Some just blatant methods like hooking up, and others involve breaking into concrete walls and installing and extra wire, but nonetheless they steal electricity. Etc. It is fun to watch and observe. What is even more fun is to ask people about their electricity bills and how much they pay? The will lie. Man will they lie. It is fun to just see how much the average Joe on the street will tell a story to try to protect themselves. Even though probably 95 percent of the people in the area are stealing electricity. In an investigation that involves corruption the truth is very difficult to discern. The big mistake is to believe the rich are corrupt and the poor are not corrupt. They are both equally corrupt, but normally the rich are better at it. In the end the small or poorer people are not jealous or angry about corruption, they wish they were a bigger beneficiary of their corruption.


I have had enough of Palolem Beach, so it is time to leave soon while I still have a good feeling about the beach. It is not good to stay longer then my welcome and my interest in the places.

I want to go find some of real world where people work and people do not spend their whole day and night getting stoned. Agonda beach made me think and miss the balance of people in the world.

There was:

1. A Swiss man that travels the world.

2. A Russian girls with a motorcycle.

3. A German lady that drove their camper from Germany, she probably had he husband with her, but I did not see here.

4. An English girl that was probably just part of the colonization effort.

5. A highly educated Indian person that had sailed around the world.

I met some travelers not tourist.

I suppose last night listening to 3 Brits compare or try to send text messages over their Cellular telephone did not make my night. They were also talking about going to the Casino at the Inter-Continental and what to drink. Fortunately they did not talk about Soccer of Football, which is highly abnormal. It is taxing on my mind to listen to some of the inane conversations around here. Gabe is the best conversation on the beach, but he has the whole world wrapped up in a world surrounded by the drug culture and how it influences the world. He reads a lot and had not adapted the fashionable stance of life. The positions that is politically correct and boring.



So yesterday I rode a bike about 16-18 kilometers. That is about 12 miles. Not a long distance on a bike but is a lot on Palolem where most people smoke cigarettes and drink all night. It is almost impossible for most of them to get both the motivation and the energy. But for non-drinker and me a non-smoker this was a walk in the park.

But it still is hard for me to understand people. They are quite amazed at this feat. I have ridden a bike up to 60 miles in one day. I suppose I could ride a bike for about 100 miles on flat land. The hills are the killers. I do not especially like to ride bike long distances, and consider it boring in most ways, but if you get on a bike it is a less strenuous exercise then running or maybe swimming.

But most people can relate to riding a bike and seem to consider it difficult task.

I can tell someone I have written 132 newsletters in 7 years of travel and they will just nod their heads. That does not seem to be an accomplishment. Often the things I do that are difficult are considered easy, and the things I do that are easy are considered difficult. It must have everything to do with the person’s frame of reference. If they have never done the activity, there is no way to compare and they just listen.

Comparison is how people analyze the world. If they cannot do the activity they really cannot compare. It is like a person complaining about the boss. They have never been the boss and probably will never be the boss, but they will complain and minimize the positions or how the boss does his work. Like he does nothing and they do everything. But how can you compare?

I tend not to think of what I am capable of doing, but to think of how long it would take me to do it. I need graphics or logos on my page. I made the one that is on my page. I did all the artwork. Now I am not an artist. It took me probably 20 hours longer to get this little hobo guy correct then an artist that has skills.

This to me is life. Almost anyone could overhaul an engine if they had unlimited time. It would just take longer for some people then other. It is like learning the computer. It takes some people a lot longer to learn and is beyond their level of tolerance for frustration. So in the end they stop because they are frustrated. They have the ability, but cannot stand the frustration.


Yesterday I rode my rented bicycle to Agonda. This beach is located about 8 Kilometers away from Palolem and is quite a trip. There is a hill that seems to go on forever, but generally the ride is very enjoyable and passes a few interesting and intriguing things along the way.

What was most interesting to me was a concrete elevated irrigation canal that was along the side of the road. It was elevated about 1 meter off the ground. The grow rice all along the road, so there is a need for a lot of water for the rice patties. Irrigation is common in most countries in one way or another. There can be lots of methods. The really interesting thing about this canal though was not the canal, but the way they went under the roads or made gates in the canal.

The water would go to a square concrete tank. It would fill the tank with water. At the bottom of the tank was a large underground culvert or duct that went under the road. Once it reached the other side there was another tank the made of the same size.

The water would enter the top of the one tank. Then equalize by going down and into the underground tank on the other side. When the level was as high as the other side it would then dump into another canal and continue flowing down hill. It was quite ingenious.


The waiter in one of the restaurants took about 5000 Rupees from the restaurant and left the beach. Just moved away or took off. He also borrowed 2000 rupees from a traveler. This is about 160 dollars U.S.

So for 160 Dollars U.S. it is enough money to get a person to steal and leave the area. He was from Delhi and not such a big problem for him. He was not a local. Gabe says this is very common. They become trusted and then they steal a lot of money and leave. I think this is about 2 or 3 months wages so in comparison it would be like a McDonalds worker stealing 3528 dollars and taking off. So this is a not a huge sum, but is still quite a bit of money.

I despised the guy the first time I met his little beady eyes. He knew I thought he was scum and we did not talk or associate. I would go to great lengths to not talk or order a drink from him.

But he was also one of the local dealers of hash. But then again most of the young guys that hang around and talk with the travelers are selling hash. So this is common.

I remember a week or so ago. I said to a person,

“Will you go ask the waiter to change the CD or music?

He does not like me.�

The person thought I was a little crazy, and asked why he did not like me. I did not answer because the person would not understand that I instinctually or intuitively thought he was a jerk and I do not talk with jerks. So in the end I was correct. I am always amazed at the value of instincts. I will listen and talk to people that I get bad vibes from, but I will not associate. If I feel them to be bad, I cannot be bothered to get to know them. Life is too short to become friend with everyone and the people that send off bad vibes are a waste of my time.

Everyone says that travel makes you more tolerant. I agree that I can tolerate a lot more because of travel, but it also makes me less tolerant of crazy things. In reality I just refuse to accept certain behavior around me and because I am a traveler I can always move away from the problem. In normal life it can be impossible to avoid a jerk. As a traveler I can very easily avoid anyone. I move away.


I just got back from going to the market in Chaudi. I was confused for the longest time about the world Canacona. I now realize that is like the name of the county in this are of the State of Goa, and I have been going to the town of Chaudi. But I stay on the beach of Palolem.

I went to buy some more of these Anti-fungus pills. It is all gone, except some discoloration or maybe a little spot. But I think this type of thing goes into remission and then pops it head back up under certain conditions so I am going to keep treating it for about another month. I will continue to use the soaps and powders on a regular basis from now on as long as I travel. Plus I have some germ cleaning type cleaners. I will also wash my clothes in very hot water once per month. I almost have a tip put together on the whole cleaning and fungus problem.

The market is very nice and has lots of vegetable, spices, and trinkets. It has lots of people and colors. I met a guy from Switzerland in the market. He was walking by me and in my typical Indiana manner, I nodded my head, and said hello. He said,

“Hobo Andy.”

Nothing more, and I stopped and shook my head yes, and went into the why and how of why he said this. I guess he had seen a photo of me on one of them pages I have yet to change. He was great and told me about having turtles on Aganda beach. He invited me to come and visit and see the beach. I will for sure do this right away because I also want to photo the turtle nest they have on that beach, nice to hear some opinions from readers. He said he has been reading it since I went to Iraq, and replied once when I was thinking or asking whether I should go to Baghdad.


The electricity went off for almost the whole day yesterday. The electricity here goes off about 5-8 times a day. Not normally for very long, but it does go off a lot. This country reminds me very much of Mexico, with lots of the same problems. It goes off here about the same as Iraq.


I woke up early by the sound of growling or barking dogs outside my room. I needed to leave my room and go use the toilet. The dogs barking outside my room is not good. It could be many things, maybe a person walking around trying to steal things in the night or who know what. I decided to open my door and go for the toilet. Dogs are not totally predictable. I look just outside my door and there are 2 dogs. They are sort of standing and look about. I leave my room and walk to the toilet. Coming back they start to bark again, it is really annoying to have dogs sometimes around hotels. But as best I can tell the one dog is in heat and the other is tailing her around. The do not appear to fix the dogs here, I have heard about my friend Lori and a dog in front of their house barking all the night.


I hate.. I really hate to be “Too Busy.”

I like to be a little bored.

The balance between being busy and bored is difficult. Better for me if I stay more on the bored side and less on the too busy side. To me a person that keeps too busy is avoiding themselves. NOT always, but sometimes. They need to be just as happy either way. I do find though that all the things in life pile up too high when I am too busy. But when I am bored I catch up. So catching up is a much better place to be… So I like to be a little bored.


I walked for a couple of hours this morning to see turtle nest. I cannot say I saw any turtles, but the walk was great fun. The government of India has a person protecting what are presently 6-netted areas. Below each area is a place where a turtle laid eggs. The date is on each sign of when they were laid. The man said they would hatch in 55 days.

I am going to write about it in the next newsletter. Something like… In Search of Turtles. It should be a great read.

I was also very lucky on leaving the turtles and walked by a still where they are making the local moonshine. It was a big one and I got to take photos of that also. Very good and I can explain with photos now the whole process.

I am worried about my computer friend that makes a living by computer here. He went to Bombay and said he would return in a week. I thought he was leaving the majority of his clothe and things, but I found out he took them all. He was to return in a week. This does not mean he is in harm, it does mean that he is a traveler like the rest of us, and just might not return to this beach. It would be bad luck. I really should have moved faster on the interview.

More and more Israel people are coming to the beach recently. This is very good for me, but probably irritates the Brits. They seem pretty prejudice and are always complaining. I do not understand why? I guess I do understand, but the reason is silly. The Israel people are loud like an American, Brazilian, Italian, or the Black people of the USA and few other cultures. Plus they are very confident people. They do not take crap from anyone. So this irritates the passive majority of people that are not so wrapped. To me they are delightful. They say hello, smile, and talk and laugh and are very inquisitive. Lots of fun and in the end to me just very friendly.

But they can be loud. But that is their culture. Like telling a French girl she should not give a person 2 or 3 kisses on the cheek when she meet you. This is their way and part of them.

But the bad part of all this is that the local also pick up on the prejudices. People complain more about them. It is funny how people can complain about Israel people being loud. I sort of think this is really a long term tradition of racism and a carry over from years and years of this in Europe. I get more irritated about the Brits who act pompous and better then others. This is much more annoying then the loud Israel people. But that is their culture also, and what can you do. Just deal with it. It will not change.

But I had a really great day today. I had lots of fun and lots of great photos and some good material for the newsletter.


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