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I have been banging away at fixing and repairing some old newsletter and broken links. It is huge undertaking, but I can say for sure that I think my writing has improved. I am able to do a lot of these repairs because of larger ram memory in my new computer and the FrontPage 2000 program. But this site of mine is too big and I have no idea how to fix it all. It will take years to clean this up to a really nice level. But I am working slowly, steadily, and trying to clean up them spelling errors. I am a bad speller. That is not true, I cannot see when I type badly. My grammar is bad.


I have an appointment to meet with a techie to help on the PHP of my page tomorrow at 2:00 PM. He has something called or uses something called,

“PHP Nuke.”

The appointment a lot of loose strings will probably delay me until Thursday for leaving Margao.

I have not idea how the NUKE program would affect my page, or what it will do, but I have a test site that I will use it on, before I go crazy and use it on the main

The whole idea is to make every page a little “Specific Forum” but not have to have all the password and such. But still be able to control, delete, and especially edit or stop people from submitting or spamming my search engine.

I am laughing a lot. I will pay a guy from India to stop the people from India from filling my pages up with useless information. I have been learning how to rapidly clean up a lot of messes. But it is still a lot of random stuff on my site. I have now had about 7000 submissions in the database. But I would expect may 20,000 more in the next year minimum so I got to get read of the mess it will cause, but more importantly to be efficient in processing the information.


It cost me 2 rupees, but I was worth it. This is interesting, look at the drum. Who knows more?


I am using the grammar checker more in my Microsoft Works word processor program and I am learning a little. I can tell my grammar is getting better. It for sure improve those typing errors that you think is bad spelling, but is me just typing the wrong key and making it spelled wrong. I am having fun with this, and have found that I tend to make sentences too short and not long enough. I have to constantly combine 2 sentence fragments to make a complete sentence. Now that I am doing that as I go, I have less sentence fragments. I will soon make a page to help me on grammar. That will give all you overly sensitive people a way to hit me.

I went and made a page of my questions on grammar. Might as well do it while I am thinking and get started.


I have never read in 7 years a lot of the Footprints guidebook, although I am sad to say. I got on the Lonely Planet track and was both lazy and by chance only using that guidebook. I do not like to by guidebooks retail. I like to trade, or buy used a guidebook. Therefore in I was very lucky to trade, and pay a little for this Footprints guidebook.

Footprints have Internet symbols on the map! This is excellent, and I am not sure what the present status of Lonely Planet is, but they should follow suit. There is a need to tell the traveler where the Internet is more then the telephone.

I have a page where I collect BOOKS that are guidebooks. I suppose I do have some online guides there also, but would call a portal more of an online guide. I have the links to Footprints on this page and hope it is working.


I was slightly awake this morning at about 5 am and I here this hollers or people noise. I adjusted my ears a little and connect the brain and realized it was I think prayer. I did not see them, but I heard what distinctly sounded like a lot of people praying. It could have been on the loudspeaker system like in Muslim southern part of Thailand, but I am not sure.

The about 6:45 the train whistle blow while I am here working on my newsletter. I am toward the back of the concrete hotel and the noises are slower, not dead or still, but definitely slower, I am on the second floor or 3 levels about the din and noise outside.


I was reading my Tom Clancy book, and decided to take my third walk of the day around Margao, India. It was about 9:30 at night and the regular stores were closing rapidly and only the restaurants and the bars were still open. There is a mix of food carts and men, a few women tattered and torn looking and a few more respectable sorts. I am in a very bad or ran down part of the city, close to the railroad tracks. Like and close to the railroad tracks place in any place in the world it is full of the lower rent tenants. Some of these sleep on the ground in or around the hotel. Quite a flop areas in many ways, as the people clutter the streets and area.

There is a constant sound of horns, motorcycle and chatter of the locals comparing notes and stories. A few are playing game of change with 3 cards, and there is a square board I believe is called Carom. It is a game where you point a little round what is like a checker and flick it with your finger. I may have the name of the game wrong, but there are also little nets in the corners. We played a very similar game when I was kid at Christmas, but our game had little poles in the center and a round slot in the middle that was the high points.

I learned today from a statue that the game of Chess was invented in India.

I am surprised in many ways, the streets of India here feel more dangerous then the streets of Baghdad. But the riff raft is at a much higher percentage. The UN should have them food for oil programs here where it is needed and not in Iraq.



I here in the morning. VERY fast connection. Right up there with England. I am on a direct connection to the internet and not a dialup.


i downloaded from the internet in Margao yesterday.

The 3.5 disk had a virus. I am not presently able to update my Norton Anti-virus because I never have a connection. I am going to work on a USB to USB connection for inside the internet cafes.

Usually the internet cafes are paranoid about viruses and this helps me.


The beggars have come out in force in the area of Margao where I am staying. A beggar will hang around in a city before they will hang around outside in the countryside. I do not know why beggars want to live in a city, unless it is for friendship of other beggars.

Funny little kid came along yesterday. I was walking and do not give money to beggars unless they are more or less missing body parts. I will share my food or a piece of my food if I am eating something. I do not think anyone in the world should be really hungry, not that I think most beggars are hungry, but some are. But this little boy kept pointing at his mouth, like he wanted food, so I went over to a stand where they had bread, bought 2 pieces for 2 rupees. Place the 2 pieces of bread in his hands and left. He looked at me as if to say, I do not want food, I want money. I would not have given him money under any condition here, there would be 20 children following me all the time.

I consider the very poor of a country the responsibility of the state and if I give money, then it enables the country to avoid its responsibility.


I am down by the railway station. At least that is what I believe, I still have not seen the actual station, although I have seen the tracks. There are lots of people laying around, and looking “Beat” as Jack Kerouac would have said.

There is a siesta time here in India and around noon till four they close up shops and stop work. It is probably a different times but I have not clarified yet, but I do know between those times activity drops to almost nil.


I was told about the covered market here in Margao. I am going to go check in my new, slightly used 2002 version of the Footprints guide to India and see if they talk about it?

Nope, lots of talk about churches and a few house owned by the Portuguese.

Let us see what the Encyclopedia Britannica has to say?

“also called Margao, town, west-central Goa state, western India. Madgaon is situated on the railway that extends from Marmagao port to Castle Rock in Karnataka state. The third largest city in Goa, it gained importance with the development of Marmagao port, the best harbour between Bombay and Cochin. An industrial estate just outside the city, a cold-storage plant for fish, and a large agricultural-produce market have strengthened its economic position. The city is not far from Colva, considered one of India's most beautiful beaches. Pop. (1981) town, 53,076; metropolitan area, 64,858.”

Madgaon - Margoa - Margao

There are three ways to spell the name of the city.

I like to get the interpretation of the encyclopedia because it puts a well rounded touch on the city. But I do recommend you have a guidebook, it is needed very much for the rooms and transportation. I am not familiar with the footprints way of writing and style and this was one of the precipitating reason I found and bought the footprints. I wanted a change from the Lonely Planet thought process which I find to be like a bunch of dread heads that want to burn their draft card, but do not have one because they never registered. I am not happy with the Lonely Planets opinions research and historical perspective. Although I have to say that each writer for each country has a different slant and style. Each country has the guidebook that is maybe the best in its brand or publisher. I am saying that you cannot just buy one name of guidebook and get the whole picture. It would actually be best to have them all, but that would be a little ridiculous also. For me I really do not care after a certain point and just want to sit back and enjoy the country. All the various “spoofed” ideas of the guidebook and other travelers are not the reason I travel. I travel to meet the people and the to learn the culture. To get inside their minds and to know how they think. Of course that is not possible but that is the goal.


They have states like Goa.

India then may break it up into “Districts.”

India then may break up a district into a “Taluka”

I tried to use the word or not a word I wanted to use spoofie.

It is not in the dictionary and either is Taluka.

I would equate it to a county in the USA.


Hmm? Would I recommend you read it? Probably not, but then again if you want to learn history of drug, jazz, and beatniks. Yes.

“Beatniks: a person who rejects the mores of established society (as by dressing and behaving unconventionally) and indulges in exotic philosophizing and self-expression.”

Encyclopedia Britannica

I wonder if I could just say that all definitions are from there? I suppose I could put a little number next to the word or phrase like a footnote and send a link that way, but who knows?

I know I can quote them the way I do


I am using the internet at 1/2 price. It is more or less the same speed here in Margao. Palolem is not the place to sit around doing research. But strangely my room is more expensive, but a lot better. No beach.


I have only taken a train from Bombay to Palolem. That was a financial disaster, so I really am still clueless. But my gut feeling is that it is a lot easier to travel then the other travelers indicate. They actually say it is easy, but I am wanting to wander around the country aimlessly and not have to worry. I think this is easy as long as I take my time and do not mind long bus rides. They normally go from tourist jump to tourist jump, and have very few side trips.

I am thinking of doing the get on the bus for 2-4 hour play in the morning and get off where I land method. I first did this good in the country of Colombia. A very good way to see an entire country inside and out without an overlay by the guidebook. 99 percent of the traveler are like the Thailand travelers. Always on the same route and listening only to the other travelers recommendation. I also listen, but have few travel techniques that change the trip from regular to cultural.


The place is full of people that came to a prayer festival. I now have a Footprints guidebook, but most of the cheap hotels were full. I did not go visit all of them but the lower end ones. I found a room and was tempted at 275 Rupees and decided it was not safe. I am presently in a room for 180 that has a toilet inside the room. This one has a huge hasp on the door and I can use my own lock. I have found that the more expensive the room, the more I need to trust the management. In the end I have a policy to never trust the manager ever with my valuables. This has kept me safe for 7 years.

But then I am in a room at least 90 percent of the time where I am able to use my own padlock. I never allow them to clean.

The bus was 15 rupees. I paid some guy that knew of a hotel 10 rupees. He took me to a full hotel and was in the end really worthless. I am finding I have to watch these Indian people constantly or they will become cling-ons and I get this look from them like,

“I walked with you so you owe me money.”

I do not pay them anything unless there is some value. The bike guy did take me by his motorbike a few blocks, and then pointed towards the hotel I am in now.

But I will have to watch them to keep them from walking with me. The can be quite belligerent, but then I can be the same back. I would think the passive people of the world would be paying all the time.

I will probably stay here until Tuesday. I want to see what a real India city looks like. So far India reminds me a lot of Mexico. India has all the same shenanigans, problems, corruptions, and just plain confusion.


I woke up this morning planning to go to Agonda Beach. I talked with Gabe and he as so excited to explain Gokrana that I change. I am going to Margao for 3 day or more and the to Gockrana or however you spell it. They are both very close. I need to restock on cash before I go south, and I am positive the Margao has a Bank Machine or ATM.


I am going to jump beaches until maybe Wednesday of next week. Change of scenery. I will leave tomorrow morning at around 10:00 am. I am told there is no internet. I have my doubts, I think there is internet.

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