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Thanks Chris



A man sits down and starts to stare at me in the Intenet Cafe. I ask him to leave, he ignore and acts like he has all the rights in the world... I may just be a lot bigger.

I take his photo and he does not like. I will make it the background on this computer tomorrow.

What fun.


The one girl that lives in the room is from Indianapolis, Indiana and goes to Dartmouth. She is studying Economics and is very naïve as would be expected of a person from Indiana and only 18 years old.

I made a comment that the India people have impressed me with their genetically determined innate ability to perform math functions. I said this specific skill is much better than the Latinos. She fumbled around and I know she was obstructed mentally because of the need to be politically correct, as opposed to factually correct.

I said,

“Not all animals are the same.”

She said,

“Are we 2 animals?”

She had to leave and we were not able to finish at this point. But she is intellectually prejudice in her mind to the idea that the human is an animal and that there is differences or various breeds of the human animal. But this is the nature of the political correct view of the world, we must ignore and I agree from a legal point of view, we must for the most ignore different levels of ability, and all people are legally the same, but if people think that all people are the same they are nuts. There are people smarter than others as there are breeds of dogs that are better adapted to do certain functions better than other dogs.

I was thinking,

“Hmmm.. Dartmouth and even that very famous school and the distinction of animal versus human are still a problem.”

Intellectually or mentally I am always amazed at the low level of function of human intelligence. The logical ability of people is obstructed and stopped often by social belief structures that force them to override the proper logical deduction, induction, abstraction or any way you turn the mental coin.

To be clear…. We are animals. We have various breeds of animals within our class of animal. I am also positive that I am using the wrong terms or word because I do not know the jargon within this realm of study, and I probably do not care… hehehe

ROOM OK - Tuesday Morning

There has move maybe 10 people into the room next to me, I am surrounded by 5 on one side and 5 on the other and the noise level is 10 times louder. I asked them when they was leaving and they have said tomorrow, so being that they are quite educated I will remain in this hotel. If they were to stay here for more time I would move out and find another hotel. They are making more or less normal levels of noise for a group of 10 although this place is made for no more than 6 and there are now about 12. So the noise level is at least twice of what would be comfortable. Actually 6 would be crowded. These rooms are best for one person or love relationship.

START TO LOOK AT HAMPI - Tuesday Morning

I am going to start to look at Hampi today, I have read the books, I know the path and I can start to log in the photos and understand the place enough to record this site well.


I am in a wonderful room, but…. The owner of the place has rented a room next to me for 6 people. They make INDIA bodily noised all the time and have no respect for other people living in the place. This is common of all cultures in a group. But I do not believe the India culture has ever had a quiet moment in their lives and do not understand that type of custom to allow their neighbors a quiet moment. As I am typing they are screaming back and forth in the room adjacent.

I know some of you may think I just chose the wrong room. But in the end I must find the hotel that does not allow the India people to live in their hotel. This is by USA laws illegal. Hard for me to want to promote this idea, but in the end that could be my solution or choice in moving. This is the same problem in the USA when the retirement homes want to have a place where children are not allowed. There are some real problems in laws and can be abusive from both sides.

I would not possible to live in India without hear the clearing of throats and spitting. This is a worldwide problem, and as you walk down the street in India that is minor, the shitting in the street is common also, so the spitting is the minor thing. It is not as common though to be really obnoxious, more just an annoyance.

I am always looking for the highest level of paradise. So I try to make some rules in my head to help me evaluate and avoid problems. I do not really mind this that much, but in this situation I may be here for another 10 days so it may behoove me to move. I do know one really nice room in the Shanti Hotel for 80 rupees. It is more or less always full with travelers. It has about 20 Rooms and that scares away the locals from living with that many foreigners. I am in a hotel with 3 rooms and the owner lives below. When he gets a good offer from India people he rents the rooms and he should, but the idea of having 6 people in a one-room place is not my idea of paradise.


A person has been cleaning my clothes for the last week. I have given her all my clothes more or less and have paid 5 Rupees per piece. She suddenly on the last 5 pieces after she was completed wanted 10 Rupees per piece. I paid her and told her no more clothes. This is so common in underdeveloped countries as there is little honor in a deal, and only held by force by the fact of who has the money. Although I did pay her the price and allowed her the money, I will withdraw all friendship and future business. Strangely as it seems, I see this person daily for a lot of reasons. There is a belief that the poorer people are treating people fairly and the rich are treating them unfair. The truth is both are doing the same in the underdeveloped countries. By the force of law and culture the developed countries had accepted for the most part to honor most deals, and a legal contract has force.


I thought I could wait until the afternoon when the black tank of water on the roof is hot and take shower, but I have realized that at this time of day they run out of water and wait for the municipality to turn on the water to fill all the tanks. They turn on the sweet or good water twice a day. I can see the locals that do not have water lines in their house and do not pay for water go to the distribution areas to fill up their bottles. This means or equates to a cold shower for me. This I do not like and am working on a few ideas to solve this problem. It has nothing to do with solar because that is not dependable, especially for travelers, but I will use electrify to heat the water, and if I wish I could use a back put of solar.


I have almost no indication that Christmas is coming. I have only notice one indication from the people of India that Christmas is coming. I am sure if I were in Goa now there would be lots, because of the large numbers of Christians. There are no Christians in this area as best I can tell, only Hindu and Moslems. Sometime a nice wholesome family area like Hampi is more Christmas than a full on party and get stoned area like Goa.

I have saw very little party here. I think they had a huge party system a few years ago the police have stopped it. There is suppose to be big party across the river, but I am not sure. All tourists in Hampi must register with the police if they live here.


I changed hotels. I have not lived in 9 different hotel rooms in India. Every one of them had the exact same electrical system or wiring system for the room. I have lived in 2 states both Goa and Karnataka. This is extremely unusual that the electrical wiring in a room would be the same. I normally would walk into a room and switch could be anywhere, it could be behind the door, up, low, outside the room or anywhere they put the switch, but here it is almost exactly the same configuration. There is a box immediately to the opening of the door. On the box are an electrical outlet, and 3 switches. One controls the electrical outlet, one controls the fan, and one controls the 4-foot florescent light on the wall. There may be more switches if there are more lights in the room. But the layout is the same.

I have a friend Shackle that lives in a private home. I am going to go look at her system and see if this is the same for private homes.

This is just excellent for the people of India. The infrastructure is one of the best in the world for poorer countries. This is in many ways a lot better than the USA or Europe. More systematic in the end, but now they got to get the people to stop stealing electricity. This is a corruption problem and not an electrical problem. Over usage of electricity though will make a brown out or the breakers pop on the main circuits in the power plants.

I am not positive on this, but they may regulate the money by saying if there is too much electricity used they shut off the electricity long enough to balance out the money. This sounds strange, but a country cannot afford to always give free electricity unless you are a country like Iraq that has mostly one source of money and that is oil.

The Post Office is an insane system, but corruption keeps these antiquated systems running so they can continue to suck cash out of the system. A fully computerized and accurate system would tell who was stealing. It is obvious that India has the technology to computerize their systems. Corruption is an interesting phenomena and fun to observe or try to observe. But normally a real corrupt country and the corruption go from top to bottom. Here it is only on the more top levels. That is the level that is the last to go. The normal person in India does not try to cheat you on a minute-by-minute basis. When I was in Mexico 6 years ago they tried to cheat your or nick you everywhere. It did not matter if you bought peanuts to eat or a telephone system they tried to extort money. Mexico is the worst corruption I have encountered.

MOVED HOTELS IN HAMPI - Sunday Afternoon.

I moved this morning from Vishnu to the Ganesh Hotel here in Hampi; I soon discovered the same family owned it, so there were not hard feelings. I made the perfect decision because I am surrounded by locals and by tourist now, and everyone if from every country of the world. I like a multi-cultured area best, but it is becoming more and more difficult to find, probably because there are some countries that all travel to the same place.

But I have a deck or rooftop veranda to eat breakfast or lie in the sun. I now pay 80 Rupees per night and thinking that India is a negotiating country on the price of rooms. I need to negotiate.


I am going to make a special smaller bag for Kyle from the USA; it is time and needs to be done. I need a lot more variations of ideas I already have, but what brought it up is the size of his bag and a comment.

He said,

“I purposely bought a small bag so I would not be able to carry so much.”

Now… He is carrying also a bag with handle, the type that you would use to go to the grocery store. He says he sends it home when it is full, he must be buying a lot of stuff.

We were talking and he looked at the size of my bag. I have 3 times as much stuff and weight at him. But he also says,

“You need, you are living on the road.”

I sort of had that comment in my head when I woke up this morning. I keep thinking because he said,

“I am traveling now for a year, and maybe longer.”

I was trying to come up with one of my short questions that clarify.

I think to myself,

“If I was moving for one year from Indiana to Colorado would I take as little as possible or as much as possible?”

I would take as much as possible. If I was living for one year in a hotel room would I take as much as possible? No I would not.


I suppose that is the question or problem. How do you walk with a lot of weight? I do not walk in India, Thailand, and South America; I take a taxi… heheheh. I only walk a lot in Europe. In Europe I will see the crazy travelers have 3 and 4 bags full of everything loaded to the gills here they are traveling with nothing and they are in a taxi.

The real crux of this problem is safety. The more bags or stuff the easier you are to be robbed. I would not carry more, I have enough and a lot, but I would like to keep the bags safer. I am devising some systems for quick connections between my bags. I have already connected a long piece of nylon strap to my big bag for India. I can use this strap to wrap around a rack in the train. But I just pull it out of the pocket and it is already connected on one end. It is very long or maybe 2 yards long so I can really wrap it up. Trains are dangerous in Europe for this because your bag is always in the open for everyone to grab and take off.

Oh yea, I think Kyle needs to have an overflow system bag. He needs a way for contents of bag to grow bigger or remain small at the same time. Pack it away when not needed, but when his stuff grows use it. I think a lot about the last week or two in a country. I am thinking about maxing out on things to carry back to sell on the page. So I would try to buy a lot of stuff the last week or month. It is the bag that is the consideration and the weight allowed on planes. I really wish the planes all had the same weight rules or number of bags rules. They change and this is annoying.

HAMPI - Sunday Morning

It is not what you would expect in life, but it is the reality. There is a guy in my hotel from the USA and we have talked briefly. I told him the name of my Website and he went and looked at it.

I meet a few people that have web sites in my travels and I talk with them, write down the address of their page and go look at it. Normally this is some real small page, or something they did for class, and is not an organized situation, so not so interesting. But I do try and go look at the page. I am not real excited and strangely most cannot tell me the address.

But I am in the business more or less, so might was well see what people are doing. But I have learned over time that telling a person I have a webpage and that I live from the earnings of the webpage is not going to cause me much trouble. Maybe 1 in 20 of the people that WRITE IT DOWN will go see it, and then this is maybe months later. Very few come back to me later and say,

“I looked at your webpage.”

I think maybe 1 per year.

But I hardly talked with this Yank about the page and he went and looked at it. But then again he wants to have a blog and post his pictures, so maybe that is the reason.

I am always bewildered at the number of people that are not interested in anything or anyone around them. I ask people who they are? Where they are from? And what they do? This makes people mad and I have to be careful. Some cultures like the Brits consider this bad manner to ask what they consider personal questions. But being that I am not going to see them for longer normally than two days, I ask the questions.

But getting personal is what life is about, trying to find friends and some intimacy in a world of people that are too afraid to talk to each other.

Today I am going to show him how to integrate a page, a newsletter, a Travel Log or Blog together.


The electricity here in India is constantly going on and off. It does not normally stay off long, but either did the electricity in most of Iraq. Basra it did stay off for a long time. But here they do not have as many generators so here it is a bigger problem.

In Iraq they did not just pop out candles, but here they have candles always ready. I only used a candle of few time in Iraq. I have purchased a flashlight here.


I have decided to live in Hampi until after Christmas. I ran into a couple Brit friends from Palolem yesterday and they are returning for Christmas to Palolem. This is a perfect beach in many ways and if I had a girl friend I could live there for a long time. The girl situation in India is sort of bleak. 95 percent of the travelers came with a date and 5 percent left over not a good flavor. It is possible to date the local girls, but I will have to be very careful and slow. There are some very nice local girls in Hampi and quite educated, but most are very low educated. It is just a normal type of people.

HAMPI IS NICE BUT… Saturday Morning

I am having he Internet blues here in Hampi. The cost is the highest I have encountered and the worst for me. I cannot do any of my webpage work here or publish. I can do the blog. This is all complicated, to explain, so I will not.

Today I will go to Hospet and try to find an Internet Café there that will work. India has a lot of security, hardware, spam, virus, and sex site issue that I need to research also, there are some lurking Indian made dangers to my computer. I am having more and more problems finding functional 3.5 floppy drives that work. They purchase stripped down version of machines with the absolute minimal to access the Internet or more or less get on



I am showing Kyle how to blog.... he wants to learn.



I have visited about 12 Internet Cafe's here in the Hampi area. I finally gave up on Hampi and went to Hospet. I walked around to 3 places and found a machine that will publish pages and such. High Tech...? So today you get the letter...

Not the best internet in Hampi area of country of India. But there are Computer schools in the city... hehehe



I am working on my newsletter. I am also working with a lady to make some bags to sell.

She commented last night,

“You not normal traveler.”

I asked,

“Why not?”

“You come Hampi, read book, walk around, but not look Hampi.”

She speaks a short version of English and I am adept at understanding, but she is saying that I came to Hampi and I want to read the brochure on Hampi before I go look at the sights. Plus I also read a regular book, talk with her, and do anything but run around looking at the archeology sites… Hmm Site or Sights?

There are 2 normal things to do in Hampi.

1. Sit around and eat, drink and smoke.

2. Walk around and look at the site.

The venders would like number 3 and that is to buy things.

This is 70 percent a wham, bam, thank you mam place. 70 percent of the travelers are here for 2 days. This is good for me, because the other 30 percent are sane or closer to sane. Some are just hippies looking for the spot where they can be hippies, so drugs, or hip out in the most unconventional way possible.

But Hampi is a wonderful place and very happy people. Lots of vendors that drive me a little crazy, but they respect me now, and do not bug me. If they start on the sales pitch I just walk away. I almost have all of them trained. This place is small and easy.

Note, I think the actual site may be better than Machu Picchu in Peru. Not Tikal in Guatemala. That is the king of sites so far for me. I want now to see Angkor Wat in Cambodia and there is one in Burma that is supposed to be good. I am sure China has the great wall and such.

To me the wonder comes by the age of the site. If built B.C. then it is very old. But it also for me has to do with engineering or art.

This is both engineering and an art exhibit.

Tikal is a feat of Engineering and very old.

Machu Picchu is mostly a lot of rocks. Smaller rock, while Tikal has mammoth rocks and up very high in the air on top of the temple. There is a difference between moving a big rock on a low level and getting that rock up to a high level.

But the carvings and 2 or 3 of the temples here are very tall, but lots of Buddhist and Hindu temples are very similar in height. I do suppose the setting in among these huge round rocks and the river makes the whole area wonderful. This is the same for Machu Picchu. The sensory thing is very beautiful and extraordinary, but the actual archeology site is pretty average.


I watched an older woman and maybe her son go behind a tree at the bus stop to urinate. The woman was very old and could barely walk, and her son was assisting and trying to help. Half the world must use this squat toilet and I consider it disgusting and a world health problem, but then what can I do, but the toilet lends itself to the question,

“How do really old people squat and use the toilet?”

I found one answer in a sad way. The do not, the man pulled up the ladies long beautiful skirt and the lady stood upright and started to urinate. I was too far away to see if it was also number 2, but when she was done he pulled the dress down and she walked away. I am positive she had urine all over her legs.

Every time I hear some Western person defend these toilets like they are some form of great idea I want to puke. I believe the young people do not want to and are very happy to not share a toilet seat with the locals or other travelers, and this has nothing to do with the toilet being good, but rather their desire to not share a toilet seat.

I am going to write the lady I know at Footprints guidebooks and give her my opinion that the guidebook would appeal to seniors better if they would indicate for the hotels which types of toilets. They do this sometime, but not on a regular basis, or obvious. A senior cannot just keep walking around the country looking for a hotel.


I felt positive that the coalition or the USA would capture Saddam. I always believe this and thought it was inevitable. I was hoping they would delay or keep this under wraps for a longer time until we had capture about 10 time more of his cronies. This will slow down the capture or terrorist operating in Iraq and a lot will probably go back home to Iran, Syria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey or any other close and easy to visit Iraq country.

But for OSAMA… I hope they have him in a cell and torturing him. They cannot and must not ever let him exist on the planet again in the minds of the people. The whole Muslim world would start to commit suicides inside Pizza joints and schools if Usama was inside a prison. The Muslim religion is doing NOTHING to monitor their religion. I consider this religion a danger to the planet and will continue to be a danger to the planet until all the holy people stop being the terrorist and start acting like “Holy” people. I sense or feel that the Muslims think that all other religions should be destroyed. They will say one thing and do another. My bullshit meter is going crazy when they say it is a religion of peace. I see nothing that proves this.


I have found the dogs of India to be an annoyance. It is about 5:45 in the morning and they have started to howl. Last night I went to watch a movie in a restaurant. The owner’s dog actually jumped up on the table and tried to eat my food. If it wasn’t for the fact the 2 Beautiful French girls behind me may have been dog lovers’ I would have pounded the dog with a newspapers on the table. The Indian owner came up and talked with the dog. I thought Pavlov taught the world that dogs and animals do not understand language… This one thought it was a cat and when I left it was sleeping on top of a table.

I have totally given up on talking to other travelers about cleanliness inside restaurants. They really believe that the restaurant owner has a clue about cleaning. They will buy bottled water and then ignore the owners of restaurants. I have walked right inside the kitchen to look around and see if they are pigs that work there or humans.

I am very cynical on the use of bottle water. If you eat in a restaurant you are drinking or using the bottle water. I eat a lot of baked or packaged foods for this reason. The garbage disposal eaters are the ones that get the dysentery and all the fun food related disease.

BACKPACK ORGANIZER - Wednesday morning.

I have arranged with Shackle a woman from Hampi to create my new design for my backpack organizer. The new one will be a small bit lighter, I am getting rid of the Velcro on the whole bag because it did not function the way I wanted. I have never used the clothes hanger ability and have decide the rope hanger is better to use inside a closet, so there is not need to have a flap over a hanger. I am getting rid of a lot of weight. I have found that people thought or think the bag weighs a lot because it is long, but that is really an illusion, it was less than, or about the same as a T-shirt, maybe a little more.

I will have here make a bag, and then we can tear it apart or adjust for the next week while I go explore and take photos of the Hampi Archeology site. I think she moves very fast, and she made me commit to an appointment. If this is normal Indian behavior I am excited, because in poorer countries it is impossible to have things done with any time. So I have an appointment this morning at 10:30 to discuss further how to sew together the bag. She is supposed to have cut the pieces over night. I expect that really would only take one-half hour.

So now I have a project to think about and can go look the site while I am waiting or she is proceeding. I got this gut feeling she will be done with it today, and I am really not going to have to wait.


I wanted to read small pamphlets or a book on Hampi before I started on my walk around the site, so I am very lucky and have found some of the small books to read. The ones the kids’ sell has a map that goes with it, and this would be very helpful.


Hampi is a wonderful site full of monument and rock formations. I have avoided going and looking at anything yet, because frankly I have no idea what this place is about or why. To appreciate an archeology site it helpful to have some background history. They are extremely lax on information. There is one book that all the children sell, and it appear I must buy it. I looked at before and was not impressed so I am trying to locate individuals or people to help explain. Everyone offers to take me in a Motorized Rickshaw to see the sites, and this may be a good idea because the site is huge and sprawls for about 5 kilometer I would guess.

But until I get an idea of why I am supposed to be here I will avoid roaming around. What happens is I will learn something later and want to return to see the point of interest. That means two trips. Better to be patient and learn before I go off looking, but I can tell you I do not think any of the other travelers have a clue. I have asked almost everyone for the last 3 week why people go to Hampi. They say,

“Beautiful Round Rocks on a river, and an Archeology site.”

This is true. But does not tell me much.

WENT TO HOSPET - Wednesday Afternoon

I just returned from a trip to Hospet, it is the accompanying or service city to Hampi. So if you want to buy something needed you go to Hospet, if you want to buy a souvenir or live like a tourist you stay only in Hampi. Hampi is much better standard of living and probably cheaper than Hospet. Room I believe start at 80 Rupees and they are catered or designed for the Western people.

I found a lady yesterday to sew or make my newer designed backpack organizer. She can speak acceptable English so I will be able to explain what I want to have sown. I went to Hampi to buy the cotton white unbleached cloth. I will start today on showing here what I want.


I found a nasty piece of software on the computer here in Hampi.


It remember everything.

I will delete the log.

Seach for Keylog

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