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I am working hard to leave Hampi. Lots of small things so I have not traveled to Hospet to use the Internet. So very short and expensive blog here in Hampi.

60 Hampi vs 25 in Hospet and faster.



This old boy likes to drink Arak the local moonshine.

It is also legal for the Sadhus to smoke weed.


 I have finished the book and still at lengths on how to explain, or what to think of the book. It is obvious that Gandhi was trying very hard to seek truth in the realm of helping the people of India and this is good. I suppose for me the truth is somewhere around an idea that maybe all religions are both correct and incorrect at the same time, and there is a need to devout to your energy to a path that is correct in your mind, but is surely incorrect in the other persons mind. This dualism or acceptance that two ways are correct and that the truth lies in listening to your personal voice and following the advice of that voice. The delusional person will think their voice is telling them to do selfish behaviors and will forever be shown or demonstrated by their guilt. A person that looks or seems guilty is not listening to their voice.


Gandhi is into a restraint of passions things and this is confusing to me, because he assumes so much in his autobiography about the readers understanding of the Hindu religion or Ahisma, Jainism and other words. I am still lost on why he thinks he needs to give up sex, I can understand the vegetarian part, because he believes that he should not kill or harm in any way other living things. The line is not clear though for this belief of his.

I find him very honest, and definitely less than a Saint, but admitting to his faults constantly. My gut reaction would be his big sin was pride and wanting attention. He does seem very political in nature and like or looks for the love of his people.

I will say that he references intentions in violence, but does so far not reference the pre-meditation to manipulate people as a form of violence. I would much rather have a person slap me, and deal with then to have them use manipulative pre-meditated, or conspire to change me. He does this constantly and does not separate mental violence from the physical violence. The book is his life story and people beliefs do change over time.

He seems to completed gloss over “Temptation” as a religious problem. I see Temptation or the desire to enter into tempting situations as the problem with Restraint. It is easy to give up sex if you cut off your testicles. It is a little more difficult to have restraint with them. He basically leaves his wife, children, and does not eat meat because he believes it stops his sex drive, he only does a good job of the sex problem when in an older age.

He is a good man, but I wish he would have explained better his motivations and less on his exploits or adventures. Truth is about motives for me, and the idea of avoiding temptation, and when in a temptation know how to leave, and then to have restraint as the final act.

I would paraphrase or surmise the reason why he believes restraint is good that it teaches a person how to manage their passions. I believe very few people can control their hunger or passions. I hear thin people tell fat people how to lose weight. I would never listen to a thin person on this subject; I would only listen to a person that I was positive was fat and lost the weight. There is always advice from people that are very good at something telling the other how easy it is to do something. I am very good at computers and it is almost impossible to lower my level of thought sufficiently to where I can empathize with the lowest skilled of the people that wish to use a computer. There is a class that refuses to use a computer that is even lower, but that is a whole separate situation.

I have techies berate me constantly because I make links and say,

“Click here.”

I remember when I first started I did not know what the little hand was and only when I saw the click here was I aware what to do. Plus I also had to learn what is a “Click” of the mouse. The only sure thing I can do is type “Click Here.” I try to choose answers that apply to all people understanding and not to select peoples.

I am constantly making fun of acronyms or abbreviations, and jargon of any type in writing. Oh yea, I make fun of politically correct speech also… PC?


I am having problems updating the archives of my site and finding all the photos. It is very depressing to learn I have lost photos. 90 percent of the photos lost were from paying computer stores or techies to backup my hard drive.

Chris has recommended this page: I tried to retrieve some of the pages from years ago, and I cannot retrieve them, I will try to retrieve some of the pages that I have lost photos.

This makes me very frustrated and angry with techies and constantly proves to me their inability to be logical and systematic. Just because a person is good on a computer does not mean they can do the job. I am so grateful for the advances of CD Rom burning, although this is not foolproof.

Note the way back machine did not work for




I connected today in Hospet to the Internet with my personal computer.

I have a compact presario 900

It has 2 RJ slots. I used the larger one.

It is configured on automatic TCP and I did not have to do anything.



I strangely woke this morning thinking about or dwelling in my mind on a quote from Mahatma Gandhi

“What was an apology for a bath room was unbearably dirty, the latrines were stinking sinks. To use the latrines one had to wade through urine and excreta or jump over them.”

Page 356 of the Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi - Navajivan Publishing.

I found this book in the Gopi restaurant here in Hampi, and thought I would give it a try. I am not much on reading slow books, so I say try because I was not sure if the guy was going to blather or be interesting. I have found the book very interesting and an easy read. I am almost finished and am looking forward to the ending because he must surely wrap up his thoughts.

What is wearing on me? The Hands.

I am not paranoid and definitely not a clean freak, or in anyway holding to a policy of absolute cleanliness. I live in rooms full of disorganization and clutter, which to me is comfortable. I however am a person that believes that having my body, clothes, and all my possessions clean is important, and strives constantly for higher levels of cleanliness while traveling.

I was listening to 1 German and 1 Swiss girl tell me how you should not shower, and that it was not healthy. I told them,

“I know the Germans and the Swiss do not shower, that is obvious.”

I do not shower for my benefit as much as my benefit of being my attempt to be the least offensive to anyone in my area. Plus if people were to enter my room constantly I would clean it constantly to be the least offensive, and to not draw attention.

But the hands and fingernails are so dirty often on the India people that I become noxious. I almost left a very good restaurant in Hospet the other day because of looking at the hands of the server. I am slowly becoming accustomed to the country and I am able to see the underlying dirt in the country. The government has obviously adopted some very organized programs for water, but the people are culturally very dirty people.

It is wearing on my nerves and I am trying to find cleaner places to eat. It is very difficult and I believe impossible in the end to find a clean restaurant that is 1/10 the level of the western world. Outwardly it can appear clean, and by you walks a waiter who is ridiculously dirty. Dirt that is or has been on his hand for weeks if not forever in nature.

I had a girl ask me why I carried cooking supplies in my backpack and I do believe that cook your own food is better than to eat the local foods. I find that I eat lots of processed or packaged goods to avoid the sharing the hygiene of the India people. Gandhi was a rich boy by all practical measures and was cleaner.

I have learned very slowly that most people do not want to travel to countries like India for one reason. They are dirty, I do not think this is a good reason, and believe that 5 Star Hotels do not stop a culture from invading the Kitchen. It does do a good job of masking and hiding the real situation though.

I am working and mulling over in my mind how to clean my world to the level of a “Clean Freak.” One of them people that spends their whole live sniveling.

Sort of an I think it was Jack Lemmon’s character Felix from the show “The Odd Couple” that would best demonstrate who I am thinking should be happy.

I am positive this type of person would be in agony in most countries and place out of their ultimate control, but I do believe that a person could enter Hotels and clean themselves to this level for living. They would have to stay longer in each location though. But there is also an art to recognizing and finding a clean hotel. It has almost nothing to do with the Star System and that to me is a hindrance, because they want a reservation and it is difficult and very expensive to say you do not want to live in a place that you have already reserved. To me cleanliness demands that you have a choice and no reservation.


Gandhi started an Ashram or some retreat for his Satyagraphs or people that held firm to truth and it is perfectly in my mental path I have planned to leave Hampi. It is called Sevagram in the state of town, eastern Maharashtra state, western India.

An “Ashram” or normally the Yoga Ashram is a faddish place for the travelers to pay to visit here in India. It is very complicated to connect the words together with the meanings. There are people using words like Ashram, Sadhus or Vishnu, Ayuredic and all the words of India culture, Sanskrit, Hindi and who knows where they came from or originated. That is the problem.

The definition of these words complicated and to say Ashram although is correct in the India culture; it is better to say,

“I am going to a location where they have religious retreats with an emphasis on Yoga.”

This is a “Yoga Ashram.” I am sure I am saying or defining incorrectly this word Ashram, but that is OK, I am trying to show that the word is hard to define, and people just idly using these words are to me demonstrating faddish, trendy, naïve, or maybe in some instance outright stupidity. But fads and fashion are about me or you trying to be better or in competition with others.


I got a haircut the other day. It is very short and very conservative, or maybe very similar to the India men’s haircuts. I do not like to get my haircut and avoid this to both save money and I do not see a real vanity reason to look so clean cut. But the other day I realized that my hair was not conservative and I was wondering if I was attracting crazy people to come talk with me. I am constantly trying to find a way to by natural means attract or repel people. I am constantly learning about myself and have come to realize that I wish the ability to be completely anonymous at any time. I feel better to blend into the woodwork and not stand out in any manner. This is my haircut in many ways, and is just me trying to blend into the normal society. Note that this is not me trying to blend into the normal traveler society as I see the dress up like clowns and are screaming to be noticed. I am talking about the normal Western world. I do not like ties, but to not wear a tie to a funeral would be to bring attention to yourself.

I am not sure why I feel better by not bringing attention to myself and I am sure many readers would say that writing this blog is trying to bring attention to myself. I am trying to bring attention to my thoughts, but not to me personally. I wish to have a travel community of people that are enjoying life, but I only want to be a member of this community.

Well, I am going to have fun with Gandhi, and it follows along one of my favorite books. “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau. I cannot say he is one of my favorite writers. Most of his book to me is just rambling, but his book Walden and the Essay on Civil Disobedience is a favorite book. I do find that I have adopted a Gandhi and Thoreau way of simplification of life. I am constantly trying to make my life smaller and simpler. My whole world of possessions is now carried in a backpack, and my thoughts are in a computer.

I would say mostly I do not like the distractions and cost of maintaining the other types of possessions like a car or house. I have more time to read and enjoy life, and do not have to work as much.


For what it worth if you want Igli and Chetnee in the morning you need to go around 7:30 and it will be ready in Hampi. Igli is the deep fried crispy light bread and the Chetnee is a hot green chili sauce.


I have been writing all of my Travel Logs offline and then going to the Internet Café to publish. Since I am using “Word” to as my program to write the Log I can have a grammar check performed on the information before I publish it. They have an explanation of the rules they want to enforce on my writing and it is enjoyable to learn the rules on why or how write grammatically correct. I am sure that it still misses a lot or problems, but some of the simpler problems are remedied. But to know that I can make steady progress at becoming a better writer is exciting and mentally stimulating. This only works because I write so much and would be of little value if I was only writing once per month, but since I make mistakes daily and if explains the rules daily, I am able to slice and dice the rules and hopefully improve.

There is a real hopelessness when a person is told by other to improve or stop doing something, but there is not way to improve or stop. What they want is me to already understand and know what they realize or can do simply and they never really learned, but accepted from day one and started doing correctly. I have done incorrectly for so long that it is natural, and now to write in this fashion is unnatural. I have to allow the computer to use a verb in a way that sound unnatural and incorrect, but if of small consequence.

Learning is easy for me if I can find a path or a teacher. I am a willing student, while most people are not willing. I have had workers that said they wanted to learn, but were unwilling, so they never learned. A willing student will often meet the teacher. The say in a group I attend,

“When the student arrives, the teacher appears.”

Poverty is often like this prospect or analogous to this type of learning. The NGO (Non Governmental Organization) comes in and wants them to change to be cleaner or maybe better hygiene to help ward off disease. They want them to clean their homes to a standard that is Western, but they believe their home is already very clean, and really cannot understand the need for clean. They have no friends that are that clean, and they are the same level as all of their neighbors, so in reality they are already very clean, and now this person is in a somewhat demeaning way explaining to them that they are pigs. They know for sure that this is not true, and that in comparison to their neighbors they are extremely clean. But they have no ability to compare their house to a Western person and / or enter the home of Western person to view and compare, so they must search for some imaginary goal. They are cleaning or preparing for a goal that is they can only imagine or try to visualize.

In the end it is the government that raises the quality of life by some form or program that forces them to behave. They may make a fine that they enforce if the resident dumps trash in the street. So it is the will of the few that is enforced on the will of the many, and this never goes down well. Sort of like Iraq, the will of the USA is enforced on the world, and the world does not like this, it may be correct, just, and the proper thing to do, but they will only learn of this in the future after the reasons become obvious. So as the USA discovers all the reasons that Saddaam is an animal the world will accept. So the will of the many will eventually accept the will of the few.

There is some really irrational logic that says that if the majority believes something then it is correct. Logic is mathematical in nature and has nothing to do with beliefs.

I have been in lots of countries and it is obvious in comparison to most of the poorer countries I have visited that India’s government is very advanced in the implementation of rules for hygiene. Sadly the country is so big that it will take ten times as long to change and it will take ten times longer to see because of the density of people. In a place where there are ten times the people the lack of cleanliness looks ten times worst… but in comparison to what?

There is a constant war between the religious leaders and the government of countries. Until the religious leaders stop trying to run a country it will have trouble developing. Religious leaders constantly agree with people while the government constantly disagrees. I think MTV will help the government or help to globalize the sanitation of the world… hehehe. MTV is helping to take the religious uniforms people wear off their bodies and have them stop acting as cults, and becoming more or a religion of choice and not of enforcement.

Religions perform like dictatorships or kingdoms and all is up to chance as to the person that would be silly or power hungry enough to want to rule.

I am reading he autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi and he comments on the lack of cleanliness of India.

The lights just went out, so looking up the quote is difficult. But it is something to the effect of “Cleanliness is close to Godliness.”

He believes that there is a need to be clean inside and outside the body, and see the problems in the India way of life.

I am on my computer’s batteries that is why I can continue to type even thought the lights are off.


I am not sure why, but this is the second time I have heard drums and a horn very early in the morning. I was blaming it on drunks yesterday, but today I am going to blame it on some form of religious ritual. Eventually I would get up and go look. I just have to be very fast and that take time. I put 2 and 2 together today, and when the return again it will be a call to action to run and see.

There are lots of interesting things that happen before sunset in India. It is very amazing.

The drum came by again, I ran outside and still could not locate where it was, and of course nobody understands the English word drum or horn. Postcard and coffee they are hawking in the morning and Chi or Tea, but the Drums is just something they have tuned out.


I am very tempted to take my computer to Hospet today and try to connect to the Internet with my computer. I have about 10 Megs or more of photos to publish and that take a long time to put on 3.5 disks and load onto the computer in the Internet café. It would save me tons of time if I connected my computer and skipped the copying procedure.


I was told that the salary for a guy that works in a Banana field all day is 20-40 Rupees. That is between 50 Cents and 1 Dollar USA. Now I know the family and they have a very small guesthouse with 3 rooms and this seems a little suspicious as they have a color TV and a lot of items or very large expense. There are often alternative incomes that they sort of always forget in countries and you can learn about if you take an extremely long times to learn.



Happy New Year.

I came to Hospet and forgot my disk with the information I typed, so I will just say Hello.


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