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Tela Honduras Adventure

Tela Honduras Adventure

The normal readers of Travel Articles have a goal in the back of their mind, a subconscious, low level ever present obsessive-compulsive thought.
"Do I want to visit this Travel Destination?"
If the answer is no, they stop reading.

The Beach at Tela, Honduras

I am positive the majority of readers never made it beyond the title, they know they do not want to go to Honduras, and therefore there is no reason to read further. This is why Travel Writers who want a wide readership write articles like the "Top 10 Beaches in the World." or if they want to be read by the USA, they would write "Top 10 Beaches in the USA." A travel writer is pandering to a specific audience.

And strangely the only audience that has the ability to go anywhere is the Backpacker group, not the luxury traveler, this is sad for me, they have less money, no jobs, and regularly can be seen hanging around in Paradise locations the Rich and Famous never see in their life.

Tela, Honduras --- Friday, August 20, 2010
On the Caribbean Coast


Something very special about Travel happened at this small Hotel a week ago…? This is a small Hotel on the other side of the city block from my wonderful air-conditioned apartment with bars on the windows and cable television with a 120 Channels.

Take a Moment of your Life
Why am I in Tela, Honduras, part of the story is because of the desire to know and understand Adventure, I am at heart an Adventure Traveler, And when not seeking Adventure, I am off to the Beach to look at girls in Bikinis and read a book.

What happened at this small Hotel in Tela?

I answered the question on my Adventure page, go find the answer:

Thanks and Life is Great, if not Good, and on most days ok, sometimes annoying. However, I am always and truly grateful; I am one of the luckiest persons on the planet.
Andy Graham the china-marbles.info

Do you want to visit Tela, the answer should be no, unless you are going to the Bay Island and flying to the Airport of San Pedro Sula. This is a good place to stop for a night.

Tela Honduras Adventure

The Honduras Famliy Restaurant of Rosa in Tela Honduras

The Honduras Famliy Restaurant of Rosa in Tela Honduras

Here is a video of explaining how I wake up, work, then around 8-9 am walk down to the small street side Baleadas Restaurant ran by Rosa and family. Many years ago in Mexico, I told a couple,
"What you will remember about travel the most is the people."
Many years later and I are still in the memory making business.

Truly, there is no good or bad location when you focus on the people, when you only search for beautiful, talk only about the attractions, the scenery, the nature --- you will never find travel contentment, and this live and resides only in the small intimate friendships found on the path. Yes, it is friendship, not everlasting, do or die friendship, it the friendship of authentic humans slowly down to share a moment in our lives together.

Tela, Honduras --- Tuesday, August 10, 2010
On the Caribbean Coast


Video of Eating Baleadas for Breakfast in Tela, Honduras

An open homemade baleada with egg, sour cream, cheese and beansBaleadas are one of Honduras's most original and popular foods. A baleada is a wheat flour tortilla, often quite thick, folded in half and filled with mashed fried beans. They originate in La Ceiba[1] This is the no-frills baleada. People may also add other ingredients. The most common types of baleadas are the baleadas sencilla (simple baleada) which has crumbled cheese and cream. The other baleada is the baleada mixta (mixed baleada) which has same as the baleada simple but with an additional scrambled eggs. Many other people add sausage, plantain, hot sauce, avocado, chicken, pork and chimol which is diced tomato, onion and bell pepper. The big Honduran towns often have more than one restaurant that sells baleadas.

Types of baleada
There are different kinds of baleada according to the ingredients chosen by the customer or the region of Honduras.

Simple baleada (refried red beans, cream/crema, cheese)
Special baleadas (refried red beans, cream/crema, cheese, scrambled eggs)
Super special baleadas (refried red beans, cream/crema, cheese, scrambled eggs, chicken, ground meat or sausage)
In the region of Olancho and Ocotepeque the special baleada is served with all of the above and carne asada (grilled meat).

There is some speculation about that "Gringas" (a flour tortilla with melted cheese) originated from baleadas.

The Bay Island of Utila, off the coast of La Ceiba, adds pickled onions and creole (criollo) cheese to the beans.

The Honduras Famliy Restaurant of Rosa in Tela Honduras

Tela Honduras an Interview with Liz in 220 USD per Month Apartment

Tela Honduras an Interview with Liz in 220 USD per Month Apartment

Proving people can live for under 500 Dollars per month in Tropical Paradise locations all over the planet. Yes, you can pay more, and for two people they can live twice as well, however, this is the starting price for Tropical Paradise. This interview explains how she moved down here to teach English, was paid 350 dollars per month that included housing and now lives in a 4000 Lempira apartment as an artist.

Liz sitting at the table on her balcony in Tela, Honduras with view of beach.

Tela, Honduras --- Wednesday, August 4, 2010
On the Caribbean Coast


The beach is very quiet right now, a few foreigners coming from the Island of Utila or Roatán stop in for a night on the way to the (Spiritair.com) San Pedro Sula Airport. Generally, as best I can figure today, this beach is close enough to the Airport, that there are then a couple of large resorts that are selling tourist package deals in mass. Mainly to the French Canadians, the resorts are "Mas or Menos," but maybe good cheap package deal during the cold of winter.

Video of the Interview of Liz from Canada in Tela, Honduras

Part 2 - Video of the Interview of Liz from Canada in Tela, Honduras

Liz standing on her balcony that is on the third floor and looks out directly at the beach, she is located just to the left of the Telemar Resort, this beach is open to her to use, it is not private or dominated by the Resort.

This is the front of the apartment complex where Liz lives.

Liz is an artist and has painted and decorated the balcony with colorful clay pots and plants.

This is the Tela, Beach, an ok beach, not the worlds best, but ok, and maybe more people during the high season. Generally, it is very quiet, and this is a small city of about 30 thousands residents, but has all a person needs. This is only a two-hour taxi ride from the airport, which would cost about 50 USD.

There are a few signs around, this is low season so the majority of rooms are empty and the owners are not advertising. As best I can suss out, the apartments start at 2500 Lempira and work their way up to the sky.

2,500.00 HNL = 132.135 USD ---- ---- 1.00 USD = 18.9200 HNL

The easy to find price is 4000 Lempira’s, this is what I am paying, and I have AC, Color TV with Cable, HBO, Cinemax and water, electricity and such are paid by owner.

I use a Tigo Cellular Wireless Internet Modem to access the internet; it is fast enough to use Skype.com.

Tela Honduras an Interview with Liz in 220 USD per Month Apartment

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