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Haiti Only has Love Hotels

Haiti is a country that only has love Hotels, I truly dislike looking for Hotels in Haiti, and the guidebook is worthless. I think I carry it like a baby that has a tight grip on a pacifier, I have been sucking on it for years, I am not sure if I can give it up. It is always a good idea to carry a guidebook, there is a wealth of information, just not always what you need. Hmm, I had no faith in the guidebook; I did not even look in the guidebook to see if Mirebalais is listed, funny, I just do not care.

2 + 2 = 4

I think I put two and two together, I am figuring out these Haiti Hotels

First of all, I cannot think of a justifiable reason for normal tourist to visit Haiti, but I think it sounds better than Jamaica. This country is a boring version of West Africa, all the same crap, however none of the true African culture, no tribes, just modern culture wrapped up in Africa mentality.

Type of Hotels in Haiti

1. Business Love Hotels
2. Expensive Love Hotels
3. Cheap Love Hotels

Bottom line, you got a better chance of getting laid driving a Mercedes, than a Ford. And if you take your girl to the most expensive, Hotel, well you paid for it, you have optimized your chance to close the deal.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Sunday, January 3, 2010
By Andy Graham of china-marbles.info


Business Love Hotel
Anyway you do it, you got to call these expensive Hotels full of United Nations, Non Governmental Organizations, Missionaries, and workers from somewhere love Hotels. Think about it, somebody is getting screwed, these Hotel are full of the misfits of society, with big pay checks, spending somebody else’s money. Trust me; you do not want to understand how this works.

There is not a Hotel in Haiti worth more than 40 U.S. Dollars, however all these workers on a mission screw the people who donated money. Yes, we know how this works, why not spend the 150 Dollars per night, it’s not my money. They just do not get it, it is their money.

Search for Hotel in Mirebalais
I get out of the van, looked across the street, a big white building says,
“Hotel de Ville.”

I think, why not, may as well give the most convenient Hotel a run, there is a minus zero reason to comes to Mirabalais, how could this Hotel be expensive. I walked up, somehow the same as Miragoane, the Hotel de Ville is the Mayors building, I thought it was strange to have all them derelict men in front talking, trying to look important in front, there was too many.

Next I try the Taxi
I walked up to the Motorcycle Taxis, this became dumb and dumber, I said,
I do not think the word “Hotel” in French works, you must include the definite article in front, or the word has no spoken meaning.
“Low Tel.”

More or less I have said the word Hotel in French maybe a 1000 times in Africa, I know this word works, but it does not work in Haiti, I tell you they do not speak French, they keep telling me they do, but I think they Spanish and English. They start to speak French, then by default revert to Creole because it is so close, they get confused.

I finally shrugged off the groups of Motos; they were reverting into the mockery problems of African people, truly an annoying idiosyncrasy. I walked away, no need to listen, no need to give them the time of day. This annoys Haitians, I think the all too stupid for words whites that come here respect everyone, the give respect when no respect is needed. This causes normal people problems, the disrespectful people expect respect, truly a conundrum.

Followed by Moto
A Moto follows me, this is what I suspected, the one that understood, needed to allow the others to do their mockery things, then decided, enough is enough, it is time to do business and came to help. He took me to a good Hotel, I cannot complain. I said I want a Hotel “Pas Cher.” I said 500 Gourde, he took me to one for 600, it was ok, even had a shower. When we walked onto the porch, there is a man, the Haitian version of a gang banger who is playing with himself and his too loud stereo. I can see he is disinterested, I walk up the stereo, turn it down. This gets his attention; they are often asleep with their eyes open. I go look inside one of the rooms, there is another empty room, and however they cannot find the key. The girl uses a DVD to slip the lock, I look at my door, yes, this will work, I do not feel secure, and there is no love here, just another screw.

Love Hotel
This is number 3, the cheap love Hotel, they do not want overnight guest. They rent the room, the sheets, the smell for about 100-200 Gourde for two hours. The Haitian-African people use it for about 30 minutes, unless they are drinking, a very quiet bunch. I get nervous in Love Hotels, they can be loud, and I remember the racket in the Arequipa, Peru. I wish I would have had the electronic equipment I have now, to say the least, Peruvian Lover are noisy, hard to believe how quiet these Haitian-Africans are, truly as if they was not there.

Love Hotel Economics
If they rent the room to me, I would pay 500 for a night, they rent the room five times in a night to lovers, and then the Hotel earns 1000 Gourde. If they do not have extra rooms, they lose money renting to me. Now, always keep in mind, the more a man has to pay, the more likely he is to close the deal, this causes room price inflation. Girls want to know you paid for it, one way or the other; they want to see the money on the table.

Down the Street Motel
I could see another sign down the dirt road that said Motel, so I walked down there. Upon arriving at the Motel, I see it was rather a long walk down a concrete path, truly looked like a Love Hotel, you know, you hide. This is the operative thing about a Love Hotel. Nobody should be able to figure out; you went in the Hotel with the wife of your best friend. Garage Hotels are better at this; the Latinos are more into wife trading than the Haitians. This country is very conservative, which is a good thing.

Back to the Town Square
I walked back up towards the city square, a nice Black women from Brooklyn comes up to me,
“Can I help you?”

I said, I am looking for a Hotel, she points at the Mirage, it cost 70 US Dollars per night, is every person in Haiti too stupid. She is nice, I ask her, I want a room for 500-600 Gourdes; she starts to ask her two young girlfriends, she is Jehovah Witness. I said, this price of Hotel is normally this price because they go there with their boyfriends for boom boom. I know the girls know these rooms; however, they just refuse to believe a White person does not want to pay 70 U.S Dollars for the best room in town.

I said,
“I am the only tourist in Haiti, I have arrived, the only one that is paying his own way.”

The girl from Brooklyn was nice, but never noticed one of the 10 Hotels in this village of maybe 3000 people. A man by the name of Tony walks up, he is nice, offers to take me across the river where there are two more Hotels. Ok, he speaks English and smiles a lot, a nice guy. On the way over, he says, I paid 150 US for Hotel in Cap-Haitien. I asked,
“This was when you were working at a translator for the USA Army?”
He says,
Funny, everyone close to the United States Army screw is, this is an institutionalized system of the USA, and everyone agrees to screw.

He took me across the river, and truly wanted to help. There was a big house, some American purchased from Wisconsin. And for some reason they allow a groups of people to live there. He says, we can give you a free room. I am looking for the catch, there was never one; Tony was truly a good guy. This type of person are 1000 miles apart here in Haiti, (The country is small.) there is always a catch, on the other hand, he knows that Americans come and spend big, give jobs to people that not produce money, American just burn money here in Haiti. It is a non-profitable spending of money; just make noise money, the NGO’s in action, on a mission to spend good people money in ways incredibly stupid.

The Room
He talks this big guy, who thinks he is a basketball player to give me his room. I sit out in back of the house talking and watching a couple of girls wash some clothes. I am doing and interview with Tony, I want to decide if this is worth the risk. I must accept a certain level of annoyance, for this good offer of a free room.

I watch this girls washing clothes, interviewed Tony, asked why, who, when, where, what and why, and then asked
“How much?”
I needed to confirm, he again says the room is free, and after looking at the five girls roaming around the place, I thought, this house is more about love than that the love Hotel, so why not.

Love Shack
Tony is a Christian guy, I am sure this is convenient if he wants a job with Americans. But he truly was trying to help me, but I am not sure what is up with the house. I told him bluntly, this music up front is not what I want in life. He assures me this is temporary. He wants to take me to see clinics, schools, dentist, and many situations the white people from the USA paid for, including the house with a room. He is wise, you never know if another American is going to adopt a city, go home, and get all his well-intended friends to pay the taxes for Haiti. Hmm, schools are paid for with tax money aren’t they?

They clean the room, which means they put a sheet on the mattress with no sheet. I walk in put two bags of water on the nightstand, and thought to myself. That is nice; the big guy left two condoms here, ready for the five girls outside. I am truly tired, my eyes hurt. I lie down; this big guy comes in the room four times while I am sleeping. I finally realized I am sharing a room in this shag pad; I am competing for room with a group of boys. However, there is a worst problem, there are mosquitoes. I walk across the road, buy a can of insect killer. I go back and spray the room. No kidding, I think there was 100 Mosquitoes in this 12x12 room concrete room, truly they must not like Haitian people, or maybe he falls asleep drunk every night.

I spray the room down, watching an uncountable number of mosquitoes dying. I walk out front to allow the room to die. There is a group of men up front who have assumed the position; they are sitting next to the loud speakers at the bar in front of the house. Everyone is drinking, this town if full of alcohol. I went up the street; it is time to look at the two hotels on this side of the river. One was empty, nobody to be found. The other wanted 40 US, and the place was deserted. What happens is this, they have a big bar area below, and the upper part of the Hotel has rooms. The people pay a lot, then pay a lot, and everyone is in love, truly more of bar, than a Hotel.

I came back to the room, the big guy is bugging me for the room key, he does not own a thing, and I own 100 times more things of value than him. I decide, this place is infested with dumb and dumber, I pick up my bags, put them on my back, he does not even ask where I am going. I am sure Tony is distraught, he truly wanted to do me a favor, and just the rest of the men in the house had no desire have the big guy give up their love shack space. I think they all live for free, the white people from Wisconsin pay for the condoms…

Walk in the Market

I walked towards the city market, truly a big Saturday Market, it was great, and I wish I was not carrying too much weight on my back. I am hot, my t-shirt is soaked. But I know, markets sometimes have hotels for vendors that are not love shacks. I also know, no self-respecting United Nations worker spending our money would live in this area; they would never associate with the people they came to help. This means the prices would not be over-inflated. I walked and walked, the market was great, but no Hotel. I clear the market, and went down a hill, then up the hill and around the corner.

A boy ask,
“What is your mission?”
I say,
“I am the one tourist in Haiti.”

He does not know the word tourist, however is bright, speaks good French, and small English. I say, I want a cheap hotel, for around 500, he again points are the Mirage, the 70 Dollars per night hotel, about one month’s wages for an average Haitian person. He is a good listener, I get tired of being asked these “Mission” questions, but I know the locals truly do not get to talk to smart white people; I need to balance out the genetic pool sample by allowing conversations. He is willing to walk to me to another Hotel, he takes me to the Hotel with the long path of concrete I was at before, but was afraid to enter. We walk into the cave, the woman is wide awake sleeping, and with great effort she comes and starts negotiating about the number of days and price. I finally said, I must see the room, this is always too stupid, I guess people in Hotels for love, do not care, they just want a room, they know the experience is Haitian, Wham, Bam, Thank you Mam, this is not love, it is a business.

She shows me the room, she is warming up, she has too many babies, truly is bewildered, why is a white man here, and if he is here, he needs to have a women. I rent a good room for 500 Gourde, and then she tells Samuel my new assistant.
“This is for sleeping.”
Go figure, this is by definition, the normal reason to rent a Hotel room, but truly, all the Hotels in Haiti, this is secondary priority. Remember, we are in Love Hotels; love is the priority of value, not sleeping.

We talk, we go around and around, finally I grab the 500 Gourde back from the sleeping wide-awake lady, and this always makes people wake up. I say, I will rent the room for 24 hours, for 500 Gourde. She speaks only Creole, Samuel is translating for her; of course I now have the 500 in my hand.

She wants me pay 500 to sleep, and another 500 to live in the room during the day.

I do the universal hand sign language for love; I take my index figure and push it through a ring I made on my other hand. I said, this Hotel is Boom Boom; it is a Hotel only for Boom Boom. I can be brash, harsh, and strict, anyway you do it, you understand me, and you must wake up. She got the idea, she took the 500 and said I could spend the night for 500, she even fixed the fan, and she warmed up. When I told her, this Hotel is 100 percent for sex, this annoys here, everyone in the world dreams of having a nice hotel, with patrons who come, spend the night, and the place is enjoyable. One day they accept, they are just one notch above a brothel, by telling her I want the room for 24 hours, she again has her dream, a normal person wanting a room for sleeping. She remembers why she built the Hotel, and is happy, but economically poorer.

This is the room; it is one of the cleanest Love Hotels I have stayed at in Haiti. The shower, the toilet, which is shared, is bleak, but she has a bed pan in the room. I am sure there is a proper name for this needed item, I am sure my mother knows, but I just do not care, if I was writing a book, and you donated money, maybe I would know the word for this.

(Ever think about it, if I annoy you, you might click on something that pays and leave this page. This is the sad part about the internet; the way to lose money is to give great content. I do not make money by you reading; I make money only when you leave.)

Truly a good Hotel in Haiti with a shared toilet and shower, which needs a bed pan, the alternative is too disgusting to understand. People will walk out of a room, and truly defecate and urinate anywhere that that is not in the room. The best option is to give 100 percent convenience, and hope they will not dump the bed pan. They just do not care, I suppose on any given day here in Haiti I see 50 men pissing on the wall, they bunch up close to the wall, it goes down the wall to their feet, not sure they are with the program, but this is what they do, why do they stand downriver.

I have a quiet fan, 24 hour electricity, the father you are from Port-au-Prince, the more stable the Electricity. I have a mirror, a table, chair, and it is quiet, the asking price was 500, I did not have to negotiate, except to make the women remember it is Motel, not a Brothel.

I like Haiti at the bottom rungs of society, I do not like it at the top, the higher I go up the food chain here in Haiti, and the less I like the people. The bottom of the ladder, the normal 90 percent are great, but anybody that has more than two sticks to rub together is a natural born con man.

I met Tony, and Samuel today, truly good boys; Tony is surrounded by a group of men who want to be gang bangers in Miami, then work to get deported. I am not sure why he is associate with the Love Shack. Sadly, in my opinion, Haiti is less than 5 years away from becoming the same as Trinidad, full of urban clothes and urban crap, trying to be too clever. I wish we could complete remove the American music influence from the world.

Well, anyway you do it in Haiti; every Hotel is a love Hotel, whether they are screwing the system, screwing their church, or hopefully just their girlfriends it is all about screwing. I am glad, Haiti does not have sex tourism, there are no tourists, by default, and this is not possible. Haiti is very conservative; it is not a loose country. I see many lovers, this is a good thing, and they are good people, with no education, like a bunch of third graders running around making whoopee.

I am starting to realize, coming to Haiti is like returning to Third Grade, the education level is flat lining at this level.

Addendum: Later that night I met up with Tony on the road, he took me back to meet his family. A very educated group; there was three people in one room that spoke English. This is more people in one place than I have experience in almost two months of travel here. The educated sector of this country learns English, they must, and the French is of little value, the French left many years ago. These families are like finding a needle in a haystack; I come to see what is easy and obvious to find in a country.

Haiti Only Has Love Hotels

Mirebalais Haiti Stop

I woke up beat, weak, fatigued; I wanted to go to Cap-Haitien, only made it to Mirebalais.

There is so much that happens in a short space of time, it is impossible to explain. I took a Moto to the Cap Haitien stop, it was a zoo. The baggage guys got in a big fight over my bag, one of the drivers spoke English, says I will get you a good, seat, I get on the old American style school, but he says I have seat 39 in the back. I grab my money back, he calls me a bad man, which translates to, and you will not allow me to screw you.

I take a another Moto where they have Machines, or truly just vans where they put 22 people in them, and four more if it was possible. This was a direct van trip to Mirebalais.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Friday, January 1, 2010
By Andy Graham of china-marbles.info


I ate something wrong yesterday; I could not go 10 hours without a toilet on a Haitian Bus, all these shifting variables. It is impossible to explain all the reason I go, or do not go, why I do what I do. All I can tell you 100 percent, I am not a tourist, if I do not see something in a country, I will not care. I know the world is way too big to see, I take what is enjoyable and that is often questionable.

Note that speaking English often means they are a DP, deported.

Mirebalais Haiti Stop

Travel to Hap Haitien Haiti

Tomorrow I will travel North 150 Kilometers to Cap Haitien, Haiti, one of the bigger cities. After I spend all my Haitian money, I will leave Haiti and enter Dominican Republic and try to find a beach with people who can talk.

I am really in between to rock here, trying to figure out an option that makes sense. I was one click away the other day from buying a 600 Dollar plane ticket one-way from Port-au-Prince, Haiti to Guatemala.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Friday, January 1, 2010
By Andy Graham of china-marbles.info


Earlier the same day, I took 15,000 Gourde out of the ATM machine, enough to live about 15-20 days, and the thought of exchanging money in Haiti cooled me down, this country is sometimes obnoxious. I would probably lose half of it in the exchange process, not my idea of fun. I finally check the flights from Dominican Republic. I can fly for about 400 USD from Santiago, Dominican Republic to Guatemala if I wish, so I would save 200 US Dollars by entering the country.

Travel to Cap Haitien Haiti

2010 Internships with china-marbles.info

We have had three people sign up for china-marbles.info Internships. This is a new project; I know I will enjoy talking with readers. It will be a fun to share my experience with aspiring writers, photographers, designers, graphics, and journalist, etc. Never, sure what to call this, it truly covers a broad range of skills, however, I know this has something to do with the Internet and Computers.

Help china-marbles.info
This is your chance to help the china-marbles.info site and learn how Andy Graham of china-marbles.info does whatever he does, a firsthand view.

This is free; however, you will be required to do five hours of work for the china-marbles.info site per week for seven weeks for a total of 35 hours.

Who can apply:
Anyone can apply, I will review the applications, choose the best. I will try to group together the proper mix of photographers, writers, coders, designers, and other related fields.

Seven Week Rotation
This will rotate, each week the group will focus on one of these topics:

1. Choosing Your Business or Domain Name
2. Research and Data Collection
3. Design - Layout - Graphics
4. Search Engine Optimization
5. Monetization
6. Writing
7. Photos

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Friday, January 1, 2010
By Andy Graham of china-marbles.info


You will be required to join in a conference call every week for one hour. On this conference call, we will discuss one of the topics above. You will be assigned a project for china-marbles.info that is related to the topic of the week.

You will Receive
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I will assist you to receive University Credit if possible.

china-marbles.info Job Application

Apply anytime; a person can enter into the conference call the following week, after acceptance. I hope to run this project for years.

Thank You,

Andy Graham CEO/Owner

2010 Internships with china-marbles.info

Happy New Year 2010

Why are people happy the year ended? I am trying to empathize with the people of this small planet called Earth. What makes today different from yesterday, I can only speak for me, but here are my feelings.

I am searching for the “Fountain of Youth,” today is the day we start. Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León thought it might be on the Island of Bimini.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Friday, January 1, 2010
By Andy Graham of china-marbles.info


I probably have a book or two in me; I asked my Mother, what do you want me to write about? She mulled this over for a long time, and said,
“Name the book The Search.”

Why did Juan Ponce de León search for the Fountain of Youth? It says in Wikipedia, he was
“Growing dissatisfied with his Material Wealth.”

What do you do after we have enough food, water, sleep? What do we do after we know you can be love by me, and I can be loved by you? What do I do, when I know I am the Master of my fate, the leaders of my free world? Travel, that is easy.

Travel is the desire to find the Fountain of Youth, knowing we must never find it, because if we did, all our excuses for running away from home would end.

I am not sure; I think I am looking for a good book, a good story: I read a good book the other day; I am wondering if this electronic e-book reader called, a Kindle by is the answer to our traveler’s prayers.

My travelers prayer:
God allow me to have one good book in my backpack, and make it come to past, that on the day I finish the book, I accidentally find the next good book. I beg you father, please, oh please, I beg of you, do not force me to read a book I do not like, grant my first prayer so this will never happen. Please make an exception to policy, I want to pray to read my desire, not what you feel I need to read.

PS, send extra batteries, I need to be able to read for 10 days without electricity. I would tell you a number, but since you are all knowing, you do the math.

Truly, I do not think I want a Kindle, it feels a little too big to me. Verizon first gave me a BlackBerry to review, I download a program called Mobi Pocket, it is free, the perfect prices for a traveler. I now have the HTC Touch Pro II to review, I downloaded the for Windows Mobile, then proceeded to download on the free book site called .

I download David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens, and I am now reading this, as best I figure out, you can use on many Cell Phones.

Buying Books as a Traveler
I buy many books, I pay on average one Dollars U.S. per book, they are all used. I will sign them, and leave them in Hotel room all over the planet, I am marking my territory.

Sharing Mobi Pocket Books
I am wondering, can a person buy an e-book,then share. This sounds better than paying 10-20 dollar. I use the E-book reader called Mobi Pocket, then if this if is possible, please send recommended books to me.


I have not told you, but you can also just hit reply if you are reading this in your email box.

I went astray on this book thing, or did we, I am searching for the Fountain of Youth, and I think it is an idea, a dream, something we see in our minds. It is a good story, until it ends, it is a story shared. Two travelers meet along the path, they say go this way; the path is good, somewhat like sharing a good book.

The Fountain of Youth, is having the time to muse, to search for the what-ifs of life.

When will I stop traveling, when I know why I travel, I truly do not know.

Happy New Years 2010

Coffee Filter Alternative Travel Tip

I believe you can buy ground coffee in every country; however, you may need to have coffee filters sent from home. Here is another way to make coffee, for when you are desperate.

1. Boil water with a one-cup hot water cooker.
2. Put in from 1-3 spoons full of ground coffee.
3. Stir, maybe let sit for a few minutes.
4. Slowly pour through a clean scratch pad.

You can purchase these scouring pads in easier than you can find coffee filters.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Thursday, December 31, 2009
By Andy Graham of china-marbles.info


Rinse and hang up on the clothesline to dry, the ability to completely dry is your best guaranteed that cooking items are clean. I dry all my dishes by hanging on the clothe line, even started doing this with my toothbrush.

I gave up coffee, then the Ethiopia Coffee ceremony caused me to slip.

Coffee Filter Alternative Travel Tip

Verizon Phone Call in Haiti on HTC Smartphone

I just called Boy Genius my internet page coder in India on my HTC Touch Pro II, which has the Verizon Global Email package that works in 200 countries. Why, what is this all about? I am a business, something needed to be done, today, now, not tomorrow.

We sold an advertising package; Boy Genius in India needs to write code. I want this code working by January 4 when the money hits the account Before I called, I was sitting on the HTC Touch Pro II, chatting using a chat program called Fring. I was using the one price per month, Verizon Global Data Internet part of the system. I was at my wits end, I tried to reword my “coding terms” needs into many techie phrases, and I just could not chat-explain whereby a techie could understand me.

Boy Genius did not understand, intuitively being on the same pages is not easy between Genius coders and humans. I gave up, time to pay to call, whatever the cost, we need to get this finalized, I needed to talk. I made the phone call. china-marbles.info is a business, I am always searching for new available business solutions. However, it is a business, trying to decide if the solution is cost effective is also important, is it worth the money to make the expensive call from Haiti to India.

YES, today I am 100 percent sure.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Thursday, December 31, 2009
By Andy Graham of china-marbles.info


I give up, I called him, this HTC has great sound quality, it is better than the BlackBerry Storm, which makes calling more tempting. Boy Genius speaks India English, it is very good, but on a bad connection, it becomes difficult to understand him, the conversation was clear and great.

If you are paying an employee 100 dollars per day, surely one call is worth keeping this employee working. Internet coders are stopped by one question, by being able to chat 24 hours per day, anywhere, anytime, I can answer his --- work stopping questions ---, making him more productive, making more money, which allows me to go to expensive countries and tell you the truth.

India is Different Time Zone
People will say, I would just go to the Internet Café and use Skype. I did this yesterday, I went to the internet café that opens up at 8:00 am, at 8:30, and it was closed. I went to the other one by the Champs du Mar here in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, it also was closed. I went back the closed one at about 1:30 pm, it was open, but there was no electricity. Even if there were electricity, I would hope that Boy Genius was sleeping, it become a test of my perseverance.

Yesterday was medium priority, today it became high priority to deal with this business situation, to make things happen.

Redundant Business Solutions
The first system is the normal internet café, I also have open Quad Band Cell phone with a local SIM card, using the Haiti Digecel phone system. The Verizon Data Email System with the HTC Touch Pro II is my backup; it is the second level of command, but often takes first place.

I do not want do business without the Verizon Global Data system, to be able to chat 24 hours per day with Boy Genius, the ability travel seamless between different time zones; to keep a continuous stream of communication open is worth a fortune to a business.

Remember That Party Daughter of Yours
As I said before, if I had a daughter, she would have this Verizon Data Connection in her little party animal hands. I would want her to know, I am always with her, wherever she roams.

I write my reports offline, I post 95 percent of my writing using the Verizon Global Data Email connection here in Haiti. More dependable than the Cyber Cafes, or Electricity.

Christmas, New Years, Electricity, Internet Cafes, there are too many excuses to not work, nice to remove a few.

Verizon Phone Call in Haiti on HTC Smartphone

Are there Restavek Slaves in Haiti

The answer is yes, when I read the definition of Slave in the Dictionary.

This small beautiful, wonderful, and incurably happy girl is a Slave.

“parental placement of a Restavek child involves turning over child-rearing responsibility to another household in exchange for the child’s unpaid domestic service.”

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Thursday, December 31, 2009
By Andy Graham of china-marbles.info


This girl is forced to work from 6:00 am, until about 9:00 pm daily. When a person walks up to the house, she run to help, she sells bags of drinking water, crackers, and penny candy to help feed the family. She is taught to lie to me, to try to cheat me by her boss, I am rich, she is poor, it is fair to lie to rich people, it is the way things are done in Haiti.

She lives on Rue Lamarre, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

This old man, torn, worn, neglected is forced to carry loads of trash. He is ignored, has back problems, he shuffles his feet as he walk, unable to walk normally, he is a slave.

He lives on Rue Lamarre, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

The boy on the left, started to beg from as I entered the central park here in Port-au-Prince. He proceeded to follow me for about one mile, meek, weak, and tragic. I finally stopped to take a photo of him, the gentleman on the right jumped into the photo; he also wanted his photo taken.

I proceeded to walk towards the large modern super-market; I stopped in front of a row of adults sitting on the sidewalk and asked,
“Will you stop him from following me?”
I was lucky; they somehow convinced him to stop following me.

I believe he is forced by his family to beg, maybe his mother sends him out daily, do not come home until you have one dollar. He saw me, this white person in the park, he knows his job, and he has done this many times. He meekly, passively follows a person, until out of confusion, and frustration, the white person gives him money to stop. This boy is a slave.

I gave him zero, nothing, I know the consequences, I refuse to enable this boy to benefit by begging, I want him to work, and I do not want another slave on planet Earth.

This is the Haiti Restavek Slave Deal
I will give you shelter, food, assistance in doing your job, however you must obey me, you will be forced to work as I wish, or you will be thrown into the streets. Work or suffer the ultimate punishment, no home, no family, nobody who wants me. They leave a family that does not want them, and enters a family that does. Yes, this is forced labor, but every one of these children can escape, if there was an alternative.

I Have a Dream
It is powerful, angry dream, I am tormented, frustrated by this dream. I dream of being able to write the perfect sentence, the perfect explanation of what I see, this sentence would stop people, from destroying countries like Haiti by donations to scams internet pages. I think of the Sanskrit word, “Ahimsa”, meaning “noninjury”, or a dictum, a protocol, a way of living our life, it is a rule I try to live by, I do my best, I do not succeed, I will be judged by my intentions.

Ahimsa: First, we do no harm.

When we walk into chaos, when we enter a world we do not understand, when we feel emotionally overwhelmed, when we you come to Haiti, please remember Ahimsa: first, we do no harm.

Do you remember “Roadie,” the baby I met in the Orphanage with the deformed legs; I feel she is my poster child, the one defenseless person that needs assistance.

This is me with Roadie, this little girl tugged at my heart, she tears me up, and she has deformed legs, does this truly sickening movement to watch. Because her legs do not work, because God made her not right, she drags her butt around on the floor, pulling her body with here arms, draggling here little weak legs.

“It just ain’t right.”

I have tortured myself with this word, trying to understand Restaveks in Haiti. Then I need to apply my personal rule of Ahimsa, the rule that says, first I must do no harm. I went about, asked all my Haitian friends, do you know the word “Restaveks.” This is taxing in itself, like asking a dog, do you understand the word meat. The dog wants to know, why do you ask, why do you want to know, maybe I know the word meat. Just try to talk about meat to a dog, the dog knows that maybe you have a piece of meat.

Words that Mean Money
In a country like Haiti, when you use words like:

1. Hunger
2. Food
3. Safety
4. Restaveks
5. Slaves
6. Corruption

When the see me, my Blue Eyes, Blond Hair, what do they see: MONEY.

Haitian people are street smart, Americans and Europeans are complete idiots when compared to Haitians, if we are talking Street Smarts. Therefore, when you say the words above, the Haitian people smell meat, they will say about anything to get the meat. They know white people have money, they just have to use the correct words and money will come out of our pockets. The little boy in the park was painfully aware of this, he was persistent. I am hard pressed, I would like to call it a tie, but I think this boy beat the little boy in Ethiopia, he now holds the world record for persistence in beggar in my 11-12 years of perpetual travel and 87 countries.

1. Haiti boy - Port-au-Prince
2. Ethiopia boy - Dila, Ethiopia
3. India - Magao, India

I hope you are confused, you should be, there is no way to just say, Restaveks are good or bad, the label mean crap.

Let us try to explain simply, mothers and fathers who are poor give their children to richer families. This family takes care of the children, and the children must work. The problem here, 99 percent of the children real children of Haitian people are required to work, they force Haitian children to work, etc.

I was forced to sell newspapers by my father; Warren Buffet was forced to work his father’s grocery store.

The Restaveks System Saves Lives
The orphanage of Jasmine and Greg Martinson, I report on when I first came to Haiti was full of Restavek children, the children were not orphans, 95 percent had parents. The parents could not afford to give them a good life; the parents turned children over to Jasmine and Greg. In addition, as best I can see, the children are required to work to assist the large group of children. As well, they eat together, say prayers together and talk together; it is a big foster family house. I think there was maybe 3 or 5 orphans, the rest were Restaveks.

I am 100 percent in favor of the Restavek system, it exists all over Africa and when I hear the word orphanage in Africa, I get angry, I know there are no orphans. The people of Africa want the extra children to help work and support the family.

There is a huge need for orphanages for deformed children, almost zero need for healthy ones.

This is my friend in Panajachel, Guatemala, he is a Restavek child. He father gave him to Don Carlos who owns the Posada Don Carlos Hotel. He sells chocolate bananas in the street, goes to school, and I believe works more than Don’s real children do.

I met the boy’s father; this is 10 times better life than the alternative. This boy is grateful to have a chance to live in a better family, his life is better, I am positive, I know Don Carlos, and he is my friend.

To destroy the Rastevek system would send thousands of children into the streets, instead of working for their foster parents, they would need to return to incredibly poor families. If organizations want to attack sexual abuse by fathers, if they want to stop children being whipped by extension cords, they do not need to leave the USA; there is more than enough of that in the USA or Europe.

To me, articles about Rastevek, violate the rules of Ahimsa, first we do no harm. I am all in favor of children staying with their families; I think the nuclear family is great. I have to hide, I have to keep quiet, my mother and father have been married for over 50-55 years, I know the value of a good family, God gave me the good family, and this makes children from broken families angry.

There are worst things in life than having a rich family taking in a poor child and making him or her work. Trust me, you do not want to know where these children came from, I have witnessed extreme poverty, I applaud the Restavek system.

To destroy the Restavek system would cause greater harm, then the problems with the system. All the social injustices associated with Restaveks, also exist in the normal family, to say the Restavek systems is bad, it to say all of Haiti is bad, and I know, this is a rather nice country, compared to the rest.

To give a boy begging in the street money dooms the boy to a life with no pride, you purchased his soul; you enslaved him to a life of begging, for only 20 cents in spare change.

1. somebody forced to work for another: somebody who is forced to work for somebody else for no payment and is regarded as the property of that person
2. dominated person: somebody who is dominated by somebody or by something
3. somebody accepting another's rule: somebody who meekly accepts being ruled by somebody else
4. very hard worker: somebody who works hard, in bad conditions, and for low pay

Are there Restavek Slaves in Haiti

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