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Blogging Photos or Word

Blogging Photos or Word

I muse, dwell, and vacillate on many issues about my travels. I am writing or thinking about tips on how to blog, I addressed in a tip in my last newsletter about why I believe people blog. It made me realize I am in a personal quandary all the time about why I myself blog.
I admit that I started to write newsletters, make web pages, and all the other great messes I have created only to earn money to live and travel. It was not a noble cause; it was a personal need to earn money to live. I am fortunate that I am in a way a purist that always has believed that honesty is the best policy. I believe that a business that is 100 percent honest in their endeavors will thrive in the end. This to me means that a business must not try to confuse people into allowing them to make money. The word of the day is transparency, I believe, it must be easy to see what is happening.

The internet is full of fraud type site, many of what the world would call the most credible Travel Magazines and Travel Websites to me are scams. Only large advertisements drape in a fa�ade of pretty pictures and words. I have been to many of the locations whereby the writer wrote about or the photos were taken.

Yes, the photos do exist, yes you could write about this location in this manner, however is it true. Not in my view, there is a tremendous need for readers to take great care or they can be sold down the proverbial path to spending good money towards a bad idea.

On the other hand, I do think readers have a preconceived idea or dream, and then they go out searching for someone to tell them they are correct. I can feel this easily in comments and people writing. They are deeply angry and annoyed if I do not say nice things about where they want to visit. It even become more dramatic and sometimes they send hate mail if I say something about where they live. I truly believe the truth will make a person angrier than a lie.

Nevertheless, in the end I am thinking about putting up more photos and then commenting on photos more, this way I stay with the program and the plot. I can for sure ramble of on some tangent and I enjoy this, however as I can often tell, too many word and my mother is not happy� She is my most devoted reader; I am sure my father like the photos more than the words; however, in the end the world wants entertained.

This is good, life is to be enjoyed, life is good, not to be abused by trying to force someone to think too much or to make him or her deal with problems.

So this blog is about my thoughts, I am going to try to place more photos with comments below them.

The problem is this, very easy to put words on a blog, putting photos on a blog is a three-part process. I work offline, I do not work online, easier if I worked 100 percent online, then I could be sure all the photos connected and could be seen.

Whatever, I could talk I am sure for 8 hours explaining the step by step process that has to happens for me to put photos on a blog DAILY. I do all of this in about  20 minutes and I would bet large sums of money that I do it 20 times faster than almost any person with a travel blog.. Hehehe

It is fun, however time consuming, the idea is to transfer what I feel, see; think to a journal in a clear and concise manner. In the end, photos do say more than words. On the other hand as many can see a journalist, which I am not, can and does misuse photos and word to create a story that is not the true story. I continually have lower opinions of writers as time goes on; it is as if they enjoy lying to earn money.

Oh well, I am grateful to the good Gods of the planet that I am self-sufficient, probably should and could afford health insurance. I am not as ugly as many persons my age and many other small and great wishes. Hobo has traveled from place to place looking for jobs and has continued to find a job. I am not a bum, I am a Hobo.

Guatemala Girl Photos

Guatemala Girl Photos

This is an eight year old girls, she speaks both Spanish and her native language of Cakchiquel. It is easy to have these humorous, educational talks with the local people because they like to play and sell at the same time. This girl is maybe working me hard to convince me to pay five Quetzals for what I think sells for one Quetzal, a little yarn wrist bracelet. I finally cannot be hard, she is too good, I purchase one for three Quetzals.

I sit around and asked here where she lives, I am understanding she lives in Santa Catarina or Catalina. I have done some research and think it is a three Quetzal Pickup ride from here as these two boys explained later. Well, somehow she arrives in Pana to work the tourist, cute us to death, and extract money. There is a story she told me, however I cannot verify or corroborate, that she has to pay 30 Quetzals per week to go to some special school. However last night or sometime here farther got Barracho (Drunk) spent the money.

Now, I have been told the best stories on the planet by the best on the planet, however just in case the story was true, I gave her 30 Quetzals. Now, not a good option, normally these children learn how to work the tourist and learn that it pays to lie. I made promise to - Diga ala Dios Gracias, y promida que no diga nadie. -

- Say to God Thank you and promise to tell no one. -

Not as simple as all this, however more or less. (Ma o Meno - Very bad Spanish as learned by me in Caucasia Colombia)

I am intrigued to understand the economics of the value of what is sitting on her head, nothing is simple, and there are many layers to understanding another culture.

She is cute, worked on my heartstring to the highest degree, it precious in all ways. I was getting a close up look at here face as she talked, hard to say where them lips came or how this is mixed up. She is a long down the line blood group of the Mayans, hard to disseminate how or where and the traveler and research gossip is abound.

I am going with Marcos and another boy to the Village of Santa Catalina today, on a - Pickup - they say that is the word in the Cakchiquel and in Spanish, I am sure it Camineta or something like that. The bleeding or words back and forth are fantastic to learn, truly a great cultural experience. This can be truly the worst place to learn Spanish and the best on the planet. I think maybe Colombia is the best.

Manuela I believe is her name, she best be careful of her stories when I arrive in Santa Catalina with my two talkative guides, a.k.a. Boys.

There were two boys flirting with here while she discussed the world with me, they were working hard also, but in the normal picking on the girl way of boys of eight. She said they hit her, I told them if they were trying to flirt by hitting, this is not good. The got instantly embarrassed and I said to them, if she tell me, I PEGA.

Life was exceptionally good yesterday, however life is always good.

Guatemala Girl Photos

Eating Healthy When Traveling

Eating Healthy When Traveling

I can drink fresh squeezed orange juice in most countries, after learning about malnutrition I was under the belief; I had malnutrition in Tibet after traveling in India and Nepal eating very bad. I developed a boil on my leg and this is a sign of weak immune system, a sort of secondary problem to Malnutrition.

I am slowly developing steadfast rules on foods. It I am trying to buy what I consider healthy foods, like vegetable, tuna, fruits I will not try to be price conscious, I now purchase and try not to learn the prices too closely. The problem is the price of food is very expensive in some countries and the healthier it is the more expensive. In the Caribbean, I almost had to cringe to buy the healthy foods. Here in Guatemala it is easy and cheap to consume the proper balances of foods.

Buying fresh squeezed orange juice.

Orange Juice from Guatemala on the streets of Panajachel.

Eating Healthy When Traveling

Map of Lago de Atitlan

Map of Lago Atitlan

I am in the smaller tourist staging city of Panajachel, Guatemala. The map interesting spells it Panachel and I am not sure the Santa Catarina to the right is maybe Santa Catalina. The letter R and the letter L are interchanged in languages very often. Names change a lot. The official language is Spanish; however, most of the locals and maybe most of the country speak various languages. I believe as I - Chisme - with the locals that - Cakchiquel - is the language used here in this area. The younger children are filling me in on all the details, as my Spanish is 10 times better than the last time I was here.

Words evolve and change; I have collected about eight ways to say popcorn in the Spanish language. I am not always talking the language I think is dominant.

Palamitas in Mexico
Poporopo in Guatemala
Popcorn in Panama and Peru
Pochoclos in Argentina.
Canguil in Ecuador
Pipoca in Venezueala
Crespitas in Colombia
Maiz de pira

Map of Lago de Atitlan

Map of Guatemala with 14 Million People

Map of Guatemala

I am in Guatemala, the first country below Mexico, maybe sharing the spot with Belize, however the larger one. The country has about 14 Million people.

Map of Guatemala

People Rich in Guatemala Vegetables

Guatemala Vegetables

There are some inaccuracies of anticipations in life, there is a belief that poor people are poor, however often they are rich. Sometime we are jealous of rich people and they are poor. I may have stopped looking at the home, the car, the possessions and now I feel I am looking at the food the can eat.

Seven years ago, approximately I was in Guatemala, I travel up through Xela to Chiapas, Mexico to San Cristobal Las Casas. I was told of hardship, difficulties, and life of never ending problems. However, I found food, bananas, fruits, vegetables in the market.

I am in a poor country rich in vegetables, I can see the growing from the window of the bus. Sadly, I now see a Taco Bell mentality that was not in Pana a few years ago. They did not have Tacos, it is more or a Taco Bell invention than a reality. This is close to the Tacos Al Pastor of Mexico.

However, people stop eating their vegetables some times and start eating the packaged products. Not a good move, however the food is available here, that is what made me happy. Shiny hair, fat little women, I am not worried much about these people.

Traveling by bus, taking photos through the pane of glass, there is a vegetable and food diversity that is wonderful. Maybe it is subsistence farming; however, they can and do grow the foods that are needed.

Changes in fields, changes in colors, changes in health.

This is the garden environment of my hotel, complete with a fun housekeeper that joke and laughs with me.

I for years have been alluding to a place to retire, talking about a place to retire, recommending a place to retire. I timed it; this place is 3 hours from Guatemala City, however best to stop in Antigua for a day.

This house rents for 213 Dollars U.S. per month, I think it says it has a sauna. Do you have a sauna?

Humming Bird Photos

Humming Bird Photos

What can a person say, I am happy again, the life in Guatemala is so much better than that - I hate you - attitude of the Caribbean.

I walked yesterday to the door or my hotel for 10 Dollars; I am paying 5 more than needed to be in the center of my world I want.

The colors below are to the right, I lean on the doorjamb, looking at the people walk by. The girl mopping the restaurant to my left and behind me, say,
- Como Estas? -

She does not want to sell me something, she wants to be friendly.
It was a good day.

Bright colors, I do rate a person by the colors they wear and the smile on their face, I consider social ranking to be about the feeling I get, the smile on the face and the happy colors for clothing. Hard to get a warm fuzzy feeling about a man with a tie.

The Guatemala girls is the beginning, I am sure I can capture the wonderful children of Guatemala now with my new camera and my great 12 X zoom, thank you Sony. A photo is a strange thing, I suppose I do like to share the feeling, it would be nice to can the feeling, the moment, the sight, the thoughts in a package and deliver it with a photo.

Sustainable Social Help

Sustainable Social Help

I am try to figure out the word - Sustainable - for years, reminds me of trying to figure out what my girlfriend in college kept requesting,
- Andy, be more sensitive -

I am not sure still what all this means, however I can still reach for clarity. I was on a bus with I believe two well-intended men. One older and one more the MTV younger.

Whatever the case we traveled in this little air-conditioned, too night for comfort van from the airport to Antigua for 10 Dollars U.S.A. about a one hour trip.
I was quizzing the younger one, about how he got a sailboat on the river Dulce, and he was saying or explaining how he cashed in before the Dot-Com crash, with some web site called Mongo something.

Then the older man on the bus, after I introduced myself and the younger man in the seat behind me as we was having this ongoing conversation and seem strange or bad mannered to not at least acknowledge him. So we did the introduction thingy.

They asked me what I do, I said, I have a travel web site, I gossip and make enough money to chase girls all over the planet.

The older guy was going to a 20 dollar hotel.
The older going to a 65-dollar hotel and to his 35-foot yacht on the river dulce.

The both suddenly commented,
- You speak very good Spanish -
I said,
- I am a five year old; I spent five years in South America -

The older gentleman is trying to help the Guatemala people with some project called - Central America Solar --- blah blah I am not sure. However, he was explaining about a food cooker that works with solar to cook food. I said,
- I saw a thing like that in Tibet -

He said,
- It cost 125 U.S.A. in parts, and then the people make the cooker - That is not a sustainble price to pay.

What the goal or thought here is to stop them from cooking over a wood fire and getting lung type problems, conserve the trees, wood, environment.

My guess in hard dollars this is close to two months worth of money. They have more than this in terms of food, and barter, probably closer to 300 Dollars; however, the world only cares about paper money, not what they have.

The idea is to give them a gift, help they can sustain, something that you give them and leave. This does not seem to be sustainable, maybe a great NGO keep a job for and NGO person.

I personally am wondering, can I go to Nepal, find the same thingy, send to other countries for 15 dollars?

Some Doctors have realized that in some countries they manufacture hearing aids, medical products for one hundred times cheaper than sold in the USA, they want me to stop in factories and talk with them. Maybe there is way to help get these needed products cheaply into the USA.

Disparity or differences in money or cost of labor are a windfall.

I personally believe people like Guatemala, therefore they like to come and help on many save the planet projects. I was considering how this would be good for Niger, where there are very few trees, lots of sun, the do need to conserver the trees. Here in Guatemala there are trees everywhere, and in Niger, there are very few.

People like propane.

I go to Nepal and India in the next few months, I am going to search for one of them hot water or solar cooking stoves. However, people like propane, however there are places where they do not distribute or sell propane.

I went on the locals bus in a way the next day, stayed in the cheaper hotel; try my best to learn to talk the languages. Nothing can be taught, learned, or understood until you somehow live with the people. Talk their language, try to learn.

Living in the expensive hotels keeps me father away from people, I must always remember to stay close to the people in the country I came to visit.

The world is in great shape, however there is energy of people that want to work to help with some problems on the planet. Somehow there must be a formula where the persons trying to help the people, can take a class, be told, explain to them, be very careful who you wan to help. Why do people believe everyone needs help, it is annoying that people do not see smiles. I saw miserable people in the Caribbean, go there, they need help.

There is a problem in Guatemala with Alcohol, there is a problem with theft, robbery and the rich abusing the poor. But I see some rich people with smiles on their faces, that say hello in an Indiana, down on the farm, hick, not sophisticated way.

Sustainable Social Help

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