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Panajachel Guatemala Hurricane

Panajachel Guatemala Hurricane

There is as best I can understand of figured out so far, a hurricane that came last year or maybe a very large rain for a few days. When the water collected in the mountains like a sponge, the slowly and then rapidly let the water loose. It turned into a raging river that went from a small river to maybe 40 yards wide here.

I am standing in the back of a pickup that is returning from Santa Catarina Guatemala to Panajachel, taking a photo as the truck has to drive through the stream to return.

The land values have dropped along the river dramatically as I am told; a few Americans lost their homes I heard. Somewhat humorous in a tragic sort of way, I do not wish bad fortune on anyone, however many people just have no sense.

Buying over-priced land in other countries is rampant. I am 98 percent positive I can rent a home here in Pana for around 300 to 500 dollar per month, which would sell for maybe or could sell for if the person is crazy for 500,000 dollars. There is a real estate formula something like 1 percent. However, a property that rents for 300 dollar is worth max in a country outside the USA, not in the USA, however outside the USA in my expert opinion. Maybe 20,000 dollar, in the USA maybe around 30,000 dollars. It is sort of a litmus test; a good home will rent for a high enough price to pay for itself. If you cannot rent it quickly, if you cannot sell it quickly, normally you have paid too much.

The bottom line is you can almost always rent 10 times cheaper than buying, move when you are tired of the location, and if you think appreciation is what you want, hehehe, the money is what you are buying, not the house. Buying a house in Guatemala is investing in the Quetzal, not in land.

There is some timeshare, sell, buy opportunities in every country. However only for the extremely astute real estate investors.

Panajachel Guatemala Hurricane

Guatemala Photographer

Guatemala Photographer

I walked by this man with the bigger than normal either Nikon or Canon digital camera, one of the types I have my eye on, I rather said hello; however he was not so interested in being friendly.

He was grimacing, searching for the photo. Now, to me the grimace needed to be left at home. Smiles make people relax, having fun is ok, however a photo appears when it appears. Of course you can if you work hard, try very hard, stage photos, make the photo happen.

I was being sneaky, taking a photo of the person taking the photo. This is a little complex to do, I am doing a test. Is this person really paying attention to the world around him or does he miss me completely trying to take his photo.

Guatemala Photographer

Empanadas Argentina

Empanadas Argentina

This is a one of a couple of shops that sells Empanadas Argentina in Panajachel Guatemala.

There is a man that has a place in Otavalo, Ecuador, that I believe left Argentina, moved to Panajachel, had a restaurant here, then moved to Otavalo, Ecuador. I would say it might be one of my favorite restaurants in the world. I hope it is still there. I went into this one here and it sucks. They have this sauce called - Ahi - that is use or a type of onion or something in Otavalo. He may have established this one, and then the next owner has lost the plot.

Truly, the best part of eating in other countries is not the meat, preparation, or the types of foods, it is the sauces, or maybe the type of creams, topping you can put on the foods. They are not all the same, but I would love to figure out the recipes of the best, and can them, make a restaurant of all the sauces of the world.

Empanadas Argentina

Guatemala Concrete Construction

Guatemala Concrete Construction

This is how you build concrete building on 60 percent of the planet; you mix the concrete up on the ground. Not the best way to do concrete in the event of an earthquake makes what you call many cold joints.

Guatemala Concrete Construction

Hotel Security Safe

Hotel Security Safe

This is a concrete safe or box in my present Hotel room, it is as close to perfect as I have encountered.

There are small safes sometimes in the room, sometimes in the reception area, and always the offer to give valuables to the management to steal.

This safe or box in the room is heavy, made of concrete, can be moved for the convenience of the owner of the hotel to arrange the rooms. Heavy enough that someone cannot open it; the owner has a key for the lock. Bottom line is it is big enough to actually hold valuables. Camera, computer etc, most safes only will hole small crap, this is big enough to hold my computer. Highly abnormal or unusual.

The great part is I can use my padlock and I do not have to trust the staff of the hotel. I consider all hotel staff or assume I am going to be robbed by the hotel management. The last think I want to do is give them my valuable for protection. I am 100 percent sure I can protect better. It this safe was twice as high, had one shelf, and an electrical plug inside to charge my computer and cell phone it would be close to perfect. I want to be able to put my whole backpack in the safe.

Hotel Security Safe Praise Praise

2 cent calls around the world... hehehe, best if you carry a computer, headsets, etc.

I am trying to call a person in Singapore; it is about five in the morning here in Guatemala, therefore more or less about five in the afternoon in Singapore or close enough to not have to worry about waking the person. One interesting this about is when I call with the program the dialing wizard allows me think from a USA perspective, ask me the country I am calling and in a way helps to figure out the necessary numbers. On a bad side Skype put in the + sign (Plus or addition sign) automatically. This is not a solution in a way.

I want the actual, real, get me out of the country number.

The sign I have finally learned means, dial the access code that is needed to leave the country. However, on my TIGO telephone, here in Guatemala so far it appears to mean, - PLUS does not work - you need to know the actual number.

I can get around this by using the system; however, it still does not teach me the actual numbers I need to dial with my cell phone.

This is or maybe is a solution; however, I have to have an internet connection, which I presently do not have to use this web page.

I am making a war chest of items a person needs offline to work anywhere cheaply. The Hilton or Sheratons in their business centers will make life easier, however not an advantage to live outside the USA and pay 100 dollars per day. The advantage of working outside the USA or Europe is to pay a daily living expense of less than 20 dollars, yet live the same as if you were paying 150 U.S. in the United States.

I was cracking up about people living in the Caribbean; the lifestyle was meager in comparison to my normal lifestyle. The word - Hobo - really creates an impact that is not totally true, yes, I do live cheaply, however it is extremely normal for me to live in better conditions than I did in the Caribbean. I was taking a nosedive in quality of life for 10 times the cost.

Full Time Cleaning person or Gardener

What is possible if a person can work outside the USA or Europe is to have a full time cleaning person? If you earned the Western style of money and live in Guatemala, you would be able to afford to have five persons working to keep up the household. What this does as I learned in the USA is remove the stress of living, thus enabling you to earn even more money. The drudgery of the normal necessary routines like taking the laundry to the cleaners removes the enjoyment of life.

Hoboes travel from place to place as cheaply as possible, looking for work, they are not bums. Praise

How to fix my computer when traveling

How to fix my computer when traveling

I am trying to learn how to fix my computer when traveling; it is very annoying to think how badly the world empathizes with the persons (me) on the other side of the planet.

I get the job done because I am insanely logical and at the same practice a level of conservative behavior, that makes working outside my native language of English possible.

90 percent solution problem, I have this Adware Virus on my computer, I was sent the solution, however it assumes I understand DOS or computer commands. I do, I do understand DOS, however not 100 percent, the same as most technical staff I meet, probably better because of my insane high level of mechanical comprehension.

However, this insane high level of mechanical, algorithmic, chain of event process analysis also sees danger, where another person does not see the danger. I see ways of making a possible mistake that would make my computer not possible to use until I find a person in English, that I trust, that maybe is capable, that maybe is responsible to help me fix it.

Andrew my one techie in India could fix my computer, however he is not capable of explaining how to fix my computer by email. It is impossible for him to tell me a step-by-step, nothing left out, keystroke only explanation of what exactly, nothing left out explanation.

Solution: PC Anywhere
I believe there is a program called PC Anywhere, which allows a person in another location to create a master and slave situation, where the master or my techie in India could run my computer with a good connection from India to wherever I am located.

I do not in this second have an internet connection; I am also not willing to spend hours to fix an annoyance, not a problem of extreme magnitude. I have found it takes a lot to get me annoyed, mostly about people who are evil hearted, they will annoy me and I will do anything to separate myself.

Note; do not allow some techie in some strange country to touch your computer, working in an internet caf� does not mean they know anything about computers. It is low pay, know very little job, not a sign of computer expertise. Mostly likely they like to chat all day on the computer, monitoring extremely low-level computer ability persons working on the internet would drive a true technical person crazy.

Note the adware virus is becoming a problem because I now am using the computer with a connection about 20 percent of the time as before it was maybe 2 percent.

How to fix my computer when traveling

Cell Phone Travel Problems

Cell Phone Travel Problems

I am having the never-ending list of cell phone problems. The biggest problem is reception is bad because the world has concrete rooms. The next is the distance from the cell tower.

The biggest problem though it figuring out all these small rules before I leave for the next country. I am using a Tigo cell phone system in Guatemala; I did a couple of test phone calls to my parents. Now I am trying to make a call, and it shows me no signal. Very frustrating, I turned on and off the phone, went out on the balcony, however no signal presently. I am fortunate the location where I purchased the SIM card is close.

The difference between me and most people who have cell phone is this, I do not want to use the phone, I do not use the phone, I do not learn all the problems quickly because I do not want to use or have this phone. It has become a necessity because nobody in the USA picks up the phone; I must have them return a call. Voice mail is not a form of communication that is functional, it is dysfunctional in nature.

Most people that have cell phones are not moving from country to country or are willing to pay the 5 dollar per minute charge of a contract rate.

I am using the cell phone as a way for people to call me back; I am now going to try the Skype system if I can find a headset to purchase. I will do a call over Skype, and then ask them to call me back. IF you live in a five star hotel, the call back number is not a problem, presently most hotels under I have lived in, and including all the Caribbean ones for 50 dollars would not be the answer for receiving telephone calls.

I need a telephone in my room, this is not a normal thing to be in my room, the D and D Hotel on Khao San Road had this for about 12 U.S. per night and a swimming pool on top. Internet Caf� in the Hotel, not in the room.

Next after I figure out how to have a number, then I have to make it a no-brainer for the person in the USA to call me. I have to give them the exact number, totally empathize with them, give them the whole number including all the country codes, etc, and then somehow check to make sure it works. Checking is the big problem; I have to have someone in the USA that can figure out how to make it work. Diligent to call the international operators. I am amazed at what stops the average person.

Cell Phone Travel Problems

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