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Recommending Travel Products

Recommending Travel Products

I have this moral dilemma all the time, in many ways it is about the saying,
- If you do not have something good to say, do not say it.-

I am receiving 5 request per week now from companies that want me to advertise their products. It is silly and humorous to me, they go as far as to say, please comment or blog about us and we will pay you.

I am a Pr#$K about this stuff, I will not recommend anything that I do not use or think is great. send me money.. hehehe. On the other hand I will say things like - send me money. Because the bottom line is I like they allow as much weight as I want on my carryon, not like that sucked 100 dollars from my billfold. This is free... - send me money -.... hehehe

I really do not care, I just like to travel, I do not like to earn money, it is work, I like to travel. However the facts of life is nobody is giving me my daily bread, I am a Hobo, I have to travel to places and look for money. I am not a Bum.

What may be different here is the travelers or travel sites that do not travel. They sit in these offices and write about travel, however in reality they just go on one-week vacations, often paid for by a promoter, they are making a contract. You give me a free trip, I will be nice, talk nice and suck real hard.

To sell something you need to believe in the product, or you can just be a sails, sell anything to make a buck. I am too old for this, I want to have everyone in the grocery store glad to see me, I do not need the problems.

All this comes down to is I am trying out a SIM card that is suppose to work in 160 countries, it is called or said to work, who knows.

Mobal something, they wrote, very nice people, however I decided, I will call them with my new toy called

Therefore after first calling the USA number, then finally connected with a UK office, I go the lady on the phone, she is nice.

I explained, I am buying....
1. A telephone number that never expires. ( I guess it is a UK number + 44 or something, this will be a problem for my mom.)

2. Auto-matically is extracted from my Credit Card.

These two benefits were pointed out to me by a reader James another call on to New York city. Some really smart folk out there, and nothing I like better than an interactive conversation with smart people.

I am buying these two benefits and they are not on the page, make me nervous I told the lady, it is not in the page is that really what I am buying?

Then MAKE ME NERVOUS the page also switches to, remember I have a website, I know why I am nervous.
(Oh well, making a website is not the same as selling something)
I am sure the techie does not see or think switches or - Redirects - as not good for people that are using a credit card, signs of danger.

Oh well, she assure me, James says it is true, maybe I will buy two one to use and the other to see if it expires. She was talking that Travel Insider recommended it and then I see and many more recommended it. I am almost going to say back,
- So, who give a F*9K. -

Not a good way to win friends and influence people, however I do not trust travel writers or website as far as I can throw them. I trust my decisions, or uninterested parties.

It is this,
- I do not trust anyone that can make money by giving me bad advice -
James is an Attorney, he is not going to make money off this advice.

Back to the bad talking thing, I guess I am will to go both way on this, I guess I do not care, I just like to go to the other side of the planet and look at their women, have some fun, enjoy the day and travel. I like to travel, I like the rush of entering a new city or country. I am addicted.

I enjoy the game.

Pen Light

Pen Light

I have a small pen light a friend gave me, he did not want it, I kind of thought it a little silly, however I have found it valuable. The lights went off here in Antigua, Guatemala for a short while. I store my pen light, candles, and lighter in specific places, never change. I need to find them in the dark.

The pen light is a good light, 99 percent of the time a flashlight is not need. I keep looking for a shake and charge small flashlight. The bottom line is a flashlight is too heavy for the amount of times I need it. Therefore this pen light is perfect. The switch is not a slide switch, this is perfect, normally a slide switch does just that, it slides and you have not battery when you need it. This pen light is difficult to keep on, I must continually squeeze it. It is just want I need.

I have this cork, pop in a bottle, fill the bottle with kerosene bobby, it is when there really is no electricity.

Pen Light

Traveling With Bookmarks or Favorites

Traveling With Bookmarks or Favorites

I am collecting or perusing a lot of websites, I am working on my backpack project, I want to sell backpacks on my site. Therefore, I need to consolidate many of my - I WANT TO CARRY THIS - products all in one place. I am going to try to make 100 complete backpack systems in Nepal. It just seems to be the best place, everything in Katmandu revolves around buying gear. This is all the city thinks about, therefore the spirit of the place is correct, innovative and ready to think about backpacks.

I am trying to buy roughly 225 of many products or maybe 125 of many products. I am going to include the best of my choices inside the backpack all in one place so the person that purchase have a ready to go pack of some of what I considered the best to have gear in one pack. I am redundant on my products, I have an extra of many gear objects in my pack.

Nonetheless, I am playing with this page that allows me to access all my bookmarks, I work about 80 percent of my time in internet cafes, I need to remember the links that I find on the fly. I am not recommending this site, I just need to experiment. It seemed easy enough. The name is perfect, and because it has correct type of advertising it will maybe stay in business.

Traveling With Bookmarks or Favorites

Mobile Office Internet Speed Antigua Guatemala

 Mobile Office Internet Speed Antigua Guatemala

I have a FREE wireless connection in my room.

I am in Antigua Guatemala in the Hotel called Don Quijote, I have a Wifi connection in my room with this speed shown by graphic. I am paying 13 U.S. Dollars per night, about 7 more than needed in Guatemala.

I wish make some telephone calls with and to get prepared to quickly enter the USA, do my deeds, then get out fast. I need to some persons before to get them up to speed for when I enter the USA.

I am in Room 8 a room without a private bath, however the routers is actually in my room. Wifi is not my preferred type of connection. A regular ethernet cable is more reliable and better. Wifi does not go through concrete walls good, therefore just does not work in most Hotels.

 Mobile Office Internet Speed Antigua Guatemala

Extreme Travel North Pole

Extreme Travel North Pole

Some reader pointed at this site of a man walking or a couple of men walking to the North Pole, this qualifies for Extreme Travel.

You can subscribe to a newsletter he has, I am just starting to figure out what he is doing.

Extreme Travel North Pole

Hobo goes to JFK New York April 2 2006

Hobo goes to JFK New York April 2 2006

Today is March 20, 2006, however on Sunday April 2, 2006, I will arrive in JFK Airport in New York. I will stay in the USA for about 8 days, I have to be very careful this year on how long I spend in the USA....

I will rent a car and drive to Penn State, hopefully I will get to see the location of the September 11 World Trade Center disaster in New York, I do not know New York, I have not been to New York, I am going to the USA to do some type of research on the Malnutrition or stopping Malnutrition project I am working on in Niger... Hehehe. someone call Oprah Winfrey and tell her to email me, I could use her help.

TAXES --- I have went over the lowest mark of 6000 or something where I do not pay taxes and now I have discovered I do not need to pay taxes if I am NOT in the country for more than 30 days a year. I can earn up to 85,000 or close to that number and not pay taxes.

Depart Panajachel Arrival Antigua

I departed Panajachel and have arrived in Antigua, Guatemala.

Sunday March 19, 2006

All is good, I have the room again with the WIFI in the room for FREE.

They do not even understand they are providing this, I am very happy, very few times in 9 years of travel I have had internet in my room.

Cost of room is high for Guatemala, 13 Dollars U.S, but I would pay about 3 in the Internet Cafes anyway.


Discrimination by Low Expectations

Discrimination by Low Expectations

There are undercurrents of prejudices that exist, difficult to put my finger on it; however, I keep running into the feeling that people do not know how they discriminate against people.

If for instance, I say a culture steal a lot, many consider this a bad comment; however, to me when questioning the person further I find they have all these excuses. They do not have the money, they do not know better, they blah blah blah.

To me, the same happens with language, I am from the USA and Europeans often are surprised I travel, I am can speak Spanish, however worst is they tend to believe or think we cannot learn a language. Then there is this passport stupidity, somehow you are smarter if you have a passport of travel the world.


This is when you do not expect a person, people or culture to perform to the same levels as yourself or friends. Often a person will consider themselves superior to the level as if the people of the planet cannot learn.

I expect any person next to me to be able to do common, normal things in life.

There is this trendy new subject to study by the youth, it somehow related or called - Human Developmental Studies. - I am not sure exactly.

The mix up in perspective to me is they believe they will go and give nations food, shelter, and medicine as a form of development. This is the superiority coming forth to me, why do so many people want to donate, why are they not pushing to educate.

On hindsight, my thoughts on Niger and their problem with malnutrition are becoming harsh. Why is there so much money going into this country and nobody appears to be trucking in large irrigation equipment.

The problem in many ways is the whole system is being controlled by the youth on the planet, people under 30 years of age, who have a need still to be appreciated. They do not have the skills to see they need to let a person fail. Failure is part of learning, you give them some equipment, plants, seeds and say go figure it out, give them the sources of information to learn. The idea is often, they cannot learn, there is this undercurrent of low expectations, as if the world cannot learn how to grow vegetables.

The problem is often many cultures are lazy or cruel, they do not see babies dying as a big problem.

A person that does not expect much of a person will not say, get up and get this done. You are responsible for your fate, I am glad to help, but it is up to you. If on the other hand in a prejudicial manner, the person truly believes they are superior, they will endless listen to excuses, because they do not believe the person they think they want to help is smart enough.

Personally, I have found brilliant people to cause many problems, they are too opportunistic and looking for a gap for their advantage, it is not the super smart that build the planet. The normal Joe Blow gets up every morning and goes to work even though they have no desire to work. The constant plugging away.
I have a web site; many think it is some type of super computer technical knowledge. It is as Edison said,

- Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration.-
Thomas Alva Edison

I wish this was NOT true, I really do, then I would not have to work 99 percent of my time and just have a good inspiration and I would be done.

Good Ideas are a dime a dozen, they are grown on every corner. Give me a person that can start, work, implement and complete this great idea.

If you show a person something enough times they do learn, however if you do not expect them to learn, they will never learn.

Discrimination by Low Expectations

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