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USA Expat Taxes

USA Expat Taxes

I wish learning about some subjects was easier. I am trying to learn the USA tax rules for person who live outside the country. I know very little for sure, however I am moving ahead, I found an accountant I believe knows about the subject, and what is better, what he does not know, he desires to learn. It is not just a money thing with him, I think he enjoys learning.

330 days... I think I have to be outside the USA 330 days and I can earn up to around 80,000 Dollars without paying taxes.

Then comes the Social Security. I think I have to pay 15 percent mas o menos of the money I earn, then probably some miscellaneous taxes.

What is great is they have these table for each country and each city that allows a per diem (per day) amount of money I am allowed to live on in other countries. This number is high, maybe over 50 to 150 dollars per day. The business travelers usually travel in 5 star hotels, therefore I am in luck. The Per Diem makes life easier for me, it is impossible and to the point of being ridiculous on collecting all the receipts. I am not stupid enough to pay all my expenses with a credit card. That would double my cost and guarantee somebody uses my credit card after they steal the numbers.

This per diem amount is considered an expense to my business. I am glad them business guys live in 5 star hotels and make sure their businesses pay through the nose... hehehe

90 percent of the hotels I stay in do not take credit cards, and that is why they are a great value for the money. A reservation and a credit card acceptance normally doubles the price of the hotel.

Oh well, I think I got the tax thing closer to being figured out.  Note, the way to find an accountant or lawyers is maybe to search for Forums with Expats and there will be people inside the Forums with he same problem. This is how I found the Accountant I am using, he is a good guy. I will try to collect all the essential points and eventually put on a page.

Search in for "USA Expat Forum".

Maybe here on the Expat page:

I also have a page about Money:

I actually like to collect this data, I wish someday I would feel like all the information needed was collected. These are projects that never end, there is alway a new angle to observe and collect.

USA Expat Taxes


Trip Planning to Penn State University

Trip Planning

I fly soon to JFK airport in New York City, April 2nd, then by land to Penn State University, back to JFK, then on the 10th of April I fly to Budapest, Hungary.

I do not wish to stay long in Europe, just a few weeks, however to jump in and out of Europe fast, it is best if I start my research or an exit strategy. I never buy my tickets until about 3 weeks or less before I leave, therefore if I am only in Europe for three weeks, now is the time to start. I have not discovered the price to be better when I order earlier, sometimes, however nothing guaranteed.

I called up Jeroen the owner of Nat Tours in Bangkok, Thailand with my telephone service to get his ideas, he recommended I the Turkmenistan Airlines as they fly to Bangkok cheaply. I am not sure of the link for the airlines, or if they have a link, however I have a notion now on how to proceed. There are a couple of options, I can go for Istanbul, Turkey or maybe for Frankfurt, Germany to fly to Thailand. The discount airlines are making some very strange paths or options available. I can actually go backwards and then forward cheaper.

Joroem was helpful in planning as I need to search for a gate from Europe to Southeast Asia. Frankfurt is the best gate, however Istanbul is good also, however I am not sure, Turkey may still be charging USA people 100 dollars to enter their country. (Basically an Anti-USA type thingy)

I think I have Joroen's telephone correct, funny, I have been calling him Nat for a couple of years and he never corrected me, he is not a person that seems to worry about these types of details, although a stickler for other details.

Nat Tour and Travel Co
Bangkok Thailand
+662 629-4122 With
From USA 011 662 629-4122
Map to Nats just off Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mr Joe is also a good option, however you must shop all of them, keep them honest, go to all and find a price. Note, I never would recommend a Travel Agency, I only would say, this PERSON, not agency has helped me. What is a problem is most will size you up, think, - will this person pay the normal published price and I can get a hit? -

Budapest to Istanbul is 650 Miles as the crow flies, I have trouble averaging more than 50 miles per hour in a bus or train, therefore this is a 13 hour trip, not a very long trip and a walk in the park in normal situation. I will need to suss out how difficult they make life in Eastern Europe for transportation before I make many decisions.

Trip Planning and Intimacy and Intimacy

I need to talk with people, one problem of traveling all the time is the lack of a good intimate conversation with a good friend. I avoided recommendation of for a long time. allows me to call the USA for 2 cents per minute, this is a good enough deal that I do not get sticker shock, then avoid making the calls. Many times a telephone call to the USA can cost a small fortune, and the calls to Thailand, Ecuador, Colombia, Europe can be off the charts

I have been making calls to friends around the planet. I feel like I am again connected to my friends. They are all married, have little time for me, they are just busy with their families. They are my friend, and a good phone call is about all the time we spend together.

I am grateful to for this services. What is funny is I used to do this with, I just looked they are still in business.

The used to give free calls to land lines, I forgot them for years when they stopped this.

Nonetheless, is the name of the town, the buzz of the world.

Why did I avoid
Because most of the recommendation for this was coming from the Chatters.
There are these people who thrive on talking with persons they do not know, I personally like a real people, chatting or talking with an unknown persons on the other side of the planet is rewarding.

What is bad about cell phones and, chatting or talking with persons at home is this, you never leave home. It is possible to live in a hotel like or better than your home, talk constantly with people from home and never meet the country you are visiting.

There is a balance to life to be achieved. I am thankful for for putting my world back into balance. This is going to be especially helpful in them truly lonely places when I cannot speak the language and the locals do not speak English. It make more willing to travel to Africa, China or many places where it best to go with a friend.

What is painful or frustrating is to hear or receive comments from person who say things like
- What is wrong with you? -
- Why do you needy? -

Spoken by a person that has never left home because they would panic if they had to be alone with themselves. Moving from place to place is a challenge, there is never the same situation. Each new place I have to search for my proper Grocery Store, Laundry, Internet Cafe, and a good hotel where I meet people.

Money will make some of this easier, however the friends is the hard part. I am not sure all people want or need friendship. and Intimacy

LIVE links in Comments

LIVE links in Comments

Did you know you can make comments on blogs?

A great feature of a blog, you can comment on the writers comments.
(Go to the bottom of any post in the blog, not in an email, click on comments.)

However, many person put links in the comments on the blog that do not function. I am lazy, I do not like to copy and paste these links into the browser. I am sure many readers are clueless.

Please help readers to quickly visit the links you recommend.

I have place directions... I hope in the upper left of the blog explaining the code needed to make a LIVE LINK.

LIVE links in Comments

The Dysfunctional World Future

The Dysfunctional World Future

I am cracking up.

- USA is have people that are illegally in the country protesting. It seems the police should do their job and round them up and send them home. What an opportunity.

- FRANCE is having protest because the French are passing a law allow employers to fire workers. I do not care, an Employer should have the right to fire a person for any reason.

What is good is the poor have a great and loud voice, what is bad is they are just like the rich, they wish to take advantage.

The Dysfunctional World Future

Fava or Haba Bean

Fava or Haba Bean - Antigua Guatemala

There is this bean, I have seen many times around the world. I am not sure where it originates however, it is normal in some countries. I for sure have eaten them in Thailand.

Food in my opinion or crops grown dramatically change over time. The world passes around crops and now I would never assume any food grown are native to the country.

This is a close-up of the Fava or Haba bean in Span terms, I do not know the name in English terms. I like these things, I thing they deep-fry them, however I am often debating whether to eat or not eat the little thin husk. I do both.

I purchased a small bag in the store for roughly one USA dollar, they removed the husk. I purchased in the market about 4 time the amount with the husk or cascas for 50 cents U.S. or 3 Quetzals here in Antigua Guatemala.

That is my new plate, I purchased two because normally it is nice to be prepared for friends. One place cost me about 25 cents U.S. I have been looking for the type of plastic that does not break for awhile. Since I am worried about my health, I cook more in my room as it is the only positive way to eat correctly.

Fava or Haba Bean

Palm Center

Palm Center

I think this is the heart or center of a palm tree, there are many type of palm trees.

This is in the Market of Antigua, Guatemala and I believe they eat it.

Palm Center

Guatemala Cupola Photos

Guatemala Cupola Photos

Hmm, it this a Cupola? I think of Cupola as sitting on roof and being vents for the attic, actually there is probably a better name for this that is more accurate. It is not a cupola.

Definition of Cupola:

cu�po�la a dome, especially a small dome on a circular or polygonal base crowning a roof or turret.

I am confused on what a Cupola is actually and what is the reason for a Cupola? However�.

Culture, this is an identifier I would suppose of the Guatemala Culture. The better I become with speaking Spanish, the more sure I am that you need to speak the language of a culture you are studying to attempt to understand.

This is Chimney.

Below this is a kitchen, or Cocina in Spanish, I stopped a gentleman in the street and inquired. I have not seen these in many of the Latino countries. How this probably works is there is a wood fire and they cook inside, this channels the smoke out the top. They have put glass over the opening on most that exist presently in Antigua. There are some real pretty painted ones; however, this old decrepit one to me is an identifier of a more true culture. New stuff is normally a copy of many things and does not function well.

Of course, I could be totally wrong, and often I am, this is a curious venture of the brain, trying to understand cultures of the planet.

Guatemala Cupola Photos

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