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No Waitress Service Saves Money

Normally, the waitress services the tables in the majority of restaurants on the planet. I have encountered two rather popular restaurants in the last two months where the waitresses seldom come and provide table service for me. Therefore, I am never required to order food or drinks; this saves a lot of money.

Comericial El Dorado in Panajachel, Guatemala, however I call it the Dinosaur Café because of the steel Dinosaur Skeleton in front.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Monday, May 3, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Rocky’s in Sosua, Dominican Republic, another Expat hangout, and very popular.

I do not know any clear reason, but I am positive in both these coffee and restaurants shops a person can sit for hours and the server will never come to assist you. At first, it annoyed me, as I was expecting waitress service at the table, after a couple of weeks I was grateful. I finally reconcile, if they do not care about me, I do not care to buy.

Generally, I just stopped in to say hello my new acquaintances in these cities, and really had not desire to drink the coffee or eat the tourist grade food.

No Waitress Service Saves Money

The World Needs Finishing Schools

Did you know Princess Diana went to a Finishing School in Switzerland?

I have been thinking… a few of my friends need to focus on Charisma and Manners; they need to learn to turn on the charm and sell themselves better.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Saturday, May 1, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Why I Would Quit Traveling
I was raised in Orland, Indiana, where generally folks of the Greatest Generation set the standards of behavior, and those with no manners moved onto to the big cities. Moreover, if we were lucky they moved to New York or California leaving us civilized being in their wake.

I miss the manners of Orland, Indiana, I truly do not appreciate good manners, and I lose respect for people with bad manners. Generally, I need to avoid large cities and close personal with locals in some cultures to relax.

Real Story of Local Guatemalan Behavior
I was on the boat yesterday traveling from Jaibalito, a small village on Lake Atitlan to Panajachel, Guatemala the center of tourism on the lake. An indigenous women with her child was sitting next to me, when the boat docked, I started to stand up, but because I can always feel my Mother and Fathers presence I remained seated, I needed to allow this mother to leave the boat before me. She stands, looks around, bends her head over and spit’s a long goober on to the deck of the boat.

I got a little weak, tried not to look down or think, I waited for her to debark, and I proceeded to walk around where she spat and left the boat.

Shaking Hands
I have had a few foreigners in Panajachel ask,
"Why do you always shake hands and include your last name, why not just Andy?"

I think it is bad manners to explain…

The World Needs Finishing Schools

Learn Spanish by Carrying a Dictionary

Bonnie lives in Panajachel, Guatemala; she is the manager of the Bookstore in the Dinosaur coffee shop and plaza at the top of Calle Santander.

I said,
"People who really want to learn Spanish carry a Spanish Dictionary."
She reaches into her bag, and pulls out a Spanish Dictionary.

The best time to learn a new Spanish Word is when the emotional involvement peaks.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Saturday, May 1, 2010
By Andy Graham of


I speak rather good Spanish, and have tired of carrying around a Dictionary a few years ago, however I know I am right, if I really wanted to improve, I need a Spanish Dictionary.

I hope soon we all will be able to download Language Dictionaries to our cell phone.

Learn Spanish by Carrying a Dictionary

Two USB Thumbdrives Needed for Business Travel

I entered into an advertising contract yesterday, I needed to print 20 pages, scan in three signatures and send back to the client.

I have two USB thumb drives, one has my most important files, and I back it up on the computer and that hard drive. This information is so important I have it in three locations, and sometimes four if I publish to the internet.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Friday, April 30, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Handing Valuable Information to Internet Café Worker
I started to save the two Megs of contracts onto my USB primary thumb drive, then realized I was about to violate one of my rules.
"Do not allow techies to get near my stored information."
I will not allow just anybody to touch my data; I know they are not strict enough in their protocols. I saved the data onto an extra empty USB thumb drive and took that to the internet café, the 20 dollars I paid for the chip is my insurance policy that I do not lose hundreds of dollars.

Crying Travelers
I meet travelers crying,
"I accidentally erased all my photos."

90 percent of the time the person trusted an internet café worker to make a DVD or CD Rom backup of their camera thumb drive, they then deleted the photos without checking. There are protocols that need followed, and you cannot delegate them, the information on my computer is more valuable than my computer.

Two USB Thumbdrives Needed for Business Travel

Talking with Elk Lake School French Class Dimock Pennsylvania

This is video of French speaking Nathalie from Belgium as she talks with French Students from Elk Lake School, in Dimock, Pennsylvania.

The world has become smaller, it is now possible for a United States High School class to talk directly with people from other countries.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Thursday, April 29, 2010
By Andy Graham of


The first video is mostly with Nathalie, then the students proceeded to ask me questions about my 12 years of continuous world travel in the next three videos. If your School Class wants to talk with Andy Graham a world travelers or have me arrange other types of talks please me at:

Interview with French Students Video Below

If you do not see a video above these words, it is because you are reading by email, click here and maybe you can find it: Videos
Interview with French Students Video Below

Talking with Elk Lake School French Class Dimock Pennsylvania

Please Excuse my Cliché Photos

I am avoiding the internet, I still get on to learn, but generally, I am avoiding the internet I do not want to become a machine.

Here is a Photo of a Pancake served with Chocolate here in Guatemala.

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Wednesday, April 28, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Photo of Toilet Paper, Towel, Soap arranged on Hotel Bed

Cliché Versus Travel Tips Photos

What is a Cliché Photo?
A cliché is a saying, expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has been overused to the point of losing its original meaning or effect.

I used to feel proud to allow readers to look at my photos, now I am feeling shame. I know people sending you photos overwhelm the majority of you. I am amiss; I can no longer find any meaning in sending you photos daily. In fact, it feels like it is bad manners to send you more and more and more, why would I help the world to overwhelm you with photos.

Travel Tip Photo
The toilet paper photo is to assist me in writing a travel tip. The travel tip goes something like this, when you see the toilet paper in the center of the bed an alarm needs to sound in your head. Take the toilet paper instantly into the restroom where it belongs, or you will be sorry.

Every photo tells a story; however, a photo without the story is boring, annoying and cliché, it makes me feel petty.

The amount of time I spend using the internet is decreasing, maybe I am thinking about the movie "The Terminator," I think the machines are taking over the planet. I think people who use the internet are becoming machines; they have little value for humans.

Please Excuse my Cliché Photos

Problems to Sell Stock Photos Online

I have observed photographers for years all over this small planet with huge cameras costing thousands of dollars. Before I get going, I want to let you know, I have sold photos to a guidebook and made over 1000 dollars in the past, I also post photos on the internet and make money using the photos, in a way, I am a professional photographer in many ways.

Observation One: The big camera means nothing, it means they wanted to spend money on a big camera, and in my opinion are rather stupid consumers.

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Tuesday, April 27, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Generally, people with big camera want their photo taken; this camera is not that big, but for sure, the girl was happy to have her photo taken.

Problems to Sell Stock Photos Online?

Biggest Problem:
- I need to publish or FTP 5-30 Meg Photos to the internet from very difficult locations. If I am Africa, I need to publish them with a horrible internet connection that continually breaks.

Boy Genius assures me we can solve this problem.

Second Problem:
- Time, I know that 99 percent of the photographers work for about 10 cents per hour. I personally am not going to devote hours to something that does not pay.

Third Problem:
- Services that could sell my photos may charge me money, they make money and I never sell the photos. I had a friend talk about Pro .

I am lost, so I pay for photo Hosting, another time thing, I can easily tell you, if you put all your photos on an internet page surrounded by Google Adsense ads you can make money and not need to pay.

I read that these to companies are the largest ones; they sell more stock photos than anyone does, but I do not know anyone that makes money by selling stock photos online. I know 1000’s of dreamers or true believers that one day believe they will get the big break.

This sexy girl is a good free model, and this is my problem, I know what readers want to read about….

The Dilemma
I can spend all my time pitching my photos, trying to sell my photos, or I can just make an internet page and start to make money with Google Adsense.

I know this, if I use these words:

car insurance for girls
cheap car insurance for girls
give the jew girl toys
girls insurance
spa girl promotions
go girl ringtone
jewish girls gone bad
baby girl in spanish
cheap insurance for girls
girl moaning ringtone
american girl chrissa
bond girls bail bonds
paki girls in salwar
car insurance quotes for girls
girl motor insurance

Well, the bottom line, I know what sells, and I know words that pay more, and I know if I use the words "Sexy Guatemala Girls," there is hoards of people out on the internet searching for these words and I can make money.

Solution to Selling Stock Photos Online
I believe we can muster up a system that allow me to continually FTP publish 10 Meg photos to the internet. I would then allow readers to comment on the photos, this would create photos with good captions, and they could use them, post them on Facebook, and send traffic. Generally, we could then sell the photos for about five dollars, and eventually we would learn what types of photos are sellable.

However, truthfully, I think photos that misrepresent the truth have the most value, and I am not in the business of misrepresenting the truth.

What type of photos sells, and do you really want to take photos of Weddings?

Problems to Sell Stock Photos Online

Tourist Need to Carry Passport in San Pedro Guatemala

I think backpackers on the Gringo Trail have passed the word, in San Pedro, Guatemala you need to carry a passport…

Hmmm, to live in San Pedro, Guatemala I need to prove I am legally in the country.

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Monday, April 26, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Carrying a Passport
Normally, I leave my passport in my room, however while in San Pedro, Guatemala I carried my passport, this seems reasonable There is tons of gossip in Panajachel on the other side of the lake, like there is some reason to be afraid of San Pedro.

I just do not get it, I am in Guatemala legally, I have had my passport checked in almost every country I have ever visited, and this is normal; I must prove I have legal permission.

Obeying the Law
I am enjoying this immensely. I need to prove I am legal, that seems reasonable, and if I had children, I would tell them to obey the law and stop acting like children.

Maybe we truly do need to tell the citizens of the USA, you need a passport, personally I am tired of listening to the Europeans making fun of the USA for not having passports.

Tourist Need to Carry Passport in San Pedro Guatemala

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