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Ghana Girls Video, Mormons and a Future Ghana Chief

I recorded an impromptu video of a groups Ghana girls who came to the Tarso Hotel for some form of meeting here in Ho, Ghana. It is at the bottom, I have started putting videos at the bottom of post, to make it easy for readers to watch daily videos.

This Ghana girl was posing for the camera.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Friday, February 11, 2011


Imported Mormon from South Africa, when I was in Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast there were a few from Nigeria. From a marketing religion perspective, the missionaries seems to come to the wrong places, this is a 98 percent Christian communities, I suppose the focus could be on convincing people to change denominations. I am not sure, but I thought the normal Christian view was Buddhist, Hindu, or Islamic types where going to hell because they are worshipping the wrong God. It would behoove missionaries to go to these areas, India with the Hindus, Southeast Asia with the Buddhist, or Sub-Sahara with the Islamic people. Then again that is a dangerous thing to do, trying to convert religions is for sure an "Adventure Traveler."

I define Adventure Travel as when you could be killed, therefore going to work as a Missionary in an all Islamic area would be an Adventure trip.

I suppose trying to make a Christian that already believes, to believe again is easier.

Anybody been reading this Blog for 10 years, then you may remember "Born again Bob." I met this main Baghdad, Iraq shortly after the major start of war offensive ended in the number two Iraq war. I think in August or September of 2003.

He was being a Missionary in the middle of Baghdad, Iraq, and amazing sense of faith, I admire anyone that has complete faith in their safety.
Born Again Bob

This man deserves a good life, I hope he found it.

What makes a Marriage Last?
A Jehovah Witness man with an attractive woman stopped to talk with me in the street close to the Market here in Ho, Ghana. The mans English was great; it was intriguing to study how he expressed himself, and his language skills.

Well, he starts telling me about my wife, and tying it to a marketing pamphlet.

1. My Mate and I are Growing Apart.
2. I am no longer getting what I want out of this relationship.
3. My mate does not live up to his or her obligations.
4. My wife is not submissive.
Hmm this was a good one, and there is a Bible Principle explained.
1 Corinthians 11:3
"But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God."

The way I understand this, according to the Bible, Man is the head of the family, and the wife is supposed to be submissive. The reason is because, if the man is doing what is right according to the word of God, then why wouldn’t the women submit to the will of God?

Fun stuff, I finally slowed the man down and said,
"I am not married."
He goes,
"Why not?"
I tried to give my pat answer,
"I do not know why, please ask God."
Of course I looked at the very nice and happy women when I said, I am not married.

I seem to be a good listener to missionaries. I am never quite sure why. I get this real feeling that to help a missionary, I need to listen to them, there is this need on their part to have people listen. I keep thinking if I listen, they will have the hole in their chest filled up, but the wind blows through it and they keep talking.

Here is the Jehovah Witness site, I am sure a few males want some fuel to find out how to make their women submissive.

I would think it married couples should negotiate out boss responsibilities. For example, I would be in charge of the computers in the house, and my wife, if I had a wife would be the boss of how to clean my room, this allows the person who is best at something to explain. I am very submissive when people start to explain how to clean my room, it is obvious I am not good at this and could learn.

I was looking at this small boy, when the mother said,
"He is the first born of a chief; therefore he will be a chief?"
She explained that the Chief was in Accra, Ghana, and that they were not together.

Can Ghana Chief have many wives, and if they can, is only the first born a future chief. I am never excited to hear or learn about Chiefs, King or Queens, these born to be positions in life feel like the word Dictator in disguise.

My Hobo
The search box at the top of all pages, now allows you to search for people Hobo Profiles, you and search by proper name, email address or their Hobo Nickname. For example, I am Gadget, you can search or that and find my profile.

50 Beautiful Ghana Girls in One Spot

Ghana Girls Video, Mormons and a Future Ghana Chief

Four Deadly Travel Budget Sins

My budget paid to cell phone Companies is out of control I am Travel Budget Sinning. I have rewritten this opening paragraph five times trying to explain what is happening with my Cell Phone,, BlackBerry and USB Wireless Internet access cost. I must accept, these cost are unexplainable, because there is no way to understand what I am paying for, I just pay and hope I have enough money. I am angry and frustrated, this is not right, these telephone companies create traps, one false move and I have an explosion of expenses.

Writing about a subject forces me think clearly, my mind become annoyed with ambiguous sentences. Sometimes I have to just give up, and say,
"This is how I mismanage my Cell Phone,, BlackBerry and USB Wireless Internet access."

I give up; I cannot write clearly about this subject, it is not possible

NEW Ghana people can win 100 Dollars in Hobo Scavenger Hunt

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Thursday, February 10, 2011


Writing my Book as Stalled, Live in Paradise on 500 Dollars per Month
This cell phone business is helping me to understand why I am stalling and have not finished writing this book. It is 85 percent done, I can see the finish line, but there is a problem in paradise.

I do not want to write a book saying,
"You can live in Paradise on 500 dollars per month."
Then when you arrive, you pay, 2000-5000 per month.

It is a little difficult to stay at a 500 dollar per month budget, but 100 percent possible. However, I also know the four reasons why people may go over budget.

Four Deadly Travel Budget Sins

1. Beer, Wine and Alcohol cost.

2. Cell Phone,, BlackBerry and USB Wireless Internet access."

3. Paying for love, dating, gifts, paying expenses, etc.

4. Paying for tourist attractions, because we had to see it.

Preachers try to convince people they can stop sinning, and because the person gets a warm and fuzzy feeling, they give the preacher man money. It is obvious to me, that maybe 1 in 300 got what was promised from the Preacher, the other 299 need to get a refund because they are going to Hell.

Somehow the teacher, the Preacher still is paid, when the student fails, and fails, falls to temptation and sins again.

I want a better than 1 in 300 success rate.
By writing this book, I want 50 percent of the people to read the book to succeed, I do not want them to fail because of one of the four deadly travel budget sins.

I need to write some clear rules, something like:

1. No credit cards.
2. Go to the ATM machine two times per month.
3. Do not eat in restaurants.
4. Stop your ATT and Verizon bill before you leave, dump the BlackBerry.

The writing challenge is this, to make the rules simple, but 100 percent clear, then when a readers do not follow the directions, they know why they had problems. The fortunate thing is this, most people will be able to live on 1500 dollars per month, and that budge is simple, they will try for 500, and end up at 1500 and still feel satisfied.

Again, my challenge is to write simple rules, which control the four deadly sins of the travel budget.

Scavenger Hunt Opened to Locals from Ghana
I stopped and talked with a family that live behind the fish smokers, we talked about this, we talked about that, and one person asked,
"How do you make money?"
I said,
"I have a large travel site."
One man behind me asked,
"What is the web site?"

From experience, I know that only 1 in 100 people actually go and look at my site, they lose focus, forget, it just skips their brain. What used to save me is this; a web site address needed to be typed in perfect, there was no forgiveness. E-mail addresses are the same, you need to do it perfect, there is no reward given for being close. People are not perfect, therefore they seldom found the perfect path to my site.

Oops, go figure, is now rewarding people for being close.

The Ghana gentleman was exceptional, I told him, Hobo Traveler, I try to be helpful. I said Traveler, not Travel; it is Hobo Traveler DOT com. From 12 years, 11 months and 10 days of experience I know, if the person asking questions, does not write it down, I am still safe. When the pull out a piece of paper, then I know they are serious, this seldom happens.

Well, again, the Ghana man was exceptional, he found the page, he then found the Blog, and he read about the Scavenger hunt. When I returned to my new found well of Ghana friends, one of the women said,
"I am coming down to the Tarso Hotel on the 22nd to win my 100 Dollars."

Ooops, I thought I was clear, but I was not, it is my fault, the Scavenger hunt was only going to open to foreigners with a passport in hand. So now, the Scavenger hunt is open to all people from all countries, sorry, I did not mean to confuse.

I want the Scavenger Hunt Rules Easy
You find the damn thing; you get 100 dollars, only one diehard proviso.
"You must record a video and put on"

This is the only way I can see with my own eyes that the person truly found what I am hiding in the Tarso Hotel here in Ho, Ghana, by me watching of the person with the object in question, there is no way to fake a video.

Ok, again, if you know anybody in Ghana who wants to win 100 US Dollars, you can now tell them to read my Blog, and one day unexpectedly, I will announce.
"The Scavenger Hunt is Open."
After opening day, one lucky person will walk around in the Tarso Hotel and find something worth 100 US Dollars.

I saw the man yesterday, he said, I am coming down on the 22 to win my prize. I said,
"Ok, but it is not going to be that easy, and you need to read my Blog daily to know he exact date this Hobo Scavenger Hunt starts."
Read Daily Please

If a Scavenger hunt was easy, then it would not be fun, it is the hunt, the challenge that makes life interesting.

Please, I beg you, read this page closely if you want to win 100 U.S. Dollars:
Hobo Scavenger Hunt

Four Deadly Travel Budget Sins

Two Liters of Water Shower Travel Tip is almost Explained in Ghana

This is almost one of the worlds most needed travel tips, but still lacking the video. I am sorry, I am still failing. I am a frustrated travel writer, tying to write travel tips, for about four years I have wanted to write a travel tip explaining how to take a dip bath or shower using only one-two liters of water. The problem is this; I need a Model, a real person, someone to video record taking a bath. I thought about hiring a boom boom girl in the Philippines, but resisted the temptation to double dip the marketing of this idea. I have tried to pay a couple of physically fit girls to be my model; they all think I am perverted,
"Why do you want to video record me taking a dip shower?"
What I am doing is Lost in Translation.

This boy is enjoying his dip shower in a washbasin here in Ho, Ghana.

If you are over 70 years old, from the USA, you may remember these days. There was a time when there was not running water in the home in the USA. My father did not have electricity in the farm homestead when he was a kid, maybe in 1940 in the USA. I am always hoping the world could get their mind around "time," the world has changed drastically in the last 50-100 years.

Ghana is a walk back in time; West Africa uses many practical and effective techniques that were being used in the USA less than 50 years ago. In a way, we could evaluate all countries on a time continuum compared to the USA, and Ghana right now is about 1930-1940 in the USA, this is the time period of Ghana presently.

A little girl standing in a bucket taking a dip shower in Elubo, Ghana. Why or how do I know this is a girl?

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This is my grandparent’s story; this is how my great grandfather and grandmother washed in small town USA 50-100 years ago. Us developed world people think we are so special, we come to these underdeveloped countries and we are only ahead in time by about one generation. The gap is closing quickly, everyone is watching TV and the world is becoming congruent, the world copies "Soap Operas," soon the world will live in houses the same as their favorite soap opera. (Betty Feo - Betty Ugly)

Do not use the Hang in Tree Shower System
Note, these hang in trees water showers are the most inefficient use of water for a shower possible. It is the stupid way to take a bath with limited amount of time and water, a dip shower is the effective and efficient way of cleaning, not a bag hanging in a tree. A shower in tree needs about 20 liter to work, maybe more, about 10 gallons, and the shut of valve never works properly.

Hot Shower?
You can heat the water by putting the two liters of water in the sun on the roof, or you can heat with a one-cup electric coffee cooker. I seldom take cold showers when anywhere on the planet, I now take dip showers even when I have a shower, it is better in many ways.

How to Take a Two Liter Bath?
I will give this a bang; I still need the recorded video to prove it is possible. Nevertheless, I will be damned if I am going to video myself in pair of swimming trunks taking a dip shower.

Now, pretend you are the little girl standing in the bucket like the photo above, or the little boy standing in the washbasins.

Needed for Two Liter Bath:

1. Two one-liter bottles of water.
2. Shampoo
3. Bar of soap
4. Wash Rag - Note, I recommend the French Wash Rag or Washrag.
5. A cup, a small cup will use less water, or glass.

Directions…. I need a model for a video; it would be easier to explain with a video.

1. Standing in bucket

2. Poor a small amount of water onto your head to wet your hair.

3. All the water used needs to drain into the bucket; this is the secret of conserving water.
(Note, if you are a person with a lot of hair, this takes more water.)

4. Put the minimum amount of shampoo in your hand, and lather up your hair, making sure to not get any in your eyes, again, another secret, minimal amounts of soap.

5. Take the Frenchie Washrag and dip in the water, now lather with a bar of soap, you do not need much water to suds up your whole body.
(Note, if you come to West Africa, you can watch the locals girls doing this daily, I have resisted the temptation to video them although an excellent reason or experience in Africa.)

6. Step out of washbasin, and wipe off all the extra soap by brushing off or shaking your body, you need the soap suds outside the water..

7. Wash your face now, and make sure you know where your dipper is located, because you are going to be blinded by the soap.

8. Reach for the dipper or cup, now standing straight up, drip the water on the top of your head, making sure the water goes down your whole body.

If you do this slowly, and making sure to wipe away all the suds, you can rinse with extremely small amounts of water. If you truly want a one-liter shower, you can shake your head like a dog and truly get rid of all the soap. A towel would absorb a lot of the soap if you wanted, then rinse with even less water.

Contrary to any backpacking forums, and never really done it advice you have learned, this two-liter thing is almost never needed. There is water in 99 percent of the locations on the planet, anywhere there is people, there must be water, and we cannot live without it.

When to use this two-liter Bath?
Therefore, you will learn, these principals apply mostly when you are in some little hotel in India, and the owner boils you a pot of water for a bath and puts outside your door. Or you are in Kilgoris, Kenya and the hot water is outside your door. Alternatively, you are in Tibet, and for some truly insane reason the owner of the hotel brings you two thermos bottles to shower, because Chinese people do not shower.

There are places on the planet where the locals seldom shower, they just wash their faces in the morning and take maybe one good bath per week. In East Africa at 1300 meters above sea level, the boys only wash their faces daily, they smell.

I call this the "Frenchie Wash Rag," I am not sure where it came from, but I will blame in the French Colonizers in West Africa. I think they left this washrag system and baguettes and have now divorced themselves from West Africa.
(Except to control the money with their banking and the pharmaceuticals - the pricks.)

Frenchie Washrag Photos

I wrote about the Frenchie Washrag first in newsletter 203 in October 1, 2006 in Natitingou Benin. This is truly a wonderful washing system, I presently am carrying about one yard in length piece of plastic netting, the thing is mildly abrasive, I can use it to wash my back by pulling back and forth, it truly gets my back and body 10-50 times cleaner than a normal wash rag used in the USA. If you want to remove dead skin cells, this is the best possible wash rag on the planet.

Video Ghana is Being Painted Vodafone Red or MTN Yellow

Two Liters of Water Shower Travel Tip is almost Explained in Ghana

MRSA My Difficult to Treat Infection

I have no idea whether I have MRSA, but the solutions are good, and can be applied to my health problem.

"My mind is willing, the body says no."

I was having a conversation with my friend Mark last night, I called him up to allow him to be the devils advocate on my idea of creating small "Radio Like" talk shows a.k.a. (Podcast) While talking to him he says,
"Andy, your voice is funny, are you congested?"
My mind believes I am 22, but my body says 55, I try to ignore what my body is telling me.

I explained,
"Yes, I am getting worried, I have been on antibiotics for about the last three weeks, for the first 10 days one type, and then I am now on a second type trying to stop these boils."
He wanted to know why I was awake at Midnight, and I explained that is because I made a mistake and took too many multivitamins in the afternoon.

All this paying attention to my body stuff is driving me crazy, and I will say this as a 55-year-old man,
"There is nothing good about getting older, it sucks."
My body does not fight off infections the same, my metabolism is low, next thing I know my sex drive is going to stop. I feel like Willie Nelson, I cannot find the quote, but he says something along the line, if I see a beautiful woman,
"My mind is willing, the body says no."

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Maintenance work on my body is stopping me from being Macho, oops, I am not supposed to have that as a goal, and I want to Be a Man. I know there is some "Be a Man" rule that says,
"Ignore when you are sick."
"Ok, I have been ignoring, but my body is becoming obnoxious and rude."

Mark gets to the point,
"I got rid of it by cleaning."
I put two and two together, and another one of my "Be a Man" rules had interfered again, yep, on review I know the rule says,
"Do not clean well, it is not manly."
I then reviewed again page on MRSA, it says,
"concluded that poor hygiene habits remain the principal barrier to significant reductions in the spread of MRSA."
--- Oops, I have extreme good personal hygiene, this means I take two showers per day and use some type of anti-bacterial soap. I am almost boiling water and putting bleach in the water to kill off all the fungus things, and then take a dip shower with the super clean water.

--- Oops is this, I have glasses, dishes, Hobo pots, Hobo spoons, and washing dishes is truly not easy in a Hotel room. (Hot water is the eighth Wonder of the world, which I do not have.)

Ok, I took all my old coffee glasses, pitchers, I even too my glasses and threw in a big bucket with bleach, I will then heat this to almost boiling and kill 99 percent of the nasty thingies.

MRSA is "Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus"

The bottom line is this, a Staph infection can be passed between people, but even when I kill it in my body, I believe it possible to re-infect myself by having the colonies of (Big Words) living in my room. My Hotel room is not the same as home, there are some uncontrollable variable and I need to find work around situations for a couple of major problems with travel.

That bucket is how I have:

1. Hot water to clean?
2. How to wash dishes when I do not have a kitchen sink?

I have an electric heater I put in the bucket.

Wikipedia says these drugs are good; a traveler needs to be a good Doctor.
Clindamycin or Doxycycline or Trimethoprim / Sulfamethoxazole.

Ok, I am thinking this theme song from;
TWO and a half MEN theme song --- the "Manly Men" is violating more of the "Be a Man" rules, but still is funny.

I am both making a joke, and being serious, when you leave the womb of the politically correct USA where we never can say honest opinion for fear of violating somebody rights. You will find that people in the underdeveloped world, the normal 85 percent of the planet can be extremely aware of the "Be a Man" rules.

This makes modern man a soft target for men who do not obey rules, do not play fair; who use what could be called good manners against you. There is no reason to stop behaving civilized, but there is a need to man up and learn a few "Be a Man" rules.

I just yesterday had Ivy the girl in the Tarso Hotel say,
"You never wear long pants."
Shorts are not on the manly man list of acceptable clothing, my reply was,
"You went from the walking around naked 50-100 years ago to wearing long pants, it does not make sense, and you are in the tropics."

Video of Super Sanitize Dishes and Gear

Stopping the 50 Dollar per Month Skype Bill
I am paying about 50 U.S. Dollars a month for Skype; the cost is the incoming calls. I am using a service that forwards call to wherever I am located. Because I am in Ghana, a call is approximately 40 cents per minute.

I could allow it to go to voicemail, but this slows down the business response time and I truly do not like calling people back. From an organizational skills, receiving a call one time is faster than listening to a voicemail, then trying 3-10 times to call people back who only have voicemail.

MRSA My Difficult to Treat Infection

Having Fun - Win 100 USD in Scavenger Hunt in Ghana

This Scavenger Hunt is Open to anybody from any country, to win you must post a video of where you found it you in the the video. 100 USD about 150 Cedis GH.

Do you have a friend in Ghana, or soon on the way to Ghana, I am going to hide a personal item that will be labeled " Scavenger Hunt." in my Hotel The person who finds this will win 100 U.S. Dollars, here is the Hobo Scavenger Hunt information.

I will hide something in the Tarso, Hotel, and starting around February 20-24, 2011 the contest will begin.
Win 100 Dollars at Tarso Hotel in Ho, Ghana

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Monday, February 7, 2011


I have this cool USB Wireless Modem, well not so cool, this one refuses to allow me to FTP or click on tracking links. However, it is still cool knowing that I can live in about any location in a country and have Internet Access inside my room. I will save hundreds of dollars and incredible amounts of time with this device, there is no need to rent rooms with WIFI, and I can get the cheaper family room hotel rooms around.

Problem in Paradise, I do need FTP, so maybe the Vodafone Wireless Modem is better in Ghana, I am not sure, and it is difficult to test these types of fun toys.

The Problem with MTN Wireless Modem
MTN is the name of the cell phone company here in Ghana, a very large one in Africa. MTN cell phone service gave me 2.5 Gigs of transfer when I purchased the thing for 60 Cedis. This 2.5 Gigs was running out, and I heard that I got sur time if I purchased a 10 Cedi recharge card. I purchased the card, and unfortunately, on Saturday night my load suddenly ran out while talking to Johnny the Pilot on He is presently in Dubai, after needing to leave Cairo, Egypt quickly because of riots.
Sorry Johnny, I was not able to tell you what happened.

I am clever, ok, I take the load recharge my credit card out, do the scratch off to find the number thing. I then go to the page above, and try to load the time, it just does not work. Then trying to be clever, I took the SIM out of the wireless modem, put in my cell phone thinking maybe I can load time on the SIM this way. The SIM gives me notice,
"Not Activated."

Activation is part of the cell phone SIM business, in Ghana, you have go to an office, show some identification and then activate the SIM for a prepaid cell phone. I am not sure, maybe the every so, never-helpful-worker MTN worker in Korforidua did not activate the card, but for some reason the Internet access functioned.

One of the MTN offices is up the hill from my Hotel, so on Sunday; I walked over, hoping by some odd chance in this highly Christian country of Ghana, it would be open. It was not, so I searched around the for the standard office hours sign, in typical there-is-a-reason-we-are-poor business practice, there is no sign for office hours.

I do not mind them not being open, but it would be nice to know what time they are open on Monday morning, so I am not inconvenienced. Now, I must wait until about 10:30 am before I walk up the hill, and cannot be the first one in the door.

Always baffling how even the largest of the largest international businesses stop doing all the small standard business operating procedures when in poorer countries. There is only one thing between poverty and wealth here in Ghana, all they have to do is apply normal standard global business procedures, that cost nothing and they become the best of the best in Ghana.

Example: I purchased Fried Rice and a piece of chicken yesterday for 2.5 Cedi, when the plate of food arrived; I gave the boy 5 Cedis. I wanted to expedite his search for change, give him a few more minutes to find the correct change to give back. I did not think much about it, then I was about finished, and I thought, the boy has not returned my change.

I was finished, I stood up, and looked in the back door, and he was in their making three large plates of Fried Rice.

I knocked on the door, I am frustrated, why?
1. Why do I need to chase him down for my change?
2. Why do they not have change?
3. Why did he not finish what he started with the change?

To not return the MONEY is great way to make regular clients very angry. I am a regular, but I must watch them with both eyes on the front and back of my head. Yesterday, another situation I gave the woman 10 Cedis, and instead of leaving on the top of the money drawer, she put inside. Then she answers the telephone, talks while I am waiting, I want to slap the business owners side the head, and say,
"Finish what you start, so you do not forget what you are doing."

MTN Load Time Refill
I feel guilty complaining about MTN, because my company "" has the same type of crap. I want MTN to test and retest their Control Panel, then give instructions on how to use the devices.

They need testers with the same skill sets as me to check, asking the questions, is the thing self-explanatory. To have a client return to the store, asking many questions is bad business, bad public relations, it is failure when people ask questions, it cost money to supply support and in turn makes me want to change or test if Vodafone is good.

Self-Evaluation of Business Practices
My guilt is this, we start area of the site, and for sure, they are awkward, my tech cannot see it, but he is a tech, which is part of their brain makeup. He cannot see because he knows 100 percent how it works, this is a self-evaluation problem.

Hobo Profiles, we have about five people per day sign up for a Hobo Profile, our own social network, my profile name is Gadget.

This is a lot of fun, and we hope a great way to meet other travelers, once you get a username and password, you can:

1. Comment on Photos
2. Search for other Hobos or people in the network.
3. Edit Pages and Help Travelers
4. Send Private Messages to other Hobos
5. Write Travel Articles
6 Read Deleted Comments on Blog
7. Vote to Choose Country to send Andy

I sent off another list today of "self-evaluation of pages" changes to make, I evaluate the system and send Boy Genius a to-do list of changes to make.

Well, presently MTN is doing 100 times better at this self-evaluation process, and how can I complain, when I have the same problem, but earn a speck of money compared to MNT>

I hope the USB Wireless Modem World starts to have standard practices on how to use, so I do not have to study this for every country I enter.

Well, one day we will self-evaluate our pages better, make the changes and updates faster and become too much fun, we are improving, a business needs progress or they are in a recession.

What does Internet Access have to so with Travel?
If you need to make a business call, if you needed to call the airlines, if you needed to call your wife ever in your life, this is why.

Travel is moving around and doing all the normal things of life while moving, it is a mobile way of normal living. There is no way to stop being a normal person just because you are traveling.

The Wireless Modem is allowing a person to always have a cheap way to make 2 cents per minute calls to the USA, England or Australia right in room 24 hours per day. If you have went down to the desk in a Five Star Hotel and paid the phone charges with your "own money" not the companies, you know what I mean, 2 cents a minute is nice with

The world is getting smaller, I can talk, communicate and move around the planet easy enough, one day I will be talking with all my friends and they will not know I am in Ghana, because the communications is so simple and easy, we just accept that we can always talk and see friends using the Internet or a Smartphone.

I published this using the Verizon Global Data plan, I have made it the last use backup system, I will only be using the BlackBerry Bold with Verizon Data when the USB Wireless Modems are not working or available.

There are some problems in Paradise, and I am still trying to get clarification. However, the unlimited plan has a caveat now, you must use 50 percent in country, I think it means inside the USA. The problem is this, how do you give your daughter a Smartphone and allow her to travel in Europe for six months? How can she study overseas for a year, and stay in touch using the Verizon Smartphone your, her Father is paying for?

I use to tether the BlackBerry to my computer, this may also be ruled out as a method of using the service, although I do not believe they can detect it in use.

I do not understand Bums, why do they fall asleep in the busy business locations of cities, you can often find them sleeping in the places with the most tourist. Is it because they are begging, then just decided to take a nap? This is about 9:00 am in Ho, Ghana, right in front of the bus station and the central market of Ho, Ghana West Africa.

I am a Hobo, a Hobo is looking for work, a Bum is a person who will not work, and a Tramp is person who travels but will not work.

Video asking the culture of bums question,
"Why do bums fall asleep in the busiest areas of a city?"

Having Fun - Win 100 USD in Scavenger Hunt in Ghana

Do you Want to Listen to a Podcast from Andy Graham

The Internet is becoming more stable and dependable; there are few things possible for a real traveler now, that was not possible a year ago. I am publishing a daily video every day, this is new. And only possible because of the USB Wireless Modem, however, it is also possible to do Podcast if I ever can understand what a Podcast is used for, I am not in the USA, I do not have Radio or listen to Ipods.

USB Wireless Modem from MTN in Ghana, green is 2G and bluish is 3G, and 4G is going to make phone calls over the Internet standard, and now I am trying to dream about how 5G will be used. The USB Wireless Modem is changing the world in 2011, whole countries are now open to be used by the location independent group, they can have a Mobile Office anywhere.

Podcast Story
I tried to call a Public Relations person the other day on, she declined the call, then texted me over Skype,
"I am ready to send two Podcasts, I will call later."
She asked me a couple of years ago,
"Do you Podcast?"

The truth is, I do not understand how people benefit from listending to a Podcast, I think there is some small something I am not understanding. Maybe on the Ipod they just keep coming up as something to listen too. I can record a Podcast, I can even make this RSS feed thingy, or my Coder in India can, but who is going to use it and how?

Where? I mean, in their car? Do they walk around with an Ipod and listen? Does it come into some special radio? What is baffling to me, a video feels to be a better way of me reporting where I am located, then why have just an audio file?

Here is a Podcast of Sorts?
Andy explaining Sunday in Ho, Ghana

Is this something you already are doing, are you listening to daily Podcast reports from people?

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Sunday, February 6, 2011


The American Way
I have a friend in USA who has a couple of women continually cancelling dates, unhooking or just not being serious. My friend Johnny says this is the way men in the USA,
"It is the American Way, to allow women to Jack you around."

Ghana Has a New Use of Slang Words to Sack Me
When you ask a person to leave the room in Ghana, they will say,
"You sacked me."
This is unique way of using this word here in the Ghana English world.

Video of 10 Dollar Hotel in Cape Coast, Ghana West Africa Sammo

Do you Want to Listen to a Podcast from Andy Graham

Ghana People Ask, Which Church do You Attend?

I would say, approximately one time per day, someone ask the question here in Ghana,
"Do you go to Church?"
"Which one?"

Ghana, I am in one the most focused on being Religious countries on the planet, and it could be argued, the last place that needs Missionaries.

This is interesting, I just realized, my answer is confusing for Ghanaian people, they seldom have heard of the Lutheran Denomination, and we are tempted to enter into an argument. Maybe more correctly, I become argumentative, last night I raised my voice and said,
"Martin Luther posted a list of protests on the door of the Catholic Church; this protest started the PROTESTANT religions. I am sure your Church is one of the Protestant Churches in a list of hundreds that continually spins out of control."

My Religious Failure
Up until two minutes ago, I thought I was doing a rather good job of being a good boy when dealing with these never-ending questions by locals about God, Churches and what I believe or do not believe.

However, I now realize I have consistently failed in Ghana and the other West African countries to obey my own belief that God allows the existence of temptations which leads humans to argue as a test. The Ghana people ask me where I go to Church, and instead of being soft and guiding, I am hostile because of what I consider religious ignorance, and I said last night.’
"Do you Africans know Jack Shit about religion?"
(I wonder where I learned to say Jack Shit?)

This was a failure on my part, not theirs, truly is the job of the above to be patient with people downstream, even though that is a belief of mine, maybe a leap of faith.

Yep, I was tempted to argue with these people, and I do, rats, what a failure to obey my owns personal beliefs. I am going to feel guilty for a second, ask for forgiveness and keep on truck in. Then again, I also believe that sitting around feeling shame and guilt is a religious failure, so I am not going to worry about this much; I am going to modify my response to these questions and move on with my life, a better person in a very small way.

I am very lucky, I do not associate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with the Lutheran Religion or this would been some dandy fuel to verbally beat up Africans with, I could have said,
"I have a Dream --- you have a clue where the name Martin Luther maybe came from?"

Hmm, there I go again, I did some research, Martin Luther Jr. was a Baptist, and has this name Martin Luther, put the Dr. in front of it, and the King after, and I could rant for hours about the pure confusion, and pretentious associations.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Saturday, February 5, 2011


Martin Luther Protests

Darn, time to Stop
I have to stop, or I will again violate my own personal belief systems and lead readers into confusion. I believe that God allows confusion to exist so that man has the opportunity to argue. When a person walks away from confusion, arguments, and refuses to be sucked into them, the person has succeeded in being a good person. Allowing ourselves to be sucked into an argument and become angry is not the Kingdom on Earth; it is trip to beyond the bottom of the well.

Pretty much in a nutshell, a good person should do their best to stay out of arguments over God or the good Gods, and for sure, we should not start arguments, because the starting of arguments is the work of Satan, and we should not be missionaries for Satan by starting arguments for him, or maybe her. (Is Satan a man or women?)

I have had some extremely religious nuts want to start truly provocative debates in the comments of this Blog, and my job is to stop or bring harmony, not to allow this confusion to grow. Provocations are meant to make people think, they are not meant to make two people argue, to allow to people to argue is injurious to their spirits. While to provoke two people to enter new realms of understanding can be a good thing.

There is no comment possible about a religion that does not have two sides and the temptation to argue and cause confusion to grow is always there. Stop Andy, time to Stop, I will be gentle when the Ghana people ask these argumentative questions, I will commit to not failing again.

If you want to be provocative, I have realize, just write what you truly believe, there is nothing more provocative than you real opinion unedited, nothing teaches more, nothing can cause more arguments than honesty.

Video of Smoking Fish in Ho Ghana

Ghana People Ask, Which Church do You Attend?

Tell George Clooney Mosquito Nets do Not Stop Malaria

Actor George Clooney contracted malaria while visiting Sudan to support a referendum on independence for the South. I suppose the world will now donate another few million mosquito nets to Africa, that is not going to solve the problem.

No Hotel room should have mosquito nets; it is proof positive you are in a bad Hotel. A good Hotel has screens on the windows.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Friday, February 4, 2011


Do you know anyone who sleeps under a Mosquito Net in the USA?
I am sure the normal answer is No, the USA has screens on window and doors, yet we feel we need to dumb it down for Africa and send them mosquito nets. If screens on windows is good enough for the USA, why don’t we provide Africa with the same low technology us Americans have?

I woke up this morning, I was scratching my finger, somehow an annoying mosquito bit me between my finger and a welt was causing me to scratch. I went into the shower and put my hand in my bucket of water, which has about a half a cup of chlorine in it, I use this to stop bacteria in water so I can take a healthier shower.

I came in my room last night, it was stuffy hot, and I opened the curtains, stuffed them up into the top of the louvered window, and left the door open for about one-half hour. Can you remember your mother screaming?
"Shut the door, you are letting all the mosquitoes in."

I have had Malaria, and the heat forced me to risk contracting Malaria again, the heat convinced me to not using common sense, and leave the door open for a half-hour.

I am in Ho, Ghana, it is rather dry right now and truly, there are not many mosquitoes, but it rained a couple of nights ago, so we have a mosquito surge. Now, if I am in Ghana, West African, why am I now sleeping under a mosquito net? The answer is simple, most of West African Hotels have screens on the windows, but Andy still needs to keep the door shut.

Mosquitoes is Not the Problem, being Hot is the Cause of Malaria
We allow ourselves to be exposed to Mosquitoes because we are trying to stay cool, the underlying pivotal cause of Malaria are problems with cooling.

1. I opened the door because I was hot; I risked contracting malaria because of heat.

2. People refuse to sleep under mosquito nets because they are hot.

3. In many countries, everyone climbs to the roof and sleeps to stay cool, sleeping in the open air.

4. It is common to see a mother and child sleeping out in front of their home here in Africa; they want a cool place to help the baby sleep.

This is a small bed system in Niger; they put the mosquito net on the four poles at night and sleep in the cool air, optimizing their comfort.
Maradi, Niger Bus Stop Photos

This is the same system shown in the daylight, at night they will put attach a mosquito net and sleep outside.
Eden Foundation Photos of Niger

5. The best use of Mosquito Nets I have seen was in Niger, West Africa, this system both allows for people to stay cool, but and in turn stops the mosquitoes.

Real Solutions to Malaria

1. Install screens on windows.
2. Create and encourage a culture of outdoor bed systems with mosquito nets the same as Niger.
3. Drain opens swamps.
4. Give away Free Malaria Medicine in small village Churches and Mosques.
5. Malaria needs cured quickly, not malingering cases, so there is not a supply of infected people.
6. Stop using corrugate steel roofs that turn homes into small greenhouses. There is a need to find materials for roof that allow homes to stay cooler. Then also create home designs that use cross flow ventilation and somehow move people away from adobe huts into concrete structures that allow for installation of screens on windows.
7. A way to install window screens on adobe huts needs created.
8. Hospitals need to quarantine Malaria infected people in air tight and mosquito free rooms.

People who have Malaria are carriers of the parasite, they must be cured quickly. If a mosquito bites an infected person, this mosquito can extract blood and carry it to the next person. There is a need for super-fast curing of Malaria, and a person who has Malaria must be quarantined in rooms with no Mosquitoes until the parasites are killed.

Generally, nothing is going to work until Africa starts to help Africa, the people from these culture say to travelers like me,
"Andy, everyone gets malaria, what is big deal?"

Babies’ dying is normal, whether from Malaria or Malnutrition, this is the way life has been for thousands of years in Africa, there is nothing unusual happening, and the locals often wonder why foreigners are so concerned.

Bottom line, when a bunch of boys like George Clooney go out drinking at night, there is no way to stop mosquitoes from infecting even a movie star.

Hotel Door Lock Travel Tip Video

This is a travel tip that explains the proper methodology for locking your Hotel room door and leaving, it is not as simple as it seems, and you need to follow these instructions.

Tell George Clooney Mosquito Nets do Not Stop Malaria

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