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Yikes, this Girl can Spend Money at a Ghana Market

Wednesday is market day in Mampong, Ghana, on this day the neighboring villages come to and sell their goods. Generally, this is a huge flea market, mostly for foods grown locally, but also full of cheap Chinese products and used clothing from Europe and the USA.

This is Bissap Tea leaves, or Hibiscus Tea in English.

Bah likes to make this Bissap tea, and I have decided it would be fun to make a video of her making it step by step.

The vendor says 30,000 for the large bowl, then Bah says,
"Pay the girl."
I am thinking,
"How much is 30,000?"
Bah has no idea, she just wants me to give her money.

This budget should be called,
"I am too lazy to figure it out Budget."
"I am the bad guy, 24 hours per day."

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I am glad I am a Math Whiz
The number of calculations I needed to make to purchase this Bissap Tea in a grown up and living in my means manner was radical.

1. Convert 30,000 to 3 Cedis
2. Convert 3 Cedis to two Dollars USD.
3. Calculate how much Bah would drink.
4. Compare the price to buying from a street vendor.
5. What is our daily expenditures for food, and what percentage would this be?
6. How long this last outside a fridge, and what percentage of spoilage.
7. Is this just a splurge decision, does she need the large or small, why doe she want the large?
8. Why is the Twi vendor still using old money terms, after four years, there is no old money around.

That was painful for me, all done in less than 10 seconds, and in a nutshell the budget problems of the world. Life is too complicated, therefore just spend money until you run out.

Ghana, West Africa --- Thursday, April 14, 2011

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I am tired of daily budgeting of my wife
Ok, Bah is not my wife, and I am not wanting to get married, however, I am living with a women that is functioning as a wife. I am 100 percent sure that 90 percent of the people reading this have the same problem, one of the partners in the relationship, spends money without thinking.

600 or 800 Dollar per month Budget
I am living easily within my goal of a 500 dollars per month or 1000 for the two of us. She cannot do any real damage, she just makes a 600 dollar budget rise to 800, and if I do not slow her down it will continue to climb.

Does your monthly budget feel like it is continually climbing?
I have not had this feeling in 13 years, and truly grounds for divorce. I am not going to sit around thinking about money every day of my life. Please do not misunderstand me, Bah is 100 times better than the average African girl, the problem is I am living with this one, she does have a clue about money.

My Possible Solutions:

1. Give her X amount of money per day and continue to walk around with her in the village whereby she can ask for money and I refuse.

2. Giver her X amount of money per day and stop walking around with her in the village, and because I am not with her, she cannot ask for money.

3. Make her get a job, and say spend your own money.

I am going to implement solution number 1 today. I am going to give her X amount of money in the morning and tell her there is no more. I am going to give her 5 times the amount of money the average girl in Ghana has to spend per day. She will receive a lump sum for the week, this seems fair to me, or at least I will not feel guilty enforcing it.

I see her as normal human, she believes she is doing me a favor by buying things that she eats, which is truly fun human nature to observe and typical. I have been negotiating with her now for months, we have reached some middle ground where we can live together. I am going to convert a spongy money boundary to a inflexible boundary today, and tell her the consequences. I want to be proud of her, I want to know she can manage money, at least on daily or weekly level. I plan to give her a weekly amount, so I am not micromanaging her day. Explaining consequences of personal boundary violations makes the majority of people angry with me, so I am not going to explain. What would you do if you gave a fair budget to a person, and they refused to live within that budget?

I may need to move because of Electrical Outages
I have an Internet business to run, I also want to work more than normal to finish writing a book. Generally, from about 10 am to about 4-5 pm, Monday thru Friday the electricity is cut in Mampong, Ghana. More or less the time when I want to work, there is no electricity to power my computer, I need four laptop batters, and I only have two.

Generally as a rule of thumb, a person needs to have enough batteries to last twice as long as the electricity is off per day. Here in Mampong it is roughly six hours per day of outage, therefore I need 12 hours of battery time, I presently have four. Then if I have sufficient batteries, up pops the problem, how to charge them easily.

A New Experience for Africa - Hair in Drain
I take a shower and wash my hair, while Bah does not wash her hair, she is complaining because there is hair in the drain. This is a new experiences for her, effectively in day to day life in Africa, all the people are bald, the drain are clean.

Ultimate Gadget

Yikes, this Girl can Spend Money at a Ghana Market

Quirks of the President

Listening to Africans talk about politics illuminates what I know about the President Obama, but was just too politically correct to acknowledge.

"Political Correctness is a filter on our thoughts and words, that somehow allows reality to be ignored."
- Andy Graham
It is good fun as the Brits say to sit around discussing world leaders here in Africa, their PC filters are not the same as mine, and mockery is normal.

Obama Ears
My friend Bah said,
"Obama has big ears, and an ugly wife."

The African Obama Handshake
President Obama shakes hands with two hands, this is extreme form of proper greeting that is normally done with a Chief in Africa,. I have been observing this for years, President Obama’s was from Kenya, and some of his primary childhood influences were Africa culture or Islamic in Indonesia. He was born in Hawaii and maybe a form of prostration known as "kapu moe" influenced him.

If you want to do a creepy study of this, search on for photos of Obama shaking hands, there seems to be a patter where he gives dictator more respect than people from the USA. But also McCain, so there is some interesting things going on in the head of Obama, but in my opinion, he is showing his early African cultural influences.

1. Search Terms: obama handshake
2. Click on images at top of page of

There is a sequence of respect given to Chief, Kings, or maybe dictators, and the final stage after the two hand handshake is prostration.

The President Gbagbo Towel
This all started with a conversation in the Ghana streets, Bah my Ivory Coast friend made a joke about President Gbagbo getting arrested. In the video of his arrest Gbagbo is using a towel to pat down his face, and wipe sweat. Bah said that in Ivory Coast people will say,
"Let me Gbagbo my face."

Meaning, let me take a towel to my face.

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Nixon Peace Signs
Remember President Nixon, he would hold up two fingers, giving the peace sign, this was on of his trademark behaviors, the small idiosyncrasy that defined him.

There is a idiosyncrasy that defines you, if I hang around you long enough, I will observe it, then tell you what it is if you want. (There can be many idiosyncrasies.)

Ghana, West Africa --- Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Idiosyncrasies and Quirks
Mockery is an ugly thing, however human nature is an inquisitive thing. I enjoy observing all the small identifiers of culture, the small quirks or idiosyncrasies that define a race or culture. When used as a way to mock another culture, it can become cruel, and often I catch myself complaining about some harmless, yet annoying quirks of cultures. Sometimes I go to far, some times my own filters stops me from observing the real world.

I have been walking around the town of Mampong, Ghana West Africa with Bah, I am a white man, and she is a black girl. It is the custom of Africans to scream out in their local language,
"White Man."

Here in this area of Ghana, they say "Obruni," well, because I am now while walking around with Bah, they started saying.
"Obruni - Bibini"

Bibini is the word for Black in the Twi language, and I am walking round now with a Black Girl. it has been fun to learn the quirks of Ghana, that are normal, ever knowing that to scream out Black man in the USA could get me killed, but makes them laugh here.

The denial of what people do, the failure to admit what we think because of Political Correctness is a closure of the mind that can be harmful.

Some whites feel offended, and I have said many times to other whites,’
"But I am white, so they are just screaming out the truth."

Quirks of the President

Should I Cry or Smile over Ivory Coast

Laurent Gbagbo has lost his war with Alassane Ouattara. An outsider would assume that peace would now return to Ivory Coast and "Bah" the girl living with me could return to her country in safety. I am an insider, therefore I am not able to avoid thinking or feeling about the war.

I received a CNN alert in my e-mail box yesterday saying that Gbagbo was captured, immediately I walked down the kitchen where Bah was making spaghetti and told her,
"Gbagbo has been taken by the French and Alassane."
She said little,
"I need MTN Credit so I can call Ivory Coast (a.k.a. Cote d’Ivoire.)
I handed here my extra 5 Cedi card used for my MTN USB Internet Modem, and went back to the Hotel room to wait for Bah to decompress.

Comments from girl inside Ivory Coast.
I asked Bah,
"What did you friend in Abidjan say?"

I was told that the national TV was saying this and that, and the general situation.
I asked,
"Is your friend OK?"
Bah become irritated,
And says,
"It smells."
"What smells"
"All the bodies in the streets."

I asked,
"What does your friend see?"
"The Islamic people are dancing in the street."

Bah calls her sister in Grand Bassam and is told the price of food has doubled, or tripled and ever good person is hiding inside their house. The day before people came to the Bon Prix super market and broke the windows and destroyed the store.

The balance of power is now out of balance, this means the losers of the war are in great danger. Bah says later,
"All the ‘Alepe" people are dead, all my people are dead, they all supported Gbagbo."

She is drawing conclusions, and I am not sure what to say, 60 percent says she is correct. The question is this,
"Are the force of France and the United Nation going to protect the loser of the war, the Gbagbo supporters?"
The were not able to insure an election happened peacefully?

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--------------------------------- Changes Today
Boy genius give me warning that today he will change the comments on the Blog, after today there will be a small icon and a way of reading about the person on their profile.

1. People must be logged into comment.
2. Comments are displayed instantly.
3. There will be a little photo and some data next to the comment that leads to the person "My Hobo" profile.

This is a battle between the anonymous and the transparent world, this is our efforts to allow real and genuine people to connect. We believe that honest, open, transparent comments are of greater value than the anonymous.

Ghana, West Africa --- Tuesday, April 12, 2011

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Tweak your Brain with Travel Stress Management

"You are amazing! I think you should think about being a therapist some day! You have great insight!"
- Comment on prior Blog post by HappyHobo
As a person who spent 30 days in the Alcoholism nut ward, I can honestly say, therapy is self-service. Strange as it sounds, when the student arrives, the teacher appears.

A person can choose the destination that fits what they need, this the value of travel that is often neglected. If you truly are going on "Vacation," then you need to choose what you need to be happy.

Boy genius from India found this great program.

This has to be the ultimate mobile office road warrior problem. I had an extremely off the wall problem, I want to charge my "MTN" USB Wireless Internet Modem here in Ghana while inside the the USB modem. Before this program, I needed remove the chip from the USB, put in my cell phone, charge the SIM and then reinstall, now I can do while in the computer.

Biodegradable Plastic

Should I Cry or Smile over Ivory Coast

Is Marriage a Sacrifice or Compromise or Soul Mate?

Why buy a cow when you can get milk for free?
-- Idiom
I am living with an Ivory Coast girl here in Ghana, West Africa. And for sure, I am the middle of a muddle; there are no obvious truths to grab onto while I float clear of the debris of unclear thoughts.

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A relationship is something we do, until something better comes along.
Ghana, West Africa --- Sunday, April 10, 2011

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The Ideal Marriage
I think people should get married at age 16 and quickly have three children, and name them all after the parents. This is the best formula for a long and beneficial marriage, this allows to children to create interdependent needs that fuse the two people together.

I took a long pause, and thought about this, while doing so, Bah requested,
"Andy, turn off the fan, I have sniffles."

Whether this is rational or irrational is not important to me, I decided to sacrifice and shut off the fan, I am hoping she will compromise later and not complain when I turn it back on. There is a common belief among Africa cultures that wind from fans, or air from an open window causes sickness, I think this is the belief that is influencing her request.

She is hell bent on changing me, which is humorous to me; she gave me a lecture last night. I finally told her, please stop or "Je Jette," I throw you out of my life. Of course, she doe not want to hear this, and I do not like to say this, but in reality, it is the unspoken reality of all relationships,
"See no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil."

I just want her to know in a fair world, if you make my life unenjoyable, I will leave. Life is as simple as that, no more, no less, and I do not have the luxury of living subconsciously in the grasp of a see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil world.

Negotiating over our Relationship
I truly enjoy reading comments from Americans, and talking with Americans about relationships. The USA is the epicenter of the belief in a love story, by movie, by song, by talk, the USA culture and people refuse to negotiate a relationship in real terms. The USA wants to negotiate marriage, love and mating in using terms explained in love songs.

There are three areas of negotiations in a relationship: Sacrifices, Compromises and the soul mate or "Love Song."

The Cost of a Relationship

Sacrifice: The giving up of something valued: a giving up of something valuable or important for somebody or something else considered to be of more value or importance

Compromise: And agreement: a settlement of a dispute in which two or more sides agree to accept less than they originally wanted.

Soul Mate: Somebody close to somebody else: somebody with whom somebody else naturally shares deep feelings and attitudes.

What is amazing to me is that people give value to sex, it is 100 percent free. When a person travels long enough, far enough, they will realize it has no value worth putting on the table as something to negotiate over. On the other hand, beauty does have great value, beautiful people are nice to be with, and all doors are open to beautiful and healthy people.

Friends Hangout Together
Hangout Defined: Less serious than getting together or dating. Spending time with someone in the context of friendship or in the context of casually exploring whether you like someone as just a friend or maybe more than a friend.
It is a petty to quibble whether a person is an acquaintance, friend of a lover. I remember a person annoyingly belittling about my friends in Haiti.

I said,
"My friends in Haiti died in the earthquake."
This caused great concern, because somehow true friends died, I then said,
"We did not speak the same language, we never talked."
The person said,
"This is not your friend."
I said,
"I hanged out with these people for four weeks, they are my friends."
"I cared enough about them to share my time."

The giving of time, the sharing of time, the ability to give time is how I weigh all my friendships, loves, and acquaintances. I instantly become suspicious when I need to negotiate:

1. Who
2. Where
3. When
4. Why
5. What
6. How
7. How much money?

When someone says, "Why are you calling?" I know it is time to hang up…

I often start talking or dealing with friends of business associates than I have this internal dialog,
"This is too much work."

I now that I am negotiating over the above too much, the person has put to many stumbling blocks on my path, and it has become too much work.

I could write for days about how to have a friends, lovers, and/ or whatnot, and in the end it always comes down to my desire to have people to hang out with, I want people who care enough, be ready, wiling and capable of hangout out with me in my life.

If they can do that, then we may become friends.

People often go on and on about how they love something, and then I ask them to go hang out at the place, situation or with the people, and that is when I know the truth.

Let us go visit Krakosia
Bah wished to go visit the country of Krakosia, we watched the movie "The Terminal" with Tom Hanks in it and she truly liked this guy Victor Navorski from Krakosia. She asked,
"Can we go to Krakosia?"

This is my kind of woman, she instinctively smelled a good place, and wanted to go visit. Which is funny, she has zero desire to go visit the USA, and wants to live in Ivory Coast. There is always a muddle in the road, and I like to jump in puddles.

Scavenger Hunt in Ho, Ghana
Today is Sunday, April 10, 2011, and as of today, nobody has figured out there is 100 U.S. dollars to be claimed in Ho, Ghana.
Scavenger Hunt

Bathing Baby in Ghana

My life is rather easy and wonderful today, each day, my life is good. Not because I have a soul mate, there is no deep understanding of me, and I am clueless to figure out what motivates her. I on the other hand like to hang around with her, I do not think about how to escape. She is happy to be with me, and I am happy to be with her, which is good.

There is a requirement in some cultures that we must talk with people to do business. First, you have to sit down, talk, share a tea together, and then after there is some friendship shared, it is possible to do business with criminals.

I am grateful today to have the time to be friends with the smallest of our world inhabitants. Like Bah says,
"You say hello to everyone, this person, that person the chickens and the dogs."

Is Marriage a Sacrifice or Compromise or Soul Mate?

Telephone Calls to the Ivory Coast War

Two to three times per day, I say to Bah the Ivory Coast girl living with me in Ghana,
"Call Abidjan and find out what is happening"

Bah was attending Cocody University prior to the war, the school located close the battle in Abidjan. She has been calling two friends, one man lives in the student area, and another man who has moved into the "Hospital" area to find out their interpretation.

The war (Chaos Riot) in Cote d’Ivoire a.k.a. Ivory Coast is probably going to end soon, and Bah is not happy, she supports Laurent Gbagbo and not Alassane Ouattara.

At first I was fully in favor of Alassane Ouattara, however as time has passed, there are arising too many questions. The loyalty of the Gbagbo soldiers and people like Bah is way beyond just wanting a candidate to win, they are dreadfully afraid of Alassane Ouattara and his Islamic support.

If you look closely, you can see Bah’s University in Cocody, then try to realize that President Laurent Gbagbo residence is in the northern outskirt of Cocody are close and where he is under siege.

Is it possible for the Laurent Gbagbo soldiers to surrender? If and when Gbagbo’s soldiers surrender, the Alassane Ouattara soldiers will enter and kill the majority. Moreover, it obvious the United Nations soldiers are worthless, the only possible hope is the French ones, and they are not to be trusted. The USA really should have troops on the ground there, a few which obey orders.

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I have listened to rants by Ivory Coast citizens while I was living inside Ivory Coast for the last 4-6 months about the French. Then again, last night as the war nears an end Bah started another 30 minute rant about how the French are controlling this war. Truth is always a difficult to discern, but the number of different people and the absolute certainty of their convictions is difficult to ignore.

Bah is certain that France is doing this for financial reasons.
Bah is certain the "Caste Blue." the United Nations soldiers are randomly killing to help Alassane, she is incredibly afraid of the United Nations soldiers.

Ghana, West Africa --- Thursday, April 7, 2011

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United Nations Police Force
I was in Haiti prior to the earthquake, United Nations soldiers occupied the country, they were not my idea of soldiers, and I did not trust them to obey rules of engagement. Ivory Coast was not occupied by UN solders, as best I could tell, they were all in hiding inside the country.

List of UN Nations with Soldiers in Ivory Coast

Obruni Song
Obruni is the word for White man in the Twi language in Ghana, West Africa.

Obruni Working on Tro Tro

Telephone Calls to the Ivory Coast War

The Incredible Freedom of African People

Nothin' Matters And What If It Did
- Singer John Cougar

I am jealous of Bah, my Ivorian Coast girlfriend could sleep until noon without a tinge of remorse, shame, or regret. I am watching her lie in bed as I type this, knowing full well she could care less that I am awake or working, unless I disturbed her.

Our Hotel room has four large wonderful windows, and if I open the curtains during the night we can sleep in total comfort because the exchange of air with the outside is almost complete. This is truly a remarkable room. (Room 24 in Video City Hotel in Mampong 20 Cedis.)

I took these two photos, then because I felt a little guilt, decided to close all the curtains so Bah can sleep until noon if she wishes.

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Wikipedia does not have a clear category on how people prioritize, it is ambiguous, the ablity to prioritize goals is still in the dark ages.

I have many resentments towards the USA and hope to one day forget and forgive, however this is low priority, and I am not sure how to forgive a culture that is never going to change.

Ghana, West Africa --- Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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Hypocrisy is Normal Life
Sleeping to noon is annoying to me, because I am a little selfish and want Bah to wake up and live life the same as me. However to avoid being a hypocrite I allow her to sleep until she wakes and will not talk about it, because to talk about it would be an attempt to change her.

I have never heard of a suicide in Africa
I have been having many conversations over Skype with friends, and there is a never-ending assumption.
"Africa sucks."

I read this in readers comments, it is assumed and agreed upon, that somehow life is bad in Africa. And that somehow an American or European could come and save this place, which is truly hilarious, a bunch of sad sack Americans coming to elevate Africans out of their misery. I want to slap the Americans I see in Africa silly, I want to scream at them.
"Smile asshole."
"You are so stupid, you cannot see smiles on people faces."

Bah Woke Up
7:42 am, she woke up, she seldom sleeps past 8:00 am, and I doubt the world can understand a place where life is so free, that waking up is not a torture. She is neither forced to awake or sleep, she is free.

When a person is free from social constraints, they often do the exact same as the normal society around them.

Now, there is always an exception, Bah has been sleeping to avoid thinking about her country or family, this is my opinion, however it is normal for people who are afraid to hide, this often is just sleeping.

Wiki list of suicide rates by country.

Happiness by country could be weighed by noticing the number of unhappy people who kill another person. And then the reverse, when a person is not capable of being angry with others and turn the anger inward killing themselves.
Hypocrisy is not simply a lie, saying something which one knows to be false. Neither is it simply failing to practice those virtues that one preaches.

Hypocrisy is an unconscious self-contradiction: a state of incongruence between one's professed beliefs and feelings and one's actual beliefs and feelings, or an application of a criticism to others that one does not apply to oneself.

- Wiki has a "Travel Plans" feature, I have no idea if it works, I cannot access it in Ghana and the person who validated me could not assist, she told me I need to return to Indiana.

I had my account limited after I purchased something on E-bay, truly a great reason to use I called and 26 minutes later I had the limit removed, but I never felt positive this was going to work.

I am a rather smart person, and I know how to use, the Internet, and my computer to make calls cheap. I know many ways to make a phone call. However, the world is still not a fair place, making a 26 minute phone call from Ghana to the USA could easily cost more than what I purchased.

How much is a phone call from the USA to Ghana for 26 minutes? Oops, where is Ghana?

The Incredible Freedom of African People

Submissive Cultures Acceptance Phenomena

I awoke this morning at approximately 5:30 am because of an extremely noisy loudspeaker system here in Mampong, Ghana. I have been observing these phenomena now for many years, and after years of complaining and trying to understand, I finally realized. I am the only one complaining, and that is the interesting phenomena to be observed.

Why am I the only one complaining?
Why does a culture agree to be submissive?
Why does a culture agree to this perpetually?

There is an obvious advantage when one person dominates another for selfish reasons. It is not clear why a large group accepts and agrees to remain submissive. I believe there is a consensus among the submissive group that empowers the dominating group. There is a consensus saying that the noise is not good, but there is an overriding consensus that says they do not have the right to stop the noise. This is a free will offering of control and leadership to one member in a group with no explainable reason, even though there is no benefit to the group.

This type of submissiveness allows bullies to exists and dominate cultures.

Listen to today’s questions and answers talk show with Andy Graham
Joel from Oregon asked two questions: 1st: Would you or have you visited un-ed tribes? 2nd: What are the results of your December 26, 2010 straw poll, where you asked people the question, are you happy?
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The Frustration of Searching for Open Restaurants
African Cultural Studies --- By living with an African girl here in Ghana, I am immersed deeper than ever before into the African culture. I am observing nuances, and small subtle behavioral characteristics never experienced before in other trips to Africa.

You know you are culturally immersed when there is a never-ending queue of new and uncomfortable experiences. Bah is frustrated and uncomfortable, she is an Ivory Coast girl living in Ghana, although the cultures are similar, they is enough variance to make her feel uncomfortable.

Seeing problems in another culture, we avoid in our own.
I enjoy being with Bah while searching for street venders to buy food, she is becoming increasing frustrated. Ivory Coast is about five levels more modern than Ghana; however not enough to say there is a dramatic difference. She does not see the same problems in her own culture, but here in Ghana she is quick to point them out, I just say.
"T.I.A. This Is Africa."

We know of these street food stands:

1. Two places that cook fried rice with a piece of chicken.
2. Three places that cook fried eggs.

These are two foods she will eat with me, that are not typically African, she normally wants
Dorkounoum, Attieke, Placali, or Alloco however, best to leave for another time, that is just another area of frustration.

She wants to be a good African woman, she wants me feed me, she wants me to eat a two-egg sandwich with cut up pepper inside, served on a toast bun. She went to the market and purchased small Africa peppers, and in Kumasi the other day, we purchased a bottle of powdered black pepper. She was prepared, ready to make me happy, she put the red peppers into a bag, then grabs the bottle of powered pepper and we go walking to a street vender that cooks eggs.

We walk to the restaurant stand, and the first one is closed, we walk to another and it has no eggs, we switch to fried rice and it is closed. She finally says,
"Do you want a boiled egg?"

There are at least 30 people selling boiled eggs, no one person is dependable, but it would be hard to not find one of the people walking around with boiled eggs.

Ghana, West Africa --- Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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When nothing is dependable, you do not plan.
I accept the underdeveloped world, I will complain a little, but I no longer get angry with owners of restaurants or street venders. There is nothing dependable about a street vender in Mexico, Thailand or Ghana. A traveler cannot expect a Restaurant, Internet Café, store, or and business establishment to open when it says, or even to open, it is emotional sabotage to expect dependability from these countries.

If you want dependable go to:

1. Wal-Mart
2. McDonalds
3. Pizza Hut

I love franchises and chain restaurants; they are a no-brainer love affair.

The best situations overseas are when you can eat at the Mom and Pops places, then when they are too stupid, walk into a Franchise and eat.

Bah is becoming increasingly frustrated, I on the other hand am becoming increasingly comfortable. The longer I am in one location, the more small places I know to eat, the more options that become available. I leave the room as a scavenger, maybe we first walk to our favorite fried rice place, but if closed, my normal plan it to walk around until I find something acceptable.

Bah has started cooking in the room, it takes longer, it does not save much money, but this is more dependable than eating out. To be sure, there is always a way to cook in Ghana, we have both an electric hot plate, and an alcohol cooker. It makes Bah happier to know that she is accomplishing something, than the idea of eating at a restaurant that may or may not be open as agreed.

It is USA inside the Hotel Room
It has been a struggle; however, Bah now understands me and is now making jokes. She says to me,
"You are half German."

This means, I am strict, inflexible, and demanding, I am very dependable, like a Mercedes Benz car.

People hate rules, unless the rules makes lives simpler and easy, then they cling to them. I have lived in Hotel room for 13 years, I have a few self-imposed rules, and when someone else enter the room, I say,
"This is the USA."

Sort of like an Embassy on foreign soil, we hope and should expect to enter our own culture, well, when I return to the Hotel room, I am in the USA. These rules are slowly making Bah feel comfortable, she is an Ivory Coast girl inside Ghana, and she is not at home.

This is always the fun part of about people who are immersed, they instantly try to remove, change and alter everything and make it like home, and stop the immersion.

The longer you stay in one location, the more you adapt, I like Ivory Coast and Togo better than Ghana, but I enjoy living in Guatemala more than here, but would rather eat the food of Thailand. People want to latch onto something they believe in, while in reality the only place that is dependable is my own little Hotel room, which for me is the USA, inside Ghana.

Michael Jackson Skin
I am immersed in Africa culture, and one of my great cultural moments happened yesterday. I was walking down the road with Bah, she point over at a very white black girl, and she says,
"Michael Jackson Skin."

It was an off the wall comment, she did not edit it or think it through, she just said it, but this comment explains the African culture from the inside. Bah is an extremely black person, her skin color is black as coal; she does not use skin cream to lighten the color. In the past, she had a boyfriend that told her,
"Use cream and eat more."

This is a black boy saying to her,
"Stop being skinny and become white."

Boy Genius in India found this headset, he will soon send me four from India, because the do not sell this type in West Africa.

It appears I need to carry 4-5 backup headsets, which would last me a year of traveling the planet. I tried to purchase 10 of these headsets today on, and instantly has limited my account because I am in Ghana. Shuts me off in Ghana is normally a headache when I use, today was just another example. I do not use unless I know I have a way to call the USA and un-screw the system. shut me off in Kenya last year, it takes about an hour to re-activate the account.

If I am able to reactivate the account, I believe I will be able to use it inside Ghana, and the problem will happen again with the next country. I do not use unless I truly need too; it is just a headache in action.

Waterfalls in Mampong, Ghana

Submissive Cultures Acceptance Phenomena

Come to Ghana and visit with Bah and Andy

I will be in Ghana for 60 more days, or until May 31, 2011, this is a great time to come visit with Bah and me. Seldom in my 13 years of perpetual travel could I guarantee that I would be in one country or destination this long. However, due to the war in Ivory Coast, writing a book, and other factors, I can guarantee I will be inside Ghana. It is a small country, they speak passable English and the transportation is good.

There is about zero tourists in Ghana because of the requirement of that people have a Visa prior to coming, truly a tourist stopper.

This company can assist you in getting a Visa to Ghana:

Briggs Office in Washington D.C. USA
(202) 552-1337

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Christian Genocide soon in Ivory Coast
Right or wrong, both leaders in Cote d’Ivoire a.k.a. Ivory Coast war are committing crimes against humanity. It appears the forces of Laurent Gbagbo the prior president who refused to step down will soon have his forces defeated by Alassane Ouattara the recognized winner of the election by the world.

The Islamic north of Ivory Coast backs Alassane Ouattara and soon nothing stopping them from mass murder and retribution against all the Gbagbo supporters. Alassane Ouattara has closed all the borders and the Gbagbo supporters are trapped, there is no escape. The United Nations soldiers are protecting Alassane Ouattara on one side, while outside there are death squads running around the country.

There are no true reporters inside the country; the majority of reports are just hearsay, propaganda given to the press by Alassane Ouattara supporters.

Regardless of who is right or wrong in this situation, the USA needs to fly in large groups of Special Forces to help the United Nations and French forces stop genocide.

Amnesty International Report

31 March 2011
"Côte d’Ivoire civilians are at immediate risk of massive human rights violations Amnesty International warned today, as forces loyal to Alassane Ouattara reach the country’s commercial capital Abidjan."

"Abidjan is on the brink of a human right catastrophe and total chaos" said Salvatore Saguès, Amnesty International’s researcher on West Africa."

RTI Ivory Coast State television is Broadcasting
The RTI television is used by Gbagbo for his own personal propaganda is broadcasting as of 9:00 am on Sunday, April 3, 2011. Bah called a friend inside Ivory Coast to check, when this television station stops broadcasting it will indicate the force of Gbagbo are defeated.

Ghana, West Africa --- Sunday, April 3, 2011

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The Simpson’s are from Springfield
I am always amazed what knowledge an Ivory Coast girl possesses, when talking with Bah about Indiana, she asked,
"Where is Springfield?"
"This is where the Simpson’s are from."

Mobile Office of Mobile Store in Ghana

Come to Ghana and visit with Bah and Andy

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